Why are game critics so bad at making games?

Why are game critics so bad at making games?

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arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/Matthewmatosis, someone who was too narrow-minded to incorporate something as simple as a shield into his gameplay/Yes

>>612696418Holy fuck this looks genuinely God awful

>>612696418What a retarded thread. Nigga you need to rethink life before doing such stupid ass shit again.

>>612696418Someone shut this clown up already

>>612696418reminds me of when Robert Ebert wrote a script and it was god awful, even though he pretty much knew what made a good movie and what didnt. almost like anyone can be a critic

>>612696418critics arent real

>>612696418The actual grit of hammering at a game eludes them


>>612696528ebert was never good

That sword swing animation is pretty good for a temp

>>612696418Good games are rare to begin with and hard to make, most critics are lazy faggots.Adds up, really

i cant believe there is so much of him rambling about problems that have already been solved since like, the late 80s>hurr i dont know whether i should start the transition state on the last frame of the previous state or the first frame of the next oneits just stupid shit like that which has been solved many many times before

>>612696418making a game is harder than criticizing a gameit's all well and good to be a critic but whenever I see a critic try to make a game it's always the most laughable shit, I wonder if they're prepared to have their game torn apart they way they've torn apart other people's games

>>612696795I tend to notice the same thing with autistic people, they want to reinvent everything from scratch and do it themselvesIs it ego or ignorance?This is why their projects take a decade to finish

>>612696795Pretty sure he's one of those guys who refuses help whenever he can for better or worse

>>612696418If you watched his "Boss Keys" series on Zelda and game design, you have realized by now he's a fucking moron.He prepared a gigantic logical structure and classifications to use for dungeons and it all completely fell apart in his own videos.

>>612696528Creating art based on a checklist of things you like is always soulless, you have to be able to create a world in your head and understand the medium well enough to use it to bring that world to life as effectively as possible within its limits.

>>612696919The ignorance stems from social isolation, they don't engage with others so they don't know who to ask what questions on how to do something or why.So they end up making everything from the ground up

>>612696795There is always doing transition doors like in Metroid.

>>612696958You're confusing him with someone else but the guy you're talking about is at least going to finish his game, the same can't be said about Matt

>>612696894>I wonder if they're prepared to have their game torn apart they way they've torn apart other people's gamesAbsolutely no, critics are thin-skinned projecting persons who always have an autistic meltdown when their critique meets a responsive feedback.

>>612696418>>612696528both pretentious hacks smugly picking apart every aspect of an art piece until all that is left is a rotting corpseyou take someone who turns reviews into an artform by itself like yahtzee and his games are actually decent

DS2 fans won in the end

>>612696919it isn't usually ego, they just don't connect certain dots or take the obvious route since their obsessiveness requires them to have utter foundational knowledge of a path to feel comfortable going down it.

>>612696528>even though he pretty much knew what made a good movie and what didntLOL

The thumbnail looks like a smash bros bonus mode


>>612697278>his games are actually decent>who turns reviews into an artform

It's wild how that Dark Souls II review lives rent free in people's heads. Of all his videos there's probably 3 where he talks poorly of a game so lord knows why people seem to think he's picking people apart.

>>612696418>Matthew>criticHis claim to fame is saying what salty PvP redditors wanted to hear.All his videos on games outside the Souls series got zero attention and left no impact, because he doesn't have an actual following.

>>612696528>roger ebert is a good critic>hates the thing>likes american pie>dislikes freddy got fingered

ITT: devletsTake the dev pill and post your shit if you're so tough.

>>612697389his game dev series is greathe churned out 12 decent games in a year just to see if he could do itniggers like matt and ebert never finished a single thing

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>>612697470>Roger ebert is a bad critic because he disagrees with me, a different critic

>>612696528the only example I can think of where a critic was actually good at making the art they critiqued was Ira Kaplan of the band Yo La Tengo>be Ira, music critic>shit on some landfill indie band>band gets butthurt and calls him a talentless faggot who could never make a worthwhile song>Ira says "OK" and makes one of the most successful indie bands of all timeyoutu.be/UIkMeaAfIRwmore on topic though, matthewmatosis isn't a "creative" with an eye for critique, he's a thinkooooor who post-hoc intellectualizes a lot of his biases. he's like Ebert in this way, except a bit more autistic not in the Holla Forums sense, in the actual sensepeople who come up with explanations for why they like XYZ *after the fact* often try to implement these elements according to their explanations- but it isn't like fitting puzzle pieces together, and sometimes their analyses are plain incorrect. Michael Burry (the Big Short guy) also comes to mind- he's been re-re-re-re predicting a crash since 2008. this isn't to say that all thinkoooors are wrong, or that their analyses are always wrong, but you can plainly see a disconnect between their rationalizations and reality when it comes time to implement things alongside the arbitrary frameworks they have created>>612697450people mistake post-hoc rationalization and lack of entertainment value as a flag for "academic value / intellectualism" instead of "possible autism spectrum"

