Ah Beth developers here wanna shed some light to keep the hype alive? Its killing me not having a release date.

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>>612675271>take off is a cutscene>space is just a different map loaded where you play as a ship>"over a trillion lines of dialogue!">"we handcrafted six billion objects!">"see that planet? You can go there"

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>>612678317that's 5 lines. Only 199,995 to go!

>>612678317>Implying we won't be able to leave the drivers seat and wander our ship>Implying we won't be able to go on space walks>Implying we won't find comfy ass ME1 style planets to wander and build bases on and enjoy the lonely views of space

>>612678317that rat is cool as hell

>>612675271I want to believe you Todd, I really do.But I was fooled once with Oblivion, and I'll be damned if I get fooled again.

>>612675271any time a dev group advertises shit like>200,000 LINES OF DIALOGUEit turns out it's 199,500 lines of people repeating the same shit

Bethesda is filled with boomers who're not at all good at what they do. Remember:>they made a trillion excuses to why they never made a multiplayer game>"it's too difficult">"it doesn't fit the game">"the game is too big for multiplayer"Except literal modders without source code made shitty MP mods for some of their games and as soon as Bethesda figured out how to do it, they shat out one.Right now they literally made an excuse to why this game that hasn't even come to yet doesn't really need a seemingless transition between the ground and space. They went to the old excuses>what's the big difference? It's just a loading screen>it's too difficult>too expensive for such a little thing that is not really requiredMeanwhile, the heavily criticized, and CROWDFUNDED No-Man's Sky has that technology.They're expert marketers though, so expect an army of retards to be put on a spell and think its the greatest game of all time see: every one of their games past oblivion.

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>>612679127Say what you will, but I loved Oblivion and Fallout 3/4. and Skyrim is tied for my second favorite game of all time. Starfield is gonna be fantastic if they just make Skyrim in space for me.

>>612675271I have 0 faith in this game, after Fallout 4 and 76.

>>612679480You know they really turned 76 around. And Far Harbor gave 4 a great mainline story.

>>612679127who gives a shit about multiplayer RPGs? BGS isn't good but that's a weird point to gripe about

>>612679387That's because you're a newbie who isn't very experienced in video games. These Bethesda products can barely be called "games". The main mechanic they utilize is making your character progressively weaker at each level up, you see, because all monsters track your level and level up with you. So your "character building" is just an artificial difficulty, it might even be better to not level up the character. This is unlike the original Fallouts 1 and 2, which are real well crafted RPGs with a defined world.The "game" is all an illusion to trap people who're unexperienced in games. It's like saying GTAV is a good racing game when all the NPC cars are just rubberbanded to your car.

>>612680248I'm not the oldest, but I'm certainly not a newbie in the slightest. I remember 90s gaming fondly. Super Metroid is my favorite game of all time. Just because I like Skyrim doesn't mean I'm some stupid noob, and that goes for anyone that likes it.

>>612680248And Fallout 1 is my second favorite of the franchise. Damn good game. Really didn't like the second one all that much though.

Starfield is going to stink. Cyberpunk proved that futurism is cooler than it is fun. The shooting will not be as good as cod and that will be 90% of combat. "Hacking" is a gay skill that boils down to pressing one button to shut someone down. Melee will just be ripped from Skyrim and be severely limited. Can't possibly have enough grenade ideas to make it interesting. They could hardly come up with enough spells for Skyrim. Guaranteed 90% of the missions are lame diplomatic ones

>>612680621Playing lots of games doesn't make you experienced. And yes, falling for a game that is 100% rubberbanded enemies is a sign of someone who gets his attention captured easily. Do you not notice your character getting inexplicably weaker at every little dungeon you go? Do you not notice getting two-shot by a zombie near your starting area after visiting the entire map and getting your character to level 40?In Skyrim horses can't go fast because Bethesda was afraid of texture pop-ins. Fallout 3's gunplay was released 4 years after Half Life 2, and in the same year as GTAIV. They're ALWAYS outdated. It's all marketing and illusion.

>>612678317>>take off is a cutscene>>space is just a different map loaded where you play as a shipfirst off, you're retarded. second, who the hell cares?

