Nooooo! our Blackrock funded woke media brainwashing tool was leaked!


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>>612676041They have to, because they have to justify their wages.

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>>612676389they can't keep it in the long run, they are gonna barely do it to the great reset and their cities will be destroyed after it due to their incompetence.

>>612676389>The movie with zero advertisement, multiple detailed infanticide, mother-son incest, gore at point of building statues of arms and legs, and a lot of long sex scenes don't have pull on the average viewerOh gee, shockingMeanwhile one of the most profitable movies in history:

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>>612676389Get the fuck off my website, you anti-White shill.

>>612676389The most recent proof that Get based be praised.Always make your females white.Always make your protags white.Always ignore women.Always pander to the 99% white

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>>612677417>he post an AMERICAN movie with mostly jews, blacks, asians and not a single european actorMeanwhile actual films BASED in Europe kek

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>>612678127Go be anti-European somewhere else, kike. Pretty sure Twitter is more your speed.

>>612678127>>612678245>desperately brings the utter shit europoor (without energy now) movies>despreately "muh jews" when the audience will only see white people and BECAUSE OF THATwant to give them moneyCope, shit, and piss yourself.

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>>612678245>he's shilling for big banks completely free of chargeYou deserve to be executed cartel-style.

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>>612678245what's a WOG?

>>612676041Why did the GTA Megathreads stopped? Did they got nuked?

>>612678331>tried to argue MUH white people>infact most of his recent films about MUH white people solely flopped>had to resort to an American film that has nothing to do with white culture with a diverse cast because his all white euro films couldn't stack upkek

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>>612678245If you remove the Ns, it will not weight a needle in the totalAlways losing, always used, always dancing for mastahAlso: Lmao, black on black crime over The women King showing uneducated people who were the biggest slavers of all

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Go be an anti-White leftoid piece of shit somewhere else; you're not wanted here.

>>612678653>he shills for big banks>he's an anti-White leftist piece of garbage>he does it for freeI sincerely hope you die.

>>612676041>Buzzword buzzword buzzword

>>612678653>m-m-uh northmanObviously your ilk can't read (or is just being dishonest) -> >>612677417meanwhile blacks have to threaten (shocking I know) people to see their movies.The absolute state of black cinema KEK

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>>612678127>king arthuroh that movie with the nigger lancelot and marvel magic powers?

>>612678702Infact you tried to argue against the N's but posted an N that grossed more than your self insert movie lmao

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>>612678912>>he shills for big banks>(((banks)))Its in their genes to bow down to ((()))

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Neat i dont get to post this one oftem>SJW MOVIES AND TV SHOWS THAT BOMBEDWatchman tv showlast 2 star wars movies (solo and skywalker)Ghostbuster remakeOceans 8Charlie angels remakeTerminator dark lesbiansMen in Black: InternationalWrinkle in TimeDoctor WhoBlack Christmas(2019)The terror: season 2Sense8Cloak and daggerBirds of preyDark PhoenixBatwoman seriesStar Trek PicardRaya and the last dragonTomb raider 2018Lovecraft CountryThe Owl HouseBlack WidowNO TIME TO BONDStar Trek DiscoveryNETFLIX BEBOPDISNEY SIDE STORYPowerpuff live action - Before launchingCruelaHaloLightyearMiss KebabBatgirl Movie = Before launchingBatwoman movie = Before launchingLegends of cancelation = Before launchingNaomi = Before launchingBlacked Canary = Before launchingFirst KillPolitically-Correct Hazard Wheel of timeKing Arthur legend of the swordBlack annieEternalsDR WhoamanWW1974CinderellaKenobiSJW movies that sold well>THE LAST OF US II>LORD OF DA RANGS>BIG RED REVENGEANCE Gilete lost 8 BILLION dolarsWarner lost 20 BILLION dolarsNetflix lost 40 BILLION dolarsBLACKROOT LOST 1.7 T-T-TRILION DOLARS in 4 months>Get based be gracedSonic The HedgehogSnyder CutDemon slayerAngry BIRDS The movie.300RAMBO: LAST BLOODSanic 2Battle Angel AlitaTOP GUN 2>jurassic world 3???

it's almost like marketing works

>>612679031You mean the half N that accepts literally ANYTHING?LMAOI know, your people are used to doing the most lower of lower jobs.

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Is this the schizo thread?

