What happened to blizzard?

what happened to blizzard?

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>>612699536Why would working at a game company be your dream job if you don't like games?

Same thing that happened with the entire western gaming industry for the last 8 years or so

>forced smiletells me everything

>>612699589>marketing specialist

Big boobs

>>612699536kekjej, even

>>612699536Same thing that happened to every other big business, hiring underqualified women made more money than hiring qualified men.

>ZERO connectionsWeird cause I can see her connections right there on the pic

>>612699536They miliking WoW and outsource every other game.Like any big corpo you love.

Goldsmith huh?

((Goldsmith))wow wonder how that happened

>>612699589she loves their games. she doesn't have game DEVELOPMENT experience.

>>612699536>company has been selling soulless "products" for more than a decade>why are they hiring a soulless "marketing specialist"?Are you legally retarded?

>>612699536>jew with big titsA mystery for the ages.

These people fall upwards, it's almost funny.


>>612699536well shes a marketer, that doesnt require gaming knowledge

>>612699536Blizzard only hires locally. Since their office is literally in an area with insanely high house prices, they hire spoiled rich kids. You better believe those rich kids have no fucking clue what they are doing.In terms of social justice, seeing that picture of Blizzard and its employees was enraging. Pretending to be "woke" without even hiring many Asians.

>>612699776>zero gaming experience reads like she never played a game


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>>612699776Why the fuck a marketeer (probably in charge of twitter and whatnot) needs dev experience?

>>612699970>asiansYou only get woke points for hiring brown people, didn't you know?

hearthstone is so bad right nowglad i stopped

>>612699536the image is the explanation right? kek

>>612699970seethe chang lmao

>>612699536big brown nipples

>>612699536I can think of two decent sized reasons why

>>612700398grossbrown nipples is what cured my yellow fever


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>>612700804yeah she looks like a ww1 vetjesus

>>612699536Her 2 big assets and her mouth

>>612699536Why ? If you have no interest in it why even work there ?

>>612699536> now i can tell white people what games to play> and make them less problematicshe was hired as she has a lifetime's experience of hating white people at a cellular level

Why do you need misleading propaganda threads to hate on blizzard when there's so many legitimate reasons to hate on blizzard?

>>612701458>misleading propaganda>Goldsmith

C'mon guysif you were the hiring managerwouldn't you?wouldn't you?I wouldfuck yeah I would

>>612699536>Talent Marketing Specialistliterally nothing.

>>612701565And risk my life as well as career? It's a ticking rape time bomb.


>>612699589the game company is big and popularshe is a woman

>>612699536while males need absolute bare minimum 1 year of experience with portfolio, fuck this world i hope they will go bankrupt

>Goldsmith>Khazar Milkers >Destroying entertainment

>>612699536Khazar milkers win every time.

>>612701647This is why everyone but you has sex, dude. You're too afraid of le sexual harassment boogeymanThe people that don't care? Score.How many people do you PERSONALLY know have been successfully prosecuted for sexual harassment? Zero.>b-b-but what about this news article?Designed to keep you in the cuckshed. Grow some balls and grasp the ring.

If you have 0 gaming experience why is your dream job blizzard?

>>612701038veteran of thousand cocks without preganacy

>>612699589I unironically don't play modern video games because they're all soulless, poorly developed, unstimulating waste of time, and actually work as an Environment Artist

>>612699536Jewish goblin phenotype.


>>612699536i want to impregnate her and destroy white race

>>612699589room temperature iq

based ActiBlizzard haven't changed their ways. Hired these Khazar Milkers to grope them down the line.

>>612699536>GoldsmithI swear, kikes name themselves like they are written by Hideo Kojima. I’m just waiting to see Schlomo Bigmoneybagstein, or Heimrick Usuryman.

>>612699536Why would you brag about something like this on social media? Wouldn't this just invite people to speculate or accuse Blizzard of sketchy hiring practices?If I got a good job without any experience in the line of work, I'd shut the fuck up about it and enjoy my easy paychecks. I wouldn't brag about getting in easy on social media.

i hate simps 1000x than i hate women and i hate women a LOT.i genuinely live to see the day real men pile up the skulls of simps higher than houses.i now understand why genghis khan used to genocide entire nations men and take their women as property.

