Genshin Impact Makes $12,000,000 A Day

And only on mobile.How is that possible?

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People are desperate for love and think spending money for a small chance at getting a virtual avatar to say they love them will fill the void in their heart.

CCP doesn't let Chinks play real games

I guess people really wanted the new dendro characters but the MC is the best dendro so I don't understand why. People should've just saved for the dendro archon.

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> Gambling makes loads of money.Wow.

>>612694132Stop projecting, it's not that deep

>>612693994i wonder what the spend o chart looks like, are there like 200 people who spend thousands every day and several million who might spend a dollar on average? gambling disgusts me and its an easy way to feel superior so ive a morbid curiosity to satiate here.

>>612693994because retards play it, next question

Genshin is also the most expensive game ever to develop so I would say it's fair to some length.It was a worse issue when FGO was making those numbers, except they were selling .png images with stats.

>>612693994based, dabbing on snoyshit china KING

It doesn't even make sense since Genshin is a pretty generous game for the most part. The dev give you enough currency to save up for a 5 star every 2 months or so.

>>612693994What is even there to spend on this patch? I thought Tighnari was a flop, Kokomi was situational and everyone already had Zhongli/Ganyu

>>612695783I know it's hard to fathom but most people are casuals and don't grab everything.They skip days. They don't 100% events. They don't redeem codes.If you're playing it that casually, it's easy to pass up on most of your Freemogems.

>>612693994widespread exposure, steady stream of content to rationalize the cost. this is why western industries are targeting the chinese audience. there are so many frequent users among them that they are assured a significant profit even if a small fraction actually buy anything.

>>612693994Uma making 2nd place despite only having sales from japan is actually pretty incredible.

>>612695707Genshin has a large Playstation playerbase though however

ok and candy crush make a lot of money too. Is it one of the best games of all time?

>>612695468>Genshin is also the most expensive game ever to developHow on Earth could that possibly be true? Did they need to bribe the CCP with 90% the budget or something?

>>612696067I thought Uma Musume was on its way out already?

>>612695905>100% eventsThere's no reason to you idiotYou get shit rewards for doing hard difficulty on events, no primos at allBesides Exploration barely gives you any primos so people just do the events and dailies

>>612696283They spend a lot of money making it a good game.

>>612696357>gacha>goodThis isn't possible and you know it

>>612696283years of milking Honkai whales and leviathans

>>612695783Comared to fucking what? The saving grace is that the game us easy as shit do you don't need max power character, but otherwise the Constelation system can go eat a dick. Many characters feel like unfinished before they're maxed and good fucking luck with those rates.

>>612696293Nope it's always at the top in sales chart. Don't underestimate keibafags.

>>612696357"Good" really isn't a quality that applies to a budget. Lots of good games that were relatively cheap to produce and lots of ridiculously expensive flops

Honestly I'm glad I burned out on GenshinMade me love Holla Forumsidya again

>>612696453>Many characters feel like unfinished before they're maxed Such as?

>>612693994Play HIT2

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>>612696458Amazing. Uma Musume is probably the shittiest gacha of all time.Not only is horse racing garbage, the designs are awful. There's not a single Uma Musume girl that looks good. It's baffling, even.I will never understand why Japan of all places is obsessed with horse racing.I have a feeling that once Uma Musume starts to drop, it will fall off the face of the Earth. Since as that post stated, it's held up entirely by the Japanese.

>>612696397lol>>612696518name another AA game that gets as much new and quality content as this oneprotip you can't, because this game has an extremely high budget.

>>612696283the devs have many gacha games

In 10 years anime will be chinese

>>612696729I give it 5 or less

>>612696453I personally think the constellation system exists to punish whales since if you take a 5 star to c6 they're so strong they make the game even more boring.

>>612693994Its all me!Though currently frustraed since cant spend money on it - already have both current banner chars and weapons, so have to wait another week till i can contribute again to Chinese army funds and Death of America.

>>612696729Yeah dude just like they're producing their own anime for the subject of this thread.

