Will this company even exist in 10 years from now?

Will this company even exist in 10 years from now?

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Yes. It will just be Nintendo, Steam, and Apple Playstation

>>612689738given how many billions and billions in cash they've had for over a decade? yeah they'll be around

>>612689738>Keeps consistently a bussiness model that alows them to be moderate in risks>Other two companies are all about selling at loss with more risks than rewardsYes. PS is collapsing because of theirs, Nintendo has been always competent at their finances.

>>612689738Yes but they won't make hardware anymore and good riddance.

>>612689738If the Wii U couldn't kill them nothing will.

They've literally existed since 1889. Not 1989, 1889. Yes, they will exist 10 years from now.

>>612689738isn't the switch one of their best-selling consoles ever? what a dumb question

Japan wouldnt let them go under. One of their proudest companies

>>612690026People do not respect Nintendo's ability to money. They have that shit on fucking lock.


>>612693813Theme parks is literally the only disney thing nintendo has ever done

>>612689738Sadly yes everyone keeps buying their shit.

>>612689738Obviously, they have more than enough money stockpiled right now and the Switch was successful enough to bail them out of the next generation if they completely flop again.

>>612693980The GC and Wii U are direct proof that this isn't true. If anything, it's proof that people are willing to cast Nintendo aside if they don't like what they're doing. Meanwhile, Sony could increase video game prices to $90 and people will still defend them.

>>612694080and the pre price drop/ambassador games 3ds

>>612689738They've existed for over 100 years, why not 10 more at least?

>>612693874Other than be massive scummy jews.

Since 1889

>>612694554>The real challenge however is can Nintendo make original movies that are worth a damn?why would they ever bother? if they believe in an IP enough to make a movie out of it, they believe in it enough to make games out of it

>>612694554Nintendo explained that mobile, merchandise, and movies are all supposed to drive the brand awareness for the ip and sell more games. All the movies have to do is be non offensive to the brand and keep Mario fresh in the minds of kids.

>>612694080I dunno, Sony has increased game prices to $70, increased the price of the PS5 pretty much everywhere with a name except for America, bullied smaller Japanese devs into censorship and completely eviscerated Japan Studio and I feel like karma's starting to creep up on them.

>>612693379>Hitler was born in 1889Coincidence?

>>61268973810 years is a long time. But it is unironically one of the videogame companies of today that is most likely to still be up and running (and actively developing videogames) in 10 years. For all its flaws, it's one of the most stable companies in the industry.

>>612689738Yes and Sony will die

>>612695446So should trading cards. So should lottery tickets. But they're legal, and so are mobile games. Deal with it.

>>612694080No, that's the industry. Because some thinks journos are something you should listen to.>>612694575This is relatively new. But yeah, Nintendo is starting its Disney era.

Why are Snoys so concerned if Nintendo will die out? It'll always live on. Rent free in your heads.

>>612693980Even if you DON'T buy the latest console from Nintendo, they can live off the funds from Pokemon alone.

probably unrelated... switch would probably sell way more if roblox was available without jailbreak

>>612695659I don't give a shit about sony, I just want nintendo's dogshit hardware to die and take all its bullshit with it.

>>612694575You say that about literally everything

>will nintendo survive its most successful period ever

>>612696073>i'm not a snoy>but here's my snoy reasoning.

>>612696073How are you enjoying the no games xbox and no games PS5 with LE EPIC HARDWARE!

>>612693379>>612694696Fun fact: Nintendo is older than Dracula (1897)

>>612696117I say it about corporations I used to care about before I walked away from them because they went full scummy jew.

>>612696073You'll be wanting it until you die of old age, Nintendo is here to stay as it always has been.

>>612689738Yes of course. Too bad you can't say the same thing about snoy.

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>>612696073>muh hardwareNever got the obsession with this shit.

>>612694575Nintendo are one of the least scummy vidya companies out there no matter how much you cry about game prices not going down like everybody elses garbage does.

>>612696286Ok schizo manbaby

>>612696225>>612696246You're both retarded and screeching at the wrong target. Here's the correct one. Proceed.

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>>612689738Doomed since 1889

>>612696438Ah, the thing not to worry about. What will Nintendo do?

>>612696383Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, they did some pretty bad shit back in the NES/SNES days. Say what you will about the others but they never leveraged their leadership position to strongarm retailers and price fixing their games like ol' Hiroshi did.

>>612696438>buying a console with no exclusivesSteam deck has less exclusives than PS5 LMAO

>>612696438No one has a steamdeck. Heck, normies don't even know it exists.It's a neckbeard weirdo handheld.

>>612696438What's that?

>>612696603They also fixed the fucking run down piece of shit catastrophe of the industry at that time. I wish they could do the fucking same today.

>>612696438I saw a Steam Deck in real life a few months back. That thing is Xbox hueg.

>>612696639Legally distinct Switch.

>>612689841Gabe's son will sell Steam to Nintendo. He has shown no desire to run a company

>>612696073Only a fanboy neckdeep on nintendo's cock would disagree with this. Sad Holla Forums is full of them.

>>612696871Aw widdle snoy is upset. Maybe you'll get an exclusive game in November. :)

>>612689738Lindy effect in play. Nintendo have existed for over 100 years and it's likely they will exist for another 100 years.

>>612696871I'm just here to pick seething hater's brains and you will do just fine

>>612696817>nintendo being able to afford steam, something worth 30+ billion more than their entire company

>>612696438PSP was a far bigger threat to the DS than the Steam Deck is to the Switch. And the PSP lost that war big time. Hell, even the Game Gear was more of a threat to the Game Boy than the Steam Deck is to the Switch.

