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If you want to buff machinist YoshiP would need to buff every other ranged class and he doesn't want to remove the ranged taxe

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How to prevent burnout? This is like my 3rd raid tier so far (running melee on all of them) and the game just feels super fucking repetitive and unrewarding nowP8 is a nice bump in difficulty from the rest of the tier but I'm just not having fun

>>612686505He'd have to buff every single job so they wouldn't feel bad.

>>612687936play a different game, retard

ranged dps are designed to be very simple so they do bad damage, which would be fine if they were just for story gamers but because of role bonus you need to bring one along, but they can't make their damage good because they're so braindead so someone just has to play the cuck class. its a problem that cant be fixed

>>612687936the burnout is being instigated by SE's non stop sterilization of gameplay design, not really anything you can do about it by playing XIV more

>>612686505>bring back Rend Mind and Dismantle>bring back Bishop and give it a raidwide healing buff plus have it pulse out a small shield onceMCH is saved

mch players are retarded asking it to do as much as sam and blm, but it should at least do more than rdm

>>612686505they shouldn't be designing fights around 100% melee uptime for autistic parsers

>>612693076melee players ruin everything, boss hitbox sizes being the entire fucking room is so fucking annoying

>everyone keeps complaining about this supposed nerf>MCH are still broken as fuck in PVP and basically rape every other class>can win any CC by merely existing and just standing there pressing buttons in any random order Let me play the world's smallest violin for you MCH. You're the non weeb NIN in PVP. Eat shit. You get no sympathy from me as long as DRK remains squishy as fuck in dungeons

Parsefaggots need to fuck off>wah my job does 0.1% less dps in this one fight the game is ruined

youtube.com/watch?v=_KmNMvPpyWUDid Soken actually do this track? It's an uncharacteristically complex arrangement for him.

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>>612686505>he doesn't want to remove the ranged taxAnd yet in the notes for PLD they said it's getting tax exempt status

>>612690928They could just let ranges do normal damage now that meele can attack from everywhere with those your mom joke tier hitboxes on the currenrt bosses.

>>612686505FFXIV has a lot of content, which is generally fine. But it all suffers from eastern design syndrome. Everything is clunky or obtuse, the combat is pretty clean by MMO standards but it has this horrible flaw endemic to JRPGs where you hit whatever with an attack, and then there's some horrible shit delay when damage pops up.And holy shit, is orchestral music so repetitive when it's the same single arrangement for combat starting every time. Some of the music is great though. The sound design in general seems canned, like they skimped out on the budget for it. I recognize a lot of the sound files they use. And holy shit, completing a "fate" and a quest sounds like two marching bands went to war.MMO designers can copy whatever they like but they need to take a page from city of heroes. Look at street justice from that CoH, all the animations are on point, damage ticks off exactly when it should, right when the attack looks like it connects, and it makes a noise like the foe is getting hit with a damn fire hydrant across the skull. Which they might be.Nothing in FFXIV is really satisfying (yet) but you suspect that it might get satisfying later on, since there's so much more. Does it get better past 25?

>>612693475Nah it sucks you should stop playing

>>612693475>it might get satisfying later onit never does

>>612693076>>612693123Stop playing my game


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>>612693590stop dumbing down every fight imaginable so you can hit a training dummy for 10 minutes

>>612693475Some classes have shit sound design like Samurai and Bard but others like Warrior and Black Mage are immaculate.

>>612693646No worries friend :)

>>612690928>ranged dps are designed to be very simpleAre you fucking saying there's a single job in this game that isn't simple>>612693215Probably not, most non-original tracks since Stormblood are arranged by his team

>>612693649I don't give a fuck about uptimes, just stop playing my game

>>612693765Was it him or his team on the Omega raids? Cause all of those were literal doodoo.

>>612693395>>612693765ranged dps are objectively easier then melee, bosses being huge makes melee easier but still harder to optimize. cope

>>612693891Him but it's the best version of Dancing Mad ever to exist, seethe and cope

>>612693891Most of the Omega raids were arrangements of old FF shit anyway since most of those bosses were references

>>612694062You can hit the boss from any corner of the room, keep crying reaper boi, your job isn't hard

I've been a big buff Roe guy since ARR, but I love lalafell and want strangers to perform random acts of affection that aren't bara cat faggots I've had this Fantasia sitting in my inventory that I got from veteran rewards like 8 years ago. Should I take the lalapill and become a gremlin or remain the strong manly soldier I've been since I first arrived on that cart to Ul'Dah?


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>>612694218if you think barafags are bad, you will hate lalas

>>612694218>Changing your character and giving up all that history>Just so pedos will emote at you

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>>612694218normally I'd say yes no question but I don't want to be responsible for losing a based roe. Show us your character first.

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>>612686505The tax stopped existing this expansion since they decided to make the hitbox of all bosses at endgame as big as atleast half the arena. They are making the exact same mistake WoW did by only listening to the two extreme ends of the community when it comes to game design and it's going to kill this game aswell in the long run if they don't start turning it around next expansion

>>612694218Play whatever you like wtf do other people reactions to your character influence your choices?

>>612694062brd is harder to play than 3/5 melee

>>612687936do other content, raidlogging in any game is boring and feels pointless quickly once you've managed to start getting good clears

Y'shtola is very cute, kind and the WoL's best friend.

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>>612694385>completely abandons the clown music motif and chooses to use one of the most horrible synth sounds I've ever heard at the start>replaces the angelic voice from the original track with another fucking synth>no laugh when it loopsHoly shit this is soulless.

>>612693126>mch overpowered in pvp>drk squishy in dungeonssimpleton takes. Mch isn't even top 5 CC or frontline classes, and DRK is fine in dungeons you just have to actually press mitigation in dungeons instead of being constantly topped off of bloodwhetting

>>612694062This is a complete lie that I see parser faggots use to hide behind when they can't reach whatever milestone they want. All melees plays EXACTLY the same difficulty wise, with the only one that actually stands out being MNK since you have to commit a lot harder to fuckups in your rotation or risk losing 2x the amount of dmg you would otherwise lose and now that boss hitboxes covers between 2/3rds or all of the arena the "muh uptime" argument doesn't work anymore either

>>612694218Stay roe and then find a yourself a lalawife and create the ultimate lifeform with her.

>>612695262there has been some fag complaining that drk is dogshit in these threads as of late pay him no mind.

>>612695179Friend with benefits.

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>>612695474You mean the entire fucking playerbase back when EW released even though DRK was clearly the second best tank and it hasn't received any significant buffs since?

>>612687936that's why they are trying to get new players lately, the game is still the same thing for years, you will get burnout at one point

>>612695676people complain about DRK because it isn't fun to play

>>612695676the entire playerbase is fucking retarded and literally don't know how to play the game. drk has been one of if not the best tank post heavensward.

