Master Duel

2 hours and a half until the eventWhat are you gonna play?

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>>612674724Numeron OTK or exodia

>>612674724This my performance/spoiler]

>>612674724I'll wait 3-4 days until the try hards are done and the meta is solved.Then net deck the strongest-fastest deck and finish the event in 20 minutes while reading doujins on my second screen.

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>>612674724Zoodiacs mainly. Might switch to PSY-Frames if I feel like trolling a little since every match with that deck takes forever, not that good for farming quests.

>>612675205It’s Virtual World, Swordsoul and Zoodiac festival

god give me my event gemmies so i can make my pure dogmatika already

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>>612675302kill yourself zoonigger

I put tenyis in my zombie pile

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*is immune to Zeus**stops your XYZ/Synchro material**drops Ultimate Falcon*

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>>612674724safe to fap to this? all girls no traps right?

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>>612675813And how did that work out for you?

>Synchro was so awful in the past that XYZs being mixed in isn’t enough for me to enjoy myself Sorry Sushipbros I’m going to take the Ben Kei pill, can’t even force myself to use the Kaiju/Lava Golem/Graydle method either as long as synchros exist.

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Lol, lmao- maybe even a kek.

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whats the best generic rank 3?

>>612676320Fortune Tune.

>>612675671You can thank Konami for banning my usual petdeck, now seethe more pls

>>612676152Traptrix lore is that theyre all just illusions that act as bait for pedo eating insects and plants. So they're all based

>>612676292shhh, don't let anyone know that it's a quick effectthat's a trade secret in the live twin club

>>612675813i kinda want to make a deck of tenyi/dino BUT you run vanilla extra deck monsters to use the tenyis then flip survivals end to buff up the dinos

>>612674724I've got birds on the brain, so probably Harpies or Lyriluscs.

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>>612674724Bros... I think I'm bricked here...

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>>612676152They're all flesh eating giant insects and carnivorous plants.>>612676515They're not illusions, the can interact with the physical world around them. Dionaea collects and draws on the skulls of her victims and Cularia holds the little prey organisms she eats in her lap. They also can open the curtains of their lair while luring men in.

>>612676616Everyone knows that, the real trade secret is normal one of the twins, chain droplet and send it to GY as cost and you still end with 2 of them on the board

They ban my True Dracos festival so I'll change to Witchcrafter.

>>612676152only literal traps.

>>612676202It was a mistake to remove rivalry and super poly fuck combos this isn't a 40 card deck and deer note and zombie support isn't out yetI'm returning to ballin'


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>>612677220Droplet shenanigans with Evil Twins are the best.You can also droplet Evil Li-Lla and then resummons her with Evil Ki-Sikil to activate her pop effect.They never see it coming after they force Trouble Sunny activation with Imperm.

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>>612678061Crazy card

>>612678061why would you ever summon this over baronne?

>>612678242its a cool card

>>612677220>Droplet chain block to counter ashDamn, can i do the same with cards like Sunny Snitch and Tenki?>when

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Can someone explain to me why so many people are pissed at Maxx C?

>>612676515Not illusions but more like appendages shaped like bait, think of an angler fish.>act as bait for pedosToo bad all traptrix players cant see the irony behind the deck they're playing.

>>612678363no you can't, they need to be face up to actually resolve the effect because they are continuous spells

>>612678363Droplet won't stop Ash.But it will stop Effect Veiler, Imperm, Barrone/Grandmaster.

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>>612678570its a turn skip if drawn and forces you to run at least 9 cards in every deck no matter what

>>612678853>Plaguespreader retrain>Is worse than Plaguespreader

>>612678570Forces you to end your turn on the spot for 90% of decks if you get shafted by RNG and didn't draw Ash/Called By.The card's so strong that about 8 spots in your list are already taken from the get-go just for 3 copies of maxx C and for its counters.

>>612678619They can and that makes them harder.The hero players on the other hand... never meet one who understands how gay he is.

>>612676515Its deliberately unclear as to whether they are illusions or symbiotes.

>>612678570I'd like to play the game without having to play a minigame that determines whether I win or lose first

>>612678363>>612678789Didn't notice you said chain block there.You can't chain block Sunny Snitch.But you can chain block Secret Password/Home as well as the started twins.

>>612679010>just synchro with your level 10 monster into another level 10 and bring them back the next turn for free so long as zombie world doesn't get popped or they waste a negate

>>612678906of course only decks that special summon a lot, shit like eldlich can get away with playing around maxx c and flowandereeze straight up makes it dead, the biggest problem is decks outside of those that can play around it are unplayable garbage and there are 500+ petedcks that cant go into a half decent board without special summoning more than 4 or 5 times

>>612678570It solidifies the handtrap meta into cards that can out maxx c, which co-incidentally are also all the cards that cuck rogue and lowtier decks. Including the card itself, a quarter of your deck is dedicated to this card alone.The only decks that ignore maxx c and are viable are the most cancerous style of decks in the game, pure floodgate lock.

>>612679150>>612678363>>612676292I'm kinda new to MD and have no idea what you're talking about.I wanted to make an Evil Twin deck but I'm missing Sunny (like 50 pulls, I didn't get a single one but like 10 Secret Passwords and I used the dust to craft staples)

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>>612678570the card is so powerful that the entire game has revolved around it since launch

>>612674724The usual

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>>612679615Trouble Sunny isn't in the Live Twin secret pack, she was a new card that came in one of the packs that are not available anymore, the only way you can get her now is by crafting it.

>>612676515>Traptrix lore is that theyre all just illusions that act as bait for pedo eating insects and plantsWe don't really know yet, their lore so far is pretty vague, it hinted they can speak so they must have some level of self-awareness, which means you could realistically kidnap one and mindbreak them through rape correction, if they actually do have a functional pussy that's it. At least the structure deck will have lore tokens that will finally tells us if it's the lolis or the plants/insects are the one that are real

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>playing relinquished deckheh nothing personnel jadedragonkeks

>> also calls herself their leader

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>>612679463>The only decks that ignore maxx c and are viable are the most cancerous style of decks in the game, pure floodgate lock.What about decks that don't special summon so much like Eldlich or Sky Striker?>>612679725>>612679083>>612679049>>612678906Well, the game shifted heavily since it started and special summoning became completely normal. Isn't Maxx C what helps against decks that special summon/combo a lot?

