Oi, big guy

oi, big guy

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>>612698317hey cutie you want a quickie?

needs cybernetic correction




>>612698317:sob: :sob: :sob:

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She fucks homeless people for free.

I like this show and all but you Beccafags are really trying my patience

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>>612698530ThisStop posting Becca for 5 minutes so I can stop feeling my fucking oats

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>>612698317Too bad you can't play as a robololi in the game.

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>>612699040>looks 14 years old>loli

>>612698530>>612698654>think Maine was the best character besides David himself>nobody draws art of himpain. All anyone makes art of are Becca and Lucy because they get off to them. I want art of insane Maine and David.

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>>612699190Is Maine's design based on the man himself?

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>>612698317Is she going to revive in S2?

>>612699040Dont worry they gonna add 2 DLC and 60 skins about her later.Anything but creating games.

>>612698467>You look like a meatable fuck of cutWhat did he mean by this?

>Adam Smasher>Smash HerWooow


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>>612699190>think Maine was the best character besides David himselfMaine was a great character in the show. Dorio was also great. Thing is i like all the characters they created.

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>>612699580is she dead dead or is it one of those things where she somehow gets revived later in the seriesim not watching it

Video games?

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>>612699868this is from the last episode

>Polish got saved by a robotic loliWhat's next for CDPR?

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>>612699868Smasher kills both her and MC

>>612699884Cyberpunk 2077. 50% off on Steam right now.

>>612699868No, she's goneLanded on by a walking tank man while protecting her crush's girlfriend who caused all the problems

>election redditors getting TRIGGERED by loliPOTTERY

>>612699956highest budget lolige known to mankind

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>>612699868her brains are literally splattered across the ground what do you think, they're just gonna scoop em up and put it back in?

>>612698445why has online pedo culture become to cringe after twitter?


I dont know how people can go back to Cyberpunk after the anime.Seeing how stylish the show is makes the game look even more soulless than it already is.

>>612700263She's fine. Keanu chungus is going to recompose it. Trust the plan.

>>612700552>why is pedo culture cringe?

>>612700263idk maybe its some bs where she has some microchip and gets put into another body or whatever

>>612700641Soulkilling has to happen while the brains are still mostly inside the body.

>>612700580Thats what realism do to things. The game is more colorfoul at night.

>>612700580Hopefully it's a bit of a wakeup call to the industry. But probably not.

>>612700758No. Not even that. The show has actually varied body types and looks for their characters. Returning to Cyberpunk just makes it obvious that outside of Smasher and the shrunken down adult children, most NPCs are woefully the same. Both in height and even relative body type.And don't even get me started on the complete lack of chill SoL the game has because it shot straight into Keanu wankery meanwhile all our potential scenes with Jackie were fuckig montages.

>>612699868Dead dead. Mercs who don't hit the big leagues in the Cyberpunk universe are not known for having lengthy lifespans.

Fuck the whole Loli debate. Frank Horrigan vs Adam Smasher, who wins?

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>>612701170Adam Smasher. Easily.

>>612701170The batter

>>612701170Honestly the anime Jack's up the power levels so much it isn't even funny. In the game Snasher is just a big roided up robo fuck but the anime has constant *teleports behind u* bullshit. Horrigan mops the floor with game/lore smasher but dies to anime Smasher.

>>612701472>Jack's upfucking idiot

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>>612701170My money's on Smasher anyday, but it wouldn't be a pushover. Horrigan is canonically fucking fast with his insane amounts of AP, that's hard to convey in srpg combat.

>>612701573I'm phone posting, forgive me.

Man imagine if the game was able to actually set up a good antagonist. Instead of being this metaphysical abstract bullshit about souls, Keanu, and corps that barely matter until the final act.

>>612701573Put my fucking up down boyo or you're asking for a fisting.

>>612701656sorry, my bad, don't want no trouble, man

>>612701170There's no fucking way Adam Smasher can tank Fallout plasma weapons.

>>612701472Smasher in lore tanks a fucking nuke.

>Whatcha uohing about, choom?

