Monster Hunter World killed Monster Hunter

>game entirely destroys your franchise>you can't even speak about it because it made it popular meaning more people think said game is the baselineI want out of this timeline

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>>612687692imagine if gamefreak made a pokemon game that was amazing like with an rdr2-like open world with tons of animations and a good story and improved gameplay then the next game they made some shitty game like they usually do. and everyone got mad? would you say that that game killed pokemon?

The shift in fanbase quality just proves that time and again popularity is a double edged sword. Thanks to World the MH fanbase got flooded with undesirables like Soulsfags, MMOtrannies, and retards who keep using the phrase "comfy build".

>>612687692I enjoyed MHW other than>the claw>all the annoying cross references, especially the FF and Witcher ones>lack of water monsters and over abundance of fire monstersBy the time iceborne came out, I was too burned out of world to give a shit

>>612688370>faggot comes in with Earplugs, Defense Boost, Wide Range, Mushroomancer, and Speed Eating>suggest they use Weakness Exploit>"FUCKING ELITIST SPEEDRUNNERS"

>>612687692No, Rise did by being SHIT.

>>612688370my biggest issue with world and new mh in general is no one talks to eachother anymore. In all like 800 hours of world i dont think i talked to a single person where as in something like tri or 3U i made tons of friends and hunting buddies and sometimes we'd just sit in the hub amd talk about random shit but maybe thats just a modern day thing that everyones so antisocial

>>612689210If the monster dies nothing else matters.You joined a multiplayer hunt knowing that you'd associate with any number of hunters with any amount of measurable skillsets.Now eat the mushrooms, user. I know I am.

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>>612688309>tons of animationsliterally the only positive >good storyThat never was the point of Monster Hunter in the first place, not to mention that it was extremely bad. Both narratively and even from a player perspective, just like how it was shitty and unnecessary in every MH game. Not to mention the UNSKIPPABLE cutscenes, killing any replay value. PChads can avoid this problem though>improved gameplayYou mean the game that completely bastardized monsters and made the hunter too broken?Point is the series tried to appeal to people who'd never even play the games in the first place. >>612689328Kill yourself worldbabby

>>612689526So you acknowledge that people who use those builds are bad at the game? I accept your concession.

>>612689731Nobody gives a shit about your retarded opinion. Fuck off.

>>612688370Those faggots always existed but they didn't have a voice because in classic MH (up to GU) builds actually mattered depending on your weapon.Some endgame quests needed you to be at your absolute best both gear and skill-wise to complete solo, but since these people only played multiplayer they got carried into the higher ranks without putting much thought into their builds or were focused on support (which is not really a bad thing)

Nah, it's good bro.

>>612688309>BRO OPEN WORLD TONS OF ANIMATIONS AMAZING (lol) STORY!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHIX!!!!You’re killing this industry.

>>612689769Not what I said in the slightest, user.I only implied that when you join multiplayer, you expose yourself to a monster huneter world of random hunters who could be running ANYTHING.But somebody who hunts online would already know and accept that, assuming the monster dies.Unless you'd rather hunt alone?chew

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>>612689731>You mean the game that completely bastardized monsters and made the hunter too broken?That would be GU newfriend.

I also enjoy watching as my favorite franchise falls back into obscurity as long as I can keep calling myself a "true fan", despite newer games taking massive steps back in terms of technology and gameplay.

>>612689785Normalfag casual is fuming I see

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>>612688370Tri killed MH nintenbaby

>>612687692>you can't even speak about it because it made it popular meaning more people think said game is the baselineWhat the fuck do you mean? You fags literally can't stop crying over World.>inb4 seething WorldbabFuck no, I hate World. But I'm also sick of 6 years of constant kvetching over it as if World's existence magically prevents you retards from playing 3U or whatever for the umpteenth time.

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>>612687692Actual monster hunter fans like both world and rise. Even Nintendo fans can concede that world looks good, even if they don’t play it.But Snoys? Fucking forget it. God help you if you EVER have a game in your favorite franchise launch on playstation. You are irreversibly FUCKED FOR LIFE by the influx of retarded Snoy faggots that cannot and will not cease their screeching and false flagging. This is why gatekeeping is a thing. This is why franchises have elitist fanbases. If you give a Snoy an inch, they will force their disgusting drooling pus-rotted cock up your ass and park it in there for the next fifteen years.