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>>612696958this guy is so butthurt he's crying about someone else kek, think before you post user, it's embarrassing

>>612697096I am a friendless autist but I know how to google things up

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>>612697389>>612697578I played one of his point and click murder mysteries I think 7DaS? back in the day and it was surprisingly competent and a fun diversion. It used some existing point-and-click engine though.

>wahhhh you can't criticize my meal if you're not a Michelin Star qualified chef!1!!lmao fuck off with this cope, your shitty game doesn't suddenly become good because a critic can't make a better one

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>>612697396>It's wild how that Dark Souls II review lives rent free in people's heads.It really doesn't. Redditors just try and use it as proof that DS2 is a bad game.

>>612696528Roger "But the 12-year-old was enjoying being pimped out to 60 year old heroin addicts for $5 apiece" Ebert

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>>612696418having valid arguments aghainst a thing does not translate to being capable in said thingalso i'm tired of seeing this dude's arguments parroted all over the internet

>>612697704They don't need a review to see that.

>>612697658And how many wheels have you reinvented

>>612697545i made 40 games this yearwhat did you do?

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Whatever happened to that game that epic kid that freaked out when Bloodborne had miscarriages was making?

>>612697767Few, when I have a programming or mechanical issue I always assume someone already encountered this problem and wrote a solution for it. This happens 90% of the timeWhen that isn’t the case, in the 10%, then I realize I am doing things wrong or I am approaching it from the wrong angle and it turns out to be true

>>612697470His review of Ken Russell's The Devils was pure cringe.

>>612696418Because unlike food critics or.. I don't fucking know, health experts or whatever, the gaming industry is heavily unregulated. If some doctor just told me he's an expert on medicine because he applied to a big health critic company and got taken, I'd spit in his face and ask for a real doctor, yet in the gaming industry nobody gives a shit if these "game experts" have zero gaming experience and never made one themselves, all that matters is company affiliation.

>>612697608hes a bad critic because he couldn't understand the point of a movie yes. The man watched the usual suspects and though it was too complicated

>>612696418This is why he stopped making videos?

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>>6126976677DaS is alright, The Consuming Shadow is actually really good though. Spent forever trying to beat it without using stars

>>612697470He wasn't Owen Gleiberman bad but Ebert was still a hack fraud.

>>612697389he means they design their reviews to be entertaining apart from the critique (or in some cases, in spite of it)yahtzee may have chronically bad opinions but his reviews have a unified aesthetic, charming visuals, and sometimes his humor makes me chortlethat alone makes him a better artist than the vast majority of art critics, who attempt to dry out their critiques to make them appear more valid / authoritative tl;dr - people who try to make their reviews fun are more likely to try to make their games fun

>>612696528everyone can be a criticvideogames attracht a lot of failures that become game critics

>>612697953Yeah I do the same, but for every guy like us you have 5 guys like ulillillia or the yandere Sim dev

If a critic can't make what they critique then Holla Forums made be incapable of making literally anything good.

>>612697997nobody seriously pretends that Ebert was a top tier critic just like nobody seriously pretends that Jay Leno is a top tier comedian he made moves to reach the widest possible audience and that's what his brand was built on

>>612697608Yes, exactly, how did you know?

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>>612696894>it's all well and good to be a critic but whenever I see a critic try to make a game it's always the most laughable shit>Egoraptor bitched and moaned about 3D Zelda being bad because he can't into 3D spacial awareness >All his old scrapped games were 2D side-scrollers and another being a Tetris cloneCan't believe I and many others looked up to him as gospel for vidya design. That Megaman Sequlitis was flawed from the very get-go, because despite the juxtaposition between old vidya being vague while mature games for mature gamers "treat them like kids", games were becoming MORE complex with buttons layouts and in-depth mechanics, but that's not to say the over tutorialisation for normalshit's convenience of that era WASN'T a problem. How the fuck is, say, Devil May Cry 3 suppose to teach the player how to do it's various combos between button presses WITHOUT the game telling you? Unless he thinks mangling the controller to death mashing the buttons is considered learning because that's how ya' did it in the old days!