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>>612701653the actual smasher boss fight is pathetic lmao

>>612701170Depends on which media I'm reading, like literally every Vs. ever made. Superman is faster than flash when you're reading superman, the flash is faster when you're reading flash. Victory is written by the historiographer.

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>>612699190I like Maine looked like a 90s OVA character. Cyber City Oedo etc.

>>612701737Talking about Arasaka after Johnny? I always figured he was just close and not at ground zero by the time it went off. Did he really fucking no sell it completely?

>>612699106Isn’t that how it works? People has been throwing out loli for everything and shit gets confusing.

>>612698467What was this guy's name again?

>>612698530I would kiss David on the cheek and giggle just a little bit, as a joke you know.


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bootleg harley



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>>612701170>retarded FEV mutant in power armor versus a pure combat cyborg with advanced targeting software and rad shieldingIf Frank couldn't handle the Chosen One, then what hope does he have against Adam?

>>612701170Frank is just a mutie in some armor.

>>612702402Smasher couldn't handle V, a junkie with second-hand streetwear and schizophrenia. They both jobbed in the end.

>>612702402To be fair I think that says more about the Chosen One than Frank.

>>612702030A loli shouldn't have thighs that thick

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>>612700619wanting to sniff panties is hilarious and relatable. but nobody in to this would actually say uooh out loud or start bawling in the context that its used.

>>612702083>>612702380She's a Mox. She'd just view them as clientele.

>>612702086harley is a cunt. rebecca is extremely wholesome and kind

>>612701170the problem is that both smasher and frank lose to MC's who are canonically "just dudes"video games were a mistake

>>612701829>David you're fucking adorableGod fucking dammit why didn't David take the hint?

>>612702692>canonically "just dudes"Absolutely not true of V or the Chosen One.

>>612701653The metaphysical stuff is what makes the story good, retard.

>>612702086>harleybootleg tank girl

>>612699190>All anyone makes art of are Becca and Lucy because they get off to them.>Because they get off to themIf you think that's the only reason people draw Becca, you're insane. She's a character that's full of personality with a fun design, artists love to draw that shit.

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>>612702764yes they fucking are

I hope they'll serve some delicious pancakes if there will ever be a theme restaurant.

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>>612702975They sincerely are not. Maybe early game but when the Chosen One can slot Enclave dudes in APA without issue and V can just slap around augmented corpo soldiers like they're nothing they are NOT normal.

>>612702692>>612702764i feel like in fallout it makes sense for the chosen one to kill frank horrigan because one of the themes in west coast fallout are wrapped in post-apocalyptic tribal folklore and religion. the tribals you start the game with regard the original vault dweller as a mythological figure, like odysseus or david from david & goliath. it also plays into the idea of canon in the games, since no one in the setting knows how exactly the chosen one beat frank horrigan, or how the vault dweller beat master, just that they did. or maybe they didn't, but everyone thinks they did. as described before, it's essentially folklore in the settingin cyberpunk it makes less sense because the V is canonically just a random asshole making ends meet, him mundanely killing adam smasher just feels anti-climactic and stupid in the setting

>>612698317>oi, big guy

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>>612703101It's hard to call it folklore when it's happening right in front of the player. Both of them are nonsensical and top examples of egregious jobbing so the player feels cool.

>>612702975V had his brain replaced by Johnny and that is allows him to bypass cyberpschyosis and become the most chromed up dude by the end of the game.

>>612702946lucky choom

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>>612703095but thats the thing, their achievements do not preclude them from being regular humans at the end of the day. yes they are awfully competent, but their is nothing innately special "lore-wise" about them

>>612703224no, you are wrong

>>612702030>>612702485how the fuck is this a loli? is this some out of touch viral marketing attempt?

>>612701737He survives it but he was not at ground zero. The mechanics of a nuclear explosion don't allow anything of his size to ''facetank''. You need a lot of mass to shield from the initial release of radiation. Not even counting the heat that will be generated and the blast.

>>612703702It's not. People are retarded. She's literally just a very short woman.

>>612703702Twitter artists that want to jump on the latest fotm but don't want to be called pedos.

>>612702946>charm level 100

>>612698467how does he fuck tho?

