Goodbye Volcano High is kill?

Goodbye Volcano High is kill?

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>gayBut she has a human husband

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>>612683259the real game has been out for a while now

>>612683259You Chuds killed it by not being vaccinated and not using proper pronouns.

don't care post the BIG TITTY edits of this dino

Wasn't this shit basically announced when the PS5 got announced? and it STILL hasn't come out? my dude fucking BUGSNAX came out AND has a DLC expansion thing by now and it got announced at the same time

imagine getting mogged by Holla Forumsirgins lmao.

>>612683613It's been in development longer than Cyberpunk 2077

Who will win in the game development snail race?

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Cheers to Snoot Game.

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>>612683613furries only know how to grift, they can't actually release videogames.

>>612683259goodbye, volcano high...

>>612683259Huh? It's been out for well over a year now bro.

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>>612684643this looks like a pose sonic would do

>>612683259if it does, then 4chan wins. And that will kill the lgbts

>>612683259Goodbye Volcano H-ACK

>>612684643Are you talking about the fan game? I heard of anons making a fan game but don't know anything about tis progress or where to get it.

>you live in the timeline where a furry VN was announced as a PS5 launch title but got shelved because the lead designer is a fucking pedophile

I don't understand. It's not even a big budget giant open world game. It's literally just a VN. What the fuck is taking them so long?

>>612686762Main writer got cancelled and booted off awhile backFrom then on it was script rewrites and not being able to keep a team together

>>612686762Sounds like a lot of behind the scenes drama, which comes part in parcel whenever furries are involved.

>>612683613they fired the original writer for making harry potter porn, and then that fan game just burned their assesthat being said there's really no excuse for why it's not out yet, can't be that hard to make a furry VN

>>612687483furries are incomepetent, too many cooks spoil the broth, drama means nothing ever gets done, and they know they'd still get destroyed by snootgame if they ever finished it. Take your pick.

>>612686434The fangame was finished and released a while ago. Google "Snoot Game".

Imagine getting center stage at a sony event and then literally never release your product.Imagine getting btfo by a bunch of shitposters making a knockoff version of your game and managing to release before yours

>>612687219>Main writer got cancelled and booted off awhile backIs that the one chick who wrote some Harry Potter fanfic that got people freaking out for whatever reason? i remember people talking about it here back when the game was announced.

>>612683259Give me link to this videogame, please so i care enough.

>>612687726She had the smart idea of posting an article featuring Misty and Hermione porn pics on Kotaku

>>612683259>thought this already came out>turns out that was a fan game and this still doesn’t have a release dateHow in the fuck?

>>612687702>and managing to release before yoursWe'll never know for sure because GVH is vaporware but I still feel confident in saying the shitpost game had better writing too.

>>612683259It already came out though

>>612686762They're a bunch of sixth-rate hacks that couldn't handle working in any of the existing montreal tax havens, they'd've been lucky to make a functioning game for the ps1


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>>612687483>the original writer for making harry potter porn,it really is a generational thingonly people who were adolescents in the 2000s will understand

Does snoot game have porn yet?

>Announce retarded They/Them Deviant Art level shit "game">Scaly faggots on Holla Forums latch onto itWEAPONIZED_AUTISM.EXE INITIATED>Begin to make an actual attempt at a VN>It has soul and well thought out routes, with no cheap smut thrown in>Make it in less than a year and release it for freeYou niggers seriously should consider making your own games and get paid to do itYou're too talented for the Janny life

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I still can't believe some random furries ended up making a full VN based on the trailer for this game and released it for free before the actual game came out.

>>612690786AND pissed off the devs so much they basically gave up on the whole project and haven't released years later.

>>612690881I never saw any response from the devs to snoot game

>>612683613wait didn't the game come out a few years agoi thought i saw people talking about it

>>612684259christ roberts

>>612688445>She had the smart idea of posting an article featuring Misty and Hermione porn pics on Kotakuabsurdly based

>>612690948See above posts.Anons made a (really good) parody VN called Snoot Game.

>>612690934I don't remember if they ever directly addressed it but I'm fairly sure they instaban anyone who so much as mentions it in any official platform.

>>612690168>>612691103>You niggers seriously should consider making your own games and get paid to do it>You're too talented for the Janny lifegod damn it happened again

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>>612683613It's a scam being subsidized via Canadian government handout programs. And what little they had to push out a "minimum viable product" to not get sued for what they were advertising ended up being thrown out to be redone when the writer did some incredibly stupid shit on Kotaku.

That a group of Holla Forums autists managed to salvage such a shit idea with their own VN is still the best and funniest thing.

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>>612688445>>612691230Link to the article or at least the pics used? Was it even good porn?

>>612690168Its not that they/we cant do it. Its just that the world at large doesnt care for it at all. Why should we go through great lengths for a meager living when the industry and those in it will shut down, push down, and filter out any and all our efforts?Keep it to hobbyist and small time work only at best.