>>612687936Don't reduce the game to only raiding there are a lot of things to do outside of that.

>>612693215soken is at his best when doing rearrangements of existing songsyoutube.com/watch?v=gB74SFACHqYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTSvsd6FDuchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFRhYuB93qkbut you can just assume it's because he doesn't have to make them from scratch compared to original songs which he's gotta pump out every major update while still being the sound director for other shit in the game

>>612695676>Blood Weapon and Living Dead reworks>Not buffs>This tier more than any of the past 5 paying to DRK's strengths>Not an indirect buff (To make up for losing ground to GNB in terms of damage)The big complaint was never it being underpowered anyway. People said that but they're retards. The problem was that it feels so identical to to ShB when everyone else got cool new shit. We got some cheap looking bubbles and 2 extra casts of Edge of Shadow but these ones look like Dark Passenger that they took away

>>612695893>soken is at his best when doing rearrangements of existing songsDisagree. And The Legendary Beast wasn't even Soken.

>>612694447>>612694940it's an online game and online interactions matter main reason i havne't is the history though as you said>>612695406damn, you're right, kingmost convincing reply ITT although my social ineptitude makes it highly unlikely >>612694605i'll leave the avatarfaggotry to /vg/

>>612696050avatar fagging is not when you post your character 1 time nigga you are asking for advice.

>>612695893Literally the only one of these that is an improvement is Legendary Beast which was done by Daiki Ishikawa, who also did the really good The Extreme arrangement.XIV's Dancing Mad is an insult to the original.

>>612686505Machinists dont need to do a lot of damage, hell phys ranged dont need to do a lot of damage at all. Just spread around the usefulness of jobs to compensate the damage differences. Here's my master plan:>remove raid buffs from all the DPS classes that currently have them>move them into Phys ranged only>Phys ranged now each have 3 raid buffs per class they can use>give phys ranged unique feint/addle like abilitiesWould be nice if they walk back the 2 minute stuff at least a little bit too

>>612696486>Would be nice if they walk back the 2 minute stuff at least a little bit tooAnd inconvenience raid troons??? Never!!!

>>612695331>All melees plays EXACTLY the same difficulty wisewhich is a difficultly above ranged

>>612695262>Mch isn't even top 5 CC or frontline classesFrontline maybe, definitely top 5 in CC

>>612695179>open your door>see thiswhat do you do?

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>>612696619>ninja is literally a tank tier rotation until burst>reaper exists

>it's another episode of ranged brain not knowing shit about anythingYou still lose uptime in 6s if you have flare on meleeBigger hitboxes mean positionals can be harder to do

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>>612696765>pull Y'shtola inside>close doors>make out with my wonderful Miqo wifeI don't even know who the other girls are, nor do I care to know.

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>>612696765That mhigger is ugly as shit. What a disrespect tol Morrigan's beauty

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>>612694218Do it faggot.

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>>612696815>ninja has to know if they aeolian or phantom during burst >has to prep suiton even if it's not much anymore, it's still more than pressing glowing buttons like ranged do

>>612696815>ninja is literally a tank tier rotation until burstignoring the part of the rotation thats more complex to focus on the less involved part is retarded, and nin still needs to manage kenki and mudra between bursts>reaper existsand is still more involved to play at an optimal level then bard who literally presses 1 button 80% of the timeyou can cope about it all you like but melee are objectively harder to play at an optimal level then ranged. I'm sorry your static made you play the cuck class

>>612696886>One whole GCD of downtime in the tier>Might maybe have to hit True North sometimesPoor thing


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>>612696574I dont even know if its for the raid troons, more like its to make things easy in theory for pug groups. Have bursts line up with the cooldown of raid buffs so that everyone hitting things off cooldown = more consistent damage.But I've been PFing this raid tier and even now doing reclears, there are constant pulls with people who are not pressing their raid buffs off cooldown. I literally have to pray every time my second inner release comes off cooldown that the monk is pressing brotherhood soon and sure enough, they are about 10 seconds late. So the changes don't really end up helping

Nerf Clemency in PVE and give us Curaja Yoshi. I don't have a Wojak to post but it's a crying one.

positionals and uptime are only some of the reasons why melee are harder to optimize, I understand you focus on this because they're things your empty physranged brain doesn't have to think about at all but even against a striking dummy it's harder then looking to see if you've flipped enough coins in a row to get fan dance 3 and then hitting it after your buffs

>>612696886>I might have to lose one GCD, therefore it is completely reasonable for me to do 8% more damage than everyone else.

>>612697032im a tank player but you are coping if you think melee classes are harder to play in current ffxiv both roles require just as much brainpower, they are not healer and tank tier but this is what they design the raids around and the game is worse off because of it.

>really like playing melee dps and black mage>bored as fuck playing red mage??

>dude this 90th+ parsing melee can keep uptime>that means melee can keep uptime without issues loleI hate ranged players so much

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Ranged tax is bullshitOnly determination should be execution taxBLM, DRG, and NIN belong at the top MCH, RPR, and SMN belong at the bottomIt's only logical

This thread is like one baby who has figured out how to play simon says laughing at the baby who has only just figured out putting the square block into the square holeNo one is doing anything complicated here, friends

>>612695075which melee do you consider hard

>>612697125>positionals and uptime>1 is being phased out of the game + you have true north for the parts that actually matter>2 fights are literally designed around melee players getting maximum uptime, whether it be making the boss hitboxes the size of the moon or having the boss sit casting for 90 years.actual fucking retard

>>612697181I do 8% more damage than everyone else because I'm better than themYou would do less than 10k on melee as well, sweaty ranged

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>>612697190thebalanceffxiv.com/jobs/melee/monk/advanced-guide/post a single phys ranged thing that comes close to this

>>612697190Not that user, but I find melee harder to play because of lower GCDs from traits and having more buttons to press. My fingers feel like they are falling off after a couple of pulls playing DPS

>>612697082Yeah, you tasteless fag.

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>>612697327drg and monk without a fucking question, for reference i've played sam the most

Imagine if Paladins actually got their raise back, and it was usable in-combat.