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>>612699672My boss gave me this shit title. It's absolutely meaningless. The amount of marketing I do I can count on one hand. I'm more of a data entry monkey and I wish I could fucking switch to a different job, but I was unemployed for years. Why did the fuck did I go the artfag route, fuck my life, i'm trapped.

>>612701918I believe last names were based on their ancestors occupation. Goldstein translates to goldsmith maybe

What makes people think this is somewhat okay?>Yeah i have no experience>I know shit about games or programming>But i will make your favorite games now>Be happy about itThis is only happening in the gaming industry. Imagine the same in other fields>yeah, i suck donkey dick at football but i am your new goalkeeper and i am here to stay>yeah, i can't cook for shit but i am now the new chef of cuisine - celebrate me>yeah, i never built anything myself but i am now in charge of the new skyscraper project - just trust me broAlso: How is this your dream job if you don't even play games

>>612701763Kys roastie. These days a whore will rat you out to HR just for looking at her funny.

>>612701968She only bothered to get a job so that she could talk about it on social media. These things don’t consider something to be real or a part of their identity unless they broadcast it to the entire world.

>>612701968because women, especially American ones

>>612701984>This is only happening in the gaming industry. Imagine the same in other fieldsNot true.Also, football players, cooks and construction workers are not funded by BlackRock.

>>612702061>doesn't know what "roastie" means>uses it anywayHow many levels of Retard are you operating on?And how many people do you know have been successfully sued for sexual harassment? Is it more than zero? No. So why the fuck are you scared so shitless over it? Are you really that fucking brainwashed?

>>612702115She probably makes 80k dude

>>612702183>Is it more than zero?Yes


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>Okay Arin, I won't lie to you, you're severely underqualified for this job. To be frank, I don't even know how you got an interview. With that said, I'm willing to give you a shot. There's two things I need to see...

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>>612699536>Talent Marketing SpecialistI mean, she got hired at Blizzard at least. Congrats, I think.

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>>612702183Once again, only a roastie could be so out of touch with modern workplace reality. Every other man who's ever worked with women will disagree with you. Please stop putting the burden of you not being hit on because you're a blown out roastie unto us.

Life must be easy if you have big tits

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>>612701984This is what happens with the death of meritocracy, and it isn't going to be contained to the entertainment industry. Take a look at Boeing.

>>612699536>khazar milkers

>>612702304So what are we dealing with here. Large C?

>>612699536Is this what it felt like the be a woman back in the 60s? Getting passed up on jobs because some bitch has massive knockers and the company has to fill quotas? Feels not so good man

>>612702278>Y-yes!>I'm sure at least someone I know falls into that categorylol what a clown

i don't think goldsmith is a jewish name

>>612702441The only thing she had to show was her family tree

>>612699536>marketing specialistIs her the one telling them to put fags everywhere?

>>612702614Assuming the bra is not padded, those are bigger than Cs. DD probably.

>>612702650Shes a Jew they change their name up a little bit to look white

>>612702586Only a estrogen-rich manlet would be so fearful of something that doesn't actually happen. People are fucking and dating and marrying all around you, and no one you know is getting sued over sexual harassment, but STILL you cuck yourself. That is the sort of risk-avoidant behavior that proves you to be the beta male cuck.Fewer than 2,000 sexual harassment suits are successfully filed per year. That's fucking nothing, dude.

>>612699536>"How I sucked and fucked my way up the ladder"

>What happened to Blizzard?

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>>612701984Your experience or enjoyment of the related job topic means shit if the other person is simply better at the job functions. It’s easier and takes less time/money to teach a person information about products than to make them better at the actual job activities.

>>612702870>what? don't want to molest and harass chicks at work?>lol what a pussy cuckYou've got some issues, user

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>>612699589Do you think support staff are nonexistent in a given job industry?

