Here is the load down, I need to break up a couple. A friend of mine is in a bad relationship...

Here is the load down, I need to break up a couple. A friend of mine is in a bad relationship. The women in question has done some stupid shit, but now she is bleeding him dry. My other friends and I have tried to break them up before with no avail. He is always going "I love my gf, but Blah blah she does dumb shit… blah refuses to get a job. blah Only wants to be a stay at home mother, only wants a kid. She is slowly killing him, and the thing is he could do so much better.
He refuses to listen to reason and logic. The dick is doing the thinking at this point and I don't want him to fuck his life up.
Any ideas on how to solve such a problem ?

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There's only one logical way to get rid of her. You and your friend engage in homosexual activities and she walk in and caught you two in the act. She think he's gay and leave him.


I sense sarcasm. But that solution will not he is under her spell and does not want to break up with her even though he knows she is using him.

Why don't you confront the girl and tell her to leave your friend alone? to break up a couple

nice thread op

How does that work? Anything I saw would be repeated to my friend which would cause him to either choose his Friends or his girlfriend too much risk. It may send him deeper into self destruction

Yes I have tried that. but have yet come up with a set plan. Every couple has a breaking point and every time we think we are close to getting them to break up, by some magic they stay together. I mean he even had to leave a family wedding to pick up her drunk ass from the city

How old are they?

he is 23 she is 19-20

how do you get a junkie to quit cocaine?

DETOX. Remove the substance, which is what I am trying to do. My question how do you get a junkie to admit he has a problem? And act on it.

what if the junkie doesnt want to quit?

fuck her, tell him she raped u

Then the junkie OD's and dies. But I refuse to watch as my friend destroy his life.

I am a guy. my friend is a guy.

yes. Fuck her, tell him she raped u

i guess help him see things from the third perspective.
show him other guys that are like him and how they ended up, yada yada

Aw man I see your problem.
Getting a couple like that to break up is hard.

Dude, pin him up against the wall, don't pull any punches, tell him what you think of his GF, what she'll do to him in the end and how he's actively ruining his own happiness by being with her.

There must be some part of him that know what he's doing is bad.

Lmao. You're right thats terrible that he found a decent woman in this modern day and age.

Yeah, I know. We had tried that, so far, he just makes excuses for her. The thing is he knows her faults but its not a warning sign for him. I am under the impression he thinks he can handle it.

If you care for your friend you don't give up.

This is not Germany, Sweden, or Iran, That logic is not going to work.

i disagree

Explain? I got time to kill, while I wait for actual solutions. Amuse me.

when u make her cheat on him with his best friend, he should get mad enough

I won't but the longer this goes on the harder it will be on him.He is 2 years in. An I have run out of ideas.

What is she doing that's so bad for him? I'd love a stay at home wife.

1: I wouldn't Touch that thing with a 10 foot pole
2: I would lose a friend.

Now we have thought about forcing her to cheat, or "catching her in the act" provided she is drunk enough. But to find a guy + location to set up a situation would be beyond difficult, bordering on impossible. Which is further made possible by the fact he is always working because she does not.

Don't fucking make one anyone cheat or some shit like that. It's fucking stupid.

don't meddle in other people's lives.

if you have legit concerns then reason with your friend and tell how you see things from your perspective. tell him details and not simply "she's no good for you, man". point out his she has had a negative impact on his life and if he can see things from your perspective and asks you for help then help him. but if he decides to stay with the girl then stay the fuck out of it. it's his life, not yours.

don't force it on your own accord.

- Super Religious ( which I don't mind to be honest)
- Very controlling. Like Literally goes through his phone, messages 24/7. That phone beeps every goddam 5 minutes.
-DOES NOT WORK. leaches off him. he pays for everything
-Refuses to take the pill
- And she is dumb. A bloodly moron. We were listening to the Door on the radio in the car and having a conversation about them and she fucking thought we talking about the car doors
-Jealous as fuck. God I don't want to get on that topic.

We done that, reasons why she is a fuckwit below>>6317930
while I understand its life, can I really sit back and watch a friend of mine commit suicide. Answer: is no

She openly flirts with other guys, it's not forcing per say just providing the opportunity

This sounds like the best advice IMO. If she's not putting him in a state where his life is endanger or cheating on him, using him then It's best to let him decide. Sure, he might be able to do better, but maybe he doesn't want to. Last thing you'd want is for your friend to do something stupid because of a breakup, like kill himself or fall out of rythem with his life.

To be honest I didn't want to get involved, I thought she was just a rebound, so I let her actions side and his inaction sleep. But I have my concerns for him. She will drain him for everything he has got and destroy what happiness he has left, leave. Then we will have to pickup the pieces.

"She will drain him for everything he has got " She's using him for money?

Yeah, She even said that to him "jokingly" He is busting his balls to get her what she wants. Like I said he pays for her (>>6317917)

so you want to do this for your benefit. not his.
kill yourself.

1) Post Craigslist ad for black guys to fuck white woman
2) Send her a text saying you got her number off social media and would like to offer her a hardcore modelling gig
3) Splash some cash on having her blacked on tape
4) Show to cuckold friend how well you prepped his bull for him

How retarded are you? She will leave him take everything he has got. An we will need to take care of him because no one else will, we do this for no benefit but because we don't want him hurt. To be there for a friend even when the chips are down and life is shit. That is what friends do. We look after each other, because we are family.

Damn that, that is a good plan. risky and immoral, but it is effective. I'll put that in the maybe pile.

Mind your own business and let him make his own mistakes. Forcing your help on people who don't want it is one of the most offensive things you can do.

By that logic I should let a friend OD on drugs because "its not my body". I call bullshit on that argument.


You could do some kind of shit test to see if she really likes him or not. Get/hire some good looking Chad to try and bone her. If she refuses she's cool, if not you have Chad show him the pictures he took of her