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>placeholder art looks uglyShocking, Holla Forums reveals its low IQ againHe has a good artist with his sisterwife and is too autistic to focus on anything except figuring out the engine and gameplay first. I'm not sure if Matt will actually finish it but if he does I have hope that it'll look decent since the concept art he's shown off is well drawn.

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Those who can't do, teach.

>>612698560figuring gameplay out first is low brain thinking, you want to come up with your story and gameplay at the same time

His take on Dark Souls 2 is beyond based tho

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>>612698707Matt wants the game to have no dialogue

>>612698691thats retarded if my teacher can't do what hes teaching me hes not the best teacher

>>612697801All shit btw>>612697767

>>612698712>DAS2 critique>fully half of it is moot if you break lockon, a technique that is actively encouraged in every single game at one point or anotherlollmao

>>612698227is uli ever going to finish Baricanna? he essentially started it to stop himself from platform masters ocd. in the updates videos, it shows that he is actually adding features to the game and not just perfecting the shade of green on trees for an hour

>>612698712It was funny before his video dropped it was mostly just Holla Forums criticizing the game while journos were giving it great scores.

>>612698743You can tell a story with no dialogue. Gameplay alone cannot keep a game alive

>>612698783Admire Me is kino

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>makes a video every single week>shits out fully fledged point and click games>writes his own books>never complains about not having time>never cries online when his projects flop>never begs for patreon moneyFucking kneel

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>>612698760If he was actually good at what he does, he would be doing it instead of teaching.Drama teachers are just failed actors, art teachers are failed artists etc.

>>612698882>shits out fully fledged point and click games>later says he thinks point and click games are complete dogshit and shouldn't be made anymoredangerously based

>>612696418Show me your game

>>612698882You forgot>props up an entire online network by himself

>>612698707>unironic storyfagI hate this place.

>>612698915>history teachers are failed...>english teachers are failed...

>>612698915This isnt necessarily true though. Art is basically a scam, and a drama teacher could be good, but ugly and fat. Or they could have just been involved in local scenes and didn't have ambitions to be hollywood stars at some point

>>612697314>>612697096>Both of these describe me very wellHow do I fix this?

>>612699003It doesn't even need to be story, just something interesting aside from the gameplay. Give me great game made recently that is great and memorable solely for its gameplay


>>612699004English teachers are failed authors, and history teachers are failed Jews.

If you can't do, teach. If you can't teach, review.

What I don't get about these reviewers sometimes is their completely uncritical of their own work. You'll watch a guy like ralphthemoviemaker tear a movie up for 40 minutes about every flaw, and then you look at his movies and they look like a retard made them

>>612699102>inb4 it doesn't count! or see that proves my pointThere's no winning with fags like you.

>>612698707He is doing that though

>>612699306just post one Im genuinely curious. It also has to be modern, you can't just say tetris or pong

>>612699102Monster Hunter, no one gives a shit about the story. People were mad because World had unskippable cutscenes and slow walk sections.

>>612699416You would consider monster hunter a great and memorable game?

>>612697691Anyone can criticize a meal, but not everyone has the skill and creativity needed to earn a Michelin Star. I'd be significantly more confident in the opinion of the latter than some rando. Is that so difficult to understand?

>>612699354NTA but DRGThere's barely any story to that gameJust dwarves mining on some hostile planet

>>612699291being a reviewer is inherently narcissisticyou think someone other than your friends has to listen to your oh so special opinion

>>612696418>virgin matosis>utter garbage at souls games, doesnt know anything about From except souls>many points he makes get mocked for years to come>DS2 video torn to shreds by Basedbomberguy>Makes games that wouldnt fly on the Atari>bored, phoned in youtuber voice>Chad Aesir>fully appreciates fromsofts entire library>Rock solid analysis >Videos are first result when searching kingsfield/shadowTower(aka fromsofts best games)>made a competent indie game>Kino voiceyoutube.com/watch?v=9i5SbHFnbcchttps://aesiraesthetics.itch.io/snailAESIR WON, MATTHEW IN SHAMBLESGAHAGAHAHAHAHA

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>>612697613What the fuck are you on about? Obviously rationale is applied afterwards. How can you explain what you like about a game before you play it? That's why critics do reviews and not previews

>>612697710>man who works closely with Hollywood is a massive nonceCOLOUR ME SHOCKEDAlso with a chin like that how does this nigga fold towels lmao.


