Why do people hate Elvis again?

Why do people hate Elvis again?

Because he appropriated black culture.

Because he never had a heir, leaving the throne of Rock up for grabs and to be seized by Dwayne Johnson.


Because he's not actually an elf.

because he gets to live with aliens and we don't

Because they're all shook up

No, its cause he was a pedo. And that's about the worst thing a person can be.

Ain't that right Holla Forums?

Because he ain't nothin' but a hound dog.

bourgeoise fat fuck

Who let Holla Forums out?



Supposedly he liked 14 and 15 year old girls all the time, wanted to hang with them and wasn't fond of older ladies as much. Like his age I mean.

Even back in the good old days of segregation and stay at home bitches, this kind of behavior was frowned upon, and to this day elvis presley is the most hated pedophile right before michael jakson, but death makes it easier for people to focus on the music.

I don't care if someone is pedophile, I like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. Just make good music and movie and stay away from my children and I'll gladly pay you and respect you. You know? That's reasonable.

Elvis rocks yo

that impressive for a guy who's been dead for like 20 years

I haven't seen many people nowadays go to the effort of hating Elvis. It isn't like back in the 50s with "oh my he's moving his hips better keep the camera view above waist level" yet, but just give the neomoralfags some time.

During that time, but depending on were in the Western world you live, it was acceptable decades ago, albiet it was strange in these parts.

Because he pretty much took whatever popular music in the black community and white-washed it. It's literally the same music, but since the 1950s was full-on Holla Forums mode, people didn't want to like anything made by niggers. So they got a white guy to perform it so that they could listen to it and pretend it wasn't nigger music. Kind of like how most of Holla Forums really loves rap but don't want to admit a nigger actually wrote those catchy beats, so they hide behind Moonman so they can listen to it without feeling mentally cucked.

Oh pleze nigga, just because some rap is great doesn't mean the vast majority of rappers aren't just niggers mumbling to beats and snare rolls. It takes legit skill to write clever lyrics that flow well


Wait ten years and he'll be retro cool again.

The most delusional post on Holla Forums right now friendos

There will only ever be one Elves



what did he mean by this?

Woo Yaa

Michael was no pedo. He was a Neo-Nazi who created a safe environment for child victims of the Hollywood pedo-industrial complex to retreat to, which is why he had to be taken out.

I don't know where the fuck you're from but in America, nobody cares that Elvis was a pedo. In fact, most people don't even have a clue that he was a pedo.

Most ppl don't care that Michael Jackson was a pedo either. They think it's funny. He was just that successful that he overcame pedophobia.

Who's hating on Elvis?

Butthurt Chuck Berry fans