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>>612691950wait it's out already? fuck yeah


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>>612691950What’s the file size?

>>612691950how do i get this if my country's steam doesnt list it?

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>>612691950>>612692161learn to read nigga, download is now available but servers don't go live until the 21st>>61269216418.15gb

They released it early? Is it actually released or 'released' so they can do server maintenance and shit while preparing for actual player numbers?

>>612692207I think you can probably use a proxy to add it to your account, and once its added you should be able to access it permanently. Like that DoA Volleyball gacha

>>612692349read the thread

>mecha shitNo thanks. Looks like shovelware as well.

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>free to playinto the trash it goes

>>612692502what anime?is it good?

>>612691950What happened to GBO2 on PC?

>>612692502Damn, TWO(2) Brain dead takes in under 10 words?!Impressive

>>612692589they're spacing all these gundam games out probably because they realize that despite the genre differences they are heavily competing with eachother

>F2Pwtf I swear I saw $60 price tag before. FUUUUUUCKKKKKK THAT. I just wanted a gundam game that had a great roster like the dynasty warrior inspired ones.

>>612692381They fixed that method for VV at some point, question is if it'll still work for Evolution.

>>612692558Haiyore! Nyaruko-san>>612692529>>612692697unless it's changed from the beta, the monetization seemed fine for a F2P game. just a battle pass and some mediocre cosmetics in a shop. all the maps/gundams/gameplay shit is free for everyone.

>>612692502my wife chino is a fag

>>612692502nonono bamco won't totally shut down this ow clone after it flops like all the othersbelieve in the star of david and everyone will have a pure time

>>612692558Gochiusa. Its one of the best SoL's ever made. >>612692615>mecha fag must CONSOOOM productSounds about right

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>>612692502>>612693053No one cares what a pedo thinks.

>>612691950why is this region restricted?if I turn on a vpn and add it to my account will my account get fucked?

>overwatchyou fags are pathetic

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>>612692832Not sure if this or exoprimal looks worse desu. Maybe nips will eat it up, but they don't play shooters besides apex lol.>>612693176I dont lewd chino though.

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>>612692502>Prefers little girls to robotsThat's pretty fuckin' degenerate

>>612693775>>612693832I'm ready.

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>>612692697Gonna be honest dude unless you're a super established name like call of duty or battlefield releasing a $60 multiplayer-only game is complete suicide in the current market.

I've never played bamco directly made stuff before, if this actually takes off because Overwatch is so mid/shit, what are the odds they manage to not fuck it up as well?

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>>612693942If you say so mecha chud

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>>612694576Certainly wasn't the Gundam crowd that came up with "Scamco" let me tell you that.

this going to flop because the f2p model, What cosmetics can you put on a gundam so that it doesn't differ from the original design? It was the same with Injustice 2, players just wanted simple costumes and not fucking armor pieces everywhere

>>612691950Not for me because it's not in my region why did they even let me wishlist it if they were later gonna say I couldn't play it

>>612691950I thought it would never happen. I'm still buttmad over not getting into the beta.

wake me up when the Hizack is in

>>612694994From the beta it was virtually all just camo patterns, I think the high end rarity ones had glowy/SFX camo patterns.A big problem is that a lot of the possible cosmetics are just possible characters, so that cosmetics team has one arm tied behind it's back.

>>612694576Bamco will certainly fuck it up. They've already been bungling the launch, there's no advertisement on this game anywhere and a lot of their socials were slow or never got proper links up. It's all down hill from here. The saving grace is just that no matter what they will never be as bad as Blizzard.

>>612694576Hard to say, this is a relatively new/unused studio "BANDAI NAMCO Online Inc." and this is the only project they've put out worth knowing. As a publisher Bamco has been giving a long life to a lot of their licensed products like Dragon Ball FighterZ and the Gundam brand itself is trying to invest heavily in online presence including esports so it's not gonna be a "rip the pipes out of the wall" situation and they listened to fans during network tests and made appropriate changes so it's fair to be cautiously optimistic

>>612692529>>612692697>>612694994>muh f2p is bad again

does it work on steam deck?

>does it work on steam deck?

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What's a Gundam game with world building/exploration?

>>612695393>wanting to play a shooty game with no mousePretty weird, guy.

>>612695272I'm >>612694994, in this case I was talking about for the developers, they can't earn money if people barely pay for cosmetics, people want to add slut outfits girls and cool ones for guys, what can you add to a mecha?

>>612696020Official variants like Zaku II/Char's Zaku, Sinanju Stein/Sinanju, the Ver Ka for suits that have one, things like that. Then generic stuff like camos including Gold, sprinkle in some holiday theme colorways, and you'll hit "good enough" soon. I imagine a bulk of the cosmetics are going to be weapon skins and decorations based on nothing but What very little I know of R6 Siege, which is the monetization model I draw the closest comparison to

>>612695720I’ll be using a Xbox 360 controller.