>>612696991Cute. That's pocket change to Nintendo.

>>612696991Pokémon alone is bigger than all of Steam's IPs combined.

>>612696817Why the fuck would Nintendo even want Steam to begin with?

>>612697012PSP was not a PC that could play everything, have full control over the device, and emulate every Nintendo game under the sun. Only an absolute moron would know the deck exists and still choose nintendo because of some brand obsession for a corporation that treats them like shit.

>>612697012Hell, even the fucking shita was a bigger thread to the 3DS than the steamie dick is to the Switch. Had Nintendo not dropped the price of the 3DS and had snoy not fumbled the release (3G, proprietary memory cards), the sales wouldn't have been so one sided.

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>>612689738They'll outlive Sony and you will seethe over it. Microsoft will obviously exist but it Xbox will no longer have consoles but just be a service that's on PCs, phones and TVs.

>>612696338Buy it once run it anywhere, both on old and new hardware alike.

>>612697250I mean, realistically both would've been severely kneecapped but yeah, it was looking like Vita had a leg up on 3DS prior to that insane price cut.

>>612697164>steam deckAlready on my PC. PC switch plays everything you need

>>612696073Good job then, after years of shitfling at Nintendo they made it true and released an actual fisher price tier consoles.... and still better than the others.

>>612697250Get on your knees and thank gayben for keep the deck locked up on the steam store instead of plastering ads all over tv and lining retailer shelves with it. That decision is the only reason nintendo might be able to release another system after the switch2.

>>612696603Most of what Nintendo did in those days was a direct result of the '83 crash and somewhat necessary at the time. They're not like Sony who just decided it was time to raise prices on their games and enforce a strict censorship policy for literally no reason. I'm not going to argue that what they did wasn't scummy, but the full context at least provides a logical reason for it.inb4 >tendie cope

>>612697164>Only an absolute moron would know the deck exists and still choose nintendo because of some brand obsession for a corporation that treats them like shit.Funny that, Nintendo is the least oppressive (if at all) when it comes to actually let me play japanese games in peace, unlike Sony and Steam that both have an issue with certain things in fiction and force devs to pre-censor.

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>>612697882They can barely manufacture enough to keep up with the little demand it has, what makes you think they would be able to stock it at retail?

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>>612697978>steam forcing devs to censor?Steam allows literal porn on their store and is fine with devs linking patches to restore porn.Meanwhile nintendo will still force some devs to censor although they have improved from the massive amount of censorship they were deploying before.

>>612697882>a $650 portable PC that targets mainly hardcore gamers is in the same league as a $300 one that mainly targets familiesThe Deck is a niche product relative to the Switch. It's not gonna sell anywhere near as much, let alone put fucking Nintendo out of business.

>>612689738>Will this company even exist in 10 years from now?Yes. There will be Nintendo, Microsoft and Tencent Playstation.

>>612696383>Nintendo are one of the least scummy vidya companies Delusional

>>612690026what are you on about? Nintendo takes far more risks than PS and Xbox. They try to do something different with every new console along with a new proprietary controller. They also juggle a lot of IPs while PS and Xbox barely produce anything. Their entire business model consists of receiving a cut from third party games' microtransactions

>>612698120Like that stopped anyone else with products in short supply. And I'm sure you're already well aware they're quickly ramping up production. Nintendo's hardware division is entirely in gayben's hands.

>>612697978Steam banned several games prior to their releases (Dungeon Travelers and Chaos;Head Noah among the most recent examples) with zero appeal to lift it.Nintendo by comparison only complies with rating boards, meaning that japanese games (or japanese localizations of western games) aren't allowed to show full nudity and genitals according to CERO rules.

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>>612698394meant for >>612698150

>>612698191The fact you can't compare the prices honestly just says you're scared of it. And nobody said it would put them out of business. The hope is that it fucks their garbage hardware so they go 3rd party and only fanboys would get upset over that thought.

>>612698362LOL what are you gonna do when the switch 2 releases and out sells gaydeck in a month?

>>612698394That's not censoring them and you can still easily get them on pc. That's like saying nintendo banned all the porn games that would otherwise be all over their store.

>>612698465>unironically thinking deck will do shit to switch's position

>>612698527>nintendo's totally doing a switch 2

>>612698527Nothing because I fully expect that to happen. But I also expect the switch 2 to be nowhere near as successful as the first as devices like the deck begin making ground and eating its lunch. Which is better for everyone, even the fanboys such as yourself, you just don't know or are willing to accept it because for whatever reason you're loyal to something that's more than happy to shaft you.

>>612698465I don't care how many times I see it, seeing people ree over wanting Nintendo to go third party never gets old.

>>612698625>This company is suddenly going to decide they don't like money.Why wouldn't they lol, shit sells gangbusters.


>>612695267that has more to do with Xbox spending dozens of billions in an effort to undercut Sony. And even then the PS5 is selling way more than both Xboxes

>>612698692>Switch 2 will be nowhere as successfuloh no the switch will only sell 100 million units its over for nintendo

>>612698695Same. Seeing people ree over people wanting nintendo to go 3rd party never gets old.I'm not saying it because I don't have access to their games either, I have access to far more nintendo games than switch owners do. I simply want nintendo to stop being cancer and who happily gimps their games to support garbage hardware.

