How does one school shooting manage to still be fascinating 17 years after it happened?

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Like the moon landing and 9/11, it's interesting to see events that were obviously faked be accepted by the majority of people

This. Two people armed to the teeth in a high school only manage to kill 15 people? Yeah right.

Their original plan was to blow up the parking lot and shoot people escaping but their explosives didn't work and they didn't have a backup plan so they ended up rushing into the school

a shitty carbine, a shitty pistol and two shot guns, they planned to use bombs and pick off survivors, their bombs failed and they were shit shots




Here we see two wild retards.

Fuck that it's now a Columbine thread.

where is the rare footage not some shitty mash up

i need that footage

Just like every shooting, it was just a false flag to push for more gun control. There has never been a single legitimate mass shooting in American history

It was a Stand Alone Complex creating event. Wasn't about bullying, was about murder, and yet the meme caused successive events to follow a different pattern.



After all those years they are still cashing on their dead daughter? Fucking pathetic

you've made this thread before, asking the same idiot question

Reb & Vodka were a bunch of edgy angsty twats who couldn't even wire a fucking bomb correctly

I'm trying to post it but I keep getting that "The server took too long to submit your post." error

there is no "rare footage" it can all be found on Youtube. Besides the basement tapes obviously but you wouldn't want to see those, they are boring as fuck.


are you a fucking autist this is from the movie Zero Day

no, it's real life, it's on the internet

That's stupid to say, they aren't cashing in.
Where the fuck do you get that?

The parking lot? That was a stupid plan. Why not the school itself?



I'm pretty sure they did try to blow up the school: according to my knowledge, they filled the cafeteria with bombs, but they failed to go off. Nothing about the parking lot other than that's where it all began.

Nigga, this was a direct result of pharma pushing antidepressants on someone who didn't need them, and society failing to support them both when they clearly showed signs they needed help. The "conspiracy" is a lot simpler. It's proven. It's out there. Open your fucking eyes, retard.

OP why do you keep making these threads and shitting up the webm threads with your cringy edgelord fascination with these fags?

Go to that tumblr about them, you massive angsty fuckup

It's very interesting because the police that responded let the shooters kill the students because they did not rush inside to help. INstead they formed a perimeter, waited for the SWAT team like cowards. THe SWAT team then took their time clearing the building on the opposite end from where the shooters were.

Its too bad the school didn't blow up that would have been highly entertaining.

Lol wat? Why would that be faked.

Yeah, they put bombs in the cafetria for a specific time because that's when the most people would be in there. The investigators said that if their bombs went off the library which was above the cafeteria would have fallen on top of it too. I don't know how their bombs ended up failing but there would have been a lot more dead if they didn't.


mediocre at best, a fucking chink smashed their score single handed


I remember they said that shooting people had gotten boring and they should try stabbing them instead. Wonder why they never did :/

columbine was a meme school to train memes and they had to end it


please tell me about how you would have saved the day, walter mitty

If only Youtube was around in 1999.

Elephant is a good movie.

Sleep tight ladders.

With two shitty pistols no less.

Even some of the most braindead twats that enter the military fresh out of high school are capable of assembling and setting off explosives with little instruction, otherwise shit jobs like combat engineer would be completely devoid of life.
Also, don't forget that uneducated goatfucker arabs can do this sort of shit as well.

Eric and Dylan were more retarded than inbred middle easterners and borderline literal retards in the army.
They couldn't even shoot more accurately than your below-average dumbass fudd considering the number of rounds they fired and how many actually connected.

No, it's not. Half of the movie is just people walking through hallways. It's shit.

It's so creepy seeing footage of them. It doesn't seem real that those people can go on to do what they did.

Hey I made that shoop
Did you get it off ED fgt

These kids failed. Its only so popular because the only other one that was big before it was blurred out by the la riots and jeffy dahmers trial

What I'm saying is most ppl think that was the first one. thats why its popular.

