GTA 6 - The mother of all happenings might be happpening

After getting pressured it seems the hacker just went like "oh fuck it might as well leak everything if I'm fucked anyways". Tl;Dr: everything will get released tomorrow apparently. This screenshot was taken from the leaker telegram group.

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So if it gets leaked what happens

>>6126736432 weeks

Nothing will be posted. It’s an attention seeking post. I bet they’ll get “paid” to not drop the info or “scared”.

>caring about a normalfag game

>Uhhh I'll totally release everything>LATER!Why are all these leakers such fucking boring retards? So many people watching and he wastes his moment trying to drag things along like he's some fucking celebrity. People aren't going to give a shit about him in a few more days.

He never mentioned anything about any team before

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Please believe us this isn't a marketing campaign.

>>612673921anyone eho thinks they're some l33t hackz0r for probably just guessing some pajeets password is of course going to be an egomaniac

>>612673921if it's credible rockstar will gladly hand him 6 figures

>>612673735you will stay a virgin

>>612673921because he doesn't have the source code, it's a blatant bluff and rockstar knows it

>>612674298Too late bro, I just lost my virginity to your mother, that fat cow

>>612674014I thought it was publicly known that the hackers are part of the LARP$US team

>>612673643T2 just told shareholders they expect no further disruption. They don't have source codes.

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>>612673643Who cares, all that shit's useless anyway, unless you're some screeching autist who wants to hack in GTAO. The game will be released no matter what. Why are you this emotionally invested, op?

>>612673643He doesn’t have the SC from social engineering/phishing. He’s doing his social engineering right now with that post.

>>612674605He himself never mentioned anything about being part of a team before until now. Not sure what's gonna happen but it should be interesting.


>>612673643>lily howarthYWNBAW

>>612674064are you retarded?

>>612674014Uh, you don't get to bring friends.

>>612675458my thoughts exactly. why didn't he mention this before?

>>612673853I care in that watching this whole motherfucker burn is mildly amusing.

>>612674436Jokes on you, I got two daddies

Fake account, retards. Fucking zoomers believe everything if it's in a screenshot.

>>612673921Source code can weight over 200gb since it can contain uncompressed files. He needs to upload and host it somewhere first.

literally who cares, this does not have any real world consequences besides showing rockstar they need to do better information security. oh boy, the gta leaks have shown us that it's... another gta game! a game that hasn't changed its formula for 20 years!

>>612675727its on the leakers telegram he has admin

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>>612675597Nothing is burning, user.

>>612673643I'm not expecting anything but hopefully he actually shares it




>>6126737354chan will make a GTA clone based on 4chan boards

>>612676134The only good outcome.

>>612673643TURN ON CNN NOW!

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Does anyone actually believe he'll release the leaked source code?

>>612673643he/she is bluffing.


>>612673921of course, they do it for the clout. you think 31337 hackers do it for money over doing it just because they can? >>612674014>question me? ding dong bannu

>>612676867If he won't release shit tomorrow, we know where we stand with him.

>>612673643Someone tell him to release it already before he gets arrested.

>>612676867>bluffing>releasing the leak to begin with

>>612673643If he wasn't a total retard he'd be leaking shit right now.

>>612676134Stop it user. I want that.

>>612676867don't forget>Xer

>>612673643I'm not interested. I'd rather play a whacky glitched out game. fuck cockstar

>>612673921retardof course they want attentionyou will be happy or you will get nothing

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link to telegram?

>>612677259my dad works for nintendo

>>612677308link to telegram?

What happened to the playable GTA VI build he said he has?! Do you still fucking believe him? If he had it he would post some screenshots as proof. Fucking zoomernewfags...


>>612673735Source code for GTA 5 leaked?Hackers will basically completely fuck any hope of GTA:onlineSource code for GTA 6 leaked?Other companies making boot legs, games online aspect dead on day 0, possible other shit regarding game exploits.Either one leaked means that the game essentially needs a rewrite


>>612673643How do we know this is legit and not faker #3928?

>>612677102Yeah, did you see he attention whoring and saying he was gonna release a big leak? Dumb fuck.

>>612677410>other companies making bootlegsmaybe the chinese but they'll be too retarded to make the engine work properly for their outdated hardware, if anyone else tries to use their source code they will get sued into oblivion.>Either one leaked means that the game essentially needs a rewriteNoIf anything we may get a "playable" version of alpha VI to play but nothing much more.

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>>612677726Yeah that's kinda the point retard get everyone's attention and put rockstar at gunpoint you sound like a retard with no experience at being a criminal

>>612677747My sides

>Leakers name is Lilypoo sirs?


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>>612677747There's no way this person wasn't handed the leaks directly by some T2 fag or a basically braindead dicksucking HR agent.

Where do we stand now? I was convinced this was a massive marketing stunt until the fbi got involved. Is all of this real or nah?