>>612681572No, I didn't notice that at all. You clearly never played Skyrim. It's not like Oblivion where everything level scales. Hell, if anything, you become powerful very easily to Skyrim, to the point where you can one shot everything if you build your character well. I don't care what you think makes me experienced or not. I've played CRPGs. Old school and new school. Not every one, but enough. I enjoy both too. Each gives me a different sort of experience. I'm sorry you can't find enjoyment in Bethesda games, but that's perfectly fine too friend. You do you.


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>>612680248dumbest post ive seen today.

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>>612681668Trust me, when it's released people WILL care. Specifically about this. Count on it. Screencap this

>>612681714>You clearly never played Skyrim. It's not like Oblivion where everything level

>>612681791I'm glad they took inspiration from No Man's Sky.

>>612681969Key word being EVERYTHING. There are places with level boundaries in Skyrim. Dungeons won't level up past a certain point. Areas of the map will remain with easy low level bandits compared to areas you've visited later on.

>>612681969the only leveled creatures that are a problem between Oblivion and Skyrim are Oblivion's goblins, which scale infinitely and way too hard with level. I'm not a fan of the leveled enemies / loot either but let's at least be honest

>>612682084Oh wow, the Deers and the other animals in the main map don't level, it's only ALL THE DUNGEONS, ALL THE BOSSES, and ONLY UP TO LVL 50+ Sorry, it's all rubber-banded fake difficulty. Probably easier to finish the game at a certain low level.

It's obvious from how they've described the game that most of the content is going to be concentrated in certain areas which will just feel like every other Bethesda game and the majority of planets are just there for exploration or resources. You're not going to be scrounging around for hours looking for where they put all the content.

>>612682253Again, visit a dungeon at level 1? The enemies will be locked to that level when you revisit it. Enemies types all have level caps. I believe the cap for bandits is in the 30s. Thus, you don't have to worry about stronger bandits at that point. This applies to all enemies except for the Magic Anomaly for the Mages Guild quest line, which is the one enemy in the base game that does level indefinitely I believe.

>>612679127Didn't Todd hire a bunch of his friends to animate for him?>>612679387>I loved Oblivion>I eat shitOblivitits and all the Fallouts after 2 were complete dog shit. Skyrimjob was even worse. I'm glad that shit was leaked and pirates ruined the ending for all of you faggots.

>>612682494>Again, visit a dungeon at level 1? The enemies will be locked to that level when you revisit itIs this literal exploit meant to be an argument on why this mechanic isn't retarded?I also bet my bootyhole that Starfield will also have rubberbanded enemy levels.

>>612680248>These Bethesda products can barely be called "games".user just because you don't like something doesn't make it bad.

>>612682720I mean, at this point, there's not point trying to talk to you about this. You are dead set on what you believe to be true. It was nice talking to you. Have a good night.>>612682652Sorry you didn't like those games. Hope you find games you do enjoy!

>>612675271Star Citizen already mogs this garbage and it’s only in alpha

>>612679127Seamlessness like that is too much effort for too little return, per Todd's own words. I could provide a source if you'd like.Fact of the matter is that they - like any other studio - need to prioritize. Is they give your seamless entry and exit of a bodies' atmosphere then they will need to give something else up, whether it be content, quality, optimization or whatever. And honestly, I don't understand how so many people could bitxh and moan about this not being in the game but complain about how the massive scale they are going for in a fucking SPACE EXPLORATION GAME is too much. You just know if there was only one star system with like 8 planets that people would complain about how a space game like this isn't taking full advantage of the scale of space.>But no man's sky tho...Fuck that shit. Different games with different priorities. Every other fucking space game has made some sort of compromise. Mass effect is all in all very limiting in terms of scale and exploration aspects. Elite is primarily space-trucking-sim with a very limited on foot exploration system that was only recently added and in no way matches up to games that focus on plantedside-based exploration. No Man's Sky has scale but it's most randomly generated shit and lacks the same detail of more handcrafted content in games. Star citizen is a fuxking meme that is never coming out. Starfeild will not be perfect, no game ever will be. But it's looking like it might actually be a space game with a grand sense of scale that doesn't skimp on detail and handcrafted content. I for one think it'll be really cool to have all of these different planets and shit to explore as optional side content, like a more modern and polished version of Daggerfall's world. But I already know people will continue to batch about how much "wasted space" there is in the game. I guess the lesson is that people will never be happy so just say "fuck em" and do what you feel is right.