>>612696729>animeWho cares

>>612696586Tortilla, Klee before C5, Jeanne off the top of my head. Diluc doesn't get to connect his skill with his basics well before C5 iirc. Ningg has like 50% ir more damage depending on the target locked behind her C1 for fucks sake.

>>61269578360 mlln players play Genshin. If every of them buys Welkin for 5$ once a month, its already 300 mln$

>>612695843a lots of new players joined game with Sumeru update

>>612696630I mean, if genshin can sell the most basic and blandest anime designs ever made, then Uma Musume can do the same too.It's how you get the normalfags.

>>612693994As much as Holla Forums doesn't want to admit it, it's a good game

>>612693994Cunny makes munny.

>>612696526Opposite for me. Most new AAA releases are shit, VR is stagnant as fuck. Genshin gives me MMO progression dopamine, has short play sessions between real content, and drip feeds content frequent enough to keep my engaged and I've enjoyed it since launch. First time I found myself enjoying something big budget that wasn't a rerelease or decade old in a while

>>612696283game costs 100 mln$ to develop, but maintaining it costs already 200$ mln since now need to rush a lot of content to keep players interested. And they succeeded.


>>612697071You know nothing.Genshin's design are god tier.Ganyu's in-game model is one of the sexiest anime women ever designed. Not fanart, not 2D portraits, but her actual 3D model.Then you have girls like Hu Tao, Raiden and Keqing who are also 10/10 designs and extremely popular.

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>>612696729Most anime already outsource a lot of work to China and Korea

>>612696729already now many of the chinese titles are superior to Japanese seasonal trashbut Japan still dominates - ergo, Mihoyo making deal with Ufotable instead of using own animation studio it has

>>612696929everything about this post is wrong

>>612696407And honkai whales should be proud because their sacrifices is finally awarded with a superior game.

>>612697227>thing I like is good because I like it>thing I don't like is bad because I don't like italright retard

>>612697212That's my point. All AAA and MMO titles are shit now, but scratches that long term progression itch and comes with the perks of having a AAA budget.

>>612697361>mfw it's genshin's turn to fund yet another superior game, ZZZall according to keikaku

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>>612697473ZZZ and SR are targeting more niche audiences. Genshin aimed for mass normie casual audience. Mihoyo and anyone with a brain are aware of this, but half the internet thinks they're supposed to be Genshin level releases.

>>612697227>Genshin's design are god tierYeah, by VN standards they are.But in reality they are just very plain because of the artstyle they use.It doesn't help that they only use like 5 different models and all they change is the size of the head and the neck.

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It used to be make 100 million.Genshit is sinking.

>>612697418Also the majority of Genshin girls are on the>inb4 popularity != good designSuck my dick

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>>612696630Nigger shut your fucking mouth, uma looks fucking hot unlike your kiddy shit.

>>612697583Genshin designs are plain. Its a fact. Especialy compared to other gachas - even compared to Honkai. But Genshin characters are the most memorable and popular despite that - also fact. So whatever they are doing seems to work.

Genshit girls are the same girls in different clothes, the same height, the same model.

>>612697598read he OP article - 12 Mln on FIRST DAY, and thats only countine western mobile platforms

>>612697543>ZZZ and SR are targeting more niche audiencesI got the same feeling the second I saw ZZZ's tit jiggle physics and a hebe character with absurd knockers to use them on, something we'd never get in Genshin.Can't fucking wait.

>>612697543How they can juggle like 6 service games at the same time? EGS can barely keep up with only fortnite with all those crunches

>>612697707It's all hype because Genshit is an open world F2P game, that shit cracks up.But no worry, it will fall.


>>612697227>Genshin's design are god tier.It's both good and bad how much the region a character comes from influences their design. I love almost all Mondsadt characters, and immediately got sick of asian culture elements with Liyue and Inazuma back to back. I know they deviated from eachother a lot, and it's a japanese styled chinese game, but I can't wait to see the other nations. Specifically Shnez and Fontaine. Sumeru is a total mixed bag so far.And that's not saying Liyue/Inazuma had shit character designs. I just wanted less fucking tabards and more Chinese Militia/Samurai armor.

