It's going to do well and all you can do is cope

It's going to do well and all you can do is cope

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>>612687707The Japanese impressions were really positive and apparently Forspoken was the most popular game at TGS.

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>>612687707What cope, nobody wants this game to fail though most of us don't even care about this game, the gameplay looks good and that's it, if I could change her hairstyle and put her in coomer armor Bikini then I would pre order the game, don't know if it's coming to PC but if it is then in a few years I'll buy it for 10 dlls and fix it with coomer mods

>>612687707how do we know you didn't photoshop Forespoken's banner on top of something else, Barry?>>612688619and is this a legit tweet?

literally no one cares, trannyhave a pity (You)

>>612687707It's published by Square Enix. Just like Tomb Raider, it's not going to hit its sales target and will fail to meet expectations.

>>612687707the gameplay looked fun from the first teaser they released for itpeople only meme it because the voiceovers in all the shitty square-enix promotional material are hilariously bad

Obvious shill thread

>>612689119It was the most popular game at TGS, lines were over 2 hours long just to play the demo for it.

>>612689428Forspoken literally won an award at TGS for being a highly anticipated game which only 10 games at TGS get awarded, and only Forspoken and FF16 got the award this year out of any SE game listed. >>612689442Awww did you get BTFO in the other thread dumb nomurafag?

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>>612687707>It's going to do wellI am sure it will, but why are you being so aggressive about it?


It'll sell well because normalfags haven't seen a big release in months

I'll pirate it once someone pays the troon toll

>>61268861930 minute wait is fucking nothing. The popular stuff will have a 2-3 hour line. And they probably inflated the line on purpose.

>>612690070No its literally made by square enix internal devs luminous aka bd2 the ff15 dev team, not just published by them like TR or other games like Nier>muh fail to meet expectations memeSE said ff15, nier automata, dq11, octopath travellers and trials of mana exceeded their expectations in their respective financial reports They have only ever said TR2013 initially when it was at 3m didn't meet expectations but when it hit 6m they said TR2013 is above their sales expectations and then it did 8m which they restated its above expectations and it went up to 13m, they were pleased with TR sales since it hit 6m, only the initial 3m sold was below expectationsThe only other games they've said did below expectations were avengers, guardians and neo twewy, they didn't even mention balan or babylons fall because they were so below expectations they didn't need to mention it

>>612690854Obvious cope post.

>>612693129Because people ie retards here are aggressively adamant and wishing that it won't just because of who the mc is.

>>612692959It has pretty graphics and is a AAA game, of course a lot people at TGS wanted to play it, I too would've played it if I had been to TGS, it also lacks competition, I don't think the game looks bad or anything I'm just not very interested in it

It won't cause god of war is going to be pozzed as fuck and no one will want to play another pozzed fuckfest right after also they will be crying when Republicans win

>>612693306Are you illiterate I said it had 2-3 hour waitIt had a fucking 90 minute wait 5 minutes after TGS opened all of the daysWhere the fuck did you get 30 minutes from? Nowhere did anybody say 30 minutes only you gaslight fuck, it also had a bigger booth than the other SE games too so it like had the biggest wait times out of any 1 game

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>>612693718It won an award for being most anticipated game alongside street fighter 6 and ff16

Looks like we got a seething nog on the board just hoping forspoken does well

>>612687707I'm I crazy or was this game supposed to come out already?

lollmao even

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>>612693937Looks like we got a seething nomurafag mutt here just malding because forspoken is mogging nomura garbage.

I literally wouldn't have remembered this game existed (or will exist) if you hadn't made this thread. So I assume this is just a shill thread.

>>612693979It was originally may but was delayed to October to polish visuals, which do look more polish nowthen sony made them delay it to January next year because they wanted to release gowr this year

>>612694015Meds now jogger

>>612688619No shit, they eat up isekai no matter how terribly made.

>>612694001Looks better than dogshit ff7r or ff14 npcs and is actually a blacksmith built like a truck which is a good thing, not like the generic asset store NPCs from 7r

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>>612687707>January release dateIt's going to be hot garbage and they've lost faith in the product.

Have they showed any gameplay beyond the MC just running and jumping around and one shotting everything?

>>612694029The fact you clicked on this thread with a photo from its TGS booth in the OP says otherwise and youre just here to shitpost against it because it won a TGS award for being highly anticipated while ff7r2 didnt win anything nor did nomuras ff7cc demake

dios mio

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>>612693054>trade show awardshow naive do you have to be to care about these after shit like evolve and lawbreakers

>>612694181what the hell does FF7R have to do with anything, schizo?


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>>612694153Why are you asking other people to give you your meds? Are you OK? Or are you not OK and that's why you're demanding to have your meds immediately?

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>>612694301FF7R2 will mog it in every way

>>612687707I want it to do at least a little well, I wanna see user deliver

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Nigger on the cover, your sales will suffer

>>612694157Most of them didn't even know it was an isekai and any post I've seen even mentioning it are "apparently its an isekai" and that's it, the demo had no story you're just doing stuff in the open world after a quick tutorial they're praising it because its FUN

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>>612694404Take your meds nigger

>>612694350Considering the topic is sales, its worth talking about in the thread about Forspoken.

Anti-white propaganda

>>612694087Wow, it feels like deathloop when it's showing up for state of play. Delayed a whole year. Was it really that scared of gow

>>612694198Kh3 was janso was re2 remakeelden ring was gonna be jan

>>612694352The post implied that the game wouldn't be successful due to an ugly NPC. The response showed that its ugly NPC was nevertheless superior to an ugly NPC within VIIR, a recent success for SE that many anons here with astronomically shit taste defended. Therefore we can conclude that the original poster trying to make a point using the footage of a Forspoken NPC was, as is said, "btfo," and is now coping by utilization of the word schizo.

>>612694202Yes they played the demo on stream and the guy playing died against the crocodile boss

>>612687707What are the chances of it cracking 200k in it's first week in Japan?