>>612689738If the Mario movie succeeds, Nintendo will fully commit to their plan of becoming the next Disney, growing much bigger over the span of 50 or so years

>>612698803You lot seem to forget just how quickly things can change from one generation to the next, but nintendo sure hasn't. Where were you with the wii u? Did you even have one like me or were you just another pii poo shitposter? Why do you think they're dragging on the switch for as long as they possibly can?

>>612689738Will this manufacturer even exist in 10 years from now?

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>>612698465>what are target markets?Lemme guess, you think Mario and CoD are direct competitors too.

>>612698552>>That's not censoring them and you can still easily get them on pc.Only the fanpatch for the old release of Chaos;Head somewhere on the Internet, whereas Dungeon Travelers was originally a Playstation Vita game (more exactly, an enhanced port of the PSP title)But fact is that Steam does have a strong market influence on the PC platform, and whoever in charge of reviewing the game before the Steam release can decide to doom a game from actually selling by banning it. The two examples won't be the last either.So yeah, Nintendo is the sole platform I'd rather buy japanese games and play them on the Switch rather than doing business with censorious companies like Steam and Playstation.

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>>612696383The least scummy vidya company is Steam but only because they sit on their ass and do nothing instead of actively ruining shit.Yes this is the current state of video games.

>>612698837The problem with that is unlike Xbox and Sony, Nintendo usually sells their consoles for a profit.>>612698958Bro they were no where near bankruptcy during the Wii U era.

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>>612699117Steam is extremely scummy. Steam has been repeatedly sued by Australia and the European Union over consumer rights violations

>>612697089steam is far more than just IPs

>>612698314>They try to do something different with every new console>PC but shit for the third gen in a row

>>612698991I really doubt it.

>>612699096I think you're blowing it way out of proportion just to support the switch itself for whatever reason, but pc is not steam. Even though steam allows far more uncensored games on its store than nintendo does and I've yet to see any game that valve has actually censored whereas nintendo has a lot, arguments for the deck are still arguments pc, not steam. You are not forced to use steam to play games on pc and on pc you can play and modify anything to your liking. The switch lost its only advantage the moment the deck came out.

Nintendo is the best and will never die i will play best franchise Pokemon in my 200€ phone cope seethe mald I love reddit and discord

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>>612699157>Bro they were no where near bankruptcy during the Wii U eraThat was not the point being made.


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>>612699251>PC but shitwhat do xbox and PS have to do with nintendo doing weird shit with consoles?

>>612689738>is one of the few companies in the world who still remembers how to play the long game still going to exist in 10 yearsYes, and probably 110.

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>>612698991It's a coin toss, if only because California may actually bury the brand into the ground. It's salvageable but for God's sake, take it away from Jim Ryan.

>>612699487>Weird shitYou got it backwards.

>>612699331>I think you're blowing it way out of proportionmaybe play more videogames instead>but pc is not steamSure, but Steam is pretty much obligatory for exposure, in a dev/publisher's POV, and owning a (hugefuck) Deck means supporting Steam that goes on a witchunt against japanese games just like Sony.Therefore, I prefer owning a Switch and support more uncensored japanese games there

>>612699378Since the 90s Nintendo has absolutely dominated the handheld market. If was a betting man I'd say Nintendo will absolutely dominate it going forward.

>>612698991Yes, on PC, where everyone should be.

>>612699197You mean the refund thing? It's, once again, because they are lazy. In fact they are so lazy that they just complied and that's we got the 2 weeks refund period, no question asked, because they're too lazy to moderate it too much.

>>612693296You’d be surprised at how fast a company can die.>bad, expensive acquisitions>CEOs start taking massive bonuses>huge lawsuits that drain resourcesThis meme that Nintendo can lose money for decades makes a lot of assumptions.

>>612699197I'm an Australian and I don't know about the EU but it's abundantly clear somebody at the office of consumer protection has it out for Valve, they're constantly held to excessive standards nobody else is

>>612699596Okay, what's the weird shit that xbox and PS do with their consoles, which makes them more than knockoff PCs?

>>612699596>console but tiny and portable >console but waggling >console but with a GIANT controller with a screen >console but actually portable vs>PC but weaker>PC but weaker>PC but weaker>PC but weaker>PC but weaker

>>612699664good for nintendo that they avoid that shit and shut down NoA to avoid lawsuit happy americans as much as possible

>Nintendo breaks record profits every single month, never has to worry about bankruptcy>constantly releases poor quality games that cut corners, like Xenoblade, Fire emblem, Splatoon, and even Metroid (which was better than the others, but was still so damn lazy)I guess when you own super popular and lucrative franchises, quality just doesn't mean anything anymore. I'm not gonna shed a tear when sony or MS drop out of the industry because of their money losses, but knowing that Nintendo never has to try is disappointing.

>>612699731Absolutely nothing.

>>612699664Nintendo has historically prevented all of those points from becoming problems. Who's to say what future leadership does but up to this point, they've done pretty okay on these fronts.

>>612699602>maybe play more videogames insteadNot an argument. You can post games valve has censored or concede and even if they had it is flimsy at best because again steam is only one way of playing games on pc.>but Steam is pretty much obligatory for exposureIt isn't. There's plenty of ways to gain exposure on pc. Plenty of outright porn games sell very well or make tens of thousands of dollars a month without ever touching steam. You have patreon, subscribestar, dlsite, itch, getchu, etc. for that. All you're doing here is trying to justify buying for switch using flaky logic. If you want japanese games, pc is leagues better than anything else for them and the sooner you accept that the more japanese games you'll be able to play and the happier you'll be.

