>most powerful weapon is a... katanaAaaaaand dropped. Why are nips obsessed with katanas in Vidya?...

>most powerful weapon is a... katanaAaaaaand dropped. Why are nips obsessed with katanas in Vidya?? They are so fucking fragile irl

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Maybe you only see shit katanas

>>612688330>They are so fucking fragile irlThe durability of a sword depends on the material it's made out of and the skill of the blacksmith. A katana made of high quality ore by a skilled smith would be just as durable as any other sword.

>>612688330looks more like a sabre you spastic gorilla monkey

>>612688330>gnome suplexing a monster the size of an cargo ship: this is okay>fire breathing magic casting lizards: that is okay>gundams running around fist fighting people on foot and losing: this is fine>sword design used for hundreds of years is the strongest weapon because of some magic bullshit: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>>612688330that's a saber you fucking mongrel

>>612688818not the whole picture, western swords are broader and thicker for the exact purpose of striking the balance between durability and flexibility.Katanas are very fucking fragile by comparison, why do you think sword breaking tools like Sai were so popular?

>>612689162>western swords are broader and thicker for the exact purpose of striking the balance between durability and flexibility.There were a massive amount of western sword designs of different weights and thicknesses that were intended for different purposes. You're comparing apples and oranges right now.

>>612689162>sword breaking tools like SaiSword CATCHING tools you mouthbreather.

OP sure was dumb today.

>>612688330>irlWell it's not real life, user. It's a video game.

Katanas are for killing unarmored farmers. European swords are for killing armored soldiers.

>>612688330Why is it always the katana? Why can't japs jerk off their actually cool weapons like naginatas or kanabos?

>>612690395For me it's the kusarigama

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>>612689162>western swords are ... thickerwtf are you smoking

>>612688330>WHY AREN'T ALL MY VIDEO GAMES LIKE REAL LIFEFucking dumb ass

>>612690080swords in general are just sidearms meant for personal defense and polearms, blunt weapons, and bows killed way more people IRL.

>>612689162nigga what?

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>>612688330all swords are fragile.we have plenty of western art where people have broken their swords or had to stop for a minute to bend the blade back into shape.it's easy to forget this now that modern monosteels are common and cheap.

>>612689162This is bait right?

>>612691145>dude poke poke poke lmaoSpears are only fun when they prioritize style over realism like in Nioh.

>>612691252>t. never couched a lance in Mount and Blade

>>612689162Jesus Christ you're retarded

>>612690930Is there a series of this for different weapons?

>>612688330Because legendary named swords with narrative weight akin to magic are a totally normal convention in their folklore.It has nothing to do with their physical properties, it's just a storytelling convention. Plus in games especially they're fucking magic.Demon lord spirits inhabit katana because they're weebs, deal with it.Meanwhile we have Excalibur and that's it. And a handful of named ones like Charlemagne's but that's a historical detail and not considered special, maybe valuable, but not magic.All the enchanted swords in DnD etc are just Costco bulk-package budget extrapolations of Excalibur, or otherwise Tolkien (and elf-made swords are kinda good quality and have some special features but aren't amazing endgame gear or anything).

>guaranteed replies

>>612691690not entirely but the artist is centuriichan

>>612688330Katanas are cool and so is all the imagery and technique around them

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>>612692053i do appreciate the iado style since its just japan's version of cowboy quickshooting

>>612692287It's neat as fuck how a cowboy cocking their gun in their holster in preparation for a shootout is essentially the same movement as whatever this is called

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The irony is that even this fat bitch would have owned most of the Samurai in those days. Why? Because she would have been way faster, and a war blade would have simply pierced through the gaps of their armor that weighed them down.

>>612692438yeah im certain theres a word for that but theres no way to word it in google without getting useless results.

>video comparing katana to western sword>western sword is always significantly heavierthe comparisons are never fair

>>612692749they also never mention how japanese iron is notoriously dogshit.

>why do developers from a country often favor and present their own country as superiorI wonder.