>>612694327A photo of the actress in a completely different property? wow its nothing meanwhile 7R still lost

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>>612694301no I'm just a smoothbrain who falls for OP bait posts. Also I don't give a shit about ff7.

>>612694681Better than they were before TGS.

>>612690070>It's published by Square Enix. Just like Tomb Raider, it's not going to hit its sales target and will fail to meet expectations.It's actually interally developed at Square Enix. It's the FF15 team, they even use Luminous as their engine instead of going with Unreal like every other internal team.

Why is some nut job bringing up FFVII out of nowhere?

>>612694350Are you illiterate? The TGS future division awards are awards for being most anticipated which was voted on BY ATTENDEES AT THE EVENT, its literally a popularity vote by actual people not just something decided by one person from a media outletE3 awards are not the same and are given by a single jouno to whatever they want, this is literally a vote by attendees physically at TGSAlso whether the game is gonna be good or not is irrelevant to the vote itself because its purely about anticipation based on popularity in the vote itself

>>612694352Because 7R-2 lost to Forspoken because forspoken won the TGS award for being highly anticipated but ff7r-2 didn't and nomurafags ate seething over forspoken because its by the ff15 team who mogged nomura

>>612687707but what if it's actually not going to do well & all you can do is cope

>>612694384>a demented looking evil witch looks ugly on purpose through good designLooks better than FF7r ugly npcs which is accidentally ugly

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>>612695097>its by the ff15 team who mogged nomuraNormua mogged himself with his sheer incompetence to lead projects, though.And convention/event awards don't mean anything. Or are you saying that Dorito Pope's game awards are something that you take seriously? It's all just marketing bullshit.

>>612694583You seem confused, maybe you should take your meds.

>>6126944317R2 already lost

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>itt: pure Final Fantasy XV fanboy copiumForspoken will destroy XV

>>612694474Then why was it the most picked booth at TGS?

>>612687707Besides the nigger and the cringe trailer the game itself doesn't look bad. I can't tell at this point if it's going to do well.

>>612694604No they weren'tsony forced them to delay it because sony has money in the game and have pull with it

>>612687707>Broke: Wanting the game to fail because black female lead>Woke: Wanting the game to fail because SE is gay

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>>612695097>forspoken won the TGS award for being highly anticipated but ff7r-2 didn'tThe same committee awarded Call of Duty: Vanguard the "Best foreign game" award. Just saying...

>>612694681It's ps5 and steam on PC so so maybe combined, but it depends how many people actual buy pc and ps5 game in japan


>>612695290>Forspoken will destroy XVVery low bar, to be honest.

>giving a fuck about nipsThey have absolute shit taste in everything

>>612694863Because only ff7r schizos are seething over forspoken because its by the ff15 team


>>612693054>only 10 gameswow, out of how many? 10?

>>612695357>I can't tell at this point if it's going to do well.It will probably sell reasonably well but Square Enix management's gonna be disappointed anyway.

7 remake was pretty good what's with people hating it

Barry you're my favorite schizo to throw peanuts at.

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>>612695551Its one autist who lives here.

>>612695550Oh I'm sure. If it's not live service trash that they can pump with microtransactions no AAA publisher/dev will ever be happy.

>>612695551>7 remake was pretty good what's with people hating itContrarianism. People love to hate what's popular and love to love niche games no one heard about, without having played either.

>>612695551>7 remake was pretty goodNo.

>>612695550>Square looks at Splatoon 3 launch sales>Anything under that is a failure

>>612695207TGS award by people at tgs voting on their most anticipated game isnt doritipope awardsI'm only talking about the Japanese game award future division award which is only given to highly anticipated games as bidding by the Japanese public at tgs>>612695428that wasn't a public vote, that's just a regular journo given awardthe future division award is literally a public vote by general public at TGS

>>612695736>>Square looks at Splatoon 3 launch sales>>Anything under that is a failureMaybe DQ12 could do that well in Japan, who knows.

>>612694181>ff14>Comparing almost 10 year old game

>>6126952907Rkun stop trying to falseflag both xv and Forspoken are destroying 7r and 7r2 and ff16

>>612695767>the future division award is literally a public vote by general public at TGSSo it doesn't mean anything.

>>612695485Wrong.Forspoken is so much better than Final Fantasy XV.It literally has mechanics to change your fingernails and magic abilities XV has magic grenades

>LuminousYou're gonna find out that all those moves she's doing is performed by holding O.

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>>6126958147 Remake fucking sucksForspoken will destroy both XV and the 7 Remake and XVI.Cope yoshitpiss troon

>>612695503>nooo nips will hate it because she's black!>Forspoken is the most packed queue at TGS and everyone playing it is praising it, others who said they couldn't even get in line because it was too packed still praise it and say it looks goodeven foreigners at tgs were praising it

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So where are we watching the live stream of barry's mass casualty event when Forspoken flops, XIV gets even more popular and FFXVI is a hit?

>>612695521out of literally everything at tgs in any capacity so hundredsff16 was only at tgs in a re-run trailers form but it got in

>>612695579Nathan eat your peanuts.

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>>612695551It's an insult to FF7.>>612695630t. 7R-kun

>>612696085CopeXVI will flop just like XIV and 7 Remake and XV.Forspoken won and will win TGA in 2023

>>612695260>views = sales

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>>612695804ff14 is a 2022 gameif its still active its current yearits a failure visually

>>612695857It literally means its a vote by popularity by the general public at TGS and motion something decided by a single person like other game awards like the E3 ones are or the other jga ones

>>612696204>Forspoken won and will win TGA in 2023Not when BOTW2 is coming out the same year

>>612696260Nah it’s a failure both physically and visually.Forspoken shits on it just like XV and 7R and XVIYoshitpiss trannies kneel

>>612695902Nathan desperately trying to pit chad forspoken and chad xv against each other is your latest falseflag shitpost Both are mogging anything by nomura

>>612687707because 20 people are looking at their phones in front of a tv showing the game?

>>612688619>the most popular game at TGSThe other games being...?

>>612696350BOTW 2 will flop.Forspoken will win GOTY.