>>612697192Play the better half-caster, ninja

>>612697330having to press true north is more effort then phys ranged have to do (literally nothing). only having to leave melee range a few times a fight is more then phys ranged have to do (literally nothing). objectively speaking melee are more complicated. no amount of replies to me seething about how totally easy the big meanie devs are and how they coddle melee players will change the fact that my class objectively demands more of me to play then yours even at the most basic level.I dunno why you can't just admit it, live your best life and hit heavy shot 20 times in a row

>>612697192black mage has an actually fun somewhat complex rotation where you often need to improvise and think on your feet to avoid downtime, using your swiftcasts at just the right time, doing jank maneuvers to stay inside your leylines until the last possible microsecond to, and planning ahead so you can be be an immobile turret when you're out of switcasts red mage by comparison has pretty brainless movement since half your spells are instant by default, and the rotation feels much more simplistic since they pretty much just do two button combos based on their meter and then do a 1-2-3 for their burst which is mehalso, BLM has the most satisfying dungeon/raid AoE clear in the game with FLARE! FLARE! FLARE! meanwhile red cucks are just doing some boring sword cleaves

>>612697432they won't do this because then every criterion dungeon group would just be war/pld/dps/dps

>>612697530We are at a point where you have to think a little bit ahead with your TN uses. It has become more and more important.

>>612697530You're a very clever boy user and you deserve a gold star for your efforts

>>612697585You can't raise in Criterion hard or whatever

>>612697585Haha what, there is no raising in the normal way in the real criterion dungeons and there will be role restrictions

>>612693681Part of the reason I find Machinist so boring is that the sounds for the class are terrible and nothing has a satisfying impact sound, especially the base 1-2-3 combo. Even Archer/Bard's hits sound better.

>EW meleefags fear this image

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>>612697585There's nothing stopping you from doing this now, it's not like raise matters much in dungeons unless you're playing with baboons.

>mom is a devout christian>hates asian people>finds out final fantasy is made by japanese people and the characters in it can use magic>magic is the tool of the devil>convinced that ffxiv is "the devil's game">concerned because i "talk to my computer" even when there's nobody else in my room>she freaks out whenever it's raid night>rants about how the people in my static or in my discord calls are "evil spirits" and not real people>tricked me into attending some mental health counseling because she thinks i'm mentally ill for not taking her seriously>ended with counselor thinking she's a schizo>starts smashing my electronics and dousing my books/figurines in "holy water">i end up having to put my computer into a cage bolted to the floor to protect it>shit has been going on for over a yearWhat the fuck am I supposed to do? And yes, I raid with this.

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>>612697859skill issue

>>612697780I prefer Midas overall but Neo Exdeath is the most fun fight to tank in the entire game and Halicarnassus is the best fight period.

I missed 3 positionals in 6s this week, true north isn't enough sweeties

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>>612697780>That gilGame definitely needs a gil sink that isn't so fucking niche

>>612697859Try not being related to a psychopath next time. Choose a better spawn location

>>612697780was neo exdeath a good boss


>>612697780i miss being able to move bosses smoothly, small hitboxes are just objectively better.

>>612697926Yes, if that tier didn't have Alte Roite and Catastrophe it'd be a contender for the best one in the game.

>>612697894based and O3Spilled

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>>612697780Big hitboxes just mean mechanics are stage wide, I never missed gcds in neo either, I'd prove it but fflogs is ran by KIKES

>>612697926It was great. Almagest put a deep fear into every healer's heart.

>>612696886>Bigger hitboxes mean positionals can be harder to dopositionals on a large target can be done from the same spot on a smaller target

>>612697992what is the best raid tier in the game according to popular opinion? it's final omega or second eden right?

>>612697898>yoship using 100% of his brain power>what if... we gave melee 4 charges of TN?

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>>612687936Nothing every grind is extremely boring and they refuse to fix it. Shit game.

behead all parsefags

>>612697898how the fuck do you miss 3 positionals in p6 the boss stays still the entire fucking fight and her hitbox is the size of the arena

>>612698096Yeah but now I have to run the other side of the map

>>612697780the only time I wasn't on the bosses taint during this fight was during grand crosses where attacking would've caused me to kill myself and several other people anyway. at least post eden

>>612698241nigga just run to the fucking corner you don't need to go directly on her side to hit a positional

>>612698187I don't remember, probably happened near the end of the fight

>>612698103It's hard to say cause there's a very clear line in the sand between old raids like Coil and the first two Alexes and nu raids that started with Alexander Creator where they started making savage more appealing to the average player.I think of the old raids it's either between Second Coil or Midas while the nu raids I'd say Alphascape

>>612687936once you realize that glam is the real endgame, then the game has a lot more variety. You're doing everything from deep dungeons to waiting for specific fate bosses to spawn just to get specific pieces of a set you're trying to pull. Truly the most fun I have. Doing savage all day just burns you out, who cares if you have BiS if it only matters in that savage content and is irrelevant in several months? Glam is forever.

>>612696886>not doing the flare uptime stratmelee players are truly the most retarded.

>>612697894I never did Halicarnasus because I was unsubbed for SB and much of ShB so I did those fights as BLU and Halicarnasus is impossible as BLU

>>612698341100% of bad strats are because of ranged unable to adjust to better ones

>>612698241positionals are divided by quadrants on the boss, just sit on the corner of their hitbox or better yet, stand inside their hitbox and just move between them if you can

>>612698395i highly doubt this considering range are the ones taking all the flex roles in every fight imaginable.

>>612697908I'm sitting on billions with nothing to buy, the real issue is they can't add real gil sinks while RMT bots are in control of the gathering and crafting markets.

>>612698305Thinking about it more I'd probably say Second Coil is my favorite yeah.It was still early on so they weren't afraid to get weird with it and come up with some really creative fights.T6 is still one of my favorite encounters in the entire game purely based on how they could build such a complex fight around such a simple set of mechanics.

>>612698554T7*I forgot the first Coil tier had an extra turn so the numbers don't line up with the others.

>>612697859Move out of your moms house you fucking NEET.Let her become a crazy lady with 50 cats and a house full of old newspapers that smells like cat piss until they find her rotten corpse a month after she dies because she alienates everyone with her schitzophrenia

>>612698554I fucking love Binding Coils. Absolutely all of it. The turns that were big dungeon things, the turn you could just run through the jump pads, rafflesia, all of it. I do have fond memories of week 1 A3S and of course A8S was probably my favorite single floor in the whole game to this day, but the coils were just dripping with charm after they made the latency problems less shitty

>>612697859Ironically enough it's actually your mom who's possessed. Go to a priest and get some genuine holy water and see how she responds.

A bot can play ranged better than you ever will, you don't deserve anything

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>Yoshi admits ranged tax is not needed in PLD buff>Admits 100% uptime is possible on every fight>Removed ranged tax from PLD>Leaves it on ranged

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>>612699005Nice, battle schizophrenia with your own brand of schizophrenia. That's definitely the way to do it

why would he have to buff the other ranged DNC and BRD have buffs to compensate them doing lower damage MCH has tactician and nothing else

>>612695262>Mch isn't even top 5 CC or frontline classesYes, keep spreading this lie so I never get nerfed. Perhaps MCH will even get buffed again >:)

>>612695179No way hag!

