You should be able to solve this

you should be able to solve this...

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>>612676186it would help if you didn't post the fucking answer you dick weed.

if you have any high enough search score, or detect magic you'll know what's inside.

>>612676186I solve it by punching them in the face -- and asking for a question that isn't worded in the most retarded way possible and then asked to parse their retardation

I hate aerie

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>>612676186>(INT 2/9) Grant my wish or I'll shove you back in the lamp!

Accuse the genie of watching gay porn.

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>somehow nobody knows basic math

Prince is 20 and the Princess is 30.30+20 = 5050/2 = 2530-25=520-5 = 1515*2 = 30


>>612677337Explain plz :(

>>612676887There's a difference between asking a math problem and asking what's twice of a variable divided by the sum of another variable and itself if the double of sum was then tripled -- halve that, actually take that number and equate it to the half of a new variable and then take the sum of those numbers and subtract it from the original which is the square root of what? The math operations are easy, the intentionally annoying and nonsequential way it's presented is the hard part

>>612676186Caspere knew this

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>>612676186a princess is as old as the prince will be = Princess is older than princeWhen the princess is twice as old as the prince was = The pastWhen the princess's Age was half the sum of their present age = The princess must be younger after the sum20+ 30 = 50/2= 25Princess = 25Prince = 15A princess is as old as the prince will be when the princess's age was half the sum of their ageez

>>612678010which of the FOLLOWING is true

>>612678074That the poster below me is a faggot

oh lmao i remember playing this while on a afterglow of weed and gave up after like 10 minutes and guessed right

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what game is this?

>>612678458highlander 2

>Answer I surely don't know>Get the best reward

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A. Prince is 20, Princess is 30

>>612676186This wording makes me want to shoot my fucking brains out.

>>612676186Heya user it's me Imoen! Just a reminder that no playthrough of Baldur's gate is complete without the Imoen romance mod.

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>>612679064>romancing your sisterdisgraceful


>>612679064Is she supposed to look like Willow?

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>>612679375Fuck you.

>>612676186>their present age5.

>>612676186princess age is xprince age is y"Princess's age was half the sum of their present age" (1)x = 1/2(x+y)"Princess is twice as old as prince will be" (2)x = 2y"Princess is twice as old as the prince was when (1)" (3)x = 2(1)sox = 2[1/2(x+y)] and x= 2yso x/2 = yx = 2[1/2(x + x/2)]2[1/2(3x/2)]2(3x/4)x = 3x/22x=3x Fuck. I'm too brainlet.


>>612676186It's "3." "2." and "4." are automatically out because "when princess's age was half of the sum of their present age" would be higher than their supposed current age with that answer, which is a contradiction unless they can timetravel. I won't bother listing it here, but if you actually calculate it, it results in gibberish where they are both granny/gramps in their late 90s or the prince might have even reached 100, so those are out. FAIL. "1." is also wrong, see: 20+30=50; 50/2=25; 25-10=15; 15*2=30; 30-10=20; Princess=20, Prince=10; FAIL. "5.", i.e. same age likewise doesn't work, because: X+X=2X; 2X/2=X; X+0=X; 2*X=2X; 2X+0=2X; Princess=2X, Prince=2X; At first glance this would be perfectly fine, they just age proportionally, right? NOPE, wrong, it means that their present age is twice their present age, which... makes no sense whatsoever, i.e. it's a contradiction. FAIL. "3." is the correct answer: 30+40=70; 70/2=35; 35-10=25; 2*25=50; 50-10=40; Princess=40, Prince=30; SUCCESS. Tip: Try reading the problem "backwards" in chunks. Makes it much easier to comprehend.

>>612676186The princess isn't 12 or under so I don't care

>>612680531epic fail


>>612676186I savescum

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>every single one of you are fucking stupid

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>>612678458Baldur's Gate II

4. Princess is 20, Prince is 30

>>612681215shadows of amn

>>612681175your pathetic mathematics are useless

>>612681353berserker lvl 7/ mage level ?suck my simulacrum's dick

>>612676186>sum of their present age.i ignore the question and call out the genie for saying "age" instead of "ages."

>>612676186I am not smart enough to calculate the answer and I can admit that.But I am smart enough to know to not trust a Genie. I say I don't know and I leave.

the answer is in OP's picture. fucking retards

>>612681175Every single one of you *IS* fucking stupidIt would be are if he said "All of you" though.

>>612681820Of course it isbut which one is it?

>>612681820No shit, are you sure you're not the retard?

