>Game Developer is autistic

>Game Developer is autistic

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Yeah, I'm thinking based.

>>612675648I still can't believe he thinks the "right" torches are the exact type that makes it so you can't see shit in any given biome. What a fucking psycho

>>612675648He is right. Fuck people that want to play barby doll house in Terraria. Use the mechanically correct furniture or fuck off.

>>612675648>Everyone I play with FINALLY uses the right torchesHe was 100% bitching about it to them to get them to switch

Basically, "You get on my ride, you play by my rules." And he has every right to do so.

>>612675648What game? I like this dev already.




Torch god is easy enough anyway, I'm with red biome specific torches look a lot better.

>>612676151Nvm. That game is terrible.

>>612676408realized I need a commaI'm with Red, biome torches look a lot better

>>612675648There's "right torches" in this game now? Stopped playing with that fucking unicorn/disease biome update

>>612676408Torch God was added after the negative torch luck was added and removed.

>>612676303There are multiple types of torches you can craft, all make light but different types of torches don't stack together.The developer made an update to that game that causes the torch type that matches the biome to give a boost to your luck, and also that placing the wrong torches would hinder your luck.Then he took away the downsides, and now it only benefits luck if it matches.

>>612675648>Use fire in the ice area>This is somehow the greatest sin known to mankind

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>>612676414Toi late bitch, you better play it right now

Aren't correct torches automatic now?

>>612678271After beating the torch god, it's fairly easy to do early game though

Should I play this game

>>612678460No, no mod is worth it.

>>612675648At least he isn't m*jang. They have more autism combined than the rest of the entire game industry

>>612676617incredibly fucking based

>>612678537What are some examples of this that aren't Microsoft forcing payment and enforcement structures over the game and Bedrock?

>>612678183No I'm going to play Noita.

>>612675648For making that change I can safely label him as the most violent warlord ever.

>>612675648While it is retarded, the sheer belligerence of "I fucking hate this so much everyone who does it can suffer." is fucking hilarious.Can't wait for Terraria 2. It'll be twice as autistic as the first game.

>>612675648>take the luck penalty to keep using regular torchesDon't care, not playing by your autism rules. And yes, I'll inventory edit things like Rod of Discord and Uzi to skip that autistic grind

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>>612675648>afk grind in your choice locationIt's a single player game, not an mmo.

>>612675894something i should have done back when this happened that i wish i could do now is make a long winded reddit post about how torch luck is ableist against colorblind people then pay the chinese to give me 15,000 upvotes until red is forced to step down.

>game developer is Finnish

>give the player tons of tools to make the world look pretty and creative and immersive>you can reshape the landscape to your heart's desire>play online and see everyone spam the same shitty looking torch everywhere and put all the npcs into commieblocks and leave abominable mine holes and single squares of water or rocks everywhereHe is right to be upset.

>>612681107there is no luck penalty retard. It was completely reverted and only gives you bonuses for using the proper torch in the proper biome now.

>>612676414It's only good on mobile. Pc controls are ass

>>612684594kill yourself phoneposter.

>>612678460It's not my favorite game, but it very well might be the best game I've played courtesy of the sheer polish and content and quality.The main dev recently got afflicted with twitter brainrot, so there is risk of him shoving that garbage into the game in future updates, however they are pinky-promissing that this update will be the last one for sure, although they've done this like 3+ times already.

>>612679783Fireflies being completely deleted from the game because ingame frogs would eat them and children IRL might try to feed poisonous fireflies to frogs.

>>612685510What in the fuck.Nobody thinks like this

>>612686276Mojang wants you to think that they do.

>>612684594What about gamepad?

>>612675648Capital B Based.

>>612682943the only people who like those faggot torches probably go out of their way to intentionally buy keyboards and mice and computer hardware with obnoxious RGB lights. you have the brain of an insect.the torches themselves are bad enough but the idea that you should use RED torches in RED biomes and BLUE torches in BLUE biomes is legitimately braindead. you would have to be fucking blind to think that's good and not just a MASSIVE fucking eyesore that makes it impossible to see shit.>put all the npcs into commieblocksit's called having a big cool base, and everybody liked it, except for a certain slobbering sperg who decided that all modes of transport should be rendered irrelevant by a global teleportation network available within 10 minutes of worldgen. a rare fish that let you skip two easy early game bosses if you went through the effort to seek it out was too strong, though, and had to be nerfed.

>>612687472>still seething about reaver shark, a pick that essentially allowed you to skip the entirety of pre hardmode just from fishing>not a word about the actual bad change, which was meteors not dropping pre eow/bocAs expected, you're a total mongoloid and shouldn't be allowed to give your opinions on video games.

