She unironically saved the franchise

She unironically saved the franchise

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>>612675006NopeBecause Cyberpunk 2077 is still a trash game

wrong, chudcel

>>612675006you're right and they should consider doing more spin-off shit featuring her

>>612675165He said franchise, 2077 is why it needs saving.

>>612675006do they have total skin replacement in cyberpunk or something? her skin looks weird

>>612675006And now she's dead

>>612675584Yes, as well as total muscle and skeleton replacement, and just purely cosmetic skin color changes. Compared to other augments topical skin and eye color changes are pretty mild.

I still wont play the game, or watch the anime, but i will whack it to the loli

>>612675006How would one do it ironically?

>>612675006>CDPR is so desperate they have to cater to pedophiles just to stay relevant

>>612675584Yeah, it's not uncommon.

rate the charactersrebeca>maine>lucy>kiwi>david>dorio>pilar

>>612675006I wonder how pondsmith feels now that his setting is now associated with pedos

>>612675006scrap everything related to the 2077 game and make a game based around this little bitch and I might considering buying it. not touching the current game with a fucking 20 foot pole

>>612675165It is more like lukewarm soup. It's unfortunate that it is not as hot as it could be but the soups still decent and will eat it because im hungry. >food analogy Yes, I am American.


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>>612676741sounds great desu

>>612675006Please, stop spamming /a/.Thank you.

I really want to sex a bratty cyber loli.

i thought maine was the best char in the show, this loli was just retarded, felt forced and served no purpose other than fan fare for anime fags

>>612675165>>612677057Forced contrarian opinion.

>tranny janny deleting rebecca threads

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>>612676741pedophilia is unironically cyberpunk as fuck, as cyberpunk is by definition>the dredges of society meeting high techso a woman getting cybernetic surgery to appear as though she were a child for the sexual enjoyment of others is literally high end cyberpunk

Shill thread Not videogames

>>612675703It was a necessary sacrifice.

>>612675898And you can't partake in 90% of it. Not that it matters because you wouldn't be able to see it while playing due to 1st person only. Game is just chock full of wasted potential, you can tell that the creative team poured their heart and soul into it while whoever was in charge of implementing features and stuff to do was just fucking around.

>>612677398Nobody's got the balls to do a sleazy modern take on Cyberpunk.

Watching the fandom have a meltdown over this girl makes the game retroactively not shitty.

>Time for weebs to defend something they never heard about cause there is a loli in it againCoomtard says "Yes"?

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>>612676496Fiendly remainder that Jar Jar is not even in the top 10 most hated Star Wars characters anymore.


>>612677326based ESL retard



>>612675006Unironically why do westerners love trashy girls so much?


>>612675006did she seriously die a virgin? doubt it but then again she never asked David for sex, why?

>>612677563Yes. Just masturbated btw, don't even know what cyberpunk is

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>>612677420all she had to do was move three steps

So is the anime actually good or should I just wait a few months for a decent Becca doujin to come out?



>>612682274It’s like a 7.5 out of 10. Pretty good. Music and animation is great. Characters are likable. Cool universe. But the plot is some of the most generic and predictable shit ever.

>>612678936She knew Lucy would fry her brain

>>612678936You honestly think that little slut didn’t get split open before? Obviously not a virgin.

>>612677563kys faggditor

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>>612682731good point

>>612682716I liked how predictable in the sense that you knew it wasn't going to end well for David. Think I would have been dissapointed if he and most the crew survived. Mainly because they would then milk it for another 3 seasons

>>612677563Weebs saved your dying westerncuck game, be thankfull

>>612676590Rebecca>>>>>>>>whatever characters are in this show.

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>>612682881I don’t even mean David dying in the end. That was handled well. The fact that he was always living for the dream of another person. First his mom and then Lucy. But he accepted it in the end because it was for love. Every other death of the crew was extremely predictable and not well earned. But I mostly blame that on the fact they only had 10 episodes to work with. They had to kinda shit out the story in the limited run time. 04mvp8

>>612675006This is trannies and transhumanism propaganda made by Zionist Ashkenazi globalist Jews and Blackrock supporting Netflix and George Soros. And a shill marketing ploy like the GTA 6 mutt shit.

Is it still worth watching if I got spoiled about the characters' deaths?

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>>612675165holy heckin based

>>612675165>>612675006Hey real shit, did all the glitches get patched out? I understand it was a fucking mess on release, but how is it now?

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>>612683680Yes retard, it's about the journey not the destination.

>>612683930>did all the glitches get patched out?Lol no, not even close yet

>>612683664b a s e d

>Holla Forums decides to simp the cuckqueen of all characters

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>>612684197Expecting Holla Forums to never not be the most basic level of subhumans.