>>612699731Well it was Kinect and Playstation Move but we all know not only why they did it, but also how that turned out

>>612699718Probably because it's not a publicly traded company, so many people in power and influence have it out for them.

>>612699664Good thing Nintendo has never done any of those.In fact, the opposite on the bonus part, even cutting their own actual salaries instead of those of their devs when they fucked up.They're assumptions based on actually knowing what the company has done, not random.

>>612699664>Nintendo: makes bank and keeps it there>Sony: makes banks and spents too much of itIt's that simple.

>>612699857>sony and MS don't constantly release poor quality games that cut corners I mean, I guess you're right only by the fact that they don't release games

>>612699857what corners did xenoblade cut

>>612699981>Nintendo: makes bank, buys stock in banks, and keeps it thereFixed that a bit for you.

>>612699857What people don't realize is that Nintendo is basically the most successful AA dev ever. Their games have clout but they really don't break the bank making them and they adamantly hold their value well into their lifespans.


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>>612699909>If you want japanese games, pc is leagues better than anything else for them and the sooner you accept that the more japanese games you'll be able to play and the happier you'll be.Again play more japanese videogames

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>>612700062Well, for starters they forgot the gameplay.

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>>612700094>Nintendo invested>Sony spentHuh, says a lot.


>>612696383>no price drop>no nintendo selects>2017 games still above $50the lack of competition is making nintendo scummy again.

>>612700118You posted a port of two games you can easily emulate.

>>612699117And Nintendo doesn't do the same shit,i remember them being sued by no accepting refunds and violating consumers rights. And all the drift debacle,the problem with closing fan made channels with music of their games, closing sites in the internet for conserving video game history of old games they don't publish anymore. Demanding fans for making fan games and ROM hacks of their games. Destroying channels in YouTube for uploading footage of emulation in the Steam Deck of Nintendo games. They are pretty scummy Jews like Sony,Microsoft and Steam too. That's the modern videogame landscape.

>>612700118You can emulate those and a single example does not hold up to the countless games on pc that will never be on consoles, switch or otherwise, that you're missing out on.

>>612700395>you can easily emulatelol

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>>612699117Agreed and valve can only be kept in check as the least scummy because they're on pc. They know if they shaft consumers too hard then they'll just go elsewhere or pirate. They can't afford to be scummy. Gaben knows that extremely well and it's why he says it's a service issue. With consoles you have none of those checks in place, corporations can screw you as hard as they like knowing to get out of their little locked down ecosystem you'd have to sacrifice your library and put down hundreds of dollars to buy something else.

>>612689738top kek.Nintendo is a fucking cockroach of a company. They are shameless in their determination to read the market, extract profit, and survive.


>>612700645You could post literally every japanese game made for the switch ever and the only person you know deep down that you're hurting is yourself.

>>612699664Nintendo famously avoids acquisitions, they had to be forced to buy NLG for example. The others are also laughable

>>612699961Yeah that seems likely

>>612700880How about their ridiculous stance and autism against romhacks and other modifications of their games? Just mentioning a nuzlocke run was enough for them to fire everyone in their NA American translation division.

>>612700381Nintendo games retain their price because they are premium products that will sell at those prices, other companies games are swiftly forgotten and have to cut prices to keep sellingNintendo had to be dragged kicking and screaming into paid online well after everybody else was already doing it and still charges a fraction of the cost

>>612700858>>and the only person you know deep down that you're hurting is yourself.damn that projectionthe user who cannot comprehend that someone may prefer consoles over PC for simple reasons

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>>612700880how do you force a company to buy something

>>612700815You're right about the later two, the first though? Have you seen the N64, Gamecube, and Wii U?

>>612701058>Nintendo games retain their price because they are premium productsNintendo games retain their price because it's the one Yamauchi-era moneygrabbing strategy that they somehow managed to normalize.

>>612700815Nintendo games are mostly safe bets and don't have very high budgets, but they still constantly make/publish stuff that's some of best in its genre.I don't think they need to feel shame about that

>>612701147This, this and more this. All 3 of those were instances of sheer hubris.

>>612700645What's that

>>612701192I can't remember anything that was "the best of its genre" in recent years.

>>612700815imagine a company trying to make money makes me sick

>>612696438>steaming upper deckerNow I know you're trolling

>>612701058it's actually because they always use proprietary media but ok.

>>612701252This but unironically. Games should be about passion, not profit. It's no wonder why anything with gacha is soulless trash.

>>612700645>>612701074youtube.com/watch?v=ILiF7viRNOUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4mZt8Cub7EYou need to post obscurer games that nobody has bothered to make a video of.

>>612696991>implying steam will be worth 20$ once EPIC is done raping itYou tried

>>612697164Neither is the Gabe Gear

>>612701353One of these days timmy, one of these days.

>>612701307>Games should be about passion, not profit.You should try actually running a company sometime. See how long you last with that attitude. Passion is idealistic, profit is pragmatic.

>>612701412Because....? Even if you want to muck around with the hardware and slap a bigger battery onto it and/or a second gpu you can do that.

>>612698720>>612699228It's cute you think that Steam is more than just an online marketplace. What gaming engines of theirs people are using? What IPs have they made since Portal?

>>612701585You can have both.

>>612701251Maybe pull your head out of Gabes blownout asshole for a change

>>612701585>you should actually try running a companyYes, I'm so glad that companies want to charge me 60 bucks for lazy rehashes like Call of Duty and Madden, and stifle creativity with out of control copyright laws. All must be sacrificed to our lord and savior, the almighty dollar.