>>612692438It's no secret that spaghetti westerns were influenced by classic samurai films and it wouldn't surprise me to see gunmen pulling the hammer back in a holster is directly meant to be that

>KatanaGay>Katana blade on a big stickReal shit

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>>612688330japanese people are gigantic faggots about how superior their food/clothing/weaponry fucking everything is when even a child can realise a fork is obviously better than chopsticksbasically they can't see reality because their eyes don't open properly

>>612692891at least they were able to compensate it by folding their steel a thousand times over to rid them of their impurities.

>>612688330Like longswords, a weapon and status symbol of a professional warrior.

>>612688818>A katana made of high quality ore by a skilled smithNeither one of these would apply, considering Japanese forging techniques lacked behind European one's (mostly due to not having enough iron to work and experiment with), and Japanese iron was rare and the steel poor quality.

>>612692749Direct comparison is pretty much impossible because we don't have manuals etc for comprehensive understanding of how older western light backswords were actually used, which are the closest thing to dueling katana.Later ones are either shit like cavalry weapons, naval side arms or fencing sabres, all used in completely different ways or against opponents wearing more than laquered wood and paper.I mean you can do that dumb discovery channel shit where you just whack them together but that's not how anyone ever used swords.>>612692891I've seen some stuff mentioning it, even addressing the fact that light swords are actually kinda expected to bend, the point of japanese smithing being more about the ability to maintain them afterwards instead of it being ruined from one use.But the most comparable historical types are old and were probably kinda shitty too.>>612693352It's more for the hardness/elasticity cross-sectional qualities.

>>612693031agreed, naganatas are based.

to remind you that it's a japanese game

Swords in general are overused.

Realism has no place in videogames.

>>612691709I don't know my own history: The Post

>>612693352Only a couple dozen timesAnd really, they only needed a handful, that was overkillAnd mainly it was because of the structure of the katana, using iron of different hardness at different points in the blade to make it more stable>>612693503Which makes it even more amazing that they were able to discover the techniques that they did to try and work around those limitationsIt's no wonder they see the craft in such a magical light

>>612693031True, pole weapons were always king in the west too. Though polaxes were apparently real motherfuckers as far as "short" weapons go.We have all this romanticism and all these spergy names for different categories of sword but IRL they were basically all called "swords" and just considered big knives to use as backup weapons, with a couple exceptions.

>>612693598The post was about folklore, not history. But go ahead, name one.

>>612688818Calling Katana a sword is not exactly accurate. It's a saber, a single edge, curved blade for slicing, preferably from horseback.A sword is a twin edge designed for hacking.It's unfortunate, but people ten to call pointy metal things "swords" regardless if they're actually swords, or sabers, or rapiers, or scimitars or... etc.It ends up making for an apples to oranges comparisons, since they have different design philosophies and utility.

>>612688818>He doesn't know Katanas are made by folding the metal

What are some games for a polearm enjoyer such as myself?Don't give me anything that just treats them like longer swords. I wanna poke shit to death.

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>>612693503>the steel poor qualityThe steel itself, after the process, was quite good. They get a number of homogenous lengths of material at the end of a decent enough quality (comparing to modern steel that is). It's a superb feat for a place with such poor iron. You can read contemporary letters from british officers praising the swordsmanship and quality of the swords, despite having access to the greatest swords created in the western world (Wilkinson's sabers were far and away the best sword money could buy in europe around this sort of time period)

For me, it's the Big Iron.

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>>612690395or that fuma shuriken, God I would love to see those things, they looked so fucking cool in Naruto

>>612691709this is what happens when you only watch and read anime shit

>>612693885Because there's no mythical, personal quality to be pulled from using a long tool to reach at something in a different area code

>>612694020>Calling Katana a sword is not exactly accurateIt literally means swordI have an antique 1913 Spanish cavalry sword, it has a single edge, can't cut anything because it's specialized to thrust and is similar in shape to the American Patton 1908, but the spanish called it a sword just like the Americans did, just like the British did for their thrust centric early 20th century swords

>>612694034>he doesn't know the metal had to be folded so much because Japan had shitty steel

>>612694020All those things are subcategories of sword. People weren't this autistic about it historically. A lot of the specific names just mean "sword" in different languages, too.You can be more specific in your classification but they're still swords, and the reverse translation also works that way too.>>612694226We're literally talking about japanese video games you faggot.

