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The Splatana is unironically a high IQ weapon

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i only use the 52 gal

>>612696052I've never once successfully used the one hit kill, at best the 60 damage attack that comes from it might be nice but even then I barely ever use it and would just rather swing normally

>>612696052Yeah, you have to be high IQ to understand not to use it.

>>612696052Kinda want to pick it up but I know I'd be trash at it. >>612696143>more or less exclusively play splatlings>want to pick up the 52 gal >suck all sorts of shit with it whenever I play itEveryone says it's so easy tho

>>612696052Besides the flingza the splatana feels the most satisfying to paint the floor with because of how cleanly it paints.>>612696169I got the melee kill off a few times but it's not worth it, the range for that thing is shorter than luna's.

>>612696052I realized today after 72 hours of playing Splatoon 3 and after finishing the campaign that I was playing in 720p instead of 1080 and with the screen size reduced to 90%.Considering my IQ what weapon should I main?

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So is Mr. Grizz completely dead or is there a post story to come. Also will rabbits actually be in the game as originally planned?

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>>612696052I just don't see the point of playing them over other weapons, not for a lack of trying either since the stamper is my most used weapon at the moment.If I wanted to be an assassin, I'd go with carbon or octobrush. If I wanted a midrange powerhouse I'd go with a shooter instead. It's a weird hybrid. Not saying that they're bad but they just feel a bit redundant.Also both the Wiper and Stamper have really shitty specials, Wiper's would be good though if it actually had a hitbox.

>>612696360>Considering my IQ what weapon should I main?clash blaster

I feel like they just didn't playtest teh new weapons at all because holy fuck are they garbage, especially the default bow.

>>612696423everyone says this but tri-stringer tears my ass apart as a splatling main

Who do you think the devs like more, Squid Sisters or Off the Hook

>>612696423I've grown to like bow a little after those SR rotations with it, it's like a charger-slosher retard baby.

>>612696264it's really easy to get kills with

>>612696264It's easy if you can aim, cause you can two-hit anything

This salmon run rotation has given me a new appreciation for the rapid blaster pro. That thing is so good against lessers if you can get to high ground like a fish stick.Never touching it in multiplayer though.

newfag here, what's a comprehensive way of making use of every sub weapon in this game

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>have a smooth ride from Pro +1 to +3 with no losses>decide to play tonight to get to VP>get almost instantly demoted back to +2, can't even climb my way back to +3 after an hour of playingI swear to god there were times where people would just stand by the basket and not deposit the eggs on their back, holy shit

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>>612696530OtH had an entire arc and are really developed as characters, SS are just the Inkantation Storymode girls kept around for seniority and nothing else.

>>612696360>Considering my IQ what weapon should I main?tri-slosher

Having so many good games tonight, it feels like I'm not even playing Splatoon 3 anymore. Gonna relish this because it ain't gonna last. Octo daughter best daughter.

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What new weapons are we going to see? At the very least we're getting a heavy stringer, and either a light Splatana or a superheavy Splatana. Probably a heavier Brush now that they've been promoted to their own class, and a new Brella too, because both of them are the only classes with less than four unique mains.

Big ups to my fellow flingza chads

>>612696530It honestly feels like the devs keep Callie and Marie around more out of obligation than because they actually like them.

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how do i know if i the one playing like shit and not the rest of my team?

>>612696767I miss the succ bomb bro...

>>612696797The game tells you how little you've achieved in the lose screen.

>>612696052Is that the fucking deathmetal beam sword from NMH?

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>>612696530Considering they actually brought their music back for 3 and the entirety of Octo Expansion, Off the Hook by far. The only reason why Squid Sisters keep coming back for the story is because japs would skin them alive and burn their office down if their boring waifus didn't return

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>Rainmaker used to be my best mode in Splatoon 2>Now my worst in 3>Struggled with splatzones in 2>Now my best in 3>Clam blitz is still the worstIf there's a weapon that should be nerfed, what is it?

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>>612696684>splat bomb, burst bomb, curling bomb, toxic mist, splash wall, suction bomb, fizzy bomb, torpedo, point sensor, angle shooter, autobombthrow it at the enemy>squid beakon, ink minethrow it at the ground>sprinklerthrow it on a wall


>>612696405No RNG on slashes, decent at inking a straight path or cutting off escape routes, Stamper outranges every shooter except Jet Squelcher, uncharged slashes are pretty easy to land. I feel like they're both really held back by the shit specials. Stamper moreso because it just can't use Zipcaster very well and Wiper can at least hammer throw I guess.

