Little girls :3

Just having some fun. No need to be triggered.

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inb4 Dysomnia gets triggered


I don't think he got triggered until some damn maniac started posting actual cp repeatedly, including videos with cumshots and one with the guy grabbing the girl's hair as he rode her damn face.

Not that I clicked on it or anything.

Librechan is dead, so i need my real lolis op

Yes, yes I can. :3

What does that even mean

I'm so totally not mad i missed it ;-;


body too short wut lel


Holla Forums being Holla Forums

I'm guessing he's been stuck with 2D since based potion shut down libre


Oh. I thought he was requesting lewds.

Don't worry guys I've got a plan. But I'm going to need all of your help ;)

forgot to mention autism

It's nearly diner time, I need to cook something.

Where's Mika and everyone? I didn't post on nextchan much so I'm kinda out of the loop. What even happened to nextchan for that matter? The admin seemed pretty based and then all of a sudden the site was down. It's been a rough year for IBs man ;c

Thanks for killing the thread with that innocent picture. ;_;

Mika was supposed to be here today but maybe he got killed by evil clowns. ;_;

ahh yeah i kinda forgot nipples were equivalent to posting hurtcore on pigchan

Maybe he's just waiting for boyday :^)

Time to drink bleach I guess.


What are you doing here, you masterpiece of a cocksucker?


dafug this shite is doing

Now it's a party

whats your problem with le rezolution?

Not much fellow Boltzmann brain.

Not my broblem. Holla Forums just throws weird errors at tiems.. seems that got through somehow despite its nothing I posted lel.

the moderation wont delete le kind of topigz?


Since even oekaki is not working have to reuse old summoning circle.

Mika pls cum already!





Oh I'm sorry, my mistake. Mika is not coming today but maybe tomorrow. ;_;

Breddy good. :3

Dat oekaki was not drawn by me but was noice as well. :3


Don't talk to me or my daughteru ever again


I would love to play this song for some Lolis

Go big or go home, faggot.


oh wow!

piona pls

Fuck off Pi, you're disrupting my fucking energy flow


that little hussie must be ~15. she probably has her 1st taste of niggercum behind her …

She is little bigger in this. tbh

no 1 cares


Things that didn't happen for $500 Jimmy


I rize 2,000 $


she is so perfect

yeah, someone made a perfect fake of her.





==PURER== than a certain ice skater :^)




♪ ♫


Raising 8ch PPH, one cute picture at a time





Little Girls :3

is that mara
keeping my eye on you monkeys till one of you starts throwing in accelerant to nuke this thread

Disomnia got triggered before Jim fed Hotwheels to his pigs.

Hi Marabro


A real man must provide for the loli.

Yes. That's a Mara.



Self absorbed bitch


No. It means she's a truth teller.

An oracle of some sort, if you will.

Also means she's going to grow up smoking pot and getting raped by achmed and his turkish friends
EU race war now

so what, if she's grown up you don't care anymore

I don't care about little girls anyway, they still soil theirself and most of them are even more vapid than your average female

Smoking cannabis is not a problem in itself.
The main problem is that a lot of cannabis users happen to be retarded.

sorry for mistaking you as a pedophile