>>612694020>It's a saber, a single edge, curved blade for slicing, preferably from horseback.Specifically from horseback or later weapons derived from those.A katana isn't a sabre any more than a thrachian falx is a sabre.But it is a "sword".

>>612688330Only a westerncuck would mald over this.

>>612691709>Meanwhile we have Excalibur and that's itWhat about the Gram or Durandal?

>>612694020Why did you decide to "uhm acshually" someone while being completely and utterly wrong?Those are all swords. That's like saying a dachshund isn't a dog.

>>612693959HruntingDurandalBalmungGramLaevateinnThat's just a handful really, but if those names don't tell you shit then you literally have no idea a lut your own folklore.

>>612694530>>612694538> a handful of named ones like Charlemagne'sYou're autistic.

>>612693959not him but there are plenty of named weapons in greek, roman, norse, and other pagan tales - and even if not named, they would often be said to have been forged by master smiths like, say, Hephaestus (the equivalent of nips slobbering over a mythical Masamune sword)your problem is mistaking post-christianity eras for all of european history

>>612688818>high quality orelollmao evenJapan is notorious for having some of the worst quality iron in the world. That's why folding was done so much, to purify as much of the impurities in the iron. It's not some secret chinese secret that was passed down millions of generations that turns iron into graphite, you fucking retard

>>612690080>"Armored" soldiersLol

>>612690592Literally a peasent weapon.

>>612694580No you're being the autistic weeb here and slobbering all over jap cock. There are dozens of legendary swords in European folk lore.


>>612694616I did say they exist, my point was that there aren't many that people could name. It's not a present thing in contemporary folklore in the way it is in Japanese contemporary folklore where it's super common. I was answering the OP's question about why Japan always makes their super swords a katana.>>612694750You spergs aren't following the conversation at all.

>>612694580So you want mythical weapons to not be named now? I don't see how they're different from your weeb sticks>this is the Masamune, a sword made by the bestest smith in history, but not as sharp as the Muramasa because those guys are evilIt's all the same shit

>>612693959Did you think all those random European names used for weapons in JRPG's were just made up

>>612694626The post never implied otherwise? Japan can just import ore.

jap dicksuckers really make me want to see that shitty Island full of inbreds bombed again

>>612694750Name two dozen then.>>612694847No. Are they all ultimate swords in the games they appear in?

>>612693031>Unreasonable big katanaUnreasonably cool

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>>612694789I don't know I expect if you were to ask someone to name a famous sword the first thing that'll come to their mind is ExcaliburIt's a name so big you see it practically transcending swords itself and it ends up being used for just about anything that is an important weapon in so many things

>>612694789>You spergs aren't following the conversation at allYour claim is that magic swords are commonplace in Jap folklore but aren't in European mythos and that instead all we get are DnD knockoffs, which is woefully stupid

>>612694226Not really. Anime uses heaps of famous euro weapons. He's just an idiot

>>612694905The Claiomh Solais is the best sword in some games, yes

>>612694626Graphene, not graphite.

>>612694905Yes nigger on the same level as MasamuneFor examplefinalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Caladbolg

>>612694964Hell, even in modern Japanese works Excalibur is fucking importantFate is one of the biggest franchises in Japan and one of the most important weapons in it is Excalibur

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>>612694905nta but I just like throwing out mystic swords cause I always name any crafted swords in game after themsome of my favorites are Naegling, Aroundight, Tyrfing, Mysteltainn, Galatine, Dainsleif

>>612694580>>612694905>Hurrrr the west only has a handful of named semi-legendary/mythological swordsMeanwhile in Japland all they has is Masamune, Muramase and Mouichimonji.

>>612688330Katanas may be dogshit poopoo irl but they still look cool.