>>6126777411. Hence the bootleg parts, china won't give a fuck nor will russia2. Yes it would need a rewrite for 6, 5 maybe as well for multiplayer. It depends how much they are integrating multiplayer into single player and suchIf not you basically assume the amount of exploits into multiplayer will make it unusable not to mention potential access to R* accounts. From a development stand point it would be safer to rewrite vs. attempt to play catch up with the world.

>>612678021it's real you retard no way someone would sincerely leak this amount of shit and tank stock amounts for advertising a game that won't be coming out until 3 years from nowuse your fucking brain you monkey

>>612677816Fucking kekd. Aight street nigga, I didn't know I was dealing with a real criminal here.

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>>612674014>>612673643What kind of name is Howarth?

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>>612673643what a weird time to be alive

>>612678182A fake one.

>>612678021my concerned citizen, this is entirely real. we are on the case and will soon close in on the hacker 4chan

>>612678041>2. Yes it would need a rewrite for 6, 5 maybe as well for multiplayer. It depends how much they are integrating multiplayer into single player and suchNo.It will only cause exploits if the vulnerabilities exist in the first place, you don't ""rewrite"" everything, you just patch the security issues, why do you think most cybersecurity utilities are open source? Don't talk shit out of your ass.

>releases source code in pdf formatthat sounds horrible, why would you even think of that?

>>612678182HOLY SNEEDS>

>>612678157your not black

>>612673643Is it true you’re not allowed to hit women or minorities in GTA6?

>>612678157Yeah bro just release leaks and get no attention at all and no one finds out it exists at allyou might be the smartest nigga I ever seen

>>612678371just to infuriate autists like yourself. i bet they'll disable cut and paste too

>>612678390>The queen faked her death so she could leak GTA6Bros...

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>>612673643new more final gameplay would be cool. But sourcecode would anyone more than needed. Im hyped for this game, so to have to wait even longer is a pain in da ass

>>612678547>cut and paste>pdf file

>>612678358>you just patch the security issuesWhich is going to be near impossible for R* to do from a financial feasibility stand point.>why do you think most cybersecurity utilities are open source? Don't talk shit out of your ass.>WHY YES I DID USE KALI IN MY SEC+ CLASS HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!!!Script kiddies will make the games unplayable, people will be selling hacks rather than openly reporting and fixing because there is no instinctive here. R* AFAIK doesn't do any bounty hunts either on bugs like big names do. From a corporate stand point it would be easier to rewrite the code for security sake than it would to let anyone out there have access to it. "dude just patch it" isn't something you say to a product that will be sold which isn't even out yet.

>>612678646cut/copy, excuse me. thank you for proving that you're autistic. you seem uptight, maybe you need a prostate milking?

>>612678783Please tongue my anus.


>>612678647Jesus christ you're fucking retarded


>>612678991not him but you're extra retarded. Up yours, nigger.

>>612678646Just OCR it

We at Rockstar are very grateful for your time promoting our product 4chan. We believe this PR manipulation gona learn everyone of you, a lesson. The traction tah twe wanted to get, to make our workers wor kahrder, are achieved now. Regards


>>612678991You don't get this isn't an open source project, this is a product of a billion dollar company. Why the hell wouldn't people review, examine, and then sell the exploits for some crypto vs. the open source mindset.

>>612679091Makes sense that a zoomer GTA fan is retarded, kill yourself>>612679172Stupid retard, the point I was trying to make is that knowing source code doesn't directly equal exploits, kill yourself holy shit and check your brainrot before you drop dead.

>>612677747When you think about it, this is so retarded and absurd it has to be true. No way an internal marketing ploy would be this retarded. Niggers literally got swindled by children from a third world country.

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>>612679339why is there blood in that?

>>612676702I loved this meme. Back when CNN was a credible source lol


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>>612673921The hackers responsible for this are literal 16 year olds, of course they behave like retards, they're children$

>>612679305>the point I was trying to make is that knowing source code doesn't directly equal exploitNo shit retard, it just makes it a million times easier to exploit the existing code. As such anyone looking at the code can review and find loopholes in it to exploit. With the game not even out yet it would be a far better call from a company stand point to rewrite. Just how fucking dumb are you?

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>>612673735Anyone would be able to compile it and we get to play GTA6 early and for free.

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>>612679145Thanks Rockstar, I do it for free, to spite retards like you.

>>612679145>wor kahrder

>>612673643>The mother of all happenings might be happpeningget back to us then when it happensin the meantime, gtfo

>>612679496The point I'm making is, rewriting code is braindead shit retarded and much more expensive than just dedicating a small portion of your team to hunt for potential exploits holy shit, here's a shitty analogy to help make sense of things>map of our bank building releases>potential burglars know about the shitty path we haven't reinforced yet now>because of this, we'll bring the entire bank down and rebuild it again, rather than just reinforcing what already exists because this makes perfect sense!>I'm so smart! There definitely was no better solution to this dilemmaAlso>using a shit outdated and irrelevant memekys

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>>612673643i dont know nothing bout no programming or any of that nerd shit but i sweartogod one of you niggas better make grand the/v/t auto

>>612680890you sound like a colossal faggot and need to just kill yourself.