>>612696384I feel like "close enough" suits will become legendary skins as well. Mostly the "build" series stuff like one of the Burning Gundams being with the God Gundam where they're different suits, but not different enough to justify 2 movesets

>>612693775pretty good trailer

>game already deadripguess we just cant have nice things

>blocked in nz

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>>612692128>he doesnt know

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>>612693581>why is this region restricted?Because BRs and RUs always make games worse and Bamco is based enough to admit it.

>blocked in the civilized world>still no news on BO2 after they all but soft cancelled its PC port

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>>612691950woah i thought it came out wednessday, thank you for the heads up broseph

Game looks fun as fuck but it's not releasing in Australia.

>>612697529download is up, but servers aren't up until wednesday

>Region blocking in the year 2000 + 22, sone to be 2000 + 23lol, lmao even

>>612697405I'm not from those shitholes thothere's probably like 10 people in my whole country who play games

Can I use the shining/burning/master gundam and punch the shit out of other mechs

>>612698117That one is not in

>>612698117Not yet. The melee suits are Barbatos, Exia, and a melee loadout Zaku. They'vve said new suits approximately every 2 months so it's really just a mater of time.

Wait it's free? Fucking based

Really excited to try the new suits I'm too gay for Amuro and Char to spend any real amount of time with a suit one of them didn't pilot though

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Is there not a Gundam game that's just single-player and let's me build a custom suit from parts?

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>>612691950it's 6am launch for eufags i guess it's 22nd not 21st after all

>>612699023Yes. 12 suits available minute 1 freely for everyone, an additional 5 can be purchased either with an in game currency you can earn freely or with real dollars to not grind. Real money transactions won't be live for the first several days though so you will need to put some elbow grease into getting the new suits. Standard battlepass stuff as well, but who gives a shit

>>612699131MS Saga

>>612697405Also unavailable in finland

>>612699210They told you that 2 weeks ago

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Why in the fuck is the game US/Canada only on steam?

>>612699303Why do they care about america so much? Are they buying so much gunplay that even their local region or eu doesn't matter to them as much?

>>612699362steam://install/1816670 you can download it easily even with region lock but i dunno about MTX or dlcs

>>612699131literally gundam breaker 3

>>612697336>Wild Turkeyas if zeeks couldn't get any more based

>>612693832Get ready for the next battle *smashes metal*

>>612699380it's a global simultaneous launch, 10PM in New York is 11 AM in Tokyo. It just sounds nicer to say "The 21st" because that makes it feel sooner even though any other release on the 21st would be the midnight between 20th and 21st, not almost a full day later.

i hope barbartos was properly reeled in, he was so unga in the test

>>612699653they buffed him even more

>>612699131>GN-XAce pick

im already playing sd gundam battle alliance

>>612699653IIRC he's getting a slight health nerf as well

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>>612698117>>612698328IIRC g Gundam was 6 or 7 in top 10 "which Gundam series you wanna see in the game" survey for NA so it may not be soon but like user said just a matter of time

>>612699431Thanks user, that worked

>>612699653skill issue m8

>>612700209its pretty easy to laser him down with pale ride and dash away if you hear his chargeup, i just dont like 0iq characters being so effective

>tfw G suits when?

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So how many hours until

>>612700070>which Gundam series you wanna see in the gameWhere was this one??

>>612700254>0IQIf you think Barbatos is unga, wait until you try every other suit in the game. Imagine, being able to just kill things at range instead of needing to ambush them around a corner to not instantly die.


>>612699824Ok so basically, train your Marasai or Turn A because if they want to nerf Barbatos, they'll buff those two and you can be sure Barba will be everywhere given that he's from the most recent original TV show.

>>612692502STUPID chinoposter

>>612695569>BA DUM TISSS*

>>612694687Funny because evangelion isn't even mecha

>Have you seen this man?

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What's the best starting point for watching gundam?

>>612700419Buffing his counters is part of it but he is also getting real nerfs to range speed and health so I don't really know what you want aside from gutting him. Also the new series airs episode 1 in less than 2 weeks and already aired episode 0 so it's not even FotM

>>612700613stardust memory

>>612700613which one theres like 13 different timelines

>>612700613If you want the original series, start with the "movies". They cover the original series.For non-UC series they're self contained and not part of a larger timeline, so you can watch any of those.

>>612693942i like both, after fighting in my mech i want to go back home and be met with my loving loli that will let me to do anything to her

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>>612700613There's not a fully agreed upon one. Some say start with something stand alone, some say start with main continuity, but some people don't like that because it's old and they recut it as movies that are both better and worse than the series so there's not even an agreement on how to watch it. Basically just find a robot that looks cool and then watch whatever it came from because whatever answer for correct order will be wrong

>>612700613I'd say watch the 0079 movies first (or the show if you really want to) and then from there watch whichever one looks the most interesting to you. My personal favorites and recommendations are Zeta and Turn A.

I refuse to pilot fed mobile suits.I will master the Zaku II Ranged and Melee and reach the rank of NEWTYPE.FOR THE GLORY OF ZEON.EARTHERS GET OUT SPACE WAR NOWREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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>>612700613Tryhard answer; The first oneReal answer: Whatever show or AU looks the most interesting to you

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>>612691950OH BOY a generic hero shooter with just reskins of Gundams.Fucking hard pass.As a Gundam fan this disgusts me.