>>612700381Its not nintendo's fault their games don't sell so poorly they need to slash prices to $20 a week after release

>>612701326>emulation videos always show the first couple of minutes>this is somehow a proof that emulation isremotely viablelmaoas someone who emulated Super Robot Wars Z2 on a phone with PPSSPP, problems started to arise by the time the elite dimensional monsters showed up with their attack animations crashing the emulator, or certain animation skits having a black screen flickering. Or certain VN parts not showing the proper backgrounds due of certain in-game filters.

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>>612700962What about it? Does it compare to sexual harassment cases in the workplace like Activision and Sony had to scramble to damage control? It's not whataboutism - for an issue to get big, the general public must care about it first. Between romhacks/nuzlockes and women's rights, which one will the public care for? Exactly.

>>612701595Sure Gabe sure. While you're busy doing all that I'll be playing games. You know, that thing you've never made a good one of

>>612701585Nintendo has lasted 40+ years in gaming with passion AND profit. Don't tell me you thought Switch was going to be massive, alot of you assholes thought it was going to kill Nintendo and make it go 3rd party.

>>612701701Or maybe I can hate both of them equally.>b-but No, you literally tried to use a whataboutism to justify something objectively wrong, so I will hate both equally just to spite you.

>>612701598you're the one that acted like steam is nothing but IPs, and isn't the single storefront and distribution platform on PC

>>612701805Sure but I didn't ask for your opinion. I just told you exactly why the issues Nintendo is suffering from won't affect them that much compared to others.>spiteI'm not fucking console warring you mongoloid, I'm telling the truth.

>>612701705Flawless dodge Furukawa, absolutely flawless.

>>612701820I...didn't? That was my first post in the thread, and Pokemon is definitely worth more than anything Steam can cobble in its entirety.>the single storefrontEpic, Gamepass, etc. Steam isn't the only one anymore.

>>612701680Anon ppsspp is an entirely different emulator that you were emulating on a phone and emulation improves a lot over time. Are you an actual nip, is that why you're so pc averse?

>>612701890And I'm telling you that I don't care. Nintendo making money and being successful doesn't magically make them the best company on earth, and it doesn't excuse their shoddy practices. You could defend any horrible person by pointing elsewhere and saying "SEE, THEY'RE WORSE! NOW WORSHIP ME!"

>>612699731copied shit from nintendo they failed at

>>612701640Yes, and the best companies balance both instead of putting one over the other. They are complimentary notions, not competitive ones. That also means you can't completely abandon the notion of profit for passion and expect to last particularly long.>>612701660I mean, it's how the shit you like gets made in a realistic sense. Even passionate fan projects can spend years to make something with less than half the polish of a game a well directed, AAA budget team could slap together in 2 years, short of dangerously based levels of autistic bedroom dev passion which is nice, but uncommon.>>612701778>Don't tell me you thought Switch was going to be massiveI hoped it would be, I loved the concept from the word "go". I wasn't disappointed.

>>612701326>That lag I remember a time where emulating games was no big deal. Now we have turbo faggots who post garbage footage just to "get one on the tendies".

>>612697116so they can take over the pc market, duh

>>612701147>>612701216>forgot N64 and Gamecube had the GB and GBA to bounce off of

>>612702042>well directed, AAA budget teamLook at him and laugh.

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>>612702008But they are about as close as it gets to perfection and the others don't come close.

>>612702108I guess these days there aren't many, that I'll give you.

>>612702008The argument you made here >>612699664 was that people would be surprised at how fast a company would die. Several people told you, Nintendo has done their homework. Then you replied, well what about romhacks and nuzlockes? To which I replied, the general public don't care about those things.I didn't ask for your shitty opinion or the morality of the situation, all I did was tell you that romhacks and nuzlockes won't be enough to kill Nintendo.

>>612702080>b-but handheld consoles are real consoles

>>612701668That has nothing to do with it, it's because Nintendo has 0 competition in the handheld space and can do whatever they want while watching Sony and Microsoft attempt to kill each other. Nintendo wouldn't have done a price drop for the 3DS if the Vita didn't exist, that's just the way this goes. Sony leaving the portable market was a real loss for both Snoys and Tendies because competition is a good thing for consumers.

>>612702070Why do you scream on behalf of nintendo? What do you get out of it?

>>612702213>The argument you made hereExcept that wasn't my post. That was someone else.>>612702125A company that can't even fix drifting joycons without being dragged to court over it, is far from perfect.>inb4 works on my machineThe countless lawsuits would say otherwise.

It legit scares me that there are video game enthusiasts that worship sony but want nintendo to fail. How misguided can a person get?

>>612702284Why are you such a vegan?

>>612700381>>612702227Wrong on both counts. SNES, N64, GC, Wii games still cost close to launch price or appreciated from it. Xenoblade Wii costs fucking $120 now. It wasn't about competition, it's about the quality of Nintendo games, or at least the perceived value of it.

>>612702227careful you don't hurt yourself moving those goalposts, kiddo

>>612702227>competition is a good thing for consumersFanboys have 0 understanding of this. The deeper a corporation dicks them the harder they squeel in delight.

>>612702296>A company that can't even fix drifting joycons without being dragged to court over it, is far from perfect.This is happening to all three companies so my point still stands.

>>612702296>Except that wasn't my post. That was someone else.Even if that wasn't your post, you should've gotten my point right away, not moralfag about it.

>>612702358You can try and force that as hard as you want, nobody is more pathetic than a fanboy. Enjoy your bowl of miyamoto's cum, it's the only protein you get.