>>612673735I cum in my pants

>>612680614One day you'll work on a real project for a company user, management would basically nope the fuck out of the amount of risk this opens up to a multi million/billion dollar project. Delaying it while GTA5 is a big money maker still is a no brainer in terms of basic risk assessment. This isn't a weak wall, this is basically detailing for anyone how to get the locks potential keys, and blind spots of the bank.

>>612673735>>612677410>both gta 5 and 6 online killedPlease God let it happen

>>612681610This would make sense if you're a company that does opsec shit that manages a large amount of user data, however, the games are just that, games, the only part of the game that would suffer any risk would be the online, and as I was saying you're better off trying to close off the loopholes rather than rewriting everything from scratch. It would only be a real issue if Social Club source code got released, as that's where Rockstar's true sensitive data lies, but as it is right now it's just not worth starting over.

>>612673643>TOMORROW.. OR THE DAY AFTER XDThis retard doesn't have shit and just wants to scare Rockstar

>>612682198Tomorrow PDF documentation. If it won't happen, he is full of shit.But yeah, he is trying to pressure Rockstar into paying him.

>>612682194>hey guys we released a game where unknowns have access to the source files! Don't worry when you buy ingame money with your R* account or login with your PSN/XBL/etc it won't be hacked trust us we wrote really good code since then!yeah no.

>>612677410>fuck any hope of GTA:onlineWhere have you been? It's unplayable.


>>612679440>when CNN was a credible source

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>>612682616Emphasis on nothing will happen if Social Club source code isn't released.

>>612679381That's a pretty common gore image edit, user. You should know the source.


This guy does not have the source code.

>>612681610Doesn't even make sense, its like burning down a house because you installed the taps in the kitchen incorrectly. I have worked on massive projects and the idea of tossing the whole thing because the source leaked is laughable. The source is generally not even considered valuable.

>>612673735GTA 6 source code would be cool because I just want there to be some autists who read through it and realize how terrible at c++ Rockstar is and then make their own better version and sell it as a fuckin unreal engine blueprint just to add salt to the wound

>>612673735Nothing will happen Rockstar can still sue anyone who uses leaked source code. Remember when Half Life 2 source code got leaked? You didn't suddenly see a dozen Half Life clones come out.

>>612678371PDF file are the documents by the devs talking about the gameplay and mechanics of the game

>>612683682They left a bug in GTA Online that caused it to take 10 minutes to start and it was only solved when some researcher outside the company disassembled the binary and realized. Nobody at Rockstar wondered why it took 10 minutes to start GTA Online for years. They are genuinely not good at


>>612673643>random source code that people wont be able to compilefuck off, give out the build already

>>612673643Can't you chuds thinks how hurtful this will be towards the devs of this big, multi-million corporation that constantly abuses their employees as well as their clients?

>>612673643I don't actually think he has the source code, he's just trying to force Take Two to panic into paying him off. He's provided evidence of like one source file, which could have been taken from the Slack.

>>612677410I keep seeing this, how on earth would Online be canceled because some tard released some code?

Someone Claims to have the source code for GTA V on

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>>612684617>0.5 ETHfake

>>612673735OpenRage for modders to tinker at best. Maybe some insights for developers. Most likely absolutely fucking nothing like it usually is.

>>612684674>OpenRageit would end like re3

>>612676134>anons make 4chan city realMost epic winrar evar. Might as well shut down the site after

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>>612673643how is this political

The hacker's identity has been revealed he's a 16 year old little shit

>>612684617>481 GBIs that a reasonable size for the full source code of the game?

>>612684754technically this can already happen with just plain GTA 5 modding since scripts, map replacements and other shit has been available for years.

I legitimately hope this console MMO shit gets cancelled

>>612673643leaker actually made me care about gta6, but I highly doubt I'll play it if it's out in 2023-2025 window if it'll be currentgen only.>gib me semiconductors.

>>612673735I would say future proofing, but I doubt it would be possible to have another case of DoS/90s pc games that are incompatible with current hardware.

just 2 more weeks trust the plan

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>>612684926Win86 to arm architecture.There. There's your compatibility gap

>>612679381french teacher got behead but muslims in france


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>>612684590He probably just screenshoted the devs vscode windows open at the time and is now claiming it's the whole thing.

>>612673643>HE'S GONNA PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON!Rockstar trannies on suicide watch.

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>>612684863it includes assets

>>612683745Because HL2 was dogshit.

>>612684863The entire compiled code of the game is contained in the exe file.The rest is assets, audio, textures, animations etc.The source code isn't more than a few hundred MB

>>612679710You just get the source code though, not enough to build your own game. What about assets?

>>612673735I will finally take the plunge and learn gamedev

>>612673921most of them are ego driven retards

>>612685250Fill it in with GTA V placeholders, no one will notice the difference anyway.