>>612684197>>612684606Lucy is boring and gets dicked by the MC so I don't careKiwi has a nice tattoo but I'm not into hagsDorio gets dicked by Maine so I don't careGloria doesn't countBecca's pretty, has a nice body, she's funny, she's strong, she's obviously the best choice

>>612684985>jerks off random guards>worried about girl getting dickedshe clearly whores herself out and isnt some pure virign

>Everyone calling her a loli>She's only like a head shorter than the MCDoes loli just mean short girl now?

>>612685308Davids also a complete manlet, but it's also obvious that Becca's body isn't natural.

>>612685308No its just bait shit.

>CD Projekt asked them to remove the loli as she doesn't fit Night City>studio Trigger flat out told them no, the loli staysPOLACKS KNELL TO CHAD JAPANESE.

>>612684197Becca is sweet and surprisingly innocent (socially, her being mox means she's taken a train worth of dick), she really cares and in the end lets go if her selfish desires to help the one she loves.Behind her rough persona she's sweet and caring, so of course people prefer her over the traumatized Mary Sue

>>612686137Was it confirmed anywhere that she was a mox? Only thing I've ever seen for it is that her neck tattoo is a skull, and pink, but it's not even the right design for the Moxes.

>>612683930>did all the glitches get patched out? No>I understand it was a fucking mess on release, but how is it now?It's playable on current gen systems but still runs like ass on last gen systems

Someone show her broken mangled dead body

>>612686495sounds hot.

>>612685308it's so fucking annoying, retards on twitter call any woman shorter than 5'7 that isn't a titcow a loli. How am I supposed to rail these women if they're getting bodyshamed into titty surgery? can a man naizuri in fucking peace around here????


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>>612683680No the show is dogshit. I gurantee itll be the most predictable and safe show you've watched all year. Nothing will surprise you, nooone has even the smallest hint of character depth, its a shallow and empty experience from start to finish. Writing is terrible.However Trigger did a pretty good job animating it so its pretty to look at most of the time. No fucking idea why its rated top 50 on MAL. Its just another dime a dozen predictable anime with a high budget.

>>612684478>>612684197 SMASHED

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>>612686710Nigger, you’re being an elitist over one of the lowest forms of art.

>>612686551>>612686495Gotcha chooms

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>>612684197>implicating cuckqueens aren’t based af

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>>612686710>However Trigger did a pretty good job animating it so its pretty to look at most of the timeIs that a joke? It looks like it was animated by amateur flash artists 20 years ago. Apparently being deliberately crap is the studios "style". I wouldn't know. I'm not into anime. This is the first cartoon I've watched since I was a teenager. It sucked.

>>612686882Is she actually dead or is she a robot with a backup just waiting to be uploaded to a new body?

>>612686836Its boring man. Nothing else to say. If you can predict an entire show in the first 5 minutes of watching it. Its shit. Theres no reason to watch it.


>>612675006its a shitty rehash of gurren lagann cut in half time trigger can't do anything right and cdpr can't make a game without bugs

>anytime any show, game, or movie on Earth releases you have to watch it within .2 minutes of its release if not cucks on Holla Forums will spoil every single second So fucking tired of this, literally had half the plot of this show spoiled within the the first couple hours that this show released

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>>612687005She's dead. Uploading into new robot bodies is not a thing average people can do in Cyberpunk. It's technology only Arasaka has and very, very jealously guards for itself. It's actually kind of the plot of the main game.

>>612686968>Taking retard opinion seriously.

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>>612687159Good news is this only happens with complete shit tier media, e.g. capeshit, anime, etc.

>>612675301Not him, but It's never going to be anything else but a botched game too late to save and a good anime. If anything, they'll release a sequel game and fuck it up again.

>>612687320lol not even, assholes on Holla Forums make sure to spoil shit immediately day 1 cuz it gets their tiny dicks hard

>>612687159It's not the show's fault, it's the service's for releasing shit all at once. I would have watched this if it was airing 1 episode a week, but the fact it came out all at once means the discussion is only going to last a couple weeks at most.It's way more fun to watch and discuss shit as it's airing than marathon something in a day just so you don't get spoiled by passive tidbits of discussion you see when something blows up, and I'm sure having longterm discussion about a show over a couple months is way better than a small fad of the week.

>>612687320don't forget video games, worse than the other two

>>612687187In that case I can comfortably just not watch the show, why kill best girl

>>612687159Exercise restraint, you child. Don't go into a thread on the topic of something you don't want spoiled



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>>612687475the circumstances of her death is one of the things that proves she's best girl


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>>612687151I have no idea what Gurren Lagann is but man I wish you trannies would fuck off talking about it in these threads trying to compare whatever that trash is to this.

