Return to monkey island

Games fun, storys great, artstyle is mehthoughts?

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Boykotting bc they made it anti white.

Won't play because it's hideous.


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80% are women charactersthey all are badassesal males are dumb idiotsfucking annoying

>>612691687I dunno, I loved playing every game in the series, even Tales of MI (underrated, just like escape)But nowadays... I guess I have just become too much of a console player, can't imagine point and click games anymore. I wish they would have kept the 3d telltale like gameplay, but I am the only one who likes that I guess...

>>612691687> artstyle is mehfor a point and click adventure game like monkey island every fault with the visuals is exponential.

>>612692024It's worse the meh it's pretty Sdamn ugly

>>612691880Well you bought it so it can only mean that the game was accurate.

>>612691776Please elaborate

>>612691687>artstyle is mehIt's too grating for me even just looking at screenshots.There's no way I could get through even a couple of screens without uninstalling.

peak funkoreddit artstyle

So, what's the best Monkey Island?And what's the secret of Monkey Island?


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Does it not work on Win7?

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>>612691776picking up 5 copies


>>612693142Who the fuck do you still not know that the secret of Monkey Island i

>>612691687Why doesn't he just fuck black men and women IRL, he has the money for it.

>>612691687as much as I hate the artstyle, I genuinely am enjoying the game. I don't like lechucks new voice actor though. he lacks the bravado of the previous actor who absolutely nailed it.

So, Melee Island is run down and just going to shit.The governor is now black. The pirate council is now made up of one Haitian, one psycho dyke and one Karen. Most of the inhabitants you run into are now black.Does Ron even realize what he subconsciously recreated?

I can't get into the artstyle. Well, I couldn't get into any monkey island after Curse.

>>612693142Lechuck's revenge.


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>>612692024True. Presentation goes pretty far in the genre


now you can skip playing this stupid game

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>>612693142>And what's the secret of Monkey Island?

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>>612700921>revealing the secretWhat the fuck is Ron doing?

>>612701253MI2 ending but instead he's ending on it while calling us all faggots for ever caring and waiting for this finale.It's one thing to have a game with shit writing, but I'll take Borderlands tier trash over the main writer/director coming out and saying "Oh this world and it's characters you care about? Doesn't matter, fuck you Thimbleweed Park again, eat shit"

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>>612699843>>612700921>the secret is a rehashed joke from the first game

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>>612699843>>612700921Ron was always a fucking stupid faggot.

>>612701548A rehashed jokes on top of all the call back humor I hate seeing in adventure games, and with a bitter depressing middle finger to anyone that enjoyed this franchise.

>>612692024Also I keep seeing bootlickers trying to use the ending retcon as some sort of ultimatum. Like who the fuck cares if you're slogging through 99% of this pos on ugly "art"?

>>612694021No. Yet another flaw. This is the very first adventure game that really diss w7 users. All others say w10 only on stores but support w7 in practice.


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>>612701546I don't understand the people on Youtube and even here go "but Ron is back and he's the original creator so it's going to be better!". Did they forget he was like a third of the creative team?

>>612696612I'd kill for an upres of Curse.

>>612695023>we were the monkey island all along

so about the story.they did the thimbleweed park ending againI wish I was joking.

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How is the insult swordfighting?How tame are the insults?

>>612702232It doesn't matter. It's all about being one of those crap adventure games that does nothing but wink hard at the camera and go "90s adventure games design and I right audience I'm breaking the 4th wall to?", and also wanking off the nostalgia HARD. Meanwhile GOOD games like say Paradigm don't overly rely on those kinda of jokes. It's basically Kiwi shitposting the game. Or something like Sam and Max where it's humor is just, plain good without having to try hard, and that at least had a good send off vidya wise at the end of Season 3.

>>612702387How exactly did Thimbleweed end? It's been ages and I'm lazy.>>612702545I mean stuff like "You fight like a dairy farmer" wasn't that spicy to begin with.

>>612702618it was all a simulation, they go to the place where the game server/hardware was running at the end

>>612702659I swear I hate meta writing so fucking much.

>>612702618Curse had some spiciness like monkey in a negligee looking that much like your fiance.

>>612699843>>612700921I mean it's not great but it could be worse I guess.

>>612691687>Gilbert somehow made a worse ending than Monkey Island 2Reminder that this game boils the entire series down to “It was an amusement park the entire time, and everybody there is just a professional worker”.Monkey Island is one of my all time favourites - it’s a shame this game is definitely canon.

>>612702732Eh, not that much. It sounds tame. Unless Guybrush goes "How appropriate, you fight like a NIggARR".

>>612702387>Thimblweed Park ending againYou can't be serious.

>>612702842No it is worse. It's an Anti-Escapism Aesoph trying to be fucking cheeky at US, the audience for EVER getting invested into Guybrush's adventures.

it looks like shiti am not playing it

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>>612702937wish I was joking, it's more offensive than the artstyle

>>612702659>>612702387oh my god LMFAO

>>612702861Was he really that butthurt for 30 years that they changed his ending that he doubled down on it?

