Tales of Estelle

>starts the game as a 10/10 cute, dumb ojou>ends the game as a 3/10 annoying, dumb ojouWhat happened?

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who thought it was a good idea to take your main healer away

she is a dumb thirsty lesbo

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>>612686062Dragon Quest XI>Starts game as a cute dumb blonde>Goes through character development when her twin sister dies, becoming more of a badass, and is obviously falling in love with the protagonist.>Gets a haircut and a sexy/elegant backless dress>Act III happens, resting her entire personalityDifferent game, but I feel your pain.

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>>612686062Turns out dealing with self-destructive people who push everyone away and end up causing everyone trouble as a result makes pity turn into annoyance very qucklyjust like real life

>>612686462To be fair, everybody wants to fuck Rita.

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>>612686062I wouldn't say she ends dumb and annoying, but, if you didn't notice, the game makes her growth the main one out of all the characters. Everyone grows a little in the game, but the older people in the party, Yuri, Judith and Raven are the ones that do so the least. Estelle, Rita and Karol are the ones that grow the most. And besides, you can only keep up the fucking clueless cute ojou schtick so long, especially with how hard Estelle tries to rid herself of that ignorance. In terms of how much they grow, from most to leastEstelle > Karol > Rita > Raven > Yuri > JudithFlynn and Patty don't really count. >>612686462>>612688193I know there's probably more basis to go off of this, but dammit I played this game when I was 13 and I still fucking think her canon ship is Flynn, I don't give a fuck what anyone else says. Besides, lesbians aren't real and aren't capable of loving each other.

>>612688645>lesbians aren't realneither are estelle and rita


>>612689167so why can't they be lesbian

Raven was the only character in the main cast I cared about in Vesperia.

>>612689245because my young boy's mind shipped estelle and flynn and i still respect that regardless of all the evidence pointing towards the contrary. And because them being fictional, and fictional lesbians at that, doesn't erase the fact lesbians cannot feel love.

>>612689421you sound like you had a girlfriend stolen by a lesbian user


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>>612689574okay. i haven't

>>612689790it's the only possible way other than a girlfriend becoming a lesbian that a lesbian's sex life could have enough of an effect on yours to warrant that kind of resentment

>>612689602Sex with Rita who hasn't showered in 2 weeks.

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>>612689929I never spoke about their sex life. All I'm saying is that lesbians aren't real, and women are incapable of romantically loving each other.

>>612686462Please gods, just keep Estelle the fuck away from Yuri. No way it can't be Judith then.

>>612690269What kind of hyper autistic gay male cope is this? Lesbians feel just as much love if not more than straight women and definitely a lot more than men do lol. Men just want to fuck, straight women just want expensive things, and lesbians all just want to cuddle and play with their cats.Get off the internet.

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>>612690648No they don't lmao

>>612691096cope, seethe, malding redditor upset that a relationship he can't be a part of can feel love. hard to imagine a more pathetic type of man.

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>>612690648>having a meltdown because someone as a young kid got it in their head that lesbians aren't real and thus made a straight ship

Tales Of Edna !

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>>612690517You won't escape Patty, Yuri

>>612686062She refuses to understand that she's killing the entelewhatevers with her psychotic need to "help" everyone but instead of letting her learn to stop meddling with the natural order we get an asspull about turning her victims into spirits.

>>612686210>needing a healer

>>612686210They give you Flynn to fill in almost immediately after she leaves, though.

>>612689929Anon, he could just not like lesbians. And given the past few years, I can't say I blame him. Besides. yuri and lez shit is boring anyways.

>>612696021accusing lesbians of both not existing and being incapable of love(contradictory statements) is a much more loaded statement than just not liking them>>612690269there's obviously a more personal reason you're saying it otherwise you wouldn't be saying it

Tales of vesperia

I want Edna gf.....

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>>612689421>lesbians can't exist even in fiction becuz i sed soKill yourself, retard.>>612693498Not a chance in hell. Judith is the only girl he actually showed attraction towards. Shit writing just didn't expand further beyond considering killing her if she was an enemy. I hate everything after defeating Alexei so fucking much.


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>>612696196Nuh uh.>>612696248Yep, deal with it. Lesbians are a myth.

I want Teepo bf...

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>>612696196What if it's not a loaded statement and he's just incredibly bigoted?

>His name is Yuri because he destroys lesbian shipsOh shit. Never thought about that.

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I have 239 images of YurixEstelle.

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>>612700874>>612701490Literally kill yourself and Estelle should've died.

>>612690648Lesbians are just straight women in denial, my friend fucked a few lesbians and yeah, it's a woman thing

>>612701490POST IT Seriously post it. I'm too lazy to search and download everything from Gelbooru

>>612701782No I need to go to bed now.

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>>612702169You can always sleep, but this is an opportunity to let the Estelle love grow


>>612695765Even more reason to kill Estelle just like fucking over Zelos for Kratos back.>>612697731Myths are in games and other fiction as central elements. The writer decides if lesbians exist or not in their work as magic or any entities. Kill yourself, retard.

>>612702312Never. Estelle is only better than fucking Colette. Actual good party member and SOME personality.

Am I the only one editing formations and putting Flynn and Yuri next to each other so that they enter combat back to back? Feels like something they'd do

Yuribros... He's just too powerful...

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>dead>gay>with FlynnThose are the only 3 ways Estelle is tolerable.

>>612688193Did you know that Rita will not shower after 10 days? She stinks!

>>612702775There's no escaping the Yuri train.

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>>612702950I'll take middle, thanks.

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>>612691285Why are 99% of IRL lesbians so unattractive?

>>612702950Why do you dislike Estelle so much anyway?

>>612702950>>612703051All the girls are BISEXUAL by nature (you) dum dums

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So who was in the wrong in Tales of Vesperia? The humans who uses Blastia or the Entelexia?

>>612703192Because she's fucking boring and shoved down your throat just like Colette, only difference is she's actually useful with slightly more personality. What few scenes and skits with Judith after Yuri gets separated from everyone along with him being a badass, non moralfag chad deserving of a sassy piece of ass like that in general have me irreconcilable.

>>612703498The only relationship between two characters the game fully commits to is Yuri and Flynn which is the core of the story (as messy as the story gets), everything else is just flavoring.

Oh wow, is that Lucina's best friend?

>>612703610They don't feel like siblings enough and I fucking hate it. What about mobile shit? I know it straight up confirmed Sheena is supposed to fuck Zelos, but Yuri is literally the only guy who just bros it up for his game's representation.