>>612696218Honestly this captures Holla Forums and terminally online internet gamers in a nutshell so perfectly. The people who make all the noise online don't fucking play games. The people who post a lot online and also play games generally only come online to talk about how cool games are with other people, and they're very much a minority in online discussion. Really makes you think.

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>>612696385Forspoken is better than XVCope.

It's so bizarre seeing the different reactions from Japan and the US for this game. Amerilards literally cannot go two seconds without crying about the black whore with the resting bitch face because "not muh hecking niggers/women in muh vidya" or without praising the game like it's god's gift to manking because it has a heckin black woman protagonist (feminism is awesome XD). Meanwhile all Japan says about the game is literally "cute girl, looks fun". What the fuck is wrong with burgers?

>>612696509oh wow a 4/10 is better than a 3/10, big hurdle

>>612687707japan plays games/v/ doesn't play games or even post about themI'm siding with japan here

>>612696582Forspoken is a 10/10 game and will forever change the ARPG genre.XV will never be good.XVI will be trash7R is badKneel and cope

>>612696350No, BotW would have to innovate pretty hard to win. Open World games have been done to death in the 6 years between BotW and Tears of the Kingdom. It's main gimmick has been stolen many times over and it will be directly compared to every other game in the genre without having anything other than the gameplay and exploration going for it. But BotW did not have very good combat so it all comes down to the exploration but Elden Ring already did an amazing job with that with exploration that felt extra rewarding because there were more than chests with rupees, disposable weapons,and Korok seeds.I'm not saying BotW2 is going to be shit or even that it won't win, but it's going to be a real uphill battle. More of the same will not cut it.

>>612687707why the FUCK is she shaped like that??????

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>>612695921holding o is literally just dashing while consuming stamina and nothing else, tapping O when she lands with timing lets you leap forward by continually manually timing your button taps when she lands so it requires skill to not run out of stamina when runningYou just outed yourself because magic is on R2, L2 and R2+L2 combined with different magic being tap inputs, charge inputs or hold then release inputs, that mixed with parkour movement on O plus tapping actions on Square and finishers on triangle and jumping on X and switching loadouts with dpad left/right or or r1/l1 already debunke youYou literally can't do anything except dash run using stamina with circle you dumb fuck, are you gonna say you only use L2 in kh2 and nothing else since that's dash run in kh2?

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>>612695967Stop trying to falseflag only 7R, 16 and 7r2 suck.

>>612696543>What the fuck is wrong with burgers?Japan doesn't have the same fatigue with black issues and endless politicization of everything quite yet. For them, a black character here or there is still exotic and fun, because the only blacks in Japan are US soldiers in Okinawa (despised btw) and shady Africans in the red light districts of Tokyo (also despised). Essentially, they don't really think much of these things because their political issues are completely different to America's, and it would be disingenuous to act like Americans shouldn't react differently to things like this given the context of what's been happening these past few decades.

>>612696085Are you alright on pre-emptive damage control because everyone is praising forspoken?

>>612696837I’m serious you dumb cunt.XV is garbageForspoken is better in every way possible.It will sell more than XV and it will win GOTY.7R XVI XIV are all trash

>>612696349>a vote by popularity by the general publicSo it doesn't mean anything. Shit like Dynasty warriors is also popular and bought every year by the general public. Same reason why Pokemon is one of the most stagnant and backwards franchises out there: Because the general public will buy it anyway. Awards don't mean anything. It's just marketing.

>>612696837XV is unironically bad.Forspoken is superior in every way.

hol up, so you be sayin....

Sqare Enix fan infighting is weird

how can square be making so many games and all of them be bad?

>>612696543yeah here in europe we acknowledge brown people will the be majority, so there's no reason to care about race anymore. idk why americans are the last group of people fighting against immigration

>>612688619>Japanese impressions were really positive>1 tweet>12 likesYou're only setting yourself up to get ridiculed when it sells less than 100k first week in Japan

>>612696701>I'm not saying BotW2 is going to be shit or even that it won't win, but it's going to be a real uphill battle. More of the same will not cut it.I love BotW but I share the same opinion. And I even go further and say that they should've made the next Zelda exclusive to the new Nintendo console. BotW2 will likely end up being cross-generational again, like BotW1 was, and that comes with the baggage of having it being playable on the older hardware (the Switch).

>>612697114Retards here can’t cope that Forspoken is superior to XV.

>>612697114Its always the same. There's 25 years of namefag shit flinging going on and people poking a celebrity autist

>>612696218>>612696465TLOU2 is the first and only sequel to a hit PS3 game for its story AC is a long running casual aimed series with no story so people have no reason to watch Youtube vids of ACThat's also the playstation channel vs Nintendo channel and games from different companies Meanwhile this is two square enix japan games that are classified as action RPGs with similar age ratings and target audience and both posted on the playstation channel >>612696509>>612696582>>612696690yoshitpissetroon stop falseflagging7r and 16 lost to Forspoken and xv

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>>612694540>the demo had no storySo that's why they liked it. The dialogue probably wasn't translated either.

>>612696435everything else

>>612697220>Retards here can’t cope that Forspoken is superior to XV.No one ever questioned it being potentially better than XV, you goddamn retard. You're the only one here who tries to compare XV and Forspoken and keeps falsflagging.

>>612696752looks cute to me

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>>612697239XVI and XIV are dogshit along with 7R and XV.Forspoken is superior to every single game in the Final Fantasy franchise.Cope seethe and kneel.

>>612687707It's a ps5 game tho the install base is kinda small still. Even if it does do well it's got a low ceiling for max sales

>>612687707>kills the generic evil god badguy>starts twerking at the edge of the universe

>>612697086>>612696935no wonder 7R bombed

>>612697421You are just mad that Forspoken is the better game.XV is shit same with the rest of the franchise.Cope and kneel yoshitpiss tranny

>>612697114retards here cant cope that ffxv is the best ff and Forspoken looks ludo kino and 16/14/7r/7r2 are dogshit

>>612697480Good.7R is trash along with XV and XIV and XVI.Forspoken is the definitive game for ARPG’s and it will even beat Elden Ring at the Game Awards

>>612697170You're really coping it literally won a popularity award at tgs for being most anticipated game and it was the most packed booth at tgs

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>>612697534Wrong.Forspoken is kino confirmed.

