Cod chads... we won

Cod chads... we won...

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I cannot imagine being brown enough to play CoD. What's it like?

>>612684841So how's the beta? Better than Cold War/Vanguard?

Is there a combined arms mode? The battlefield ripoff like in the last one.

>>612684890You will literally never be white paco

>>612684965Yeah the new ground war is basically a battlefield 4 remake

>leet reload animation wowi dont care.

>>612684965Yes and its even more battlefield like too with bigger emphasis on vehicles and its now 32vs32 like older BF games too lol

>>612685124>>612685059Sick. I need something that does battlefield now since battlefield is shit. Now all I need is for them to bring back spec ops


>wacky reload animations

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>>612684841I thought this was a thumbnail of the Christchurch shooting lmao

>>612685190>I need something that does battlefield now since battlefield is shitI think thats why they changed it to be more like Battlefield to bring in people like you. Its now like older BF games but without class system. They did that on purpose after seeing nu Bf shitting the bed.

>>612684841A new round should have been chambered when he ejected the shell.

>>612684890CoD is literally only played by stoner white kids. You are an autistic retard. I want you to kill yourself.

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>>612684841Is this the thread?

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>>612685557god I fucking hate the screen shake in this and 2019

>>612685124that sounds neat, but i know i still won't like it just due to not liking CoD gunplay

>>612684841How the fuck did Battlefield manage to fuck up so bad?All they have to do is just to keep original idea and expand upon it.Like objectively speaking, back when BF3 vs COD, BF3 is obviously mogging COD. anyone who disagree suck cock by choice.but right now? BF series aren't even in the same league as COD anymore. how?why do they keep making product no one asking for? BF4 was great, but in the same time it was a slightly disappointment in the term of theme.Why can't they just make a game that set in current time and with current technologies?

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>>612685674>Michael J. Fox begins a new career animating in 2019

>>612685498t. Niggeryou are so wrong it's not funny. I've met more blacks and browns on cod than any other game.


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>racks bolt, ejecting old cartridge and chambering new one>inserts old cartridge back as if the chamber had been emptyIt would have been cool if the bolt had been locked back. Do modern autoshotties come with a bolt catch mechanism?

>>612685557I know nothing about guns. Is it possible with a real gun to reload before you empty a clip like in video games? Would you lose all the bullets from the clip you pulled out

>>612685754never trust swedes with anything. at this point even DICE US can make a slightly better job than swede DICE

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>>612684841That's not a Spas-12

>>612684841wtf is the point of this animation?he just takes out his last shell, looks at it, and puts it back in for no reason

>>612685557That magazine looks a bit big to only hold 10 rounds

>>612685952The bullets just stay in the clipazine. And the bullet in the barrel stays in the barrel until you shoot or eject it. Shouldn't throw away a magazine, empty or full.

>>612686129Its about attention to detail you retarded faggot. Look that when he takes out shell with full ammo you can see more than one inside gun but after he shoots em out and last remains its just single one.

>>612685754I’ve been saying this all day. BF3’s CQ DLC was peak comfy. 32vs32 in those destructible small environments. Those were the fucking days.

>>612685952the bullets would stay in the magazine aside from the one in the chamber

>>612685952lmao what kind of question is this

>>612686351>attention to detailwho cares when its with a useless animation? also explain this >>612685932

>>612685754Sweden has gone downhill bigly

>>612685932Some lock open on empty, yeah

>no slide cancelling>can't pick perks>disbanding lobbies>ugly femalesWow, what a shitty game lmfao!

>>612686336I hear what you're saying but>reloads every lull regardless of shots fired.

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>>612685754they doubled down on every bad decision they made after BF1, ignored fan feedback, and chased trends that were decades old.

>>612686451Its inspect animation for zoomer faggots who buy those blueprints from store user thats only purpose of it.

>>612686510you didn't play or even ready up on the game. heres your (you) faggot

>>612686510>can't pick perksbased retard

>>612684841>imagine preferring salmon to codCod chads know what's good

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>>612686252.50 Beowulf is a chunky round.

>>612686510>no slide cancellingKill yourself, zoomer.

>>612685952>Is it possible with a real gun to reload before you empty a clipazine like in video games? Yea>Would you lose all the bullets from the clip you pulled outWould rather have a mag with 2 bulletrounds and then have to cycle the action again to get back in business or would you just quickly eject that magazine with a round still in the chamber and pop in a newly loaded magazine? Also you can just put the half empty one in your pocket when not in danger anymore.

>>612686364But that doesn't happen here, the ammo counter never says 11 or 10+1

>>612686351I saw that video too fucking algos are leading us all the same dark fucking hole man.

>>612686252If you pause the video at the beginning you can see the caliber of the rounds above the weapon icon, in this case .458 socom.

>>612685674If we're lucky, the options will allow us to turn down the intensity of the screen shaking. It was like that in vanguard at least

>>612685754>decided to take out classes from their class-based shooter.>listened to dumb-asses vehicle mains who demanded bigger and flatter maps>2042, generic modern warfare US vs Russia slapfight with no mention of China or other potential rising powers>made nations redundant by giving both teams the exact same team of multinational mercenaries>wanted the hero-shooter audience to sell skins

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This beta is worse than the cold war or Vanguard betas lol

>>612686831most games don't track chambered rounds

>>612684841The next shell would eject when he went to put the first one back in the chamber. What a stupid animation.

>>612687047I like how this implies there's an actual counting mechanism beyond tally marks.

>>612686948>some shitty ass explosion at other side of map>your entire screen is shaking like retardedBraindead nigger devs holy shit probably same who though that having AoE based flashbangs is a good idea too.

>>612684841...those shotgun shells are tiny. Are those like 20 gauge? Why is there a 20 gauge Benelli? And why is there so much recoil?

>>612687047They do when it's a feature of the game meaning the pull the mag out and look at it animation is completely pointless

>>612686831because its a fucking video game and not an actual accurate depiction of firearms

>>612684841Shame the rest of the game sucks though

>>612687105>Some fag gets a cluster strike>10 seconds straight of screen shaking

>>612687138The recoil is fine, they just added a concussive effect that I guess is fine.


For some reason I thought the webm would re-enact the Terrant muslim shooting but in CoD.

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>>612686668I like Tilapia.

>>612686510>slide cancel

Is Deadly Silence a selectable perk now?

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>>612687554Nah, still a field upgrade


>>612686573>trends that were decades old.what trends?

>>612687406Fair assumption, given your peersAnd the gun

>>612687624Ninja fags get owned

>>612685790Hold the fuck up I've wanted a feature like this for years, or an animation like this at least. And of all the games to do it fucking CoD. Fuck me sideways.

>>612687690Based, tired of ninja chuds filling my anus with lead while I'm trying to dilate in a corner

>>612685790Can you ADS while one-handing? Or can you switch to a sidearm completely?


>>612686831the game absolutely does track the chambered round

>>612685754>anyone who disagree suck cock by choice

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That map looks cool the interior

>>612687818It’s an attachment for pistols, it replaces switching entirely when equipped. You can still ADS one handed

>>612687854>>612687960you are trying too hard user

>>612688085>It's a pistol perk or some bullshitNice, it's a lot neater than Faster Melee or Faster ADS.

i'm more interested to see if the animation changes if there are no more shells in the tube, because if it just plays out the same like it does with all the previous games then thats a pretty stupid oversight


>>612688130knew the other retard would ruin it

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best fps is zombie panic source, co-op horror, free on steam

>>612688213interesting way to /qa/ post, but could you add in a jak that's wearing a funny helmet and plate carrier

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quick question, they said nothing from WZ1 is carrying over into WZ2 right?

>>612688335Pretty sure character skins are but nothing else?

>>612688335Nope, they are starting completely fresh with MW2 content, no guns, no skins and no customizable items, consoomers get fucked

oh btw the zombie panis source is very trans-friendly if that matters


>>612687818>Can you ADS while one-handing?Yeah.

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>>612688335Yeah, that's how Activision or IW has been pitching it. A clean slate for WZ2 in terms of skins and progression. Fine by me but I'm going to drive a car IED into the front door of Actiblizz if it means Raven Software and those niggers at 3ARC and SHG fuck up the balance AGAIN, with their shitty pipe dream high concept games.


>>612688462god damnit, thats kinda cool..

>>612688459holy shit user you should seriously see a mental health professional

>>612688462That's pretty fucking tight. Can't wait to go full cowboy and use the repeating rifle with a 1911 or revolver.