>>612696472it's a pre-pre-alpha dipshit

>>612699524>he made a Zelda clone! HE IS BASED!!!

>>612698004It's a prototype you clown. Games stay in this state for a long time while they are tuned and worked on and usually nobody actually sees them in this state.

>>612699465I played this game with my friends because I knew it was about dwarves mining in space though, I didn't play it for the gameplay. In fact we didn't play it at all because pirating multiplayer games is a pain in the dick sometimes. Im not referring specifically to story/narrative, just everything aside from gameplay. Is DRG really known for its gameplay over its setting/idea?

>>612699458Nta but absolufuckinglutely

>>612699458>it doesn't count >>612699306spot on user

>>612697667>It used some existing point-and-clickAs anyone with a brain should do. Unless your design requires something that hasn't been done before, you should just use a pre-existing engine. Adventure games.are a great example of stagnant design, so an adventure game engine works excellent

>>612698292Ebert was a top tier critic though. His talent was explaining film form to the laymen.Watch his commentary of Citizen Kane for eg.

>>612699662>Is DRG really known for its gameplay over its setting/idea?Yes, it's a fucking multiplayer game you dip

>>612698707>storyWhat the fuck am i reading?

>>612699701im not saying it doesn't count, Im asking if you think monster hunter is a great and memorable game? If so, which one do I start with

>>612697314>>612697096very true from my own experience

>>612696418>Holla Forums when talking about game enginesLOL

>>612698849>Gameplay alone cannot keep a game aliveYou can. It's been done repeatedly for decades. Who are you people?>>612698882He's the only reviewer worth watching anymore. He says more in 6 mins than that kotaku rogers guy does in 6 hours.

>>612698178This. Art is a language and you have to speak it to respond to art.

>>612696418>finally released another video>bored me to tears because I'm not really interested in gamedev

>>612697691the funny thing is that there are current game devs who made good games who STILL shouldnt open their fucking mouth about criticizing other games

>>612699102The entire point of an interactive medium is interactivity (gameplay). It's the sole point of the entire medium.Why do you think Nintendo spends years getting their gameplay and controls nailed down first before they do anything else. That's why their shit is so good.

>>612699528it's not particularly complicated, you might just not have considered it properly>critic likes X because it accomplishes Y, Z>in reality, they like X because of W>post hoc rationalization creates a framework of beliefs that Y,Z should be achieved by X or similar>critic attempts to foist X into game/music/film/whatever, making it feel soulless because it lacks Wit's why critics tend to avoid creating the art they critique- most of them understand on some level that they are just reframing their biases to sound intellectual. it's why nearly every critic with "good opinions" ones that align with yours is so absolutely terrible at making things other than critiques, and why people with retarded opinions often make interesting art

>>612699865I like tim rogers. He doesn't hold back in his diction but he also makes sure to enunciate every word, so it's not too overwhelming.

>>612698849>Gameplay alone cannot keep a game aliveWhat is guitar hero, or any game that is heavily skilled based

>>612699865His reviews are on point but they're not very deep, and he's repeated the same 5 joke for 10 years. Extra punctuation is good though

>>612699952He posted a new video on his main channel

>>612696418People are being retarded for judging what is essentially a proof of concept stage game but this smells like a >will never get finishedproject like the yandere girl game. I wonder when Matt himself will realize this and what will he do? Drop it and go back to reviews or keep leeching patreon money forever?

>>612699803nta but World is a good introduction, it holds your hand a bit too much but it works because it has a bunch of different systems, the older games are dense but once you played one then you know how to play all of them

>>612699865>Gameplay alone cannot keep a game aliveI phrased this and the "story" shit poorly. What im saying is great games are not great for their gameplay alone. You take away the art, writing and charm from tf2 and you just get a class shooter with a bunch of weapons. Shit like celeste is fun when you're playing it, but complete fades from your memory (unless you're a tranny) because the elements apart from its gameplay are poor

>>612700061He already released a video on his main channel recently. I have a bit more faith in Matt since his day job was being a coder and he seems to have more drive than a lot other nodevs.