>>612687320A literal lie you retarded faggot.

>>612687606>I have no idea what Gurren Lagann isYou have to be 18 or older to post on this site

>>612687514>this retard legitimately believes people don’t purposely go in off topic threads to spoil shit on release day First year on the internet?

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>>612682716Eh 7.5 is good enough it's only like 10 episodes right? I'll give a shot, thanks bro

>>612677563"She's not a loli, she's just petite," I said, before lolicons began to gaslight me into thinking most lolis are just petite women

>>612687159>if you cared you'd have watched it already!Hate this argument in general honestly but it's even more retarded when the series in question is days old.We are born into a world with CENTURIES of media to consume and people still expect you to finish things on their time so they don't have to use spoiler tags.

>>612687606the series is an integrate part in 4chan culture newfag fuck off

>>612687523I honestly didn't like this song ingame, thought it was out of place with everything going on.Too pop-yBut now, it definitely holds a different meaning now.

>>612687765Lolis act childlikeRebecca acts like the average american whore in her mid 20sI don't understand what's so hard to get

>>612675006>Not the part of itBased marketing team.

>>612687151You faggots say this about everything Trigger does. It is nothing like TTGL.

>>612687606>no idea what Gurren Lagann isMy god, I'm hoping this is bait

>shit game -> good movie/series adaptation>good game -> shit movie/series adaptationHuh

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>>612687475her reasons for giving up her own life make her best girl, watch it faggot

>>612683680half the fun is seeing how the characters get into the shit that makes them die, so yes.

>>612683680Yes. It's Cyberpunk, most people live short, shitty lives and die horribly.


>>612687976>her reasons for giving up her own life make her best girlSimping for some guy who doesn't really care about her? She dies to rescue his girlfriend for him. That doesn't make her best girl. It makes her an idiot.

>>612675584>>612675898One I can't believe they still haven't made use of from the core rulebook is color changing LED hair.

>>612687838>spoonfeeds the newfag anywaysmells like kettles and pots

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>>612687951Some things never change.

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>>612686836you sound a wee bit retarded

>>612675006I wanna licky lick!

>>612677563>>612679474>same question gets asked in vg>call out a loli contrarian shitting up the thread>get immediately banned for 3 daysYeah, not going to try it here and too tired to reset. The tranny jannies are lurking.


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>>612686005It was just that one girl at CDPR though wasn't it? They even put Rebecca's shotgun in the game.

>>612688593>It was just that one girl at CDPR though wasn't it?No. They collectively agreed "This is anime bullshit and anime bullshit has no place in this very western IP." And they were right to say so. Where they went wrong is they never should have hired a Jap company to make an anime if they didn't want anime bullshit in the first place.

>>612677563pedophiles dab on the shazam poster

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>Adam Smasher hyped as this super strong unstoppable badass in the anime>Gets completely wrecked by V without any amount of effort in the game like any other random nameless NPCSo what was the point of that?

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>>612688730>in this very western>CyberpunkYou know the Cyberpunk 2020 core book has straight up anime recommendations for getting the feel of Night City down, right?

>>612688845>>Adam Smasher hyped as this super strong unstoppable badass in the animeWhy do people keep saying this? It's not a thing in the anime. All that happens is in the last few minutes someone says "We should call in Adam Smasher. He can kill this kid." and then they do and he does and that's it. He's not something super hyped the whole time. He's a deus ex machina.

>>612687951Does that mean the TLOU2 anime will be a masterpiece?

>>612688845Endgame V is a godlike machine being with two minds and months of daily combat experience, why wouldn't he be able to stomp smasher?

>>612688845V is a schizo with an insane amount of combat experience at that point of the game

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>>612675006>Gets graphically killed in the series with her fucking brain and organs showing>This is fine>People say they like her design and think it's hot>Moralfags freak out and start foaming at the mouthSo according to moralfags: Graphic violence and dismemberment is fine, running around in a bikini is not

>>612689225False equivalency. People don't masturbate to gore and violence. If they did it would be just as taboo as your cp, pedo.

>>612688769rebecca is hot, game still sucks ass

>>612687951>LoL>Good game

>>612689031Smasher is the same but with an even more durable machine body and like a century of daily combat experience. He's meant to be pretty damn OP. That said I think all the complaining about Smasher in 2077 is a bit much, he should be much stronger but there's only so much you can do to make him live up to his legend while also having him be a normal, beatable boss. Just one of those gameplay/writing conflicts that is kind of hard to overcome.