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>>612688448>>612688527anon /qa/ posting isn't as fun as posting in text, come on you got MS paint right? you can trace over a subject relevant jak right?

>>612688564i haven't played a shooter that isn't cs or hunt in years let alone something like cod

>>612684890Ignore the two other posters, CoD is played by the trash of every race. You get nogs blasting rap through their mics, white hicks treating the lobby like their personal water cooler and deciding who's allowed to speak to them, and asians/latinos that just don't even try to speak english. And a special shoutout to the flips who add nigga to every sentence.

>>612688462that TTK seems a bit short

>>612688669Infinity Ward games always had ttk like that. Reminder that Mw2 had faster ttk than nu MW 2019 but faggots still bitched that its too short while saying Mw2 2009 was perfect

>>612688653That’s fine, but CoD is clearly the topic of this thread and there is a beta for the new one currently happening. It’s not an Einstein project to figure out

Is the TTK Cold War or MW level. How are the shotguns


>>612688759imo MW2019 was perfect, cept for maybe the dumb slide mechanics but you gotta appeal to the le gotta go fast players


> The people making the gameLol

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>>612688795>FINALLY SHOOTERS ARE GOOD AGAINthe issue is that this sidearm switch basically negates ANY reload or fire rate problems a gun has cause you know you're eventually gonna have an off-hand automatic pistol with a drum so you can snipe and be CQB viable at the same time.

I can tell these garbage animations were made by Hyper and it pisses me off

>>612688827Without slide that game would be even slower and more campy than it was user slide is fine but cancel is gay.

Mw2 faster ttk has made tdm and dom complete chaotic dogshit but the no respawn stuff like search and the new hostage mode are fucking god tier. I am really enjoying those modes and will probably play them as my primary fps in the future

>>612688896Ol' Juicy Cock still at it to this day btw, CoD will continue to cater to droolers as long as he's around.

>>612689006I think you meant to say “it makes me green with envy” because Hyper does cool shit and basically you are gay

>>612688462fuck I hate that retarded sprint

>>612689030>that game would be even slower and more campyits annoying that they advertised the game at being more methodical what with the fancy door peeking mechanics but at the same time they clash with arcade shooter movement

>>612688903kinda wish they would've just kept the old spetznaz reload it had, this new one looks a little jank.

>>612689135Green with envy over what, exactly? His gimmick is that he makes everything fucking snappy and adds shake to it which not only makes 0 sense, it also looks terrible.I can tell every time someone made the mistake of hiring him for a game because the first person animations are fucking twitchy and there's a shake effect on literally everything.Also what the fuck is his fetish with retarded gangster pistol animations?

>>612689295flicking the mag release with your new mag is cringe now apparently even though its intuitive. but yeah man hold your gun with your chest and one finger to reload thats a GREAT idea in combat.

>>612689226Its CoD user ffs its arcade shooter lol what did you expect.

>>612689302Green with envy that he literally made shitposts in SFM and ended up working on the biggest shooter franchises in the world and is so recognizable that we, two anonymous faggots, can immediately tell is his work?It would be weirder if you weren’t a little jealous

>>612684841Why have huge spread on a shotgun...>>612685059...Especially in a game with maps that are big enough, or even a large maps gamemode?

>>612689478im glad he is getting work but when people can TELL you're the one doing animations because of your 'signature' style, its kind of a bad thing. the game is going for super operator realism and i can assure you NO ONE moves their hands like that in real life.


>>612689489because accurate shotguns in games without armor mechanics are cancer.

>>612689575I would go as far as saying that other guns in MW that he didn’t work on look like they are trying to emulate his style. His weapon inspects in 2019 and apex are the ones people actually enjoyed, and the director probably told everyone else to copy that style. Shit, his stuff has been so influential on fps animations he should BE the first person animation director at this point but I doubt he is

>>612685557Is there supposed to be dust in my eyes? What the fuck is that shit?

>>612689734Actually I just looked it up and the anim director is still Griggs who was a I’m director for the original mw2, both titanfall games, and came back to IW for 2019Hyper is an “Expert Animator” which is a weird designation

>>612684841Is this escape from tarkov?

>>612689478The thought of my animations being under scrutiny of potentially millions of autists makes me scared more than anything. I'm not that ambitious.But it just irritates me that this guy who has an objectively terrible "signature" style in a field based on existing principles (as in, there shouldn't be a signature style to begin with) is somehow getting his animations in such popular games, and because these games are popular, his style is going to spread because people think that's what makes for good animations.

>>612685498I'm brown and CoD is literally the only game my friends playHalo was always my jam over CoD and it's an in-joke amongst my friends about how I went to a whiter school than them and got indoctrinated

>>612684841Wait. There's another shell in the tube. Wouldn't reinserting a shell while another is being loaded jam the weapon for sure?

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>cod inches even closer to tacticool milsim gameplay but still retains its fast paced arcadey nature>adhd zoomers are all off playing warzone>new third person mode is the closest we're getting to mgs4 online/socom>32 vs 32 mode is the best battlefield clone we're getting now that bf is deadThey probably wont since they dont ever change shit from the beta before the final release, but if they fixed the bunnyhopping so the one odd out zoomer cant break everyone else's immersion we'd be in for some real codkino.

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>people sperging and hating on it just because of the name on the labelBullshit. Improvement is improvement, wherever it may come from. Something as small as different animations for different reload states or being able to pull out a pistol while your main gun is still out could be the first step to setting new standards for other shooters beyond just new CoDs.If the game industry took the good out of every new game and learned from it we would be a whole fucking century ahead of where we are in terms of game quality.

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>>612685790How did it take this long for someone to implement a thing like this

>>612688459Far Cry 6

>>612690459>32 vs 32 mode is the best battlefield clone we're getting now that bf is deadIf there's a third person ground war mode, I won't need to buy any other game ever again.

/k/ threads on any other board than /k/ are just dick swinging contests about who knows more about guns than who, I swear.

>>612690459another minor nitpick holding it back is why do woman characters all have no head gear? it's so distracting and immersion breaking. Doubt theyll change it before launch either.

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>>612690459>new third person modeNigger, it was in the original MW2

as a tacticool milsim autist, I love those new cod animations, but it's just polishing a turd

>>612690630I know but it was shitty and basically just pulled the camera back from the player and changed nothing else. In this new one there's shoulder switching and aiming is in first person. Also the emphasis on peaking corners and doors in tps makes it feel like not just entirely tacked on gimmick mode.

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>>612690640>user thinks hes cool for hating milsim tacticool lazer tag

>>612684841>ump45+silencer>rpg secondary>semtex>smoke grenade>marathon>cold blooded>ninjaif I can't run this class in mw2 i'm not getting it

>>612690615Its going to be rotating game mode they will push in and then take out and will do this over and over mark my words they do that shit with game modes all the time nowadays. Remember how they marketed mw2019 with night modes? You cant play em anymore lol.

>>612690846>>rpg secondarywhy

Ive already gotten my fill from the beta, but I still want to buy it just because cod feels essential to my late fall/holiday season vibes. Anyone else?

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>>612690920Basically a guaranteed kill in a crutch, also good on groups and gets them off guard. It just works.

>>612690947thankfully splatoon is occupying my 'fast shooty game' needs.


>>612690947Seems like it's you. I'm getting this COD because Black Cocks War turned out to be mega dogshit and I ignored Lolguard. Looks like I was wrong, IW can do no wrong but make absolutely fantastic COD games. 3arc's been dead since BO2. SHG's only good game was MW3.

I somehow completely missed the beta

>>612688459Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Edition

>>612690840I just don't get the appeal if you're not a adhd zoomer

>>612690993I need my 6 hour action movie campaign that I savor and make last across a week, my veteran replay that I inevitably give up on, and playing coop once and never again but still enjoying it. Can splatoon give me all that?>>612691102>Looks like I was wrong, IW can do no wrongwe've known this since cod4, treyarch used to make good campaigns atleast, but everything else aside from IW has sucked. Cod would still be mega popular if we were all waiting a few years between each IW masterpieces >>612691247the zoomers are off playing warzone, mw19 and this one are far more methodical.

>>612684841>Being able to see the shell from the insideNot even a gun fag but I'm going to cum

If they completely remove warzone from it then it might be worth playing, MW19 was completely fucked by the bloat

>>612691308>mw19 and this one are far more was MW19 methodical? it was nothing but sliding around corners

>>612684841This >eject the round and catch itmeme is painfully noguns.