>>612699967Nintendo has not made a great game in a long time and some of their best games are the best in their series not because of gameplay, ie majoras mask is the best zelda game

>>612698707pretty sure he already finished a big design document type thing with the story, background, lore, etc for aesthetic consistencyplus he has the various levels throughout the game considered

cause most people aren't super talented in more than one thing

>>612700061>People are being retarded for judging what is essentially a proof of concept stage gameI don't understand how people look at that screenshots and think "yeah, this is obviously a finish product"

youtube.com/watch?v=UsjWOPYYEsYMatthewmatosis, someone who was too narrow-minded to incorporate something as simple as a shield into his gameplay, let alone things like spells, which weren't even mentioned once in his video, is the last person in the discourse around these games who should be calling anyone narrow-minded, it's simple projection. Matthew has no ability to recognize any of From games other than DeS as their own individual experiences and instead sees them as acts of mimicry that can only emulate DeS. He says that From has unfortunately focused on certain elements to the expense of others, presuming himself suited to tell From how to make their own games or what's their vision while he posits the virtue of artistic freedom, which sounds much more narrow-minded than the fans that he himself calls narrow-minded and him essentially calling From sellouts is nothing more than juvenile mudslinging. Furthermore i do not think that his exaltation of demon souls works, because it was achieved by bashing other games and making them seem lesser in comparison, instead of letting DeS stand on its own two feet. Clearly it did resonate with people, but it's an hollow victory since it was achieved exclusively through the use of sophistry, generalizations and fallacious tactics. The problem here is that none of the dark souls games are rolling simulators, anyone who owns these games can try for themselves and yet the misconception still persists. After all Matthew's video communicates it in a way that seems trustworthy enough to anyone who isn't ready to undertake the process of analyzing and debunking Matthew's cavalcade of horrendous arguments. In the end i do hope that you might be more willing to play around with all these enjoyable and varied game mechanics that the developers at From spent years crafting and maybe next time a person on the Internet says something far-fetched try doing some of your own fact-checking and put their words to the test.

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Do retards really expect a solo dev to have professional art and animation?No wonder low quality vn and rpg maker "games" are popular on Holla Forums. Younretards would rather have a picture book to fap to than an actual game.

>>612699994Is guitar hero popular because you hit buttons rhythmically on a controller to music, or is it popular because you hit buttons on a GUITAR controller rhythmically to ROCK music

>>612696418Career critics aren't particularly good at anything, including criticism. The best critics are the ones looking at their own/studio's work and constantly asking how it can be better during development. Getting people to watch your review and pay you for more reviews is an entirely different skillset that usually doesn't translate well.

>>612699567He probably doesn't. That's plastic because cancer ate his face

>>612700317is this a pasta

>>612700384>Do retards really expect a solo dev to have professional art and animation?Yes

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>>612698982Why does he do that? I'd watch all of his reviews but I'm not subscribed to the escapist because the rest is dogshit.

>>612700384>Younretards would rather have a picture book to fap to than an actual game.Yes, gachas make shitloads of money.

>>612700442arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/Matthewmatosis, someone who was too narrow-minded to incorporate something as simple as a shield into his gameplay/Yes

>>612696418[insert food analogy here]

>>612697801>The spiritual successor to Action 52Our God is an awesome god

>>612699528>>612699976to cite a specific example of this phenomenon from matthewmatosis, see >>612698793he complains at length about encounter design, the camera, and multibosses. but watching his critique, it becomes clear that he never learned to freeaim in any of the games- he is always 100% of the time locked on to enemies when fighting them. granted, there is no direct prompt to break lockon in any previous game, but for virtually every multiboss in the series, breaking lockon has been the most effective tactic available. the majority of players do this naturally- they break lockon when not attacking and then quickly lock on to attack / block properlythe fact that MM never considered to do this, on his third game in the series, is bizarre. it undermines all of his criticisms about encounter design because he has demonstrated that he is unable to adapt his very specific playstyle. in his mind, he does XYZ in response to QRS, and trying TUV never occurs to himhis bias prevented him from engaging with the game organically, and his criticism is an expression of this bias moreso than an issue with the game itself

>>612696505Hi Schreier

>>612697096Shit take, it's more that they WANT to do it themselves. They can look things up fine and are likely better at it than you. There's entire industries filled with genuine autists looking up problems on search engines and implementing the fixes.

This is the same shit for the game maker toolkit guy.He can't even prototype to save its life.It's almost like criticizing is the easiest thing in the world.

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>>612697278>take someone who turns reviews into an artform by itself like yahtzeeby using the exact same format for 15 years?

>>612701172the format is timeless leaves enough leeway to be creative in the individual videos>you have to update your perfectly good format because... you have to!

>>612701015The irony.

