Fap 3 time in the past hour

What do I do, Holla Forums?

the fuck is wrong with you? Save your semen man

I am both disgusted and impressed. My dick is too sensitive after organisming.

I meant orgasming I swear. :^)

that's a feat I haven't achieved since high school

fapping won't make you happy OP

smoke a cigarette.

start with 6 and work your way up.

Opium is pretty great

Have you tried masturbating more? Try shortening time between sessions and increasing frequency. A trench coat is probably recommended if you go out in public often

dopamine resistance.

you are fapping, watching porn and playing video games too much.

your body wasn't designed for a constant high, it is building up a tolerance to dopamine and adrenaline, as well as perhaps becoming exhausted.

cut down or just stop for a while. reduce fapping to three times a week to your imagination.
stop porning.
maybe stay away from the computer as much as possible, find some hobbies outside.

exercise, see the sunlight, learn new skills and become good at them.

after a few months away from porn, you won't feel controlled by it anymore.
first couple,of weeks of no-fap are the hardest. after that it becomes easier.
just stay busy and stay around other people as much as possible,

eat healthily, exercise.

read about good sleep quality. it makes a big hormonal difference.
sleep in a completely dark room, quiet, at night. boosts your testosterone and growth hormone along with other things.

in short, take a break.
even no fap for a week will let it feel a lot better and give your system a rest.

furthermore, draining your body of dopamine/adrenaline/testosterone can cause serious harm and lead to chemical depression, or sometimes endocrine problems.

by having a break, and keeping things in moderation, sleeping well etc, you can regenerate yourself.

my endocrine system is messed up, that's why I've read about this stuff so much.

i am a psychologist and at this point i always recommend suicide. its the only way, op

I remember when I could fap more than once every two days without feeling exhausted.

Three times in a hour? Eat lots of peanut butter and banana sandwiches man.

go outside u cretin

no u

Thx Dr.Holla Forums

do you even have semen?

not op but i don't
Sure every now and then a bit seeps out but i masturbate enough that i shoot nothing

The dude is firing blanks

I fap more then 7 times in a day sometimes, and feel great.
The down sides sometimes my dick won't have skin on the underside of the head for a few days, and I can't jerk it in that time.

Roobi royal


Fap to Our Goddess Nicole; she makes everybody happy!


I lift and eat well so I can have amazing fap sessions, what the fuck are YOU doing?

Stop masturbating you faggot

This, what the fuck OP, how can you even keep going like that? You should use libido powers to attract sex if possible.

my man.keep going.you'll feel fucking fantastic after the 10th time.though your back"ll hurt for the next couple days but totally worth it


If you ever get a girlfriend, she'll hate you.

ever attempted a high score?go for one

what a rack.

Stop fapping. At least ween off of it if cold turkey is too hard.