>>612681956it's the one with the thing

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>>612677196>>612677337>>612677386Not that user, but... >Explain plz :( You got it right up until >30+20 = 50 >50/2 = 25 But the next step is to see how old the prince was when the princess was 25, hence since the prince is 10 years younger than the princess in this scenario, it should be: >25-10=15 Then you double it again: >2*15=30 Though your way to reach there was weird you actually came to this right spot somehow anyway, so far so good, but you forgot to go from princess age to prince age in this "flashback" again, which results in the correct age for the princess: >30-10=20 Which means the princess is 20 here and the prince, who we established is 10 years younger than the princess is 10 years old. That contradicts the initial assumption, thus it's not the correct solution.

>>612676186they're of the same age

>>612682168have you ever killed an arch lich?

>f5>pick answer>f9 if wrong

I guess it's supposed to be solved like this?a = princess current ageb = prince current agec = age differencex = princess age when it was half the sum of their agesy = prince's age thenz = twice ym = prince's age will be when blahblahSo,c = a-b = 0(if same age), 10(if princess is older), -10(if princess younger)x = 1/2(a+b)y = x-c (needs to be minus otherwise would enter in contradiction with previous condition)z = 2ym = z-c (same sa before)a = mThena = z-ca = 2y-ca = 2(x-c)-c = 2x-2c-ca = 2x-3ca = 2(1/2(a+b))-3ca = a+b-3cb = 3cBut from here I don't know how to proceed, because if we assume the princess is older then we haveb = 30a = c+b = 10+30 = 40but if they're the same age then they're both 0 years old which is a valid answer and probably right?I dunno, I'm retarded

>>612683995The genie says>Which of the following is trueimplying that he gave you those optionsso the 0 answer doesn't fly

>>612683995hint: the question doesn't provide ANY constants, the only scenarios are scalar multiples, this means the question will reduce to something like "the same age"

>>612683995As I said in an earlier post: "3." is the correct answer (tracking back from end to beginning):30+40=70;70/2=35;35-10=25;2*25=50;50-10=40;Princess=40, Prince=30; SUCCESS. The "same age" solution fails because if their common age starts at X, then the "formula" leads to them being age 2*X each, which is a contradiction and makes it incorrect, since someone can't be both their own age and their own age doubled, unless it's some asspull bullshit like "both are just a few months old little babies and two times 0 is still zero, har har!". The other answers also fail to match the initial ages with the ones after throwing it through the formula. Hence it's "3.", the only case where it DOES match.

>>612683995>But from here I don't know how to proceedc=a-bSo b=3(a-b)b=3a-3bb=3a/4

>>612685052key word is "will be"

This is a really simple problem, and the answer is in the wording. If you look at it mathematically you'll see it boils down to P = PR = (P2=PR) where PR = P = (PR/2) + (P/2)The take away is the genie is just saying they're the same age in a roundabout way.

>>612676186Wait, this isn't a riddle, this is a junior high math test question

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>>612676186Can’t do it by head because I’m a brainlet but it easily solved when you put it down on paper.

>>612685286Yeah, but at best that key word only narrows it down to 1. and 3. You'd still have to check these two yourself.

Let A be the present age of the prince, and B be the present age of the princessWhen princess was half sum present age:Princess: (A+B)/2Prince: (A+B)/2 + (A-B)When princess was twice as old as prince's age then:Princess: (A+B) + 2(A-B) = 3A-BPrince 3A-B + (A-B) = 4A - 2BPresent, princes is as old as prince in previous step-> 4A -2B = B => 4A = 3BHence th prince must be 3/4th the age of the princess. The only option from the available that satisfies this is the one you highlighted which prince 30 and princess 40.

What the fuck is wrong with you? I knew it was 3 just from reading it and doing a quick process of elimination in my head. Took about 3 seconds...

>>612688012no way you read the entire paragraph in 3 secondscheckmate, atetits


>>612688012>user finds out he's good at something>gets mad at everyone elseI don't get it.

I cast fireball.

>>612693625I do that a lot, it comes from a place of self deprecation mixed with expecting more from people. You know it so you expect others to know it because there's no way you know something that other people can be incapable of knowing.

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>>612676186i attack the genie

>>612676186Damn, I can browse Holla Forums and study for the LSAT at the same time, thanks OP

>>612676621Fuck you.

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>>612676621my dick in her ass

I have such brainrot I cannot do simple math anymore. All I do at work is program. I come back home to eat and sleep, then repeat the process. I forgot all of my university education.