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>>612675271I'm expecting Bethesda jank in space and I'm probably gonna get Bethesda jank in space. Obviously going to plunder it before dumping money on a possible net loss and step back in quality but whether anyone wants to admit it or not Todd's technically right in this instance. Most people know what to expect from Bethesda in terms of overall structure and quality and if they can at least get ship building ang flying around in a decent place, then some new mechanics and a crisp new UI are pretty much all you can realistically ask of a next gen Bethesda game. The fact that it's actually a new IP is just gravy regardless of its quality in the end for those that are tired of 20 years of Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

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>>612682895Don't be a bitxh, bitxh.I do agree with your views on what Bethesda is prioritizing to refine scope however, bitxh.

>>612679127>Meanwhile, the heavily criticized, and CROWDFUNDED No-Man's Sky has that technology.It actually doesn't. No Man's Sky still has transitions for docking into stations where you just fly into the box and it does the process for you and also a transition phase when you enter a planet's atmosphere where you ship arbitrarily takes on different physics regardless of the planet's actual gravity.

>>612680248Modded Skyrim is still peak in the fantasy roleplay genre

>>612680248The only game Bethesda has made recently that uses that kind of leveling is 76. Both 4 and Skyrim use a system to bring enemies closer to your level so as to not allow content to become so worselessly easy and irrelevant should you not play it at it's reccomended level, but it still limits most areas and enemies to a certain point. The only game Bethesda has made with fucked up leveling in vanilla was Oblivion, but even then it was the first of it's kind that they made and suits their style of open-world and encouraged player freedom well.

The trailer released by Todd actually killed a lot of hype for me. It was so poorly done I have no faith in the game being any good. Late 2023 is the earliest release date. You heard it here first. They somehow fucked a game they had been working on for 5+ years.

>>612682895You might as well go to the post you replied to and re-read it. This is precisely what I'm talking about.>Fact of the matter is that they - like any other studio - need to prioritize. Is they give your seamless entry and exit of a bodies' atmosphere then they will need to give something else up, whether it be content, quality, optimization or whatever.>Dude, it's WAAAAY too costly :)>I don't understand how so many people could bitxh and moan about this not being in the game>dude something like that doesn't even matter!:)Oh wait, it just so happens that yet another Indie game pulled it off., it's the same as the multiplayer excused they had a decade prior, it's all impossible for Bethesda, it's all too costly, it's always a resource issue; If you're an absolute garbage company that is always outdated and is headed by men who don't give a flying fuck about anything other than getting a paycheck.

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>>612675271>Space is just a corrider arcade shooter when traveling>No taking off/ landing. Its just a cutscene>All the perks are just % buffs>Another generic solve mystery save galaxy plot with clear 'good guy' faction you have to side with for the main plot>Only factions you can 'join' are just secondary factions that don't act against main faction. Even the edgy mercenary faction aren't 'evil' >Bad evil guys you can't join once againIts going to make Fallout 76 look good

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>>612680248>The main mechanic they utilize is making your character progressively weaker at each level up, you see, because all monsters track your level and level up with you.I see this repeated all the time and it really does come across as someone who despised level-scaling in Oblivion, heard it was in Skyrim, and swore off Skyrim completely. Skyrim's level-scaling feels great. You definitely feel like you're getting stronger, and you're not punished for leveling wrong, but you also have appropriately challenging dungeons once you start getting powerful. The formula 100% works better than either previous game.

>>612681791People were fucking hyped for No Man's Sky before it released. The concept definitely has its appeal. The disappointment set in when people realized it didn't really have the playable content to fill out the endlessly procedural galaxy. Lacking playable content has never been an issue for Bethesda.

>>612678758>>Implying we won't be able to leave the drivers seat and wander our shipunironically the biggest selling point for meyou'd think that with how many space games there are that at least some would be able to do that but the last game i remember doing it in a satisfying way was fucking Mace Griffin on the OG Xbox

>>612678758>Implying we won't find comfy ass ME1 style planets to wander and build bases on and enjoy the lonely views of spacehate to break it to you, but they're more like no man's sky planets. empty, dumb rocks to mine, small outpost to do a worthless gathering quest, rinse and repeat forever.>t. been doing QA since 2020

>>612679387I will say that you have bad taste in games.