>>612679912>which means you could realistically kidnap one and mindbreak them through rape correctionBut it is very clear that they have a symbiotic relation with the insect/plant, so you need to minibreak the bug as well and then feed it.

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>>612679615that makes us two

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>>612680126this card came out three weeks after brandon btw

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>>612680076Keep playing until you watch somebody combo in your face for 3 minutes while you're thinking about how you're gonna break the board just to have them activate Maxx "C" in your standby phase then get back to me.

There is something very telling about who is your favorite YGO waifu. The only people that Ive seen that are still into DMG are the blandest people I have ever meet, meanwhile I have only seen NTR aficionados be into the Rikkas, especially Teardrop.

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>>612680076>eldlichmaxx c is still a +0 or +1 against them so it's still useful>sky strikerthey often don't lose card advantage to maxx c, but still have a heavily weakened turn that won't threaten you>Isn't Maxx C what helps against decks that special summon/combo a lot?yes, but for the millionth time, those decks can use the card tooalso people main deck so many counters to it that it rarely resolves and people still get to coombo

>>612680251Stop trying to make me fap to prank kids

>>612679869I feel like a fucking retard now.I could swear I saw her in the list

>>612680076>Isn't Maxx C what helps against decks that special summon/combo a lot?Maxx C doesn't distinguish between rogue deck, meta deck, petdeck or shit deck, it doesn't even know its being used turn two against some poor sap going second staring down a full combo board, maxx c isn't your friend, and unironically meta decks are better equipped to deal with it than some carppy useless archetype like solfachord


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>>612680126Complete outsides walking in wanting to UOOOOHHHHH after Verre only to find a grandma with a huge collection of skeletons in her wardrobe has been the second best Master Duels moment. Holla Forums suddenly realizing that the reason why all BEWD players are baboons who can’t read is because they are actual baboons AFTER A MONTH OF NON STOP PLAYING THE GAME still takes the cake.

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Leave Brandon to me.

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>>612680341> until you watch somebody combo in your face for 3 minutesIsn't that already the state of the game?>just to have them activate Maxx "C" in your standby phase then get back to me.Activate Maxx C in their turn then :^)>>612680435>>612680572I just fail to see what's so different about it than other handtraps. They're all useful

>>612680659Now that's just wrong

>>612680761Sweet, my Verte will activate the spell effect while being a monster!

>>612680761You are better off with Dimensional barrier

>>612674724idk anything about this game but why are they all kissing??? and why is the brown one in the middle not kissing?

>>612680761>laughs in Verte

>>612680796Shut the fuck up

>>612680796>I just fail to see what's so different about it than other handtraps.what is so hard to understand about itactivate imperm, it resolves, you stop one effect. opponent can choose to do other thingsactivate ghost ogre, it resolves, you pop one card. opponent can choose to do other thingsactivate maxx c, it resolves, your opponent is forced to not make any more moves unless they want you drawing a bunch of useful shit or they're a floodgate deck

>>612681010The middle one is waiting for (You), user. Go on :)

>>612681156that's gay tho

>open game for the first time in months>going 2nd>opponent has two negates on the board and two traps/spells face downThis game fucking sucks.

Another event to play Cardians because you can go fuck yourself.

>>612677149You have Kragen. Just craft 2 spawns and all the maindeck stuff is N/R except for the beautunaful princesses and MAYBE you could add Piri Reis Maps. For gold that's more than enough to do the event. You'd really want Bahamut Shark and Toadally Awesome too, but just Kragen turbo is enough for the event if you aren't in high plat/diamond.

>>612674724I have zoodiacs and exosisters to play around

>>612680796You're failing to understand card economy, most handtraps are straight up trades, ashing or veilering something can be considered going even because you stopped their one card with yours, of course sometimes this stops their turn altogether but its still considered a trade, with Maxx C on the other hand, you can potentially draw much more cards than you would normally be able to, which means more chances to draw techs, extenders and the like, which is why most dont take the challenge and prefer not to gamble giving opponents an out to your gamplan

>>612681010Traptrix is a trap-based deck where the monsters are young girls with a symbiotic relationship with man-eating insects and plans. Myrmeleo looks defenseless and ready for the taking when in reality they're waiting for someone foolish enough to join them to feed from them.

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>>612680864found this on pixiv while looking for more erotic cards

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>>612681341oh that's actually pretty neat, i thought the artist was just horny

>>612681242you have a 300 second time limit

>>612681230Only two?

So this is the power of OPT...

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>>612680431>your favorite waifuMy waifu isn't a YGO character at all, she's a flat chested robot from an MMO. And I only have one, like any sensible person.Anyway DMG is still a damn good design, I will never find her unappealing. However, the best looking YGO girls are Windwitch Ice Bell and Ritual Beast Tamer Lara. If I'm allowed to dip into ones people often dismiss as fotm, I would say the Lady of the Labrynth (Lovely Labrynth) is the best.

>>612681463>she's a flat chested robot from an MMObased virtual world chad

>Drop ultimus>Retard keep trying shit effects.There is nothing on card saying Once per turn for fucks sake.

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>>612681408Fine by me, sit there for 5 minutes while I touch myself then disconnect.

>>612678570I'm more pissed at the dog, at least the roach still lets me play my deck.

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>>612681496Funny you say that, I actually bought Toutou in real life because I love how she looks.She doesn't really look like my waifu though, apart from the eyes.

>>612681437OPT? One page thread? What's that?There must never be an anime main cast character who plays a zombie deck or Mezuki will fucking die for its sins when it gets legacy support

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i'm ready. yes, that is indeed passinglider

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>>6126815122 free clear screens

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>>612681503It's gonna workJust you waitYou'll misclick and then your ass is done

>>612681601post your wifenot gonna judge, just interested in who your wife is

>>612681617Mezuki isn't even that good>requires being in your GY>requires target to be in your GYSwap Frog at least sends it's own monsters

>>612681503I had someone negate a Danger in my hand for the rest of the turn so I just activated it 100 times in a row before continuing my turn.

Thinking about an Exodia deck. I want it to be consistent, but I want it to be fun. Is RML still a viable way to go?

>>612681503The uhThe last sentence

>>612681402I mean, the whole archetype is young girls, many of them with light clothing, can't blame artists for being horny for them.

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>>612681402That too but YGO waifus are more than just eye candy... most of the time.