>>612696997Sloshing Machine

>>612696684>Splat bombThrow at or near people to make them move away, or throw into someone who's cornered to kill them>Suction bombSame as splat bomb but they're less used for killing and more for manipulating people since no one wants to stand near one and their kill radius is fuckhuge.>Burst bombThrow it for damage combos, hit with weapon+burst bomb is a consistent way to get quick kills on pretty much any weapon that has it. You can also use them for quick movement by throwing them to make some ink.>Curling bombThey leave a trail of ink that you can swim through for easy mobility, the actual bomb element isn't as useful>AutobombUsed for harassing people and forcing them to move since it actually follows them, throw them at backliner weapons like chargers and splattlings to ruin their day.>Ink minePlace on flank routes so you can get chip damage and know when people are coming, or place near the objective so that people will get damaged and marked when coming close to it>Toxic mistThrow at people to reduce their movement options and make them move the way that you want them to or trap them>Point sensorSwitch to a different weapon. On a serious note just throw them where you think people are so that you and your team can get info on where they are.>Splash wallIt's a wall, throw it when fighting people for protection>SprinklerThrow in uninked places for free special points or put it in a sneaky spot over the objective to annoy people.>BeakonsPlace them down in hidden but close to mid spots so your team can easily move in after they die>Fizzy bombThrow at the objective or at people for chip damage and area control>TorpedoThrow at people to distract them or deal chip damage if they don't notice it. Roll them for damage combos.>Line MarkerHonestly I'm not really sure, it's new and I haven't used it much. Ask someone who plays SSP or Jet SquelcherHope this helps.

>>612696402some inklings are mammalboos, obssesed with human culture and mammalian life.they will willingly accept the furry ooze and rescue Mr. Grizz from space.these devoted employees will then help their boss repopulate mammal kind manually

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>>612696684press button

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This Way Booyah morse code is now meta at top levels.You should least try to earn basic commands

>been playing this franchise for 570 hours now>still a shitterMaybe I should just give up

>tfw too intelligent to use a good weapon

>won't get to see my favorite gremlin again till some time next yearThe thing is I like all the idols so it's not like I'd want to see any of them go but I miss Pearl dammit

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Do any of the idols participate in Salmon Run? Like lore-wise?

>>612697367Yes, Deep Cut at least have multiple lines referencing it.

>>612697367Pearl and Marina did

>>612696052Splatana is too weak, I really hope you they buff them and bows this splatfest update

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>>612696143Whats the difference with the 96 gal?

>>612696759I wonder if they'd make a long mop version of the brush that pokes with further range, but slower movement.

>squids enter octoling turf>think they are hot shit

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>>612697324I've played over 2k hours and I'm still an A+ shitter

>>612697467It's a completely different weapon. Way longer range, less accurate, much slower fire rate, very different kit.

>>612697472By Splatfest law squids are superiror to octos, sorry them's the rules.

>>612697467For connoisseurs only.

All plaza posts are at least marginally based as long as they're high-effort.Prove me wrong.

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>>612696759Wiper is referred to as the light splatana in the code and Stamper is referred to as the midweight splatana so I'd expect a heavy one and probably one or two other ones with specific gimmicks. A heavy brush and heavy stringer feel pretty likely too. I expect to see a new shooter or two as well.

>>612697537Good thing this is the badlands, where the local idols are brigands.

>>612696402The company's been bought out. Introducing... MEOWCO

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If you accidentally throw me an egg in salmon run, I'm not going to give it back, even if you spam booyah. Its my point now. Get better aim next time.

God I'm so fucking disappointed by the Splatana. I heard the name and saw it in the trailer and thought "oh cool a new 'melee' weapon like the brushes and rollers that acts like a sword" and instead got a piece of shit you can only get kills with if the other guy is super distracted and won't notice you spending a full ass second charging between his fucking shoulder blades or that will stand perfectly still and let you hit him twice with the full charge.Basically just a fucking charger with no range, why even bother. At least brushes and rollers are still good I fuckin' guess.

>>612697632Splatfest law is law in Splatsville too. Rock is legally the superior option now.

>>612697537>sorry them's the rules.I don't remember Order winning the Final Fest.