>>612691629idk I only play cod for a few weeks before I move on, I guess that meta aspect hadnt taken over yet. Also I always play lmgs in cod and just mow down all the sprinting/sliding retards in my sight.

>>612684841That minimalist UI is pretty fucking ugly.

>>612688462tarkov devs seething they didn't think of this first

>>612691721>minimalistI wish. It's so fucking cluttered, my biggest complaint so far.

>>612691721i really hate seeing the pendulum swing on 4chan

>>612688905Probably not if Infinity Ward has a say. The only automatic pistol in MW 2019 was added during Cold War's cycle by Raven software. It was a Makarov that could be duel wielded, full aouto, with a 100 round drum. Prior to that, the biggest mag you could get for a handgun was 20 semi-auto.

>>612684841Graphics look like a PS2 game

>>612691910they are still too scared to abandon ps4 & xbone

>>612691894There’s literally an auto pistol in the beta if you think there won’t be an equivalent with 30+ rounds you are crazy


Modern COD is joke. Its all fucking zoomers cumming over new rainbow skins, not over how worse gameplay becomes every year. And its been on decline for decade

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Does Modern Warfare 2019 and beyond feel substantially different than the previous installments? I remember trying Infinite Warfare and even THAT felt like the same engine from COD2.

>>612691997ESL trying to fit in posts might be my least favorite on this entire website. Even worse somehow than QA posts

>>612685498>CoD is literally only played by stoner white kidsThis was true in 2010, is it still true now?

>Base game is 80 fucking €lollmao

>>612684841I hope Spec Ops kicks ass again like in the og mw2. Luv me Spec Ops.

>>612692065just try the beta next weekend and see for yourself. its free.

>>612692065Play the beta and form your own opinions, it's CoD, you should already know what to expect for the most part.

>>612692304They're doing both spec ops (which they said is going back to its roots and being inspired by classic missions) and Raids (which are 3 player long form multi hour missions with puzzles, objectives, and combat).

>>612692367Hmmm. Long as they don't skimp because of the Raids, but the Raids sound cool too.

>>612692108>"ESL trying to fit in posts"if youre going to call someone an esl and then write like this im not sure what to tell you user lmao

>>612684890>being any amount of brownI went out in the sun once a while back and my arms started turning brown, never again.

>>612686849>>612685557Jesus Christ what are these things even FOR

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>>612687592Fucking gay wtf.

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All I want from CoD is a total Zombies reboot down to square 1 with no gay ass aliens and a small wave survival map with a nifty easter egg instead of huge open maps with clear gay objectivesIs that too much to

>>612692639Putting big holes into people. And through cover.

>>612684841Still doesn't look as good as 2019

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>>612692639sginwalggers :DD

>>612685489No it wouldn't, that's not how the gun it's based off of works.It's intended to work that way so you can swap what shell is in the chamber for different loads. A round is only released from the magtube if the gun is fired or if you hit the cartridge drop lever.

>>612688462>>612685790>needing to keep one hand on the rifleslings don't exist in the cod universe?

>>612692676Sorry user, that ship's long sailed in order to accommodate for this gay weird science arms race subplot going on.

>>612688905Except that it isn't global. It doesn't happen with those same 2 guns in the beta if you equip them on your own custom class. It is related to some attachment or perk on either of the guns to do so it's a trade-off for faster swap speed. Also if you reload or sprint you drop the primary and lose the fast weapon swap speed.

>>612690330>a field based on existing principles (as in, there shouldn't be a signature style to begin with)you're right but 'realism' as an element of fiction has always been it's own thing only slightly less divorced from reality than ones going for pure fiction. twitch shaky animations are just like washed out colors, grading everything blue or beige, and making characters talk like jargon spouting robots.

Is ground war in the beta? Is it fun?

>>612692454Think the guy meant to put hyphens or quotations in there. Like "retard-homo-bitch" posts

>>612689647Not being able to be competitive with a whole class of weapons is garbage development.

>>612692065Mw2019 was a massive change, and this one is even more.Now guns don't even shoot centre of screen, you can see the reticule move around laterally as you pan the camera so flickshots are harder to pull off. During recoil bullets actually go where the gun is pointed like tarkov, spray a crazy recoil gun and sight misalignment/parallax is actually displayed properly and matters. All of this makes the gunplay look and feel insane.

>>612693391you absolutely can be competitive with shotguns you turbo shitter.

>>612693391did you even PLAY MW2019? the over-under was a 1-shot kill up to 25m

>>612693391Shotguns are fun/good in CoD though usually.

>>612693436>"In this game that hasn't launched yet."

>>612692976Then that heavy ass rifle is going to drop low and hit your body, when you need it again youre going to have to try and grab it while its danglingAnd then theres the fact that youre letting go of a fully loaded rifle with the safety off, the trigger could snag on gear and cause a misfire

>I've been here long enough to see Holla Forums opinion on MW/COD shift from "the example of everything wrong with current gaming" to this thread

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>>612693583Maybe you should have taken the hint like everyone else and left years ago

>>612691308>Can splatoon give me all that?everything except the veteran replay, the single player only has one difficulty

>>612693548the beta has shotguns, they work fucking fine.shotguns were arguably broken in 2019. multiple shotguns stayed fundamentally broken after release to the point people would rage over them.the origin 12 you could just walk around and hold m1 for free kills because it was full auto.the r9 would two tap people from 30 feet away.the 725 could kill people from across the map.shotguns are not shit. you are shit. shut the fuck up.

>>612687508>>612686698how dare cod have a movement mechanic that lets you finesse in fights. whats next youre gonna complain about strafe jumping in quake?

>>612693583Everything has slid under while CoD is still CoD. Times change.

>>612693654Fuck off, I'll be here until the servers stop responding.

>>612688462That jumping forward for momentum shit is so fucking gay. I hope they nerf it.

>>612693826Then don't be surprised when time passes a fossil by.

>>612693583everything wrong with gaming is currently battlepasses, gameplay design based on the psychology of keeping people playing as long as possible, streamer accessibility and balancing around what famous internet people say.

>>612684890It's better than you'd think. I always kept away from CoD as I started with CS beta 5 and thought it was for dudebros until I ended up with too much time on my hands during the covid lockdowns and started playing warzone with irl friends. Only speaking for MW2019 though, haven't touched the others.

>>612684841>it's gonna get nerfed to the ground

>>612693975infinity ward does not nerf shotguns.

>>612693459What are you going to do after 25m? Maps should be much bigger than only having 25m play distances, and shotguns can realistically hit at 60m without slugs.

>>612693580You've never used a sling or at least a good 2 point one, stop.

>>612693484They're not.

>>612694115>nuh uhMhmm

>>612694040just wait for compniggers to whine about it in warzone

>>612694097And youve never been in a combat situation. Slings are not for mid combat

>>612688462>Cluttered UI with very obvious killfeed>BLOODY SCREEN SO REAL>Hitmarkers obscuring visuals>XP popup in the middle of the screen>Obnoxious Killstreak perk>Screen Shake>Guns offgassing the exact same way and obscuring vision more than it would IRL>Randomized circle-shape recoil to cater to brainlets and childrenYep, It's still got everything wrong with Cawwa doody.They plagiarized Tarkov's game mode, but they still refuse to copy the gameplay aspects that made it so popular among the older FPS crowd.

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>>612694097OK nigger, post your gun and you using a sling of any kind to prove your point.

>>612694140they balance guns in warzone separately from multiplayer.

>>612694071You act like you've never played a single FPS with smaller maps. There will be short/mid/long distance engagement ranges and you just play around the strength of your weapon and stick to the portions of the map that favor you.

>>612694169You mean being dogshit and letting no-life faggots spawncamp hatchlings?

>>612693743>shotguns were arguably broken in 2019.Shotguns not functioning realistically is a problem. Games should be balanced 1v1, and every class of weapon should be similarly viable. This is objective.

>>612694169>Tarkov>popular amongDon't make me laugh. It's got cool ideas, but as a sum of its parts, it's not great.

>>612694268Please tell me how you would balance a stick that will vaporize anything 40 feet in front of it with one trigger pull against a pistol.

>>612693783CoD should have been better than most (some 80%) of its games. All small-maps shooters are is approximately map design, gunplay, and mobility.

>>612694169>plagiarized tarkovs gamemodeyou got a source for that,retard?

