Who else here has an IQ over 130? I do, and it feels great. I am like a being that was born ready to transcend...

Who else here has an IQ over 130? I do, and it feels great. I am like a being that was born ready to transcend. I am above the thoughts and feelings of others - a natural Übermensch of genetics.The New Man who required no creation nor perfection. I am simply above all others except my peers in this sublime club - where only our grey matter matters. When I walk around the streets I see people obsessed with worldly affairs - not me. I am better than them by mere existence in every way of value.

Sub-130 IQ savages - do not reply to this thread (although I know you will already, due to your chimpish brains wired for asserting dominance whenever questioned). We do not need you apes and you have nothing to offer that we have not already thought ourselves.

This is a thread for smart people only.

IQ 145 here
How are you bros doing?
Voting for Trump as it is natural for us peers with IQs above 130. Sadly intelligence is hard to come by these days. It feels awfully lonely

As someone with an IQ of 150, I feel that I have ascended from the petty planes of Earthly politics. An intelligent, well to do person with money can thrive under any situation. Why, if Somalians were smarter and richer, they too could have had a thriving society. Unfortunately for them they will never know the wonders of having an IQ over 130, and as such their wealth is completely immaterial.

Why, just the other day I saw a black man chimpering on the street corner about his hose or britches or some other sub-130 IQ concern, and I had to withhold my scoff up until the moment I reached my abode. What a bizarre creature - all he had to do was to hone his mind and he may have made something of himself!

Strange creatures, the sub-130s.

Sure is samefag in here.

What is a good free IQ test online that doesn't require email or sign up?

IQ 141 here, anyone who thinks IQ means jack shit is a genuine retard

IQ 143 here. Guess what, a lot of autistic people have high IQ's.

sub-130 spotted.
Smart people like us can just copy behavioural patterns and be seen as social, only actual dumb autists cant do that


I have no idea what my IQ is, what good does knowing it do?

where to do the iq testings??

If you're asking how and where to do an IQ test I have some news for you: It's below 130.


Ah finally, a place to socialize with people such as myself. I look forward to many intelligent conversations with you all. We should hastily find another place converse, Holla Forums is littered with people with the equivalent IQ of a smart dog.

One minor detail, the importance of a mere iota. I'm sure we can all look past it. My IQ is 129.

To many productive days of collaborative learning!

I am so smart. S-M-R-T

What have you managed to accomplish with your superior intellect?

What about people who have the capacity to reach high iq but haven't reached their potential due to circumstance or lack of discipline?

Oh dear, how quaint; he thinks he's people. That's all I have to say to you.

Things far beyond your grasp, sub-130 peon.

This is an absurd question, the absurdity of which is abundantly clear to those with an IQ over 130.

Now back to the main topic of this thread, that is, a civil discussion amongst geniuses. How did you feel when you discovered you were among the intellectual elite? How would you describe the elation you felt in that moment of discovery about your greatness?

156 average of 3 tests reporting in bitches.

I am the alpha, you may worship and pay tribute in a calm and orderly fashion.

I also have a PhD in molecular biol so I'm propagating that stereotype. Recently passed back into the 1000+lb club so that's nice too. I have a long term gf and many ex hotties so I have mastered the quaint human habit of socializing for amusement.

My wonder is too much for mere normies to comprehend.

just lie about it like the others in this thread

Now now, my fellow intellect. There is no reason for you to jump to conclusions. Surely a man of your capacity can turn a blind eye to this small hitch. It is, of course, only one number. :^)

I figured it out when I was 4 and everyone apart from immediate family was amazed at pretty much everything I did and said.

By 7/8 I knew I was already more intelligent than most adults including my teachers. I wondered why everyone else seemed so inferior mentally. That precipitated my interest in genetics.


IQ tests are pretty meh and subject to a lot of variation, lowest I've scored was 122 highest was 134.
These were properly supervised tests with a psychologist btw.

They mean something just not a great measure of intelligence especially beyond the 130 range. Sometimes I wish stupid people would just cease to exist but other times I envy their ignorance. Honestly I would love to knock off 20+ IQ points if it meant being happy.

You can get one administered by a psychiatrist, but unless you are trying to get a diagnosis, it's not really worth it. I have to take one every 5 years to prove that, yes, I do still have adhd. It's pretty much useless otherwise. Half of it is guessing what the test writers want you to answer.

Depends on if you took the Wechsler or Stanford-Binet test


160 +/-6, SDev 15. honestly it's very difficult to tell the difference between people over 130.