>>612697235I hate how this is literally always the case. How do they not see it as being blindingly obviously hypocritical?

>>612698178>charming visualsIt has visuals, but I wouldn't call the visual style "charming."

>>612697801Unironically too much soul, holy fuck.

>>612697667>It used some existing point-and-click engine though.Adventure game studioIt was very easy to use. Even I made a really rudimentary point and click game as a child.Art of Theft was a lot more impressive than his point and click games in my opinion. Its a genuinely great game.

>>612696528Only severely mentally handicapped new yorkers EVER liked Roger Ebert. No one else in the world knows who the fuck he is, but new yorkers like to pretend that everything they enjoy is universally adored everywhere, just like how they pretend like that piece of shit sitcom Seinfeld is something people outside their bubble finds funny.

>>612701438most would, I reckon

>>612699416Monster Hunter's actual gameplay is dogshit. It's not the story that holds it together, but the aesthetics and feedback of everything combined with the larger grinding structure.

>>612696418youtu.be/-JPOoFkrh94?t=49Always easier to judge someone's work than it is to build your own. Think of it like a house renovation. You buy a house than you do some construction for stuff you want to change, it's easier than designing a house from the ground up. It's easy to get tunnel vision, to justify every mistake because you were the one to make it and you remember why you made that choice.

>>612701664Seinfeld is funny. You don't have to live in New York to like it. The best episodes are when they leave New York or do an activity at a generic place that exists everywhere. Friends is the one that's not funny unless you lived in New York in the late 90's and were an upper class white person.

>>612696418Just like movie critics so bad at making movie.Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t teach, critic.

>>612702094And at the very bottom, that's me, those who can't critic, post on forums.

>>612699510that's why I can't bring myself to review shit, I'm just a nobodyI have more respect for people who just share games they like without trying to act like some kind of intellectual godor if you're gonna be a real hardass critic at least a entertaining too like AVGN

>>612700761I didn't give that DaS2 comment a (You) because it completely missed the point of his review. His point was that problems which existed in the first game have not been fixed (lock-on and covenants), problems that are fixed are readded in later sequels (removal of estus) and new problems are introduced (giant boss with 10 minions). The point of these critiques isn't just to say that DaS2 is bad, but also so that the Devs don't keep repeating the same mistakes in sequels they did[\spoiler]And all of that is secondary to the point that DaS2 just doesn't have very good world building.

>>612702313enjooooyers always win in the endenjooooyers usually don't critique games though, which is unfortunate. I like when someone puts effort into explaining things they are passionate about, but that doesn't get clicks so its rarer

>>612701560not trying hard enough to be soulful

>>612701664based until you insulted seinfeld

>>612702372This. You can even see it here, if someone makes a thread talking about a game he loves he's probably going to be called shill and the thread gets to page 10. But if you shit in any game it'll get to bump limit.

>>612702329you're projecting your own thoughts into his critique. if you re-watch the video, I think you will see that your opinion which I find reasonable isn't represented in such a balanced way.he says specifically that the combat system and the encounter design are incongruous when they are not. they may not be excellent, but they are certainly not at odds with each other if you play the game within the bounds you are given without arbitrarily limiting yourself.he extrapolates conclusions based on erroneous assumptions informed by biases that he doesn't recognizeif you need to say "his point was" when someone refutes a part of an argument instead of as the answer to a question, you can usually just present it as your own argument instead of using a critic as a proxy- because it usually wasn't actually their point>And all of that is secondary to the point that DaS2 just doesn't have very good world building.oh yeah no arguments there

>>612702082>>612702506I feel like you have to have a pretty jewified mindset to enjoy Seinfeld.

>working on the fucking screen transitions while he's still using placeholder developer assets with no animations

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>>612700104I still don’t understand why normalfags just absolutely swoon over celeste’s fucking joke of a “story.”Just bee urself ft. depression, wow woah haven’t seen that before out of every other young adult book ever written.

>>612699617So is GTA6

>>612696418>>612696472this looks like an atari game

>>612702714Pretending to like pixelshit and calling the story deep gets you pussy.

>>612702694You're incredibly wrong. try being obsessed less

>>612702694What the fuck does that even mean?

>>612702741wait a minute, seriously?