>>612693830It seems as if you lose momentum when landing like approximately every CoD (which is stupid).

>>612693886>gameplay design based on the psychology of keeping people playing as long as possibleEvery game should be made for everyone because physiology is near, if not 100% similar.

>>612694138Do you have any examples of specific games?

>>612688462>of all fps, CoD is the one that remembers how guns work

>>612694376Not that user but there is a Tarkov game mode and insurgency game mode same with a battlefield mode, 32v32 with vehicles

>>612686129It's noise to entertain ADHD zoomer faggots who need to spam weapon swap or inspect animations every 0.2 seconds

Post the helmet cams, codshill

>>612694745the "tarkov" gamemode is speculation we literally do not know anything about dmz other than that it exists, has objectives, has ai, and exfiltration. there is zero citation there will be an external inventory or a market or any of the other shit tarkov does.

>>612694247Motherfucker if you think the hatchling gameplay was good, you're fucking retarded. You're essentially NVL'ing yourself to shove the maximum amount of items up your asshole.>>612694317Tarkov is far from a perfect game, but simply its shooting and movement systems make it far superior to modern CoD in gameplay quality. CoD is a half-aborted movement shooter that robs any gunplay strategy of value and devolves the game into reaction time tests in CQB.>>612694376Yes, dumbfuck, They're releasing a new F2P mode called DMZ that is entirely loot-oriented. They'll likely have sidemissions similar to warzone that will fill the role of tarkov quests, is likely to also have extraction as the exit mechanic, but whether it will just be looting for exp or an out-of-game economy is unknown.

>>612694503Where shotguns are fun? Sure. F.E.A.R, MW2, Doom, DOOM, BF3, Hunt, Ultrakill, E.Y.E, System Shock II. I've barely dabbled with other battlefield or CoD games, I don't like sticking to series that release too similar of an experience each year. If you just meant CoD, then all I can speak to authoritatively is MW2. Shotguns could be your secondary, so with their one hit kills on maps that all had many short range engagements, pump, semi-auto, and the full auto where alllnasty while you packed something with more range in your primary slot.

>>612694169>Cluttered UI with very obvious killfeedIt's cluttered, and the killfeed is over-prevalent, but the UI is technically OK.>BLOODY SCREEN SO REALIt black and whites too, which is dumb.>Hitmarkers obscuring visualsI don't have a problem with hitmarkers.I wonder if they have ACOGs / scopes with only zooming the sight and with showing the surrounding vision.>XP popup in the middle of the screenIt could be more serious.>Obnoxious Killstreak perkWhat do you mean?>Screen ShakeIt's hit flinch, which has debatable implementations often in CoD. It's not even much, so what's the point?>Guns offgassing the exact same way and obscuring vision more than it would IRLYou noticing that is funny; I wonder how other weapons are.>Randomized circle-shape recoil to cater to brainlets and childrenRNG hipspread and (also laser-esque) recoil has been stupid.

why did my rank stop at 15?

>>612694240When has CoD ever balanced every gun for every range, having similar TTK each?

>>612693583Wow it’s almost like 15 fucking years have passed

>>612694864unless it has an out of game economy its not tarkov. its just warzone done differently. you start with nothing in warzone too. its just their new plunder mode replacement.

>>612694343Pistols are sidearms.I said 1v1, not 1v6.

>>612694895Cap is set at 15 until the next weekend starts with PC/Xbox players joining in, then it should be raised to 30

>>612694864>Tarkov is far from a perfect gameToo far. It's just not a good game. You speak of CoD as half-aborted when Tarkov is just a failed MP game hat really feels like it should have always just been a singleplayer game from the start and is always stuck in eternal development and overloaded with retarded mechanics that change update to update, overly clunky and filled with hackers.

>>612694959if you're not balancing around sidearms existing there is no point to having them, retard. you still havent answered my question.


>>612692662>UMMM IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL YOU CAN SEE THE EFFORT THEY PUT IN IT>points out lack of attention to basic mechanical detail>OH MY GOD FUCKING AUTIST!!!!!!

>>612694916Not sure what you mean since many of them have such ridiculous TTK with nearly every weapon. Just saying that shotguns will excel in the short and be decent at some mid, so if you play the map right, you can rock shotguns.

>>612694976is that why I can't max any gun either?

>>612694864>Call of Duty recently doesn't have the money and wager system for unlocks and betting that Black Ops 1 has].>It was one of the best unlock and other systems in the series, small-maps shooters, and possibly the industry because of how similar and irrelevant progression systems often are.

>>612694503>akimbo 1887 so good needing a nerfMW2>gold Striker and USAS fags running aroundMW3>silenced spas12BO1>725 being able to snipe people from miles awayMW2019stop acting retarded

>>612694864Cry about it, all you're saying to me is that Tarkov's gameplay is being rightfully stolen and made casual so more people can enjoy extraction shooters in a FUN and MODERN setting (I'm also putting dirt on Cunt: Showdown's name too, get fucked I don't want to play BloodRayne Louisiana, I fucking hate those fish-person sounding cunts)

>>612694880>Where shotguns are fun?The conversation was about CoD; this is important because the notion is competitive multiplayer.MW2 didn't have shotgun ranges balanced to those of other weapons; they were too short.

>>612695132At this time yes, it seems that they are trying to prevent PS players being maxed out by the time other people start

>>612695197the most broken weapon in mw2 was a fucking shotgun you revisionist history faggot. it plagued online for ages. and you're arguing it was UNDERpowered?

>>612695034Nta, dipshit, but sidearms are tools to switch to under specific circumstances so you don’t balance other weapon classes against themthe very term sidearm implies it’s usages Jesus Christ dudeI actually agree with you that shotguns are fine though. The other dude is a shitter and wants shotguns to be “realistic” but you can do well in cod full melee build running around like a ninja turtle. The guns aren’t the problem if you can’t get a kill

>>612695034You're not evidencing the relevance of sidearms beyond the usual "having more than one weapon so that you're competitive vs. groups or so that you can try to use a sniper at all distances". You didn't refute that shotguns should be similar TTK to other classes.

>>612685754BF4 showed the cracksBF1 redeemed somewhat but nobody knows how to play FPSHardline was kino, the community declined it because they are autistic retardsBFV went woke and NOBODY knows how to make an FPSBF2042 was a rushed piece of shit. FPS went real basic but better than the last 2 games I guess (gunplay only).

>>612695197>MW2 didn't have shotgun ranges balanced to those of other weapons; they were too short.Yeah and shotguns were secondaries. So they were very good for their slot. AA12 full auto machine instant raped anyone (or a small squad) that you rounded the corner on. So yeah, shotguns were fun and good.

>>612695349shotguns have less ttk than other guns. the current balance of shotguns in the upcoming game has them oneshot in warzone through 3 armor plates. they are a one pump kill unless you are 30-40 feet away, and thats before optimizing them for range.

>>612695126I'm saying that arcade shotguns that are only relevant up to 25m is stupid design, especially because realism is what people predict and reward. Realistic shotguns are objectively more fun; expectations are important, and competitive viability is easy to design.

>>612694158True, but I think if a shlub like me can do this with zero training, it can't be that hard. It doesn't even matter if they do it, the question is CAN they do it and they almost certainly can.>>612694182pls no bully

Attached: +_f7ed62756fab6641b65a08d18e18c9d0.jpg (2000x1137, 826.87K)

>>612695437Oh you know how weapons are balanced in the unreleased game mode? Very cool. Shotguns have an instant ttk when very close in cod, the idea being that any weapon can beat them outside that tiny range so they need to have a purpose somehow. Not that a think a retard could comprehend that

>>612695516>you cannot have arcade shotguns in the arcade shooter, you MUST have realistic shotguns that will absolutely mog the fuck out of any other gun and make everything else unviable because you can instagib everything in a 40 foot cone in front of you with one mouse clickfuck off retard.

>>612695516That's a shit argument user. Realistic shotguns would be shit with how they interact with body armor. If you want to nerf shotguns for "realism" in a CoD game of all places, be my guest, but it makes no sense when nothing in the game is designed around realism. You can have shitty realistic shotguns that no one would use over a good assault rifle, or you can have arcadey shotguns that are high risk, high reward, and actually fun to use.

>>612695516It's a video game. Make them powerful but not too powerful that they are annoying.