>>612676389>This immediately triggers all the whiteys

>>612676389Funny, blacks on Twitter looked up the history of dahomey tribe, were less than pleased to find out they were big time slave traders and that the movie tried to rewrite them into the good guys.

>>612679245And still can't win against a washed up sexagenarian with broken shins reviving a 30 year old one shot, non-franchise movieLMAO

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>>612678952>your ilkPeak chud. Absolutely boiling that your vikingcels got absolutely destroyed by a bunch of black women lmao

>Be Indian>Hack British Company>Get put into American PrisonI don't understand how this works

>>612679340>some random twitter transkys

>>612676041OP>I’m crying into the abyss >I hate myself >god why won’t cute women respond to me on discord

>>612679317and they prove what the target demographic want

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>>612679317It does, it's just warm up for when Wakanda Forever drops then the real whitecel shit storm begins. But Woman King absolutely shitting on Northmancel has been a good apetizer

>>612679340its not only on the streets that the black on black crime gets really violent lol

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>>612679101>SJW movies that sold well>LORD OF DA RANGSHow did it sell well if you didn't need to pay for it? If you were an already pre-existing customer of amazog, and had amazog prime, you could watch it with no additional cost. Great list otherwise

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>>612679675>>612679101actually rings of power got amazon to panicthey are even hiding previous advertisements and considering recasting galadriel

>>612679317Leftoids deserve to be flayed alive for what they talk about.>>612679605>>612679417>anti-White leftoid who unironically shills for big banks and shitty movies is also incelophobicGet off my fucking website. I sincerely hope you get terminal cancer.

Holla Forums - Video Games

>>612679605Oh i fucking love the Women KingIt shows how much slavery was part of the black, and how much blacks captured, tortured, and sold each other to the mastahNothing in this planet opened more eyes to how brutal the black slaving black was than this movie

>>612676389>lets pick an enemy to fight!>sure! how about god?lmao

>>612679675There's no such thing as sjw movies ALL movies are created by the left. All movie funds from all on the list are going directly to lib Jews no matter what. You want to see rightwing movies, that's Daily Wire. And they're shit and don't even get theatrical releases

>>612676247First post best post

>>612679675>Great list otherwiseDo remember that this is the guy whose SJW vidya list does not include RDR2 and CoD Cold War even with it's nonbinary option.

>>612676389>Woman King>a movie about black warrior women fighting the evil white man>literally the most SJW movie you could possibly makehow did this board predict the future like 10 years agono I didn't watch the movie but that's what the trailers told me it was

>>612679920Northman showed that too. But the one with the Black women performed better :D

>>612676041Holy shit, damage control is in full force. Look at these replies, they glow

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Go back to Twitter where your anti-White hate speech is tolerated.

>>612679920>so that means its okay we did it tooYou are not a sane person.

>>612679752>they are even hiding previous advertisements and considering recasting galadrielShe should be a 9 foot tall wizard who thinks the girl power adventure fighting is completely beneath her.

>>612680160No, blackrock owns this board too

>>612680181Obviously you don't have brains to understand the point.Shocking...

The FBI is too busy molesting children and entrapping whites for jews to do this

>>612680141Fuck off, you anti-White piece of garbage.

>>612680226The jews already own everything, all of this is just controlled opposition. You really think I'm a human and not a bit?

>>612679101All of this is garbage pink capitalism and Ashkenazi globalist propaganda.

>>612680326You don't have to be anti-white just to make fun of how easy it is to make you blow a gasket.

>>612680141Oh yes, with Viola threatening the entire country. Like you people usually do!Just don't step on my Maryland Winery, ok darkie?

>>612680269No you don't understand his point, because no matter what shady tribe existed it will never change what you did and it will never change you from being the main target. You will pay. Blackrock ensures it

>>612680226You're not wanted here, you genocidal piece of shit.

I think half of this thread is schizo OP talking to himself. Take a break from the internet. Faggot.

>>612679596Tranime garbage and propaganda for transhumanism. Trannies watch this shit

>>612680471>what you did>slavery equals only white mastahStill couldn't get the point that the nigs on twitter got. Damn you are really low bro.


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>>612680465>we went to see a movie because an actress made a comment in an articleWhoa damn, I didn't realize that all a person had to do to make a movie successful is to tell people to go see it lmao. No wonder blackrock is succeeding so well against total imbeciles

>>612680226Oh (((they))) own a lot of stuff. Specially a specific group of people...But this people seems to be destined to be their slaves. Forever.