>game not on Nintendo system>gets endless desperate doomposting on Holla Forumsliterally every single time

>>612684492>Lacking playable content has never been an issue for Bethesda.Probably because you're a braindead idiot who considers any retarded NPC model speaking to you "content".Whenever I google "skyrim combat", I don't get tips for combat, I don't get combat montages, I get "combat mods". That's how bad it is. You get the ten different shitty overhauls that people made to replace that nearly non-existent default

>>612675271Holy mother of commas, this was fucking disgusting to read.

>>612675271>Its killing me not having a release date.bethsoft likes to do "symbolic" release dates, so probabaly 3-23-23 or some shit. you can be almost guaranteed that it'll be released on the 23rd of some month in in 2024 tho.

>>612683780Bethesda has more and larger assets to load in. They have to allocate time for those disk reads somewhere. The only difference here is whether some dynamic flight sim minigame to transition between the two and make flight "seamless". Sounds like Bethesda made the call that that was a novelty feature that gets old after a few times and thus wasn't worth the dev resources.

>>612683780It is too costly. It costs them time, money and people. Resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Not to mention the potential technical issues that could come up if they were to attempt to implement this. I'll ask this: Why is it necessary for a space game to have seamless transitions? Would you rather they add it into the game if it meant that your frames would get substantially worse across the board since they would somehow need to include both the surface of the planed and the outside portion in the same cell? Or if it meant that each planet would have way less detail in each of it's locations due to needing to spend that effort of adding this shit? Do you think they would just tell everyone who isn't working on this new system to stop work on the game as they tack on another few months for a small crew to add this system, all they while hoping that it doesn't fuck up everything else and make the game unstable?>Oh wait, it just so happens that yet another Indie game pulled it off.A way less technically taxing game that has significantly fewer details of each of it's planets has seamless transitions? Wow, how impressive. No Man's Sky is a much better comparison but even then that game has much different priorities when it comes to the level of detail on each landable body and a much simpler graphical style. Get back to me when No Man's Sky has entire cities filled with NPCs and fully interactable objects instead of just randomly generated environments with small, cookie-cutter outposts occupied by the occasional alien.

>>612685120I don't really understand why Holla Forums thinks that. The you can move your ship around glorified land sequence isn't fun. It's just tedious. I want to fly ship and blow things up or land and walk around. If I want space sim autism I go play elite dangerous.

>>612678758>Implying we won't be able to go on space walksYeah we won't

>>612675271In Fallout 4, I often couldn't tell when the hand-crafted quests ended and randomly-generated quests began.Surprise surprise, that's not a compliment.

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>>612685385>If I want space sim autism I go play elite dangerousBut Elite sucks ass. There's nothing fun to do after landing on the planets.All anyone wants is Elite with meaningful RPG mechanics. Or a feature-complete Star Citizen. Or a No Man's Sky that isn't 100% jank randomly generated trash. Or by the looks of it, a Starfield with seamless transitions.Unfortunately there exists no game today that combines all the greatest mechanics from these games :(

>>612684630Isn't that basically what ME1's planets were?>>t. been doing QA since 2020

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>Lost Adam Adamowciz, lead concept artist behind most of Bethesda's titles from late Oblivion through early Fallout 4.>Matt Carofano, his replacement, is the biggest fucking faggot in the world. Carofano is telling the artists on the team to essentially just try to emulate reality, completely losing the painterly, mysterious look that bethesda's games are usually known for. If you wonder why Starfield looks visually soulless, its fucking Carofano's fault.>Game has been in development hell for years. Most of Zenimax's studios are helping Maryland out to release the game in the exact same sort of crunch period that Fallout 76 had before its launch. Its why Zenimax brought on Double Eleven to help with maintenence work for F76 - Austin is going to be focused on Starfield prelaunch work, then will shift to DLC after the game releases.>Game wasn't even going to be a RPG early on. Todd doesn't like the label of RPG, see it as a obstacle for BGS between them and achieving a wider audience. Instead want to make "worlds" that you "explore" - abandon the genre to appeal to the right demo. Had lots of its RPG elements stapled on after following Fallout 4 and - more importantly - Cyberpunk 2077 feedback in particular. Beth is super terrified at Starfield being compared to Cyberpunk, knows how much that game's launch cost CD Projekt.>Game is probably going to be a disaster. Expect disappointment.

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>>612675271Does Bethesda understand that them saying they're "handcrafting" stuff does not inspire confidence?