>>612697707>But Genshin characters are the most memorable and popular despite that - also factI actually don't even remember what ganyu's story quest was even about. I remember she was busy with work around liyue and that's it. Nothing else memorable comes to my mind, I don't even remember if it had one of those videos they do at the end of the quests with the pretty graphics.Even worse is that the same thing happens with every single character quest I did a couple months ago. It's not that memorable in my opinion.

>>612697583Using standardized body models and skeletons is a fair use. They want to release dozens of characters every year, each with their own animations. They had to standardize the models to some degree in order to save up on development time and resources.>>612697752They are not as copy paste as you might think. They have a shared pool of skeletons and heights but they do have distinct body models, bust sizes, heads and more.

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>>612696630>the designs are awful.The "gameplay" being shitty I would agree with that but the designs? Sounds like you are have terminal shit taste.>>612697227Genshin's designs are pretty much Honkers 2.0 not terrible but not good either.

>>612697789>first dayIt used to be make a billion each month.Cope and seethe, Genshitter.

>>612697808watched 20 min of ZZZ gameplay yesterday and while it looks good, it`ll not replace Genshin or even near - is just arena fighting mobile game like HonkaiA casual thing to play through, doubt it`ll be massively popular. Designs music and combat look ok, but it`ll not make anyone switch from Genshin. Same with Strarrail.Waiting for Mihoyo Project X MMOFPS - maybe it`llbe good.

>>612697884>They are not as copy paste as you might think. They have a shared pool of skeletons and heights but they do have distinct body models, bust sizes, heads and more.Oh please, just slight deviation.Compared this to Fate with actual tall - medium - medium-short, short girls and you can see the difference.It's laziness.

>>612697840Surely. Somwhere in 2040 there will be a game replaceing Genshin in its popularity and it`ll be Mihoyo`s own VR MMO

>>612697873pixiv and sadpanda disagree with you

>>612697973Fucking retard. You're comparing a fully modeled 3D open world game to a 2D battler with animated frames.

>>612697809Turns out money can buy you lots of things, including tons of talented developers

>>612697227Holy mother of mediocre. Hu Tao is just a Touhou chara with admittely nice nails. The others don't even get that good. Honkai models completely rob Genshin ones, but the playerbase operates on nearly fatal amounts of copium like you.Favorite is still the delusion if "swole daddy Itto" that was just wehrment denial of reality.

>>612693994Shit taste

>>612697904oh, you are just trolling. Should have marked your posts with "i am retard troll, please ignore"

>>612697873Character quests are an absolute mixed bag. Sometimes they're bangers, a lot of just decent, some are fucking dreadfully boring and more focused on NPCs for some reason. Ganyu specifically I feel is memorable because her relationship with Cloud Retainer, the quest itself was NPC tier.Good Story Quests are ones like Venti, Raiden II, Zhongli, Itto, Childe, Yae. Shit ones are ones like Kokomi and Ayato. I feel like they've stepped their game up a little bit lately, but you still get ones like Ayato where you're following an NPC story just for the current rate up character is so SMART and COOL.

>>612697884I get it from a development point of view, but then you remember they are making a shitload of money on the game. Plus they are willing to put it on an anime nobody asked for instead of just making more character body models/skeleton.Because of that we end up with shit like Itto looking like shaggy.Genshin has no excuse with how much money they now make.

>>612693994This game looks like shit. All anime bitches look exactly the same. Why do people like this shit. I hate mobile games and anime.

>release multiple new game modes every patch that are available for a couple weeks max>refuse to elaborateI don't know how this is sustainable

>>612693994Someone actually made a good game and had an original concept for once

>>612698265>Hating anime>On a weeb boardReddit is that way, sir.

>>612697973I love how people cite the base skeletons as laziness constantly when every character comes with so many voice lines, unique skills, custom effects and dozens of unique animations. Some even have extra details like Fischl's attack animation ending with a laugh on certain attacks, or Yinjun posing and Chinese orchestra sfx playing when ending on different attacks. Extra detail for something most players don't even see because they're primarily off field support characters. So "lazy".

>>612698274They do the same with minigames in Honkers Impact.