>>612684063I haven't really played since it first launched on pc (played the fuck out of it in highschool so I got bored of it on pc) Kinda disappointing it took them 7 years to fix this because of one mans curiosity to figure out why the game took so long. I bet it was probably a casual thing he did in a couple days too.

>>612683745Theres nothing to clone for HL2, it was just an fps game with aliems. Rockstar's open world mechanics are second to none best in class ss+ tier compared to the rest of the industry and everything is a trade secret. Low rate Chinese and Pajeet developers are gonna have a fucking field day copy and pasting R*'s code tomorrow.

>>612684617I'd be more interested if the gtaonline server software got leaked. then we'd get all kinds of private servers.This is gonna be good for mods either way however.

>>612685125>>612685245Right, that makes sense. So, you could run the game with all those files?

>>612684863If it's just the code, absolute bullshit. If it's assets, debug tools, audio, etc. it's probably not entirely off base, but for 0.5 ETH it is an obvious fucking scam to get a few retards to pay up for jack shit. If any of these retards had it we'd at least see something more interesting like the map, not just videos of debug testing gathered from a Slack. Rockstar would be retarded to have lax security to the point of somebody breaching the Slack could have access to their development repos.>>612685113He probably grabbed some screenshots that some devs posted to Slack.

Honestly, who gives a shit about GTA at this point in time? It's obvious rockstar fucked over their consumer base so hard they're pretty much fucking a corpse. Oh no, there was leaks for another gta game, move the fuck on. Yeah corporate leaks are a dime a dozen who gives a shit. Like really, rockstar has burned or used up any and all goodwill they had long ago. Truthfully, all the board is doing is just giving em publicity for another mess of shit they're going to crap out again.

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>>612683745>Remember when Half Life 2 source code got leaked? You didn't suddenly see a dozen Half Life clones come out.That was a different time, the chinks will get hold of this source code and could make profit out of this

>>612685979I don't care for nu-GTA either, but I wanna see them burn for their shitty practices and canceling Bully 2.

>>612686105As, much would I. But, firebombing is a more effective endeavor than sitting on your ass.

>>612686051good. China > w*st

>>612685067how do they keep getting away with it?

They're LARPing you fucking naive retards

>>612673643Could the source code lead to GTA Online being hacked and ruined? That would be so horrible for all those Sharkcard enthusiasts.

>>612686218hello glowie

>>612673643I hate how everything has to be hyped these days >reveal trailer>trailer for the trailer just leak it already if you're going to bitch

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>>612673735CDPR will be able to make Cyberpunk 2 using GTA AI systems

>>612686298>Could the source code lead to GTA Online being hacked and ruined?Obviously

>>612673735They literally have to start over with a new engine, new source code. Especially for gta online 2.

>>612686319Not really, just someone who sees a more effective method of knocking em down a couple notches

>>612686414Thanks diversity hires

>>612679440The other day they reported a fake n word hoax. Maybe they'll finally get better after all the shit they've beem cancelling.

>>612673643>>612685979I Just found out about the leak yesterday after a Holla Forumsacation. Checked a few threads for a bit and I'm just really indifferent to all of this. I doubt the game would have been very good anyhow.

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>>612686607Because the current management are on the purge, also they just canceled their own CNN+ service so i guess they're strapped for cash and just settled for anything.

>>612682871CNN went absolutely insane during the trump years, though they were heading that way even before.Ever wonder why the very fucking first thing that happened to them after the discovery merger, was new management going "ALL THESE GUYS, THROW THEM THE FUCK OUT, NOW" Even Lemon is getting shitcanned to a morning show where he can only fire blanks instead of torch credibility every night.

>>612686385If it were obvious I wouldn't have asked. That's obvious. Still, would be sweet karma if GTA:O were to just become unplayable. It's the reason we never got DLC for V or RDR2.

>>612673735We're all gonna get laid!

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>>612687489Getting laid is cool, but i want to be loved, my dude.

>>612685706Was any source code and/or internal documents released? I've been hearing that some was, but all I've seen so far are those videos that everyone's seen by now.

whats a inkwidget file?

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>>612687558This guy gets it.

>>612687558Dude, you can get breakfast in the morning after. What, you never had post sex pancakes?

>>612673735Game would probably have to be delayed another year or so to re-write networking and other features to patch vulnerabilities.

>>612687558Love is just as cheap as lust.

>>612687695Only woman I ever loved died when we were both in high school. No, I haven't.


>>612687332When the servers come off for that shit people are going to be jumping out of fucking windows. Rockstar created digital crack desu.

>>612673735Literally nothing.

>>612687781I've felt real love before, and then not for years. The world is such a cold and uncaring place.

>>612687647>search extensions>redengine/cyberpunk 2077 comes upfaaaaag

>>612673643Maybe we can get Grand Theft Beijing before gta6.

>>612678647>Previous game made like 10 billion dollars>Current game in development>impossible from a financial feasibility stand point.Absolute retard.

>>612688023holy shit you're dumb

>>612687815Well you're just a giant bummer, aren't you. Got me all emotional and shit.