>>612694964Yeah that's the point. The fucking spastics in these replies think going to wikipedia to post a list of every named sword they can find means that those examples are on the same level as Excalibur when 95% of people probably couldn't name one of them.But Japan has a shitload of katanas that as narratively present (not as magical) as Excalibur, which is why it's not weird for the ultimate sword in a game to be Japanese and not Excalibur.In a Western game if it's not Excalibur (which it probably isn't because it's cliche) it'll be some direct analogue, probably made-up.But we were talking about Japanese games, which these autists missed because they got triggered by someone mentioning trains.

>>612692287I want to see iado techniques being applied to sabers and messers.

>>612695232B-b-but muh Kissaki Muroha ZukkuriLiterally just named that way as a trade!ark for the distinct the shape, angle and double edged cut of the blade. Purely prosaic in nature.

>>612688330OP, this thing still looks a bit further from a katana. It's also a bit more straight than curved. If anything, cutlasses and sabers look more katana than this.

>>612695334>But Japan has a shitload of katanas that as narratively present (not as magical) as Excalibur,Name 6

>>612688330man. i wish more american made games had an overpowered revolver or tommygun.

>>612695334"95%" of people wouldn't be able to name a "famous" katana. You moved the goalposts so far that you now don't even fit your own criteria

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>>612688330>They are so fucking fragile irlHistorical ones yes, but there's no reason why a quality modern reproduction would be worse than a reproduction of a European sword of equal quality.

>My sword is better>No my sword is betterLadies please, you're both terrible

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>>612694020You are a fucking imbecile and a clown.

>>612695334You're showing some clear bias, however. It's not a shitload of katanas, they will ALWAYS be either Muramasa or Masamune

>>612695418Still waiting for you retards to get back to me with "dozens" of Western ones, then I'll be happy to spent an entire 60 seconds googling this trivial task.There's even multiple words in japanese for swords like this, which we don't have.

>>612689040>MongrelWhy are you so obsessed with Sabers, Gilgamesh?

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>>612695495Japanese games are for the Japanese audience you retard. The depths of your personal ignorance are irrelevant.>>612695520Those are just the ones you recognise.

>>612695369Plenty of western swordsmanship teaches guards and techniques from a sheathed position. Fiore did a lot of stuff like that in Fior di Battaglia, there's tons of surviving pages that detail fighting from a bad position - being outnumbered, being poorly equipped, being ambushed, fighting armored opponents unarmored, fighting hoseback opponents on foot, dagger vs sword, sword vs spear. It's not unusual to see the scabbard used as a defensive off hand "weapon" in some scenarios because it's better than an open hand

>>612695504Maces are for battering metal, which is obviously less alluring

>>612695593Not even Japs know their own history. What games other than Nioh actually have the five famous swords in them?

The only things more insufferable than a wannabe operator /k/ larper are armchair martial artist or a cunt whos never made anything pretending to be a master smith.Most of you fags didnt even gain your meager knowledge by reading it even from wikipedia. You got it as second hand info from another larper who pretended to know something and that fag just heard it from someone and on and on it goes.


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>katanaSorry, I'm a Yari enjoyer

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>>612695504>those "mercy" kills in KCDI love maces so much

>>612688330I just love Scimitars. I dont care if some sword autist tells me they sucked irl they are literally the best looking swords out there

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>>612695662Maces are for killing someone and not worrying about whether they're in armour or not

>>612695452In The Godfather Video Game(2006) the Fully Upgraded Thompson M1928 at lvl.3 becomes a customized variant with a carrying capacity of 100 rounds called the Dillinger, named after infamous criminal bank robber John Dillinger and his signature Thompson.

>>612695693>Heard from a guy who knew a guySounds about right when it comes to mythical weapons

>>612695693So spread some actual knowledge instead of whining if you're so great

>>612694626Wow, you are a huge fucking retard.

>>612695752For me it's military sabers. Shame there don't seem to be many games that feature them.

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>>612689162Katana are slightly heavier and shorter than your average longsword. Also sword breaking is a tad literal.

>>612695504Bring it on

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>>612695752Are you also a DS Wanderer chad?

>>612695989It really irks me whatever dumbass made this photo put the only 1700s sword directly in the middle ruining the ascending order

>>612695752I'm personally fond of sabres myself and their clean and elegant look and fighting style, but I usually tend to stick with scimitars since they're not as common.

