Warning: Signal Private Messenger is Controlled by a Jew

Signal Private Messenger (recommended by Snowden) for encrypted communications on Android was created by a fellow named Moxie Marlinspike.

His real name is Matthew Rosenfeld and he's a Jew.

First thought, can someone tell me an alternative to Signal Private Messenger that is both secure and written by a non-jew?

Second thought, if Snowden is shilling encryption software from Jews, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

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Hmm, I didn't know that Marlinspike was a Kike and that that was a fake name.

But even so, Signal is the only end-to-end encrypted VOIP/messaging app available, as far as I know.

Android is already not secure unless you're rooted and can verify that your hardware isn't tainted and you know that the tower you are talking to is secure (signal can always be captured regardless).

Since you are not going to ensure all of those conditions are met, what's the point of this excercise? You can use plain old key signing which will eventually be cracked, but as we already established, you are too lazy to go whole hog.

You're bringing nothing to the table.

They're so disgusting looking.

The fact that it was shilled by the modern poster boy of controlled opposition wasn't enough of a warning for you? Just how new are you, exactly?

Name another end-to-end encrypted voice communication application, faggot.

Have you tried mailing floppy disks?
I doubt they have the resources to crack those fuckers anymore.

Hell, we keep our nuclear launch codes on floppy disks because of the inherent protection that radically obsolete technology brings.


Prove that it's not secure. Believe it or not not every "jew" is part of a massive conspiracy to jew you.

You have 99% of the same DNA of jews. Holy shit. You're one of them aren't you?

Can I get someone else to make this thread again who is not one of these fucking kike jews?


I find it really interesting how quickly kikes can tell you are not one of ((them)) on the internet simply through text alone.

Then I read shit like this and understand it.
I don't know why, but I can tell you are not from around here.


Someone I no longer trust was shilling that pretty heavily. It also won't work without cell service and location on.

Can't prove a negative. Not an argument.

You have 99% the same DNA as asshole worms.

The difference in that statement is it never mentions which "letters" are chosen.

I've gotten called out for the same statement multiple times this week.

I think we're being raided hard and it's the heaviest I've ever seen.

I remember calling this in early March about how before June 7 we were going to see some shit.

Meaning I said the quoted statement and (((someone))) was all "I can prove this stupid math shit!!!"

Snowden isn't even fucking real and the revelations were planned. There's a reason every fucking paper in the western world ran the leaks as the top story at the same time.

The panopticon only works if people believe they are being watched.

The whole Snowden affair was managed and metered out a little bit at a time to get you the message while preventing outrage from building too acutely and getting out of control. It was a managed campaign will polling the whole PR works.

Cucks at SXSW and the like, line up to listen to their fictional hero as he appears on large screens to tell them what they want to hear

100% of the "leaks" from Snowden were all well known and had been proved long before the "leaks". The only thing they were missing was inside evidence.

Bullshit. It is possible to prove that software is insecure. Get some smart people together, and find where the weaknesses are. Every piece of software you use in your life has code written by people with jewish blood. Is that really a problem for you? Are you prepared to dump everything digital because of the stain of jew blood?

My point was that not are jews are pure blood. You probably have some jew blood in you too, because they have your blood too.

Bro, when will you get it that literally 100% of everything published in the media is fake, and carefully produced to manipulate you. Man never went on the moon. China doesn't even exist, neither does Russia. The moon is a hologram.

That's the thing. (((You're))) falling for misinformation.

There is no jew DNA. jew is not a race. The "unique" DNA sequence jews may have are due to incest and them breeding for recessive and negative traits.

(((You're))) taking what they feed you and asking for more.

Snowden is the Jew approved (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((rebel))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) for the educated goyim to look up to.

Social Justice warriors…Might as well be a Frankfurt School "rock and Roller" from 1968 ffs.

Euro tards and naive noobs dig him…cuz they think he's "speaking truth to power".

Look at mainstream Jewish culture in America. It's 90% (((critiques))) of the (((establishment))).

We knew it, normies refused to believe about NSA spying. Now they know it too and their behavior changed automatically, they cannot control it.

There's even been a study now and it shows that normies are afraid to research news topics. The headline itself sounds good, I was imagining that normies became afraid of social media (they should be). No, the study showed that normies are afraid to even read wikipedia articles on topics like ISIS, to do any research on shit in the news, because simply reading a wiki page might make them look like they have an interest in joining ISIS or something.


Snowden is not real and even his name is a joke about the novel Catch22 which opens with the main character Yossarian literally reading and censoring letters. At kind of the climax of the novel, Yossarian learns a lesson of sorts when the character Snowden literally "spills his guts" on a bombing raid.

The news media got it too, writing many articles about Snowden and the catch-22's involved with monitoring secret NSA courts.