>> for yourself.

>>612702861>You WILL like Monkey Island 2's ending!Why is he like this?

remember SOUL?

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>>612702970I have a theory. Would it really be hard with how simple this art style is to just CHANGE the ending last minute to get back at the people who complained about the artstyle?

>>612702970He definitely doubled down; but he will never publicly admit that he was assblasted from the critique to the Thimbleweed ending. It is a giant “fuck you” to his detractors.

>>612703063I really don't know why he likes this ending to games so much. it was just a silly joke in 2 and still heavily implied that Lechuck is just fucking with Guybrush, but now he made the same ending three times.

is it true that they added plenty of N people in it?

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>>612703201Sometimes writers like the idea of "pulling one over" on the audience. To have them think they have it all figured out and then go "NO, YOU'RE ALL STUPID IDIOTS! BEHOLD AS I DRAW BACK THE CURTAIN AND SHOW YOU THAT IT'S ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS!HAHAHA I AM SO FUCKING SMART!"It's only rarely done well, as, like a spinning plate act, you need to do three things.-Present this ending in a way that the audience will like-Have it not feel like an asspull>And most of all NOT come off as a shithead that huffs his dank sulfury farts.

>>612691687>thoughts?I don't play propaganda games.

>>612703201It’s easy and takes no effort since it’s almost impossible to leave out any loose ends. It also excuses every plot hole, and dismisses anything implausible because “imagination”. He can write everything about a story except the end.


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In terms of humor its on the weaker side. Got a few small chuckles but 1,2 Curse definitely had more and better moments.Artstyle? It's bad. No talking around it. People probably would have been less harsh on it if Guybrush didn't look like shit but there are still other games which generally do this style better - Like Guacamelee.Storywise? It's kind of a mess honestly. This is NOT the true Monkey Island 3 that people asked for. This is a game that tries to please everyone no matter which game they played. And if you try to please to everyone you usually end up appealing to nobody. So what we get is a lazy ending that basicly goes "Yeah the story is a mess and it kept changing because its a story Guybrush is telling his son and he kinda sucks at storytelling". Definitely NOT what people wanted this game to be which is a true answer to the questions of Lechucks revenge. This is Ron Gilbert picking up everyones dirt and trying to salvage it somehow.Is it still fun? Occasionally i guess. I would say its a 7/10 game and a somewhat decent nostalgia trip into classic point n click adventures. You will probably rate it lower if you still care about Guybrush or MI as a series but i am sure most have moved on at this point.

>>612703235Yes that's why it's called monkey Island how did they get away with it

>>612701546>>612701253Same as the Deponia spit in the face ending. Fuck jaded Gen X-ers for refusing to write a sincere story. Absolute faggots.

>>612694090this. Basedwhites on internet are literally the most fragile people i've ever met. these Niggers literally are afraid somebody turns them into a tranny or a homo. If you are affected by these you are already a homo or tranny

>>612702942Yeah but so was 2.

>>612703595fuck this game than.i swear, i will shitpost in EVERY monkey island thread on Holla Forums. Saying that it was made by trannies and for trannies, until just a single screenshot will remind people of a disease and suicide.Trust me, i am autist.

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>>612703752Which is why it was the worst MI game until now.Curse > Secret > Escape > Tales > 2 > ReturnGilbert = Bilge Rat

>>612703516This is kind of what I assumed it would be.Will pirate or get it cheap on sale one day I guess.

>>612691687No thanks looks like objective shit

>>612691687its shit game made to appeal to special snowflake nogamer, thus reducing the gameplay to simple clickthrouogh and disgusting art style and writingshould be iPhone game

>>612703063>>He definitely doubled down; but he will never publicly admit that he was assblasted from the critique to the Thimbleweed ending.Wasn't the Thimbleweed ending literally the same as MI2? Something along the lines of "hurr durr you're in a game"?

Spare your nerves, play Book of Unwritten Tales if you hadnt yet

Discworld CHADS we won!

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>>612703201I'm honestly shocked Deathspank didn't have a meta ending.That game's ending was a tad too brief but still sincere.

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>>612703873Come on, now. Tales was better than Escape. Escape had that stupid Herman Toothrot retcon.

>>612704558you have a good taste, but i prefer night atmosphere

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>>612704369Yeah but it was literally the game you were playing.And then you had iteratively go through the same sequence of basically empty screens switching of the mainframe and reverting the versions of the game to ealrier ones

>>612704672I never played this.Does it work on modern systems?

>>612704671Escape was fine except for Monkey Kombat.

>>612704369>Something along the lines of "hurr durr you're in a game"?Honestly, the best use of that trope was probably in Simon the Sorcerer 3D where you had to open your own, physical CD drive in order to open a CD drive inside the game.

>>612702987Why is he a middle aged beta loser?

>>612704742No.I had to download fan made cut, which emulates win 95 (kek). But it works like a charm

Man they shouldve stayed with the comic look of MI 3