Play Azur Lane

Play Azur Lane

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>>612680138already do, dumb essex poster, also cute gif

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>>612680884it's for haguro, says it right there

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>>612680884clearly for goth maid lovers, she was already a goth so they went with the next step


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I want Akagi to sink.

>stuck with either ERP threads or Essex threadsIt's tough being an Azur Lane fan

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>>612682049>t toot

>>612682657toot's based for wanting to sink akagi

Akagi a shit I agree

>>612680884U-47 already has a maid skin.

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>>612682523>being an Azur Lane fan

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>>612684746I'm tired of pretending that enjoying something is a bad thing.

I have been, grinding war archives to get blue prints for iris/vichiya blue prints. I got the new ur ship and the others don't jump out at me so.

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Post your boatfu

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>>612680138Post the webm


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>>612680138censored shit game


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>>612686031which one?

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>>612686216i wish i could take my retarded daughterwife bote on a nice trip

>>612686178THAT webm

>>612686608be more explicit

>>612686047god i fucking love pics like thesearms halfway up armpits fully visible sideboobs clearly definedthanks for the pic boatbro


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>>612680138Is this the thread?

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>>612686216Nice Yeah I've been lazy and not made more sorry

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>>612686663here's official art for you my fellow pitchad

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>>612686984i like my sex hardcore

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>>612687426>Hottest by FAR in her event>Shitty purpleEvery fucking time with this shit, Manjew.

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How good is the UR gun and who do I put it on?

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>>612688304I dunno, Lutzow was pretty hot.>>612688308It's meant for Musashi but a lot of the people who want perfectly timed ability + barrage synchronization prefer the gold one for the better reload iirc

>>612688308Ulrich. It's powerful but its reload time is utterly fucked.

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>>612688308its in a weird position were despite being fairly good, it also doesn't sync well with helenas procs so either put it on a bb wife, or Ulrich in an off flag position since reload times aren't a problem for her in that case

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>>612691806Thanks! I will put on Nelson then

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>>612686779What disaster level would Essex be?

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>>612694651for the nips pretty high since she was responsible for sinking a number of their ships during the later part of the war

>>612685076Being a slot machine in a banking simulation isn't to be enjoyed unless you're the dev/publisher.Gacha are not and will never be games.

>>612680138Play it for

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>>612685776My beloved Jeanne d'Arc.

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>>612680138I didn't get Musashi so I'll stop playing for a while desu senpai

I do but I don't play OpSi or EX, only hard content. Also still on world 13. I just enjoy raising and equipping my girls.

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>>612685776My one and only. Others call her useless but I find her endearing and very helpful.

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bros, i will never have sex.....

Fapped to tranny bulges again

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>>612699174you will never have sex

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>>612698924This one's on me, champ

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>>612697423>Indy enjoyerbased, her free steak skin is the best especially since her rigging gives a thumbs up>>612697650that is a shame, but at the same time you also have until the 5th of october to get her

>>612685776Nelson and it's always will be

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>>612700601Don't treat your wife so rough.

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>>612685776I love south dak

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>>612701702But she kind of like it

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>>612703703Just a little rough.

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