>>612689292>People don't masturbate to gore and violence.The existence of guro and ryona as well as stuff like Facialabuse and Legalporno just proves that your statement is false

>>612675006Reminder that anyone who finds her attractive is normal and sane. Anyone who finds her unattractive is abnormal and has been conditioned to be insane by the insane.

>>612687848>Lolis act childlikeThere are many lolis who don't act child like choomp.

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>>612689334I don't get the complaints at all, Smasher has stats in the original tabletop as well, he can be killed.V is a player character decked out with legendary military gear, tons of chrome and has also reached endgame level at this point.If Smasher was an introductory bossfight during the first heist, yeah i'd be pissed, but at the end after raiding a militech facility etc?It's fine

>>612689381>guroYou're proving my point for me. That shit is just as reviled and taboo as cp is. I'm pretty sure, for example, a man was jailed in England for doing guro.

>>612689513guro, like loli, is different from real-life murder and child molestation. just as based, though.

>>612687351Anon, there's a TTRPG as well.

>>612689334People are acting like he's literally superman or something. He's a tough mech of a man but he's not invulnerable or anything.

>>612688845David at the end of Edgerunners is at the power level of V about midway through the game. Maybe even earlier, discounting the sandy. By the time V runs into Adam, V is armed to the teeth and chromed to fuck, not to mention with the experience of a hardened street veteran. Meanwhile David is still learning about the world and has barely left his neighborhood. Honestly it's one of those things that helps show that the setting lives and breathes.

>>612689656I'm talking about the>this is finecomment. Gore and violence is consumed in a very different way to porn and when it's not you see people getting very upset same as they get very upset with cp but don't get upset with perfectly wholesome pictures of children.

>>612679474>>612683680Post more of her cute kissable feets.

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>>612687159Why the fuck would you go on ANY social media if you cared about anything in that regard?

>>612689751Explain shit like facialabuse,hookuphotshots and legalporno then?Girls getting fucked and beaten until they throw up by groups of men?Millions of views and lucrative enough to keep going for years

>>612689720>David at the end of Edgerunners is at the power level of V about midway through the gameFuck no. David is way beyond V at the end of Edgerunners. He's in a ridiculously OP exoskeleton. He crushes tanks like they're nothing because he has the power of creating artificial gravity. V never does anything even close to that. You can't compare though because Edgerunners is anime bullshit. It's completely different style to western way of doing things. It's like treating DBZ and Batman as being the same thing.

>>612689990Explain what? 99% of the population finds that shit revolting.


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>>612687848>Lolis act childlikeFound the ironic lolicon.

>>612690184They do.Sorry, crazy person. I know crazy people often find it difficult to comprehend that they are a bizarre anomaly and most people are not like them but that's the reality. You're just crazy, user. Your perception of reality is utterly warped. You're not like everyone else. It's not "Ackshully, everyone is a pedo and just pretends not to be but I'm better than everyone else and so don't hide it." It's just almost everyone is not a pedo. Don't bother posting long debunked bullshit studies that have failed the reproducibility test time and time again. Cherry picking convenient falsehoods doesn't mean dick.

>>612675584You know how the Mox girls have plasticy looking skin? It's heavy duty bulletproofing polymer. There's multiple levels you can get, the basic looks like normal skin, can stop a 9mm bullet. Heavy duty stuff can stand up to most shit you'd see in a street fight outside of the combat zone.

>>612687848>Lolis act childlike>Rebecca acts like the average american whore in her mid 20s Phew thank god, I am not a pervert

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>>612689509>>612689678As per Smasher's stats, he could be killed, yeah. If the players have access to heavy artillery, a suped up combat av or 3, or a handful of dragoon borgs. In 2077 you can literally beat him around with a dildo.

>>612690586the fuck are you talking about? look, people get offended by the inclusion of children or otherwise small-statured people in an anime when they aren't purely background characters. they don't get offended by hot female characters getting torn to pieces in said animes, sometimes even when they are children, too. if both were equally reviled, then why are people so much more vocally opposed to one? also, plenty of normalfags admit to being interested in guro for artistic reasons. you have to be a certain kind of dense to think the way you do.

>>612690586You're retarded if you think the western world stigmatizes violence the same way it does nudity

>>612691182Correction, attractive nudityUgly old hags can be as naked as they want

And the white women at CDPR wanted her outNever listen to womenhell, don't even hire based be praised, it can resurrect your failed ip

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>>612675006What does it say about your game when it's fanbase consists of people who only play it because of a little girl?

>>612683930if you're unlucky (like me) it will just crash every 10 to 20 minutes for you on the latest patch.

since men can become women and women can become lolis then that means men can become lolisthis can only lead to good things

>>612691563>i want to be the little girl

>>612691563The perversion levels in any legitimate cyberpunk setting would be out of control.