>>612697421I think he's some yoshiP fag who got mindbroken over all the constant forspoken vs ff16 back and forth so hesitate trying to falseflag as a "forspoken fan" and attack ff15 just to try and disrupt the threads

>>612697660XIV and XVI are both trash.Forspoken is superior.Cope seethe and kneel


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>>612697468she doesn’t twerkalso looks like tanta sila is gonna kill this lady in front of a large crowdlater your see flowers and candles are placed near a pillar like the one sila was torturing the lady don't know why people think thisll be some marvel story it looks like its treated as a serious fantasy story only the mc is displaced from her home and wants to go back, her back and forth with cuff is gonna be no different than weiss and neir or how kaine talks

>>612697818What’s so funny?You know I’m right.Forspoken will win GOTY by dethroning both Elden Ring and BOTW 2

>>612697480it didnt you moron.stop spreading your bullshit.your brain bombed hard since square blaimed ff15 for makin their reputation worse.

>>612697907Wrong.FF7R bombed along with XV and XIV XVI.Forspoken will make square enix tons of money.

>>612697183>And I even go further and say that they should've made the next Zelda exclusive to the new Nintendo console.Yeah I agree, the Switch install base will probably be around 120 million when it releases so I get why they want to release it for the base Switch but it does seem like it might be too limiting for the scope of the game. I don't think that's a Switch issue either, I think a lot of these crossgen games are going to have their scope ruined by targeting the older consoles with larger install bases. Instead of focusing on making the best game possible, their aim is making the most money possible so even games that were announced to be next gen only seem to be walking it back like the RE4 Remake.That might be the one point in Forspoken's favor, if it's actually built for next gen maybe it'll actually feel like a next gen experience and that might give it an actual chance for GotY despite all odds. With the trailers they've released, I personally don't have much faith in the game and I'm looking forward to XVI more but at this point I'm all for any game that decides to forego the soulless corporate crossgen pandering instead of focusing on making the best game possible and trying to push the limits of the new systems.

>>612697838Oh loook its a ff14 fag trying to disrupt the thread by posting gorebingo

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>this thread

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>>612698035always the pussys with the sucker punch. no guts to do it the right way.pathetic

>>612697913>>612697974>>612698035>>612698102FF14troon starts dumping gore after he gets btfo? what else is new

>>612694327She actually looks very good with a different hairstyle, look her up, perfect skin

>>612697982you fcking morons.multiplattform vs 1 console.oh and the last ff7 numbers ware from shut the fuck up you missinformed spreading bullshit faggots

>>612698216>FFXV took 9 years to develop>Only made 9 millionThis is why square is begging investors for money

Terrible game will be terrible.

Barry nuking another thread he himself made with cp and gore, based

>>612695260>2 million in 11 months>1.3 million in 1 monthamerican education everyone.

>>612698389110m ps4 in 2020vs 50m ps4 and 26m xb1 in 20167r did 3.5m in 3 days on 110m installbase 7r did 5m in 4 months on 110m installbasexv did 5m in 1 day on 76m installbasexv did 6m in 1 month on 76m installbase 7R lost to XV hard, being multiplat is irrelevant

>XVschizo seething and spamming the same tired cherrypicked infographs reminder the dlc was cancelled because of how shit it sold if you want the entire story you need to not only play the video game but watch the prequel movie, the prequel-prequel anime, read the book, buy all the dlc and then make shit up because the game is still that much of a messmagic is literally nothing but grenades with the RGB sliders changed

>>612698478XV took 3 years to develop on luminous and tabata was only on the team for 4 years maxnothing before that counts as Tabata's xv development 7R took 7 years to make on ue4 under nomura

>>612698525Timmy you're the ff14troon dumping gore to shit on the forspoken thread in a thread that is made praising forspoken you fucking retard

>>612688619They were impressed by the OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! Gameolay reaction of that two retards japs influencers in tgs while doing mundane shit and crappy Gameplay

>>612697220being superior to XV isn't a very high bar

>>612698606You really aren't smartThat forspoken trailer had 1.1m views in 4 days

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>>612689119I want it to fail so they destroy and scrap luminious engine once and for all and curb square enthusiasm with making custom engine and graphix

>>612698817Show dislike bars.

>>612697601I just checked and Forspoken is outside of top400 in best sellers.>inb4 it's still months away!Fire Emblem is #57 and releases on January 20th

>trying to make a point by digging up literal who tweetsSad.

>>612694384Queen Elizabeth?

>>612697309It had to be translated because in the online event that day they showed stuff about the game in Japanese... on the english squeenix channel. And everyone knows about japan's legendary shit taste so I don't know why are people surprised.

>>612695921Noope now its TWO BUTTONS L2 AND R2 LMAOOOOOO

>don't like FF7R, FF15 or ForspokenYeah... think I'll get Valkyrie Elysium instead bros

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>>612698913The japs that played loosed their shit dassing in a fucking doom eternal tier platforming with the ffxv sword tp

>>612698890Didn't you know? Japanese tweet opinions are actually worth 6 gorrillion uncultured gaijins' opinions so you better respect mystery meat millennial isekai game.

>>612694384>>612695181>witchThat's a man...