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>>612696064wh-what's the syrup for?

>>612688330Its only cool when revolvers do jt

>>612696064>medieval Japs already discovered that the ultimate weapon is a reinforced baseball batHow are they so ahead of the curve?

Select your fighter

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can’t tell if these niggas are trolling the katana autist or if they’re genuinely fucking retarded and can’t read a conversation

>>612696210That's tea actually.

>>612696148Kind of. Im currently playing a Dark Souls 3 mercinary with a Scimitar. The character is a middle eastern (balding) warrior


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>>612694020sabers are swords you fucking mouthbreather

>>612696365We have to go back.

>Cool part about using a katana is all the intricate fighting styles combining the skill and technique of swordfighting with the spiritualist autism of chinese martial arts>Most games are not built for thiswhy

>>612689162>western swords are broader and thickerKatanas are massive cleavers compared to western swords.

>>612696312Just by tweaking a simple farming tool and they able to get a War Pick already.

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>>612696312You can find some similar weapons in the Morgan Bible which is dated to the mid 1200s

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>>612696319The Nagamaki looks like a Mo Dao, that's a neat sword

>>612688330Is that what really made you drop that game? Really? Just that? I'm a huge Xenoblade fag and could accept dozens of reasons why you'd drop it, cause it's mediocre. But the katana? That's it? Fuck you

>>612696319Wakizashi seem nice. Just a small handy sword for certain situations or as backup.

>>612695951No fuck YOU, cottage cheese smelling ass nigga

>>612691839Thank you, kind user.>smug>big hat>thighs>fluffy hairYup, that's all my fetishes catered for.

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>>612696319The Chokuto, Tsurugi and Nagamaki are so underused and underrepresented even in Japanese videogames let alone Japanese media.

>Faggots arguing about which sword is betterENTER

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>>612694143These should be the only guns Americans are allowed to carry openly.

>>612688330It's made of Noppon steel folded two times

>>612696620Why aren't nagamaki style swords more common? Seems like being able to move your hands along the handle would give it interesting ways to leverage it, which is one of the appeals of a polearm

>>612696548Not really the Tanto actually served that purpose during wartime. The Wakizashi was more of a decorative companion piece that complimented the Katana as a two-sword(Daisho lit. Big/Little) set for peacetime Samurai during the Edo period as a symbol of their status and a badge of office due in part to Hideyoshi's sword ban edict and the Tokugawa clan's continuation of that policy.

>>612689162Western swords are thinner and have sharper edges. Even Chinese swords are thinner and sharper.Katanas(designed after the Chinese Tang) are fragile because of low quality iron.So they are literally redesigned it to be curved to slash instead of hack.

>>612696697Revolvers fell out of favor after the haito edict of 1876 prevented anyone but law enforcement and former daimyos from carrying them in public, an act that turned the previously noble warrior class of cowboys into lawless ronin and kickstarted the decline of the wild west

>>612688914>>612689040It looks like a katana with a circle in place of the guard.And Noah is doing all the typical meme katana techniques while using it

>>612696948You jest, but it's interesting how similar cowboys and ronin are.

>>612696319The Nagamaki looks great

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>>612688330Because people enjoy swords even though they're not very good weapons. Most actual Japanese warfare wasn't fought with katanas, it was bows and polearms, as with the rest the world. Katanas became popular when the samurai class got bored in periods of extended peace and sliced each other up for luls. Think about how legendary weapons in western media always seem to be swords, even though they are generally shit as well. People fucking love swords, maybe the way they're swung just has an air of charisma about it that polearms and archery just can't match.

>>612696826Back then it was used to cleave cavalry's mount. But since bow & arrow (and latter firearms) already do the same job better, nagamaki's demand for use are rarity.

>>612697081Maybe it's just marketing. Swords are expensive to make and something mostly nobility would have, so stories are made all about how swords are super cool to appeal to the wealthier classes.

So how come we didn't put penises on our weapons?

