Zombie survival Choose your own adventure thread

Zombie survival Choose your own adventure thread

Lesbians + Bertha after one month of lesbianism i will need her.

Crowbar + lesbian, next option will be my weapon.

Humbee + infinite fuel = carmagedon.

Hideout? my hum/b/, so it doesnt matter.

Food for ten years, goggles and a box of twinkies, all in the roof so Big B will be forced to do something and after 3 years i will have a true harem.

Get Bertha.
She can live mostly on body fat for over a year, at which point , with training and if we've found enough protein she'll turn into a fit fighting machine. I'll make her keep up by reminding her that I don't have to run faster than zombies, only faster than her.

Humvee, I won't be traveling much after the first year, but in that time the infinite fuel and protection will come in handy.

Castle island (and I'll start a farm the first growing season)

shotgun+extra ammo, because I'm down to 8 points
Also the sound of a shot is easy to hear but very difficult to localize, so Zed won't come after the sound.


just rape the whore.
600 rounds for a hand cannon is overkill
hippie bitch can walk
so no one can hear hippie bitch scream
to put hippie bitch to sleep for easier rapes

I'm pretty sure zombies starve, so wait maybe 2 years, then go scavenging for stuff I want until lesbo orgies become available.

this is easy

i'll take care of the lil monkey buddy
best company you could get tbh, doesn't eat much because of its size, maybe i can figure out teaching it some useful tricks like spotting dangers and it's fun in general
Flammenwerfer. Close Quater Combat while firing out of my vehicle cleaning the way ahead or cleaining up my Castle no problem if they'd somehow manage to get on it
of course the humvee to scavange if i feel like it, it'd be parked off the island of course
Castle on Island, duh. I can take out anything my lil monkey buddy warns me off or i notice coming up
Since i don't need ammo for the Flammenwerfer i can safe my points on that. What i'll definetly need is food
With the iPod nano i might try listening in on emergency broadcasts or important messages too, while also providing entertainment
47P, all done

dont need to - they can walk underwater

big bertha - nothing other than the monkey is even close to worth it, and fatty would either lose weight or die - either way problem solved

Sig Sauer 556 - minimises risk of being bitten by shooting zombie from a distance

humvee - duh

log cabin - comfy as fuck / middle of nowhere so low population of zombies

Alarm system + night vision goggles - for resource gathering at night and securing the cabin

you only get 30 points to spend

Big Bertha (I have a bbw fetish so)

SiG (I am a good shot)

Humvee (unlimited fuel sold it for me)

Log Cabin (I would just set up traps around the cabin and also jingle cans to warn me when zombies approach)

Then extra food for bertha and me.

as for the food con I would just hunt deer or trap small game to mitigate its con

multi-threading and stuff apparently does no good, i had 50 in mind
welp, guess i fucked up

Non virgin detected.

Non virgin from /k/ detected, maybe closeted homo.

Fat 12 years old atheist detected.

Monkeys are more fragile than humans and flammewerfers can kill you, also no woman, castle and apple shit.

Still no faggot cause homos can don math, maybe a girl.

BTW, Bertha is best girl? not trolling.

Laptop, first aid kit, night vision

Don't tell me how to spend my fucking points. I'll use the pain meds to put me on until I can find drugs, booze and food

Posting in a shit thread because it's all the catalog is now.


For the first one nothing / 0

For the second one the Sig sauer 556 / 7

For the third one Humvee you tard / 17

For the fourth one the Log cabin because from the picture I doubt that zombies would be fast enough to kill me >They would be frozen p much / 23

Extra ammo and NVG cause of woods near log cabin / 27

Binoculars and twinkies / 28

Exact same choice here

This is fucking stupid, eventually the zombies will shamble their way across the bottom of the lake to your house then youre fucked


A: Lesbo
E:Ammo + twinkies

Basically only to fulfill my fantasy of owning a castle and being waited on my lewd maids. Oh I would dress the lesbians up as maids. Also, I think being on an island would make them DTF faster.

Fuck you all, my monkey will be a bad ass

I don't see why the dykes even have to be dtf, its an apocalypse, I would just rape them everyday from day 1

burning zombies is a bad idea, they'll panic and run at you


Scout, crowbar, number, mine, drugs, twinkies

A - The naughty hipster - Just for sex - 9pt
B - The crowbar - Because why the fuck not - 0pt
C - The motorbike - Great mobility and great escape in case things go wrong - 5pt
D - The log cabin - Pretty chill isolated place, probably no zombie problem - 6pt
E - The Ipod nano - To be able to listen to official news (thus anticipate zombies movements) and entertain myself - 4pt
E - Food supplies - Just to be safe - 6pt
Total: 30pt

10 years of zombies and solitude, I'm going to have to get my dick wet somehow. As if I care if she's "DTF". That's not how it works in my house
Nothing noted about ammo, and im not going anywhere near Walkers. Fuck that.
I'm not planning on going anywhere.
Deep tunnels, dark, dangerous, easily concealable, safe, free water supply inside. Not that different than my current life.
Perfect addition to the abandoned mine, dark dangerous areas basically negated.
Don't even need to leave my cave utopia. Only downside is Hipster and I having the shits 240 times collectivley

23 points.

Alternatively have the wap twins for 26 points, but I didn't pick them because of the language barrier. And three years without talking to anyone, online or offline, is not within my mental capacity.

Could also swap with the sawed off, but shooting a shotgun would only take away from my secluded cave home. And the echo in the caves would make me deaf.


Sigh… hand me that crowbar.



The only thing worse than a zombie is a zombie on fire.

why are christians always such peodophiles, we jews never obsessed about children this much

Japs, crowbar, segway, island with boat, food. All I need is the island and food. Everything else is extra.

You can't walk underwater. That's Hollywood bullshit. At most zombies will float aimlessly.

Not "house". My mother fucking castle, bitch. I will have fun dropping heavy rocks on zombie heads from the top of my wall.

Too much harem user.

It's satire you faggot

Choose one

No need for sex as it's a zombie fucking apocalypse and a child would make things worse, women are bitchy, and this dude knows shit and is most likely a pretty cool guy if you're not an edgy atheist

Balance between assault rifle and chainsaw

Obvious reasons

Probably no zombies, plus safer and water.

Obvious reasons