I like how no one is suggesting viable alternatives. Thanks for nothing you faggot degenerates.


The only way you can keep them from snooping on your shit is to use private networks.

They literally control the wires.
Old-world forms of communication are your best bet.

Ok, (((bud))) I guess that means the European aristocracy were all (((jews))) too because they inbred so much that they reinforced negative traits which caused genetic (((diseases))) which still plague those of (((((((royal))))) families even today. Hell, we all are descended from ((((people)))) who fucked their own families, and that's a ((((fact)))), because all of humanity is related. So if that's all it takes then we're all ((((((kikes))))).

The problem is that crazy fuck tards poison the well. They have a few facts, and then they go off the rails with a laundry list of conspiracy bullshit pulled out of their asses, and so everything they say is no longer taken seriously, and because they are the only ones talking about the real facts too those facts are seen as bullshit. And that's not part of the Jewish Kike conspiracy carefully orchestrated to cause the masses to dismiss the facts, that's just autistic retards sperging and chimping out in so much that they end up doing more damage than thew jew kikes could have ever dreamed of.

Standard PGP key you illiterate nigger. Already said it.


jews are Palestinians if you must give them a race. They DO HAVE Palestinian unique DNA sequences.

I never said once that incest made someone a jew. I said what is seen as jew unique DNA - in jews - is caused by their incest.

Royalty did have incest yes, but it was merely the royalty. The few dozen over a number of generations. Not all Europeans.

Again. I NEVER ONCE said, nor did I imply that incest makes a jew.

Either way you're clearly a shill trying to D&C shit up with your intentional miss-inferences.


>Google Android

Your using a compromised OS. Anything run on it should be considered compromised by extension.

Speak/type in code. One time pads… etc. Don't count on the machine to protect you. It wont.

Shalom Moxie!

So the EFF also is in the pocket of the Jews, and Tor as well? Do you not thinking they are getting funding from multiple sources that are all shady, but all want freedom of transmission? I don't really understand your point here

same with all the anti-TOR shilling on Holla Forums

yet only stupid pedos and druggies using tor with js+flash on windows get busted and one of the creators recently fled USA because FBI contacted her about meeting, while keeping silent about the purpose of that meeting

Oy vey, the nose tells.

it's open source you faggots, anything open source you can fucking compile yourself.

When did this place turn into bluepill central?

Never use encryption software written by a jew.

what's app is encrypted now.

WhatsApp uses the same encryption technology as Signal, technology invented by this disgusting Jew. Secondly, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, you're seriously going to use a Facebook messaging app? There's no hope for you, please gas yourself.

nigger, I was simply responding to this:

When I saw OPs image in the catalog. I thought it was another Rach post. No kidding.

I wouldn't use any connections registered to you.

It's open source software you fucking moron.

The creator being Jewish is also irrelevant

…or a device registered/delivered to you. Hit up a pawn shop, pay cash, and use a small laundromat, diner, or dive bar's wifi. (I'd avoid large chain stores/restaurants…stick with mom n' pop places)

Free wifi is somewhat analogous to what payphones used to be, provided you treat the device carefully….

keep that shit from scanning or connecting to your home networks. I'd power it off, disconnect battery, and stuff it into a thick mylar bag immediately after use.

user I have some news for you…

This is one of the many things which many of you struggle to deal with, but I don't.

Do we not trust this man BECAUSE he's Jewish? Or the possibility that his technology could become easily corrupt by the likes of say, whatsapp or whatever it's called. but also, THIS>>6160787

What's the point in trying to secure something, which could never be secured in the first place? Truthfully, not even computers from the harddrive to the processor down could be considered absolutely secure, because you know who, is just going to use these facts to point to someone who knows technology well. Eventually, they'll come back to you. This is further complicated by the fact, that almost no one is computer literate to it's ultimate reducible value like the people who either: hold advanced degrees in study of computer science/engineering or people like Richard Stallman and Wang, who went to lengths to study technology on their own and eventually paved the way for studies in computer science despite them having degrees in physics et al.

Further in line with ruling yourself in, using an app like in OP's description, is only going to put a target on yourself, especially if you're stupid enough to use a smart phone with all your contacts in them. If you weren't on some sort of list to begin with, you would be after using this software.

My advice to the whole deal? Don't use it. Smartphones are spyware machines regardless of how you use them. Perhaps we should find a way to build our own computers with non-proprietary hardware and software in order to put a wall between us and the spying.

Is Richard Stallman holding a talk soon in America?

Don't forget to check whether there is no backdoor in your souce code. Don't forget to check whether there is no backdoor in a compiler. Don't forget to check every time before running it whether your binary wasn't replaced. Whether you have a trojan that will listen anyway.

I know, it's still better than closed source, but please.

Bullshit. What about Jitsi? What about Surespot? Just to name a couple.

Both open source, I might add.