Comfy Deck Thread

what are ye' deckin?beat any games recently?what are ye' looking forward to?

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I wish I could purchase buy this keychain :((>deckin': Fight N Rage / Portal 1 / Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition(no mods)

>>612690104Witcher 2. The Deck is fucking nuts. I remember I couldn’t run this shit on my PC during its initial release. Best piece of tech I’ve owned in over a decade.

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Playing Holocure. Finally got SuiSEX

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how do i grab a demo for a game in game mode? know this one has one but i'm not seeing shit on the store page while viewing it on deck

>>612692003nvm so apparently demos wont show up in game mode on deck if the verification status is unknown, gay

goyslop flopshit for trannies

>>612692135Does it not show up even after adding it to your library?

Valve needs to stop making these so easy to get now

>>612692930nah i mean i'd have to view the storepage in desktop mode to actually download the demo/add it to my collectionif the demo playability status is unknown, game mode won't display it as an option

>>612693753agreed, i was supposed to be scalping mine for $1,000 profit but i can't get anyone to bite anymore

Deckbros.. we won!

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>no passion for bido james>get deck because maybe I'll have passion again>let it sit all dayit's been weeks

>>612693971>washed up ecelebFuck off

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Deckbros... we won!

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>>612694167>muh ecelebsObsessed.

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>>612694395>Wi-FiThis implies there's a cellular version? But there is none.

Just got the email and ordered mine, should arrive by the end of the week since I live so close to Carol Stream, what should I do when I get it? Anything to know beforehand?

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Getting my deck soon. I finished a good chunk of isaac repentance on my switch, and i assume theres no way to transfer that save to my steam save. Not sure if i wanna replay so much of the game again to get all those items...

>>612694395Did he sign his own deck?

>>612695231Install ProtonUp and Emudeck.

>>612695249You can't transfer that. And that's a design decision by Nintendo. I think there /may/ be a way to do it but you need a hacked Switch for that.

How has anyone from AUS been getting a hold of one? Haven't seen a listing on ebay or amazon

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>entire deck crashes while playing tf2>game shader chaches needed to be redownloaded>all my non steam games went missing or crucial files/folders were randomly deletedfirst real problem i've had with the deck, if it happens again I'm going to rma it.

>>612695493Yea i just got a stock switch. I thought about maybe emulating the switch and playing isaac on that instead of natively, but not sure how much performance i'd loose doing that (and whether i can even get my saves off the switch that way either).

>>612695416I'm guessing he signed whoever it belonged to and just pretended to play it for a photo. Seems like a jimbo thing to do. Then again, him signing his own shit also seems like a jimbo ego thing to do.

If I upgrade my version of proton GE and switch all the games using it to the new version how do I delete the redundant proton data for all of those games without wiping the compatdata folder?I don't want to lose save data or other stuff like thatalso where the FUCK is the FUCKING OFFICIAL DOCK

>>612696215It's a Deck that's only for that stage/booth. No one owns it but Valve/their partner.


>>612696731If you're that thirsty for a dock I've heard nothing but good things about the Jsaux ones. Looks to be functionally identical to Valve's, assuming they don't end up announcing some surprise features before releasing it for pre-order.

>>612695498im getting mine imported via a friend

>>612695170no i think it was so you could test games like apex legends during your 15 minute session

>>612697823They all have Wi-Fi.

>>612697148I want to know if it has any input lag

>>612697893there were limitations at the venue so it was restricted to certain devices

I'm on the road right now, switching driving with my colleague and if I'm not driving in playing Dragons Dogma. Also I've been playing Deep Rock Galactic at home with friends. I was able to get some cracked games working like all GOG games work no problem, played no man's sky from a feetgirl repack but can't get cracked elden ring to run tho, any tips? Either the fit girl or John Cena version didn't run

>>612698121based roaddecker

>>612698091Good question, haven't seen it mentioned so just assumed it wasn't an issue, but I'd be interested to see that tested

>>612690104>What are you deckin?Nothing. Hoping to download and beat no more heroes on my deck first.>Beat any games recentlyYakuza 3. Good game. I been playing Yakuza 4 On gamepass but might buy on steam to play on steam deck instead.>What are ye looking forward to?My steam deck. Bought it today. Purchased all my accessories and nvme sad upgrade. Now we wait

>>612698230I'm really worried because I tried hooking my arcade stick up to my deck directly using a usb c to usb a adapter that came with my phone and the input lag was unbearableI don't know if it was that random adapter causing it or the deck itself, and if a "proper" dock would be fine for that or not

does ada have a penis bros?

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>want to play all these games I have on ps4 already>have to buy them again>can't transfer save datahow is this fair


>>612699619See the trick is not to buy walled garden shitboxes in the first place.

>>612699619ever heard of piracy?

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>>612699997I unironically don't know how to pirate games

hentai girl karen bros...

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>>612700148Search and ye shall findeth

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Testing Idolm@ster One For All on the Deck. It works nicely.

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>>612700308based trannymaster

Thinking about a controller for the deck and damn i wish Valve released the steam controller, with the same setup as the deck would be perfect for docking the deck. I used to own the og steam controller and i would love a new version

>>612700237I don't know how to mount an isoor how to do any of this shit on a deck

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>>612701190Do it on your pc then use winpinator to transfer the files

>>612701265anon, the deck IS my pc

>>612701390How did you post here before you had your deck?

After playing the deck at tgs I'm almost sold, but wondering how it handles vn's?


>>612701858Yeah I'm not gonna bother helping a phoneposter

>>612701909implying you could've helped with anything

So I put in my order today with a side account I have because my main account is from a different country. How does the bonus stuff like community profile and theme etc. work in this case? Do they get added to the ordering accounts inventory or can I login with whatever account and claim them? Are there any other down sides to buying the Deck with a different account?

>>612703087You're right, can't help the retarded

>>612703104>Do they get added to the ordering accounts inventory or can I login with whatever account and claim them?the latter

>>612694167rent free

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>purchased last week>shipped wednesday >still stuck on "left X parcel center"Some GLS niglet stole my deck, didn't they?

Bought mine 12 hours ago.It will be a worthy investment when I will be cutting all electricity at home and charging my portables at work.

>>612703736Fellow european I see


Anyone here played Cyberpunk 2077 on their Deck? I've heard it runs well.

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how come some of the emulators that emudeck sets up aren't installed through the discover store, like pcsx2?