>mod developer is even more autistic than the game developer

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I've had Terraria for a really long time but never really can get into it. It always seems like there is just to much stuff in the game for me to bother trying to learn.

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>>612676535There's colored torches and most of them are themed after a biome. Red is autistic so he added a luck mechanic that influences drop chances in an attempt to force people into using torches that fit the background colour of whatever biome you put them in. I guess it looks better than the same old orange torch everywhere but I don't think anyone told him that crafting themed torches was a massive chore.Thankfully someone slapped the stupid out of him for long enough to remove the negative torch luck while keeping a small luck up for using the right torch and add toggle that automatically converts torches for free when you place them instead.

>>612689083The assmad over it was absurd anyway. the amount of drop rate it actually influenced was less than relevant.

>>612676617Why do people not like this?

>>612675648i respect any dev who tells his fans to fuck off and does what he wants with his own game. mod it if it bothers you that much.

>>612689443I think what pissed people off wasn't the amount, but the core principle that it exists.>added torch luck in 1.4>this was hidden from the player and never mentioned publicly, only discovered a few days later when people started digging through the files>by that time, every single Terraria player in the galaxy has already made playthroughs on the new patch with the normal default torches being used everywhere>everyone started to realize the pure retardation of the devs implementing a feature that nerfs 100% of players unless they obey Red's autistic visionsDoesn't matter how small the nerf was, it was bad game design and nobody can deny that. You should never implement a mechanic that nerfs players for playing normally, especially when it affects every single player.

>>612690778>>this was hidden from the player and never mentioned publicly, only discovered a few days later when people started digging through the filesThis was far and away the worst part and damning evidence. If he had come out and made it known from the start it probably would have had backlash (and a mod as soon as possible) but it wouldn't have been this overwhelming storm that it became. Hiding something like 'Torch Luck' would have been cute if it were initially in its current form where you can only benefit, but never hide a 'negative' game mechanic from a player.

>>612675648lmao based

>>612675648Not even the first time a game has done something like this. C'mon, people.

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>>612676084>>612676414contrarian faggot, and also newfaggot

>>612690551because it was only removed after people told him it was a bad idea while he was in the middle of having ultra meltdowns on reddit and telling people they're playing the game wrong

Im pretty sure torches never go into negative luck and using the right torches only improves your luck.Not sure why people get so mad over this, who fucking cares, game devs are always autistic just in different ways

>>612686276Mojang thinks like that

>>612689443>the amount of drop rate it actually influenced was less than relevant.just completely, literally, factually untrue

>>612675648There is nothing i hate more than authoritarians.

>>612690778it wouldn't have been hard to make it a neat little feature, honestly.a simple buff tooltip would've gone a long way, and also changing it from a binary of increasing or decreasing luck into a three-tiered system of good, neutral, and bad would've helped a lot too.

>>612692172>Im pretty sure torches never go into negative luckbecause it got changed

>>612692172Fucking retard.

>>612692291it was irrelevant and you're a coping retard.

>>612692172You originally got negative luck for using any torch in the "wrong" biome, this includes the regular torches you use.

>>612684217A lack of a bonus is nothing more than an opt in penalty.

>>612692514Kill yourself optimization fag. What a retarded fucking mindset.

>>612692404fuck off redigit


>>612690778Sounds highly based

>>612692723>if you aren't playing in the most optimal way possible, you're opting in to penaltiesNo, you're the fucking retard. And your ilk is responsible for ruining fun, you retarded cum slurping metaslave.

>>612692514>yeah i carry around a golden ladybug, a garden gnome, and 30 stacks of luck potions>i'm playing the game properly btw

>>612675648huh I didn't know about this shit. I guess I beat hardmode with 0 luck then

>>612675648>playing past 1.3It’s your own fault for playing the inferior version. Me and the fellas are busy enjoying all that 1.2 and 1.3 tmodloader has to offer

Terraria 1.4.4 will come out this Friday.>inb4 sourceTrust the plan.Hopefully a Holla Forums serb gets open.

>>612687687>Reddit has to deal with discord raids tooWhy can't we just delete that awful platform?

what the fuck are right and wrong torches, I haven't played terraria in ages

>>612690551Alternate torches have shit visibility, you are constantly traveling between biomes, multiple torch stacks add to already tedious inventory management.

>>612692934>a garden gnomeoh cmon that's not that crazy when they are easy to get. Neither is buying 2 bone torches when you find the skeleton merchant. fuck luck potions though and lady bug luck isn't needed.