>>612676590Astute ranking. I'd agree

>>612691741I imagine so.There'd definitely be positives to it, even with all of the negatives.

>>612679474She had the body of a woman, she gets drunk and hangs out with adults. How old is she? Is she just short for her age? She doesn't look like a kid

>>612683680I got spoiled too and you should still watch it. Well worth

>>612683930On PC near release I think I got 1 crash in 30 hours. It was January 2021 though so I don't remember exactly.

>>612691883>How old is she?It doesn't matter.

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>>612691840>little to no fat people apart from fetishists>little to no ugly people apart from fetishistsWouldn't be so bad, and the 12 year old girl with a "fuck me please" tube top is at least some demented 57 year old pervert from Arkansas and not legitimate sex trafficking.

Why is it okay to chop a little kid's dick off but the moment a loli appear it send 'them' to a blind rage?

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>>612692245It seems like they fear the word "loli" more than the loli itself,

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>>612675006Specifically her English VA saved the franchise.

>>612689468>David you're fucking adorableMy heart

>tfw no irl chrome

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>>612693160>if augments were real it'd just be Google Glass esque embarrassing bullshit for techbros and consoomersNot fair. I want to look like a cyber sex freak.


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>>612688730Lmao fuck off westerncuck

>>612689292Yes they do, you naive faggot

Guys I played Cyberpunk 2077 on release date and dropped it. After watching the anime I got the lastest version. How good it is compared to the anime?

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>>612693798Wait till the DLC is out. They fixed some ai stuff but its still not at a level that should be acceptable for an AAA game. T posing shit also still happens.

>>612693160I legitimately wish the game had a sort of payment based cosmetic system, instead of giving you all the cosmetic options in the starter menu. Like, It would be fucking awesome if I felt like I was literally paying to turn my V into a goddamn abomination tranny furry.

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>>612693160this games artstyle is so hideous its trying way too hard to look like the future


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Found it hilarious when one of the first things you see in the anime is the rail system when it still isn't functioning in game

>>612689664That nobody plays.

>saved the season>saved cyberpunk>saved 2022is there anything rebecca can't do?

>>612694890save herself.

>>612694949oh no you're right...

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>>612684197>Literally the most loyal character in the showRetard alert

>>612695780>loves mc>mc loves another girl>goes out of her way to save the love interest of the guy she likes hoping he will atleast pity fuck her>dies doing soshes the cuckqueen

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>>612687848>Lolis act childlikeWhere do you retards come from

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>jannies deleted the other threadWell at least the weird twitter larper is gone

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>>612696081How many threads do we have to delete until you pedos get the hint

>>612689864I didn't even know Edgerunners had come out so it could have easily been spoiled for me without even knowing it was something I wanted to watch. I'm glad I turned on Netflix on a whim and watched it, I would have been fucking pissed if I got spoiled for this show.

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>>612696318fuck niggers

>>612696236I dunno.How many numbers are in an infinite?

>>612696081>>612695834Here are your chat logs

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>>612683930Absolutely not lol. My PC is shit but it still shouldn't crash when you enter the fucking Maelstrom hideout with Jackie. Way less T posing than before however.


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who is baking the next becca thread?

>>612675006>shit franchise adds a loli character>Starts getting shilledSounds about right. Holla Forums has no taste.

>>612696364Hot. Got any more?

>>612683998>>612686369>>612691535stop playing on consoles

>>612696891No, I'll just go watch LOGHGood night user, don't die tomorrow

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Why doesn't anyone mention the real elephant in the room?Lucy, and adult woman, had sex with David, an underage boy.

>>612697063Uh huuh.Sure.

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>>612687951Arcane becomes shit after the timeskip. Only Jinxfags shill it.

>>612690007>He's in a ridiculously OP exoskeleton.>break gravity support>collapse on your own bodyNICE ARMOR YOU GOT THERE, FUCKABLE MEAT

>>612686736>tfw adam will never smash me

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>>612683930Never crashed. Never got any of the crazy bugs that get posted here. I've only gotten some minor clipping. Played it on PC day one.>inb4 what bout consolesBUY A PC YOU DUMB GONK!! Why don't you people ever learn? Consoles are trash!!!

>>612699562>>break gravity supportWhich realistically Adam shouldn't have been able to do. David could just instantly pancake him worse than Rebecca got but because anime bullshit Adam just shrugs off something that should have been instant death.Either the tech matters which means David wins or it doesn't which means it's not that bad that V beats Adam.

She's not even a loli she's a 30 year old psychotic criminal

>>612686137this i understand, i still liked all the characters>>612686313she has a doll implant, did you forget how they put her to sleep when her brother got killed?