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>>612681703Any card that doesn't say You can only use this effect of Sneed the City Slicker Hunter once per turn has the potential for abuse

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>>612681685Only reason I still play it. I regularly collect items to dress her in despite being way behind the absurd power requirements for new dungeons. Right now she's wearing this outfit (Evil Tracer - Maya) because it's cool and gives a temporary immortality effect.

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>ban Synchron stuff in Synchro eventFuck Konami.

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>>612681703If Substitoad weren't permanently banned you may have a point, but zombie support far outstrips frog support, and you can absolutely abuse loops with Mezuki. As it is now, cool you can summon Ronintoadin. Mezuki can summon anything that's able to be summoned from the GY.

Is the event going to start from the get go or we will have few hours of maintenance before it starts?

>>612681503>Last sentence Myutantbro...>>612681667Can attest to this, especially when you’re cutting it close against the usual meta/floodgates. Getting too greedy can screw you over. You always got to play the long guessing game.

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>>612681503You should actually play the deck before talking about how strong it is. At least play against it once.

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>>612682515too bad this artist only draws Laundry these days.


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>>612682662No, have her original version instead!

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for me it's Lyriluscs

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The prettiest Ghostrick fieldthis took forever to make even in solo mode

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>>612683114>Blackwings but femaleGarbage breeds garbage

>>612683289I don't know about that but I would breed Ensemblue Robin though

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>>612683275Ah yes Zeus, my favorite Ghostrick.


>>612683275wheres ghost trick spooky utopic draco future?

>>612683110but I want all of them

>>612683804I also want all my 12 zoodiacs bros together but we can't have everything!

accesscode talker is dumb

>>612684249I'm sure he's very intelligent

>>612683742He's there in spirit

>>612684249yeah and so is borrelswordboth should have been banned but they haven't because game would take longer in paper so they let game breaking monsters run around and people are psyoped into thinking accesscode is ooay

>>612684249>Things that can interrupt Acesschud climb>Effect Veiler>Imperm>Ash Blossom>Droplet>Called ByIf you don't have ANY of those things to stop it you already lost anyway.

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Here's your Accesscode Talker for the event bros.

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>floodgates are bad! ban them all!and this is ok?

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>>612683356blue cloaca

>>612685104It is

>>612685104I fucking hate Numeron but come the fuck on, you can picture the sadistic glee of this faggot behind the screen as he flips both macro cosmos and emptiness, waiting his opponent forfeits on the spot

>>612685104You don’t need floodgates to play control, the problem with floodgates is how it shut downs the ability to play the game.

>>612680431i dont get the rikka ntr meme

>>612681982Based konami putting synchroomers at their place

>>612684753well yes, because of bullshit like accesscode killing grind games, making it so you need a negate at all times or else your opponent is entitled to a 5k+ beatstick + removal

>>612685617I think it has to do with Teardrop's effect

Every time I flip gozen match my opponent always plays one attribute decks. Hell I even gave them a Gamaciel, flip gozen match and their whole deck was WATER make it completely pointless. Shittiest floodgate and they're limiting it to two because waaah Tenyi piles can't play the game.

>>612685852i uhh still dont get it

>>612684934significantly harder to get into

>>612685104no but this shit game and its players are too far gone

>>612685829Crazy that we can run 9+ copies of Mirror Force now, but nobody would ever bother to because your whole backrow will just get popped by Accesscode the moment you dare to run traps that you can't just flip essentially whenever you feel like it.

>set 5 backrow and pass>opponent drops HFD>Flip crossout>declare HFD>opponent scoopsYes I play one of Crossout, Lightning Storm and HFD just for that.

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Do galaxy eyes xyz monsters just not have any protection?

>>612686108She can tribute the opponent's monsters

>>612686634gotta feel good in the 1/50 games that interaction is relevant

Yo we finally got that duel field from the special duels in solo mode

>>612686740you have hope harbinger and photon lord since you can make rank 8s

Ok while I'm glad we finally have restrictions to encourage the summoning type for rewards, why the FUCK did they have to make us do both in this event?

>>612686860Took em a while

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is spellbook even a good deck? Is judgement coming off the list that big of a deal?




>>612686797It's less than that because I'm really fucking good at drawing one ofs when I don't need to. I can't crossout Ash or HFD most of the game because they're all in my hand.

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>>612687040No staples

>first opponent in the eventclassic

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>trying to have fun with frogs in casual mode>open with grass>stupid cunt is playing 60 card turbo-boomer BEWD with every single anime card in his deck

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is the festival up?

>>612687485At least is fast. You either nuke them or they nuke you

>>612675392No, Dogmatika is only good being an engine to get into your ED faster. Play Despia

>>612686759i umm well i guess rikka sheet is pretty cuckyi uhh i still dont get man i am retarded


Are Dark Magician decks fun to play?

>>612676515I personally see them as little girls with giant monstrous insects/plants as stands. Japan loves pairing little girls with a giant monster protector, like Illya from Fate

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>Synchro summon a monster 30 timesFuck

>>612687602Do you have fun while losing?

>>612678619Are traptrix even lolis? Sera definitely is but Raff definitely isn't. The rest just look like your standard anime teenagers to me

Lyriluscs are pretty cool

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>>61268739370% of the spellbook engine for Endymion, Magistus, and basically every other Spellcaster deck.

>first duel against Odd-Eyes, go second>only Maxx "C" on hand but two Small World, decide to keep it>use Small World on my turn, get access to my whole deck>win but missed OTK because I drew Salon instead of Ticket with MessengelatoI need to remember my Madolche combos. Also, Small World is busted in this deck holy shit.

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>>612687040The Spellbook deck may be shit, BUT the structure deck does have EVERY UR+SR in the secret pack, just like the Dragonmaid one. So it's 1500 gems for 3x of everything in the secret pack, and that is awesome. Also you get some other SRs and a non-archetypal UR.I'll gladly take this over the earlier structure decks.

>>612687271Is Master Duel on switch comfy?

oh boy here come the swordsoul cock suckers

>>612687040who the hell cares about chudbooks

>>612688138Anon it's a loanerYou're going to see plenty

>>612687509He sounds based.

best duel ever

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>Synchro summon a monster 30 timesCardian bros, we won.

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>>612687975Still no staples. No one cares for caster soup

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>>612688138>not collecting tokens

>>612685617The whole "Tribute your stuff" thingy.Sheet takes control.Flurries forces you tribute your monster.Kanzashi steals your GYKonkon (not yet in MD) tributes your monster as cost.