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>>612680609nta what did they say

>>612680581What clued you in, the zero-effort borderline childish arguments, or the same baseline images and posts being lined up like in every other Holla Forums thread these days?

>>612680672>against total imbecileshahah agreed my friendleftists are the most retarded people on the planetExcept when you arrive on their 50 million mansions island. Then they wake up to remove the stains in less than 24h.

>>612680839You mean they relocated the latinos to the correct processing facility after clothing and feeding them, after conservatives sent literal children across the country under lies that they are now getting destroyed over in their state media like the chuds they are

>>612677774btw this article is complete bullshit and trigger never said that

Riddle me this one.If Jews are all powerful and control everything, why are white people the master race? Shouldn't the Jews be the master race?

>>612680839The left and the right both support Ashkenazi Jews and Israel Zionist globalist propaganda.

>>612676041>YOU WILL PAY!!!Why don't they just pay? 100 grand is nothing to a AAA developer.

I thought Rockstar was a Black Life Matters supporting organization? Why would they actively be working with organizations that oppress Black and Brown communities and delegitimize their lived experiences?

>>612676041Don't care, still preordering GTAVI.

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>>612679407you cant beat Xenu's Avatar

>>612681169Because the jews are all-powerful with all the money in the world, but their genes are defective and they know this, that they can never attain the light of God and the good genes that whites have. Their genes have been destroyed by centuries of inbreeding and a genetic-level malice and hatred and just plain satanic influences that left them degenerate. They hate the White because they know the White is human, while they are not.Besides, you should know full well that every enemy ever needs to be both incredibly powerful and hilariously incompetent at the same time. If you just sell them as powerful, eventually people will get demoralized, you always need to find some avenue of superiority.

>>612681295Really makes me think.

>>612681169Whites are not the master race, and blackrock proves it. Which race claims to be the master race, but finds themselves always copying the other races in some fashion? Which race claims to be the master race yet constantly cucks out to others and gets manipulated. Which race claims to be the master race, yet constantly allows minority groups to defeat them disproportionately. Do you think blackrock would have been this successful is whites were truly 4D chess race, nope. Nope.

>>612681169>age like shit>just as susceptible to the sun and its ailments as Whites and fairer-skinned Asians>most prone to severe mental illnesses>highest amount of Neanderthal DNAThe idea of a master race is bullshit.

>>612679407He's honestly been making scientology a very appearling option as opposed to the poison of jews.

>>612681434>straight up sucking Jewcock at this pointJews are schizophrenic Neanderthals.

>>612681169Because like because like because fuck you. Also nigger.

>>612676041Better hope he was behind 7 proxies.

>>612681509>the posion of jewsHis adopted son btw>chuds unironically self inserting one of our agents

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i haven't heard of either movies until this thread. Also >supporting absolutely anything coming out of Hollywood.

>>612681415>dah genesClearly the Jews have superior genes for ruling. White people should learn their place as a slave race.

>>612681619>schizophrenic Not there yet, thankfully.I'm just waiting for my geneology exam to be done, so I can get my Blackrock Starter Fund. Just in time too, utility prices have been increasing across the board where I live.

good thing that millions of dollars in tax money goes to chasing after some dude who copied some info meant for entertainment from a giant corp funded by hedge funds! just goes to show you that jews truly are the most oppressed minority today and that we need to protect israel at all costs. see you in americas city!

>>612681169>whites>practice Christianity, a religion about helping everyone you meet and being kind to others, even if they aren't Christians themselves>basically the race of people with the greatest amount of empathy and greatest desire to create good in the world>have created every major invention that has improved human beings' quality of life over the last 300 years>jews>hate all non-jews>take their moneywho would you rather have in charge user?

>the anti-White shill has now started sucking jewcock

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>>612681902>practice Christianity, a religion about helping everyone you meet and being kind to others, even if they aren't Christians themselves>basically the race of people with the greatest amount of empathy and greatest desire to create good in the worldMost white Christians I meet are intensely selfish.>have created every major invention that has improved human beings' quality of life over the last 300 yearsCitations needed.

