Xenoblade 3

>Hehe, cum to Eunie

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Eunie has it all, everything a man could desire

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2 is the worst game in the series and it isn’t even close. Please coomers, ease your dopamine addiction so you can accept this rather than arguing about things you’re objectively wrong about.

>>612686391>Euniechads won>Miochads won>Senachads wonFeels good

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>>612686649And Rex the biggest chad of all won the whole Blade series


>>612686649Everyone won besides Melia or maybe even she won but we will learn about this later

>>612686769>Noah crosses dimensions to fuck his catgirl>Rex impregnates all 3 of his waifus>Shulk probably(?) fucked Fiora

>>612686959Crys has to be their son, right? he has Fiora's eyes

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>>612686649That cat needs more chub.

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>>612687032Her eyes are a light green. Crys' eyes are a very pale blue.

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>>612687139Melia's eyes weren't blue in XC1 so who knows what else they changed.

>>612686959I mean Shulk basically reverse-engineered Fiora's body in order to fick her, right?

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>>612687139I don't know, they look like a greyish green to me

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>>612687251Shulk should have kept the robo body it was better and I was disappointed you couldn't keep Mio in the M outfit

>>612687251It was made by Linada

>>612687251Actually it was Melia that fixed her. There's a short story about it in a supplementary book.

>>612687231They were a very bluish green. Not a very drastic change.>>612687251More that he put together a machine that could regenerate the rest of her replaced tissue using the DNA of her existing biology.

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>>612686391I cannot wait to take all the screenshots of Eunie in her swimsuit squatting, climbing, etc once it releases.

>>612686391Would Eunie mug and stab me if she saw me go into an alley alone at night?

>>612687510She'd "stab" your prostate

>>612687365I don't really see any green. I see a very light blue, noticeably lighter even than Shulk's.

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>>612687615With what

>>612687675Her ether rife, what else

>>612687714w-what does she gain from doing that to me?

How do you guys rank em? Me, I go with the ol':X>XC2=XC3>XC1I love them all though and even though I put 1 last it's still a 9.9/10 for me

>>612687801Sounds right, I like 2 the most


>>612687801XB2>XB3>XB1>XAlso love em all.



Everyone loves Eunie

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>>6126878012 > 1Haven't played X and never will unless it gets ported to Switch, and I'm trying to clear as much of my backlog as I can before I get into 3. Besides, I'd rather play it once all the DLC is out.


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>>612688141I bet Sena fucks like a tiger. Her hips and fat fucking ass could break a man.


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>>612687801About the same, although I would swap 3 and X. I totally agree that they're all fantastic games though.

>>612688250Lanz can take it. Each of them is the only one in either world who can fuck the other and live

>>612688269>>612686490>Noah, do you mind?Kek

>brighid is all about agility>her daughter is all brute forcewhat happened

>>612686391I bet Eunie has an innie

Alexandria's 6th term ass

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>>612688602In the artbook I hope we see what she looks without her makeup

>>612687627I thought that blue colors are always overwritten by other colors. But green eyes are the rarest. Are green eyes usually overwritten by blue eyes?


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>>612686391>>612686490Sorry birdcels, I prefer cats

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>>612686391I finally found a reason to buy XC3

*buffs you*

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>>612688602I want to suck her titties while squeezing her ass.

>>612688508What clue do we have to Sena's father? Her hair seems to come from Brighid. But Sena has 1. Slightly more tan skin2. is Very physically strong3. Round shaped core crystal4. Brownish eyes5. Borderline retardedIs there anyone in 2 that is like this?

>>612689271thanks brobut i really needed healthyou got anything more than regeneration?


>>612688508all of the animalistic sex with morag had an effect

>>612689382No not really, people keep trying to force the idea that each character is the child of another. But the only ones that make any sense are Rex/Nia>Mio, and maybe Shulk/Fiora>Crys.


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Eunie's the bus.

Why didn't Shulk pityfuck Melia? I thought they are friends.

What's the sex like?

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>>612690280you don't just have sex with your friends

>>612690382well...sometimes it happens

>>612690473never happened to me...

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>>612690473Shulk jumped of a ledge several thousand feet in the air to be with Fiora. There was no way Melia could compete.

>>612690310i get they had a big flimax before but it's weird their ascension quests were almost nothing

>>612686391Uhhhh Feet?

>>612690310Ethel still calls him "daddy" despite now being the same age as him

>>612690382But it's not about sex. It's about making Melia feel better.


>>612686391Shy does she have wings on her head? Why does he have a tie fighter tattooed on her breast?

>>612691485You clearly never played the game. Or Xenoblade in general.

>>612691485Play the games

>>612691485she's a bird personit's a coutdown to her death

>>612688107She's the best.Just the best.

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>>612691917I'm still mad that we didn't get camp animation where Melia helps Eunie to take care about her wings.