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>>612695584>oh you know how weapons are balanced in the unreleased gamemodeyeah, I do. pardon the twitter link but if you're gonna be a faggot i'm going to expose your 725 in mw 2019 could kill from 90+ feet away with a single shot. range was not a factor for it, you delusional faggot retard

>>612695568>user goes and straps on his pussy part gear because another user made fun of him>”better do le hecking epic white hand meme too”I have never, ever been so embarrassed by any post on this website in over a decade of being here

>>612695668that looks pretty good.

>>612694836well I'm not expecting a 1:1 copy, probably would be like the dmz mode of what battlefield tried to do. New Cod does look good but goddamn the price tag, haven't paid for a AAA game in years

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>>612695724>epic white hand memewhat the fuck are you even talking about dude

>>612695745its just their new replacement for plunder which was the alternate gamemode to warzone 1. people are really overthinking the "Tarkov" notion.

>>612695704He was practically kissing the fucking dude. If a pump can’t knock you from point blank, it is LITERALLY useless since any auto weapon would have a faster ttk. You fucking idiot. I don’t care what some gun used to be like in 2019 before a patch as it that is a good thing to add to this argument

>>612695886that is through 3 fucking armor plates on top of inflated warzone health, user. It wasn't a regular multiplayer match.>before a patchthe 725 was never changed. this is the sequel to that game, made by the same people.

>>612695813It was literally on every mayor news network a couple years ago but I guess you were only 12 years old at that point so you might not have been paying attention to it

>>612688664What kind of people play Battlefield?

>>612695886>it is LITERALLY useless since any auto weapon would have a faster ttk.are you just being retarded on purpose>weapon is shown to work really well in its good matchup>no this shows the weapon does not work well You don't even understand that one shotting in that game modes is a really big deal. In Warzone the TTK is much higher than usual, so the shotty still being instant is an even bigger deal.

>>612695568Good job on actually owning a gun, but please don't be a autistic snarky faggot and think about game design vs. realism before posting. Not to mention your OPSEC. Nice tattoo faggot, I bet you've done nothing wrong so no need to censor that shit right?Anyways, it's probably likely that pistols are getting a weapon perk, or your class could be getting a perk, to cross-draw or have a pistol ready for off-hand aiming and shooting. Something like having a shoulder holster or plate carrier holster ready. But to return to the earlier point>footage of player using cowboy shooting while cradling their weapon>slings don't exist>post gun faggot>we are hereI don't think it would be the end of the world to actually animate letting go of the gun while it's on a sling to shoot one handed, but that's boring to look at and not as appealing to the dopamine-driven idea of off-hand or dexterous one-handed shooting.

>>612695962no one cares about your cnn nigger monkey business sperglord

>>612695962anon its a fucking middleschool game that has been around for 30 years where you get punched if you look at someone doing that below their waist. dont tell me you actually fell for the poltiical bullshit.

>>612695826Well lets see, would be cool if there was a tarkov game mode.So sick of Nikita shit.

I haven't played COD in like 10 yearscan I play this shit on a steam deck? is this a remake of the original mw2 or what?what reason I have to play this over Titanfall 2?

>>612695979Currently? No one. >>612695962Are you talking about the fucking "ok" hand sign? Seriously, put a bullet through your brain if media has fucked your head this hard.

>>612695936Yes, I don’t know what part of this you don’t understand. If the pump shotgun does any less damage than that at point blank, it becomes useless in WZ. I wish there was a test showing it from even 10M away for comparison.

>>612696061>can I play this shit on a steam deck?Probably

>>612695180>akimbo 1887Akimbo 1887s had huge spread, so it wasn't skillful.MW3 has some tiny / garbage maps.Black Ops 1 shotguns weren't competitive, and maps were often tiny / garbage in that game too.MW2019 has some range, but it's not realistic and competitive with other classes if you want to play at all ranges.

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>>612695268See >>612696107.

>>612696061>what reason I have to play this over Titanfall 2Servers r dead for Titanfall 2, the 2nd wind when it came out for Steam is over

>>612695979>peopleIt's either literal monkeys or low functioning slav/LATAM autists, from my experience. Maybe it was different before Bad Company, idk

>>612696107>Akimbo 1887s had huge spread, so it wasn't skillful.Who said anything about skill user? The point is the akimbos mogged hard.

>>612696092does it have some ludicrous filesize?I'm already nearly halfway through my 512gb ssd and I only have a few games on it

>>612696087No you faggot retard. The fact it can oneshot through 3 plates and knock you in one shot is hilariously busted by warzone standards. There is a reason people are bitching about it in that tweet. You genuinely don't know what you're talking about.

>>612695326>The other dude is a shitter and wants shotguns to be “realistic” but you can do well in cod full melee build running around like a ninja turtle.Not an argument, and no you can't. People sometimes getting quality gameplay videos != fun, quality gameplay.

>>612696018It was also a joke that got picked up on by every major news network, and if you want to pretend it’s just a coincidence that the pasty as fuck fat white boy with gay tattooos that was just dying to show off his guns on 4chan, just happened to do that by chance because of a middle schooler game, you may be the dumbest fuck in the world unironically

>>612696198>no you cantI almost exclusively play this game melee with a riot shield and I rarely if ever go negative. You absolutely can play this game full melee. especially in 2019 with stims and dead silence.

>>612696061>COD WW2 bombs harder than Oklahoma because it's soulless face-scanned ultra 4K shit>Infinity Ward takes an additional year off to develop MW 2019 while giving a shit>reboots MW 2019 to really portray how wars and battles are being fought by the US government (glowniggers)MW2's already remastered, it'd be understandable to refer to the game as MW 2022 than MW2 (2022). I dunno about the steam deck, I'm too poor for that.

Haven't played COD since MW2....Why did people stop banting like this?

>>612695186>All you're saying to me is that Tarkov's gameplay is being rightfully stolen and made casual so more people can enjoy extraction shooters in a FUN and MODERN setting Wrong again, Dumbfuck, I'm saying they've copied the gamemode while neglecting the massive problems the game has with its gunplay. It's the same reason why everyone with an IQ higher than 110 shies away from CoD. It lacks any depth in order to appeal to the most stupid motherfuckers on the planet, and you're one of them. I want them to take notes from other games. I want the most well-funded FPS in the genre to not be a complete joke for anyone that has the mental capacity to understand its systems. Sadly, i doubt that'll ever be the case. It's the exact same shit that activison did while they had WoW's IP. Every system dumbed down, anything unique becomes diluted, any skillgap bridged, and all in the name of making their investors more money by designing for the lowest common denominator. The Epitome of "Soulless".

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>>612696224considering hes in a cod thread it doesn't surprise me at all that his intention was to act like a middle schooler, dickhead.

>>612696224kys desu

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>>612695374>BF1 redeemed somewhat but nobody knows how to play FPSBF1 doesn't have the same destruction as BC2, the same class design, nor sometimes even accurate weapons while ADS. Also, vehicles are overpowered / overprevalent.>Hardline was kino, the community declined it because they are autistic retardsHardline didn't have very quality map design, nor was the gunplay innovative (to get it to a realistic, believable, fun standard).>BFV went woke and NOBODY knows how to make an FPSAs mentioned previously, small-maps shooters are map design, gunplay, and mobility. Make character movement similar to CoD: Advanced Warfare.

>>612696224>fat fuck white boyyou have to go back smelly brown faggot.

>>612696224you're a loser peggy A LOSER

>>612696000yeah in a first person game you want everything to be happening in view of the camera for the sake of the visuals and feedback, even if it doesn't really make sense

>>612695380>Yeah and shotguns were secondaries. So they were very good for their slot.This isn't a rebuttal to that primary shotguns should be balanced vs. other weapons.

>>612696197Just consider this, if the first pump hadn’t knocked him, he would have won the fight with his automatic. That’s equally retarded. I think the solution is by rebalancing the health and damage for all weapons in a major way but the shotgun isn’t the only thing that is broken. I’m saying it’s not even broken when compared to the other shit balancing WZ has

>>612695437>shotguns have less ttk than other guns.They should have similar TTK to other guns. Prioritize headshot bonuses.

>>612696292>Why did people stop banting like this?they haven't. I'm hearing shit talk in every other lobby

>>612684841have i won a dog wife?


>>612684841what is the point of this

>>612696382Right because I am actually talking about what I know instead of being a retard and talking about games I don't play much. In MW2, shotguns were good. Plenty of other anons of provided evidence of shotguns being good in other CoD games, including the one right before this which MW2 2022 is built on. So it's a safe assumption to say the shotguns will be good, while no evidence has been posted on the contrary, just vague appeals to realism that have no connection to CoD.