>>612673735I’m old enough to remember what happened when the source code for HL2 leaked. Corporate sperging Arrests MUH GAME CANCELLED

>>612688247rockstar isnt allowed to use 98% of that money its for the jewish shareholders

>>612685290No you won’t

>>612688317It gets better. Joined the Army to be a ranger. Got the contract and everything. Cracked both my femurs and got discharged. My world is hell. The only reason i havent taken my life is because i will myself to continue. Lord knows i have no reason to keep going. Sorry to bum you out it just doesn't faze me anymore. It's been a few years. Part of the army's indoc process is desensitizing you. It's a hard thing to overcome. But on the bright side, I don't hurt no more. Just ache.

>>612673735what stops people from being able to dive into all the game details/source code for PC games? is what we get to play not the whole code running?

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>>612673643Its like being a kid on Christmas.

VI will be the last GTA game btw

>>612677410>Source code for GTA 5 leaked?>Hackers will basically completely fuck any hope of GTA:onlineHaving the source code doesn't necessarily make it less secure, but that's only if R* wasn't relying on security by obscurity which they probably were.

>>612689137 Doubtful. It's their cashcow. As long as people still keep buying shark cards we're stuck with it. Vi would have to be a catastrophic failure for them to even consider moving on to something else.

>>612684617>481GB>u/l - d/l over toris this real?

Got the game as well. Runs like shit on my 1070. worst 4k dollars I have ever spent.

>>612689376Realistically, they will milk it for a decade or so, like V. By then, the world and the vidya industry by extension, will be radically different.

What did happen to Cyberpunk's source code, anyway?

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>>612689724I sold it, for 10 bananas!

>>612688726>>612688726Games are shipped with machineg code, the code of the operating system, graphics card, cpu, etc. It's just a bunch of 1's and 0's, and we can't make heads or tails of it. We created programming languages as the intermediary where we can understand them, and program them by humans, which are then "compiled" into a machine code friendly type up a bunch of code. then build the game to test it.

>>612689724it leaked and 0 fucks were given no, really lol

>>612684617>same amount of files as the cyberpunk 2077 leaklol nice larp, translate

>>612686370GOD a cyberpunk GTA would fucking ROCK

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>>612687558Me too.tfw the person you love fucking hates your guts.

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>>612673735Cyberpunk 2078 will get announced by CDPR

>>612690224Women nowadays are fickle. Good women still exist but theyre hard to find. Plus, after metoo its almost not worth the effort. Almost.

>>612690224at least they know you exist

>>612685650With some tweaks to account for missing assets if it's farther than the current version sure. But by no means do you need the uncompiled assets, I even doubt the real uncompressed asset pack would be this big.

>>612690375I've all but given up. I'm simply too exhausted to try anymore and it's not the kind of exhaustion that can be dealt with via sleep or caffeine.>>612690413Yeah, I guess that's fair.

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>>612689653I tend to forget that V has been out for a decade, so maybe you're right. Who knows what the 2030s bring for gaming, especially at this rate with rising costs, and extremely lengthy production times.

>>612690224what the fuck did you do

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>>612673643Based. I hope this guy single handedly brings down Cockstar.

>>612689839what about games made with like UE or other known game engines. could ppl take a PC game's machine code and run it though a program to translate it to source?

>>612673643This literally never happens. Not once has someone hacked something and then delivered on their promise to release more, the initial dump is all you ever get.

>>612684617>source code>481GBI know there are (probably) media assets included, but jesus, that's some niggerlishious pajeet tier code.

>>612690723I asked to play some games together one singular time after being blown off for well over a year and a half. Unsurprisingly, yet again the answer was no as they went to play TF2 in their usual 6-man party that I was never allowed to join.

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>>612690860As other have pointed out, the source code itself not including assets is not that big in size. Those are probably very big assets, which arguably could've been very unoptimized when it comes to things like models however.

>>612690867nigga unless you were weird or creepy beforehand that really doesn't sound like hating your guts

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>>612691050Their recent actions, including saying shit like "Holy shit I fucking hate you, I've only kept you around out of pity since you have no other friends" makes me believe otherwise.I just want people to play games with at this rate, I am absolutely certain nothing I ever did was remotely creepy, unless existing is weird.

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>>612684617His account was deleted, what now?

Related but 2K (owned by Take-Two)'s support queue got hacked too and is sending people emails with a fake launcher that has a ton of malware in it

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>>612673643How many fortnight's is this?


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>V source code goes public>GTAO ruined (s to spit)>R* puts all the online content into single player>fun mods for V crop up>people have fun with V again>VI unironically flops, but only because it's an expansion packCould be nice.

>>612686370CDPR programmers would to too retarded to even understand it. They're worse than pajeets.

>>612673643Didn't Cybertranny get it's source cade leaked and literally nothing happened

>>612690860>I know there are (probably) media assets includedSo why the fuck are you judging it as if you know exactly how much space the media assets that probably are there take up?