>>612679675>>612679752it got like 20 million viewersit would be petty on my part to say it was not a success

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>>612681434This guy simps for jews lol

>>612681902>whites>dying out>practice a brown faith>basically the race of people with the most cucks>muh 1700s invenshunzNo one cares retard. Every European country today is mostly a stagnant homosexual paradise. The USA has led "the west" in terms of innovation for decades now, and the moment the USA is taken out. Asians assume control, because Europeans aren't doing much of shit in terms of space exploration or travel or advancing technologies, it's majority asians vs americans with little euro input. Asian trains mog European trains. Europeans can't even beat South Korea's video game market. This is why blackrock was able to own you so easily.

>>612681939>just oneBlackrock has many agents

>>612682159>not simping for a race that's winning

>>612676041>>612676389>>612677090>>612677771>>612677774>>612677975>>612678145>>612678245>>612678258>>612678331>>612678738>>612678952>>612679034>>612679101>>612679838>>612680160>>612680226>>612680284>>612680326>>612680471>>612680513>>612680839>>612681204>>612681415>>612681619You are a schizophrenic Holla Forumsincel that rants and moans about blackrockYour mother is a vixen that pants and moans when she thinks about my blackcockWe are not the same

>>612680024ive added RDR2 to the movie list and you are STILL whining about it

>>612682219oh boy I can't wait to live in the dystopian bug person future

>>612681845Fuck off, cocksucker. Kike genes are Neanderthal genes and you deserve cancer for what you talk about.>>612682219Go be an anti-White simp for kikes somewhere else.

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>>612681046>t.isn't it a school night for you timmy?

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>>612682407To be honest, whites SHOULD die out just so they don't have to experience it.

>>612682420You will fund the next blackrock project and you will fund GTA VI as well. Fight it if you must, blackrock always gets what it wants

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>>612682420>oh no the truth scares meSo white people are only the master race in an imaginary world where were we ignore genetics. White people are pathetic as fuck, no wonder you keep losing.

>>612681662and 3 firewalls

>>612676389Love doing this when I see shitty bait

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>>612676389Go back to Holla Forums we don't give a fuck about hollywood trash here

>>612681336Based preorderer. I’m preordering payday 3 whenever it’s coming out.

>>612682783>>612682645I can't tell whos baiting who anymore.

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>>612682783Nice try white boy, but as God's chosen people, it is our right to rule.

>>612682831The replies show otherwise, blackrock transcends media and boards

Hey, if you want to be a genocidal anti-White piece of shit, then fuck off to Twitter your hatred is tolerated.

>>612682783You do know that gifs don't autoplay? Of course you don't, you're a dummy white boy. You aren't made for thinking, Just obeying orders.

>>612682315I thought you said you wouldn't add it because people were mean to you :,)

>>612683003Nice try goy, but we can post wherever we want and there's nothing you can do about it.

>>612682935Usually you can be fairly sure that whoever is getting madder with every post is the one getting baited.

>>612682971Who the FUCK are you calling "boy", motherfucker?

>>612682702Oh yeah can’t forget about that. Also need a stolen laptop, neighbors WiFi(cause watching your neighbor get partyvanned is fucking hilarious).

>>612682971Which god? Or goddess, even? If one exists, then they all do.

>>612683026i said i wasnt going to add it untilk you asked nicelyafter you ask nicely i've addedyou are welcome

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>>612683003Or what?

>>612683127Be a good goy and calm down. Don't make me import another 10,000 african refugees.

>>612683127You white boy. Now be quiet, you aren't kept around for your opinions.

>Faggots hyped for GTAO 2Embarrassing

>>612683017I don't have to do a goddamned thing for you. Go to Hell.>>612683069You think you're hot shit, don't you?

>>612683180My dude, last time you were specifically whinging that you wouldn't add it precisely because people in the thread kept telling you to add it.

>>612683283and i've only added once they asked nicely

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>>612682783As a high ranking blackrock agent. I personally have the power and the authority to flick my hand, and increase the percentage of homosexuals within any given country within the white race. Just a swift nod, and Eric will be on the job. You cannot do anything to stop us, as we'll turn your own populace and minorities against you, and that's the beauty of it. We can be rid of you whenever we please. You are a toy.

>>612683273What are you gonna do about it? I've hired a minimum of 5 shills to spam anti-white propaganda, and the mods let me do it. That's just a privilege we jews have.

>>612683273>I don't have to do a goddamned thing for youYou already are you dummy. White people are really stupid.>go to hellThat is where you are going for being a bad boy.