>>612700103Doesn't matter. Adam is already upgraded and max out. You think one of the best merc in Night City run on cheap upgrade?

>>612691883She's not actually a loli. Retards here don't think petite women exist. She is clearly a woman.

>>612700345He's tough but he's not invulnerable. Gravity capable of literally flattening a tank is more than capable of flattening Adam Smasher no matter what cyberwear he has.

>>612690007Exosceletons are not OP user. You kill plenty of people with exoskeletons in the game. Even construction workers use exoskeletons in Cyberpunk 2077. You literally have a mission where you go and put down one that went cyberpsycho.

>>612684985>Maine gets dicked by Doriofixed that for you

>>612700450Did you watch the anime? David's exoskeleton has an absolutely insane gravity weapon. Even MaxTac are terrified of him and have no idea how to stop him. And then Adam Smasher just waltzes up to him and pulls him apart with his bare hands. It's stupid. Anime is stupid. It never makes any sense. It's always just anime bullshit.

>>612700443Tanks are mere toys to Adam, though. And he easily jump to the ground like its nothing. Adam reacted fast and disabling the suit by destroying the grav device. He went straight to the point and disable David. You could have the best weapon and gear, but it doesn't mean jack shit if you can use it.

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>>612700590>And he easily jump to the ground like its nothingYeah, that shouldn't have been a thing either. That impact would have killed him too.Cyberpunk is not supposed to be DBZ. People aren't supposed to just pull ridiculous super powers out of their ass because MUH CHI or any of that shit.

>>612700584bad anime is bad. What you're saying is you've only watched trash, and I agree when it's trash it's trash.

>>612689292>People don't masturbate to gore and violence.

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>>612689292>People don't masturbate to gore and violenceOh you sweet, naive child...

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>>612689292Go on Youtube and look up any "female character death compilation" videos, I promise you all of the comments will be sexual.

>>612700882>>612701863>>612701939When I said "people" it was a generalization. Normal people. Sane people. The vast majority of the population. They don't masturbate to gore. That's not why they consume violent media. Only psychopaths masturbate to violence and gore.

>>612702065So normal sane people masturbate to children?

>>612702140Define sane, most people have fucked up secrets in their mind.

>>612702140No. Where are you getting that from?Violent media has an actual use case outside of psychopaths masturbating to it. CP does not. That is why violent media is legal and CP is not. If violent media served no purpose other than feeding the psychotic fantasies of mass murderers and serial killers it would be illegal too.

the most generic, one dimensional anime character only liked because it's a loliwhat a surprise

They lucked out hard as fuck with greenlighting that anime before the game's release honestly.In most other cases it would have just been cancelled or extremely low effort, the fact was way better than anybody expected and they managed sync the release with yet another game update to put the game in a legitimately good state means it got an incredible second wind, arguably a bigger one than CDPR deserves after how badly they fucked up the launch.

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Why do they speak like Skaven over calls?

>>612683930most people complaining about the game never played it. It's a strange psychological phenomenon. I played on day one on PC, it wasn't really any buggier than any other game on day one. Which yeah shouldn't be acceptable but why this game got singled out I'm not sure, probably the insane hype. There was the other issue of the last gen version just running like shit, that version should never have been released, what do you expect on decade old hardware

>>612702140Everyone does.

>>612702345>That is why violent media is legal and CP is notLoli is legal and it is not CP, so according to your own logic, you are wrong lmao

>>612702345>Violent media has an actual use caseLol. psycho defending his torture porn, while saying that absolutely natural attraction is bad

Zombie Takagi?

>>612702674>Loli is legalLoli is illegal everywhere except Japan. Even in the US it's illegal.

>>612702740>Even in the US it's illegal.Nope 4chan does not allow content that violates US law but does allow loli on Holla Forums

>>612702740Loli is legal everywhere in the world. And sex with kids was too, until the jews took over.

>>612691463Yet again, Japan needs to save the west from itself

>>612702798Sexual depictions of children is strictly illegal in the US, cartoon or not. If it's allowed on 4chan it's because it's just not enforced like a thousand other minor crimes


>>612688283>spoonfeeds>newfag>Kuro avatarfaggingPottery

>>612689468That isn't a Loli.She's an adult with a scrawny adult body.It doesnt even look like a loli in the anime.

What does David see in Lucy when he's got a loli begging for him to breed her?

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>>612686710>I gurantee itll be the most predictable and safe show you've watched all year.You don't watch anime if you genuinely believe this statement.

>>612702995Ugh. I'm so tired of this bullshit defense. She is loli. So is pic related too.