>>612696421no he wouldnt have. he would have pumped a second time, and double tapped him. the automatic would have had to eat through three plates and a healthbar in the time it takes him to fire a second time, which its not going to fucking do.

>>612696432just use a fucking marksman rifle holy shit

>>612695592You can't evidence the relevance of arcade shotguns, especially in a realistic game.>that will absolutely mog the fuck out of any other gun and make everything else unviable because you can instagib everythingAppealing to extremes.>in a 40 foot coneCone spread is stupid.

>>612684841Wait are you guys actually creaming your panties over this animation made by a billion dollar corporate? Wait until you find out about that tactical reload meme zoomers had a year ago

>>612696541>especially in a realistic gamewhat realistic game?call of duty is a fucking arcade shooter franchise and always fucking has been.

>>612696542>wait you are actually excited about something good? Why not be excited about other good thing?Not mutually exclusive user. It's also not a tactical reload animation.

>>612692854yeah... I hope that's the beta being a beta. I noticed a noticeable drop in visual fidelity. The UI also kind of sucks in comparison. Its only merit is that it's better than CW and Vanguard, though the latter wouldn't be hard.

I hate to imagine that CoD is once again carrying the industry and one of the few games saving Western gaming but fuck here we are.

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>>612696501I watched it again and notice he was so busy bitching he didn’t watch the killcam, which probably would have showed a direct headshot on him as he got to the top of the ladder.

>>612695637>That's a shit argument user. Realistic shotguns would be shit with how they interact with body armor.Every gun would be shit with how it interacts with body armor.>If you want to nerf shotguns for "realism" in a CoD game of all places, be my guestI was talking about making shotguns range competitive.>when nothing in the game is designed around realismEverything is technically designed around realism; realism exists; all things are possible.>You can have shitty realistic shotguns that no one would use over a good assault rifleWhy did you come up with "nerf shotguns" as relevant to the discussion?>or you can have arcadey shotguns that are high risk, high reward, and actually fun to useFalse dichotomy, and no they aren't usually; people are already choosing SMGs and assault rifles.

>>612696224Wrong, nigger. That was the "OK" signal. He was clearly doing the middle school game signal.

>>612695652My argument is still correct that shotguns should be realistic.

dogwife = happy life and gamer life

>>612695668Almost instant TTK.Laser-esque recoil.

>>612685498Niggas don't like leaving their nigga box and cod is definitely in the nigga box along with the new 2k game, Madden, Maury, and court showsYeah a nigga will leave the box to play something if they hear it's good but they'll play if for maybe 5 hours max and then go back into their nigga box because they found some reason dumb nigga reason to not fucks with it

>>612695704>30 yards.And?

>>612695374Based Hardline Enjoyer.

>>612696669>every gun would be shitNo you retard, rifle rounds would outperform all pistols and pellets, this is not a real conversation at all. You either go all the way on the realism train or you don't bring it up at all. If you want realism, then you don't ever bring a shotgun as your primary weapon to a combat zone, that's only for specialist roles and situations. So don't discus "realism" and "shotguns with parity to assault rifles" at the same time it's pointless.

>>612696794if you make a shotgun murder just as well from range as it does up close it is not fucking balanced retard. it is not a swiss army knife.

>>612696306>”why is there casual shooter elements in a casual shooter game”>”why don’t one of the most successful shooter game copy elements from a dying slav game”mysteries we’ll never know, have you tried not looking for beans in your beanless chili retard-kun

I'm not buying this at launch but I'll see if Ground War makes me consider a discount, once again IW shits the bed with 6v6

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>>612695979Russians, unironically

>>612695886So don't make other weapons have a faster TTK than one shot.Again, prioritize headshot TTK.

>>612693583Wow, what an original post, bro. Come suck my dick now.

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>>612687663They ditched classes in favor of hero characters like it's fucking overwatch for starters. Then they did weird shit like took out the scoreboard and voice chat functions. Also built the maps for Battle Royale but forgot to actually put the battle royale mode in becuase that fad already came and went by the time it released

>>612696173The conversation was about what's fun / good.

Call of duty? What a joke.

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>>612696950And they are both fun and good. There you go.

>>612696748just like real life soldiers :)

>>612696151People played BC2 as an alternative to CoD. People are less interested in both.

>>612696656Yes and no. Within 3 months of release it'll be cat ears and troon flags fagging up the maps.

>>612696256>I almost exclusively play this game melee with a riot shield and I rarely if ever go negative.Have standards for what constitutes fun gameplay; an even KD is not intriguing gameplay.

>>612696656Warzone was the only reason cod was relevant before this yearThe only reason cod is relevant this year is because they're nostalgia baiting zoomers and late millennialsEveryone will forget the new cod game in 3 months and go back to warzone just like every other year

>>612696184well its Cod so probbaly 180gb?

The screen shake gave me epilepsy

>>612697046PS: Dead Silence is a stupid perk.

>>612696597>StrawmanOkay retard

>slide cancel faggotryinto the trash it goes

>>612696306Memo: Everybody wants skillful, varied: deep gameplay.

>>612697065You are ridiculously stupid

>>612697110>strawmanAh the, the infamous strawman of liking two good things instead of just one...Why don't you actually post the game you were referring to in the first place, many games have interesting/good reload animations.

>>612689302It looks really satisfying, realism be damned.Reminder thi is a fucking COD thread

>>612687003>>wanted the hero-shooter audience to sell skinsthis was the dumbest fucking shit i fucking cant even, they could've milked whales just as easily by selling different bits of uniform, e.g. helmets, vests, shirts, pants etc for unique customization in fact, unique player models with paid customization would have made so much more profit because there's so much more you can sell to a player instead of a fucking skinfucking spastic retards they can't even competently take money from players

>>612697135warzone is like 130gb

>>612695568I fucking hate election tourists

>>612696493I'm right; people want to be competitive at all realistic ranges with a shotgun because it's a different playstyle and is an option in the game. You can't refute realism "all things are possible" as the optimal.

>>612685790say what you want but the entire FPS industry couldn't figure this one out until now

>>612697184>Still strawmanning

Attached: 0_Ye2q-OHt800INEhC.png (1400x1202, 413.35K)

>>612696534Not an argument.

>>612697298It's literally not realistic, so piss off.

>>612697271Yeah I know smart guy, and?

>>612695374hardline chad

>>612696572Call of Duty is not an "arcade shooter"; it's a small-maps shooter. You can't argue vs. realism as the central design to balance weapons and vary playstyles.

I'm just hoping the game doesn't run like shit on PC, I'm fucking broke and can't afford to update it for now.

>>612696748damn that's pretty based of them to be more realistic than tarkov

>>612697374so 180 gb isn't farfetched.

>>612697404tarkov is a fucking tragedy what happened to that game. Streamer fags like Lvndmark (cringelord trustfund baby fag) and pestily and the like ruined it

>>612696656CoD has lost a lot of intrigue, and people aren't going to really like the arcade, limited design that it's had for over a decade.WZ is a fun addition, but the game needs an open world with gathering, crafting, trading, and equipment risk (durability loss on getting hit / respawning, with material repairs), perhaps full loot.

>>612693583Youngins that grew up playing it are now the ones posting

>>612697476Almost all tarkov streamers are massive fags, but the blame ultimately lies with nigkita for being one of the worst lead developers in the history of gaming. Retard vatnigger struck gold and turned it into shit

dog wive is the best life

>>612692639Serious answer: car windshields

>>612686510nobody wanted slide cancel in the gamenobody said anything negative about it being removed

Reload was more realistic in the last MW, lmao. Who made this game, leftists?

>>612693760>slide canceling>a mechanic Jesus, you fucking zoomers are retarded it's not even funny at his point.

>>612696847>rifle rounds would outperform all pistols and pelletsSo what?>If you want realism, then you don't ever bring a shotgun as your primary weapon to a combat zone, that's only for specialist roles and situations.This is a video game; characters should be able to take hits enough that they can counterplay. Every weapon being balanced is possible with science; the bullet velocities are similar.

>>612696852Having realistic range isn't the issue; TTK per range is.

>>612692136idk, i haven't played CoD since 2011, but out of all of my coworkers, the only CoD players are white stonersthe Asians play Valorant or League, the blacks play 2k or fighting games, the Latinos play Fortnite or CSI work at a factory with varied age ranges, and this is what I have observed>>612696756>>612691081>>612685765you guys are weird>>612690360your story is believable, but it seems the only reason you play CoD is because you adopted the culture of your white friends, no?

