Old moralfag question

Not sure why I should care but I'd like a younger person's perspective on this. I'm just starting out my forties and am wondering if it I could in good conscience date/screw/marry a younger girl. There was a thread here a few weeks back highlighting how boomers were swiping up millennial girls because of the financial crunch you guys are feeling. Made me feel for you guys.

Pic related but exaggerated. I'm thinking 18-22, half my age type young, not pedo shit. I'd love to do it but I creep myself out when I start to seriously consider it. Ignoring the whole mutually using each other aspect, do you think it's alright for a guy my age to date someone so young? Celebrities and other wealthy elites seem to have no compunctions about it.

18 is kind of young but there are a lot of women who don't really want to do much other than have kids. I have no qualms with you poaching my generations 3dpd. Just stay away from my waifu.

If you seriously haven't reproduced by now there is no point. Do you really want your kid to be the guy with an old dude for a dad?

Celebrities and wealthy elites do it because they have money.

Do you have money?

Also, this.

some child abuse is ok

Im fine with large age differences as long as shes not too young, get someone 25-35, 12-25 is generally just vapid whores and annoying cunts

Ehh. My dad had me when he was 40 with a younger wife. He stayed fit, made good money and was well travelled. I'd rather have that than a 25 yo dad that never went anywhere or did everything, let alone being the son of a poorfag.

Your dad was still in his 60's by the time you hit 20.

18 is the youngest I can go though. Not that that isn't already really really young but if I'm going to do it and face possible scorn I might as well go all out. 19 is my ideal.

Not sure if I want kids or not, but if we did it would be better for her to be young. I would most likely still be alive by the time the kid hits thirty.

Not a lot but I do alright. It would seem like a decent amount to a working or middle class teen-early 20s girl.

I know they grow up a lot by 25 but I'd like some tread to still be on the tires. I'm not so out of touch to have any delusions of a virgin but by 27 she most likely would have picked up some severe mileage.

Why would he want to have kids.

To continue his family line and leave something in this world after he is dead.

I might or might not. It would depend on her wishes too.

My sibling have kids so the pressure is not so severe on me. I still have the desire somewhat.

He will leave something when he dies. A rotting corpse.

If you wanted to have little shit maggots you should have done it over a decade ago, user.

You never know, user. He may be well-off enough he can send his kids to private school so they won't turn into a massive disappointment like you did.

I dont even know what youre implying at this point

True. That is why I am divided on it. But I could also have died suddenly earlier in life as well. If I have them soon and make it to 80 my kids would be near 40 themselves. Like I said it would depend a lot on if she wanted them.

I'm not sure what your point is.

I mean she would have had miles of dick run through her. The thousand cock stare, etc. Also jaded in general.

Sorry if I wasn't being clear enough. Not being sarcastic.
You're the kid with a Grandpa for a Dad who will probably be dead when/if you have kids of your own.

I'd just rather not fuck my life up by having little shit worms.

Like your parents fucked theirs up?

Naw, check the math here.

Kid at 43, age 20 by 63, kids of their own by 30 - dad is 73. Dad dies within 5-10 or so years 78-83. Kids are around 40. Not ideal but not too too bad.

What are you a fratboy? At your age your lucky not to have a pacemaker
Think about it though, below 25/30 shes just either a hyperactive cunt or depressed, but didnt have as much sex (still alot)
If you pick someone more mature she will have a few more sexual partners but she will be on par with you and your abilities at your age, plus more sex = more practice and practice makes perfect

as a youngfag i have considered this

pro tip though: be mature gentleman. also dont rush for sex or it might creep the fuck out of me.

This is the future m8 by the time all of us are 80 the average age will have shifted to 100+ so that our agony can be extended

Ascend to my level.

Just imagine the reality of having a baby. Seems like it would be Hell.

Im already done living at 27 do you really think I want to live that long?

I know that but the point of this is to get someone young and ripe. Tantalizingly so.

Noted, and I was planning on it.


Meh, that seems too pessimistic. But those are concerning.


Faggot, whorelover.
fertile young girls > older girls or women

Would you be okay with her calling you daddy during sex?

Prepare to be cucked hard.

Words of wisdom. The only thing a woman finds attractive in an older guy is his wallet.

age difference means nothing
as long as your relationship is something you both want, and is not abusive in any way, i see no problem
becoming sugar daddy is on gray area but if she wants it, why feel bad about it? don't be jerk and treat her with respect

Im 27 and in a relationship with a 41 ex-muslim arab woman.

She has tats, drinks, and gived amazing head.

Do what you want OP. Fuck it.

It's true unfortunately, I use dating apps (kill me) and I see so many girls wanting a "sugar daddy", essentially a guy they will tolerate dating for money.

Don't be fooled though, they are just playing you for cash, and will likely have no qualms with cheating on you with other "sugar daddys" or just guys she actually wants to fuck.

Also, you have no fucking idea how delusional many young women are these days… I know you probably think it's always been that way, but even I can tell the difference from 10 years ago.