>>612696997Sloshing Machine is undoubtedly the best weapon. Its nerfs are inevitable.

>>612697635Oh good, I'm not imagining things, Lil Judd DID grow a headset post-story mode. What does it mean.

>>612697690*gets killed by sloshing machine once*

I'm sorry gearbros. Gonna have to with fun.Shiver is just too mean to the other two. She instantly shits on their picks.

>>612697665>won't notice you spending a full ass second charginganon it charges near fucking instantly you retardif you're in melee range of someone and they get even one shot off you fucked up

>>612697440They should buff the regular bow but not touch the other one. It's already being ran almost exclusively for tenta missiles

>>612697774>he gets triggered by Splatfest bantzGood we don't want your limp wristed ass on our team anyway

>>612697674I'm suddenly reminded that Pearl got reality rewritten so that the chicken came before the egg

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>>612697774I'm not picking gear because I know for a fact every second match will be a mirror match because this splatfest just has an objectively correct choice.

I'm hard stuck at Hazard Level ~120% ish with randoms. Crazy that it goes up to 333% considering I'm not even halfway.Does Salmon Run really get even crazy fucking harder than this (I still can get 3 Flyfish at once with other shit going on at 120%) as the scale implies? Or is it diminishing returns on the difficulty?If it's the latter what's the threshold where the kid gloves are off but it's not gonna get too much harder as it approaches Hazard Max?

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It should be illegal for a weapon to feel as fucking shitty as the nozzlenose(s) Absolutely zero impact on those fucking things, it doesn't even feel like I'm shooting half the time

>>612697829Oh no I got hit, I guess I'll move out of the way since you're gonna be spending time charging your next hit or just spin around and fucking kill you with a weapon that can do actual damage instantly instead.

>>612697951But the H3 has the cool sound when you get the full burst that you will never hit, so it's fine.

>>612697730It means it's all going according to keikaku

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>>612697886Who can stop Pearl? She's honestly too powerful.

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>>612697845Reef will end up getting the special cost increase and probably cost more ink to fire each shot. It's being used in the most cancerous way possible when the devs were clearly trying to be careful with who gets tenta missiles.

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>>612697665>chargerwot, the bow is more like a charger than the swords will ever be.>>612697952So rollers that need verts to kill are all garbage as well? You do know the splatana is a one hit kill when you're up in their face and a two hit kill otherwise right?

>>612698056Any weapon that just wants to shit out ink to spam specials instead of using the actual weapon is poorly designed. Specials should compliment a weapon not be the entire focus.

>>612697952the melee hit is a guaranteed instakill and the slash charges so fast that it's legitimately faster at killing than brellas if you're at midrangethis is amplified if you're using the stamper because burst bomb+charge slash is also a guaranteed kill unless they have sub defenseliterally git fucking gud

>>612696917its a windshield wiper, user.

Do we have a date for that Deep Cut IRL concert?

>>612697901>this splatfest just has an objectively correct choice>all gearfags are survival experts

>>612698056>triple special charge up main flingza

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there a way i can turn into a squid if i'm octo?

>>612698056>Decide to only put Tenta Missiles on 3 weapons>2/3 of them are good at spamming it, and one of those is a new weapon that specifically has some of the best turf coverage in the gameWhat the fuck were they thinking, at least Goo Tuber sucks

>>612698286Dude when was the last time you went /out/? Most of these outdoor tools are fucking retardproof.

>>612698294I want Flingza to get a different special so badly, I want to stop feeling guilty for using missiles please.

>>612697665The Splatana uses Bamboozler attributes without having the strength of the boozler itself. It can't store a charge, its melee lunge requires you to be too close and has bad end lag (meaning if you miss you get shot to death), and it doesn't have the best range. Its upsides are it's fast and incredibly mobile, but even that's often not enough to save your ass. I like the Wiper, but it needs a buff badly.>>612698210>that it's legitimately faster at killing than brellas if you're at midrangeholy fuck lol, you're killing me user

>>612698210Get good at what? A shit weapon that's just a shitty charger with no range? I don't think I've been killed by a Splatana once.

>>612696264It is definitely easy. Point at anyone for more than a second and they're dead.

>>612698316Menu > Options > Player Settings. It takes you through character creation again.

>>612696052.52 Gal Deco when.

>>612698404Do you also call sloshers and rollers shitty chargers?