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>>612694626>Japan is notorious for having some of the worst quality iron in the world.Shut up you fucking chink and go shove your pig steel up your ass.US and Japan have some of the best steel in the world. AUS steel is great, while 7-9Cr steel is dogshit.t. Blade and steel enthusiast

>>612696984Especially as they come from completely dissimilar societies, even down to how weapons are perceived

>>612696984>but it's interesting how similar cowboys and ronin are in filmsBecause the former was created as a more identifiable version of the latter for american audiences. Westerns as a genre owes its very existence to classic samurai films

>swordfags still can't admit their meme weapon is aesthetics only like fake martial arts and continue to LARP as if they wouldn't get raped by pikes and bows

>MUH LOW QUALITY IRONIt is all so tiresome

My sword knowledge is lacking. How strong is a sabre and is it the better katana?

>>612695919Took an actual course in smithing and work as a machinist but I still know Im no expert.Alloying different metals is almost always superior to just homogenous. Folding and forge welding does more than just create a nice pattern. Sandwiching a harder alloy between more flexible ones creates a blade with more wear resistant edge and increase the limit the blade can warp without permanent deformation.The japs did do that but only rarely since they had to buy the alloys from overseas.You can achieve modern day quality steel with just a forge and a hammer but its extremely hard, time consuming and Id wager only a handful people were skilled enough then, like 1-5. They most likely just made ceremonial weapons for the most important people.How does the japs having poor materials almost a 100 years ago affect an imaginary setting anyway? Pretty much every time in media the weapons have some bullshit going on which can only be explained by magic/unknown new material or lazy as hell author.

>>612697261That's all swords, anonYou are crying because you are the equivalent of a faggy sniper that everyone hates for breaking the spirit of the game

>>612693031You are salivating over a woman's weapon.

>>612694580Name some magic japanese swords then

>>612696620Tsurugi is cool.In FFXI we had Amanomurakumo the relic great Katana.

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>>612697289Apples to oranges, sabre is a horseback weapon

>>612690395Why is it always the sword? Why can't westerners jerk off their actually cool weapons like spears or bows?The west does the same thing. Swords are the coolest weapon. COPE.

>>612696319For me, it's the ninjatō.

Attached: rikimaru.png (288x430, 117.24K)

>>612697303>The japs did do that but only rarely since they had to buy the alloys from overseas.Mixing different qualities of iron together in layers to get a superior end product than what would be possible otherwise is entirely how japanese swordsmithing worked, since they did not have the ability to properly smelt iron

>>612697081You weren't going to carry a spear or bow if you were going to walk about town. Swords were publicly worn by noble or warrior classes, and became romanticized by common folk.

>>612697180>Maybe it's just marketing. Swords are expensive to make and something mostly nobility would have, so stories are made all about how swords are super cool to appeal to the wealthier classes.They feature heavily in old stories and art because they were everyday carry weapons on account of how portable they were. A spear is a good battlefield weapon but you can't exactly carry that around with you as you go about day to day business. Swords are also more convenient for the kinds of environments you would likely get attacked in during peace time. Indoors or in alleyways.Think of it as the difference between carrying a pistol and a rifle in the modern day. A rifle is better weapon of war but a pistol is portable and won't get in your way if you aren't expecting to shoot anyone.

>>612695504By the time you rise your weapon high enough I already split your bowels open.

>>612694143Is there any practical reason to have a barrel that long for a revolver?

>>612697219You might actually be stupid. The western is the second oldest film genre in film. Commercial westerns predate samurai films by 30 years.Samurai films influenced the western towards the end of the 50s, but primarily in the 60s when the first real post-Kurosawa westerns were made. That was also the time period westerns were reinventing themselves due to falling out of favor thanks to the roadshow epics and late period noir films.And the samurai films that diverged from the theatrical play style borrowed heavily from the western first. Yojimbo and the Seven Samurai literally wouldn't exist without John Ford westerns, just like how Star Wars wouldn't exist without Flash Gordon or the Hidden Fortress.

