Regardless of what you think of Cyberpunk, the anime was a brilliant move by CDPR

Regardless of what you think of Cyberpunk, the anime was a brilliant move by CDPR.

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Regardless of Pondsmith's Cyberpunk l, at this point there's no way this doesn't spark an interest for anime of the genre.

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I am not watching Arcane.I am not watching Cyberpunk.

Still not watching your tranny Nigger anime.

>>612698064>Fake animeThe california suits and their cocksucking faggot defenders should be lynched on the streets.

>>612700175>Trigger>fake animeDilate

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>>612699872Based, anime is not a bandaid for your dogshit game or your sexual misconduct in the workplace

Not videogames

>people are retardedMore news at 11

>>612698064Anime is unironically for women & troons

>>612700452dont forget pedos

>I really want to stay at your house>Major Crimes>Delicate Weapon>Hole in the Sun>Pon Pon Shit>Off The LeashThis is THE radio

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>>612698064i will buy it once it drops to 10$, like any other generic openworld game.

>>612698064This is like when they rereleased Morbius only for it to flop again.

So, get awayAnother way to feel what you didn't want yourself to knowAnd let yourself goYou know you didn't lose your self-controlLet's start at the rainbow

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>>612700292Arcane isn't anime, it was made by frenchies.

>>612700959>Top sales surpassing Call of Duty MW2>Massive hype by all metric around the expansion>People already talking of No Man's Sky 2Cmon now


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>>612701054Come back in a week when 80% of that is refunded just like the release lmao

>>612699872I literally watched both in the last two days. Am I normalfag brainwashed?

>>612698064The only question I have is why the fuck did it come out so late? I'm still going to watch it, but fuck no I'm not playing the game.


>>612698064>Nothing to do 50% off>Nothing to do with the new updates>It's all because of the anime, goyim

>>612698064>Sea Donghua >anime

>>612700175>Fake anime>Anime means Japanese cartoon>Trigger is based in JapanSchizo hours.

>>612701516>>612701567obviously they are making another push to market the game with the new patches and anime and DLC announcement, but I think the overwhelming reception of the anime was unexpected. I had low expectations for it but in retrospect the story/themes and city itself were the high points of the game, so translating those into an anime makes sense

>>612701876Personally I was waiting for it just because I like Trigger's stuff, but it's weird to see the anime to get so much praise after the game got absolutely shat on.

>>612700979>>612701283That let's start at the rainbow line kills me everytime. Made me realize there never was a rainbow in my current relationship, seriously thinking of dumping my gf and waiting to really fall in love. I want a woman to make me feel like David feels whenever Lucy's around.

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>>612701478No, you are just not an NPC who judges things according to consensus of a bunch of Internet contrarians.That said Arcane killed off Silco, so I have absolutely no expectations for it to be good now that all is left will be game characters with plot armor and Jinx's forbidden love story with the nigger mary sue that acts like how a Californian thinks black people act

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>>612700979Jesus, god tier song.Glad they know to use this song.

The moral of the story is, Trigger Studios can sell anything

>>612699872>not watching ArcaneYou niggers do know that normies like good things too, right? Broken clocks, twice a day and all that.

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>>612698064>animeI hate normalhomosexuals so much

>>612702091Not everything, but when it hits, it hits.

>>612702117You will not be able to convince me to watch gayshit, frenchie.

>>612701956Think about it, talk it out first if you can and always follow your heart wherever that brings you, user.

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short shows suit trigger best. give them a second half and they ruin it

>>612702117I didn't watch it because of the lesbians.Today I put on (pirated) Nope and stopped watching because the nigger is revealed to be a lesbian 10 minutes in.I went and put on edge of tomorrow instead.Same thing happened with everything everywhere all at once, stopped watching 5 minutes in due the obligatory faggotry.I don't give a single fuck how "good" it is supposed to be, I'm not watching if it has fags in it, simple as.

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>>612700175What's real anime then? Your fuckin' slice of life moeblob bullshit?

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>>612701956>RelationshitterGet out.