>>612689271thanks best girl

>>612690038The sena reveal pointed out her hair being reminiscent of a certain character. The connection to brighid is heavily implied

>>612692007That'd be a nice thing.Why would Melia ever get nice things?

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>>612692196Because Takahashi doesn't care. Just look how DLC will be Fiorawank while Melia won't appear at all.

>>612692680You think Fiora would show up again after already being in 2?

>>612692728Considering that the game is some kind of epilogue, yes.

>>612691653The grass is clearly green.


Seraph is gonna go crazy if one of the DLC heroes is a kevesi with a smash master art.

>people can materialize guns with infinite ammos>main protagonist still decides to use a swordIsnt he supposed to be a master tactician?

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>>612686391>those hands>those feet

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>>612690310I'm fucking pissed that we didn't see more of their giant robots. The one's they used before they were sent to rank Dirt.

>>612687486if you're a switchnigger don't bother, wait for an emulatorfag to take them at a proper resolution

>>612693754glorious nopon steel folded 777 times is superior than a puny firearm

I dont want to farm like a korean virgin for X gems. Please tell me 2-3 gems to focus on because i dont plan to get more than that

>>612693754Your puny ether guns aren't going to cut through thick armor.

>>612693754nopon steel folded a billion timesone of the weapons is literally a flag you wave around

>>612694059whichever one makes you autoattack fasterdoublestrikeboth of my X gems were from nopon coins since that was the only use gold ones had, other than that I never once intentionally went for them, just stopped by every now and then to see if I had mats for them

>>612693754>have to dark souls fat roll before doing an actually good attackI'll take the sword thanks

>>612694059Fast revive is probably the most important. I think the most powerful ones are the critical damage up and fusion combo damage up.

>>612693938>>612694134People still felt threatened when shania pulled out a gun

>>612694418Fusion combo is an accessory. The only other damage related one is the one for cancelling arts


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>>612694232does double strike actually refresh 2 hits off of a cooldown?

>>612695306no idea, didn't actually check

>>612695610I don't think it does dude

>>612695626that was secondary for me choosing it anyway i just liked more hits and i played as monk sena most of the time

>>612691653That's like 99% of Holla Forums anons. They just come into threads because of fanart and don't care about the game.

>>612695741Xfag returned and now is shitting every thread. Don't be a retard and don't reply to the obvious bait.

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>>612686959Can't believe Shulk "genocide half the world," "make peace with the antichrist," "slay God and decline His throne" Xenoblade ended up being the least based protagonist in this series.Well, unless X is counted. Cross is tofu and although Elma's cool she never really does anything.

Shania has the cutest smile~!

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>>612687801I was surprised how poorly 1 held up on my third playthrough.2 > X > 1I haven't played 3 and might never get around to it but it seems as good, if not better than, 2.

>>612688847Depends on the green, "true" green eyes are rare, but muddy green from a blue/brown eye mix is probably more common than blue.

>>612696161the smalltits trio

>>612696161>>612696447They drew Shania too tall. She's actually shorter than Sena.

God this game never ends. 120 hours in and I've yet to enter Origin, with a tidy sum of ascension quests left to do.

>>612696571Besides mastering every soul art and max leveling every job I think I did everything and I got in 5 minutes under 150 hours.

>>612696571I was able to beat it at 70 hours while unlocking all heroes except Segiri.

>>612696650Yeah I know. I might steamroll the rest of the main game. How easy a time will I have if I'm at Lv75?

>>612696724You're a higher levèl than the final boss.

>>612696724final boss is 75 exactly, probably harder than I had, I had melted everything in the game since I was constantly 20+ levels above everything since chapter 2 I put the game on hard for him just so it wouldn't be over too quick

Meliabros...Everyone is laughing at us and our pathetic bitch

>>612696994it's ok people like her gal grandaughter

Alright post bets on who consul A isMy guess is the mystery kid at the start of chapter 6

>>612696553They gave her a crate to stand on.

>>612696571In 21 hours in and just did Valdi and Zeons quests.

>>612697136The first consul who fought against Z


>>612687801I'll let you know once I finish 1 but so farX > 2 > 3

2>3>1I played some X, but found it boring. Will probably finish it someday, but I'll never rank it higher than other games because its plot is so lacking

>xenoblade 1 Best tanks>xenoblade 2Best dps>xenoblade 3 Best healersYou know it to be true.

Lanz is a gay bottom. He never, for a single time, showed romantic interest for Sena

>>612698701To be fair lanz is kinda based so he probably noticed that the game writers themselves didn't like sena either

>>612698701about as much as taion cared for eunie

>>61269870115TP post

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>>612698636Is dps equivalent to burst? I don’t get how 2 has any dps, it feels like your damage is meant to be from break/topple + finishing a blade combo

>>612698701No one in this game is gay. You're either straight or unaware.