>>612703702>>612703757how is this not a loli?

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Will they realize that the game would've been far more well accepted if they had attractive girl sin it?

>>612703791He has a Gemini he switches to.>inb4 what is a GeminiGoogle it up.

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>>612703827How the fuck is it a loli? She's even got tits. She's probably in her fucking 20s, she's just short.

>>612703101>him mundanely killing adam smasher just feels anti-climactic and stupid in the setting>completely ignoring everything V does from the start of the game to the endAre you autistic? V is not just some "normal" guy by the time you actually get to fight Smasher. Same with the Chosen One. The entire plot of the game leading up to the final boss explains why the PC is a legendary fighter.

>>612703827looks like a teenager.

>>612703852Panam is super hot, so is Judy, so is Rogue, so is the Clouds girs etc. There are plenty attractive women in cyberpunk.

>>612703872That defense won't work in court user

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>>612703957?? The fuck am I in court for? She's not even remotely child-coded. I hate pedos as much as the next guy, but you faggots are just being retarded with this character.

>>612703940>so is Rogueis that the tranny?

>>612703940>Panam is super hot, so is Judy, so is Rogue, 2 ugly old hags and a problem hair lesbian spic

>>612704059Rogue is the gilf.

>>612704059its the granny

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>>612699956Saving GOG with the same formula

>>612703940you forgot the militech milf, meredith stout

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>>612704207I did not forget her. I was just keeping her to myself.


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what's the explanation for male V never getting a chance to have sex with a single cute female in the entire game?

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>>612704120>grannyshe's a certified GILF you gonk

I haven't played the game. Can I still watch this show?

I forget. Is there an ending in CP2077 yet where V survives? The anime inspired me to try the game, but not gonna bother if there isn't.Can't handle two bad endings in one franchise

>>612704078GAAAAYYY with a capital G

>>612704329Pam is fine. And the prostitute is okayish.

>>612702746He's 16, at that age guys only think aboit older women with big tits (Lucy). Had he been older he would have hit that

>>612704383>Pam is fineshe's like 45 yo

>>612701170Who could beat Adam Smasher?Hardmode: in a close fight, no wiping the floor cuz thats no fun

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>>612704078>2 ugly old hagsIsn't Panam 26 ?

>>612700641>Season 2>scene of what actually happened>Smasher landing onto the loli>right before the fall, he activates sandevistan>plugs a cord in loli's port>downloads her brain>unplugs>deactivates sandevistan>stomps loli to the ground>Arasaka now has loli's brain and fashioned her a new body but something something she's not aware and something something Arasaka uses her to get to LucyYes, it's how it's gonna go.

>>612700552Had their brain destroyed by a single tweet and can't let it go

>>612704346Arguably the one where you go with Panam, it's implied he just keeps taking meds and somehow things are okay.

>>612703940All ugly brown or hags. The random blue-haired prostitute in the game looks better than any of the main love interests. The anime makes me wish the game wasn't trash.

>>612699106>splitting hairs because you need to flex how you are the biggest pedo aroundI'll never understand why this Holla Forums tier troll took off so hard.

>>612704529Now I don't believe that for a second because there are plenty of other ways Arasaka could get to Lucy without making that far of a narrative reach, buuuut just to top off your copium reserves, it is interesting how there's a small pause in each shot right before Smasher smashes Becca

>>612704335and what do you think the G in GILF stand for, deckhead?

>>612698317she's ugly.

>>612704171Where’s my Dohna Dohna you slavic subhumans?

>>612704346there is an ending for every mood but the "bad" ending is kino as fuck

>>612704759Don't care, the ending in Edgerunners is also kino as fuck but I want one where the MC actually gets some fuckin wins for once.

>>612704759the bad ending is V being a vegetable, hows that kino

>>612704898suffering is kino


>>612704898I thought the worst ending was the an hero one.

>>612704638it's actually normalfag deflection. The most popular Edgerunners character is a loli. How do we make this inconvenience go away if we don't like loli? Start splitting hairs over it. You'll notice this kind of kvetching never came up when it was about 3000 year old vampires, when it was about lolibaba, or almost adult Konata.