>>612702445>Nintendo is perfect because they're guilty of the same things as the other companiesSo... that means sony and Microsoft are perfect too.

>>612702401>Fanboys have 0 understanding of this.Yeah, you clearly don't.

Attached: Fanboys-Damaging-the-Gaming-Industry-by-RobinGaming.jpg (480x360, 34.51K)

>>612702382Those are old games, not current ones and speculators have taken over the retro game market and increased prices to insane amounts. What we're talking about here is new games being priced competitively and that's not happening because Nintendo doesn't need to have a bevy of cheap games available like they used to because they are the only game in town now. If you want a portable you're playing on your phones or getting a Switch. They don't need to do anything other than be Nintendo and have a product that no one else is offering, there's no need to make the console more enticing to consumers because it's quite literally the only option for people looking for a handheld.

>>612700381They're the scummiest they've ever been. What's funnier is I bet all the faggots defending them now probably weren't even around for their flops before or were outright mocking them. They have no understanding of what they're missing and don't actually care about the games, on the brand behind them.

>>612702284>REEEEEEEEEEEE TENDIE GAME EMULATED SEEEEEEEEE!?!?!?>game "runs" at worse framerate than the fucking switch, is likely full of bugs and crashes but bro ignore that the first 10 minutes of the game work sort of!

>>612702647You getting upset by that statement only outs you as one.

>>612702495>nobody is more pathetic than a fanboyBetter to be a fanboy than some jaded faggot.

>>612702284I have a 300 dollar pc with a 10100f and a gt 1030, can it emulate switch game better than the switch itself?

>>612702693>I'm only pretending to be mad to mock you!>no I am actually very mad

>>612702680again, its not nintendo's fault their game's don't flop to the point they need to cut the price in half after the first week you're literally crying that company A sells its new product at $60 while company B tried to sell their product at $70, then when no one bought it they dropped it to $20

>>612702789Sony competes against Microsoft. Nintendo competes against no one. That's all it is, this is very basic economics.

>>612702767Calling out corporations for being shitty makes someone jaded? Fanboys do nothing but hold everything back while being obnoxious cunts about it.

>>612702789>Factorio dev does the same thing, his game never going on sale because the dev doesn't feel like doing it>Nintendo fans cite him as being greedy and stupid and an example of evil western developershmmmm....

Attached: __pink_prom_dress_xj9_thinking_vector___by_205tob_dfa2tvp-350t.png (266x350, 56.49K)

>>612702858>the largest console doesn't compete against the other two consoles okay retard

>>612702737I'm not upset at your statement, I'm mocking you for saying shit that doesn't make sense. This is your premise btw.>Nintendo isn't competitively pricing their games, that makes them scummyAFTER Sony just said that their PS5 exclusives were about to be priced $70????>Nintendo has 0 competitionWhen MOBILE PHONES exist??? Genshin Impact isn't just a mobile game, it's available on almost all platforms.You have half a brain, blaming Nintendo for something that doesn't even track. You're the prime example of a fanboy.

>>612702529Read again>But they are about as close as it gets to perfection and the others don't come close

>>612702905did factorio flop?also>nintendo fans cite him

>>612702789Gotta love fanboys being proud of how hard they're getting dicked. I get my nintendo games entirely for free now because they don't deserve a dime anymore.

>>612702962You have some low standards if you think any company is perfect. And you have the nerve to call PC users vegans? >>612702998It makes him enough money to not have to go on sale, yet all of you guys shriek and scream that he's being unfair towards poor people. Funny how his game being evergreen is now bad because it doesn't have Nintendo's blessing. How petty of you.

>>612702943Correct, over 20 million Lites alone have been sold. That's more than the number of Series X and S units sold and the Lite came out in 2019. Portability is the draw to the Switch, there's nothing else in that market.

>>612702680You don't make sense. First you say Nintendo are the only game in town then in the same post you say Nintendo has competition in form of phones. Also unless we forget, Sony priced their exclusives to $70, and as far as I know, PS5 is leading the current gen over XSX, quite literally the only option for a current gen console.

>>612703080Go away ACfag.

>>612702960Literally all I said was fanboys have 0 understanding of how competition benefits them and you went off on that. I'm not reading your schizo ramblings.

>>612702905>>Nintendo fans cite him as being greedy and stupid and an example of evil western developersYou got a source for this or are you just bullshitting?

>>612703080so you agree that its not the factorio's dev's fault if his game sells well enough he doesn't feel the need to drop the price? You sure are a schizo, are these nintendo fans that hate factorio in the room with us now?

>>612703080>Funny how his game being evergreen is now bad because it doesn't have Nintendo's blessing.As a very early adopter and a Nintendautist, fuck you, I never complained, I'm fine with never having sales.

>>612703098>It's another "Switch is not current gen" episode. >It's another assblasted "Snoy pretends to have a decent PC" episode.

Attached: ageLimit.jpg (541x587, 33.68K)

>>612703239>>612703186>>612703182>>612703163>cite multiple times that all PC games are shit, as are all western devs>suddenly backtrack when Factorio proves you wrong

Attached: 1663469193361871.png (512x512, 374.31K)

>>612703080I wasn't the vegan guy, not sure how that's relevant. Listen, all three companies are far from perfect, but only one of them is all about the gaming experience.

>>612702125lmfao you can't be serious

>>612703391>only one of them is all about the gaming experience.sure thing, friend. Sure thing.