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>>612688234Now I want to watch Akagi again

>>612681930Oh, Eve? Got a preference for which one you like? I forget the exact name but I personally like the Queen one that calls out servants continuously


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>>612688245Well I just got 30UR dust and 40SR dust so idk what to tell you, homo.

>>612688352You cant dust SD cards freaking idiot

>>612688426I owned almost every UR and SR in the pack because I play multiple spellcaster decks you retard. You can buy a structure and dust the cards you already own.

>first three duels>chink name>non-loaner chink deck>connection issuesI can't tell you how much I fucking despise the chinese.

Can I turn crossplay off

>30 turn numeron vs numeronwas fun

>the spellbook structure actually has blue boy and secrets6 URs down, 20 to go for my Endymion deck...

Is yugioh good now? I feel like it's the kind of game where if you dont win turn 2 you lose.

Konami please give Harpies just ONE more 1 card starter I beg of you

>Bro, make SRs and URs after you pulled on the Branded banner>Bro, where's your 1500 gems for Utopia?>Bro, where's your Raider's Knight?

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>>612688910Yugioh was never good.

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>>612681463>If I'm allowed to dip into ones people often dismiss as fotm, I would say the Lady of the LabrynthMost had higher expectations for her, sadly those went up with the wind when the lady lost her thunder to a flattie with 77 IQ.Personally, I think Traptrix was the one to kill them.

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>>612688910Ranked is worse than it's ever been and only stands to become worse in the near future. Casual mode is fun because 90% of people are playing pet decks and BEWD retards who are free wins for everyone.

>>612688963Your 710 UR CP?

>No URs on roll for selection pack>next it's just ONE UR and 3 SRFuck this, how many Vampire Zombie do I need, might as well craft one or 2 and just save and roll for vampires, I could've built it by now, maybe

Benkei otk with adventure for more equips is silly

>>612688985fiend belly

>>612688812Only to avoid PCtards

>>612689043If that's the only UR you need then you should craft it for sure.

>>612688307And my friend playing the opening of Rent A Girlfriend doesn’t help at all.

i hate swordsoul so fucking much die chinks

>brick with Ghostrick>still grinded out a Swordsoul player over 11 turns that opened the nuts

Attached: face.png (225x225, 37.09K)

How do I deal with sky strikers

>>612689450play the event tard

>>612689450Karma Cut. Called. Anything that can banish their Raye either from the GY or field.

>virtual gate shitter with connection problemsFuck this game

3 games in a row so during the event my opponent has a chink name and just passes without doing anything

>>612689450That's way too vague. It will vary between decks. Just try to end the game ASAP because their strength is in their grind game with how much they recycle their spells. If you can cut off their resource loop that can be another way to win.


Attached: 1649219533882.gif (448x640, 1.47M)

>>612689115I was also trying for branded stuff since I might build Dragonmaid despia, got 2 branded fusions and 2 of the not Mirrorjade dragon, I might also craft it down the lineNow I dunno If I shoudl go ahead and build Vampires or wait for the Marincess support to drop that is guaranteed to be mostly UR and SR

The event just started and I can already tell this will be worse than the Synchro event.

>>612689802>I HATE THE CHINESEThen stop wearing and using things made by them


>>612689939>Fight against Swordsoul with your gutted deck>They take their sweet time with Chi Xiao chainblockingTake me back to Ben-Kai...

>>612690006Bro your called?

>>612689802git gud

Attached: 1601654886293.jpg (512x512, 42.14K)

Fuck all of you faggots

Attached: file.png (137x95, 28.51K)

>>612690185Blame master duel for being a piece of shit

>>612690226>blame MD because stupid niggers play on phone and not on wired connections

>brick hard against Swordsoul players without fail>good hands otherwiseHoly shit, I'm starting to think the rng does favor meta decks

>you are going second>you are going second>you are going secondare the cheaters back?

Ok this is my ideal setupProbably should change the yang zing to the earth one on the off chance I can actually activate lythosagym

Attached: file.png (1366x768, 1.77M)

>>612690226Works on my end. Niggers should stop using their phones and the mall wifi

>>612690185Sorry brah, I had to microwave a burrito real quick.My internet actually does shit itself whenever I use the microwave, it interferes with the signal from the router.

>>612689450101 dodges Raye's revival effect

I'm loving this event so far, I've gotten 3 wins with my pretty bad Battlin' Boxer deck against cool and equally bad decks like Penguin and Ghostrick

Attached: 00627_143315.jpg (544x544, 71.63K)

>>612690380The only coinflip "cheat" that ever existed was disconnecting at the flip since you didn't get a loss. It's a 1 in 8 to lose a flip 3 times in a row. It's not that rare.

>Diamond 1 bros Lyriluscs are kind of good

Attached: 1647161088994.png (1185x704, 441.71K)

>>612690396You don't get it dude, I really, REALLY wanna play Yu-Gi-Oh while I take a dump in the public toilet at Wendy's and my phone is outta data so I have to leech their wifi.

>>612689450bring up age of consent laws

>>612690492>guy named Ikaruga in the black+white card eventPretty based.


Attached: 1648172399642.png (1048x729, 219.37K)


>Do anything>Chimera get dropped.Fucking retard.

Attached: Screenshot_20220920-005926.png (1600x720, 1.84M)

>>612690492That’s because everyone’s taking the Branded Despia pill for some reason and playing a fairly honest deck that doesn’t end on multiple negates + floodgates>t. guy who’s played nothing but Tri-LL since MD launched

>>612690390post combo

Why are legacy packs so shitty?

>>612690707They had to find some way to fuck Shark and Ojama players for being too soulful.

Do Benkeifags not realize they still have to make a Synchro/Xyz deck for the missions? All they are doing is doubling their playtime.

>>612690747You mean for being faggots

>>612690707Give them to me. I refuse to craft a UR that's in them and I really need Cicada King so I can do more than OTK with Beetroopers.