>>612691580Because nobody cares about Cyberpunk, nobody that matters anyway

>>612691263okay yeah that's pretty badfor what its worth if her reasoning was that you might have dodged a bullet

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>>612691580you cant do shit with stolen source code other than cheats, Holla Forumstards just like to act like you could make 5 billion different mods that completely change the game with itThousands of other games have had their source codes leaked nothing happened

>>612691765You're probably right but I'm still lonely and without friends to play games with.

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>>612673643This is getting pretty fucking boring.I want the whole thing leaked already. The raw intelligence.

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>>612691263I'd hate some weeb faggot tranime retard too, user.Have you considered the guy is probably straight and not a pedophile?

>>612691921What an original reply.

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>>612691983Have you considered you've already blogposted and admitted you are a clingy loser? You can hurt no one's feelings, user.I will remain married and in my own home

>>612679381french teacher showed an image of Mohammad, which isnt allowed in in the middle of daylight in france, a white man was decapitated by a group of muslims

>>612673643He also said he was releasing it tomorrow, yesterday. So the goalpost will be moved again tomorrow.

>>612692109Quality RP champ, keep it up and you might make a single believable post for once.

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>>612691858chat with people while playing games and bee urself, with a little luck who knows what might happen. Lots of people have made good friends through games and shit, TF2 which you expressed interest in seems like a decent place to do it too. Wishing you luck user.

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>>612692109is it really still blogposting if someone asked them to continue


>>612679145>We tanked our stock prices for funsies lolRetard

>>612686240They used 7 proxies

>>612677747That nigga was in diapers when they started working GTA 6

>>612692741yo lmaoo

>>612674703>Company with monetary incentive to lie and minimize the fallout of an event does exactly that

>>612679440Back when you were a normal human being and not a brainwashed Holla Forumstard with level 10 mental illness clouding your cognition 24/7*

>>612692626take two's stock has only gone down by like 4 bucks since this shit brokeit would probably be bad if the source code actually leaked, but we're not there yet.


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>>612692885Shit be bussin dawg fr fr no cap

>>612692741>>612692885Lmao GTA6 didn't start production 8 years ago like everybody said that's not true. They started like 2 years ago

Stop saying cloudIt's CLOUT, retardsClouTTTTTTT not cloud

>>612693194rumor has it they started and scrapped it once all the talent got fired

>>612693172ong btw do you have any nic bro

>>612693268be patient with the redditors, their little stubby mod arms struggle reaching the upper rows on the keyboard

>>612693268fr? on god I've been storing my cloud on google clout for years, no cap

>>612693120it's more heartfelt when tweeted for YOU (totally not the shareholders)

>>612688460Watch me!

>>612691263>I've only kept you around out of pity since you have no other friendsthing like this makes me not trust people who hang out with you out of pity, they're the first ones to throw it at you.

take 2 will assassinate this mother fucker before they let GTA6 source into the wild. chances of it actually being a happening is damn near zero

How come Holla Forums is so fucking retarded?

guys my dad works at take two and said they will force rockstar to release gtav code on friday to take control away from the leaker

>>612694608Just because you call people retarded doesn't make you any smarter.

>>612694656I'm not saying I'm smart, I'm saying we're all retarded

>>612673643Oh shit pls no, the videos were enough don't leak the source code! 10 years of waiting wasted!

>>612694496holy fuckand that was just for modding

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>>612673643Is he going to do something already or he's just attention whoring?

>>612675742nigga that is not code. Its assets. Bro please

>>612676134As long as there’s a stock exchange for /biz/ and some concert venues for /mu/>>612677747The 16 thumbs up lmao


Bros. What feature are you hoping for?

How to access an archived version of the mapping the page number to get to the next page, goes up to 16. Remove "page/2/" from the URL to see the first page.

>>612673735We R* now

>GTA 1 - god tier >GTA 2 - god tier>GTA 3 - great tier>VC - good tier>SA - god tier >IV - god tier>TBOGT - god tier >TLAD - okay tier>CHINATOWN WARS - god tier>LCS - mediocre tier >VCS - good tier>GTA V - ultra shit tier>GTA VI - god tier

>>612696094Go to sleep, you have school

>>612696094>LCS - mediocre tier>VCS - good tierYou played neither of these.

I doubt this will happen, who cares, you can’t play a PDF. This game is at least 2 years out. Pointless.

>>612673735Leaked source code with offline means better, and more grandiose mods, since you have no limitations now. It would only make GTA even more popular if they focused on offlineLeaked source code for online games, basically kill them. Hackers can do anything to the game, they can hack it in any way they want, they can even do other people's PC's run scripts for them, they can ban other users, and so on. Since GTA 6 will focus a lot on online like 6, this will end up forcing at least a full year delay

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>>612696165>>612696263V babbies mad as fuck


>>612696489Youre the guy from the other thread arent you

>>612673643Do you think that we'll be able to compile GTA VI and run on ps4 for example?I fucking wish

>>612673643More paid shills and their marketing

>>612673735it gets cancelled

>>612695060>some concert venues for /mu/It'll be Portland filled with limp-wristed faggots.