Attached: 1525988792694.webm (746x420, 2.69M)

>>612703318damn dog, look at all those sources you didn't post >keeping the price the same is le heckin BADARINO FUCKING NINTENDO NOT COMPETING FAIRLY WITH SONY >factorio keeps the game the same price forever >BASED BASED BASED BASED TENDIES BTFO

>>612703453wow a 30 second cutscene 64 hour RPGI wonder how many cutscenes are in the competitions games that are barely 10-20 hours long....

>>612703465>all western games are putrid dogshit, that's why their prices drop in price>so Factorio is shit too? It never drops in price>UM.... THAT DOESN'T COUNT!

>>612703582>64 hours of cutscenesReal "gameplay" experience you got there.

Attached: imagine if a western game had this.webm (640x360, 2.68M)

>>612689738It probably will? No reason to think they can go bankrupt any time soon.

>>612703585if the game is good the price doesn't need to changeseethe and cope, snoy

>>612703168And I'm saying your logic doesn't compute. What competition stopped Sony from pricing their games $70 launch? Moron.

>>612703634meanwhile>10 hour game, if that>7 hours of cutscene >this is the """gameplay"""

Attached: 1661727023076453.webm (640x360, 2.82M)

>>612703634You can only achieve this canned animation after setting up a full bar of Blade combos that you build up, one by one.

>>612703098I said you either use your phone or buy a Switch. But phone games are quite different from regular games so people looking for traditional games of a higher quality instead of match 3 or gachas are going to go for the Switch or stick with older games on emulators. So they end up catering to different markets but if you want to play games on the go, those are your only 2 options while the decks are still rare.>Sony priced their exclusives to $70 This actually appeals a lot to publishers who can enjoy that same $70 price and it makes it more lucrative to make their game a Playstation because they can charge $70 for it, even on PC. I'd mark it as a solid loss for consumers, especially because it's obviously going to catch on like paid online did, but the one benefit is that it does incentivize more console exclusives to be released on Playstation, which is good for Snoys. For the time being anyway, once it catches on they'll lose that benefit and have set the industry back. But hey, at least those $70 games don't hold their value so you can buy them for $20 after a couple of months.>PS5 is leading the current gen over XSX, quite literally the only option for a current gen console.22 million PS5s sold vs 16 million X|S consoles. That's a lot closer than 112 million vs 0.

>>612703645>liking Factorio now makes you a snoyStrange. Being a primarily PC game, I expected you to call me a vegan (for the sin of liking PC games, of course). I'm a little surprised.>>612703714>>612703773>100+ hours of cutscenes is okay because western games are worseOR, hear me out, I could hate both western games AND Nintendo's games for daring to try and justify this garbage.

>>612703714I like Uncharted 4, but I have to say I laughed

Holy shit just buy a switch Vic you graphics whore.

>>612703712Competition prevents the shit you don't see. Imagine if sony was the only one making games and the only one selling the hardware to play them. All you're doing is proving my point perfectly so thanks for that I suppose. I can only hope you're underage.

>>612689841Nintendo, Steam, Xbox, and another failed streaming device from some other company

>New narrative is that tendies now apparently hate FactorioWhat schizo headcanon is this?

Attached: frodo2.jpg (600x599, 45.22K)

>>612703796>But phone games are quite different from regular gameNot anymore. The gap is closing, if any.>those are your only 2 options while the decks are still rare.There are more mobile phones than PCs and home consoles across the world.>This actually appealsIf that initial launch price appeals to publishers, then the same logic should also apply to Nintendo, since a constant $60 pricing would also make it lucrative. It also disproves the braindead competition argument that some retard is using against Nintendo, since Sony is doing a similar thing.>That's a lot closer than 112 million vs 0.112 million vs 15 billion in 2021 ww.

>>612703927It's a western game not made by Nintendo. You guys hate anything not made by your parent company. Come on, did you not see the worship being given to them several posts prior?>Nintendo is perfect>their games are masterpieces>nobody else can ever compare to them>if you like a non-nintendo game, you're a snoyI know reading isn't exactly your strong suit, but try and keep up.

>>612703816>nintendo directly competes with sony and microsoft >sony games are the ones that ALWAYS drop to at least half price within the first two weeks of launching because no one buys them>BUT FACTORIO >factorio just proves that if the game is good its worth the price

>>612703816>OROr nothing. You clearly never played Xenoblade 2 to recoup your credibility. You don't know how time consuming it is to build up a Full Burst meter in the middle of combat.

>>612689738>Will this 200 year old company even exist in 10 years from now?

Attached: 1wt9JWgpQcaei5L3QNWf_Dog_Reaction.0_1.gif (416x240, 1.04M)

>>612704005>Factorio just proves that if the game is good it's worth the priceThen why did you call it "western pigshit"? You completely contradicted yourself.>>612704032Building up a full burst meter by watching fake gameplay cutscenes is quite difficult, yes. Difficult to find real gameplay, at least.

>>612703924LMAO so Sony doesn't have competition right now? Since they priced their exclusives to $70? You're a fanboy and a dumbass.

>>612703990Man, Sonys are SEETHING and coping hard

>>612703950>Not anymore. The gap is closing, if anyYou can count console-quality phone games with one hand, and ALL of them are gacha.The gap is wider than your mom's, and doesn't show any sings of closing

>>612704080surely you can point to where I called factorio bad, can't you schizo-kun?

>>612704080>Building up a full burst meter by watching fake gameplay cutscenesThat's not how you build up a full burst meter lmao. This is mega cope and seethe. We're in Xenoblade 3 now, ACfag. Get on with the times.