>>612698125NPC driven story quests are alright sometimes

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>>612698274It's minigames, shit costs nothing to develop.The reason they can afford it, is because they don't do Endgame stuff like boss battles or craftable skins/characters like other gacha.

>>612698265Seething consolefag. How’s your $1000 ps5 with no games>>612698274Unpaid chink labor. I almost suspect they use child labor somehow that or just exploit the fuck out of employees. I don’t get why patches aren’t replayable at least once.

>>612698338Reddit this dick in your mouth

>>612698327Yeah, it was called Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.>>612698350You can cope all you want it's absolutely lazy and they are just using the fact it's open world as an excuse. Just look at Fischl in Honkai.

>>612698423>I don’t get why patches aren’t replayable at least onceFOMO is the fuel that moves this huge ship.


>>612698112>>612698067>>612698001Cope more, Genshitter.Your day has come.

>>612698125Eh, the problem is I have seen what other gacha can do with character stories, so i've been spoiled.They just need better writers for the game, because so far the characters in genshin don't have character arcs to go through. It's a kodomo anime like Pokemon.

>>612698485>Just look at Fischl in Honkai.No coping here. Also how many playable characters does Honkai have after 7 years? Besides the point, you're comparing apples to oranges. It's not so much about the open world either.>>612698423>>612698493It's not just FOMO. It's also phonefags holding the game because because of file size bloat.

>>612693994Most of the entire asian market has their eyes set to mobile. Considering how much reach the game has especially towards the chinks, it'll be bound to make that much.

>>612698519Constructive conversation there buddy

Genshin's monetization by design is actually quite interesting in that it doesnt really cater to whales unlike other gacha games. There's a fixed pity where you're guaranteed to get the unit which results in a hard cap in the amount you can spend even if you reach max constellations. You can spend like 10k or so in genshin and get every unit maxed out in the game which is comparatively nothing if you look at other gacha games. Not to mention how Genshin does it's best not to powercreep and add in end game content because they want to keep the game itself casual too so there's never a need to roll for every new character either. In the end Genshin makes the most money from monthly welkins and battlepasses from casual players more than whales which is far more sustainable money-wise compared to other gacha games where they pander specifically only to whales which causes gacha games to shut down when whales leave.

So when do we get a copy of this for every game?

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>>612698573I quit months ago. I had been playing since Day 1 and was burned out.Genshin is still the best game I played over the last two years, even if I got tired of it. The formula is solid and even though it's quite casual, the exploration was top comfy.Getting angry on 4chan doesn't change the fact that Genshin is a global success that everyone in every country will keep trying to replicate, for the next decade or two.Ever since smart phones became common, we have been begging for someone to make an actual game for phones. Now we have it and people call it shit for no reason other than it's mobile, or that it's chinese.Even if you don't like it, you still have to admit it's miles above and beyond any other phone game.

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>>612697809They're using the money they make on themselves and on those games instead of maintaining a failed store and paying for exclusivity deals.

>>612693994Here's a random Genshin gameplay footage, compare to FGO, another popular gacha from Japan.Anybody with a braincell can clearly see the vastly different production value.I am sure FGO (or any other games) has its charm, is just that when being compared to Genshin, it just feel cheap, outdated,

I hate Chinese niggers and Genshit Impact. Play a real video game, bitch.

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>>612698715>>612698868>no but be honestI'll be honest and Genshit is reclining.

I'm pretty sure spending money in China is like a status symbol in games. Could be wrong but that's what I heard.

>>612694132Good thing I've pretty much managed to get rid of that need a long time ago. Sometimes, I can't really tell if this was good though.

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>>612699025The girls are cute

>>612698485Botw was so boring I couldn’t finish also genshin I’d cheaper

>>612698350>when every character comes with so many voice linesThat's expected of a gacha, they could do 3 times more for event stories if they dropped the other language dubs. It might even improve the story writing because they can do more.>unique skills, custom effects and dozens of unique animationsCharacters have only 2 skills, many of the attack animations are shared among them. Characters who used to have unique attack animations later are seen in newer characters. In fact they have removed unique animations like Klee's old walking animation.>Some even have extra details like Fischl's attack animation ending with a laugh on certain attacks, or Yinjun posing and Chinese orchestra sfx playing when ending on different attacksIf only they used those on the character selection screen when doing your team or entering a dungeon, them just staring into the void just doesn't do it for me.