Man, World mindbroke Toddlers, didn't it? How many years it's been now?

>>612687692>sets are now called buildsI fucking hate it

>worldbabs literally NEED mods to try and reproduce the classic MH aestheticEnjoy your "good graphics"


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>>612689210If he doesn't die, he's doing it right. If you die using your meta build, you're the shitter.

>>612690484>implying I cart in Rise, the babby MHLet me guess, you seethe when I don't spend the first 5 minutes of the hunt looking for birds?


>>612689769if tge devs didnt intend me to use skills beyond more damage tgey wouldnt give me all those different armor. building a set to cancel out as much of a monsters gimmicks as possible is just as valid as building for most DPS because after all, the less i have to deal with some status effect or a stun animation the more chances for free attack windows i have meaning more DPS

>>612690702spoken like a true shitter

>>612690702You know what also gives more DPS? DPS skills, you dumb fuck

>No one likes rise. That means it's the better game.Cope harder

>>612690579No one does that user

I have 98 hours of play time in iceborne and didn't cart once kek

>>612691594I've done multiple join requests on multi-monster hunts where the first monster dies before the host even starts fighting because they're too busy collecting spiribirds. It does happen and it's awful.

>>612687692>I want outso kill yourself

>>612688370Probably not very related much but world exposed to me how much of a crybaby lancefags are>wah wah chip damage what wah why can't my lance block everything and be invincible :( also>comfy build fagsThey would be alright if they weren't the first to cry about muh time limit muh one shot

>>612687692>"destroyed" the franchise by literally only adding clutch claw and removing tedious elements of the old gamesHave sex incel

>>612690458kek based

>>612690905>Whines that you should only have "muh DPS" skills>Spends entire fight eating to cure status instead of helping>Get's one-shotted by monster and spends entire hunt running back from camp getting carted the max amount of timesBet you only use Longsword too.

>>612692878Please, just stop embarrassing yourself. Please

>>612692878You're projecting, user. I play mostly lance and I probably do faster hunts than you do on your weapon of choice (unless you play bow or bowguns, then you're just a faggot).

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>>612690579>playing rise at all

>>612692878Unfortunately no picture of my lance here but you'd probably just cry about something else even if I did.

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>>612693262I play once a week to clear the weekly shit event then the game goes back into hibernation. I'm just waiting for MH6 at this point.

Farming afflicted for essense is _FUN

MH peaked at Tri, then again with GU. Prove me wrong.

>>612689023There would be more water monsters if underwater gameplay continued after Tri.

>>612689498Really? Now that's soulless.Maybe I actually experienced the peak of online MH on the wii then.

>>612687692No, it improved on some aspects. But making the weapons look "REALISTIC" fucked over a lot of the aesthetic, as well as most monsters only being dragons and dinosaurs. In the next mainline game, I hope it has a plethora of different types of monsters AND the handler isn't an ugly goblina like World.

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As someone who was playing since FU, World was okay and then Iceborne (besides the clutch claw) was great.World Fatalis is probably one of the best pieces of video games ever made.Rise was very disappointing but Sunbreak saved the game.

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>>612688309>simplified>improvedBrainlet take

>>612694101I know a lot of people shit on World Alatreon, but I genuinely enjoyed that fight. The Escaton Judgment gimmick didn't bother me too much personally.

>>612694565He's good if you have a group dedicated to it.If not, he can be terrible. I don't enjoy the DPS check mechanics and stuff like that in Monster Hunter though. It should only be on crossovers like Behemoth where he's designed like an MMO boss.

>>612694698He's good if you're good. In other words, if you thought Alatreon was a bad fight in World, you were probably a terrible player. He was unironically the best monster in World and Iceborne.

you fucking idiots can't just let everyone enjoy games because your head is too far up your assshit changes, Monster Hunster World is fun and introduced me to the series.what were you going to do faggot, play forever PS1 era garbage the rest of your sorry life?shut the fuck up already you people are obnoxious instead of just joining in like some kind of Barry

>>612694565the only people who disliked 5th gen alatreon are complete brainlets.

>>612694951>defending sloppy seconds

>>612694698I enioyed it a shit ton cause I strived to do it solo and wanted to learn a new weapon. Learned greatsword along learning Alatreon was a fun as fuck challenge.