>game forces you to solve math problemsInstant 0/10, I'm playing games to have fun and relax. Yes, I'm a brainlet


>>612676186I solve it by savescumming, my game i'll do what the fuck I want

>>612676186The answer is to quicksave and choose the options one by one until you get the right outcome.

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>>612698576I fucked up all over the place with this. Deleting while I rethink it.

>>612676186>I surely don't question

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>>612684461It's simple logic, and the answer is C. If she is 40 now and he is 30 now, when he'll be 40 she'll be 50; when the princess was half the sum of their current age, she was 35, and he was 25; meaning that when the prince is 40 the princess will be double the age he was when her age was 35, which is 25x2, aka 50. Their current age can be only 30 and 40 among those numbers he gave. Or they could both be 0 years old, if you consider 0 to be a valid answer.

>>612698576>>612698873Wait, I had only mistyped a minus. The values were still right in my head and reached the same conclusion when fixed.There are 6 variables: Present Princess and Prince (NS & NP), Past Princess and Prince (OS & OP), and Future Princess and Prince (FS & FP). These 6 variables have a relationship like:OS - OP = NS - NP = FS - FPbecause, being ages, they'll always have the same difference.It gives the formulas:NS = FPFS = 2OPOS = (NP+NS)/2We can solve for OS in the difference formula (with N's) to get OS = NS - NP + OP. Plug that into the latter formula to getNS - NP + OP = (NP+NS)/22NS - 2NP + 2OP = NP + NSNS - 3NP + 2OP = 0NS = 3NP - 2OPorFP = 3NP - FSSolving for FP in the difference formula with N's, we getFS - NS + NP = 3NP - FS2FS = 2NP + NSorNS = 2FS - 2NP, then plugging for NS3NP - FS = 2FS - 3NP3FS = 6NPFS = 2NP (= 2OP)Stopping here, I realize NP = OP, thus also NS = OS. That meansNS = (NP+NS)/22NS = NP + NSNS = NPThey are the same age.This can be checked. Returning to an old line, we can rewriteNS = 3NP - 2OPasNS = 3NP - 2NP, thusNS = NPThey are both the same age.t. still a brainlet guessing blindlyAs a third check against the phrasing, their "future" ages are just twice their current/"past" ages. Half the sum of two presents is the present. When the princess is twice the age of the present, so will the prince be.

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>>612676186x=prince agey=princess ageprincess is 40 and the prince is 30man you guys are retarded

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>>612699892Why are you using "+" at the times the question says "when"?

>>612700042because it gives the right answer

>>612700065That's not a reason I can understand. That's the reasoning of pic related.

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>>612699891That doesn't work because it implies that the princess is both the same age and twice the same age of the prince at the same time. She is as old now as he will be when her age is twice their present age. It doesn't work even logically.

>>612676186It's impossible to figure out. Needs more information. Like knowing the age of the princess when her age was half the sum of their present ages.

>>612700169It doesn't say which of the following is true, it asks which of the following COULD be true. So you just plug the numbers and see if they respect the statement.

>Get answer wrong>Reload>Get answer wrong>ReloadEZPZ. I did this for Durlag's tower

>>612700123You're right, it violates the first given formula. But how did that happen? I want to figure it out without just guess & checking with the given answers. Which I should do now anyways.2 and 4 are impossible, leaving only 1, 3, and 5.>1DD = 30 - 20 = 10NP+NS = 50OS = 25OP = 15FS = 2OP = 30FP = 20NS = 20NS = 20 != 30, cannot be 1>3DD = 40 - 30 = 10NP+NS = 70OS = 35OP = 25FS = 2OP = 50FP = 40NS = 40NS = 40 = 40, can be 33 is the correct answer.>5S=P, assume NS=25DD = 25 - 25 = 0NP+NS = 50OS = 25OP = 25FS = 2OP = 50FP = 50NS = 50NS = 50 != 25, cannot be 5Working backwards is way too easy. But how do I do it forwards?

>>612700119if you can't figure out why then you should've paid more attention in school

>>612676186It's 1, right? I'm not reading the thread before posting just in case I'm retarded as I want it on record, but I think it's 1 with the information we're given.Feel free to call me retarded when I'm wrong.

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>>612703052I fucking hate mathematics and I would like to reiterate that I fucking hate riddles.I wish I weren't retarded.