>>612696489>they can hack it in any way they want, they can even do other people's PC's run scripts for them, they can ban other users, and so on.all that happens in gtav online now though

>>612696094GTA1 is easily the worst of the series

>>612697078You are comparing a script menu to dev tools

>>612696094>IV - god tierFound the contrarian youtuber hipster shill

>>612697210yes because the devs have no tools to combat them lmao. they only priority patch things that effect their money card sales.

>>612691040If it really is 400+gb in file size, then it definitely contains engine/tooling code.My previous studios AAA project dev repro was 1tb almost, my repro as an artist was 5tb. Game size was only 80gb iirc. The game was autistically optimised. Culled so many redundant assets/textured towards the end. My current projects entire repro is much smaller, 700gb, but our game size currently is only 35gb big.

>>612696094>1 - good tier>2 - good tier>3 - god tier>VC - god tier>SA - god tier>4 - god tier>TBoGT - ok tier>TLAD - meh tier>CW - ok tier>LCS - good tier>VCS - good tier>5 - meh tier>6 - shit tier

>>612697516They still made billions despite the modders, its not broken in their eyes, they don't give a shit


>>612697605why does it have to be like this?

>>612683745Source is barely different than the Quake engine without third party tech.

>>612697812Idiots are willing to throw away money, and kikes are happy to take it

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>612673643>Tl;Dr: everything will get released tomorrow apparently.>>612673921>>Uhhh I'll totally release everything>>LATER!Pretty much.I'll believe it when I see it, until then, fuck off.

Why would he put it in a PDF? You telling me anyone should trust to just click to open his PDF file? even if he does deliver it, there is no guarantee that it doesn't have any sort of shady spyware/malware in it

>>612698838It's an internal style guide or presentation for the investors or something. Just use a VM or linux to open it dude

>>612698838are you retarded? you won't even lift a finger, you'll just look at Holla Forums screenshots, don't worry about how things are done

So what's the big deal? Doesn't your pc need to download the source code to run the game anyway? Why would it matter if someone has it?

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>>6126991324chan's average iq is really being shown by this situation

>>612697325>Found the contrarian youtuber hipster shillKeep seething babe

>>612699132you recent frogposters must be astroturfers or trolls, otherwise holy shit you're retarded

where are people getting the info that the story is about infiltrating a right wing militia? from what i've seen it could just be a sidequest thing

>>612699469Someone made it up to farm (you)s

>>612673735gta 6 is cancelledyou get an even more woke game next go around.

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if the source gets leaked rockstar are gonna sue the shit out of everyone who makes an open world game from here on out just in case.

>>612699831you can just clean room the code

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>>612699585>so here its why i make you this annonce, i announce you that the source code is now for salehow the fuck did the kid even manage to get the code with an iq so low

It really seems like this guy is bullshitting hoping he baits someone desperate and stupid enough into sending crypto.>source codeThe narrative he was just phishing is bullshit because he got a shit load of stuff. Getting into a slack chat and ripping videos doesn’t net that much stuff and certainly not source code.Teenager me would be refreshing this thread all night but I really don’t care. Rockstar is cooked and this game is 2 years away at a minimum.

>>612700115how is it bullshit because he got a bunch of debug test videos? they can definitely all come from their slack grouphe certainly doesn't seem to have source code

>>612700078Sirs kindly do the needful and purchase BTC gift cards.

>>612699585>>612699929lol this sounds like a utter scam


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>>612699831oh yeah they're going to go through all of the code of random fuckers games, come on man, apparently they outsource tons of work do you think even the head dude cares enough to do that? He's probably getting his anus licked as we speak in his sleep while it has shit and farts on it


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>>612699469/pol/ has major issues with not seeping their bullshit into other boards, they may be some of the most informed/intelligent people on here but they are also the most full of themselves

>>612673643>"Haha i'll do it tomorrow~"Why? Nigga just upload it right now, waiting will achieve nothing

>>612678647>From a corporate stand point it would be easier to rewrite the code for security sake than it would to let anyone out there have access to it. "dude just patch it" isn't something you say to a product that will be sold which isn't even out yet.>dude just redesign, rewrite, retest all the modules and systems we have written so far, don't worry about deadlines bro it will be cheaper trust me!You are a fucking retard who doesn't even have a single clue about what you are talking about holy shit.

>>612690860You are retarded

Rockstar will be fine.Source code leaks?>continual cycle of PR>people still buy GTA6 in droves>clones get shit on and ignored>they shudder GTA:O for GTA6:O>cancel all WFH (and trim the team)>reinstate crunchCould have easily been Rockstar in on this shit because what do they really lose?

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>>612700710the claims are it's a 16 year old hacker, if that's the case then there's no use questioning their illogical behavior

>>612700902>what do they really losetrillions of dollars in shark cards or whatever the fuck theyre called

>>612701082please explain to everyone here what shark cards have to do with anything

>>612701082nah, like I said...They're "forced" to shut down GTA:O as it is now because of security issues. They postpone the relaunch to patch a few things while they milk the shit out of the main game. GTA:O relaunches without carrying things over so everyone has to buy shit again.