>>612690667This is pure LL in the festival

Is there any reason why E-dragons can’t go back to being full power in this time and day? Barring things like Super Rejuvenation needing an immediate ban

>>612690667>endboard of Utopic Draco Future, Smorgh, Apex Avian, and 4 material Ensemblue Robin is not considered good anymore by Master Duel standards

Ah yes. I am going to enjoy this festival

Attached: Screenshot_2.jpg (852x972, 250.89K)

>>612690667Is pretty hard to play despia on XYZ synchro event ndxxay


Attached: 1637462278435.jpg (3307x4547, 658.61K)

>only 4 missions are>XYZs summon>synchro summon>normal summon>duelWell I guess I'm just never completing these missions. I hope the MD devs get fucking cancer.

Attached: ren-and-stimpy-sweat.gif (121x90, 234.96K)

this is for certain the worst event they have ever done

>>612691174Play the event the way you're supposed to

>>612674724I'm just using Ben Kei OTK deck for the gems.

>>612691227Blow me, faggot.

>Drytron>Zoodiac>Swordsoul>NumeronThis is the worst event by far

How the fuck am I supposed to synchro or xyz summon for the challenges if everyone scoops the moment they can't stop you from playing?

>>612691174Why are you so against playing the theme of the event?

>>612690670oviraptor + baby/misc or fossil digoviraptor ns, activate misc as pertinent, add a baby or add the miscmisc banish, ss animadorned, animadorned blow up baby, add pill, summon babycera from deckoviraptor blows up babycera, summon older babycera back (it's the rightmost card always), trigger babycera, summon aeolo from deckaeolo sync into denglong with oviraptordenglong add nine pillars, send lythosagym from deck to gy to change lv to 9, sync with animadorned for baronne, summon bi'an from deckactivate pill, banish lythosagym and animadorned from gy, summon uctend result: baronne + bian + pillars negate + uct with ammo the omega there was just the result of getting ash'd on the fossil dig

>>612691174For the Xyz mission, just make a suicide Zoodiac deck that just spams as many Zoodiac monsters as possible (they're all pretty cheap) and then just crashes into a bigger monster. For Synchro, I'll use my Pure Mayakashi, but that's probably a little more expensive.

>>612691349You can actually do the missions over the course of multiple games.

>>612691019If you can get there without choking on all sorts of hand trap or bricking cock then it’s alright

So if a sky striker player gets kaiju'd, do they just scoop? All of their links require a sky striker monster and they can't use their cards to try and get another monster/token for link 2

>>612691398I'm not building decks I don't want to play to earn some gems.

>>612691553NoThey have their field spell and multirole to get rid of things

i love it when i have to run 3 ash in every deck no matter what

Attached: nice ash.png (938x516, 814.59K)

>>612674724>Look up Rank 8 XYZs>Draglubion cheese is 2 URs

Attached: GreenKaiba.jpg (600x450, 47.89K)

Anyone have an exosister deck for the event?

i'll just run a poor man's zoo deck to complete the xyz event.whats a poor man synchro deck? Yusei deck?

>>612691046How I flower cardian?

>>612690929>E-dragonshuh? do you mean the dragon rulers?

>>612691752You don't have to attach hope harbringer you can just use heart earth

Im trying to make something cheap that can use both Synchro and Xyz

Attached: unknown.png (1600x900, 2.32M)

>>612691616that's what loaners are for.

>>612691902You pray each draw actually works or that opponent gets bored of watching you waste 30 minutes of their time

>>612691982I'm not playing a nonfunctional ghosttrick deck to get XYZs and I refuse to play chinksouls.

>>612687040I didn't even know Spellbooks had XYZ monsters. I knew about Aleister because of LORE. Aren't Spellbooks just beta Skystriker with Blue boy being the only normal summon?

>>612691902My personal way of doing it is>monsters only>I'm serious 40 fucking monsters that's the deck>avoid normal summoning for as long as possible, just keep special summoning>summoning a flower cardian monster makes you draw and special summon the card if its a flower cardian monster>I once literally cycle through 24 fucking monsters, since some effects require you to tribute for cost and some let you move cards from GY back into the deck>you synchro when you can to use the extra monster zones, gives you more space to special summon more monsters>you can only get a deck of 39 Flower Cardians though>40th slot is Fairy Tale Snow, Gizmek Orochi, or some other card that can pull itself out of the GY with no set up

i hate swordchinks so much

>>612692030All it needs is some Omni negate for synchro, playing through Maxx c suck unless you got a goat starter hand.

This nigga really used maxx c turn 1It was his turn

This is as bad as the synchro event, if not worse. It's either synchron spam or chinksouls and nothing else. The only XYZs deck I've run into is fucking Tellarknight that scooped instantly.

Attached: 1647836499075.jpg (720x480, 42.61K)

>>612692485Playing Maxx C against Cardians is a death sentence

>>612692554A well placed nib can fuck the combo, most don't know how to choke it, still the dumbest thing one can do along with roaching trickstars.

How many gems will I get from now until Newborn Dragons is gone?

they better ban mo ye soon i hate sword souls so fucking much

>>612692447Quit spamming faggot

>>612692620>NibThats why you save your normal summon to do a brand new combo.

>>612692212the odd eyes deck has both synchros and xyz.

>>612692825die chinkoid

>>612692554That's why you just wait until they've done a hundred summons already before you maxx C so that you only draw 39 cards. If you run Droll you're also safe to do it whenever.But really it's Flower Cardians. You're probably going to quit from boredom before they can deck you.

>>612692736145*51+event gems

>see swordsoul>no handtrapi wont let you complete the synchro missionfuck you

>>612692872What about imperm and such?

>>612692886I play pendulum magicians. That deck is barely functional with what it has, especially without access to links to actually be able to pendulum summon. The best you can do with them is drop a baronne with harmonizing but you have no recovery and can only have 2 monsters with no protection.

>>612692485All it needs is a miracle. But miracles do happen (Also, I won with 13 seconds left in the clock.)

Attached: Screenshot_1.jpg (1915x1077, 567.76K)


Attached: 1655874991577.png (710x333, 548.21K)

>>612688910It will be once they ban verte anaconda & kill the adventure engine.

>faggot named KaijuNumeron in the event trying to score easy wins on name alone>plays cyber dragonsYou ain't slick bitch

>Endymion opens perfect 2 jackal 2 Endymion hand>sets everything in a inhumane speedSomething ain't right

Attached: 1663185664068869.png (529x473, 310.85K)

are flower cardians hard to play?