I need burst bomb slosher.

>>612698040There is one

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>>612698431i mean who the fuck would want to be a squid lmao

>>612698518I don't want to live in a world where that exists again

>612698491not even worth a (you) lmao

>>612696684>sub weaponNever use them.All you need is a paint brush & Killer Wail 5.1Go deep into enemy's base and splash paint everywhere.If you see them coming, hold R2 and run so fast they can't even chase you.Find a new area, rinse and repeat.When special is ready, use immediately.Easily gets 5 special per round and 80% win rate with this simple strategy, without using a single sub weapon in game.

>>612697774She didn't even shit on either of the other picks, she just made the point that everyone who picks gear makes, which is that it can accomplish the other two things.

Is there anyway to look at the catalog fully? I may be retarded...

DYRB? whenever theres a splatana faggot on my team i just wish there was a forfeit button so i could get it over with. Its just worse than the octobrush in every fucking way

>>612698591>Go deep into enemy's base and splash paint everywhere.>enemy grabs rainmaker>walks to the checkpoint while you play turf war with yourself

>disconnected from my SR teamNoooo! We were doing so good! They got me 2 cohozuna wins and 250 VP!

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How does the king salmonoid coming out work exactly in SR? I understand that he will come out if you've filled your little meter in the grizzco and also make it past round 3, but how come he only ever comes out when I've filled my meter? I've never had him activate via a teammate having filled their meter. I don't really get how they works, nor how the fuckin scales work.

>>612698662Gotta use the NSO app. Or just find it online somewhere, I'm sure someone's posted it somewhere.

>>612698662ninty app>>61269885325% chance for each meter filled

>>612698883Okay good. I'm not stupid. Thanks user.

>>612698853A full meter gives you 25% chance of seeing him. That stacks with everyone else's meters, so a team of SR players with full meter each is 100%.

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Do people who customize their lockers have family or a job?Why would people waste time in that room?

>>612698973It's just for fun user, it's really not that serious.

>>612698848>AnarchyYou're playing the wrong game.

>>612698973Why would people play Animal Crossing or the Sims?

>>612698973>why would people enjoy themselves?

Does this effect the plaza posts? Isn’t it tied to Twitter/Facebook?

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>>612696759It'd be neat if they make a air brush laser weapon that does small but continuous damage.

>>612699161That's different. What's happening here is the removal of logging into a Nintendo account with either social platform. You can still link your social media accounts to your Switch though.

>>612698910Thank you too user

>>612699215isn't that just the aerogay

>>612698973??? how is it any different from any other customization option that doesnt effect gameplay

>>612699161you can link your twitter account just not login to your nintendo account from it

>>612698973How do you even see how many people liked your locker anyways?

>>612699375Pretty sure that's a hidden stat as it has always been.

I main Heavy Splatling, but lose to chargers so I decided to main one to gain the mindset. How do you get better with them? Using the Goo Tuber atm.

>>612698973>Tonight, on Bait or Autism:

>>612699453So what's the point of that option then?This is just dumb

>>612699489The first thing you should do is not use the goo tuber. Use the splat charger instead if you want something comparable to heavy splattling.

>>612699489My man, if you were new to chargers, the goo tuber is probably the last one I would have recommended.

If you kill a flyfish with a broBooyah with that bro

>>612699375>>612699546Someone mentioned you can get stickers from getting a lot of Fresh!'s. I don't know if they meant from posts, lockers, or both.

>>612699594I try to, but that one guy who's had his post in the hub since release is right, kids these days really don't booyah back.

>>612699546To know that someone, somewhere, got bored, opened your locker, and found nothing but a gun on a shelf pointed at them.

>>612699640*badges. I meant badges. For your splat tag.

Sea Hares?

>>612699679>>612699640>>612699739W-wow, thanks, Nintendo

Splat zone on sturgeon shipyard is fucking aids holy shit, the zone is just a hill where people are just lobbing shit over and slosherfags just sit on a perch on either side.

>>612699847I got very used to defending it during the testfire, still much prefer TC or RM on Sturgeon though.

Throw a bomb at Maws? In THIS ink economy?!???

>mfw the crab tank can kill a Flyfish with its projectilesand people say this special isn't good for anything

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I fucking hate the Ultra Stamp. It needs Ink Armor really badly. As it is the thing is just a "Hey please kill me!" button.

