>still pushing out Diablo >overwatch 2 is almost here >seems like WoW isn’t going anywhere What about StarCraft?

>still pushing out Diablo >overwatch 2 is almost here >seems like WoW isn’t going anywhere What about StarCraft?

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After SC2+expac do you really want Blizzard to make more SC games?

sc and sc2 will be on life support foreverstack in limbo while Asians are crawling all over it

What about Age of Empires II

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>>612700064No, I'm perfectly fine with replaying original and sequel+expacs forever, unironically.

>>612699985What about it? They both run now without any needing active support. If SC2 is lucky, it'll will be in its best state with Blizzard no longer making balance changes. If they have any sense they'll never touch them, but Blizzard doesn't have much of that nowadays.

>>612699985>Add a million unit variants in each campaign>never even try to test them in MPAt some point you wonder why they even came up with shit like mercenaries, evolution strains, or castes/factions...

>>612701063>At some point you wonder why they even came up with shit like mercenaries, evolution strains, or castes/factions...To have fun in singleplayer. Balancing tons of shit in multiplayer is a headache. The campaigns and other missions are the perfect place to bring back or add whatever they want since only that singleplayer balance doesn't need to be as tight.

>>612701231I would pay you an unreasonable amount of money just to get something new

>>612701471Be careful what you wish for

>>612699985Starcraft 2's still chugging along despite pozzard's attempts to kill itStill averaging 100K+ matches a day in 1v1s alone

>>612699985You cant sell this to consolecucks.

>>612701503Hey at least anything new wouldn't override the good old stuff right? hahaha...

>>612701578A comedian eh?

before ms bought them, they let most of the rts guys leave for frostgiant, who had a pretty lackluster revealat this point I'm expecting nothing until that game flops, then ms can buy frostgiant, reintegrate the staff and start working on 3

>>612701231fuck balancehave funput a fucking tavern in the middle with mercsmake it so protos are taldarim for a monthdo wacky shitmaybe then i would play multiplayer more fun then repeating the same strategy every single game because its meta

>>612701765If you want sidemodes sure, but doesn't the game already have a basic map editor that can handle everything you just said? What's actually stopping anyone from doing this right now, just like they did in Warcraft 3 and Brood War? None of that stuff was official Blizzard game modes or had official dev support.

>>612699985Sadly dead due to how SCII concluded...and the story was beyond shit. For it to have SCIII you'd need to retcon SCII into some VR simulation they stuck Jim and Artanis in.

>>612701942Just make "not Starcraft" starcraft.

>>612699985I don't have any laughing reaction images anymore but jej

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As someones who has never played Starcraft, is 1 or 2 better? Purely for campaign.


>>612699985they should move SC3 to consoles, remove the ATB autism and make controllers viable

>>612702290Starcraft 1 is a better all around experience. For Starcraft 2 though, Wings of Liberty, the first terran campaign, is excellent. And it's free. Oh and SC1 campaign is free as well now that I think about it. Play both.

>>612699985SC is done. I doubt they are going to make any more SC.The next big RTS is going to be Stormgate by ex Blizzard guys or IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre.

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>>612701724>they let most of the rts guys leave for frostgiantthat was like 5 people

>>612701231lol wut? The campaign units in Starcraft work pretty much exactly the same as they do in multiplayer

>>612699985This type of RTS is long dead.>>612700314Just as unpopular as SC2

>>612702415Protip: They all look like shit compared to what is expected from them and they will never make a dent because they don't have decades of industry clout and money.

>>612702498>Just as unpopular as SC2So extremely popular anywhere bar the continental United States. Gotcha.

>>612699985ASL R16 Light versus Rush in 90 minutes!

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>>612702415Stormgate's trailer is a dire sign. And I couldn't give less of a fuck about IMMORTAL, despite being "unique" I feel as if I've seen it a million times.

>>612702610imagine not being years behind just to watch tastosis

>>612702661>muh fat bloated e-celebsI enjoy the game, and it's 10x better live than in a replay. I keep losing patience in replays so I keep skipping ahead. Hell, I watch KCM replays rather than live and I just get match highlights. Live I can't skip anything. The only downside to StarCastTV is that they mute the Korean ads and the music which was a bit part of the charm. Each season they pick the chorus from some cheap American song and play it before matches. Also Scan isn't good at translating on the fly.

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>>612702572Delusional troon neck yourself.

>>612702910>doesn't keep up with the european AOE2 leaguesSAD

>>612702661Anon, they're literally fat washed up parasites. Artosis more or less 'quit' being a proper caster to just coast being a streamer in PEI of all places. He's only a few steps behind Nico Avacado in hamming it up and crying for views now. Tasteless MIGHT recover if he expands to Korean e-gaming and continues to host more of his own sponsored events at Core-A studios. Though I think it's silly that Afreeca didn't try to integrate either of them more into their streaming platform.

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>>612702325sc1 gameplay from strategic and balance point of view broodwar is 10x better than sc2, sadly game is outdated now, no smart casting, shit pathing, 12 unit limit etc make it very hard to get into

>>612702415>Stormgateliterally saints row vibes from the trailer, art design is disgusting, screaming we want that fortnite playerbase.

>>612703008>sadly game is outdated now, no smart casting, shit pathing, 12 unit limit etc make it very hard to get intoWhich is exactly why it's so high skill ceiling. Only about 250 people in the entire world (mostly based in Korea) currently can play the game at that high level. You have to fight the interface to play the game faster and juggle endless events.