I hate Torch God's Favor because by the time I get it, I have already planted so many torches all around the world which would mean replacing them slowly one by one which is annoying

>>612692172He changed it because people got mad. That is why they got mad.Do you know how functionally retarded you have to be to make it so the green torches that give off green light that makes everything green go in the green biome or you're gimping yourself? Purple in the purple biome where everything is purple? Red in the red biome where everything is red?

>>612690551Rule number 1 of being a good businessman: Don't shit on your playerbase/customers and tell them they're playing your game wrong.It's a "customer is always right" kind of thing. It's not YOUR place as the seller/producer/whatever to tell people how to eat, use, or play the thing you made. When you go out of your way to fuck with people for not doing it the way you want, you're just going to cost yourself goodwill and sales and come off as a psychotic control freak.

I'm glad I don't understand anything being said here and I don't play Terraria.

>>612694063Imagine if Minecraft forced you to saturate the screen with shitty lighting that requires inventory bloat or you do less damage and get less drops.

>>612675648Pretty based.

>>612675648My biggest gripe is that the update that added that also fucked with my frame rates in areas with a lot of residents. Way to fuck up the optimization Red

I love Terraria and I hope the second game is more based on classes and RPG mechanics than just weaponry.None of the classes have any identity of their own, they all do the same "type" of damage.There's no fire damage, or stabbing damage, or physical damage, there's just damage.A waterbolt does say, 20 damage, and so does a blood butcherer, there's no real identity outside of how you fight enemies with them. A waterbolt doesn't do more damage against fire enemies, or lag behind on icey ones.

>>612693057Well now what you said it it will not come out!I literally not playing until this piece of shit updates. I knowing I start now my save is fucked.

>>612675648have to use shit tons of torches because the lighting distance is shitsummons torch god now that insta kills you everyday

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>>612682943>and put all the npcs into commieblocksI wouldn't call what I did commieblocks. But apparently it was somehow crowded enough for everyone to grow upset and unhappy.

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>>612696827Give them some walls, Stalin

The best part of torch luck was that it made multiplayer unplayable for about a week, the servers would lag as everyone luck kept changing because they would move around and place torches everywhere

>>612675648>game dev keeps correcting people on twitter that call the main girl a "little girl" by telling them she's a young girl (around 10-12) while little girl would apply to single digit female child instead.

>>612696940They have walls. Glass walls. With luxury mountain views down the distance.

>>612696940they have at least two and a great view of the open plains

>>612696827You put them in a commiebunker instead, good job

>>612675648pretty based, actually. i would do the same, not just because it irks me, but also so people make use of the biome-themed torches. i mean, they are there for a reason.

>>612676013>is one of the games with the most QoL mods because the base experience is just that trash

>>612685428>The main dev recently got afflicted with twitter brainrotlol what happened?

>>612682943>shape the world to your heart's content>NO NOT THAT WAY DO IT RIGHT I DON'T LIKE HOW IT LOOKS

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>>612675648What kind of man builds a machine a to kill a girl?

>>612686276Mojang are Swedish

>>612695815Anon it is literally coming out this Friday


>>612684217Well the "penalty" is still there, you just can't have anything below zero.If you use the wrong torches in an area, it cancels out any benefits you get from the "good" torches.>>612675648That was dumb as shit, and it's STILL dumb as shit, what kind of idiot limits people's ability to get creative in a game about being creative?Also, I wish there was more choices of "correct" torches in any given biome, like making green torches be counted as a bonus in the jungle and forest, or blue and white torches counted as "good" in the ice biomes, alongside the actual current correct torches.

>>612698559youtube.com/post/UgkxLFhCIodVBtMv9DQMKyUqCkS55K-PNw0MThe thursday spoiler is gonna be the release date announcement

>>612675648It's his autism that made the game good.Is he making another game btw?

>>612698672>The thursday spoiler is gonna be the release date announcement

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>>612697042That makes sense though, since little girl would be off limits but a young girl is perfectly fine.

>>612685428>>612698039Red went woke?

>>612685510>>612679783>>612678537>>612686276>>612686540>>612692229>>612698458Modern mojang are retarded. They specifically never include drops from real life inspired mobs since 'it'd encourage you to kill them'.

>>612675648Torch luck was unironically a great mechanic and I fucking hate reddit for forcing it out of the game.

>>612692793keep crying little retard bitch

>>612690551Terraria is a game with autistic players.Autistic players fucking HATE having to change up the way they play the game, and cannot accept something being minor and mostly irrelevant if they do not engage with the mechanic.

>>612687793Terraria is a game focused wholly on combat with a dogshit combat system.