>>612693662Ok I'll actually play numerons then

>>612693709he was just waiting for that hand

>>612693729They are overly complicated and not worth it unless you want to meme

>>612693729Bricky as shit and end board is most mediocre shit ever.It's a meme unless you draw synchronized realm or opponent is retard to throw Maxx c.

chinksoul festival

>Synchro and XYZ missions are separate>you need two fucking decksAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

>>612687040I just bought it for Fortune Lade Every to add to my Witchcrafter deck, though the other cards may come in handy.

Attached: 300px-TheTransmigrationProphecy-SDSB-EN-C-1E.png (300x437, 225.42K)

Post them.Also triple Secret Village is screwing over Benkei decks lol

Attached: AFinalSolutionIfYouWill2.png (1579x857, 1.34M)


>>612693961Just make a zoodiac deck and do a suicide run.

What do you guys use to make webms? I want to make one of my last game but the file ends up being far too large

>>612693125>have Nibiru and Ash and Imperm in your handDo you have enough cards in your hand to do a proper play anymore?

>>612684934Based and Yusei pilled

>>612693729Hard to play since you need to learn a completely different game or just rote memorise all of the different combo lines. Flower cardians want to synchro but they build up to it by getting a winning hanafuda hand on the board. If you don't know how to play hanafuda then you're forced to just guess and press the yellow button every time it lights up and hope for the best.You do get some decent effects with the synchro monster though>free draw>lock off opponent's GY>They take 1500 damage on draw phase

die swordsoulless chinks

Does special summoning directly out of ED count as special summoning XYZ/sychnro monsters for missions? Everyone top decks Harpy feather duster anyway, can I just set Waking the Dragon and do nothing else for lazy wins?

>>612694869the fuck are you going to summon? Ultimate Falcon??

>>612694869doesn't count

somebody talk me out of building ABCs right now before I do something I regret

Attached: 1646709588294.jpg (1440x1080, 294.62K)

>>612695031Test them out in a sim first

>>612693596I run DRNM for a reasonNow eat Zeus

>Missions>Summon synchroFUCK, I might have to use my swordsouless if my meme Noble Knights can't at least spam that

>>612694579They have a ftk with de synchro but yeah, most of time it's better just scoop than get tortured.

>>612695031You won'tABC is incredibly fun and it being at 2 means it's actually good to have multiple ABC monsters in deck

what music is in the new field?

>play Lyrilusc>Setup UFD and Ensemblue>Ben Kei ignores themI seriously gotta make Nightingale turn 1? Fucking niggers.

>>612683408>Part time Ghostrick>Defender of the Melfy Forest>Helps the Sexsisters kill demons>Helped the Tellarknights out with the war against the Shadolls>Joins in the final fight with Kitt and the Sprights against Aluber and the Despians.>And helps the Zoodiacs bring in a benevolent dictatorship.Is there anything that Zeus can't do?

People scoop to the first Virtual World played when in reality I banished my cards off Pot of Desires

>>612695617beat raigeki

>>612695617stop incoming Kaijus

>Opponent names himself "IrunNumeron" to bait people to make him go first>He wins ccoin toss and goes first anyway>Uses DangersGod i hate faggots like this so much

>>612695581Going turn one you def want to focus on Nightengale and Recital if you can for more draw power

>>612695581What deck will require mores than 4 bounces off of Ensemblue? UDF will snatch the obvious choke point of any Synchro deck?

>>612687050It's a good engine for Witchcrafters but that's about it

>>612695708Faggot I faced earlier trying the same thing used cyber dragons

>photonThe fuck are these?

>>612695885Rank 8 deck

>>612695885anime deck from Kexal

Is Jowgen banned? If not you can easily drop him and win.

>>612687050>>612687089Wasn't spellbook tier zero?>>612695847Better or worse than running an Adventure engine?

>>612695880Bunch of dishonest pussies

>ghostrick UFD turbo stall me.

>am actually good banlist for the event>all missions actually connected to the cup mechanics>fags still complainingHoly shit is nothing enough for you people, you just want free gems you faggots

>>612696086I want them to kill every non XYZ, non Synchro deck

>>612696086>Good banlist>Literally banned everything thats a threat to their precious coombo faggotslol lmao even

>>612696086>you just want free gems you faggots

Attached: 1653228429792.png (771x804, 205.99K)

>>612696008spellbook was never tier 0. for a deck to be tier 0 it needs to have at least 60% representation at a given event. spellbook of judgement was released in the same set as the dragon rulers, and while both decks were dramaticly stronger than anything else at the time, they were only about as strong as each other, so neither one was ever tier 0.

>>612696008What is draw 7 gonna do when the cards just get added to your hand and don’t do anything? Can’t keep up with the pace of the game. Look at Sky Striker Multirole which lets you set your spells on field at the end of the turn.

>>612696008They would be if they didn't come out in the same set as Dragon Rulers.

>>612696086I'm certainly not spending money when I spend 1,000, or around twenty bucks, and get shit eyes cards instead of the good Albaz ones 4 times in a row.

>>612696185Oh right, forgot about that technicality. Still used to be a busted deck.>>612696223I guess so. Crazy how massive the powercreep has been since the Link era.

>>'s a dumbed down hanafuda and have the most obnoxious combo line ever, it's cheap on MD but good luck playing it since learning curve isn't friendly at all, even the ftk.

is spellbook dogmatika an actual thing with that unbanned spellbook?i want to play dogmatika again

>>612696086They should have combined the xyz and synchro missions

>>612696529Why aren't you playing dogmatika now?

Attached: destomj-b4462886-6a2d-4928-b266-abc737143b4b.png (1200x1200, 2.21M)

>unlimited in MD>banned in the TCG and OCGDo you think it's a good idea pulling for 3 Union Carrier if I don't have anything I want to build so I can cash them in for 90UR when it gets inevitably banned?

Attached: 1633878965366.jpg (270x400, 103.64K)

>>612696747I thought union wasn't banned in ocg

>>612697019it was banned last list.

When are they going to ban Supreme King Starving Venom in the OCG?

Finished building my Branded deck with the gems from the festival.Now I gotta try this thing out at some point.

When will you guys get good tastes

Attached: teardrop_the_rikka_queen_by_mrcat95_demcy36-pre.png (894x894, 2.39M)

>>612697287When I'm allowed to play Nephthys Spright in Master Duel

So Spellbooks aren't good, but is there anything in the SD that can be used by other decks that would make it worth buying anyway? Like how the Dragonmaid deck had a bunch of cool dragon shit? Anything like that in this one?

can jap scum please stop using "x" to mean plus? "synchro x xyz festival" is a horrendus name.