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>>612699063>all the most powerful people in the world and every great thinker in history believes in this stuff just as a funny joke haha :)I know there's no convincing you unless you have a genuine experience for yourself, but the material is not all that is.

>>612699062What's the excuse for WAR then? It's been the lowest dps tank for years and the latest update was something like a 1% increase, that's nice until you see how much of a boost PLD was given and that WAR is still hilariously low compared to the rest.MCH is an easy fix and i'm not sure why they refuse to do it.

>>612695179>and the WoL's best friendIt seems you made a mistake. Let me fix that for you.

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>>612699062PLD is one of the hardest jobs to optimize in the game, it's retarded for it to have ranged tax.

>>612695179>WoL's best friend.

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>>612699151WAR's had its glory days, it's time to move on.

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>>612699151>What's the excuse for WAR thenDungeon tank

>>612697859>What the fuck am I supposed to do?Have you tried not being an underage b&?

>>612699332heavensward was 7 years ago and no war player today is asking to be THAT good

>>612699332That's not an excuse, if it were their excuse that would only make the situation worse.

>>612699254don't worry, pld will get inner release and a nerf in 6.3

>>612698320>spent a weekend farming Orbonne for the tank chestpieceIts the absolute best chestpiece in the game for paladin glams and you cannot refute this

>>612699417it already does

>>612699151Don't people say SMN does less DPS than in Shadowbringers because it's really easy now? I'm not a tank main but WAR also seems easier than the other tanks to me.

>>612686505yoship can kiss my ass after getting the balls to buff blm in pvp , his crappy excuses and yet drk mitigation isnt fixed yet

>>612697270And its STILL higher quality than the "post a critique" threads

>>612699417PLD basically has two inner release

>>612699517difficulty is a retard excuse because of how much in the shed pld usually is in. also drk and gnb are not hard jobs to play by any fucking means.

>>612699467nigga endwalker artifact is the best paladin armor that doesnt look like plastic

>>612699467it is and i did the same about a year agoi STILL use it for pld along with the second bozja sword and first bozja shield

>>612699517SMN was hit with a complete overhaul and is basically a phys ranged for 95% of what it does, it also has the resurrect tax applied. Overall DRK is a tad bit easier to play than WAR as it lacks any real gauge management and only employs a single 1-2-3 combo. Even if you play DRK "wrong" by misusing your mana you aren't actively losing damage, just making your healers life a tiny bit harder.

>>612699592no no you see you have to engage 2 braincells instead of 1 (you don't actually) so the job NEEDS to do 10% more DPS or NOBODY will play itBlack mages are such fucking niggers

>>612699417yet drk is stupidly big dps than gnb" the dps tank"

>>612699657For me it's final stage HW relic with the first bozja shield.


>>612699730>Overall DRK is a tad bit easier to play than WARcareful user you are gonna get some fag that says bloodwhetting is somehow better than tbn in raids, and that drk has garbage mitigation.

>>612695179>friend*soul mate and heated lover.

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>>612699842Yeah yeah I know, I watched him shit up a thread a week or so ago with his arguments about tanks in dungeons.

>>612699383Warrior was still the best tank during all of Stormblood.The truth is tanks are never gonna be perfectly balanced because there always have to be two that are better than the other two, since that's the max number you can take.I'd argue they've done a good job of equalizing what tanks are in the limelight in each expansion.>ARR - PLD/WAR>HW - DRK/WAR>SB - WAR/PLD>ShB - GNB/PLD>EW - DRK/GNB

>>612699842im already here DORK KNIGHT

>>612686505>ranged taxeI still don't understand the ranged tax. I played p1s to p4s as a SAM, then replayed it as a RDM. On SAM I have so much more mobility. I can move and attack at the same for the majority of my attacks. I have low cooldown self mitigation and a quick heal to top me off to avoid deaths to raidwides if I was out of healer range and then life steal sustain to let me survive even better if healers aren't keeping up. Played P5s to p8s as a SAM again, and then a RDM after. 8 different savage fights and it feels easier on SAM than RDM for all of them. I'm purple parsing as both jobs so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing.Where is the perception that melee is harder than ranged coming from? Ranged is squishy in comparison and I have to constantly stop moving to hardcast. Is it because of positionals? Because I have zero trouble hitting positions on SAM and if I do I just pop true north lol.

>>612699930RDM isn't ranged it's a caster.Ranged DPS are BRD, MCH and DNC which can freely move around while attacking with no issues.

>>612699560pld has no inner release just random direct hit damage and constant damage

>>612699905??? it was drk/gnb in shb and drk/war in stormblood

>>612699930RDM is considered one of the least mobile jobs lol

>>612700034dps wise paladin was higher because of the direct hit values

>>612699990I thought it was classified as magical ranged and physical ranged but I don't play any physical ranged so I'm not familiar with the lingo there.>>612700039Why does RDM do so little damage when it has bad mobility and SAM is so much easier to play? Is it because you can spam rezzes which is useless outside of prog and casual content?

>>612700029when people say inner release what they mean is a skill that has a job hitting the same button multiple times in a row, both the Requiscat and Confiteor combos are essentially inner release

Next expansion you'll see more of black bunny man. There will also be more Garlemald shit, but who gives a fuck about those losers am I right? Krille will become a part of the main party, but before you can whip your dicks out you're going to find yourselves disappointed again because where she goes G'raha goes. Also, more Ancient shit because Emet fans will personally turn Yoshi-P into a woman if there is no Emet.

Attached: 78538874_p3.png (702x900, 1.44M)

>>612700091yes red mage is the raise bitch when healers doesnt want to spend swiftcast and mana

>>612700091yes that's the rez tax and rdm is in a higher tax bracket because of their chain rez so they get hit harder than sum

>>612700131every tank has inner release then even gnb

>>612700091Casters are just supposed to be stuck where they are as an idea, but in the EW era BLM has a billion movement tools and 95% of SMN is instant cast anyway now so RDM is just outdated design really. Healers also get burned, and are broadly less mobile, but better at handling burst movement

>>612700139fuck emet fans and fujo writer they fucked him in one fucking expansion that i want to kill fujo after ultima thule

>>612700034You know it's incredibly easy to disprove you right? You did actually raid during these expansions instead of just looking at what comps got world first in ultimates right?

Attached: classdistribution.png (770x874, 180.05K)

>>612693126MCH is broken in pvp but not in a good way. Why the fuck do I need to go through a close range attack with bioblaster to get to a good skill. You want a broken job in PVP, fucking paladins ruin most days

>gods damned lalafells with their damn "Wah!'s" and pettable heads!

Attached: 20220920_073318.png (1332x1775, 2.43M)

>>612700283of all the skills needed close range they choose the dot weapon instead of fake chainsaw or the shotgun from this expansion?