>>612700082That or let it make wider turns.

>>612700082How do you kill it? I swear if someone activates it in front if me I'm fucking dead. If you're behind them then yeah it's a kill, but that doesn't always happen.

Are the Squid Sisters convinced Cuttlefish is senile or something?

>>612700179You sidestep it, and you shoot it. You can often just shoot it straight on because it doesn't fucking guard from the front.

>Salmon Run>comm error>comm error>comm error>software error>comm errorThe fuck is going on?

>>612700269It feels like it does have frontal guard but it's inconsistent. Or at least I can't fucking shoot through it, maybe splatanas suck at shooting through the hammer because the charge slashes are too vertical. There's a lot of places on maps where I can't just sidestep it either like chokepoints.

>>612698973>Not showing your family your funny lockerawful father

>>612700082stamper is perfectly balanced for team play

>>61269746752 and 96 are percentage of shots not hitting the target if you are not shooting point blank

>>612700374Mr. Grizz's backup plan. Crashing this game... WITH NO SURVIVORS

If we're going down in wave one, use your specials and take those damn salmon down with us


Is it true that you get something for autistically painting every single spot in Alterna?

>>612700750Well, you get stuff if you walk literally everywhere so there's no unknown places on the map


>>612700440the hammer itself has immunity, but it doesn't universally cover the front,. The guard goes up and down with the hammer. Anything with high fire rate will get hits through the front if they are persistent.

>two drop enemy team>one drops my team>communication error>that's a loss for youWhat a dumb system.

>>612700849shoot into the missile vents while they're open with the R attack.

>>612700750No. You get the shel-drone for uncovering all the fog on the maps. When it says "Surveyed" in green on the map screen you know you're done with that area.The shel-drone is whatever. for 999 eggs a day it'll retrieve you a random duplicate piece of furniture from the single player

Unrelated, but I absolutely love the saying “You lip synch, we drip ink”. Always say it out loud when I watch the broadcast.

>>612700917A friend of mine almost got banned, because the enemy Team caused a error.This shit is insane

>>612696423if you jump before shooting it's significantly easier to land all 3 shots. still very difficult though.

>>612699640Fake newsleanny.github.io/splat3/collectibles.html

never played splat 1 or 2, do I buy sirs?

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>>612700713Use your fucking specials.You are not going to pull off that sick nasty MLG 420 n0sCopE clutch play that you are imagining.You are not going to some how magically kill all the bosses and Cohozuna with your half chub charger shots.Your teammates did not save you so that they can see you frantically hop around and die again.Unless your weapon is shitting out ink strikes, no one gives a fuck about how good you are with it.You have a tool that can deal with the cluster fuck situation that your weapon alone can't solve.No one is gonna come and blow you for holding on to specials.Use your fucking specials.

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>>612700082The kill greed that players develop when they see a stamper is delicious though.

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>>612701096So it's uselessWhat a joke

>>612700971I say Big Man's AY aloud

>want to learn charger so I can force myself to improve my aim >don't want to be a complete drain on my team while I'm learningi am so bad at flicking

>>612696360Where do you see this setting?

>>612701209Just go play turf mode or anarchy battle (open)

>play demo>unusually high delay on gyro in handheldIs there a huge delay on the actual game or was it just a fluke with the demo? I did not have this issue with Splat2

>>612700082Stamp is perfect, fuck you.

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>>612701209you have to start somewherelike the other user said, play turf

>>612701356I want her to ride me like this

>>612701305>sidesteps u>shoots u 3 times while you careen into a wall

>>612701209>learning charger>just do some turf war, gonna focus on just splatting as many as I can>other 3 teammates are all using charger>still somehow win despite low splats across the team

I keep getting this weird glitch where the player who ruins my salmon run games keeps showing up in my bathroom mirror. Any one know the fix for this?

>>612701169I'm saving them for when I need them you cunt.

>mode change rips me from my team againDamn it, we were doing so good! I got up to 300 VP!>>612700965It can also get you 10k money.

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>>612701384skill issue

>>612698397bamboozler can't store a charge either

Why is it that the version of your ingame post that it screenshots for you and posts to twitter is enlarged and blurry as shit

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>>612701434yeah, too much skill cause stamp users are easy pickings

>>612701416And skills

>>612701495twitter's fault. It does that to any low res image.