>>612697398If you want to build a deck that predominately uses spellcasters i.e Endymion or Bitchcrafters then yeah it's worth getting.because they make a nice engine.

>>612697398The equip and is draw 2 for sending a Spellcasters with itGood for dark magician

>>612697398Endymion can make use of spellbook engine I think. Beside that? None.

>>612697398unfortunately, no. this structure deck might actually have the least value out of any of them. hopefully the salamangreat one is good.

>penguin cook stallFucking can never draw the outs when I need them

>>612696747Instead of pulling for 3 union carriers to maybe get 3 URs later you can instead pull for 3 of a UR you actually want to get 3 URs now. By the time they ban Union Carrier(if it ever happens) you will have already gotten 1-3 duel passes worth of UR crafting mats for any master pack only URs anyway. Also the fact that it's at 3 may be a hint that they have no plans to unban it. Like was VFD being limited actually effective at all? Was it actually bringing the power level down of decks that used it? Would anyone have ran more than 1 VFD if they were able to? Probably not. But they knew they were likely going to ban it, and it prevented anyone who had more than one copy from getting extra material. I expect they would've done the same to Union Carrier if they had any plans of banning it here.

>>612697495>>612697508>>612697510>>612697579I'm not using any of that, so I guess that's a no. That's too bad. Since they made such a big deal out of Spellbook of Judgement I thought maybe it would be a good generic engine and I'd be able to get that plus another fun deck for single player. But I guess I'm holding on to my gems for now. I hope the Ice Barrier one will be better. That one's gotta be worth something for the synchro dragons alone, right?

these odd eyes and ghostrick loaners are utterly unusable

>>612698005Every loaner sucks compared to something you can put together yourself.

Why does my opponent always have the handtraps he needs while I don't?

If I thought the Dark Signer arc was just okay should I even bother watching the rest of 5Ds?

Attached: 1650301783041.jpg (854x480, 64.34K)

>>612697889>ice barrier oneIce barrier has mostly shit main deck cards.Even their extra deck monsters got nerfed.

>>612697287I'm waiting for the support Rikka bro

>>612674724You will watch me COOMBO and you will like it.

Attached: mill.png (786x909, 1.06M)

>>612698231i can usually use the loaners for fun to try out new decks at least, these two are just nonfunctional though.

>>612696723I'll be building pure Dogmatika sometime soon, hopefully I don't suck at comboing with it

>>612696723i dusted my normal summon man and i never used the shaddolls anyway but i liked dogmatika the mosti tried to make a ritual dogmatika build but it sucked ass so im looking to put them in something

>>612698248It will only get worse from there. If you really, really, really like the characters you might enjoy the 30 or so episodes of pointless filler that goes right after that. Just be ready to watch character arcs get thrown out the window and a plot so nonsensical that it retroactively turns what you already watched into nonsense too.

>>612697889>Post errata Brionac ehTrish is good though, makes for a nice "get the fuck out of my game" card

>>612698363>60card jankAt least flower cardians user have chance to pull something.

Going in with the nuns in this event but I need a synchro deck for the mission list

Attached: 100429111_p0.png (1600x1000, 2.26M)

>>612698827Just use the swordsoul loaner

>Spellbook SDFinally, im ready to join the master race (pendulums)

>>612698827Is there any good waifu synchro deck?I can't think of one

Fuck XYZFuck Synchros

Attached: file.png (662x536, 457.63K)

>>612699002fuck you

>>612698952fortune ladies lol

>>612699065You will take benkei's dick multiple times and you will like it

>>612699113you will have to play xyz and synchro decks for missions anyway

>>612699193>Syncro Cardian>XYZZoodiac farm deck

>>612699002replace upstart for max sneed

>>612674724>Hand out a Loaner deck>All 3 of them have 2 Called ByWhy does the event have to hate Ash so much? I'm just trying to be a Catastor / Utopia Double caveman.

Attached: Mokuba.jpg (360x360, 18.62K)

>>612698827Add the magistus synchro

>>612699002t. chink

>>612699405I see no swordsouls

>>612699454only subhuman chinks play budget numeron. there are actual humans who play swordsoul.

>>612699573Only chinks play chinksouls, faggot

>Playing Lair of Darkness in the event cause fuck the rules, I play what i want>Opponent goes first, Swordsoul>Use Psy Frame Gamma on their Mo Ye>They scoop>I didn't even draw Lair of Darkness or its searchers

>>612699639literally everyone without a synchro deck is going to use the swordsoul loaner for the missions. only chingchong bug people like you would play benkei.

>>612699573Benkei decks existed before numerons, user.

>>612696140cry more, stunbabby

>>612699737Projecting much? Did you lose to benkei and are really salty about it?

>Opponent wins coin toss and goes first>Immediately skips turn>Expecting some weirdo bullshit like battle fader or something, go for it anyway>He scoops just before I reduce his LP to zeroWhat the fuck is he doing? If he bricked he could have surrendered sooner at least

>>612699846it's anti interaction the deck. even more so than stun.

Are spellbooks at least worth it for Dark Magician?

>>612698952Aromage and there's tons of plant girl synchrosWindwitchFortune Lady

>>612700246He let you do some missions

>>612699072i cant belive the most coomerish summon method on the game has no fucking good waifu archetypes

>going second>brick>surrender before they get to synchro/xyzdevilish


>>612700282Didn't know benkei had negates

>>612685591Hoping to god you have handtraps to stop their kino chungus omninegate board or having dark ruler/droplet or some shit is no different from finding the out to the faggot floodgate flips. Either you cut it or you don't

>People picking up flower cardian for event.Out of all things why this? Yes, pure deck summon gorilion of times but barely that much synchro and ftk have fuckload of consistency issues.It's cheap but if anyone want vomit synchro then synchron or resonator is better to clear quests.

Attached: 1662704514707288.jpg (1600x900, 207.26K)

>>612700305Magician's Souls is a way better draw engine than Secrets + Knowledge

>>612700591Its cheap compared to synchron/resonator, dumbass

>>612699732You can't use Lair of Darkness in the event where Lair of Darkness is banned.

>>612697434It's pronounced "cross".

>>612700305You already have Magicians' Souls.Nothing compares to that

>>612700638>>612700765Isn't that coming in the next pack? I don't have that yet.