>>612683208You think you're fucking funny, neanderthal?>>612683217I'M A FUCKING MAN AND I COULD KICK YOUR ASS IN A FIGHT

>>612676041>playing GTA is brainwashingGo to bed, Tipper Gore.

>>612683273You do not understand the sheer power you're up against, child.

>>612683389Show flag schlomo


>>612683450>IM A FUCKING MANNo you are not, and you would lose hilariously in a fight. White people do that all the time.

>>612683450We jews are known for our humor. All the best comedy writers are jewish. Larry david, mel brooks, w*ites cannot keep up with our sharp wit.>>612683501>he thinks he has the authority to give an order to a member of the tribeWishful thinking.

>>612681902last time I checked they were invading random peoples around the world though

jesus christ this is barneyfag levels of schizo

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>>612683654>Gets put into a camp

>>612676041OP is a nutcase.jpg

it was a man named samsam hyde infiltrated the rockstar hq and leaked the source code

>>612683273You will do whatever we say. And you will be purchasing a ticket to Wakanda Forever and contribute to it reaching 2 billion

>>612683814>white boy loses his mind over being called inferior>4chan, always finding ways to bait idiots all change tactics right away>dumbass keeps raging You might be new around these parts, but this is normal behavior.

>>612683915That's right, never forget the six million. Thankfully we were able to get whites to die for us (and still do lol)

>>612676389All these faggot whitecels mad about the truth. White women will be cummed inside by black cock. Trans people will continue to be validated. What’s that, this makes you mad? Sorry I can’t hear you over the pronouns selector in Wo Long a game from Japan.We won ;)

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>>612683915Wait I thought the camps didn't exist or were just holiday resorts for jews and barely anyone died? Which story are we even going with?

>>612683915>gets cucked by a black man despite never having a gf>falls into spiraling depression>kills himself faster than a tranny

>>612684042not an oldfag by any means but this retard is blatantly samefaggingits to such a degree that it just reminded me of him

Attached: b9FnqNeV_400x400.jpg (400x400, 18.04K)

>>612684095>>612684120>>612684151Pissed off the whole jidf office

Attached: 1663538473022719.jpg (1024x766, 88.24K)

>>612684369>powerless whitoid thinks he can stop us by posting on an imageboardLOL

>>612684301I can guarantee you that there are at least two people doing this posting, and then maybe three.

>>612684509lightskin blacks will fall to the true dark skin

>>612684509Your shitposts are too obvious, faggot

I can't tell who's trying to outjew who itt

>>612680028Except the SJWs hate it because the black warrior women are slaveowners fighting white people that make them want to stop selling slaves.

>>6126760411. there is no hacker or leaked files2. its all a marketing stunt3. the game is already finished and just wrapping up for 2024

>>612682297I guess some people like you are just born to suck cock

Subversive traitors are the great filter

>>612676041Why is the FBI involved, I thought they only dealt with terrorism.

>>612684369Look at em, cornerd like a pig. I love it when they realize how little power they have, even here. With a flick of my wrist, I can have any future daughter of yours thirsting for minorities and NBA players

>>612684990you're thinking homeland security

>>612676389Both movies are shit. You should try Godard for a change.

>>612684990They're more like federal cops.

>>612685000You're a shabbos goy larping as a jew

>>612685153No I just think you can’t cope with the fact that you lost and the Jews won. We’ll always blame you for all the problems in the world yt. Just gonna have to cope are blow your faggot brain out Lmao

>>612685153Believe whatever you want, you can't stop us.

>>612685084Federal terrorists. Ask Randy Weaver.

>>612680513If you don't like it here then don't come here. Maybe Twitter is more your speed. Fuck off faggot

>this entire fucking thread

Attached: 1634025326752.gif (600x600, 2.56M)

>>612685360Anon, you are wasting your time talking to me. But i appreciate the attention

>>612683814Oh, you’re still asleep, okay

>>612685360why are you pretending to be a kike?

>>612685815Because it's funny.

>>612680154Thanks Doc

>>612685924grow up

>>612676041>Blackrock fundedDon't they only have like 1% of taketwo?

>>612685660>>612685815>u-u-uh guys haha I totally don’t care what a strange cope. this might be the most buck broken shit I’ve ever seen from a whitecel.

>>612685815Because it made someone rage.That is all.