I'm in college on a full scholarship with a hefty stipend. Graduated top of my class and I have several very high awards from school that would identify me specifically.

Really the intelligence sucks. I feel bad when I'm around other people and they talk about pretty much anything. My immediate family is also above average intelligence but I feel shitty around them.

Then again I have an excellent memory and don't study.

Outside of schooling that high IQ counts for very little. It just leads to boredom, isolation, or depression for most. I feel the 115-130 range is ideal. Gives one a nice edge without turning one in to a freak.

Because you have to take them over half a decade apart you simple minded 122er.

140+ here
It feels awful. Everyone is a blithering idiot.

This guy gets it. It's very lonely. I wish I had a companion other than you guys.

I'd like to see you survive a nuke.

That's called being a sociopath.


IQ 150+ here

penis bagel :–dddd

What are you doing here if u have a hi IQ?

Let me guess,you all took an online IQ test and it said your smart

There aren't any, anymore. Mensa used to host one back in the day. Now they all lie to get you to boast about it and post their link to your inflated IQ

Us anons with high IQ are often depressed about the state of affairs here on our lovely little planet Earth.

To cope with this sorrow, we shitpost. :-D

For people who actually do have high IQ's

What are the disadvantages of the block time theory?

At I correct in calling all of Nietzche's work bollocks?

What's your favorite color and why?


high IQ != learned
at you? hm…

That's probably the best part. The worst part is expecting others to be able to compete.

I've never been in a situation where I had the opportunity to take a real IQ test, however, I have a high enough IQ to know that I'm in the 140~160 range.

sub 120 detected.

Holla Forums is actually full of highly intelligent people who pretend to be retarded to relieve themselves of the burden of existence.

hillary supporter
trump supporter
transcending politics

The model of eternal recurrence makes the most sense to me and as such I don't see Nietzsche's works as bollocks.

To create original content for the newfags and people who complain that the people who create content aren't as good as the old people that created content. In a word, memes.

This makes the most sense to me too but it scares the shit out of me, especially since I have dreams of the future that come true, and some crazy "trips"

This is just your memory feeding back into itself, an advanced deja vu.

My IQ is over 130.


I sure hope not. I've had dreams of dying a lot, but I know I can't die more than once..




You guys would be more fun to post with if you got out of your hugbox more often.

You flatter me, deary.

kms, forgot the image

IQ 139 reporting.

I hate being knowledgeable. I wish I could have the simple bliss of someone born without autism. My thought processes lead me on constant tangents, aching for more menial knowledge to fuel my cravings, and it will always end with an acquisition of another existential crisis. I wish I could instill purpose in my life through basic motivation like a normal person versus finding purpose through thought.

Personally I think a type of branching block universe is most likely.
Although I don't see how the past can still exist in the same sense and be treated metaphysically identically as the present. Although consequences can lead to inference of the past it's not the same thing and can never be re-lived or experienced. I disagree with eternalism and pre/determinism absolutely, only useful as an exercise in comparisons and contrasts.

Nietzche is indeed mostly bollocks imo.

Is it just me, or do normies seem more socially awkward than us at times?

I have a double digit IQ.

I am really glad for you anons.

I wish the world was ruled by the fit like you, and us dummies would just take orders.

The most important item on the agenda, everyone seems to be avoiding like the plague:

When is our next white male patriarchal privilege meeting?

I think I need to top up on my privilege stash and recount all my glorious tales of oppression and sbuse of my power.

I suppose it ultimately boils down to whether you believe in free will or not, but I'd have to brush up on more philosophy to give you a definitive answer.

You could argue that free will exists, although you as you know yourself will only exist in these universes where all the events leading up to your birth were the same, with an infinite number of universes being created after the fact by every choice of free will you and someone else takes.

From my perspective, there is no free will. The conditions the universe created are the same and all the events leading from them are the same each time. This includes any factor that you can take in your decision making being present, economical, genetic, whatever. Free will is an illusion created by the complete lack of knowing what you're going to do next.

So really, you can only die once, just an infinite number of times.

whats the point of making a thread if youre just going to samefag most of the posts

why not

Sub-130 IQ detected. He can't even grasp the opposing opinions of his intellectual superiors! What a mental midget this poster is.

Why is this chimp of a drone cluttering up the thread? You are not just a sub-130 IQ near-lobotomite, but your tripcode instantly gives it away to all that you are a normie too ugly to register for a facebook account. Get out.

wutevr fs\agatron