Now if any of yo faggots want to talk about some MEMORABLE characters see

Their plan was to kill people and then themselves. They failed how?

their bombs didn't go off so their plan of shooting them as they exited failed and they resorted to fucking hide and go seek

Wrong, it was the cafeteria. They came into the school to kill, starting from the parking lot area

As you see from "eric.gif" this footage is strongly suspected of containing Eric during the spree.

Generic shitty columbiner vid made by some 16 year old fag from a suburb.

Most footage is no longer rare in the digital age. Ever since Susan Klebold (Dylan's mom) came out and did the interviews early this year, a lot of never-before-seen content has been leaked everywhere.

Rachael Scott was a cool chick but her parents are evangelical nutjobs who (like several columbine families) milked her death for as many shekels as they could get.

Exactly. The scotts are the most kike-y of the victims families. Craig is alright nowadays though.

Half of the footage was never leaked to the public by the cops as they (and most of the families) didnt want it released. Though the basic script / knowledge expressed in the lost tapes were described as early as late 1999. Basically they're censored because the killers make a call-to-arms to inspire more copycats. Hence, its censorship.

The tapes were officially declared to have been destroyed in 2011. Jeffco cops being retards as usual.

Kill yourself gen z faggot

Some of the bombs did go off, but none of the propane tank ones. If the props did go off, there could've been up to 550 casualties; the cafeteria was right below the (now moved) library. Hence those 2 fags would kill 2 birds with 1 stone and maximize their kill counts.

This lad speaks the truth. A large chunk of mass shooters or attempted mass shooters, mainly those targeting schools, were using SSRIs.

Eric used Luvox. Jeff Weise used Prozac.

Columbiners are faggot freaks and degenerate whores and need to be gassed or NSA'd.

Exactly. I'm from the Denver area (Lived in west Littleton near Columbine CO from 1985~1993 and 2002~201X) and the cops and swat being massive pussies was a extreme controversy in the area. They let the killers run amok for hours, only infiltrating the school hours after the killers were dead. It is because of their incompetence that heroes like Dave Sanders and Daniel Mauser were killed.

A lot of the cops wanted to go in, but were not allowed by the higher-ups (whom were controversial before the attack, to say the least)

On the up side, ever since Columbine, IIARD tactics were developed and are now standardized, preventing any active shooters from roaming for more than a few minutes, most of the time..

I think its a good thing those two assholes were such morons when it came to their choice in weaponry. Notice the 9mm cartridges- if only those faggots used aluminum cases more, that way their shitty guns would jam more often and they might get tackled. (Nah, the Jocks are huge hypocritical pussies up here in the 303/720. Always have been and still are)

It feels eerie knowing some of my family (and extended family) were in this picture.

It's a very good thing those two fags were nowhere near as smart as they were. Like I've previously stated, if their plan worked (bombs go off) it would've BTFO Tim McV's shit.

Reb knew he wasn't that bright- he was slightly above intelligence. Knowing this caused him a lot of negative emotion.

Zero Day sucks
Elephant sucks
every movie to date that tries to duplicate lolumbine sucks.

More salt to rub in the wound - those two fags got no 5* quality directors to sensationalize their autistic attacks.

It's infamous because it's the first major school shooting in america with more than like 5 casualties, aside from the 1920s bath attacks that nobody remembers.

There's been a fuckload of copycats; mainly disturbed mentally ill teenagers. Ever since the attack, there have been tens of thousands of admirers or curious parties- mainly alienated adolescents and the occasional adult or child. Though most of these people have never committed acts of violence, plenty have.

Refer to the picture attached.

It was a joke, you autistic faggot

Yeah i know










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He's not memorable because of his shooting though (which he failed at harder than these two faggots).
He's remembered for being a gigantic autist supreme gentleman because of his video diaries.

edgy: the thread

Anyone got that DOOM mod or level that was created by one of the shooters?

its called UACLabs.wad

its mirrored everwhere.

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I got it from my last thread if you are trigger because I saved it then you are at the wrong chan.