>Drink Run Speed Up Gazpacho>Play for 10 matches>Not one Run Speed Up ability on all 3 gear pieces

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Yebby = Octozon > Woomy > Veemo > Weyyo

>>612701416>playing with friends>whenever someone needs to buy gear, scrub gear, or pick up rewards, or map changes, we have to recreate the room>can't just keep the room persistent at allNearly any other big game wouldn't have this kind of issue, why is basic QoL features so fucking alien to them, I don't know. Granted you can at least queue up to join your friend in the next match but man this really shouldn't be an issue


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>>612701617>why is basic QoL features so fucking alien to them, I don't knowSmall indie company, prease understandu

I feel so bad for whatever team has to defend next splatfest, this layout looks so bad.

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Is Crab Tank considered good? I found it pretty useful when I flank or add some suppressing fire to areas but I don't think it's too crazy.

>play brella because shotguns are cool>doesnt actually act like a shotgun in most cases, gets destroyed by any regular shooter>shield is useless in such low tick rate, getting poked behind the shield>ink drain is too much, can never be effecient>basically dead weightcool weapon

>>612701725I think it's one of the better specials.

>>612701774Use the TentaRegular Brella is currently bugged

>>612701774Play blaster, they act more like shotguns, especially the luna blaster

>>612701774i was going to use a ticket on it, now i'll pass

>>612701725I get the feeling people find it middling since it can leave you vulnerable, and you're not even necessarily protected from the front, but it can put in some work. I like it a lot more than I expected to.

>>612701894>Regular Brella is currently buggedIt is? How so?

>use ink vac on tower control during a big pushI greatly underestimated but now I see the light.

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>>612696684>splat bomb,Roll it over the floor>burst bombCombo memeshit you will never do it because lol latency>curling bombExists purely to travel, maybe you will be able to dab with cooked bomb on some shitter or ricochet someone>toxic mist,Lol, lmao even>splash wallPut it down then stand inside>suction bombZoning tool and zone painting tool>fizzy bombMeme to mildly annoy people>torpedoGood way to throw away your ink for nothing, may sort of work for scouting>point sensorNo one ever shoots marked targets>angle shooterPoint sensor but gay>autobomb Another mildly annoy people tool kinda decent with jr custom for splatfests throw it at the enemy >squid beakonUse to make nonshitty jump points and reveal enemies on map>ink mine LmaoOnly exists to warn eliters and hydras something is coming and none even have it anymore >sprinkler Throw it in the trashIf enemy charger is shit you can throw it behind them and watch them squirm

>>612701709I wonder if they're already going to implement changes or if it'll be exactly like the testfire. They said they would fine tune it sometime or something.

>>612702056They aren't fixing it until december. It's just happening less until then

I feel like I'm getting more braindead teammates the higher I go in A rank, for some reason.Like fucking guys who, I can only assume have a serious brain injury, don't swim at full speed with the rainmaker after getting a wipeout. Fucking guy was just standing around shooting shots like there was still any danger. I picked up the fucking thing every time after that, these single-digit IQ retards that play this game can't be trusted with anything

>>612701894was going to try tentra with some spare licenses simply to try and be more frontline>>612701894how is splat brella bugged?>>612701903blasters dont give me the same satisfaction

I love you, Heavy Splatling.

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Why does toxic mist exist?

>>612701617I'd say it's because when it comes to user experience, Nintendo usually builts it for the most clueless player imaginable.That's why it works well for someone who just picks up the game starts matchmaking, but doesn't really consider people who go through the effort of playing with friends.Another reason might be the heavy focus on aesthetics. The developers seem to value a specific experience instead of a smooth one. They have moved away from some limitations though, like Salmon Run availability, so some more QoL updates are possible

>>612702021that thing is fucking nuts, it even works on Booyah Bombs

>>612702225Guessing too many people complained about the OG Disruptor.

>>612702225Throw it onto the tower and now anyone on it can't do shit

>>612696684A lot of people sleep on the angle shooter, but imo it's a pretty good sub that forces smarter players to wait out fighting since they will be pretty easy targets for you (at least on SSP, I don't know how Jet Squelcher friends feel about it). It has relatively low ink cost and goes pretty far, so just chuck that shit at people and help mark.