That being said, if you can do it, I don't see why not, apart from feeling sorry for us poor fucks.

bullshit. my wife is 21 years my junior and has a career which earns her more than i did at her age. being an older dad isn't a problem if you stay fit and open-minded. 70 year olds climb everest and 50 year olds use Holla Forums. it's all in the mind.
as with any wife who earns a salary, make her pay her share of everything right from the start. when she's pregnant, life throws a turd at you both or you simply want to see her lovely smile on a grey day, then your wallet is king.
there is no social stigma attached to this in my experience. the men of your age are jealous and the women, obviously enough, are envious too. and who gives a fuck what the kids think, huh?
one last golden rule. fuck your younger wife right in the pussy, as often as you can.

Ehh not really.

Definitely a worry.

My possible problem would be that I should know better, and not seek it out or turn her down if she wanted something. It's illogical but it still seems like I would somehow be taking advantage of her. But I think that's just my own hang ups or prudishness.

I know young women are even crazier now, and I know that I don't know the full extent. And yeah, it'll be tricky to not get used or use her myself.

Thanks for the warning, and the encouragement as well.

Do whatever you want, but keep in mind that's one less wife you're leaving for the younger generations. There's nothing wrong with those relationships, but for the most part they don't usually last and it was brought about by money. Also celebrities in the modern world aren't like celebrities and famous people a long time ago, they're not really people you want to emulate.

should've said most of the time it's brought about by money

That sounds awesome. I love weirdo chicks they always seem to be more fun than regular ones. Its just more entertaining to fuck someone with mental problems.

>that's fewer wives you're leaving for the younger generations
there is no shortage of pussies, user. gays help to push the balance in cocks' favor. up your game.

Ughh the guilt.

Sounds like you just want to fuck a younger chick, but are old school. Don't bring your checkers pieces into apps.


It's a different game, can't play it as you're used to.

Oddly enough shes the most stable woman ive been with.

A relaxing change from the string of crazy white cunts.

Dunno if its more cause shes older or not from the US so isnt tainted by neo-femnazism

I see. The analogy just threw me a bit. Do you think she'll make me wander around town and play Pokémon Go! ?

I said do what you want user. No one is going to care about you fucking a young cunt enough to go out and place your head on a pike.

Worse. Pretty sure we talked about this in another thread, but to recap you'll develop shitty characteristics as we unintentionally mimic to fuk. Go to a younger bar for a night and if all desire doesn't kill the boner, hire an escort or watch porn.
Unless you don't mind emulating youth, but it doesn't sound like it.

No I meant more I should just not try to force things that are past their time to happen. Look for someone five or ten years younger rather than twenty. The whole thing makes me feel kind of like I'm cheating somehow, or lying to myself about how it would be or even how good young pussy really is just from a sex standpoint.

But I still really want young pussy.

Just go for it old man. Fuck as many you bitches as you can manage.

Do it solely to procreate for the white race (hopefully you're white) but be cognizant of the fact that she will eventually end up cucking you and taking half your shit. Otherwise go for it.

Best argument yet.

41 yr old here, DO IT!! its the way it should be

Ok sure, whatever

But I get the 8 year olds at 25

I don't think that is a reasonable request…

Alright then, 13 but that's about has high as I'll go

If you can swing it, more power to you!

I need your help. I need your firstborn… along with some dowry, thx

don't feel about that that will have positive implication in future feel bad by the fact that that your generation's selfishness has possibly cause the destruction of civilization, and we may not have the raw resources to ever get to this point again.

I don't care what you do with 3DPD. Just make sure you have enough money to take care of your womb shit.

Ehhh I'm generation X not a boomer. But OK.

your generation is only a little better then the boomers.
you just had the excuse of being raised to be indulgent and selfish, and continued the trend of buying shit on your children's credit.
I don't individually blame you, I'm just bitter that civilization will end before we have the technology to right a few wrongs of nature.

It's called a sugar daddy arrangement. You aren't going to find anything else unless you're going to the 3rd world.

We're kind of sick of both of you groups of loud mouthed faggots "tbqh" But I still don't really blame you anymore than I take your bluster seriously. I'm more than happy to fly mostly under the radar in the shit slinging though.

Dude your not in this for the right reasons. You seem to think you can mold your little wifey
into whatever perv shit your into. Trouble is you probably could. Then what.
You're going to get OLDER and she will only start to mature. I don't give a fuck if you climb Mount Everest. You wont have that energy all the time. Hard week at work, TGIF headin to the couch, she wants to go out. Your fucked. The majority of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Chances are you wont beat the odds.

I did almost exactly what your "fantasy" is about and we only made it 7 years. Thank God we didn't have kids.

Yea she was hot as fuck but looking back it was doomed from the start and I have about 50 different reasons why.

If you insist on this forget about western girls in general (US/Euro) they are not raised to be subservient or Family minded.
Find a eastern Slav qt or one from Asia.

never said I was millennial, but it doesn't really matter, as nothing that can be said here will bring any substance to either party.
Back on topic:
Why the fuck the are seeking the opinions anonymous faggots on the Internet about whom you date or/and fuck.
If you a male and have money and are successful 3DPD will want to fuck you and date you no matter your age or their age. So if you want fuck young 3DPD, why the fuck are you asking us about it? No one knows what you want better then yourself, or is this an ego trip thing?