>>612698509>complain about plot>put 2 at #1Bruh

Cocky bitch

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I just got the fire spear class, is that the last one?...is it just me or is that class bad?


>>612699097I mean besides the post game ones you can see exactly how many you have left to unlock.

>>612699097>is that the last one?You literally can see another icon next to it + there are more classes post-game>...is it just me or is that class bad?No, it's good DPS. But you need to maintain low HP for the best results.

>>612699097there are 2 post-game jobs but besides that you can see every job as a silhouette

>>612699029Yoinking my container to Mio's pics

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>>612699312did he say YOU HURT MIO before chapter 6 because that's only when I noticed it

>>612699145People used that? Everyone told me to use rolling smash instead.

>>612698790>posts a sena quote

>>612699360I only noticed Mio's "did you guys hear something?" for the first time when idling inside Cloudkeep entrance, and I thought the game was subtly implying we were being followed

Awww Noah and Mio are so cute together :)

>Noah gets a literal 90 second godmode that works in chain attacks and interlink>mio gets a generic burst attack thats arguably worse than regular class talent artsLol

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>>612699813Rex and his big titty bitches may make better doujins but Noah and mio definitely felt more real

>>612699896yea i wasn't expecting god mode for her but I was expecting something

I feel like every class that isn't flash fencer is dogshit at raising the talent gauge

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>>612700168Damage class, meant to say

>>612700168i didn't even notice capable hands was a skill until I looked up endgame farming because I don't think I paid more than 5 seconds of attention to it before I got other ones I liked more

>>612700168skill issue

>finally get lucky seven>havent been able to use it because noah does too much damage so he just gets all the aggro and i cant position to build the meteri dont wanna change classes


>>612700256Aggro seems really fucked late game for damage , I had Noah pull agro just autoattacking

>>612687801XC2 > XC3 > I haven't played the others

>>612700271>BEST GAMES FOR NOPON CHARACTERS:tora is based

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>>612686391God damn, she really is built for it, isn't she?

>>612700376built for what?

>>612700376Built to bully nerds

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>>612686391>Censored "swimsuit"I coom to better shit, as in everything non pozzed by NoA.

>>612686391Why the fuck was Z stuck with child soldier movies? Turning aionios into sex 24/7 would have been more amusing.

>>612699360I forget when but it's definitely long before that, I think maybe after they exchange flutes.

>>612686391I just finished it today and damn, its the best xenoblade by farso far the official Holla Forums rank is 3 > X = 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> coomshit bait 2 anyone who thinks 2 deserves to be better than any other xenoblade, its a brainlet coomer who didnt understand the real concept of the xenoblade saga


>>6127009032 is best for the sense of adventure the booba is just gravy

Why does this guy looks so cool?Also are we going to learn more about Teach's past? Did he live more than 10 terms?

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>>612700168I found Martial Arts Side Daze Fast Arts Recharge + fast-recharging positional arts like Flashback to be the best consistent way to charge up Unlimited Sword. I forget if positionals other than Break arts contribute to it, though.

>>6127009032 is better than 1 in every way besides shulk and the main story being slightly better

I thought Eunie was good doctor but she is just a hack.

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>>612689382You already know, user.

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I'm bored, post Mio

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>>612702979but rex/pyra's core crystal isn't round

>>612697136Abel, Noah's son.xenosaga.fandom.com/wiki/Abel

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>>612687032You genealogy fags are fucking schizos. You do know it's possible that this shit is all in your head and these "hints" you think you're seeing are just confirmation bias, right? You do badly want there to be these connections that you take everything as an implication or twist the context of a line (such as Nia saying Mio was just like her, when that line was actually referring to ideals and drive, not some grand bombshell implying they were related).

>>612703571The wiki is genuinely garbage. Like half the NPCs are missing, no info about quests and is full of actual misinformation.How the fuck has gaming wikis gone to such shit?


>>612704073It's fake pic

>>612700676>Sex sex sex sexStfu

>>612704298it was at one point on the wiki, I can attest to that.Also on the wiki it used to say that Ghondor isn't called that in the japanese dub, just "ojou".

>>612704321Fuck you and fuck your garbage culture

>>6126878013>X>2>1I love them all though

>>612699896The problem is that narratively it doesn't make sense to give Mio anything elseShe doesn't want to use M's power and Z turns it off shortlyOn her own, she's just an agile kitten with the second worst STR stat in the game after Eunie, and Rex diluted the shit out of her genetics so she can't do any fancy stuff Nia is capable ofMaybe they could share the god mode between Noah and Mio, but it seems that Noah is the only one capable of wielding Lucky Seven

>>612700676Child Soldiers movies are kino. Sex is low TP trash

>>612704930>t. Melia

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