Attached: 1658683560176011.jpg (225x225, 7.98K)

>>612700160>rdm is in a higher tax bracket because of their chain rez so they get hit harder than sumBut their chain rez is useless in real content and DPS only matters in real content. RDM is essentially being taxed on DPS because they can force clears on casual content where DPS checks don't really exist.


>>612700283MCH is sub par in PVP, it's basically a walking gimmick with zero pressure or meaningful aoe damage

>>612686505Flamethrower is the odd one out since there's nowhere to use it except after playing your entire hand during the second wall-pull of each segment between bosses. Increasing the potency or having it mix well with other abilities still won't help it, because it's going to sit rotting off cooldown until you hit that small window. They'd need to do something like make it persist even while moving, and in fact just keep going while you use other attacks.

>>612700408Ask me how I know you've never properly progged a day in your life.

>>612700408>chain rez is useless in real contentwhat is real content to you retard

>>612700408>But their chain rez is useless in real content

Attached: 1656962433566.gif (336x336, 33.88K)

>>612700160Remember when in Shadowbringers they realized rez tax is toxic to the balance and decided to remove it and for a while caster balance was perfect then they promptly forgot about it in EW, probably because of dumb fucks like you who think rez tax is a good thing?

>>612700363Shotguns a seperate ability that knocks back

>>612700408savage isnt real content anymore user its a "hardcore" trial world first race first week

>>612700470>>612700491>>612700494>fail any part of High Concept>the entire raid instantly diesWow sure glad I brought red mage

>>612700441flamethrower should be just fire bioblaster

>>612700408>savage is the only thing that exists!! everything has to be the same!!

Attached: 1646091785000.png (466x593, 44.67K)

>>612700470? I've cleared p8s already using the party finder so I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying RDM should deal low DPS because you can prog a bit further before wipes by spamming rez? DPS doesn't matter if that is the case because everyone has weakness so you won't pass any meaningful DPS check anyway.

>>612700538there is other parts people actively die to, also being able to raise quickly before a major mechanic is fucking HUGE.

>>612700549I'm not sure why you're malding. DPS only really matters in savage and maybe some extremes with very bad party members. Taxing RDM dps because they can force clears on casual content makes no sense because casual content rarely has any meaningful dps checks.

>>612700576tell your healers to save swiftcast thenif you have to res three people the pull is irreparably fucked, or the content wasn't hard to begin withthis is no reason for rdm to do shit damage, fuck off

>>612700538i like authistic party dancing that if one scrubs we all die of a magic nuke placed in the arena

>>612700551>being able to see a bit further into the fight doesn't matter because I already saw all the mechanics in the video guide so all I need to do is DPS with all the work already done for me.

>>612697898Damn, that's a nice image. Thanks, user. Anything with Lyse and/or Yugiri is an immediate save.

Attached: 1650580450210.jpg (1858x1057, 181.13K)

>>612700629>tell your healers to save swiftcast thenhindsight is 20/20

>>612700264>Stormblood>double ranged was optimalWhere did it all go so wrong bros...

>>612700551this game doesnt have any meaningfull dps after gordias fucked every hardcore baby raiders really deep in the ass

>>612700628People are malding because because of raid troons who are upset that NIN performs 0.1% better than SAM we need to remove everything that makes NIN unique so it is brough in line. Raid troons don't care because they play the game 1 week for the retarded world first race and then quit until the next raid. Meanwhile people who don't care for that shit are left with a bunch of souless jobs that play the same.

>>612700673I think because you're malding you're not really understanding the point. Forcing extra prog with rezzes doesn't warrant a DPS tax because at that point you aren't clearing you are only progging so DPS is irrelevant. DPS only becomes relevant when the party is playing well enough to clear, which means you are no longer spamming rezzes because if you were the party would not be clearing, outside of normal easy content where DPS checks don't matter, which again reverts back to a DPS tax being pointless.

>>612700628There's other types of content in the game you dumb WoWnigger. RDM is the god of side content like Bozja and PotD. Fuck off. Stop spreading your cancerous fucking rat ideology to my game. Classes should be different from each other. Savage is not the beginning and end of the game and it's okay for certain jobs to shine in certain situations compared to others. That's literally the entire purpose of RPGs having a class system.

>>612700793If you're playing good enough to clear you should be immediately switching to Black Mage then.

>wahahaha mch whahahwhaha

Attached: phys_ranged_speaking.gif (498x171, 2.75M)


>>612700952Cause you're not supposed to be using RDM to clear content.The tax exists to force you onto BLM, the job everyone should be playing.

>>612700952>In the content where DPS matters, spamming rez is no longer super useful so at that point why tax DPS?Because other content exists and balancing changes carry over to other content you stupid fuck.>In the side content you mentioned, there are no meaningful DPS checks>Bozja>PotD>no meaningful DPS checksSpoken like a WoWrat that doesn't even know what Gunnhildr's Blade or Necromancer are. If you want to be a sweaty Tigole acolyte then just switch to BLM for BIG NUMBER POGGERS and shut the fuck up, get your clear, and leave my game.

deleted post to fix a typo:>>612700808Ok you're once again malding because I mentioned savage without understanding the logic being presented to you. Try to calm down. In the side content you mentioned, there are no meaningful DPS checks so taxing a job's DPS because they are good in places where DPS doesn't matter makes no sense. In the content where DPS matters, spamming rez is no longer super useful so at that point why tax DPS?>>612700848Precisely my point you understand! If you're playing well enough to clear content that has meaningful DPS checks then the one cool thing RDM does (spamming rezzes) is no longer being used. If they are taxed because they can spam rez, but you're in content where you won't be spamming rez, why does the tax even need to exist? You aren't using the thing you are being taxed for.

>>612700952savage does not have any meaningful dps checks either so

>>612701060Ok so from your post it sounds like you are super casual and get very defensive when people mention DPS because you aren't good enough to deal any meaningful DPS. This means you can't really sit at this table and have a discussion with me because you're not capable of playing at a level where you can actually understand what is being discussed. I suggest you try parsing so you can figure out why you're playing so badly and start improving at the game. It's a lot of fun I think you'd enjoy it.

>>612686505Ranged players are never going to accept they'll never be top dps again huhYou had your chance a few expansions back, now bow down to the melee overlords

>>612701086anon now you're being disingenuous since you lost the argument. If you're embarrassed about losing you could just stop replying but either way I accept your concession!

>>612701159Nope, you're the casual in this situation because you don't touch content beyond savage. I do everything. Savage, ultimate, PotD, Bozja duels, I do everything. Fuck off from my game. You are cancer.

>>612686505MCH (and phys ranged) will never, ever get buffed because the current design philosophy of giving melees free uptime only applies to Pandaemonium. In all older content (most importantly old Ultimates which are still synced) the ranged tax is still a valid design concept.