I was kind of hoping I could die by the time she outgrew it, then she could remarry someone who was a better match in her early thirties.

It's more of a thought experiment. Better than the usual empty shitposting, a little different and with some heart to it. Plus young girls are hot, Holla Forums is a lonely place and the generational divide can set off some conflict-especially concerning status, wealth and competing for women.

oh well, I think finding a 3DPD worth competing with other men for is very unlikely, but I don't see what there is to talk about here.
Yeah, older generations tend to have more wealth then younger generations, because they have had more time to accumulate it, and utility wealth is a form of utility is the most important thing to 3DPD when choosing a mate, so congratulations, you won.

Well even though it tempts me often, in the end I think it is a bad idea. These

we're the kinds of things I knew would be bad, but my cousin married an older guy and they are great together, similar to what these guys said here:

When I was a late teen/early 20s guy, this kind of stuff would piss me off a bit. I used to read Piers Anthony books and as they went on the love interests would get older until they were about my age now, he would write shit like
I know we all learn from experience but that was some bullshit. Pissed me off terribly because I know he believed it and was just projecting shit into his daughters. So now that I could possibly do something like that my moralfaggotry kicks in, and I wanted to see if young people felt or thought as I did/do, then and now.

The environment you were in that made you feel that way, doesn't exist anymore. Most younger males just want to fuck then fuck off, and they don't care if the 3DPD was satisfied or not. Plus the laws are so fucked now there are significant risks in engaging 3DPD, seeking intimate companionship, and younger males are aware of this. They deal with it different ways, but none would care if you took on a younger 3DPD.
The problem I see coming up is you falling for the 3DPD, and that is only a possibility. I hope you are smart enough to see that she only wants you for your money. So just keep that mind, I don't really see any problems. You might get a few shitty looks from older 3DPD, as you are in the position they were in when they were younger, but I don't really consider that a problem.

You old chumps just need to come to terms with your wasted lives and marry that 30 year old slut or go do some normie (nonreddit) shit.

Only aryan taoist immortalist sages deserve to 3dpt qt3.14 jb ptp.

You wouldn't even know what to do with that jing if you had it.



No, just here.

Me 47, my gf 21. I'm ok with it

indifference isn't hatred.
most young males are too weak willed to ignore their baser urges and they recognize that, so they work with what they got.
3DPD have sex, males are compelled to want sex, thus they employ various strategies to get it. Male feminsim, being 'alpha' being an asshole , out right prostitution. All different strategies with the same goal, and that is nothing misogynistic about it, as nothing in those strategies are influenced by the hate of 3DPD. Just in ape working within the box nature put him in.
Honestly 3DPD should be thankful as most wouldn't have life on easy mode if men weren't interested in their cunt.

Please. It may be well founded, but you definitely mistrust women. Can you honestly say that "3DPD" is just trash talking, or do you really consider them pigs? It's the same thing as
which has been known for ages. Except now society will back up women's craziness more than ever, and crazy now = all or at least most women, whether due to their nature or society shaping them into nastiness.

It may be well founded, but it is misogyny none the less.

I don't mistrust women, I expect to them to act in accordance with their instincts. Instincts that I find disgusting and on the same level as swine, but this isn't about me, this is about the larger young male population.

hypergamy isn't crazy, nor does it manifest as abnormal behavior. It is an instinct that is within every 3DPD, and has been a critical part of our evolution. We are only now seeing it in a more negative light due the safe environment that we built for ourselves. Makes the traditional roles men used to fill not as important, while 3DPD's role that is rooted in their biology hasn't decreased in value.

btw I use 3DPD because I want to fuck/date cartoons. Cartoons are my women, not 3DPD.

I laughed. gg.

This is what robots, redpill, MRAs, MGTOW and other sad redditors actually believe

nice ad hominem

Nice crippling social problems. You know who else besides girls can betray your trust and totally fuck up your life when you let them in?

If you can pull that off, you'll only get respect.

Do it faggot, and pics or it didn't happen.

I am talk about why 3DPD will fuck your life if you try to involve yourself in a intimate relationship with one.

males can fuck your life too, however they are less likely, and have far different reasons in doing so.

It's feminist bullshit that says older men can't date younger women.

30s is fine. 20s will definitely raise eyebrows unless you manage to be a rather wholesome and dignified couple somehow. Teenager makes you a sick bastard.


I'm 29, my g/f is 12, and we don't have a problem with that, nor does her dad.

Both faggots are downvoting each other. Bump for butthurt.

You have to if you want kids as women start to become barren at age 30.

Ppl wait to long to have families and kids then they cant have them because they are to old.
Remember the rage myth of women can have children at a older age now. BS jew tricks to reduce the birth numbers of the most inventive and intelligent subclade of genetics.