>>612686019>get mad at me pleasedumb nigger

>>612686019I was going to say something about fucking your daughters little ass earlier, but its too late now


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>>612686143>still seething

>>612682309based/pol/ ruined this site by letting the schizos make their nests in it

>>612686223implying these weird faggots will ever have children

>>612686223>white>is a pedochecks out. glad you're getting genocided


>>612680701The greatest spin in the history

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So is there any info on how the game plays? I've always hated how you moved after IV, and I was hoping that they improved on that a bit. Haven't been seeing much talk about the gameplay other than plot and music.

Attached: 1661732522160453.gif (391x277, 1.89M)

>>612676247Fuck RDR2 for referencing this and ruining it. It was a great speech that fit the themes of the 1st game's story and was foreshadowing for the finale, but apparently it was just another of Dutch's cons? Fuck Rockstar. You get what you fucking deserve.

>>612687643Class warfare is a European thing and no American has ever identified with it deeply, the two dividing lines in American culture have always been race and religion and within the last thirty or so years the urban/rural divide. Americans will never ever ever fully embrace an even semi socialist system, part of the reason unionism died in the US is because what can be called the American left adopted anti racism stances in the 1960s and the white working class firmly decided they'd rather be paid less and work longer than share it with a black person, this is just history as it happened

>>612687643capitalists pushing the race divide is powerful.The banks put on token efforts to appeal to liberals, who are the majority in the country to keep them happy. Liberals are very dumb and easy to appease, tell them capitalism works, you are on their side, that the left and right are dumb, and you have a very obedient idiot.

>>612679101Kek nice based list. Lots of seething going on here now

>>612688180Even before banks and mass media had major pull over society you had people who knew that their progenitors were trying to separate them based on class and race but didn't care. Is it really so hard to believe Americans as a society went "I genuinely prefer poverty over a group I hate doing well?" Have you never had this like of thinking in your life? Sometimes it is more rewarding to have pride than anything else, and who cares if you don't have access to the wastefulness of the rich anyway

>>612684103his post was deleted but not yours, typical, welcome to redchan

>>612677975Video. Games.Goddamned cultists all around and neither side can see the forest for the trees.

>>612688649Yeah, Video games, being ruined. But god forbid you talk about it on a video game board. Fuck you.


>>612679101>Black Christmas(2019)That was "woke?" Never saw it. In any event I think people didn't for the same reason: it's a bit of a niche film as a Christmas horror movie.

>>612678245Take that the fuck back about my waifu Phoenix

>>612682309Stop thinking about black dicks all days and accept who you are: not black, and most definitely not a woman

I am a rebel who fights against the evil empire which is why I have the same political views as Ron DeSantis and Mitch McConnell

>>612679130>the half NAll or nothing, coward. If you're going to be a racist that, at least come out and say it. Accept the ban as a point of pride or some garbage, do whatever, but if you HAVE to be an asshole, don't do it like a middle schooler afraid to cuss in front of the adults. We're adults here.But before all else: video games. This post has fuck all to do with them.

>>612689141Gas jews?

>>612688007Dutch's last speech is the only time he's ever 100% honest, he finally admits he's an outlaw because he's an outlaw and not necessarily for any grander purpose. The problem is when he draws parallels between his own predation on modern society and the predation of modern society itself, attempting to bootstrap some kind of morality off of "everybody does it" when that's the last thing RDR2 dutch would ever give a shit about.

>>612689141You realize literally everyone on the “right” hates Mitch right? He’s a leftist hack.

>>612692185You will thank him ten years from now when you have a conservative supreme court and the Trump/boomer populism movement is over


>>612678145>>612677774>>612677771>>612677417>>612677090>>612676247wot was the deleted post, eh?

>>612692286No? Hopefully he’ll be dead by then.

> Using tax payer money to prop up your shitty company.kek

>>612678474Western Originated Gentlemen, ie: non anglo whites. In other words he got it wrong. That bitch looks like an anglo mutt to me.

You enjoying selling your soul for (You)'s?

>>612694483>making fun of the lesser stock is selling your soulwhy are whitecucks like this?

>>612694483>selling your soul Tourists take 4chan way too seriously, holy shit.

Legit don't get why this shit blew up so much, it showed game stuff but barely fucking anything to make headlines

>>612676041Why would the FBI and the DOJ be involved when Rockstar is a British company and the hacker is from India or wherever?

>>612695694Where is T2 located?

>>612684813>2. its all a marketing stuntYes. Tank your stock prices and look like you have paper thin cyber security for funsies lol. Seems like the best way to go about things. Very common in the industry.