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>>612698761This is by far the single most important part of why Genshin is a game changer for video games.If more games were like this, video games would be a lot less shitty.

>>612698223>an anime nobody asked forYou're joking right?

>>612699105>If only they used those on the character selection screen when doing your team or entering a dungeon, them just staring into the void just doesn't do it for me.thats actually good idea, post in next survey

>>612699150You really expect anything from an adaptation of genshin's shit story?Everyone will laugh at it when it reaches Inazuma, because no matter what they do, Ei's reason for the vision hunt was retarded as hell, and the conclusion of how she changed her mind after hundreds of years was even more retarded.

>>612699181I have been doing so for a while now, they probably don't do it because it can fuck with co-op.

>>612697583>by VN standardsVN designs tend to be better.

Genshin is the new WiiEveryone plays itAnd it is anime, making anime more popular, more than nintendo would ever do

>>612698987It's funny how Japan used to be king of mobile games but they got destroyed hard by china nowadays due to their stubbornness and refusal to adapt to new technology, panderiing hard to whales and refusal to adopt new gameplay by sticking with what works.

>>612693994Paypigs let me play for FREE, god bless them.

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>>612699440Uma exists you know

>>612699326Genshin is more like the new Sword Art Online, but more popular.Remember that shit?Bland designs, story that cattered to impressionable kids who have never seen anime before, really good music, to this day it's still a normalfag tier anime.

>>612698987>outdatedNo shit, it released 5 years before Genshin.

>>612694132literally me, except the characters are censored, and now playing makes me sad instead of happy

>>612699440Well to be fair, why put an effort and spend so much money developing a game like Genshin when you can make a shitty game with flashing .pngs and make a few millions less?

Genshin cured my gacha addiction, or at least the overspending I did. With just buying the 5 euro a month thing I can get every character I want, at least without constellations or unique 5* weapons. Much better than what I was used to in other games. F2P BTW.

>>612698761Why do people who never actually played a damn gacha keep dropping hot opinions while pretending they know what the fuck they're talking about?You don't play a gacha and you've no idea a) what a generous gacha looks like (there isn't one) and b) how other gacha keep themselves afloat.

>>612696079Nobody plays Genshin on Playstation, it's mostly mobile or PC

>>612696630>plebeian confused and angry at patrician sport still in 21st centuryMust suck being so poor it's in your genes.

>>612696689>this game has an extremely high budgetYes, that explains the quantity of content. Sadly that has nothing to do with quality though, my dear shill

>>612697583>It doesn't help that they only use like 5 different models and all they change is the size of the head and the neck.Worked for Monster Hunter

>>612699025Why aren't you playing a real video game instead of shitposting on 4chan user?

>>612698350>unique skillshahahahhahaha, what drugs are you on genchink?

If you play on both mobile and PC, Google locks purchases to mobile only. There are ways around this, such as the web topup site or deleting your Google Play Games account to unbind it, but I doibt most know about this or even bother with it.

>>612693994Will they use all this money to make a good game?

>>612693994Imagine being such a faggot that you brag about some soulless chink commie company scamming people with addictive personalities for their money. This is like bragging about how you know someone that makes a lot of money selling heroin infront of orphanages.

>>612699059Yes, it's considered a "flex" to whale in vidya over there. F2poors are looked down upon heavily in china compared to the west.

>>612693994>has to make anime deal with studio famous for tax evasionyeah nah they're on the verge of failing

>>612693994Simple: people are stupid.

>>612700756They are making their own metaverse and working with a Shanghai neurology hospital to research brain interfaces

>>612700272lol cope

>>612697707I don't think you know what "plain" or "bland" even mean. Show me an example of a cute girl design that isn't bland to you. Right now. I'll wait.

>>612702163Nigger, you asked for it.