>>612698697What tired infographs? You mean objective facts and official sales reports directly from SE?Reminder XV literally got 2 years of additional dlc becoming of how well it sold and only the NON CANON ALTERNATE TIMELINE BONUS 3RD YEAR DLC was canned while the final canon dlc released after that happened anyway, and they only canned them because tabata decided to leave SE to started his own company with other former SE devs Meanwhile ff7r ps4 dlc was cancelled because it sold like shitff7r tifa chapter was cancelled because it was shitMeanwhile kh0.5 was cancelled because khddd sold like shitMeanwhile KH xehanort console game cancelled because KH3 sold like shitMeanwhile FF7R ps4 support was cancelled because it sold like shitYou literally need to watch a fucking movie, play a psp game, a ps2 game, read a multiple canon novels, multiple canon mobile games just to understand kh3 or 7RMeanwhile anything for xv is explained in base game, any dlc is an irrelevant self contained parallel side story, anime isn't relevant to the story at all, the novel is non canon and anything in the movie is explained 30 minutes into the game in chapter 1 and has nothing to do with 99% of the game itselfand on top of that 7r and kh3 are just grenade magic with rgb sliders switched, and have no directional inputs despite being weapon based action combat games and literally have no ending and need to play their dlc to get their sequential continuation and a fucking rhythm game to understand what happened at the end of kh3and two more ps5 games not even released to understand 7r


Attached: bait.jpg (600x800, 20.55K)

>>612698782That livestream was on friday after people were already playing it all day

Attached: Screenshot_20220916-210036_Twitter.jpg (1079x821, 286.66K)

>>612687707The gameplay looks good enough and the graphics too, the worse thing about the game is the marketing

>>612699000It still has a negro in it.

>>612698794xv is superior to ff7r and ff16

>>612698843>i want worse games that take longer to make!why?

>>612687707No it won't, and it will put Square Enix out of business, and that's a good thing

>>612698854dislike is fake numbers now making them pointless

Attached: dislike useless and fake numbers.jpg (2030x926, 246.7K)

>>612695297Because the game looks great. Finally a good and interesting looking game that doesn’t use fucking unreal failgine

Attached: lmao.jpg (1177x662, 71.15K)

>>612688619And yet Sonic Frontiers did even better than a 30 minute wait and got way more positive reception. Imagine being outdone by a talking blue hedgehog.

>>612698856>durr muh preordersnow show me where other ps5 only games that are new ips are on best sellerseveryone can get a switchfire emblem is a massive franchise in japan already Forspoken is a new ip that is getting praised because of it at TGSYou need to stop coping

>>612697601>1 likeWas it you, faggot?

Attached: 1663069926865925.png (400x225, 175.49K)

>>612699527Show dislike bars faggot.

>>612698890>>612699071>pointing out regular people loved forspoken after you fags endlessly claimed nobody in japan will like it >everyone playing it is praising it>it literally won the tgs award for most anticipated game alongside ff16 and street fighter your cope is showing

Attached: Screenshot_20220917-111521_Twitter.jpg (1079x1137, 596.82K)

>>612694181Oh no not FF7R and FF14. Nigger I'm not some squeerfag. I'm an Enix-chad, we don't praise ugliness nor do we praise niggers. We praise heroic young men fighting to save the world.

Attached: DQ heroes assemble.png (712x702, 963.86K)

>>612699084no she's a decrepit witch who has no eyebrows

Attached: 51736484866_6b6388d5d8_o.jpg (6062x4191, 3.77M)

>>612699908I'm sure it'll do well over there, might even sell 150k copies lifetime

>>612699908A dozen cherrypicked nips isn't "everyone." Your cope is showing.

>>612697480>>612697982barry you still haven't explained the difference between revenue and operating income.

>>612699445no its not, barry

>199 replies>67 postersBarry literally talking to himself. Lmao.

>>612699482Its saving SE

>>612699482Square will hang on until XIV finally dies off, that game is keeping the company on life support and bankrolls the XV-tier blunders

>>612687707hah, noit even was featured in our mainstream media for having noticeable shit writing/ dialogue. That fucking never happens

>>612699630What the fuck are you talking about retard? How is 90 minutes the same as 30 minutes? Where the fuck are you pulling '30' from? Forspoken was continually over 100 minute wait time and people saying 2 hours+ wait time, and had more demo units than the sonic booth didAnd both Forspoken and sonic won the same TGS most anticipated game award you fucking retard, why would sonic an actual 30 year video game industry icon beating anything supposed to be a negating against something anyway? It still didn't even beat Forspoken a literal new IP you dumbass fuck

Attached: Screenshot_20220916-164906_Twitter.jpg (1079x1366, 628.96K)

>>612699689>still samefagging about likes when tje point of the post is the opinion in the post This is the 3rd time you've seethed at that post now, are you gonna an hero yet ff14troon? Stop moving the goalposts faggot >>612699691See >>612699527

>>612699910dq12 so irrelevant it wasnt even there and Forspoken got voted as most anticipated over the dq games that were at tgs lol

>>612700487>most anticipated game awardthey give the thing away out to any game that had a presence at tgs don't theyXVI got it and all they had was a pamphlet artwork kek.

>>612700045You are absolutely fucking delusional amd coping because it literally won a popularity award at TGS because people liked it and voted for it

Attached: Screenshot_20220917-145657_Twitter.jpg (1079x1098, 259.23K)

>>612700109Nathan you are so braindead you dont know what revenue or operating income means?

>>612700487>Can't beat XVI>Can't even beat SanicIt's over, Barry sisters...

>>612700124yes it is >>612700150Nathan are you ban evading again after dumping gore earlier in the thread?

>>612700312XV literally made more profit in 1 month than ff14 did in 5 years

>>612700390>it was memed for a day because of a cringe trailerAnd then everyone played it and says its good

Attached: fs6.jpg (1079x1728, 1021.65K)

>>612700736You really like every single positive tweet about Forspoken holy shit

>>612700631You don't seem to understand my point, you dumb twat. I'm saying that you're petty squabble in your head where everyone is this one ANTI-FF15 fag is retarded. I don't give a shit how many awards your gay nigger game wins. At the end of the day I'm going to laugh at your retarded ass for unironically praising an ugly ass negroid that speaks exclusively in marvel quips. Numbers are irrelevent dumbass. You praise niggers. I laugh at you for praising niggers. That's all.

>>612700786You didn't answer barry.You cling to the fact that SE talked about 7remake and avengers in the same statement about revenue. However, you also don't know what operating income is. You can't distinguish between the two and now you don't want to face the reality that your 7remake bombed fantasy is just your headcanon.