>>612700827>gasses another space colony for the sake of "spacenoid independence"

>>612700613Gundam 00

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>>612700931First of all it never happened.Second of all they deserved it.

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>>612700926What game you want then

>>612700996Honestly don't know. But I damn for sure don't need some generic hero shooter.

>>612700996>replying to bait

>game boots on my Windows 7 shitboxI hate modern F2P but damn do I love how much more life I've gotten out of my computer thanks to it

>>612700996the battle operation 2 pc port they canned

>>612695272that's just how it is, multiplayer games need a barrier to entry to keep the garbage out

>>612700996SDGO 2, but without the SD and more GO

>>612701239Battle Operation 2 is what you want but its limited to UC only.

>>612700987I guess those feddies at Jaburo didn't deserve it cause they never got colony dropped despite Zeon's best efforts.


>>612701308It's also slow by comparison, I just want a game similar to SDGO but maybe with a bit more access to Co-op modes, and having the possibility of making your own units. GB3 sort of scratches that itch but at the same time has it's own shortcomings.

>>612701483Can try that new SDGundam Alliance game that just came out.Yeah I know its SD but yeah as a veteran of SDGO i think its neat.


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>>612701539I'm waiting for a sale before I check that one out. I had another person who still plays SDGO say he wasn't fond of battle alliance, but I still might get some enjoyment out of it.

>>612691950>This item is currently unavailable in your region /aus/fags why do game companies hate us so

>>6127006130079 movies although it's aged poorly so it's not the clear best starting point, but if you can deal with it you will be rewarded with Zeta gundam next which is one of the best series. The best alternate universe series is probably 00 which is what I recommend to casuals looking to get into gundam. 0079 is just too old.

>Overwatch cloneYuck.

>>612701430what else are you going to call the children and third worlders too dumb to get a credit card

>>612701784Why couldn't they just release a new port of Gihren's greed?

>>612692207>official website says it will be a worldwide release>only releases in very few countries anywayI hate Japanese's retardation towards English termsthey don't know what worldwide even means

>>612701847>thinking the average person knows about Gihren's Greed

>>612701847they are cowards

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I really don't care about gundam. Is the game fun?


>>612692502This is why your grandpa died, Chino.

>>612701883>>612701874I demand a new Gihren's Greed god fucking damnit.

>>612701717I've been watching Hajime no Ippo recently and i found it to be quite enjoyable.Is it that much worse than it?I'm totally fine with still frames being used for talking scenes.

>>612701916It's overwatch but without the gay shield meta when it was still fun and with a gundam coat of paint

>>612702028probably better, but be ready to see some grade A animation errors for actual mobile suits fighting and shit. if you take as hot for every time they mess with the proportions you will unironically die of liver cancer. just watch the movies, it trims some of the fat episodes that are pointless in the long run

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>>612701916they had an open beta a few months ago and it was fun for me

>>612702028The 0079 movies are fine. Even the 0079 tv series is fine, but I found it to be really hard to get into but ended up getting hooked halfway into it. Especially towards the end where Tomino does his thing


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I am

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>>612701786Easy kills.

>>612701916Overwatch but with generally toned down ultimates, tank and support abilities turned way down and the roles eliminated to put more emphasis on the shooting, and boost dashes. I like it, but it's not for everyone

>>612701786G - maneuver charge

Call me when Qubeley gets added

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>OW left such a bad taste in peoples mouths that they now immediately hate any and all class based shooters

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>>612702487This but Hygogg, imagine sliding around and grappling shit.

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>>612697205Use a vpn.


>>612697205so I guess loot boxes confirmed?

>>612693832>footage from IGLOO for the GMsZimmadchads, can you feel the roar of the Saturn Engine?

>>612703071first they're afraid of you then they laugh at you then you win

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>>612702375Yup, this sold me

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what a cocktease when i got the release email, 2 more fucking days

>>612703749wtf am I looking at


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>>612704371If it's banned in Belgium I might actually die

>>612704371Tried using a vpn and wouldn't work for me, hopefully someone finds a way to get past it>>612704436I'm sorry bro

>>612704371>>612704436Use a VPN and download from steamDB, worked for.


>blocked in finlandI have never come across a game that wasn't available here, what

>>612704532What exactly did you do, I tried it and was shit out of luck

I hope this does really well, at least for the first 6 monthsif it does, blizzard will unfuck overwatch 2's economy. plus the game itself will be fun if its heavily populated.

>>612701717>you will be rewarded with Zeta gundam next which is one of the best series.Zeta was one of the worst Gundam series I've watched so far.

>>612704653>This post sounds like a girl wrote it.

>>612704542Oh fuck, it actually was banned. I have a UK Steam account though.


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>>612704592>activate vpn>search Gundam evo in Steam DB>Click install in that page>Profit

>>612695195they got a gift in some influencers wanting to partake in their esport thingThe only fucking stupid shit though is that I bet they didn't get them to agree to restream it, so their audience won't actuall hear about it

>>612704894Store page just kept refreshing when I clicked install