>>612703714Watching this actively irritated me, like I would just eject the game from the console if the game refused to stop taking control from me every 4 seconds.

>>612704080>ACsnoy SEETHINGKEK.Just saying, you mentioning factorial without talking about its gameplay makes it a shit game by your own standards

Watching fanboys fight is always a joy. I'm glad I saved this thread from page 10.

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>>612704115>and ALL of them are gacha.Pic related.>The gap is wider than your mom's, and doesn't show any sings of closingYou mean the gap is closing like the axe wound you have after your sexual reassignment surgery, and you're trying to hard to keep your festering, smelly wound open to pretend everything worked out.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 197.39K)

>>612704145see>>612700118You should've agreed with him, instead of tryign to argue that old ports somehow trump the billions of good PC games, including Factorio.

>>612704206It happens because the player keeps turning back, it's not like that if you do it normally.Uncharted 4 has way too many walk-and-talk parts though

>>612704164Sorry, cutscenes do not count as gameplay, and the "game" is nothing but cutscenes. Even when you try and find gameplay. Tell me again how Nintendo is focused on gameplay and not making "stupid cinematic movie games"?

Attached: grand design.webm (640x360, 2.83M)

>>612704276What does your Pic have to do with anything?

>>612689738Children won't exist in 10 years

>>612703950>, since a constant $60 pricing would also make it lucrative. It also disproves the braindead competition argument that some retard is using against Nintendo, since Sony is doing a similar thing.Here's the thing, those 3rd party publishers don't do that. Because their games typically go on sale across every platform and every game now other than first party exclusives are multiplats. Even games that aren't on other platforms like Mario and Rabbids are dirt cheap because only Nintendo's games are evergreen. There's no real competition to any of Nintendo's first party titles on the Switch. Every other game has to compete against them, they have to drop the price, like SMTV being half price a few weeks after release because they made the mistake of launching too close to a Pokemon remake.

I am so happy that Nintendo BTFO every other publisher with the Switch. The levels of cope and seethe Snoys have is so delicious. Th Switch is about to take over the PS4 as the 4th most sold console of ALL TIME, and Snoys on Holla Forums are still coping that 'Nintendo will be gone soon guys, trust me'. This is going to be a difficult pill to swallow OP, but it's better for you to take it now than be coping for your entire life: Nintendo will outlive every single person currently alive.

Attached: 307.jpg (680x591, 33.71K)

>>612704330>so desperate all he can point to is a post telling people to play more jap games still waiting for you to point to where I said factorio is bad.

>>612704376Oi, ACsnoy.You not posting about factorio Gameplay right now is literally making that game worse, by your own definition.Factorio will be a movie game if you make a single post that doesn't exclusively talk about factorio Gameplay.It already happened to terraria.

>>612704276>You mean the gap is closing like the axe wound Not the own you think it is cause that one gap that won't ever close properly.

>>612704476Based.I love watching sony die in real time.

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>Will the richest and most successful gaming company in the world exist in 10 years?Yeah, probably

>>612704476>>612704493>>612704501Tell me again why Factorio is bad, when you said that evergreen games can't be bad by definition. Also, why did you just call Super Metroid a shit game? After all, it's selling for like 5 bucks on the eshop, when it used to be sold for 60 bucks. Wtf why isn't it Evergreen anymore?

>>612704093I could not have asked for someone better to respond to me to prove me right, so again, thanks. Hope you're underage, for your sake.

>>612702070I genuinly believe emufags should be banished to /trash/, or at least emulation for nintendo consoles, it's been years of constant lies pretending it's better than it is. but of course that would just feed into their persecution complex where they think mods are all Nintendo shills

>>612704581>can't talk about GameplayNow by your own definition, it's a movie game.Congrats

>>612696991They'll buy it from Gabe for two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

>>612704581>schizo-kun is this mindbroken by good games selling at full price he has to randomly start screaming about SNES games

>>612704581Facti-what? Sorry user, I don't play muddy-looking indie trash. *boots up Mario Odyssey*

Attached: 2aa.png (1080x1080, 564.6K)

>>612704621>>612704664You still haven't explained how Factorio is a bad game, nor how Super Metroid is a good game.

>>612704376Super attack animations are cool, fuck off

>>612704725Movie games are not cool. If I want cinematic animations, I'll buy a snoy movie.

Attached: 134706407179.jpg (600x582, 124.87K)

>>612698150Steams content policy is schizophrenic. They either have different people with vastly different opinions checking each game or they have some danger hair hambeast doing it who gabe occasionally slaps around when he wants some more weeb bucks.

>>612704703When did I say factorio is a bad game

>>612704859see>>612704695>inb4 that's not meNope, sorry. You lost the right to claim that.

>>612697164>some brand obsession for a corporation that treats them like shitPretty funny coming from a steam drone.

>>612704376All the sony fanboys tendies claim to fight against are in fact the tendies themselves after sony abandoned them and switch became the only portable on the market that had their weeb movies and obscure VNs. Sony ponies largely don't exist on Holla Forums anymore.

>>612704886sorry schizo-kun, factorio is and always will be worth its price. sony games will always been worth less money than what they launch for

>>612704893I do no give a single shit about steam. I'm only here to say PC shits on nintendo and anyone who doesn't realize that is stupid and missing out.

>>612704703>Factorio is good >Super Metroid is bad

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>>612704994Nah, PC gaming hasn't made a good game since roller-coaster tycoon 2