>>612684773I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Roleplaying games aren't about challenging gameplay. At best, they reward players for paying attention and thinking through how the world works. But as far as skillful play, they're almost antithetical to that because success is tied to character skill not player skill. It's basically an adult version of make-believe.All those JRPGs? Yeah, they're not actually roleplaying games. They're more like action-adventure or turn-based strategy with a level counter.Fundamentally, if you want to be challenged. Don't play a roleplaying game.

>>612685839>If you wonder why Starfield looks visually soulless, its fucking Carofano's fault.What's adamowciz's excuse for the shitty game worlds of oblivion-fallout 4, though?

>>612678860Hey kid.....catch

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>>612682895Man, sing it. I feel a lot of things that you seem to feel. I think Starfield will be a lot like space Daggerfall when you put it like that.

>>612686161Adamowciz was lead concept artist, not lead designer. He joined after Shivering Isles and died during F4's development. Probably explains why parts of F4 look great, then you have stuff like the institute armor looking like a pajeet intern designed em.You want to know who was the concept artist behind Oblivion? Matt Carofano and Todd Broadwater, artist behind ''amazing'' pieces like this.If there is anything you liked visually from bethesda games after Morrowind, 100% chance it was directly tied to concept art by Adamowciz.

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>>612684679Okay. Hope you're doing well user.

>>612685839This is some lazy bait. For one, Carofano has been the art lead since Morrowind. He's the guy who directs concept artists like Adamowciz what to draw. How they're implemented into the game is up to the modelers and animators. Besides, I think everyone agrees Starfield has some gorgeous concept art.Secondly, the people who insist Bethesda has been "dumbing down" the RPG elements are actual retards who mistake the most superficial UI elements for the game itself. I'm playing through Morrowind right now. The interfaces look different, but the underlying systems they communicate to the player are exactly the same. If you think athletics and agility are, you're some kind of autistic. They make the start of the game the most tedious grind you've ever experienced. It's so shit that practically everyone metagames around it by rushing boots of blinding speed.

Scrap Starfield and make another TES game


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>>612675271>200k linesthat's literally nothing holy shit

>>612686781>I think everyone agrees Starfield has some gorgeous concept art.Speak for yourself fucker. Literally looks identical to art from Star Citizen, game's look practically identical.

>>612685120It's not about resources, it's about TALENT.TALENT is what makes indie devs have these unique systems not seen elsewhere. TALENT is the reason it took Bethesda a decade to get into multiplayer.Bethesda is not a TALENT company. Piloting a ship? Oh no, that means all our buildings would have to have a hitbox, oh no, but we want to control how the player engages the dungeons, what about the progressive loading it would take? Ooooohhh that's too bothersome, do we reeeaaally need that? Just make the ship a minigame the player loads into. (then indie game does all of that)

>>612687123wat? GTA V has like 160k, Fallout 4 has like 110k. Your average movie will only have like 1100 subtitles

>>612687529Unreal didn't support breaking up levels into chunks until UE5. Bethesda has been doing it since Morrowind. Have you watched any of Bethesda's GDCs? Their development process and the sheer modularity of their engine is honestly kind of impressive.

>>612687529Minigame? They've already shown off space exploration (space stations and satellites included) and combat, and have stated that things such as cargo missions, bounties and random encounters will be present as content during the space flight portions of the game. Not to mention the bality to get up and move around in your ship and utilized your crewmates. How is that a small part of the game?

>>612675271I'm disappointed in this game so far, Todd keeps saying "it's what you'd expect from us". Where's the innovation?

>>612688346This time last year>Bethesda will NEVER be able to pull off space flightNow you're asking where's the innovation? Bruh.

>>612688346Please understand

>>612675271Is this going to be Todd's last game? Actually makes me sad thinking about that possibility.

>>612688346>Todd keeps saying "it's what you'd expect from us"poor choice of words

>>612688934it's supposedly his dream game, so maybe

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>>612683780>yes we removed mechanics and skills to make the game easier for women to play because women can't do anything rightBased Pete

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>>612688934Rumor is that he'll retire after ES6, but it's just a rumor right now. I hope it ends up not being true because that would mean that my chances of ever working with him are nearly non-existant

Its gonna be a fun game, and everyone is gonna play it.

