Recommend me some games with cavemen in them

Recommend me some games with cavemen in them.

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Prehistorik 2

why cant genndy do endings

>>612700947any monster hunter on

This show was shit>it's a cartoon but it's VIOLENTwow so original

Play Conan Exiles


>>612701009I thought the story ended? he dies fighting, he gets back what he lost (a wife and child) it's a sad ending because he didn't live to see it, but it's an ending still I just watched season 1 and the rest on youtube snippets I don't really know the details of the end

>>612701158You are a midwit.

>>612701297Thank you.

>>612700947Far Cry Primal, it's exactly what you'd expect, a Far Cry game with cavemen. It's actually not terrible and a LOT better than every Far Cry game past 3. Possibly because there was a smaller team working on it, so its story and aesthetic is coherent, instead of a jumbled vomit of different systems, missions, and plot elements like FC4-6.

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>>612701196the ending in concept is pretty good. no complaints with it in bullet form. but it desperately needed to be expanded over two or even three episodes. especially after how they spent their time building up colosseus it felt incredibly rushed.

I've only watched the first season, but it's probably my favorite animated show ever. It was fucking phenomenalDoes season 2 live up?


>>612701196its too rushed. Deserved its own 1 hour movie but was wrapped up quickly in 1 episode

>>612701158>violence is... le BADwhen did Holla Forums all collectively hopped on estrogen?

>>612700947Here lies Spear, he scored.

>>612701437It was good up until the last episode. The execution of the ending wasn’t great, It needed more time than the show had left.

>>612701437No, it jumped the shark.


>>612701570Since reddit started its purity spiral over the last couple years. This place is now full of smug low-t faggots from reddit who fit the stereotypical redditor profile but got sick of having to jump through hoops

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>>612701437Its good but imo changing the setting to bronze age was a mistake

>>612701437Very, the ending’s just rushed but it’s at least is a solid demonstration of the show’s strengths unlike Samurai Jack’s last episode where it was both rushed and barely even felt like a Samurai Jack episode.

>>612701437It pulled a samurai jack

>>612701437People(idiots) are upset they pulled a Conan, some civilizations are civilized, noooo help me Mitra

>we won't get to see Speara and the wonder twins since gendy want to do an anthology seriesJust one episode is all I ask

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>>612701162How is this? I got my hopes up at the end of season 1 hoping we'd see spear go full conan.

>>612701893god forbid we have a unique setting for once instead of viking wankery

>>612701830It went on a long hiatus and gave me closure later?

>>612702116Ilse of Siptah is really good, its a good game if you're into survival

>>612702159Aw did someone's mommy get rekt by vikings?

>>612700984That game has bullshit secrets>randomly hit the floor or this angle to spawn items

>>612701830>>612702223The first three episodes of season 5 were brilliant. Literally everything I could have wanted from the series coming backBut god damn the rest of the season just did not do it for me, especially that horrid fucking ending. Who thought it was a good idea to completely subvert the final confrontation between two characters that had been building up for a literal decade and instead make it all about a character that was introduced just few episodes ago? God damn

>>612701437It stumbled along the way, the ending was rushed, which is a particular thorny issue when you consider that one entire episode was completely unrelated to Spear and Fang.


>>612701437Season 1 is greatSeason 2 is hit or miss

>>612702343Literally did not ask for your hot take.I liked it, all that matters to me

Yes yes anons, we have had this discussion many times. But the truth is that primal theory was THE best episode of the season.

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>>612702116Not him but I enjoy it. They just added sorcery and a battle pass but I haven't had a chance to try it

>>612702489I still don't know if the french guy died

>>612702553He's french, we can only hope

>>612701625It took him being on his deathbed for Mira to put out.

>>612700947Joe & Mac

>>612702606But he was based and already tried to fight

>>612701391>no block buttonLmao

>>612702636With type 3 burns and broken bones. Must have been a wonderful experience.

>>612702669actually*pardon my sake

>>612701391it's above average doe

>>612701625>Red scored and the fucking dies>Spear scored on his deathbedThose witches were really cutting out the sex part just to have babies

I only saw snippets of this show but the one episode about the dino disease is amazing. First time in, shit maybe forever? that someone managed to make the concept of a "zombie" haunting,

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>>612701960So show is offically kill now?No S3 slide in between the burn sex and 15 years later?

Yeah I'm not even going to bother with Season 2. Season 1 was incredible and 2 could never be as good and Genndy doesn't know how to end a show to save his fucking life.

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>>612703190It's a good one

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>>612703256Season 3 onwards will be an anthology series. Think Primal Theory but different times and locations. It's happening after he finishes up his animated dog ball movie but he said if he gets enough push hell continue the daughters story

>>612703256He wants to do a S3, but it happens in another era

>>612703432>>612703449I can live with this I think.The speed of the last episode's conclusion gave vibes of 'studio has pulled the plug, quickly finish up before security kicks us out'.

>>612701437I liked season 2 for the most part, but like others on here have said: the ending was rushedyou know how in season 1 there would be a fight that would last a whole episode and had multiple ups and downs? in season 2 they build up a big threat for the whole season, and then they chose to give the actual fight LITERALLY only 5 minutes and the end of the final episodea big part of this is because Genndy fucking wasted an episode on a unrelated story, and I mean COMPLETELY unrelated, as in it is set in a different time period (maybe not even the same world), features none of the same characters, and is meant to be a "message" episode about a message WE ALREADY FUCKING UNDERSTOODhe did this because he wants to pitch an anthology show, but he completely fucked up the pacing for his current show in doing so

>>612701009It was still leagues better than Jack's ending though, let's be honest

Elden Ring

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Dark Souls 3

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>>612702489It didn't belong in this show and took precious time from the (rushed) finale. But holy shit, it was so well executed. 2/10 episode of Primal10/10 animated short

He could have had perfectly normal sex when they were having the goofy sun and moon dance play instead of weird third degree burn psuedo-herpes deathbed sex.

>>612702489I agree and I'm happy if Genndy wants to do an entire show where every episode is like this but finish your fucking caveman dinosaur story properly first.

>>612703190That episode made me clench my asscheeks at times. They really nailed it with the zombie dino.

>>612704162yeah, I don't hate the episode itself in a vacuum, but I hate that it took time away from the actual story and left us with a rushed ending to the main plot

The whole point was Mira saw his paintings and understood his deep sadness at being the last of his kind even when surrounded by other cultures and laid with him to give him children and bring him happiness because she felt he deserved it.How is it that hard for you fucking retards to understand?Anyway, Primal game when? The Samurai Jack one was based as fuck.

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>>612704445I miss spear :(

>woman comes into Jack's life>ruins it for him>woman comes into Spears life>ruins it for him he dies in a blazing hellfire to a Viking empowered by Surtur Is Genndy trying to tell us something?

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>>612704675Here's your ending bro.

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>>612704445Yeah but they could've given time to air that out before he got nice and crispy, thus leading to a similar bittersweet ending without the Joshua Graham sex scene mod.

>>612704675We all do user. We all do. But his legacy lives on and that's all a caveman could want.

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>>612704715Doing it after the burns was an odd choice. They could easily have implied they had done it during one of their many voyages together.


>>612704692But Fang saved it...

>>612704715This was so fucking awkward. It would have made more sense to bang before he turned into a Popeyes chicken sandwich. Imagine the crispy foreskin

>>612704875>>612704927It's meant to be a final good thing for him, letting him know that his line won't die with him.

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