>>612697081I think you're misunderstanding something about warfare and the sword's role in itTo use a period and place I'm familiar with - the hundred years war - you see a thing that directly contradicts this as well as the idea that swords were expensiveAnd that's the fact that by then warfare in the HYW was almost entirely done by professional soldiers. Dragging your peasants off to fight was unpopular because they were shit fighters and ot meant nobodoy was at home to work the land. Add the mass production of decent steel making armor and weapons affordable and you see an end to the costly part. We have documents detailing soldier wages and cost of equipment and a single day's pay for an english longbowman in the early 1400's could buy a sword and still have money left over for food and drink. Wouldn't be a special sword, but a good oneAs for how common they were, yes polearms were more popular as main weapons. However the sword was carried as a side arm by everybody. It was so commonplace on the european battlefield it'd be more unusual to not have one. Add in how easy they are to carry and their effectiveness and safety and double as the best self defense weapon of their time

>>612697741Obviously it adds +15 range and stopping power

>>612697486Naginata was mostly wielded by Monks warriors and Samurais during war times.

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>>612697289>How strong is a sabre and is it the better katana?Period acconts often pointed out the superior cutting power of katanas compared to european sabers, but there are few reasons for that: Sabres were being mass manufactued by that point in time which meant that they were susceptible to being poorly designed or manufactured. Sabers were keept in metal scabards which will unsharpen the sword over time, plus the westeners werent as autistic when it came to their military issued sabers when compared to the japs and their katanas, and last but not least katanas were used in two hands compared to sabers. To put in simple terms you are looking at speed and range vs superior cutting power.

>>612697834>warrior monks so stronk Nobunaga just nuked the entire mount instead of dealing with them

>>612694143The Joker wants his pistol back

>>612697554>what are infantry sabers

>>612695504>not a flanged mace and shieldHeathen.

>>612694278No they called it a sable, which means saber.You fucking retard.

>>612697741Higher muzzle velocity since burning propellant has more time to accelerate the bullet.

>>612695504That's cute, how about you try a real man's weapon?

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>>612694020>all these butthurt responses.These retards got all btfo, and all they can do is seethe.

>>612688330Hema faggots btfo again.

>>612698262cheap, ez-mode, cheese strat, noob weapon user.

>>612697653>properly smelt ironDepends what you mean by properly. You can easily melt iron with a even a pretty shitty forge. Controlling the amount of carbon accurately is almost impossible to do "properly"

>>612698262>"Aieee! Nooooo! Stay awayyy! Stay away or I'll poke you from the next zip code!"Poof's weapon.

>>612688818Baito sensei, I kneel

>>612699330Japan never got blast furnaces or anything like that and could only make iron through the smithing equivalent of a crock pot, which they dumped sand into to produce shitty metal tumors riddled with impurities

>>612696319i like tsurugis, something about a straight double edged blade with a small guard is so aesthetic to medunno if the Bishamon Sword counts as one but it's pretty sexy for a fantasy weapon

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>>612700149It’s just an imported jian lmfao.

>>612695184Saber sucks.

>>612695593>Moves goalposts againAbsolutely insufferable

>>612694947That thing would snap in half immediately.

>>612700394yeah that looks more accurate, still fits the small guard straight blade aesthetic. i know i've seen the kusanagi-no-tsurugi in games before but i cannot for the life of me remember where.

>>612688330>Why are nips obsessed with katanas in Vidya??Why are burgers obsessed with guns in Vidya??

Chokuto are pretty cool, would love to see them represented more.

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>Blunt so it damages through armor>Long like a spear>Can block attacks, disarm enemies and counterattack easily>Allows for extra weeb techniques if you're into thatbehold, the LONG STICK

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>>612699796Thats not the end of the process tho. You can further refine the impurities out by heating and working the metal but takes too long to do that if planning to arm an entire army.

>>612701014Go play the wo long demo and use the ring pommel dao. It’s the same shit.

Select their weapons.

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>>612701359I love fat men

>>612688330>Why are nips obsessed with katanas in Vidya?Katanas are a cultural icon in japan.An american with like 100 years of culture and half of its population trying to erase that little culture you have wouldn't understand. People are meant to be proud of what made his country the way it is, not try to memoryhole and cancel it.