>>612702364Yeah but I could just throw a bomb instead

>>612702282>throws killer wail into your faceNothing personal

>splatana has to leave a huge opening if you wanna have the chance to oneshot someone>weapons like the roller not only can oneshot but also get huge mobilitythe balancing is a joke

The only way they can salvage missiles is to never release another kit with it. 4 weapons is 4 too many, but it's fine for now. Really only Reef-Lux can spam it. It will be cancer if more weapons get it, this fucking game doesn't need to be more like 2.

>>612701221System Settings > TV Output, my fellow troglodyte.

>Eggsecutive VP>people still fucking wait until everyone is nearly dead to use specials and START collecting eggs during the last 20 seconds

>>612702431>almost all weapons have projectile dropoff and relatively limited range>chargers get to sit on one of the many designated camping points and stop everyone else from playing the game because nobody can get close enough to hit thembalancing is a joke because the devs are chargerfags

I'm curious if anyone knows... do they have the same connection error problem in Japan? It's pretty bad and I can't help but wonder if Nintendo just "works in my country ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

>>612702625The first patch announcement because of connection shit was a Japanese announcement

>Reef Slider into Ink Vac>Vacuum absorbs all damage from the slide + blasti feel like that isn't supposed to happen

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>>612697564I made a low effort shitpost and it's still not deleted somehow

is there a way to mute "Help" spam in SR?

>>612702041>He doesn't know the good ink mine spots

Is the horizontal gyro aiming supposed to be really sluggish or is my pro controller fucked? I have it on max sensitivity and it still feels like I'm trying to snap a niggers neck to barely aim left/right.

>>612702853Nope I just ignore it if they are egg stealers

>>612702853Helping your teammates is a good way to get them to shut up.

>>612702878>He thinks anyone ever is going to move forward without inking the area first

Why does like every tableturf weapon card have a black character on it. Like goddamn meanwhile in game nearly everyone uses the white skinThe only exception to this is the Dark Tetra Dualies card which couldn't have a whiter person on it if it tried

>reefslider's instakill radius is larger than the ring that appears around itdishonest horseshit, at least make the ring larger>>612703073dark like the oceans they came from

>>612702914what the fuck are egg stealers? the salmonides retaking the eggs?

>>612702853no. i will sit under the flyfish and spam until you acknowledge it.

>>612703137Players that kill steak and take your boss eggs

>>612703191who cares if it makes you pass the wave as opposed to falling short due to being a greedy fuck?

>>612703191>your boss eggs?it's a team game user

>>612702619The maps need to be more open. The forced fuck you go only one way shit needs to stop.

>>612703191You know the eggs are all shared right? It literally doesn't matter

Remember to not to reply to inane underage schizo with "egg stealers" and other stupid shit

>>612703191>complaining aboutkillstealers in sr of all thingscc or i defame

>>612703221>>612703247>>612703251Look at the end leaderboard shitters. You must be some of the dipshits I've been with in go getter

>>612703248I wish the maps were wider, something like Hammerhead or Scorch Gorge funnel you into one central area where if there's a good sniper on the other team you may as well just set the controller down and give up because there is no way to flank them.

>>612703362>go getterThat explains why you're retarded.

Scorch Gorge is one of the worst maps in the whole series. It hasn't been this easy to lock down an enemy base since Port Mackerel in Splatoon 1.Whoever loses the first team fight in the center is just fucked.

>>612703446>there is no way to flank themYou literally have two side paths on the bridge, you dumb nigger. And the center is low.

>>612703362People like this do not actually exist, I refuse to beleive it.

>>612703528k i'll just paint myself a bright orange path through the blue paint, that surely won't get the attention of the charger in the middle.

>>612703362Everyone on the team gets rewarded the same. Don't focus on being the best on an individual level.

do you get anything for reviving teammates in SR? seems like a waste of time desu

Can you dab in this game

>>612703630yes, get your cataloge to lvl 98

>>612703606Is this a legit question? Because that's a pretty dumb one

>>612703630Just finish the catalogue bro

>>612703630Catalog Lv 98Better get to Lv 98 soon, user. After 2 months, it'll be gone for the next 3 seasons and we'll rotate to a new Catalog

>>612703073It seems like they used every skin tone about equally.They're only all black if you're counting the tan ones as black.

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>>612703717yes it is, doesn't look like it gets you any points

>>612703591This retarded argument can be made for literally any stage.