>>612698480don't forget to let the intern claim affiliation with another breach as well. that is always a good PR campaign

>>612676041>B-B-B-BLACOCKI swear to god you fucking faggots heard of one mediocre investment firm and built an entire delusional worldview around it. Unironically go outside so you can help reduce the number of terminally online brainwashed kikes in the world.

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>>612682078According to Amazon. Also, even if you believe that number, it’s a small fraction of the number of people who subscribe to their service, and it was the only original series made available at the time as the latest season of The Boys ended months ago. Ask yourself how many people who you personally know who have claimed to be watching it. Who talk about it actively. I don’t know anyone watching it, and I know a couple of libcuck Tolkien fans. I do see some people talking about that new House of the Dragon thing, and that is on a service far fewer people have access to.

>>612701164>Mediocre investment firmIt is literally the largest in the country and lost almost two trillion dollars over the past six months.

>>612701271Sounds pretty mediocre user.

>>612684990When Valve was hacked by a German citizen years ago Valve conspired with the FBI to lure him to America with promises of a job in cybersecurity but plans to actually just arrest him at the airport. German authorities found out about it and put a stop to it. They didn't care much for the Americans attempting to trick an underage German into entering American territory so they could throw him in jail because he hacked a video game company.

>>612701549I thought he did get to the U.S. and was arrested?

>>612698334New York so I guess if it was really relevant to the jurisdiction of the FBI maybe they would help, but they're also a holding company and I dunno how this stuff works.

>>612701619No, Germans arrested him in Germany. They didn't extradite him. Charged locally. Relatively light penalty compared to what the Americans wanted to do. Apparently the FBI lied to the Germans about what was going on and they really didn't appreciate that.

>>612681169'Master race ' is a made up jew term stemming from mistranslating german

>>612676041They called the FBI and DOJ? lmao faggots. I hope the hacker dumps the source code.

>>612681169They call themselves the chosen race not the master race.

>>612682971God's chosen people are the ones who believe in Christ in the first place. You killed the Messiah and cursed yourselves and your children until His return. You are the children of the devil, literally.t. christian semite

>>612702609nh. christ id a heathen who turned on his brethren for clout, and your bible is fanfiction of the true testament.

>>612678653OK . Then ask Black women to watch it . There are significant number to make it hit.


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>>612688782Says the loser nearing 30. What's the last video game you loved? Just consider that you're getting older. These ugly truths were always present, you're just too old to ignore them now. And the big fact is: video games are literally for kids, you're just too stupid to get new, more adult oriented, hobbies

>>612702609Jesus Christ was a jew. Christianity 101.

>ACAB until you get robbed yourselfcurious

>>612676041lmao, Fink, that dirty jew, and his Blockrock can get fucked.

>>612676041Why are the glowniggers involved in videogames?

>>612678474Western Oriental GentlemanA fucking Italian

>>612702864I’m not disagreeing you but what’s considered an adult oriented hobby? I mean I have these thoughts a lot and I’m already a little past 30 I don’t want to drop vidya but I do not want my life to be centralized around it anymore, My only other hobby is art and I don’t even know if that counts

>>612702864Not that user, I'm 37, but for this year here are the newly released games I really enjoyed: >Elden Ring>TMNT Shredder's Revenge>Destroy All Humans 2! Reprobed (may not count, but I had only played the first game at the time that these originally came out)>Ragnarock (VR rhythm game)>Vampire Survivors

>Actordamn you'd think they're busy doing movies

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>>612682309Shut the fuck up “nigger”The people who you think seethe don’t think about you at all

>>612679968You mean in the anglosphere only.In asia or slavland, nationalistic and traditionalistic sentiments still exist.It's just the burgerzone that gets its culture grinded to new world nothing.And maybe France and other west EU countries.But it only shows how strictly controlled your """"artistic"""" industry is, compared to just 30 years ago when westerns still sold in millions with rightwing figureheads at posters.

>>612701360their goal isn't to make money but to spread woke propaganda

>Actual schizos ITT

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>>612703941There's nothing wrong with enjoying vidya, if you do it in moderation - a few games a yearThat said, if you want hobby ideas - rock climbing and sports in general, classic literature (start with the Greeks), theatre, history. Hell, even ornithology. Just do whatever the fuck interests you, art absolutely counts btw