>>612695084yeah i broke over 1k hours i dont give a fuck, then bought it on PC for mods and im LOVING the second run

MHWtards really are cancer.

>>612694565>>612694698Alatreon is fun, but I hate his flying. Turns a 6 minute fight into a 10 minute fight sometimes. Also I think Fatalis is the best fight in World.

>>612694565the thing with escaton/behemoth is its a slippery slope, same with damage numbers>1 game of dmg numbers and we get MMO parsefags almost instantly on top of people tunneling their dps instead of going for partbreaks

Can someone tell me what the actual issues with World are?It's the only game in the series I've played and I loved it. It was decently challenging, and had a great aesthetic.

>>612695280It wasn't janky enough for boomers unable to accept change.

>>612689023>over abundance of fire monsters>I was too burned out

>>612687692Every monster hunter game before world that wasn't Trinity was shit.

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>>612695270flying is barely issue, you have 1 flash, ghille when it's off cooldown, and craftable smoke bombs. it's an issue in the rare case where he just immediately flies again but because of health augment you get a free big attack opening whenever he lands

>>612693970I never got the complaint about World being mostly Dinosaurs. Of course it is. It's a deliberate aesthetic choice. It's literally the games theme. You've discovered some new continent that was lost to time. It's the same reason the endemic life is all stuff like Horseshoe Crabs, Tiktaalik's, Archaeopteryx's, and Coelacanths. Rise had a similar thing going on with having a lot of "Oriental" style monsters, though it suffered from not committing as much to it's theme as World did. In fact I'd like them to do it with future titles. Pick a theme and build the entry's bestiary around it.

>>612689769Not that user but I've been playing since FU,but I always hit a wall & stop playing just before hitting G rank even after playing through GUthe monsters just stop being fun to fight when they can one-shot you from full HP

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>>612694565I hate that fight because I don't enjoy elemental damage, the whole game I spent going full raw until this fight makes you change the way you play and If you don't do that you can't advance the rest of the game.

>>612695681Unless you're a gunner, there are very few things that will one-shot you at full health, even with 0 spiribirds, even for lvl 100 afflicted monsters. If you're getting one-shot, you need to upgrade your armor or stop playing with Dereliction.

>>612694891Yeah no, just because you like that shitty fight doesn't mean is good.

>>612695280It got popular so I can no longer pretend to be an elite gamer playing my "hard" games. See also Dota, Dark Souls.

>>612695831Found the shitter

>make a fight based around elemental damage>don't make elemental weapons good until the expansion for the next game

>>612695497>1 FlashNot when he's agitated/enraged>Ghillie and smokeDo these always force him down? I know it works on Fatalis, but the last few times I tried with alatreon he just continues to fly with a confused look. Half of the time I just get another element break while he's flying, but with some weapons its hard. Other times I just hope he stops being agitated and I do a clutch claw flinch shot.

>>612695890Shitty fight none the less.Also I bet you are not as good as you think you are.

Rise sucks though

>>612695923>Do these always force him down?yeah if alatreon loses sight of you long enough he lands guaranteed

>>612695923no I mean you get one flash in the fight that brings him down, period. flashes got so fucked in iceborneghillie always works 100%. smoke bombs you have to pop one or two and stand within their small radius but if you do it works exactly the same way as ghillie mantle. you just need to wait a couple seconds for him to land>>612695891>in the game that has MR kjarr weapons and 5pc safi armorelement was good, just not for all weapons

>>612695946I solo'd Extremoth. Only thing I regret being unable to do was solo KT pre-Iceborne, but that's because I'm not autistic enough.

>>612694951>>612695153>reddit spacing>reddit capitalization

>>612694101>Sunbreak saved the gameHow? I might get it if it's good

>>612694951>Monster Hunster World is fun and introduced me to the series.kys

>>612695280>It's the only game in the series I've played and I loved it.kys

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>>612695280Washed out artstyle, cluttered forest, scoutflies being annoying, collab monsters not that fun, animation locked menus, daily rewards, mantles overpowered, infinite item restock (my issue with it is mid hunt weapon switch mostly), clutch claw, shit tons of MTX that will likely pave the way for worse in the future (not that Rise was any better)Despite that, the hunts themselves, monster animations/behaviors, and the improvements to movement are very fun and worth the comparatively lower difficulty since monsters, especially weaker ones, couldn't catch up

>>612696570>animation locked menusHoly fuck you made me remember this

It only destroyed it because people keep complaining>tri killed it!>4U killed it!>World killed it!>Rise killed it!I'm bored of all of you.On a more positive note, I didn't know Bazel and Rajang got a funny little turf war in Sunbreak. Makes me happy

the only thing i didnt like was the claw and the scoutflies, they could be removed and nothing would be lost

>>612696269>>612695253We own this franchise classickeks. Your opinions don't matter, you are second class citizens.