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>>612702471The only reason the anime was a success is that CDPR had minimal involvement. Western anime/games will always be inferior to Japanese media.

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>>612703065Nope.She isn't a Loli.She's an adult in the Anime. She doesn't have a Loli body type.Doesnt act like a Loli.Only the most gone of gone pedophiles would think shes a loli

>>612703264>She doesn't have a Loli body type.She literally got one after the timeskip.

>>612703065t. Jason Schrier

>>612683368Deaths beings unfulfilling and not well earned is core to the central theming of the show user. He gets his mothers ashes from a vending machine.

>>612703264All anime is for pedos because all anime is cp. We know this for a fact because many people who have declared "anime is for pedos" were subsequently arrested for being pedos and who else would better know that all anime is for pedos except pedos?

>>612683680Just like with games, execution matters more than ideas.

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>>612702929>>612702934Sexual depictions of children are protected by the fucking constitutuon, you dumb jew. Loli is allowed on 4chan, and the only reason mods delete loli threads or move them to Holla Forums from 4channel domain is advertising money and nothing else. Fucking newfags, lurk more before posting your reddit """opinions"""".

>>612691883she has a doll chip and a mox tattoo. there's no way cdprojekt would let them put those on a kid because it means she is or was a prostitute

nice waifu trannies

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>>612702995She is literally 10. Shr is a child.

>>612703437>Sexual depictions of children are protected by the fucking constitutuonObscenity does not receive freedom of speech protection. This is well established law in the US.

>>612675006>Shitty anime-only charcter>saving anythingEdgerunners is not canon and Cyberpunk 2077 videogame is still great.

>>612702929If loli was illegal, 4chan servers would be seized the next day. How fucking dumb are you?

>>612703448Yet we see people brutally being killed in the hundreds. Why are westeners so scared of sex?

I want to fuck Kiwi

>>612703487>She is literally 10No she isn't lmfao No 10 year old swears like a year old drunken sailor, rolls with a group of cyberpunks, shoves their hand down an Arasaka bodguards pants as a distraction and is an active Mox prostitute.You however as an active pedophile.She's definitely 18-21 years old.

>>612703547References to the anime are in the game including direct references to the pedobait character. Unfortunately, it's canon.

>>612683680Worth it just for the ep 6 alone.

>>612703524Made up arbitrary terms do not magically override constitution.

>>612688236>She dies to rescue his girlfriend for him.The moment David lost his marbles and they were heading straight to Big Corp HQ she realized there was no chance of escaping alive. At that point there was no turning back, even if Lucy was killed in front of them, he would have still went there instead of leaving. She chose to die with him rather than survive alone.

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>>612688845Smasher in the tabletop is literally unfair statwise. He’s Johnny Silverhands killer.

>>612703719This.Rebecca wanted to choose when to die, and she made her active choice during this firefight.

>>612703547her weapon is in the game including her flat

>>612703686>Obscenity is not protected under First Amendment rights to free speech, and violations of federal obscenity laws are criminal offenses. The U.S. courts use a three-pronged test, commonly referred to as the Miller test, to determine if given material is obscene. Obscenity is defined as anything that fits the criteria of the Miller test, which may include, for example, visual depictions, spoken words, or written text.>Federal law makes it illegal to distribute, transport, sell, ship, mail, produce with intent to distribute or sell, or engage in a business of selling or transferring obscene matter. Convicted offenders face fines and imprisonment. Although the law generally does not criminalize the private possession of obscene matter, the act of receiving such matter could violate federal laws prohibiting the use of the mails, common carriers, or interactive computer services for the purpose of transportation. Straight from the DOJ itself.

>>612703487honestly she might very well be a tiny adult womanlike 1,50m tiny, bec she sure doesnt behave like anyone below at least 15 and the thighs are too thick for anyone below puberty too

>>612703487out of 10

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>>612703790And none of that has power. It's like saying that constitution only grants rights to people, and niggers aren't humans so they should't have rights. Who the fuck are you to decide what is art and what is not.

>>612675301this is what kotaku brain looks like


>>612675584You name it, they have it as long as you can afford it.

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>>612703901Ah, moving the goal posts from "Obscenity is not illegal" to "Okay, obscenity is illegal but who are you to define obscenity?" are we? Doesn't matter. The law has defined obscenity and you will go to jail for violating obscenity laws and that's all there is to it. I'd love to see you try to argue child pornography should be protected by the first amendment in front a judge. See how far that gets you.

>>612703790Report loli sites then, they will either just ignore you or get angry for wasting their time and making their jobs harder

>>612703487What 10 year old has tits? Unless you live in some extremely obese ESL country

What BDs did she recordShe's got Mox tats

>>612675584It's synth skin.>>612690619You are mixing the subdermal armor plates with synth skin.