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>>612702873It's 1 until you realize you are looking for the prince's agethen you realize it's 3

>>612701095You can't work forwards, it's a linear equation in two variables that accepts infinite pairs of solutions, which means you will never get the raw numbers. What you can to is simplify the equation and plug the solutions given by the problem (aka which of the following COULD be true, as said in the question's text), and see if they solve the equation.Princess' age is X, prince's age is Y. Their age difference is X-Y, and it's constant. If you translate the statement into variables, you get:X = 2[(X+Y)/2 - (X-Y)] - (X-Y); when the princess was (X+Y)/2 the prince was [(X+Y)/2 - (X-Y)]; when the princess is twice as old as this age, she will be 2[(X+Y)/2 - (X-Y)], if you subtract the age difference again, you get the prince's age when the princess is that age, and the prince's age is the princess' current age.X = 2[ -1/2X + 3/2Y ] - X + YX = -X +3Y -X +Y3X = 4YIf you plug in 40 as X and 30 as Y, it will be an acceptable pair of solutions. None of the other pairs offered are a valid solution, aside from 0 and 0, if you're willing to consider 0 an age.

>>612679214She shares no DNA with Hero.

>>612676186>riddlesI solve it by shoving my longsword up the genie's butthole

>>612703327>You can't work forwardsNo, you did exactly what I was asking. Thank you. The trick I was missing was incorporating the difference as you switched off persons, rather than trying to plug them in. Again, thank you, I get it perfectly now.

>>612703635Yeah i worded it badly, what I meant is that working forwards will not give you the raw numbers but it will give you the correct rule to check if the answers are valid

>>612676186there must be an easier way to word this.i understand it was meant to be a riddle, but still.

Holla should be able to solve this easily

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>>612703818It's an easy problem purposefuly worded in the most confusing way possible to fuck you up

>>612676186It has to be 30 and 40. The sum of their ages being 70, halved being 35 means the prince was 25. Doubled that is 50, and since there’s a 10 year gap between them, when the Princess if 50 the prince will be 40, satisfying the beginning of the question. Worded like shit, but it’s a genie, so probably on purpose.

>>612703818It's only bad when said aloud. When written, you just have to work backwards>the past princess's age was half the sum of the prince and princess's present ages>find the past prince's age at that same time>the future princess's age will be twice as old as that>find the future prince's age at that same time>the present princess is that age.

>>612703905B and D, case closed

>>612703905this is the only one of these images I have seen without blatant bullshit trick

>>612703905if a c e are troomoos then there are 3 troomoos which kills the prompt so it has to be d and b

>>612704103Nope try again user>>612704274Come on user...

>>612676186>doesn't have muscle memoryThe entire conversation is 3-3-3

>>612704103I second this. C is the odd one out and if it’s telling the truth, then so is A. Because of A’s statement, D is a liar, which means that E is not a liar. That’s more than 2 so it can’t work. If C is lying, that means B isn’t lying, and also means D isnt, since D correctly calls E a liar for calling B a liar.

Well, Holla Forums?

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Holla Forums...

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>>612704331If A is a Troomoo, D is a Nowhey, E is a Troomoo, B is a Nowhey, C is a Troomoo. Troomoo: 3 Nowhey: 2, this is inconsistent with the fact that there have to be 2 Troomoos and 3 Nowheys.This goes on cyclically if you assume one of either A, C, E to be a Troomoo, as they reference each other cyclically. So if you take either B or D as a starting point, you get B and D as Troomoos every time, while the others are Nowheys, which is consistent with the fact that there have to be 2 Troomoos and 3 Nowheys. Nigger.

>>612703905>the third and fifth cow look similarthose are the troomosez

>>612676621Aerie is basically a loli with an adult woman body.

Okay Holla Forums, let's give this one a shot...

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>>612703905>ClaimA=TB=NC=ND=NE=N>Sequential correctionA=TB=NC=TD=NE=TI wish it could stop here.>Reverse sequentialA=NB=TC=ND=TE=NOh fuck, got it in 2.A, C, and E and Nowhey cows.

>>612704478It's a fucking bell, someone else struck it. No fault with the mechanism if it's a person doing it manually after the 12th strike.

>>612704782A, C, and E are*** Nowhey cows.

>>612704812ding ding ding

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>>612676621Aerie starts off awful but by the time of ToB she is literally crushing your dick every night

>>612676186x-y=d(x+y)/2=XX-d=Y2Y-d=x0 for both worksas does 30 and 40

>>612704768Are you allowed to angle the shot?

>>612704768I'll assume it's a matter of basic trig, going at an angle and completing it in a triangle shape. Probably 2 puts in that case.

>>612704940You are!