I want Valstrax vs Nergigante turf war :(

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>timeline where people legitimately think popularity = quality>timeline where people are obsessed with e-celebs and twitter and all that bullshit>timeline where you can't say "damn this nigga owned me" otherwise banned by thought police>timeline where everything is soulless and gone to shitsigh..

>>612690316>no gunner or blademaster>no fun allowed

>>612697852Are the E-celebs in the room with us right now, user-kun?

>>612698376Visit any fighting game thread/community and oh boy, by christ they are

>>612692878Why does the "comfy build" crowd always pretend you can't just dodge attacks?

bought rise 2 days ago and why am i so op?it feels like there are no downsides to any weapon i played so fari play around with a lot of weapons, but i've been mostly a GS and LS main throughout the games and GS has zero mobility issues and LS is just a straight up "fuck you!" to the monsters

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>>612691495I like Rise....

>>612698442Projection. They can't beat monsters in under 10 minutes and they always cart because they can't dodge and don't know how to learn monster patterns. Therefore, anybody who says otherwise MUST be lying.

>>612697702I want turf Wars back. Rise soiled the bed with this slapstick comedy entry slams into wirebug mounted every time monsters get together.

>>612698629There are ups and downs to the new mounting.Personally I preferred old mounting because it was something of a rare-ish event and was cool. And you had the cool thing in world where drums would start playing, though that was only really good on Zinogre.

Nobody cares. MH was shit before and is still shit now. Keep crying.

>>612698797Never understood why they kept changing the mounting mechanics when GU’s was perfectly fineyes I know mounting was introduced in 4 but GU is basically a refined version of that

They'll never top 4U.

How do I kill fatalis? This faggot ass dragon won't stop moving his head and one shots me like 30% of the time. Should I stop using the Safi weapons and use Alatreon instead?

>>612698567they made hunters way too mobile in rise and made monsters too easy. I want to return to the "tough but fair" feeling of the games before 3. The monsters and hunters moved relatively slowly, but the monsters hit like a truck. The monsters don't feel like a threat at all when you're zipping around them doing anime moves and they hit you for barely any damage. It's gone from a challenge of knowing monster movesets and weapon movesets to genociding monsters while chugging potions and doing flashy anime moves.

>>612700386if head is out of reach, chest is also a 45, even outside of critical state.maximize siege weapons, use ghillie if you're having a time using them

I hate oldfags who suddenly decide to hate something because it got new fans.

>>612687692Generations killed it4U started the declineProve me wrong.

>>612700084ThisMH4U > MHW > MHGU >> MHRiseAll you need is a large but varying cast of monsters and a good zone selection. MHGU was on the right track but half the monsters they chose were just Jaggis, Dromes, and other breeds of jobbers.>>612700386Evade Window level 5, Vitality lvl 3, speed eating at least lvl 2, and as much Dragon element you can shit out.Evade Window 5 lets you play it like Dark Souls and just roll everything.Fireproof Mantle helps.Bring potions and potion crafting mats.

>>612700084Brave of you to say that when 4U had the worst fucking maps in the entire series

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>>612695436Drunk anime girl doesn't somehow make you not a faggot. Kill yourself.

>>612690035GU has monsters that are considerably harder than LITERALLY anything in World, even taking Hunter Arts into account. World has a bunch of shit that is ridiculously strong for a Monster Hunter game and requires no meter building of any kind, it's just there.

>>612687692>nooooo you can't update my autist simulator to make it actually fun and playable by humanscope

>>612701374Retard wojakposter.

>>612697624Murdering retarded new "fans" that shit up something while shitting on everything prior that wasn't made for it should be legal.