>>612701956>dumping chick you already fucked several times and should be married with already because it's not like an anime relationship

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>>612700979>I'm gonna do it, mom. Right to the top of Arasaka tower

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>>612702421So what's your excuse for not watching Cyberpunk where the only relationships are straight ones, nigger?

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>>612702612this desuthe only thing more pathetic than all the women sold on the idea that Disney "love" is real, is grown fucking men thinking anime "love" is real.Go ask your parents. Go ask everyone's fucking parents just how much of a struggle relationships are.On top of that, she mattered to him so little that he literally just turned himself into Maine, guaranteeing she'd lose him horrible if they stayed together, which they foolishly did.

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>>612700979>Song about couples having to put up with each other's bullshit until they try to break up>Turns out they can't stay away from each other and Fucking beautiful

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>>612702813>On top of that, she mattered to him so little that he literally just turned himself into Maine, guaranteeing she'd lose him horrible if they stayed togetherYou missed the point of David's choice. He did the exact same thing his mother did to get him a better education. He sacrificed his own well being for someone else, so they had a chance to escape that hellhole.

>>612698064>the anime was a brilliant move by CDPRIt was a brilliant move by TRIGGER not CDPTrannyTHE LOLI FUCKING STAYS

>>612702930Then he learned nothing from his grief and survivor's guilt.

>>612702612If he says there was never much love he better seriously consider that.I was stuck for almost a year in a shitty one sided relationship trying to cope with it and make it work before I had to break up. Got more attention the week after than the whole 2 months before.A relationship is not just about sex.

>>612703048The point of Cyberpunk as a genre is that nothing changes, it's an endless loop of misery. And whenever someone does come to a realization that what they're doing is wrong or destructive, it's always too late to correct the course.

>>612703048>17 year old with god complex didn't learn anythingwow, what a shocker

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>>612698064God I hate everything so fucking much I wish Putin wasn't such a faggot and just let the nukes fly already.

>>612702813>Go ask everyone's fucking parents just how much of a struggle relationships are.That's unironically why love is real

>>612698064>shilling netflix tranime heredid you get run out of /a/ again you paid mongrels?

>>612702930Ultimately cyberpunk is a cautionary tale about sacrificing real relationships for materialistic reasons. David would've loved to have his mom, you know, be alive and all while Lucy would only have wanted to be with David, rich or not.

>>612703228Yeah, but the point of the material chase is that people are terrified of stepping out of their own door and being killed. Maybe not on the surface, but deep down there's a paranoia among the entire population of Night City, a place that makes modern day Detroit look like a peaceful paradise. The chase for money is a desperate swim to the top, desperate to not drown.

>>612703228>Cautionary tale>Fanbase is made up of men with zero relationshipsWhat were they even thinking?

>>612703228Cyberpunk in general is about an hyper capitalistic society driven by consumerism and profit where people replace their idealistic dreams and passions with materialistic ones

if rebecca is a mox, what kind of bds do you think rebecca stars in

>>612700979>Sorry, we can't go to the moon together

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I'm surprised so much people are watching it, Trigger is popular but never a guarantee of success, and I thought that there wasn't much interest in Cyberpunk's world and story.

>>612703931Forgive me for lettin' you down.

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>>612704046There's tons of interest in a well done cyberpunk anything. Remember the hype for the initial reveal trailer of 2077?The simple reality is CP2077 was born too early, and the project was too ambitious. Developing for Xbox One and PS4 hurt the game to a devastating degree, along with the constant schizophrenic mid-dev changes. Involving Keanu lead to massive rewrites of the story just to justify his inclusion.

>>612699872>my diet is 100% goyfeedk

>>612700705He already said troons.

>>612701969Well the script was written by Californians.

How does cyberpsychosis work? Brain rejecting the input/feedback and creating a disjointed dream world to cope? Nerves being fried from input/feedback overload?

>try hard mode>as expected its just enemies have more hp, damage resist and deal more damage and i have less hp and resistance

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npcs now love video games and anime lol

>>612702421I respect that and you do good to warn others.I have watched Arcane because I played league in the past and it intrigued me. The animation is fantastic, something unique but there's implied lesbianism between two main characters, although nothing actually happens on screen.