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>>612688478dark souls

>>612688478Devil May Cry

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>>612688478Demon's Souls > Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls

>>612688478Crash Bandicoot.


>>612688478Halo Campaigns.




>>612688478No More Heroes



>>612688478Devil may cryFight me.

>>612690862*fights u* *wins*Heh. Nothing personnel kid.


>>612690717>2 on the bottomShut up.


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>>612690923You shut up.

>>612688478That'll most likely be Bayonetta's case. There's no way Bayo 3 is going to be worse than 2, but there's no way it'll surpass Bayonetta 1 either.

>>612690982That's a shame.

>>612690416Yes>>6126908033 is my favorite so I disagree

>>612688478Deus Ex

>>612688478Ace Attorney

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>>612690981Uhh, no? You shuttup.

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>>612690969I hate how 3 is objectively good but extremely soulless for some reason.

>>612690307>>612690402>>612690717>>612690862>>612690908all wrong, all brain damaged

>>6126909232 was trash. People bitch about Nintendo doing rehashes, but Pikmin 2 really was a shameless rehash. I've never felt so ripped off in my entire life. It would have been better off if they had actually returned to the canonically same zone, instead of reskinning existing zones and trying to pass them off as new.

>>612688478Literally DMC

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>>612688478Lord of the rings

>>612690981>>612691514imagine being fucking wrong

>>612688478crash bandicoot

>>612688478This is hard as 2 is almost always the best of a franchise. That being said>Max Payne

Mega Man

>>612688478Mass effect

Dark souls, bioshock, danganronpa


>>612688478Mass effect

>>612688478Spark the Electric Jester

>>612688961>>612691865I came to this thread only to say kill yourself to people replying crash, so here it is : kys faggots

>>612688478all good franchises.

ITT: trying to fit in despite being anonymous.

>>612688478Ratchet and Clank Future Trilogy


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>>612688541ThisDemon Souls > Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls

>>612695507>I have no backbone and solely rely on popular consensus to form my opinionsseethe

The Witcher




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Mass effect


God Eater.

>>612688478The reverse of Mass Effect


>>612690307Came here to say this.

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>>612700565Nigga u high or something?


>>612688478Pajama Sam

>>612690402Nah, Xenoblade is X>1>>>>>>>>>>>the other 2 sharted out sequels