>>612704087It is not illegal. And cp should be protected too, if all parties gave their concent.

>>612683930it was amazingly stupid and quite entertaining on release, save for the few times (i think it was 2 or 3) some gamebreaking bug softlocked me and i had to reload a savenever crashed on me thothe game is way more stable now, but it still feels janky and unfinishedit's still worth a playthrough, the atmosphere is crazy good and the writing is dope

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>>612704010The Arasaka antigravity cyber skeleton looked fucking retarded compared to something heavy like thisDid Studio Trigger design the cyber skeleton to look as anime as possible and then CDPR said "dont" and they were like "okay were doing it anyway"

>rebecca is probably an ex-mox member >looks like a child>the mox gang are hookers, they're the hookers and the bouncers at the same time>cyberpunk future has all sort of weird fucked up body modification options>cyberpunk lore has furries(exotics) and bio-clown murder gangs(bozos)put 2 and 2 together, why can't kotaku niggertrannies and twitter faggots put 2 and 2 together

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>>612704292CDPR never opened the tabletop manual, this is the main reason their game is poor and generic as fuck. Download the chromebooks for cp and you will see how deep is the rabbit hole.>>612704292>looked fucking retardedThey are cheap and have no respect for the source material. The point of the skileton of the anime was the antigrav stuff which is op as fuck cause it has no counters, but the suit was very cheap. I'm not suprised adam whatever trashed it easily.

>>612675292They're too retarded, they didn't want to include her in the first place, they don't know what people actually like or resonate with. If they did, they would have kept her alive specifically so they could do spinoff shit with her and lucy as these were easily the two most likeable characters and you could predict that if you employed anyone who had any idea about the market and listened to them.Could have easily saved the ip with them, could have easily then made more games and featured them instead of dogshit characters nobody gives a fuck about. But no, execs know best clearly

>>612689329>reading comprehension

>>612703551It's illegal and they (feds) don't care enough to enforce it, that was my point

Need to breed the becca

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>>612704431>they don't know what people actually like or resonate withlolA very, very small minuscule part of the population are pedos, retard. Pandering to pedos is a stupid business decision because most people have absolutely no interest whatsoever in handing over cash for CP. Shit, they wouldn't want it even if it's free.

>>612704431The IP doesn't need saving. It's already turned a profit, CDPR has no intentions of benching the Cyberpunk IP, and it still as a genre resonates extremely well with people today.Your Waifu however will forever remain dead (The right decision)

>>612704292That's just the Dragoon system, a custom version of which is what Smasher uses as his body.

>>612704502>they (feds) don't care enough to enforce itThey're just a lot more busy with shit involving real kids to care about anime. If they had the resources to spare they'd enforce it but they don't so they only tend to use it as an additional charge rather than the main charge.

>>612704502>don't care enough to enforce itLol, this is a total bullshit and you know it They don't do shit because they know it's perfectly legal and every judge will fuck them in the ass.

Why are tradlarpers always so dumb and butthurt? They don't even actually live out the standards they constantly cry about, so why the outrage?

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>>612704679>They don't do shit because they know it's perfectly legal and every judge will fuck them in the ass.You do know there actually are people in jail in the US for loli, right? The only person the judge fucked in the ass was the weeb pedo.

>>612693924That's the point. Night City is a hellhole

Im glad some people dont know what a petite woman is

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>>612691883>How old is she?according to initial designs shes was supposed to be around 17

>>612704761The only few real cases always had cp with the loli. No one can jail you just for fucking cartoons, nigger.

>>612704818>tfw over half the people who want petite girls are creep pedophiles that drive them away so there's more petite girls for the rest of us

>Redditors when a grown woman is 2 meters taller than youTotally normal, nothing to see here>Redditors when a grown women is 1 head length shorter than youLOLI POLICE

>>612704109Loli reports literally divert funds away from real cases. It's hilarious.

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>>612704869Nope. One guy we know of there was nothing but cartoons but they considered it to be such egregious examples of loli and such a grand amount of it they went after him for it and put him in jail. No real cp. Still in prison.

>>612704562Profit doesn't mean shit user, cdprs reputation will literally never recover. Do you understand the value of that? The game would have had to make like a billion fucking dollars to even begin to justify the cost.The genre resonates well, but cdprs ip does not because they've royally fucked it up and failed to deliver on just about every commitment they made coupled with shit tier design and writing that doesn't keep people engaged or emotionally invested.>>612704550Anon, nobody asked for your schizo rant over made up twitter bullshit because you're unable to ground yourself in reality.