>>612691185Katakana Shojou was awful.

>>612691325>Why should we go through great lengths for a meager living when the industry and those in it will shut down, push down, and filter out any and all our efforts?you don't know that's what is going to happen

>>612683259jesus fuck this bitch is flat as fuck

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>>612691601Not them, but a game jam environment does not translate to actual business well.


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>>612691631Original Fang is absolutely

>>612691601Youre ignorant to the world around you.


>>612683259That was just the knock off of the real game that released a while ago.

>>612691631Yeah, it's great, isn't it?

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>>612691631>>612691892We can fix her!We have the technology!

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>>612692145>No purple trigger GF to fulfill her deepest forbidden human fantasies with

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>>612690168this board also tried to put together a spiritual successor to banjo kazooie and failed miserablyit doesn't work unless they are doing it out of spite or it's a VN, at least from what i have seen

>>612691320No. Why else did she get fired?

>>612691581You're right, kanji is much better

>>612692365needs a giant unshaven muff that creeps halfway up her abs

>>612692663Fuck off, go populate another thread with that shitty meme.

>Holla Forums released a meme parody vn faster than this game came out

>>612692663I have something similar to that, yes....

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>>612693568And with that I lea-Wait, wrong thread.

>>612692365>>612693463this is so blessed. Fuck I love these edits

>>612692365>nips in full viewSo this is the power of snoot game

>>612684259I have a lot more faith in GVH.

>>612692359It's amusing that there's nothing they can do about Snoot Game getting mentioned in the wikipedia article, and that alone probably does more damage than people who are already invested in GVH casually discussing it on their forums.

>>612684259This is a tough bet but I'm going with the dino game

>>612690168>>6126925344chan is always ready to use negativity as a weapon to achieve something positive.

>>612691320Here ya

>>612690168The makers of snootgame are making their own original

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>>612690168>You niggers seriously should consider making your own games and get paid to do itsweetie? they LITERALLY are making their own games RIGHT FUCKING NOW.Exit 666 (actual rpg that is literally on steam right now) and that other game featuring a disabled dino (spin off of snootgame, this one will be free I think).

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>>612700236No way fucking lmaoWhat’s cancel worthy in this by the way?

>>612700693>Exit 666 (actual rpg that is literally on steam right now)It doesn't come up when I search it, is it under a different title?

>>612700724>>612700724Resetera had a fit over the fictitious characters portrayed in itAnd in usual fashion in modern normalfag social climate the devs cavedThe new world is a big joke

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>>612686762They are trannies

didn't that one fangame literally have Spear from Primal as a character? lmao

>>612690168its only funny when its a shitpost

>>612700625Thanks doc

>>612700625is there porn?

>>612684259chris o' niell

>>612684259choby fonx

>>612700236>The ingredients are all there, but the cake is still a lie.>100% unironic cake is a lie """""""joke""""""""" in 2019Jesus MOTHERFUCKING ChristWho the fuck even are these people, how do you find people like this, its like if my 105 yo grandma wrote an article

>>612697879>Snoot Game getting mentioned in the wikipedia articleHuh, that's something.

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>>612684259Dani STACY Lalonda

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>>612684259Whoever is behind MMX Corrupted

>>612701242Yeah, he was the school principal

>>612700625Fucking worst ugly ass OC to come from that shit and they make it the main character.

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>>612701965only explanation is that its the main writer´s fetish probably his sister looks like that

>>612700625>>612701965>make the main girl a fat crippleI guess /ksg/ is still going strong

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Does Snoot Game have nudity/sex?

>>612702236Not really

>>612700693don't forget about project wingman. aka "no new ace combat? fine, we'll do it ourselves."

>>612702409What's the point of it then


>>612702624It's a surprisingly heartfelt game about two weirdos coming together (or not, there's several bad ends)

>>612701965Are they crippled because they're fat or what? Like, the Walmart kind?

Grab that snoot!

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>>612690168I'm trying to learn to code but with 0 success


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>>612690168>You niggers seriously should consider making your own games and get paid to do itI am, but making real, non-VN games takes a lot of time.

>>612683259>sony shilled indie gay furshir during the 2020 absolutr state of play, a flagship event (lol)>still hasnt released and likely never will>a Holla Forums fangame has completely blown their asses open so even if it does come out, GVH will forever live under the shadow of snoot gameThe shitposting is gonna be something alright

>>612683259I really couldn’t catch up with this shit. Can a kind soul give me a QRD about what happened with this game and is it in development hell?

>>612703814read the post above yours genius

>>612683613animating 2d rigs is hard

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>>612704475fuckin eggplant shaped broccoli bitch


>>612701965i like her and am going to rape her to the tune of robert fripp's the league of gentlemen's inductive resonance

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>>612704295I thought they were 3D models with cel shading?