>Play the game MY way or else I'll patch the game until you quit!Insane how many devs do this. Path of Exile is killing itself right now with this shit

>>612701036It’s not “wholly focused” on combat, and the combat is fine anyway, what’s the matter with you

>>612701685It is wholly focused on combat. And the combat system is fucking basic.

>>612693279its nice to chill w/ the boys and watch movies/listen to a music bot and game. Miss Raidcall though

>>612700840no it wasn't, it was terribleyou had to put torches down to fucking see whilst exploring, then you had to go back and remove them and replace them with colour palette swapped torches. fuck off


>>612701924just get a zenith, game over ez pz

>>612676617What an autistic mechanic, hope he wakes up with ants in his home.

>>612685510Not even remotely the same faggot kys

>>612692793considering how the dev put in a penalty because people werent playing the way HE wanted them to, dont you think your post sounds a bit hypocritical, you moron?

>>612687472Tl;dr holy autism, please consider being less gay

>>612692725Yes he's very autistic

>Devs>Modders>Total spergsWhat went wrong?

>>612691627But this was not a hidden mechanic. Residents would mention it, the HRA would mention it, and I'm pretty sure the manual even mentioned it. It also didn't penalize you for not following it. The worst you could say about it was that the game itself didn't actively tell you how to accomplish it but it at least made you aware that it existed, plus it was the era of games wanting you to figure things out yourself either through experimentation or straight up seeking the info out online.

>>612675648I don't even know what game this is but I respect this guy's absolute madlad hustle to force players to use the correct torches.

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>>612700803But cows, chickens and pigs still drop loot don't they?

>>612682943it's not minecraft. it's a combat game, not a building game, it just happens to have a building component

I hate that kind of "monochrome above all else" aesthetic. Having blue torches in the snow biome is ugly and having green torches in the jungle biome is even uglier. I'm glad Red at least backpedaled a little bit, but I hate how the hotkey to place torches tries to default to the biome "correct" torch colour instead of the normal torches, like a normal person would want.

>>612702928no you don'tyou're just saying dumb shit that's the opposite of human thinking to stir the pot and make a shitpost>anime imageyep

>>612675648Grab the Apache.

>>612703009Yeah, but that was before Notch quit.


>>612675648>mod developer limits the ability to use other mods

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>>612694057>It's a "customer is always right" kind of thing. It's not YOUR place as the seller/producer/whatever to tell people how to eat, use, or play the thing you made.Yes and no. When it comes to a game that encourages creativity, then you absolutely shouldn't be trying to berate or punish them for the creative decisions they make. And if a player discovers some bug or something that actually gives players more creative options, you should consider figuring that bug out and enhancing it to make it a feature. Frontier is a good example of this with the Planet Coaster/Zoo games. They have embraced the creative exploits the community find and either made them easier to use our at the very least, left them alone so people could still use them to make cooler shit. However, when a game is meant to be a more focused experience and things are meant to work a certain way, you have far more grounds to make and enforce the rules because those very rules are what impact perception of your game and the experience. If players find some really broken braindead combo in an action game, then complain your game is mindless and easy, you're within your rights to say that's more how things are meant to be played and patch it out. Same with competitive multi player games. If somebody finds San exploit that changes the meta in a harmful way and potentially invalidates other mechanics, it's going to impact how people perceive your game and you'd be in the right to patch it out as it's impacting how many people want to play your game.With Terraria being a more creative focused game, it's definitely a case of the former and the dev can fuck right off for his he handled it.


>>612675648well, xe is a known faggot so...

>>612675648He's mostly in the right.It was a bit harsh for the wrong torches to apply negative luck retroactively but positive luck for the right torches is a good idea for what terraria is.

Red is a washed up developer with no more good ideas, his handling of Otherworld and recent Terraria updates proves itHe has zero idea what made Terraria good in the first place and does not understand good game designBut I WILL be the one to make the successor to Terraria

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>>612690551Removing the downside was good, and right the mechanics work. But before that, the idea of forcing you to use an ice torch in an ice biome if you didn't want some (even minor) hindrance was awful for anyone who actually cared about aesthetics. That's what most people bitched about.The dev went full: ICE BIOME = ICE TORCH BECAUSE ICE AESTHETICS. Then people said "I made a lava pool in my ice biome with lava lamps, what do I do?". Or "I used martian torches in my mushroom biome to create a martian madness weird area, what the fuck does I do?".Some players of Terraria are autistic artists that spend thousand of hours crafting their bases. Any mechanics that hinder that was bound to make them angry. And it made them angry alright. Woah, it's not rocket science.