>>612697624Enjoy your objectively worse and dumbed down games, palNow if you'll excuse me I'll go play true kino

>>612687692the turbo autismos that say World is bad always make me laugh

>>612689498>but maybe thats just a modern day thing that everyones so antisocialI feel like its a covid thing. Funnily enough I have random people initiate when Im too drained and notice the anti social ones when Im feeling tdmatgood.

>>612700702I fucking loved both of those games, therefore they are objectively good.Simple as.

>>612687692shut the fuck up you retarded, jaded cunt and let people enjoy things.

>>612701579World is good but it undoubtedly turned the franchise into something else and it was retarded successful so there is no going back now. It is perfectly reasonable to be upset by that if the things you enjoyed most about the series got lost in that transition.

>>612687692This but tri.

>>612687692The clutch claw and grapple hook were mistakes. They should have been arena specific gimmicks like cannons.

>>612687692The series died after they dropped underwater combat the only thing that truly felt like a logical improvement on the formula.Instead of cool fish monster, exclusive underwater armor, harpoon weapons specifically made to hunt fish monster and an aquatic felyne like companion we got mounting, clutch claw and wire bugs. And now we have normalfags in the community and the games look like Korean MMORPGs

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>>612701718the autist fears changeMaking the hunter stronger was good, some of my best memories of world were fighting Nergo toe-to-toe while undergeared.What was the consensus on Fatalis? seemed like a hard enough monster to me, most of VG was assblasted that they couldn't beat itthe claw stuff seemed like a good addition to me adding extra moves for some situations, should've maybe been a bit weaker or more dangerous i guess?

>>612700621>the only thing that happened is new fans

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>>612701718>>612701873>>612701881>>612701928The slinger was a fucking amazing addition and you cant change my mindT. Freedom dualpack on the psp baby

>>612701928>What was the consensus on Fatalis? seemed like a hard enough monster to meFatalis, Alatreon, and AT Velk were the only monsters tuned around the absurdity of what IB gave to the player. Truthfully, the series was always making small steps in the direction that eventually broke the camel's back, and people like to argue a lot about when that was (it's almost always the game after their first one), but truthfully it just seems like something combat designers can't stop themselves from doing. They just lack confidence in grounded systems, or maybe they just keep getting pressured to make the game have more broad appeal, but ultimately every game series that may start off like MH did will end up getting way out of hand with toolset creep and imbalanced mechanics. I'm not going to sit here and bemoan something I've accepted for over half a decade, I just play older games because to me they're endlessly replayable. Jumping between the few games in the series' peak basically means you never get bored.

>>612701628No. You're cancer for the same reasons as wokeshit.

>>612702373slinger is fucking fantasticclutch claw is aids

>>612702396Monster hunter jumped the shark with 4The first 3 (mainline not portable) were pretty niceDos brought in the subquest system and Tri expanded on itSeasons + underwater go well with classic monhun inventory management systems4 literally added the relic gacha grind and palico grind as an endgamePlus pretty bad balancing with the CB and IG

>>612701345>GU has monsters that are considerably harder than LITERALLY anything in WorldLol Lmao even

>>612702790Not an argument.

So, sonyfags are still butthurt huh.

>>612702948that the 3ds held the series back and constantly dumbed it down for around 7 years and the instant it got out of its prison the series sold like pancakes?yes

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>>612701928>the autist fears changeThe entire Monster Hunter concept is literally built upon autism m8

>>612703012Are you saying the dumbed down games are the 3DS ones and NOT World? Are you literally fucking retarded?

World's success will be the reason why future installments will paywall you by nickle&diming single monsters and nonlayered weapons/armor. All thanks to the massive influx of normies who are used to being fleeced by other western devs.

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>>612694891We know fatty is objectively better, escashit is just that. You probably liked swimming.

>>612703113Yes, >3U lowered the difficulty with the free defense and introduced (BUGGED) charm tables>4U introduced 2 crutch weapons that were busted as shit on release for the weeb newcomers>Generations Ultimate...Do I even need to say anything here?If anything, I am surprised World didn't end up more dumbed down

>>612694951Why do retards think ps1 era is bad? Plenty of old shit holds up just fine you insufferable man child.

>>612703223>Do I even need to say anything here?Don't bother, you have answered my last question already.

>>612703223CB was dogshit in 4. 4G made it usable but it was still mostly trash in TAs.X completely ruined CB again. XX made Aerial usable at least.World turned CB into a braindead unga bunga number hose though yeah.