>>612703591Bro just use your trusty Killer Wail 5.1© to shoo him away then use your Gal .52© to finish him off

>>612703591don't go alone, dumbfuckman everyone who cries about chargers always go one by one to get sniped

What is a low IQ weapon?SPLOOSH?


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>>612703717Yes. Im capable of soloing shit like scrappers and can just get the 9 eggs for quota myself. Why would I bother?

>>612703894Sloshing Machine

>the communication error was so fucked, the game actually crashedThat's a good a sign as any that I should stop for the time being. I'm on the cusp of 400, this felt impossible for the last whole week. Hope I can make it to 500 or 600 later today. Holy shit, SR is so much more fun when your team can actually play.

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>>612703894Pretty much anything that doesn't need you to aim properly, like the blaster or buckets

>>612703883>dude just run towards the entrenched charger alongside your teammates that also have no range like you're storming the beaches of Normandy

>>612703894clash blaster

I'd love to say I would avoid helping people who made a point of not helping the rest of the team, but how petty would you need to be to make a mental note of something like that in the utter chaos that is SR?

>>612703968>9 eggs for quotaAwwww, he thinks he's hardcore foe doing baby shifts.

>>612704006What weapon do you use? Besides excuses, I mean. You're clearly super fresh with that one.

>>612704006Is this your first time playing Splatoon? Just drop the game if you're going to cry about being outranged each match.

>>612703968>can just get the 9 eggs for quota myselfI've seen some bait, but holy fuck

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>>612703968>>612703775>That's the Team you are working with.No wonder we always lose

gee, i really feel like i’m playing against people at my skill level in ranked. i sure am not getting my ass handed to me.

Go mid on SR or I feed. Its simple.

>>612703968>the 9 eggs for quota myself.

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I hope the dlc will be as good as octo expansion. The singlepalyer kinda sucks but I thin it sucked too in splatoon 2 but I don't remember. Do I get anything for doing all the weapons?

>>612704252Enjoy your quest to demote yourself to Go-Getter, I guess.

>>612704252I don't even know what this means.

>>612704318No nothing for all weapons. Also this singleplayer is better than Octo expansion idk what you're on about

>>612704318Hey, the single player was pretty good. It basically was OE, just not as balls to the wall. Good indication that the DLC campaign will be even more fucked than OE was.

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>>612704394bro? The presentation sucks and only the very last part is fine. I'd rather have back my train than those bland islands

>>612704318I think the singleplayer in 3 is better than 2, since there's at least a bit more variation. I think what 3 has over Octo Expansion is the more exploration focused stages.Still, Octo is unmatched in variation, pacing and difficulty, and I hope too that 3's DLC will be as good

>>612703991Make sure it isn't actually your SD card or wherever Splatoon stores its update data. I had an SD card corrupt and fail on me, which manifested as a number of games corrupting and needing to be reinstalled.But I have no doubt it could very well be this game being buggy considering all the other reports.

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Anyone here play Inkling?

>Demonic screaming noises don't appear anymore>Giggling squid statues have been decomissioned>Payphone doesn't ring anymore (?)Bros are they gonna add some more spooky mysteries to 3? Those little myths were really soulful and it reminded me of the time people were claiming to see bigfoot in San Andreas. I didn't believe the squid statues actually giggled, and my jaw fucking dropped when i saw proof of it.

>>612704640Uh, fuck, you got me worried now. Lemme check real quick.

>>612704649Yes, a black one


>>612704649why do male octos do that gay pose with the hand? I just can't ....

>>612700067Always hasYou can also do this with the jet special

>>612704526Your train was those bland islands. You being a vaporwave muh 80s fag doesn't change that.

>>612703968You'll never climb the corporate ladder with a mindset like that, user. Stay floundering at the lower levels like the bottom feeder you are if you're gonna act like that to your team.

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>>612704860eh seethe all you want the single player was kinda ass

Nope, game's working fine. Might've just been a weird side effect of playing with japs in SR. They were surprisingly good, I've gotten accustomed to them sucking balls in a lot of games I play.>a badge I got is for getting to VP 200 on Gone FissionOh no. Oh no, I'm gonna have to get these for every single area. Please don't tell me it goes up to 999.

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>>612703745They're pretty damn "tan"

>>612704372It means if I catch you in jungle im not helping you meet quota.

>>612704860vaporwave is cool, synthwave is reddit cringe and has no basis in actual 80s aesthetics