>>612693906Paid shill go a away I won't play this game, Unless If I got paid for it.

>>612700819I'm not one of your fake boogeyman, barry.

Attached: 1644472502016.png (320x240, 47.26K)

>>612700887Idiot nobody cares if it's good I simply won't play it because sheboon.

>>612700635It's awarded to games the Japanese public are looking forward to the most, ff16 is being looked forward to by default of being new mainline ff, Forspoken is looked forward to because fans loved it and voted for it, when they could've voted for nomuras crisis core demake or star ocean 6 or Valkyrie Elysium or ff7 reverts trailer like ff16 also was just a rerun trailer

>>612700925I am with this guy.Specially on the marvel part.Like bitch get some taste.

>>612700792>literally got exact same award sonic and ff16 diddamn sonic and ff16 cant beat a new ip??? yoshitpissisters...

>>612701032>It's awarded to games the Japanese public are looking forward to the mostIf this was the only criteria, DQXII would have gotten one.

>>612700925Whats funny is that, this fucker is a-ok calling a supposed black person, dumb, simply because he didn't know how to climb in his shitty game. But at the same time, puffs up his chest calling people who're disliking the game "racist chuds" as if he's a saint.

>>612700925>>612701034You literally praise troon shitShe speaks exactly like nero in dmc5 or kaine in nier you dumb fuck

Attached: 1502013958511.webm (640x360, 2.87M)

>>612701134Well he ain't saint, because he became passive aggressive and butthurt instead of handling it professionally.

>>612700898You really are coping because its getting overwhelming praise at TGS and was the most popular booth

Attached: Screenshot_20220917-112446_Twitter.jpg (1079x1775, 920.77K)

>>612700934Nathan not only do you not know what operating income is but you dont know what revenue is either.7R literally did bomb you fuck idiot, if it didn't theyd be giving sales updates every year yet dead silence KH3 bombed too and had weak additional sales it barely did 1.7m in like 3 fucking years

Attached: kh3 weak additional sales caused operating loss.jpg (1080x1682, 625.72K)

>>612700961YoshitPshill on suicide watch >>612700993>a xenofaghow embarrassing

>>612701269So admit you're shilling that crap, why are you Americans such a cucks, you leftist already made everyone hate blackies.

>>612701012Yet here you are still in this thread seething

>>612700887>literally who damage control that nobody reads written by literal whosmother fucking cope, shill troon

>>612701108there was 3 DQ games at tgs none of which got in dq10 alone should've won over forspoken but it didnt because forspoken beat it

>>612693778>cropped out the like>>612694540>1 like>>612694730>4 likes>>612696041>1 like>>612697601>1 like>>612699414>1 like after he tried hiding it>>612699908>crops it out>>612700487>1 like>>612700736>1 like>>612701269>1 likeEleven total likes. Congrats. This truly shows everyone liked forspoken. Of course, those 1 like posts could be liked from just your twitter accounts lmao.

>>612701134You're literally shilling black retards while at the same time seething over forspoken because she's black you fucking hypocrite ff14troon

>>612701440Yeah of course I'm still in this thread seething, because I hate seeing stupid nigs, now go to twitter or reddit there they love kissing and worship ugly and stupid.

>>612701269The overwhelming praise of 5 twitter postsCan't wait for this game to be absolute shit and watching you trying to defend it in every threadSee you in a couple of months

>>612701431>>612701457No I'm pointing out people who played it liked forspoken which debunks your entire shitpost narrative you've had against the game for years now

Attached: Screenshot_20220918-180842_Twitter.jpg (1079x1108, 353.48K)

>>612701385>operating income is but you dont know what revenue is either.You refuse to explain the difference and can only deflect.Since you brought it up, please explain why the quarter in which kh3 came out has an operating income of 6b yen.

>>612701202Sylvando the bro >>>>>>>> sheboon bitch whatever "her" name is that looks more like a tranny than Sylvando does and speaks exclusively in marvel quipsNot hard to work out who's superior.

>>612701687>1 like

>>612701552>he's still going on about likes as if anyone fucking cares about likes and when the point of the screencaps is THE POSTS FROM REGULAR RANDOM PEOPLE ALL PRAISING THE GAME NOT THE FUCKING LIKESHoly fuck how butthurt are you that people are praising the game? The point is showing people are all praising it, showing likes is irrelevant because people liking a post is not them expressing their opinion on a game they played, only the text posts are you fucking retardHow absolutely fucking pathetic and retarded do you have to be to move the goalposts this much after your shitpost agenda keeps getting btfo?Are you coping because it was the most packed booth at TGS? Or became it won an award for being most anticipated? Remember how you tried to claim nomuras CC was more popular but then Nomuras CC didn't win a popularity award for literally being highly anticipated?

Attached: Screenshot_20220917-150835_Twitter.jpg (1079x1267, 455.71K)

>>612701569>posting one tweet of a negative reception of a video game is "shilling"LMAO. >ff14troonWho?

>>612701961>showing people are all praising it>12 people>1 like

>>612701687>YearsI started shitposting about this game when you started shilling this garbage.

>>612700834sure it did barry, then why do you keep ignoring >>612700934 ?

>>612687707yes make us mad, that's sure to make this board better and foster healthy discussion

the gameplay looks cool, I'll check it outyou guys are unironically mentally ill

>>612701574Look at this seething nog lmao>>612701623The overwhelming praise of it literally being THE MOST PACKED BOOTH AT TGS, WINNING AN AWARD FOR BEING ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED GAMES AND LITERALLY EVERYONE PRAISING IT? How many goalposts are you backpedalling from now? 3? 4?

Attached: Screenshot_20220917-144937_Twitter.jpg (1079x763, 256.61K)

>>612701961>meanwhile in reality

Attached: b4h2vsv2.jpg (860x110, 16.56K)

>>612702130>1 like

Why is Barry shilling this piece of fucking shit?

>>612701690The fact you don't know the difference is pathetic...

>>612701729>literally defending a gay ass faggotSo you're woke when syltroono speaks like a marvel gay

>>612702141Can't even beat a shitty remaster of a PSP game.