>>612695278Still like that, MH has not recovered from speed hunt obsessed faggotry. Though this is also on the devs for not making part breaks more important. MH should have a focus on breaking down the monster. Instead we have the most 4head streamlined casual hunting experience to date.

>>612703252Glad we clarified you are a delusional 3ds bab

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>>612687692Nincels never recovered holy shit lmao

>>612696060going status build with safi pieces is mad fun. I know we got bloodlust back in sunbreak now but I still miss safi and his neat looking awakening armor. Beside I'm a bit miff that they get rid of crit status which work for any weapon but gave us status trigger that benefits some weapon instead.

Is it time?Top reasons why any MonHun after P3rd was complete garbage go!>The game tells you when the monster is low on health / able to be captured>Armor skills streamlined and negative armor skills eliminated>No ecology videos >Worse lobbies >No actual farms >No actual palico training >No shittons of lore in books, magazines, armor and item descriptions >No treasure hunting quests >No side modes >No trenya >no seasons >No variable weapon length >No actual hunting >No underwater >Deco / relic / charm AND palico gacha hell >Worse kitchen >Worse combination / no alchemy >Dumbed down to shit >Crutch Blade and gunners roam free >No poogie >Verticality meme >No towns as lobbies just a shitty gathering hub >Melding >Wirebugs crutch claw >Hunter arts and wirebugs >Mounting is so shit it has to be reworked every game >Field pouch and gunner pouch make all inventory management nonexistent >Lack of combo books and failing combos means you can just spam everything and have infinite resources >being able to sharpen your weapon while mounted reducing all risk of it >Its easier now


>>612703370I started with the original on PS2You keep parroting arguments, posting pictures made by someone else and just generally being a console warring faggot though, knock yourself out.

>>612703348This is always something I found frustrating, part breaks should do more to change the way monsters behave, at this point it's still only a few where it really does anything. Also don't get me started on the shitty drop rates from part breaking for whatever reason. Fucking scales from tails, shells from head and claw breaks etc, it's infuriating. It pretty much just makes me speed kill things because it's the least frustrating in terms of actually farming things. Best thing about Fatalis is all his 100% drop rates for part breaks.

>>612703510>He thinks I didn't make this imagehere's the OG btw

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>>612703503t. full 50 minute using scrub

>>612703574At least you are self aware enough to not try and argue against the other things, I guess.Being a contrarian is not a real personality by the way, do try and develop one at some point.

>>612703617>Being objectively wrong on an underwater basket weaving forum.Yes we all know if hunts take longer than 5 min youre axe wound will start closing.

>>612702507FAT american retard hands posted this

>>612703728you forgot to post your >Disliking popular things doesn't make you interestingimageso I can reply with>Mindlessly liking popular things doesn't either

>>612698567Wait for HR and further. The whole main story up until the last boss is basically a tutorial.

>>612703012That you made a big stink about "MH coming home" to stick it to the tendies only to find you that the game was considered mediocre among fans and that tendies never cared about MH to begin with.

>>612702616>Seasons + underwater go well with classic monhun inventory management systemsWhat the hell are you talking about?Seasons only made certain quests unavailable for some amount of time unless you pay to advance time and the only additional items for underwater were portable air tanks and harpoons, neither of which were ever necessary.

>>612698567If you're playing village hunts then you're playing on babby mode. It's going to feel almost as easy as world.

>>612704519>Wait for HR and further.The whole main story up until the last boss is basically a tutorial.holy shiet, no way!!!??? thanks for the tip broyou literally don't know what you are talking about, nigger

>>612704631>Dos had seasons and a very stingy item box>Dos was very stingy with money too, so paying for seasons every time took a good chunk of weapon upgrading money>Seasons restricted the materials you can get at certain sports>Tri added more stuff you need to take care of like torches and the underwater shit>P3rd added the field pouch>somewhere along the way the gunner pouch was added too>Combo books removed, so you can craft all you want + with the increased inventory space you can have near infinite resourcesyeah, about that...

>>612704721He's right though, Rise doesn't progress in the same way World does.

>>612702843Yeah you're right yours wwasn't considering it's blatantly false

>>612693226bro i love lance but its giga babby shitter mode, especially in sunbreak