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>>612694463The best thing is this isn't even gambling. In a casino sometimes players win and get money. Here if you "win" you just get some waifu shit. It's just a money extractor

>>612693994Chinks being mindfucked by the CCP and coomers

>>612701726MHY will be the company to invent FullDive tech

>>612693994People think it's gacha money from all the characters that people are rolling but it's actually chink players unironically spending their money to do constant refreshes on their resin to do continuous artifact runs. I remember one chink player getting pissy saying they'd drop the game if Mihoyo ever changed the artifact system. Rich kids are fucking insane.

>>612702315First of all,. bullshit. That's as typical zoomr shit as it gets. Second, she's from an anime, not a game. 3rd, even Barbara's basic ass looks more stnadout than her.Try again

>>612702605Nigger, your bitch be mad ugly, GTFO of here.

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>>612702315Explain to me how Yelan's design is more plain

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>>612702315It's that chick from Soul Hackers 2 right?

>>612702685calm down man, those chinks are used to censored designs like women wearing literal diapers because daddy pooh is afraid of pantyshotsyou're going to kill them by posting actually hot female characters in this thread

>>612702750Her is literally too busy without the good stuff.


>>612694382I'm getting every character in the game. Every fucking game is so shit these days that I'm at the point where I play the same fps and genshin and some party games on the side with friends.I hate doing this and genunely wish games were not so shit. But it is what it is you get good exploration and music from Genshin.

>>612702750NTA but part of the problem is the color, she's all blue, either the character designer got bored halfway through or he's making a power ranger

>>612703594>good exploration

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>>612703975Her element is Hydro? Half of Genshin's characters have a very monocolored color palette to match their elements.

>>612704028Not him but it definetly is fun to explore, I don't personally care about the chests as a reward but it's fun to find things.I recently found this random girl hanging out in a cave.

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>>612704028If you think the exploration are about the content of the chest then you understand nothing about exploration. Exploration is about the scenery, the environement and how things behave. The puzzles and quests are part of the fun. Finding a chest is nice but it's way more fun when it's behind a puzzle.

>>612693994Money laundering

>>612704174Ah yeah she has a use later if you don't know. I was like wtf how is she here when I found here. IT was pretty cool. Sumeru is the best patch exploration wise.

>>612704028i mean, for a game thats free, it looks cool

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>>612704091And you think thats a good thing? Might as well admit the designs are bland

>>612704284nah that looks bad

>>612704091>>612704174>>612704284Single image and 3 assblasted shills, one picture really is worth a 1000 words huh. Must have hit a nerve

>>612704408I guess people can't explain themselves or provide an alternative to your thinking without being called a shill/

>>612696605This looks like an autistic feverdream

YOU WILL NEVER BE A REAL GAME>>612704284Nice WoW brah.

0 days since Holla Forums seethed about Genshin Impact's well-deserved success

>>612704469They can, but the reaction is funny, especially when 2 of those posts are basically the same thing. Exploration is shit, not just because its not rewarding, its just unfun to play, movement in this game is awful and if the best you can say about it is "it looks pretty" then please, unironically go outside and take a walk

>>612704284yeah it looks cool and the soundtrack is awesome tootoo bad almost everything else is trash, I've been playing since day one because I'm a waifufag but as a game, Genshin is pretty mediocre

>>612704641I like the exploration personally and don't think game feels bad to move in either. Maybe it's just a game that's not for you.

>>612704641>movement in this game is awfulYou did not play the game.

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>>612704641>movement in this game is awful no kazuha

These threads will continue for the next 8+ years

>>612704865>>612704904Oh wow you have to pull a very specific character for a basic double jump! That sure convinced me the game isnt bad

>>612704945I thought they wanted to finish the game in 7 and it's already had 2 so far.

>>612704956>basic double jumpCan you double jump IRL? No? Shut the fuck up.

>>612701051Bullshit, there is no power rating in Genshin, people won't know if you spent a dollar or 10k+, there is absolutely no way to tell unless you brag about it all day. In many other games *cough diablo immortal cough*, you will have a public rating based on how much you spent, and people will judge your power rating like they judge your PP.