I'm a brainlet but I wish I could make a Majesty cloneI've been picking away at it but it still feels so daunting once you start grasping the scope of what needs to be done

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>>612702770It means being culturally American

>>612702918you sound mentally ill

>>612702802Seriously. Women connect deeply with this crap and they say these games are the only things that understand them. So you just read the wiki of it or watch a playthrough and now you understand their shallow emotions and have something to talk to them about. This only works on #nerdy bitches with some pretty severe mental illness though, so don't go trying to find your wife with this knowledge. It's a waste of time for that but you will get pussy. Celeste, Undertale, Omori, pick a card any card.

>>612696958Wasn't that extra credits?

>>612702770He has never watched a single episode and just sees that their are Jewish people in it so he thinks hating it is cool here. Anyone that's not a newfag trying desperately to fit in knows that Seinfeld is immune to Holla Forumsshit and everyone loves.

>every random retard spewing out hurr durr easier to create than criticizeTechnically true, but genuinely skilled critique is just as hard. It's just mostly unrecognized and for many unrewarding, hence why people good at it usually move on to other things

>>612701664>>612702694seinfeld is funnyI am not jew'd nor am I from new york or any other coastal regionthey're not supposed to be good people. you are not supposed to idolize jerry or george or anyoneit's just humor for humor's sake.

>>612698882you forgot>full time dad>streams and does podcasts >books are actually genuinely fun to read

>>612702215Don't sell yourself short. The only difference between a critic and someone with an opinion is that the critic relies on other people's attention to make a living. Hence clickbaits and having extreme opinions about mundane shit.Plus for gaming it's one of the most common advice given that if you want to get into the industry you can start as a critic, giving you an opening to network with others, get your name out there and hope someone likes you enough to recommend you for some easy retard-proof job position.

>>612702831Damn, I understand you on so many levels. Absolute lack of any fantasy sim among all those games produced nowadays really tells how shitty the modern game industry is

>>612697321Name 3 movies he was wrong about.

>>612700761even if we grant that taking your thumb off the face buttons to babysit a camera to avoid being shot by a silenced greatbow from offscreen makes for good encounter design, it still clashes with what makes these games goodsouls games have simplistic controls and combat so you can get to grips with it quickly and focus on being immersed in the worldbeing forced to learn how to micromanage a camera halfway through the game goes against this philosophy and takes you out of the game, you can hardly argue a boss like double dragon riders is worth this cost

>>612702831That's funny user, i was also tired of no good Majesty-likes, got the mechanics down but then got bored when it was time to make assets. I went as far as recreating the inner motivation system from Majesty.Let's see if i have any videos.

>>612698712Dark Souls 2 is better than whatever piece of shit game he's making.

>>612700468i think that they do a lot of work for him and instead of him. They give him the games and probably edits his videos these days. Its a smart movie really. IF they happen to blow out then he has more exposure. If not then he already has what he needs to do what he does

>>612697450His GoW review was literally retreated by the developers.

>>612699291dude with a camera can't make a movie like 300 people with 500 millions of a budget

>>612696418Learning to read and learning to write are two different things. The same goes for judging and producing.When I say a game is bad I'm not saying it's worse then what I could do, I'm just saying that it's not enjoyable.

>>612702678It's been a long time since I watched it. But if he didn't say all those things in his DaS2 review he said them in Lost art of Demon's Souls. Not trying to move the goalposts, just saying I'm not putting words in his mouth.I still don't see how someone can have a pre-hoc opinion about why they don't like a game

>>612702372Enjoyers are kinda dull though like really despite how shit cinemasins is they are miles ahead of cinema wins.

>>612703198Do you have any examples, in video games or otherwise?

>>612702947You sound assmad

>>612696795>>hurr i dont know whether i should start the transition state on the last frame of the previous state or the first frame of the next oneWhat does this mean?t. retard

>>612703636>he said it in X videoyeah there's no accounting for someone making a different statement years later in these situations, I'm just using the specific example in its own context as the basis for my post>pre-hoc opinionpost-hoc rationalization doesn't imply that you can have pre-hoc opinions about a game without playing it, it implies that you are rationalizing (aka making up) reasons that you liked XYZ irrespective of why you actually liked itra·tion·al·ize/ˈraSHənlˌīz,ˈraSHnəˌlīz/verbgerund or present participle: rationalizing1.attempt to explain or justify (one's own or another's behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate."she couldn't rationalize her urge to return to the cottage"^this is how I am using the word, I didn't mean to imply that you can magically evaluate a game without engaging with it. is there a better phrasing I can use?