>>612702870>just be yourself dude, trust me>dude just go for it, stop being a pussy>take your chances, stop being a cuck>only a beta wouldn't take that risk>p...please...someone please chase me, where are the good risk taking men, please, i'm 29, i just want to be chased again

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I never found a smart woman. With smart I mean the soul, the spark, the feel that I'm talking to an unique being. They can be great biocalculators, they can do operations and their homeworks, but in a souless way. When a woman talk at some point you start to feel that her ideas are always raw, superficial, and probabily heavily influenced by something she just saw five minutes before. Everytime you talk to a woman at some point you have to just start to nod even if she say stupid shit because she already reached the limit of her mind and there is no point in argue. Men often are retarded but can be creative, women are always retarded and just simpletons. Womenfree internet was fun even if degenerate, women in internet bitch all day and/or just use the net to be desired sluts. Women can reach every position, from working in a game company to be an head of state, but they will always be stupid simpletons without soul. Who interacted with women for good and is honest will understand what I'm trying to say and can simply just agree.

i am not reading this whole thread.tell me, is this trans on OP's pic?i just know blizzard too god nowadays.

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>>612703378If you don't know what "roastie" means, why are you posting it?

>>612702643This is how it feels to me. Red flag in school was when an FBI recruiter came in and the opening statement she made in her presentation was having too many white people. Should've walked out then and there.

>>612701968She's a marketing specialist. She just needs high charisma and ability to multitask to sell shit. Long as she reads up on the products and doesn't stare at her feet when she talks then she is in. Don't know why people are arguing for her to have company connections and the working industry experience before you left college loop.But if makes you feel better, she'll hate her life soon enough and regret her choices for joining the shity gaming industry.


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>>612702870>successfully filedData misrepresentation is a hell of a drug

>>612703187>flirting is molestation and harassmentGenetic dead end. Self-selected Failure. Casualty in the psychic war.

>>6127036826000 are filed, 4000 are thrown out, 2000 are found to have merit.Show the fuckery with numbers or shove this post up your cucked ass.

>>612703692When it starts affecting productivity it's a fuckin' problem. Flirting is only really a problem when you can't take a hint.

>>612703649It has nothing to do with the specific line of work. If someone was the son of a CEO and bragged on social media about getting a job at his dad's company without even having any relevant work experience whatsoever, you can be sure it would invite people to suspect nepotism. My point is that this isn't the kind of shit you should be bragging about publicly ever. These people are just asking for trouble.

>>612703562Concession accepted.

>>612699776Looks to me like she's got lots of experience with DEVELOPMENT hehe


>>612703761>Ignores the tenfold amount of cases the dude is fired on the spot without a lawsuit being filed.>Ignores the other cases the dude is reprimanded or demoted.Dumb cunt.

>>612703848Concession to what? That you're a retard?You think women come to Holla Forums to tell genetic failures to hit on more women? What fucking angle would that be?You've got some fucked up defensive mechanisms, bro.

>talent marketing specialistAre... Are people really surprised some random roastie has a low level HR position?

>>612703965>wh-what about --Shiiiieeeeet I suppose you should post those numbers then. It should be easy. You don't just make up numbers like a desperate faggot attempting to justify his cowardice, do you? That would be really fucking pathetic.

>>612703848i don't even have to read whatever your argument is to realize you're the retard

>>612703692Good thing nobody in this reply chain except for you was referring to flirting. Not only you're autistic but massively insecure, user. Read the room.

>>612699536>''zero connections''>''Goldsmith''

>>612704146What do you think they were referring to? RAPE???

>>612699536nice tits

>>612703649Because as a man she wouldn't be given a shortcut over the nepotism gate.

>>612704056>excuse me, it doesn't matter that nearly everyone can cite personal experiences that disagree with my retarded premise, I'm gonna need to see some SOOOOOOOORCE or you are wrong, heheGo back. Also>>612703972>>612704067Stop samefagging at me, it's pathetic at this point.

>>612701979Stein is obviously 'stone' in German, and I don't even know any German.

>>612704213Like I said, read the room, nigga.>C'mon guys>if you were the hiring manager>wouldn't you?>wouldn't you?>I would>fuck yeah I would

>>612699589Wow just like Holla Forums