>>612699332Same with PLD, WAR was so shit on release people were running 2 PLD lmao

>>612701208save does not have meaningful dps checks what you are complaining about literally does not matter.

>>612694218Same bro, though I'm just seeking out a lalawife to fulfill my size difference fetish

>>612700952>deletedlol get fucked retard

>>612686505Endwalker boss design makes ranged tax completely unnecessary. There is 0 reason melee should keep doing as much damage when bosses get an enormous hitbox.

>>612693128Did you miss out on the fight being unclearable with a bad comp on week 1? And this was with everyone having primal weapons and a tome piece.


>>612701637But that's false though. You can literally hop on fflogs right now and find week 1 clears with inefficient comps.Please, learn to think for yourself.

>>612701698Yepp, thats the raider mentality. I fucking hate this faggy world first hype shit so much.

If easy jobs don't deserve rights maybe the devs shouldn't design jobs to be braindead then huhJust a thought

>>612701698retard moment

>>612701698Bro this isn't wow. Fights have always been designed to be clearable with a standard comp with the bare minimum gear on week 1. The fact balance is so fucked certain comps could make the check with leeway and others not is massive. And incidentally it was the homogenization into the 2 minute meta that caused this problem in the first place.

>>612701834If you're a week one raider then you should be changing jobs as needed anyway so your bitching is completely pointless. You want to fuck up the job design in this game even further because you can't clear week one on MCH in PF. Just fuck off.>>612701860>Bro this isn't wow. Yeah and you'd do well to remember that and stop fucking plaguing my game with your diaperfagging Tigole rat mentality. Kill yourself. Fuck off. Leave my game. Just fucking die already.

>>612686505I just jerked it to futa ntr so my mind is completely clear and free of bias and I say fuck the phys ranged classes they're boring and feel unrewarding the whole time. They're the class you put the woman on because you cant trust them to do any other job.

>>612701753Show me a RPR MCH SMN RDM WAR PLD kill and I'll believe it.

>>612701935>Saying jobs are not balanced is diaperfaggingTake your meds, schizo

>>612696886retard retard retard retard

>>612701753You can't actually, I'd be surprised if you could find a single week 1 clear with WAR+PLD. The fact that people aren't even bringing those two tanks together shows you a lot.

>>612698320When you realize that glam is the real endgame, you're also bound to realize how shitty glam system is and instead of copying it from GW2, they still left it as shitty as it is. The glam in FF14 has a lot of variety, but then it's hard to check the models and pre-customize your glam and plan what you need to farm in order to make it truly happen. There is also stupid system where you can only have like what, 400 glams? Why they wont for once let people unlock it to the checklist. It would be so much better and would really truly give you variety of content to play/grind. People who would like to unlock all skins would have to grind every single piece of content for very, very long time. This means, they would stick to subscription for longer time, as there will be no 'dead' spaces with no content.


Attached: 567557.png (379x327, 147.01K)

>>612702072Yes, it is. They've had their souls completely gutted out and any possible aspect of party synergy removed, brought within single digit percentiles of each other. And somehow you niggers still find something to cry about. Fuck you. The game hardly resembles an RPG anymore because of you fucking faggots and it's never enough. You won't be happy until every job is an actual flat out copypaste of each other. You don't want to play an RPG you just want to beat your dick off to a high score so go play anything fucking else.

When are they going to add dog girls?

>>612702158they recently increased it to 800 glamour slots, so it's less painful.anyways I wish we got something like ffx-2's songstress instead of bard/dancer.

>>612702190Based.PvP shows how soulful classes can be in this game.

>dude I love red mage it's so cool!Oh the job known in the series for low damage but with the unique ability to support the group with its signature dualcast? Yeah, I like it too and I'm glad XIV retains at least some of its identity.>yeah! but man you know doing slightly less damage than BLM is kind of annoying, they should really just make it like BLMBut you just said you like RDM, didn't you? If you like BLM instead why not just play BLM?>j-just... JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP HELP ME JEFF KAPLAN!!!

>>612702190>It's an user is still mad about Shadowbringers episodeYou had years to bitch loud enough, and you didn't so now SE doubled down on the 2 minute homogenization. Here's a hint: raiders are not enjoying the 2 minute meta either.

>>612702190>brought within single digit percentiles of each other.That's actually what people are discussing you fucking neanderthal, the idea that they have created this setting where jobs aren't too far apart design wise and have relative parity in terms of DPS isn't the topic at hand. The problem is that within this utopia of balance certain jobs are underperforming to the point where having the jobs be so closely related design wise is being wasted.PLD has been having issues but received a sizeable buff, WAR has been having issues and the recent DH change actually nerfed them further, MCH needs to have a decision made and RDM is falling behind to a degree that it needs to be looked at.>muh soul>muh identity>muh heavensward was the best expansion ever>muh role playing elementsgo away

>>612702412>Here's a hint: raiders are not enjoying the 2 minute meta either.Yeah, raiders demand something and then when they get what they wished for they realize how trash it is and blame it someone else. I know, I've been watching it happen since Stormblood. I suggest they kill themselves.

>>612702190You're acting like this problem isn't self-inflicted by the devs or that varied gameplay precludes balance. It's just that the devs don't know better and blaming players for devs lacking vision is fucking insane. It's the devs that chose to make their content into binary Simon Says escapades pigeonholing job design into whatever's compatible with it. It's the devs who refuse to make jobs diverse because that's harder. It's the devs who can't come up with anything interesting to put on the gear so even now almost a decade later we have dungeons released with rewards that are obsolete on release. It's the devs whose idea of fixing things that don't work is to remove them from the equation outright. Fuck off mate, it's not our fault the game sucks, it's Yoshida's.

>>612702475The game doesn't suck and the problem is being wildly overexaggerated by retards like yourself. It's a couple % change here and there on a very small handful of jobs, that's literally it.

>>612702461Except NOBODY made those demands. Link me a single forum post asking for trick, ley lines or bloodfest to be put on a 2 minute timer.

>>612702449>muh soul>muh identity>muh heavensward was the best expansion ever>muh role playing elementsI take any of those over a perfectly balanced first week clear experience. If some job are unable to first week clear who fucking cares? Why are first week clears a metric anyone needs to adhere to? So much that YoshiP needed to release a statement and hotfix 1 fucking percent HP on a boss. This is absolutely mental.

>>612702584all the tanks outside of pld (which is going to get reworked) all play literally the same. it is a fucking problem.

>>612702449RDM has Mbarrier to make up for the slight difference between it and SMN. And all the bitching about lack of movement comes from diaperfags caring about using Accel to optimize their Fleche uses.>>612702449>muh role playing elementsYeah thanks for confirming you actually don't want to play an RPG at all. Now fuck off from my game.