>another game that will release in early access and be good 5 years latertired of this meme desu

>>612690560Name 1 buggy bethesda game


>>612675271>>612678317>See that mountain on that planet? You can land on it!

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>>612679634Far Harbor + VR is one of the most kino experiences I've ever had. Better than HL:Alyx imo

>>612675271>you're going to see what you kind of expect from usKEK how does this guy not realize how fucking bad that sounds?Bethesda basically has no standards, there is no low too low for them to stoop to. Telling me to expect "more of the same" is just telling me your game is going to be a buggy piece of shit with incredibly bad writing and AI and an oversimplified gameplay experience designed for the lowest common denominator retard.I am actively getting anti-hyped for this game. I was willing to give them a chance to be different from how they've been making games since morrowind, but knowing that they're just going to keep doubling down on stupid makes the choice of paying attention to this dumpsterfire easy for me.

>>612678941200k lines of dialogue is more than 5 witcher 3 gamessorry but I'm pressing doubt.jpg on this one

>>612681668Me. I'm not buying it.

>>612681668I care because they should be able to do betterI'd say their reluctance to give up their engine is going to bite them in the ass, but lets be real they know, and those of us who are smart know, that they couldn't design a new engine for this game or elder scrolls even if their lives depended on it, and the reason they're sticking with gamebryo is because even if it's not good at what they're trying to do, it's a damn sight better than ANYTHING they could produce from scratch themselves.

>>612693670>le bad engine maymay

>>612675271If this doesn't have a seamless travel across the planets with believable physics and solar system like Kerbal Space Program does, it's fucking dogshit.

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>no man troons>scam citizen cultists>snoysMindbreaking this much of people cant be legal it is over for god howard

>>612675271>you're going to see what you expect from usa shitty main quest with a few good side quests?

>>612675271What the fuck? I could've sworn they announced this game releases 11/11/2022.

>>612698439It needs more time to cook you can tell it's not ready yet in the gameplay they showed

>>612684627We do know at least you can get off your seat when docked with another ship so yeah I really hope you can do it during regular travel as well

I don't care that starfield lacks space to atmos to landing

>>612681668Not him, but not having the planet-space transition be seamless is a bit of bummer. But what concerns me more is how planet landing and exploration will work. How much precision will be there when picking the LZ, and will it be possible to land some distance away from a location and just walk there manually. Or will there be a radius around your ship beyond which you can't go?

>>612689445>Rumor is that he'll retire after ES6I don't believe this. Todd is a super genius with a million ideas racing around in his head. He's still not even close to creating the perfect game he wants to create. He'll keep going until the day he dies, inching closer and closer to his dream but never actually getting there because they're never going to give him the technology he needs to actually achieve his goals.

>>612683959Desu desu. This will happen


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>>612701127I would respect the hell out of that if it were true. Passion that is genuine is such an amazing thing to see in people. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

>>612693168Fallout 4 had 111,000 lines before the DLCs were released, so it's likely it got increased to 130-140k after them. It's perfectly possible to go for 200k, though you have to wonder how much of it will be stuff worth hearing. They've mentioned the main questline will be the largest they've ever done at 40ish hours, and that New Atlantis will be the largest city they've made (Current largest, Vivec, has a pop of 417, so that's some big shoes to fill) so those would definitely help to boost line count, especially if the other three major cities are similarly larger than the Fallout/Skyrim ones, whose largest have a maximum of 52/74 population.

>>612683959>Space already confirmed to be open world and have ship-to-ship dialogue>Perks already shown to give new abilties, Diplomacy perk can force an enemy to stop>Galaxy isn't at stake, people just want to solve a mystery for the sake of it>"Good" guy """faction""" is literally just five dudes in a house who want to explore, have yet to be shown as good>Only bad guy faction shown so far, Crimson Fleet, are joinableThe only thing you got right was the obvious one, landing.

>>612675271What fucking hype? Have you played their last few releases? There is no hype. When the release date comes, people are gonna wait for a year before touching that buiggy shit anyway, so our release date is actually year later at mimimum from the un-announced release date.

>>612675271Hello Chad Howard here. We can't keep the hype alive until the release so we plan to let it die until closer to release. In order to kill the hype I'll reveal that there won't be capital ships in the game on release. However the first DLC will focus on a big space conflict in which you can get your own massive capital ship.

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