Why engage in combat at all when you can just sneak around, steal their stuff and replace it with traps

>>612688818Get the best of both.Where's that one pic of that samurai in Nanban-style armor with an imported Messer it was fucking rad>>612692438Texas Red could easily be rewritten to be about two samurai

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>>612694692So it's gangsta, I fail to see the problem here

>>612696319Where the fuck is the Zanbato? That's a man's weapon.

>>612701237They worked that into their swordsmithing process, which is a team effort that takes weeks just for a single bladeDoesn't help that it was also bogged down with unnecessary steps and artistic and spiritual processes that naturally come with the uncertainty of that kind of craft in an ancient society

>>612696840Tanto is only available on the paid DLC. Sorry, user.

>>612701525>Texas Red could easily be rewritten to be about two samuraiRewrite that song if you're so great

>>612700649>kusanagi-no-tsurugiIt's going to be a weapon you'll see reasonably often, it's what Susanoo used to slay Yamata-no-orochi, essentially a Japanese hydra. Off the top of my head it appears in Okami

>>612701686and write it in Edo period style prose.

>>612701414Personally I love the normal looking girl on the left. Must be the craziest of the bunch.


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>>612701776Hidden crazy is definitely the most intense.

>>612696319nagamaki all day every day. sword spears are the chad's weapon in all iterations

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>>612701359From left to right>No weapon>Caestus>Arming sword and parrying dagger, flanks the enemy>Two-handed axe. Don't get it mixed up, she's the Berserker here. She shaved her head so the enemy has less to grab onto close-quarters much like her mentor taught her>Spear and shield up front, crossbow in back>Falchion with spiked gutplate. Mentor to the Berserker

>>612701649Far as I remember, zanbato are in a historically dubious position. There's no actual records of zanbato being used in combat and the ones that we know fit the bill are showpieces of religious offerings. Most likely anything interpreted to be a zanbato in real combat was just a big n/odachi, because japs categorized their blades by a loose general sense of length and curve rather than strict rules.The Chinese term that the name stems from also just refers to a general category of weapons made to foot soldiers to fight enemies on horseback.

>>612702012>no weapona monk?

>>612702012Anon, I think you're missing one

>>612702029Is there any difference between odachi and nodachi?

>>612701745Nah that was the sword Susanoo pulled from Orochi's tail after he tricked it into getting drunk. Not sure it actually says what he used to cut its head off with, but he gave the sword to his sister to reconcile with her.

>>612702239Two terms referring to the same thing.It's been a good few years since my autism made me dig deep on jap swords but from what I remember one means "big sword" and the other means "(battle)field sword" so the only difference is whether you're referring to it by its general size or by its intended utility.

>>612701771The warrior's lifeAs quickly as the wind blowsEnds with one mistakeHe could never bestA Kensei wielding with skillThe Sugoi Tetsu

>>612702245He used his ten span sword to kill the orochi but it broke when he tried to cut the tail because ame no murakumo was there.ame no murakumo became kusanagi when the first emperor used to cut the grass to save himself from a wildfire

>>612701359>Stick>Pole hammer>Double sai, reverse grip>Spiked whip>Ring blade>Katana>double shield

>>612688330>Straight back sword>katana

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>>612688330Japanese people don't use longswords throughout history you fucking moron.>behold! the legendary sword of germany!>reveals a khopesh

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Name me a single more useless weapon

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Curved swords are just glorified peasant culling tools. Not real weapons

>>612702592any single Japanese edged weapon is a katanajust like any Chinese single edged weapon is a dao

>>612689162what about rapiers gayboy

>>612702531yoooooooooooooooooo-delayheehoo~ *dook dook*

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>>612701185That a nice stick you got there

>>612688818>this is what weebs actually believe

>>612702673what's useless about it's pretty much the old equivalent of a modern collapsible baton

>>612694046The Age of Decadence

>>612690080Swords are not meant for armored opponents in general. You're right about killing farmers though. Literally the only thing katanas are good for. That and >muh traditional lifestyleIt's a status symbol for samurai, nothing more.

>>612702531>Sugoi tetsu>Not O-Tetsu Missed opportunity


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>>612694020>acktualy it's a wyvern

>>612700558nah they were made quite thick

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>>612700558iirc a zweihanders have a blade thickness of 12mm - 3

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