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>>612703152I want to kill myself anytime I see a ZvZ

>>612703008its frustrating to play waiting a single goon to go up the ramp is a messtrying to path 2 control groups of them is just stupid

>>6127022901 is pretty dated, like there was a n64 port at the time2 is a lot easier to pick up>>612702448the ones that made it to mp, yesyou had massively OP stuff like this or blings that can jump cliffs in campaign that would make mp impossible

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>>612702290SC2 and it's not even close. SC1 is incredibly dated and outside of the story the campaign really isn't anything to write home about.

>>612703310I could never, ever, ever, handle being a Zerg. The complexity is just too much. I like my big gun siege tanks thank you very much.

>>612702967>in PEI of all placeshis wife is from there and it's cheap housingalso close to his family in NH>Tasteless MIGHT recoverhe'll be fine, he'll just be calling another game that devs are pumping money into for events

>>612702290They're both great in different ways so you'll have to figure out your own preference. You can play SC1 for free (without remaster) and I think SC2's first campaign is free as well.

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"Tastosis" is pretty much dead and I think even they are in denial about this. Oh yeah, casting 2 week old games in your living room, totally the same as doing it live in studio right?

>>612703315game balance is built around all those quirks they cant change it even if they wanted, if they added smart casting, unlimited unit selection, multiple building selection, better pathfinding game would become unbalanced as fuck

>>612703542did you play mp? what level?I found I could play zerg at the platinum level with only 100apm, mostly against 200apm opponents just from f2 and having all my hatcheries be cmd group 1easy keyboarding

>>612703765wrongs SC user

>>612703725>>612703315Yes, exactly. On Paper Goons are the best all around units in the game. Their pathing actually ends up balancing them. If you were to "fix" SC1 and bring it to the SC2 standards, then you would just have your death balls of dragoons running around and nothing could stop you. >>612703607PEI is a rich people place. I know his idiot wife comes from there, but Artosis is going for the McMansion lifestyle after living in Korea for 14 years. I can read him like an open book.

>>612703725i dont buy itif that were the true then tricks like puting an overlord into a muta cg to improve their pathfinding wouldn't be a thingbesides we are talking about campaigns

>>612703621covid killed studios alreadyartosis choose a familytasteless choose sojubigger question is what happens in 10 years when tasteless is 50only other casters who got that old were totalbiscuit and redeye?

>>612699985They had a Starcraft Battlefield being made last decade but cancelled it in favor of OW2New RTS games never ever probably

>>612703969Totalbiscuit was like early 30s when he died

>>612703969>covid killed studios alreadyStudios and live audiences are back baby. Core-A studio is up and Afreeca's studio is up too. >bigger question is what happens in 10 years when tasteless is 50This is what I would suggest. Just accept that his partner Artosis is gone, and then to branch out. Team up with Core-A studios and Scan's StarCastTV. Have a bunch of "Tasteless lan parties" at regular intervals. Then also bring in fighting games and retro-fighting games. Start with Tekken and KoF since that has a scene in Korea. Just keep expanding and cover more games and have your own little "show" on twitch. If he diversifies enough he won't have to rely upon just SC:BW or SC2. SC2's competitive scene in Korea is supposedly ending after this last season too I hear.

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>>612704054>Totalbiscuit was like early 30s when he diedJesus fucking christ. No wonder he died. Guy looked 56. >dies at 3333?! I'm 37 and this guy could pass for my dad.

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>>612703851it's a mix of rich people coming for a couple months in the summer and poor people that stick around year round for the 10 feet of snow and 6 month winterit's one of the few places in canada with more houses than jobs so it's still pretty affordable with access to outside incomealso close to his family stateside>>612704054same age as incontrol

>>612702448give me back reapers that melt buildings

>>612704251Br*tish genes + horrible diet. There's a video of one of his podcast friends going through his fridge and it was like half filled with mountain dew.

>>612703969>artosis choose a familycucks gonna cuck>tasteless choose sojuit's pretty fucking obvious he's been on the brink of debilitating alcoholism for a decade now and has burned a lot of bridges along the way

>>612704405>it's pretty fucking obvious he's been on the brink of debilitating alcoholism for a decade now and has burned a lot of bridges along the wayI mean, we've been half joking about it. The only time he talks about his "life" and it sounds pathetic. Talking about drinking whisky in his underwear watching speedrun streams? Yikes. He was a big party hard drinker in his 20's and that naturally turns into alcoholism if you don't check against that. Also other drugs are very restricted in Korea, but booze is widely availalbe thus if you want to party you get drunk. Ironically, something like pot or pills would have been healthier for his body.

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the rts genre is dead

>>612702290yes 1 is better in every aspect. SC 2 is absolute garabege story wise. It has 1 cool trailer and thats it. It gets only worse and worse and becomes wow inbetween. It's so cringe and garbage it's unbelievable. It also retcons tons of stuff. Fuck blizzard man

>>612704557Not sure why I even posted that. I lost my best friend to the soju too I guess.

>>612704405Artosis comes off as a very whiny bitchy nerd, which is to be expected with that personality type, and they've likely long disliked each other. They continue working together as a "business" partnership, but it's just that. Artosis has made some snide passive aggressive comments about Tasteless' career eventually dying as well.

>>612704797Like, specifically soju? Don't they have actual booze in Korea?

>>612704872Yeah soju. You can down bottles of that stuff without blinking and it really gets you in the long term. I mean, fuck, you go out binge drinking for hours and then you go to a morning restaurant/bar and keep drinking just to keep the hangover away for a few more hours.