Attached: 1663251518485373.jpg (942x303, 94.38K)

>>612687707Square Enix doesn't make good games anymore.

>>612702194i do. I'm not going to spoonfeed him. I want to hear his explanation as to why he thinks 7remake and kh3 bombed if both had very positive operating income.

>>612702179Its something that isn't a FF game people want (XIV, 7r, XVI) so he must defend it

>>612701740See >>612701961Stay btfo Nathan Where's nomuras tgs 2022 award for most anticipated game?

>>612702179>Why is Barry shilling this piece of fucking shit?Pretty sure it's not barry but rather an imposter Besides, you can show interest in the game without being a shill. Sure it will probably be a disappointment, but the effects/animations looked interesting enough to me. I'll download a demo or borrow it and will go from there.

>>612701961Remember when you said the demos were open to the public and then a guy exposed you and you started coping pretending to know more about TGS than the staff that works there?Or how you always omit the fact that each game had a different number of stations for demos so nobody can use the queue length as a measure for popularity since every fucking game had a long ass queue? Or how apparently Forspoken won an award alongside 10 other titles?

>>612701987good job exposing yourself ff14troon

>>612699478That was XV and Square's engine obsession made it an even bigger mess. There's a reason XVI isn't using that crap.

>>612702014Everyone praised it which is why it LITERALLY WON AN AWARD FOR BEING A HIGHLY ANTICIPATED GAME >>612702141A reality where diskikes are likely fake numbers as proven here >>612699527Neck yourself nomurafag

Attached: Screenshot_20220917-145545_Twitter.jpg (1079x856, 281.3K)

>>612702328Crisis Core Reunion was so popular they sold out tickets for their queue faster than forspoken did on both days open to the public. But then he damage controlled and started making up more copes.

>>612687707Why do you care? Oh, it's because you're a racist and it has a black character. What an empty life you must have

>>612702059You started shitposting against the game the moment it was revealed as luminous productions new game you lying cunt, you've been butthurt over it mogging 7r or kh or ff16 for years

>>612702453>1 like

>>612702084See >>612701385Please stop being retarded

Attached: FFXV 6 million SALES.png (1810x786, 159.21K)

>>612702130You're trying so hard, but you efforts are pathetic, how about you just leave, you weak nerd.

>>612702453>1 like

>>612687707>2023Wasn't this game supposed to release a year ago? I remember Steam showing me a pre-order ad

>>612702530This revenue, not operating income.

>>612702505Are you trying to project?What is your source for this, I just hate people who shil black skins. I wonder if they're ugly blackies themselves or just balding nerds who think they're good person for worshipping big lips.

>>612702505No, I've been shitposting against the game the moment they showed it had some ugly ass sheboon nigger as the protag. Not everyone that laughs at your shitty negroid game is this Nathan guy you think follows you around everywhere. Most of us are laughing at the ugly nigger and shitty marvel quips.

>>612702567Got delayed twice

>>612702253Looks like it beat nomuras demake multiple times>423k>93k

>>612702263No you clearly don't.

>>612687707>>612688619>>612693054>>612694001>>612694181Holy shit how many times are we going to have this exact same thread? This is beyond mental illness.

Attached: 1358740515314.jpg (192x196, 42.73K)

>>612702179Why are you the ff14troon butthurt over everyone praising this ludo kino?

>>612702530>he doesn't know the difference between sales, op income, and net incomeas if anyone had any doubts that you are an ignorant, uneducated shitter

>>612702710Please explain why you rely on revenue but can't explain what operating income is.

>>612702719First FF15-kun thread? He's as mentally ill as they come. Thinks everyone that shits on the game is pro-Nomura or whatever 14's guy's name is. He uses the same images and other bullshit and expects everyone to care about the ugly nigger game or else we're NATHAN, whoever that is. It's like he wants to be the Chris-chan of Square-Enix games or something.

>>612702679I'm seeing freaking dragons...

>>612702719the threads might stop when FF16 launches and barry finally ropes on stream in protest

>>612702854I swear to god I've been following this guy's spergs but seriously who the fuck is Nathan?

>>612702328>>612702467Remember when you got BTFO because the demos WERE open to public because you could bring family and friends in on business day, where forspoken mogged every other game there, and that on the first actual public day forsp mogged even harder and was by far the most packed and popular booth, something you seethed over and denied, and then forspoken literally won an award on the last day of TGS for literally being popular and highly anticipated, something only 10 games out of hundreds at TGS get voted as winners for, and where neither nomuras ff7 cc demake, star ocean 6 or Valkyrie Elysium won anything while forspoken did win? or how forspoken had more demo units than the other booths too and still mogged the fuck out of them? or how you're still seething because nomura lost to Forspoken?

Attached: Screenshot_20220918-152323_Twitter.jpg (971x2130, 981.68K)

>>612702367No it isn't you retard and ff16 has literally taken longer to make than ff15 or forspoken took

>>612702854>It's like he wants to be the Chris-chan of Square-Enix games or something.Barry is probably far more disturbed than chris-chan honestly

>>612702524>still deflecting to likes when the POST CONTENT is the point of the screencapMoving the goalposts is the only thing nomurafags are capable of doing because you never win anything

>>612703004>FF16 has taken longer than ff15 to make LMAO

>>612702548Nathan how about you neck yourself >>612702467LMAO nope forspoken was so packed people couldn't even get in anymore so they splashed out to ff7CCr which had vacancies only because they were physically not being allowed anymore people in the forspoken queue because it was too big

Attached: Screenshot_20220918-003324_Twitter.jpg (1079x1179, 454.86K)

>>612702631>he's still fucking retarded because he can't read the chart

>>612703046You think he has a poorly made FF15 pendent? Like the Sonichu pendent but FF15 styled.

>>612702971So, let me get this straight. I’m somewhere that’s not what I would call Earth... I’m seeing freaking dragons, and... oh yeah, I’m talking to a cuff. Yeah, okay, that is something I do now. I do magic, kill jacked-up beasts — I’ll probably fly next.