>>612702320400, 800, it's not enough at all, how many skins there are in game? Easily (several) thousands. You can't just go and COLLECT ALL. It's beyond me this game has such a limited system, it's so infuriating, considering the cost of the checklist and general implementation should be cheap as fuck compared to gains. I just added random couple of skins I had in hand for each job and I capped 400~ with ease, I stopped using glam system since then because of how much of a chore it is. If they reworked it, Im sure I would use it and it would also introduce glam to most of the people like me, who just dislikes the current system as it feels very annoying, clunky and time consuming (in a bad way) to use.

>>612702630except they don't, the only similarities come from DRK being reverse engineered to be closer to WAR

>>612702475>blaming players for devs lacking visionit absolutely is the players fault though you retard, there was vision back before niggers complained about MUH BALANCE and now we have classes that play the exact same because some retard was assblasted bard buffs didnt work on melee

>>612702584That's not what I'm talking about, you obnoxious ape. The game fucking blows by the way. They ruined it.

>>612702656>except they don't>t. someone who either only plays 1 tank or has played non of themcan't wait for pld to becme war 3

>>612702191Never. For some reason Japan acts like fucking dog girls don't exist.

>>612702651Hopefully in the future they add the checklist system to glamours since they recently added it with minions/orchestrion rolls.

>>612693215Wild guess here but that sounds very much like The Black Mages would've done it. The strong present of key piano suggests it as well as it being a remix of a classic. Outright sounds like them too.

I am a RDM that will let the group wipe rather than be bothered to rezz someone. AMA.

Attached: 1662432997036697.png (852x694, 473.01K)

>>612702645>>muh role playing elements>Yeah thanks for confirming you actually don't want to play an RPG at all. Now fuck off from my game.If your only definition of role playing elements is jobs needing to be wildly different in design then you're actually braindead, you have a one track mind and will literally never be happy. They've pulled jobs closer together so they can create an atmosphere where you can play what you want, not be forced to play something. Your stupid ass would be out here crying if it were the opposite, if they went full "role playing element" mode and created jobs that were so niche they were unusable in various pieces of content. You will never ever be happy, you just want to complain.>>612702626Go play FFXI then, you'll love it. In fact >>612702645 you might as well go play it too, fuck off.

>>612702809ur a faget

>>612702706Explain to the class how GNB is similar to WAR.

HW AST... you were too beautiful for this world... I even remember what the OG cards did...>Spire lowered TP cost>Ewer lowered MP cost>Balance flat more damage>Arrow more Spell/Skill speed>Bole damage reduction>Spear lowered CDs of skills you pressedYou were able to enhance their effect, spread them to the whole group or double the duration.

>>612702819>Your stupid ass would be out here crying if it were the opposite, if they went full "role playing element" mode and created jobs that were so niche they were unusable in various pieces of contentNo, I wouldn't. Because this is Final Fantasy and I can change jobs with the click of a button. That's something you WoWrats are willfully blind to.>You will never ever be happy, you just want to complain.Hilarious seeing this come from a diaperfag complaining about single digit percentile differences. Rope yourself like your Californian masters you fucking disgrace.>Go play FFXI thenI did, which is why I've also been playing FFXIV since 1.0. You can your plague rat buddies that ran into MY game need to fuck off or kill yourselves. You have absolutely ruined the entire MMO genre and it's still not enough. Everything has to be sterile, everything has to be """"fair"""", everything has to be functionally identical. And when it is, it's still not enough. God just fucking die already. Die. Go die.

>>612702819Answer the question, who does the entirety of the XIV combat need to be balanced around less than 5% of the player base who play the game for exactly one week?

>>612702923old AST cards are so hardwired into my brain that i still cannot play new AST because i can't overwrite the part of my brain that immediately uses the cards based on what they used to do.


Attached: 1633544898140.png (1032x1200, 672.75K)

>>612702923>runs the melee out of TPnothin personnel kid

>>612702976You are a really troubled person, I sincerely hope you get the help you need one day. >>612702982The answer is it isn't. My question to you is why do you care so much about job design and balance if all you are going to do is stand around limsa and role play?

>>612702923>give the DRG the 150% Arrow>watch their rotation crumble around themand>give the MNK the 150% Arrow>watch them press buttons even fasterGood times...

>>612703090holy fuck the projection is real

>>612703090no one likes you esports faggot kill yourself

>>612703090I am doing dungeons, roulettes, ex primals, farm shit, Bozja etc. I would like my classes to have flavour and be somewhat distinguishable and not all be the same shit because someone couldn't clear the last raid tier on day 3 with a warrior.

>>612702976>Because this is Final Fantasy and I can change jobs with the click of a button.Excepr if you knew how the endgame on this game works you'd know it takes weeks to months to gear up a single job. Even as a casual you are at mercy of the tome timegate.>>612702982The savage clear rate is way more than 5% lol.

>>612703220First week savage. They openly admit that none of their gripes matter after that because the gearing easily remedies any shortcomings classes have.

>>612703181>>612703125No answer then?The balance issue doesn't concern you, if you aren't mature enough to understand that then you shouldn't be discussing it. As far as job design goes you are more than welcome to complain about it but you have to understand at the end of the day it's your opinion and everyone else is welcome to give theirs. Just because you liked X doesn't mean it was good, just because something was changed doesn't mean it's ruined forever.

>>612703220>what is crafted gear>what is tome gear>what is raid drops>what is 24 man drops>relicsoh right I forgot you're a raidlogging nigger who refuses to do anything else whoops sorry

Attached: 1633565084046.jpg (750x709, 263.45K)

FFXIV is a 2,5 second GCD tab target mmoIt will never have real complexity No, ARR/HW jank was just complications, not complexity

>>612703220>Excepr if you knew how the endgame on this game works you'd know it takes weeks to months to gear up a single jobExcept gear doesn't matter, content is not balanced around BIS, it's balanced around minimum ilvl and adding gear is only meant to allow you easier clears, not access to new content.(Ultimates are a special case obviously)

Why don't they just bring back hard mode dungeons so we'd have like, 3 or 4 dungeons in fucking expert roulette instead of the same two dungeons over and over?'The worst part about this game is how shit expert roulette is.

>half the thread is filteredguys stop responding to barry jfc

>>612703360anon your materia????

>>612703386They were not hard the (hard) title was just a stupid way to classify a different level range


Attached: 1647144801463.png (516x456, 326K)

>>612703297Read the post you nigger.>Crafted gearExtremely expensive, pentamelding is expected for P7-8>Tome gearTimegated to 1 or 0.5 per week>Raid dropsTimegated to 1 set of rolls per floor per week>24 man dropsTimegated and obsolete on release>RelicsObsolete until .55 patchEvery single one of these takes an absurd amount of resources so you are not just "changing job with a single button".