>>612697795no, as you can clearly see everyone in the animations is right handed.

>>612697267The retarded thing is they had customisable players in battlefront so they fucking know its a thing players want. But no Some retard manager/ceo demanded they get the overwatch/apex money because they are decades behind current events or/and retarded.

>>612696970If you can critique MW2 shotguns, how can you call them fun / good?

>>612697939But they put one round in and fire 4? Lmao

>>612696981Stupid argument. Define what people want from a small-maps shooter.

>>612684841zoo pride is the best

>>612685557>>612684841whats with the weird autism shake when he shoulders the weapon

>>612697364CoD hasn't had very fun shotgun gameplay. You're appealing to tradition anyway.

>>612697404They're stupid designs.

>>612698139>appealing to traditionI'm appealing to why realism would make shotguns shit. Literally not tradition, CoD has never done realistic shotguns. Very few games ever have, and for pretty obvious reasons when it comes to gameplay and balance. Tarkov has you unable to hurt anyone if you hit their armor, games set in older time periods have an easier time because there is no body armor, but you also don't have to balance against assault rifles and machine guns.

>>612684841I really like the new engine and the animations, but I'm not spending 80€ to get bored of the multiplayer in 5 hours and spend another 5 hours in the campaign.

>>612686698>>612687508>>612697756no one cares about your 1 kd opinions.also slide cancelling is still in mw2 so prepare your anus

>>612698301You're arguing an extreme. People really predict and reward realism; intuitive controls and interactivity are some of the most important notions. It's would be "intuitive and interactive" that shotguns perform well.>CoD has never done realistic shotguns. Very few games ever haveStill appealing to tradition.>and for pretty obvious reasons when it comes to gameplay and balanceYou didn't list reasons.You can balance shotguns with other weapons, and you should.

>>612695724Its like you're living in another reality. He asked me to prove I had the shit necessary to make the claim, how is that making fun of me? You seem ass mad and I have no idea why, chill.>>612696000>Good job on actually owning a gunYou mean owning everything necessary to prove that you are in fact capable of doing this weapon switch without the main gun slapping you. Which was the point.>Nice tattoo faggot, I bet you've done nothing wrong so no need to censor that shit right?Uhh yeah? I'm a responsible and legal gun owner, was this supposed to be an own?>>612696224We're in a cawadooty thread, it was a dumb middle school thing, you're reading way too far into this shit, I just wanted to see if I could get a reaction. I didn't think people would get ass hurt over it though.

>>612698673>slide cancelling is still in mw2a garbage version of it not worth usingpost your codtracker providing proof that is yours, let's see your above 1KDA lmao

>>612698694>You're arguing an extremeNo I'm not. Realism is realism. Shotguns shredding modern soldiers from any distance isn't realism. It's pointless to bring up. Just don't bring up realism. And once you do, then there is no reason not to be fine with the CoD shotguns that clean up at closer engagements. Intuitive is an even worse argument. Your average gamer expects shotguns to excel at close range and not be very useful outside of that. There's no need to make shotguns perform in an less interesting space in an arcade game. A weapon with the close range niche that is balanced with faster TTK while performing poorer quickly once you extend the range, is more satisfying and gives the weapon more identity. It is balanced by specializing. Your proposal makes it a more generalist, but then it has no reason to exist besides aesthetics and sound design, since it now performs about the same as an smg and assault rifle. And even then, those weapons have more room for error and to score headshots, likely outperforming any shotgun that isn't rocking very fast semi-auto or full auto, reducing pumps to not being useful. Is it arcadey to have shotguns perform optimally at close ranges? Yeah. But on the other hand it is used very successfully mechanically in many games with a record of evidence to support it. It's not appealing to "tradition," it's just appealing to succesful implementations of shotties, not the fact that's it's old. Like I said way back, F.E.A.R has a great shotgun, and a huge part of it's appeal is obliterating targets at close ranges. Same goes even the Doom shotgun, which while it can hurt enemies from range, does substantially more damage up close, or in TF2, which has some of the most satisfying shotguns in gaming, that are very much designed to get in close and meat shot your opponents. Can they be used at a bit farther? A bit, for middling damage, which makes reliable sidearms, but they excel in close combat.

I have no idea what slide cancelling is but the fact that every MW22 thread has unashamedly zoomy zoomers sperging the fuck out about it makes me glad if they got rid of it

Is there Hardcore?

>>612699216I hate it because a nice realistic shotgun would feel absolutely great but there's no good way to implement it in a multiplayer game unless it was a gimmick game in which everyone is a shotgunner. Max Payne 3 has DELICIOUS shotguns

>>612699339Has there ever not been?I will not be buying this piece of shit if it doesn't, but I doubt they'd get rid of hardcore

>>612699261>if they got rid of itThey did at least in the beta test.

>>612699216>"You have to only make it realistic to what science is currently available, or not realistic and having some of the worst balance and gameplay possible."You can't argue the features. You're arbitrarily making guns overpowered at close ranges and not competitive at long ranges. The playstyles would have different timings and aiming metas, especially because of headshots.Make assault rifles' and SMGs' hipfire centered with bouncy recoil.

>>612699428thank you based infinity ward

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>>612699373>there's no good way to implement it in a multiplayer game unless it was a gimmick game in which everyone is a shotgunnerNo.

>>612699504Good argument, I don't even know what you're saying no to, user

>>612699373Just make a game in an older setting where it's mostly rifles and pistols. Or, a setting where people generally don't have body armor, or just go future/slightly future where ammo tech for for shotguns has currently completely outpaced body armor, but that's not true for pistols and rifles. Why? Eh, who cares, you can always dream up a good reason. Then just stop caring if everyone is a shotgunner most of the time and live the dream. >>612699473>You're arbitrarily making guns overpowered at close ranges and not competitive at long ranges.For gameplay mechanics, yeah. No shit, everything about gameplay balance has some arbitrary elements. >Make assault rifles' and SMGs' hipfire centered with bouncy recoil.For what purpose. That's even more arbitrary, and even less realistic. These conversations would make more sense if your positions has any sort of consistency to them.

This is going to be my first CoD since BO1. What am I in for? I skipped MW2019 because I was too late but heard it was good. Extremely high expectations for this one.


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>it’s another brown fags hating on whites thread Why are brown people so cringe and insecure?

>>612699642>For gameplay mechanics, yeah.Them being arbitrary is you not having consistent reasoning. I've already listed alternatives and that people expect realism, variety, and balance.>For what purpose. That's even more arbitrary, and even less realistic. Real guns shoot accurately. Random hipspread makes every gun a one-bullet-at-a-time shotgun and makes the game low skill.

When's the PC beta?

>>612699713Best case scenario it's a rethread of MW19 with some minor tweaks. Having played the beta, it doesn't make me very excited. Maybe they got diversity hires for the sequel. UI and customisation options stand out particularly as a major step back. ''But it's a beta'', so eh.

>>612699783What are you fucking talking about, retard?

>>612698012in an era where balance patches were super fucking uncommon it got patched and you are saying it wasnt good?

>>612699829>Real guns shoot accurately. Random hipspread makes every gun a one-bullet-at-a-time shotgun and makes the game low skill.That's just about how mobile you want the players to be more than anything. Adding that is fine, long as you don't' care the shotgun has even less reason for existing. >I've already listed alternatives and that people expect realism, variety, and balance.No you really haven't. Arcadey shotguns are balanced. People except close range shotguns. And realism would mean shotguns wouldn't be effective because of body armor. I'm just repeating the same points back to you over and over again, so clearly this communication barrier will never be breached. I'll just assume you have a logical reasonable view hidden somewhere in here that is just not being communicated at all and call it a day because this is really tiresome.

>>612693583I've been here long enough to see everyone love the first CoD and it's expansion pack CoDUOI've seen the entire cycle

>>612685790i will now buy your game

Will Warzone 2.0 be exclusive to MW2? I haven't heard anyone talk about it.

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>>612688462oh sick

>>612700252I sure as hell hope so, Cold War and (((Vanguard))) integration killed not only Warzone but Mordern Warfare as well.

>>612700252Its separate from MW2019. Nothing is carrying over.