>>612702632Case in point of the yoshitpisstroon seething over Forspoken because of the mc

>>612702949Probably some guy from a forum he frequented who he now imagines is following him everywhere he goes because ONLY NATHAN CAN HATE FF15 EVERYONE ELSE LOVES IT or some gay shit like that.

>>612702639>marvel quipsyou described kh3 and 7rboth games you shill full of nogs and troons and quippy writing tooYou've been seething because chadspoken utterly mogged the fuck out of your nomura trash

>>612703337So, let me get this straight. I’m somewhere that’s not what I would call Earth... I’m seeing freaking dragons, and... oh yeah, I’m talking to a cuff. Yeah, okay, that is something I do now. I do magic, kill jacked-up beasts — I’ll probably fly next.

>>612702719As many times until the 7R troon an heroes

>>612703337Huh? Why would I shill disney rat shit and TIME GHOSTS? Were you born stupid or something fuckhead?

>>612702747You just proved you dont know what any of those words mean

>>612702749>he doesn't know what revenue or operating income islollmao

>>612702854Nathan you've been proving you are literally the most mentally ill person here every time you call everybody barry or shits on your nomurafag garbage and you deflect to 15 or luminous engine or forspoken because they're all mogging nomura

>>612702949This is Nathan, he shitposts against 15 and anything to do with its devs because he's butthurt 7r and kh3 were bad and sold worse.

Attached: nathan neithof exposed.jpg (1385x1727, 648.81K)

>>612703518Look, I have no idea who this Nathan guy is but just be honest here. Do you have a Sonichu pendent but featuring that emo looking dude from FF15? This is an important question.

>>612703078ff16 started in mid 2015it's 2022 and its not out til mid 2023ff15 started in mid 2012 and from scratch mid 2013 on luminous and came late 2016

>>612703554Thanks.Nathan if you're here post the pic so I know it's you and I'm fully caught up on the lore.

>>612703238We know you have a sora pendant

>>612703405Because you're a nomurafag

>>612703580More nomurafag deflection

Attached: Neithoff posting on v proof again.png (3052x1270, 358.21K)

>>612703727Alright lads, we have confirmation FFXV-kun has an emofag pendent. He's desperate to become the Chris-chan of Square games.Now, let's start taking bets. How long until he makes some creepy ass totem?

>>612703683barrywhat number is bigger, 4 or 10?Now we all know you struggle a lot with numbers so I'll give you three guesses

>>612703845Looks like we have confirmation that Nathan aka 7R-kun aka KH-kun has a sora cloud emofag pendant, probably had a keyblade dildo like a fag too, is it any wonder this retarded indian german greek mutt fuck has been mindbroken over nomura trash being garbage objects inferior to superior ludo kino like based ffxv and Forspoken?

>>612703808lol, nomurafag. That's great. I didn't play any of his dogshit games since he popped the chuunipill too many times and went full retard with a simple remake. And I don't touch kh since disney shit's cringe.I'm not this mystical enemy you so valiantly fight against. I'm just an user laughing at your spergy ass trying to be the SE version of Chris-chan.

>>612687707Why should people be bothered by this ?

>>612703886Nathan tell me is 2013 to 2016 a bigger or smaller passage of time than 2015 to 2023? I know you live in a 3rd world country and all but at least try!

>>612703985>"I'm not him honest" i say as i regurgitate his talking points verbatim

>>612704030>all the time spent dicking around making XV doesn't count because..... IT JUST DOESNT OKAY

>>612704027Khfags, 7rfags and yoshipfags are fuming over it mogging their game.

>>612704027It's CWC(Square-Enix version) user. Don't think any more than that and laugh at the sperg.

What an insufferable giga autist.

>>612704089FFXV started on luminous under Tabata's team in 2013ff15 started under takai and yoshiP in 2015

Barry is easily the most mental sperg this board has ever seen.

Nathan is easily the most mental sperg this board has ever seen.


>>612704082>as i regurgitate his talking points verbatimWhich ones did I regurgitate you stupid twat?

>>612704178the yoshiPshill? yeah we know

>>612704265see >>612702854Only you say that

>>612704202development for XV started in 2006, no amount of coping or mental gymnastics will change facts

>>612696465>The people who make all the noise online don't fucking play games.Yeah, all the games suck now.

>>612696465the only thing it makes you realize is there's a fuckton of shills

>>612687707>>612693054Nobody wants to play your token diversity game made for ESG points you retarded chimp.

>>612702971>wow they distributed 10 tickets and all 10 sold out, it's over 10/10Fuck off dude

>>612696097name 50 games

>>612704386No you are confused that was Nomuras failed versustabata only started ffxv from scratch in 2013 on luminous nothing you say will matter

>>6127044177R is literally more token diversity you retard

>>612704473it was the most packed booth out of all tgs you retard

Attached: 20220917_111323.jpg (2048x1536, 552.78K)

>>612704479every game from every publisher hereさ

>>612704327>Calling someone mentally illnope, not exclusive. You are pretty mentally ill to have all those images saved though. And you're acting pretty god damn spergy so the CWC comparison is valid.>Thinks everyone shitting on the game is a Nomura or 14 guy fanAm I wrong? You've done it multiple times just in this thread alone.>>612704119>>612703808>>612703756>>612703258So that's not an unique argument when it's just a simple analysis of what you've posted ITT>Uses the same images every timeIs this wrong?>expects everyone to care about the ugly nigger game or else they're NathanDude. None of these points against you are unique to one person and can be made after seeing you sperg out over three threads min since you never change your angle or way of speaking.No one knows who this Nathan guy is.I'm the user laughing at your spergy ass for unironically praising a game full of ugly ass niggers. I haven't played FF7R, nor have I played KH. I don't really play SE games in general. I'm not this made up guy that lives in your head. I'm some user laughing at you for praising niggers.

>>612696543>What the fuck is wrong with burgers?Too many jews, niggers, and trantards

>>612702242But he doesn't, you lying twat.