>>612703463Come on dude, people always complain about there being no gil sinks and now you go>Extremely expensive, pentamelding is expected for P7-8Are you retarded? Oh right, raidlogger do nothing outside of raiding so they have no gil...

>>612703463You have enough tomes day 1 of a patch to get a full set of crafted gear made AND have extra to sell for gil. You have no excuse in FFXIV for ever not having gear.

>>612702923None of the Heavensward jobs play like they did anymore, they're all gutted and dumbed down, and in no case made actually better. Some ARR jobs still retain their identity but nothing of Heavensward remains, and now they ruined dungeons too with retarded modernization so their shitty AI scripts can do it.

Attached: dogwhat.jpg (286x331, 13.08K)

>>612703459I'm mostly saying I don't care if they repurpose old dungeons, I just don't want to do the same dungeons every week for the best tomestone payout.

>>612703463content isnt balanced around bis anyway retard so all that shit is more than enough to gear another job and get savage drops, unsubscribe faggot

>>612701260So old content does or does not matter, doublethink raidcuck?

Attached: 1658135805433431.jpg (804x1022, 83.1K)

>>612703463Have you ever considered cancelling the sub of your life?

>>612703550I think of all the jobs, NIN hurts the most. All the cool, niche shit they had was removed when they decided that Enmity and TP management was too hard for raiders.

>>612703463>Extremely expensive, pentamelding is expected for P7-8the market tanked not even 48 hours after the patch. I haven't spent a dime on crafted gear outside of trading tome items to friends.

>>612703613Outside of a few older MMOs enmity has never been an enjoyable mechanic, your combat system needs to run at a slower pace to actually make it interesting and not a complete annoyance. Even going back to ARR the combat in XIV has been too fast to allow for enmity to be an enjoyable raid mechanic.

>>612703613I dont miss TP but I do miss enmity management even if it barely mattered, it was always funny to shirk a random dps in the chrysalis after you see the boss cast triple

Attached: 1634279739411.jpg (600x524, 21.5K)

>>612703724Enmity was a good mechanic in HW and SB when tanks and NIN could work together to manipulate it. Being rewarded for party synergy is always a good thing in MMOs.

>>612703613>Enmity>TP>MP management>stancedancing>accuracy>weakness blunt/slashing/piercing>cross class skills>actual pets that could do shit (titan egi tanking ramuh...)Honestly, with all the shit they removed, its no wonder they can't come up with good ways of designing classes any more.

>>612703858they can definitely phase shit back in like mp management, stance dancing and pets doing something. but other things should definitely never come back like fucking accuracy

>>612703858Half of that shit never worked or was a bane upon everyones existence, pets especially have always been a headache.

>>612703858these were all things that were just bothersome to deal with and made the game worse to play.>tank doesn't want to turn on stance because it's a dps loss, the black mage pulls aggro and gets slapped by the boss once and dies.>a melee dies and can't do anything because 0tp lmao bard please lower your dps so i can get tp backthere never was any actual MP management, if you ran out of MP you were actually brain dead.>LOOK MA, I TURNED ON MY STANCE I'M SO FUCKING GOOD AT THE GAME (no you aren't)>meld until accuracy capped and then meld for crit, wow!>arbitrary forced team comps based on damage type debuffs>summoners taking thunder and dealing 20% more DPS than everyone else, haha, exciting. you never had any actual choices to make.titan egi was fun though.

>>612704114Go play a single player game you absolute faggot

>>612704231FFXIV has never been so enjoyable to play ever since they got rid of terrible game design, go be a retard in another game.

>>612704114>made the game worse to play.yeah because the game is so fun to play now right? retard

>>612703858Nobody liked accuracy, stancedancing or TP


>>612704373People only started pretending stancedancing was bad when Shadowbabbies flooded onto the scene. None of you were even there so just shut the fuck up.

>>612704373Kys you retarded fucking faggot holy shit fucking die IRL you cock sucking cunt.

>>612704374i have the game open right now i am logged in and playing the game, what are you going to do about it?>>612704421the people who think turning cleric stance on was the epitome of skill are so fucking braindead i don't know why they didn't just quit the game in stormblood and stop bothering people and telling them it was good.

>>612704543its not about it being skill full it just provided more to the jobs

>>612704373Stancdancing with Cleric Stance was great as healer. I still don't know why they removed it.

I just loved playing PLD and running out of MP during Steps of Faith because it didn't have any rest between nonstop mobs, and running out of TP in SB dungeons when the pack didn't die fast enough. What great design.

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>>612704543Nobody has ever said cleric stance was the epitome of skill, just that it was a fun, engaging mechanic that rewarded you for knowing what you were doing. You don't care because you just want to spam buttons and get a pat on the ass.

>>612704623Because of white mages complaining that scholar was too strong because of fairy healing, I am not even joking.

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>>612703534Read the reply chain. The whole point was showing why is changing jobs for a fight a poor experience. Say you were an RDM player and are forced into SpS BLM. Now you are 2 weeks of tomes behind + potentially your previous floor drops AND you have to remeld.

>>612704623Fuck off I fucking hated wiping to dome retard healer clipping their stance

>>612704670>Those 1 million threads on OF complaining that you had to level blm for swiftcast

>>612704623healer players dont know how to play their own job and it's still true this day considering how fucked everyone got from the bleed tb's this tier. they will try to put the blame on tanks but during weeks 1 and 2 the fucking dots ticked for 20k with like 30-40% mit they just refuse to heal.

>>612704758>you can't just have fail states! what if i get a bad party?!Awww widdle baby had to pway anover five minutes to get his pat on the ass??

>>612704636cleric stance is literally the reason why people who only cast healing spells exist. retards like you just want to get "a pat on the ass" for being the special god gaming healer that presses it.there is literally no reason to put it back into the game, no it is not an "engaging" mechanic.


>>612704813It's already hard enough to find healers on the party finder with the role being braindead. Don't make it worse.

>>612704847>cleric stance is literally the reason why people who only cast healing spells exist.You're proven wrong by the current state of the game where those people still fucking exist. It wasn't cleric stance stopping them from pressing buttons.>retards like you just want to get "a pat on the ass" for being the special god gaming healer that presses it.What's this obsession you have with thinking people wanting more complexities in job design are under the illusion of being impressive or high skill?>no it is not an "engaging" mechanic.It is, you just don't like it.

>>612704918It used to be a lot easier when healers were actually fun to play. Not that you'd know, Shadowbabby.

>>612704935let me guess, scholar main?the type that thinks their job required a huge amount of skill back when it had TWO DoT's and now is soulless and skilless because it only has one?please just play a DPS with a real rotation and shut the fuck up.

>>612704903balance should not be dictated by people that refuse to learn their job.