>>612700060How about allow shotguns but only if they're firing slugs

>>612687047>>612687174i find it hilarious how battlefield has been doing this since 2011 without fail yet call of duty has yet to track a chambered round despite the super l33t tacticool bullshit they've been going with the last two IW gamesactual retards

>>612700571thank fucking god

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>>612700640I thought NegaGhost was cool as heck, boys

Hyper chads...We

>>612694071Even in BF the vast majority of kills occur at or under 30 meters because players fight at objectives

>>612688903>steel cased corrosive ammoholy fuck thats good

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Why do people like search and destroy?How do I like it?seems fucking boring and low action

>>612701053it's garbagei just play hostage

>>612701146Looks kinda neato, but I think I'm just too autistic to play anything except Harcore tdmNeed to give it a try when I can play

>>612684841>takes 5 seconds to reloadlmao this would get tiring pretty fast

>>612701279It's not a reload animation.

>>612695568>"MAGA! DEAD TO TRANNIES/MINORITIES! KILL WOMEN!! WHITE MEN ARE THE SMARTEST!!">proceeds to give the NSA/FBI his tattoos and weapon markings in a golden platelollmao even

>>612684841I hate this faggots animations

>>612685059>2 mapsatrocious

I haven't played CoD since the first Black Ops on the 360. Is it worth getting back into?

>>612701279You just blow in from Stupidtown?

>>612701451I was in your same boat, and while I haven't played the beta yet, MW19 was very good so that's why I'm giving MW2-2 the benefit of the doubt. Praise be to IW

>>612685790>it took the gaming industry 15 years to implement this

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I remember Price being locked behind a battlepass in MW. I hope they don't pull that shit again.

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>>612701683I'm just absolutely sick of MP games not having the majority of characters with a face covering mask/helmet. I do not want to see these retards ugly characters smushed into a helmet. All your designs suck, just please give me generic noface soldier

>>612701793I know where you're coming from

Attached: milsim.jpg (1920x1080, 486.04K)

>>612695745>>612694836Didn't The Division do that before Tarkov did?

>>612696197>No you faggot retard. The fact it can oneshot through 3 plates and knock you in one shot is hilariously busted by warzone standardsNo it isn't you faggot, and 99% of the combat in warzone was at long range anyway

>>612686510>no slide cancellingI will now buy your game. The last thing I want in an FPS are sweats sliding and jumping around everywhere like they have ADD.

Attached: 1663308378776832.gif (240x194, 1.37M)

Why can't you fucking shoot while you slide? Why is the sprint to fire time longer than my fucking gigantic cock? Wtf are they doing? Literally every aspect of the game promotes camping. Don't even get me started on the radar, the fucking footsteps that are louder than gunfire, and the wack visibility.

>>612695704>Retard streamer skips the killcamHe was literally point blank, if should be one shot fucking 5 cm range idiot.

>>612696292>>612696437>kobe dies>a bunch of faggots change their clan tag to kobe>ever new lobby I go "Hey remember that time Kobe raped that girl?">if anyone responds it's "That's not funny">reply back "No, rape isn't funny"It was so consistent every lobby. That was a fun day.

>>612697463>>612697374>>612697271>>612697135Did it get separated from the 2019 client? People always joked about it being 300gb and measuring storage devices in the number of copies of it you could install

>>612702089>campingMost overblown problem in all of cazzie fps world. Just fucking kill them retard

>>612702274You have 6 rounds to win/lose. How the fuck do you kill them when you're dead you dumb fuck?

>>612702271I thought this next gen version of consoles fixed giant file sizes? Every game I download nowadays is like 5x smaller

>>612701793At least with 2019 they didn't ONLY do faggot personality youtuber overwatch characters, they also had autistic edgy face-covering characters

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>>612702391With your gun, double retard


>>612702518I'm mobile posting under my blankie. Pls do the needful sirs

You guys all won your first tournament, right?

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>>612700053Power and quality gameplay are unique concepts.

>>612702738is it up now?

fuck, when is the Xbox/Activision deal gonna go through? i want to play COD on Game Pass. havent played one since blops1

Will this game have any kino emblems like 2019 did?

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>>612700060>That's just about how mobile you want the players to be more than anything.No, it's not; gunplay and mobility are two designs that both contribute to different playstyles, and you mentioned yourself that it reduces the uniqueness and relevance of classes.>Arcadey shotguns are balanced.People consistently don't want to play with shotguns because they're less effective.>realism would mean shotguns wouldn't be effective because of body armorAgain, you're appealing to the extreme of realism; I'm appealing to the intuitiveness and enjoyment.

are we going to talk about how bullshit aim assist is? going to have to switch to controller if it's as broken as mw2019

>>612700862Shotguns can be balanced at multiple ranges.Also, BC2 had pathways and other non-objective locations strategic.

>>612702996Dunno my sbmm kept me out of reach of the console peasants

>>612702087You can play one of the dozens of other *CoD* games, much more small-maps shooters.

>>612702089Mobility and action combinations are a topic, but loud footsteps except when crouching are how the genre should be.

>>612702274It's not; maps have been tiny.

>>612702996Input types should be separate lobbies.

>>612702881that wasnt an emblem that was a spray but how the fuck did they let that slip through lmao

>>612703059>Boot up old CoD game>Join nothing but hacked servers the whole time

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>>612692854Why do all the gun animations in this thread end with the gun locking into place in mid air?

>>612703243An argument for 10 year max exclusive copyright.Companies should make objectively quality gameplay for their IPs while they still can.

>>612685754It’s weird. I look at a lot of things these days and think “why did they make it like this?”. It isn’t the fact that things get “woke”, it’s mora a feeling that they were made out of spite. Like, they couldn’t just make the thing without “owning the gamergaters”. Quality doesn’t matter, as long as they get owned. Just make games normally. It’s not that hard!

>>612685790>>612688462this is cool, not $70 cool but coolgonna wait a few months for sales and anime bundles first

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What the fuck is slide cancelling and why are people so polarized over it

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>>612695668>all these nice tacticool stuff with one-hand pistol backup, animations etc>they will start releasing fortnite tier shiny colorful clown skins in a month after release just like in the previous MW

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Attached: __ar_57_girls_frontline_drawn_by_kuzumotsu__bd9800b52cf7cf01aae393b358e20936.jpg (2508x3541, 410.23K)

>>612703505seethe milsim fag

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>>612688903Why the fuck does it have a pretend name, nigga the Soviets aren't gonna come back just to sue you Activision. Just call it the AK-74U

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>>612685754some contributing factors in my mind (pure conjecture):New game studios aren't as thoroughly competent at game development as before (possibly due to progressive hiring protocols)The freedom of new tech somehow dilutes the long term vision for a game.

tarkov better

>>612703590cute feet

don't care unless zombies is fun

>>612685557what's the point of looking at the top of the magazine? you don't see how many rounds are left since you only see the top round?


>>612703657those are all dudes

To CoDfags, I'm not a CoD player at all so all I know about are what I glanced at over the years:-are the games still DLC fests that require you to spend money every month if you want all the maps/weapons-is it one of those games that really really want you to spend your entire free time on it with bullshit season pass/dailies/timed events

>>612703956figure it out yourself


>>6127039561. no2. yes

>>612684841Looks worse than MW2019.Why was MW2019 the only good CoD since WaW/MW2?

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>last cod i played was black ops 1>get to mw 2019 two years ago>theres no soldiers in multiplayer, its all just random thug-looking mercenary dudeswhat the hell

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>>612703134Cod 1 through black ops 3 had perfectly fine footstep audio. Whatever's in the beta is fucking ridiculous

>>612704216what do you think soldiers are

>>612687003>listened to dumb-asses vehicle mains who demanded bigger and flatter mapsBased, Battlefield has always been a vehicle game.I loved flying the helis in the beta and obliterating ants, this time you actually could snag one and if someone took the one you wanted, you could ACTUALLY contribute with a transport too.Battlefield is fucking boring just being infantry

>>612703956>is it one of those games that really really want you to spend your entire free time on it with bullshit season pass/dailies/timed eventsThe passes really don't offer much of significance but they are turbo kikes about it. In 2019 it had absolutely nothing to do with score and was entirely based on playtime


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I hate the way the weapons sound they are like tin cans or something now

>>612691745It would be too hard for them to implement anyway

>>612704495thugs, yeah

>added even more visual recoil

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Sniping is fucking terrible in the beta Holy fuck. What the fuck are these retards doing

>>612704684>Sniping is fucking terrible in the beta Holy fuckGood

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