>>612703284I've never seen the RLM crew have extreme opinions on media especially since their titles are.never click bait

>>612703865Sure but how can you be sure they are incorrect about the reason they liked it?

any book you guys would suggest to learn gamedev from the ground up?i know how to code a little but when it comes down to gamedev workflow i am lost as fuck

>>612703970No books, only practice. Now open that god fucking engine and make a main character object

>>612697613Technically François Truffaut was once a film critic in Cahiers du Cinéma before he made his films. It's doable and it's done before but it's rare. If we're talking about video game critic who gets to make successful vidya, Hades comes to mind with one of its main writer used to work as a reviewer in Gamespot.

>>612702313I think that's also partly why Matthew stopped reviewing games regularlyI remember him very much disliking the idea of being a condescending prick ruthlessly nitpicking games without self-awareness or acknowledging the skill of the development team during his God of War review

>>612703953if they were correct, their art wouldn't be terrible while incorporating the same elements they praisenaturally this is an assumption but I think we can generally agree when someone "gets it" but stumbles and when someone "doesn't get it" and makes something soulless example again is Yahtzee who understands that people like fun, even if he isn't making masterpieces negative examples being all of the crowdfunded "famous old series" clone games that are devoid of life >>612704079not familiar with the name but I saved it, thanks :^)>Hades main writer worked at Gamespotyo what the fuck

>>612703198I think the only way a criticism can be on the same level of an original work is if the criticism itself is an original work. Basically parodies.

>>612696528I respect Ebert because he is one of two contemporary critics who was willing to call out Lynch's Blue Velvet for being trash

>>612696418Honestly it looks pretty good for a the prototype it is.Is he taking too long? Maybe, but there's a lot of deliberateness in the design you can see already and that does take time.Just scrapping his first game was probably a mistake but what can you do.

>>612704079Also Valve's Eric Wolpaw which got hired for his writing on Old Man Murray.

>>612696418those who can't do teach.

>>612699671>>612699465>ntawhy did redditors start doing this?nobody gives a fuck

>>612703497We're talking about vidya, not movies.Also>getting filtered by autocorrect>implying retweets are meaningful engagement

>>612704182Sure you can arbitrarily judge quality like that if you want, but it doesn't make sense to draw a direct line between quality and talent or effort.The world's best turd polisher is still just creating balls of shit, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have skill in the field.

>>612703879id argue rlm are much more famous for the characters/jokes they do as opposed to being genuinely good critics. Jay likes anything that even remotely appears to have any deeper level to it

>>612698560Wow, that art looks awful

>>612703306Babe 2 pig in the cityit was objectively worse than the first but he gave it a higher rating

>>612704219>he got lynch'd>>612703527his movies are incompetent at points to where an average person could do better. The dude went to filmschool and some rlm skits look better than his shit

>>612703879A critic isn't inherently a scumbag who'll do anything for a click. They still rely on getting attention and entertainment value to keep themselves in business. A post in a forum is as meaningful as a critic just without the razzle dazzle.Unless the criticism is coming from someone with more hands-on experience in that industry in which case their criticism will more likely be more detailed and actually try and tackle the meat of the problems instead of keeping things somewhat vague. Most criticism tends to be vague by its very nature of people simply not knowing how things work. If your fridge breaks down you won't write a review complaining about a spark plug, you'll just say it stopped working.


>>612704449>complaining about a dead reviewers opinion on a cash-in children's movie sequel nobody cared about from decades beforethis is like cosmic horror but funny to mecosmic comedyit's so unknowable that the only response is jubilant laughter

>>612703019I noticed that 2 of the games you've mentioned kind of coddle the player/story emotionally. I haven't played omori but im curious if its similar in that way

>>612704521>where an average person could do betteryes. an average person with a lot of free time and nothing to do. I'm an average person and I couldn't do better than him. Not saying his movies aren't shit but you can't be seriously expecting something more than le funny skits

>>612704449I haven't seen babe 2 but it was in "1001 movies to see before you die" so some people are giving it a cult classic status.

>>612704345I never mentioned quality as a factor, either in the original work or in the criticism. We could be talking about the worst game ever made vs the most scathing review ever made. One takes significantly less effort and less risk than the other.

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>>612703306Anon already did it here >>612697470

Showing a WIP of a game is one of the worse thing you could do though.Never do that.

>>612698793>>a technique that is actively encouraged in every single game at one point or anotherno it fucking isn't. I've been able to beat every single Soulsborne without having to disengage the lock-on

>>612700761it's always some fag shitter shattered at the ds2 review lmaohere's my review: bad game + you're gay