>>612700830That's Illusion of Chaos.How do you not have Magicians' Souls?It's the best Dark Magician card by far.

Protip do not leave special monsters in attack mode against Virtual World

>>612700406retard. negates are a form of interaction. benkei's gameplan is literally "ignore everything your opponent has and hope they don't have any way to interact with you. it's the ultimate faggot deck.

>>612700923I opened 8 packs, I guess I just didn't get it? Is it that important? What does it even do?

>>612700642And takes assload of time to actually put something on field and it's mediocre, not mention that you can't just press that yellow button like a retard.Virtual world beats out on rarity since it mostly only need shenshen to work

>>612700982>negates>interactionrumaoI sure love to do nothing because the other faggot coombo'd

>>612700716that's even worse. no sane person would pronounce it like that. japs should either learn how to speak english properly, or stop trying to speak it.

>>612701006A foolish burial for spellcaster monsters + a body on the board and an easy way to cheat out Dark Magician.And finally a really, really good way to unbrick your hand.It is an amazingly good card

Attached: file.png (475x694, 704.98K)

>>612674724I was gonna try and do an actual combo syncro/xyz deck but I just don't think I have anything that will work, the XYZ stuff I do have has no synergy with the synchro stuff I have, and I don't have much XYZ stuffalthough I may well have forgotten some of what I have, I need to search my memories and make a proper list of what archtypes I have a good amount of cards for, some archtypes I never made decks for and others I deleted the deck to make room for more variants on my main decks. glad they are finally giving more deck to answer your question probably shiranui, I considered the one on the road of the king website listed for the event but I don't want to spend the UR CP on zombie world, or any of the extra deck monsters they recommended for that matter

>>612701218That said I am considering doing shiranui or mayakashi + vampires, I can just roll for vamps

They're rigging loaner decks aren't they? Always the perfect hand with called by.

>>612701137Hm, I kind of see it and I kind of don't. I'm not sure I want to spend more gems or UR on dark magician since, let's face it, its just a shitty boomer deck. I might actually dust the whole and craft despia instead so I can at least get out of gold

>use earth trueking>actually hit 2 earths>look at thier ed>always running two of their most important cards

Attached: 1626240940259.jpg (600x800, 90.57K)

>Log in>Play for 30 minutes>Get 1k gems>Open 10 Junk Speeder packs>Get 3 UR>Dismantle>55 CP>Craft Speeder>Basic rarity>Dismantle>Craft Speeder>Basic rarity>Dismantle>Log out

>rituals/pends not banned???

>>612701658Holy based

Attached: 1637394777915.jpg (1280x720, 142.33K)

>>612701764>>612701764rituals have been crippled since birth and pendulums god taken out back and shotwhat more do you want?both summoning methods need atleast 3 cards to special summon

>>612701880Its the xyz/synchro eventWhy are they allowing other special summoning methods?

>>612701929there will never be a ritual or pend event

>>612701929Because it's an extra deck restriction, retard. Next you'll say that any NOMI shouldn't be allowed.

>losing against ursartics of all things>"no response from the server">"reboot"Come on manWhy does the game have to make me look like a bitch against ursartics?I could have won that probably

>>612701993And its stupid that its just an extra deck restriction. Why have other summoning methods on an xyz/synchro event?

ohnonono bros my opponent just Gemini summoned Duck Dummy against me, how could Konami allow this to happen

>>612702203his balls must be massive to play that deckit doesn't work against half the decks in the event

>>612701331Actually shit maybe I can play spellbook with the new structure deck, I even already rolled on that a bit to get resources for a witchcrafter deck so I can get a bit of a CP refund from what I already have

What do I negate against virtual world?

>>612702717Hope that you have an ash and imperm in hand

>>612702757that doesn't answer his question at all. and doesn't imperm do exactly nothing to vw?

>>612702717Negate with what?>>612702757Imperm sucks vs VW

>go galaxy eyes>realize I brick hard>realize i have no solflare dragon to extend playsM-maybe next time

>>612702919The answer is nothing can really fuck over VW that much apart from just using MST to destroy Chuche or Qinglong and stopping them from special summoning Lulu.You're better off just praying that they brick

What decks let me spam Xyz for the mission? I can't afford Utopia with all those URs.

>>612686426Welcome to Inzektor format, circa 2012. Just one more decade before you reach today!


>>612703285Lunalight is the best rank 4 turbo engine that isn't snoozediacs

>>612701218>>612701331I did find a shiranui xyz decklist from 7 years ago on reddit but the guy is polish and some of his to english translation it's unclear what card he means, I figured them all out so far until I got to >1x Soul (Skill) Charge: great card even though this is an OTK deck I can use it to set up a wall or sit on Leo

>>612703508Turns out that list is no good anyway since it also involves fusions

>>612703508Post it user


>>612703508been banned since launch.

Attached: soul charge.jpg (474x690, 60.92K)

>>612703667Really I think I might just play a pure syncho deck, 2 of the 3 loaners aren't combos so I guess it really isn't that important>>612703685Oh that explains why it didn't show up in the search

>>612703314Wow I'm retarded for not immediately thinking of this>>612703464Seems cool but since they are only an engine, it'll probably require a bunch of UR generic Xyz to work which I can't afford

>>612703685idk why the art is so funny to me

What a shitty event>forced to use BOTH xyz decks and Synchro decks

>>612702206>he literally argued against NOMI monstersGuess we better ban every Armed Dragon, Level Monster, Curse Necrofear, Envoy of the Evening Twilight, Berserk Dragon, D.D. Unicorn Knight, Batteryman, Zushin, and other such monsters that would tarnish the XYZ/Synchro event

>>612704326this but unironically

>>612704326You damn well know I specifically meant for shit like ritual/pends to be banned and for normal/effect monsters be left alone, don't be so obtuse

i gotta say i really do hate links every event where they're gone is kinda like a breath of fresh air before the retarded meta of the event kicks in you know?

>>612702717Ashing the gate(continuous spell) on gy is your best bet but don't expect much save imperm for the boss monstersAlso never negate gate on field especially with a negate that destroys, you are literally unbricking them just let it resolve is just a shitty negate

>chinksouls the eventI thought we were free

>>612704809They don't pay you to think for a reason

>>612688331Seraph (Sariel) is the one I main.You're thinking of Empress (Esencia)Sorry for the late reply.