How about another joke Take-Two?What do you get when you cross bad network security with a company who kills everything gamers want in favour of feeding their garbage online mode to sell more microtransactions?I'll tell you what you get-you get what you fucking deserve.

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>>612700546>they may be some of the most informed/intelligent people on here

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>>612692121>by a group of muslimsIt was a single 18 year old who was shot to death minutes later.

>>612701189yeah but if the code thing is real and leaks soon thats years of gtao money they're missing out on until gta 6 comes around


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>>612701325it's Rockstarthey'd sell it anyway even if shit was broken lol


>>612685979If it actually happens it's gonna be glorious and Cuckstar is gonna lose millions

>>612674014>Any false accusations regarding the identity of any of the hackers will result in a permanent ban.>Shit talk claiming the leak is fake will also result in a permanent ban

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>>612699132Holy fucking shit. Kys.

these threads are just completely entertaining regardless of what's going on total mayhem

>>612699585Is that Lily Howarth?

>>612684617>500gbThat's bullshit. GTA 5 is barely 70 gb.

I honestly find it hard to believe this kid has the source code. Admittedly I know fuck all about any type of development, but it does seem like he only was able to infiltrate through a pretty basic form of phishing. Is it even possible to host source code or larger files on slack channels? It seems as though the stuff that he did release was a hodgepodge of testing footage which would be what you would expect in a slack channel among devs?

>>612700542>the BBC>centrelol, lmao even

>>612701794The assets are uncompressed.

>>612701948Then it would be 40 gb or so. Check steam retard.

>>612701948muh BLOAT assets, modern game development using these BLOAT engines is a JOKE. they need to learn a thing or two from the original crash bandicoot developers for example on how to really optimize games

>>612702064crash bandicoot was likely bloated as fuck during development too until they started compressing and optimising everything

>>612702064You fucking moron.

>>612699585Poo covered hands typed all that

>>612702045Source code isn't compiled code and dev assets have additional data that's not available in the final product.

>>612702064Sorry sweetie, no one will buy the game if they won't spend 42 billion polygons on that ass model. I wonder how big and complex games we would get with AAA budgets and modern hardware if the graphics never evolved past PS2 level.

>>612702173you are a fucking retard

>>612673643the only value any leaks really have is the source code. Virtually everything can be deduced if you have even an extremely early build. Just think about how many modding tools could be made, how many exploits and cheats. For me, Idgaf about gta, it's a god awful game but seeing how their engine works would be priceless. Especially how much ambient shit is going on across the map, how they've done an impeccable job on their object draw. Some of the proprietary techniques could have a hugely positive impact on the industry. good also just be lucky spaghetti code.

>>612678558In order to frame the real enemy: Rakesh

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>>612702246>Somehow the lighter version of the game is ten times bigger than the game itself.keep defending the hacks who can't optimize a game.

>>612702460>keep defending the hacks who can't optimize a game.I'm glad I'm not the only one who's okay with the shit-tier optimization that so many modern game developers employ today

>>612681729This would make me so happy, fuck GTA online for killing the need to make expansions (I still dont understand who burn8M4HSs so much money on things like shark cards)

>>612702727shitskins and wiggers


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>>612699585>>612699929God I hate broke-ass kids so much it's unreal.You gonna be in jail soon lil nigga what good are a thousand bucks do you?

>>612702727based captcha going over this jabroni


>>612691858Just add some random user off from here lololo

>>612673735according to twiyltter al the programmera and artists that worked on the game wulk drop dead suddenly.

>>612673921He was trying to accumulate as much clout as possible now it's backfired

>>612692741Bruh FRFR? No cap that nigga is GONKIN shiiii.

>>612696094Great list but would change IV to great tier and LCS to good tier. I haven't played chinatown wars or V to form an opinion.

>>612702641Imagine being a shill that defends the fact that games are soon one TB on release because the outsourced pajeets don't know what compression is.>bro it's 2026, who doesn't have a 4000 TB SSD hard drive?

>>612678041>1. Hence the bootleg parts, china won't give a fuck nor will russiaYou missed his point in saying the Chinese will just not be able to pull anything off with it. Russia might since they actually have a good track record of producing actual quality games.

>>612673643>inb4 this guy up and disappears like the Amazon/Twitch streamer info leakerWow, what a happening

>>612701259you belong in a doonesbury comic

>>612677998>>612679339>>612692741>>612677747So this what happens when you do diversity hires?

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>>612701259>picnobody is like that

>>612692885>>612693172>>612702986what the fuck is wrong with you retards

>>612696489Where's the modding revolution for Cyberpunk 2077 then?


If the source code for GTA 5 gets leaked not much will happen probably. The only platform that will be affected is PC and is not like alot of people play GTAO on pc it is already infested with hackers... We'll just get higher quality mods in exchange of that shitshow so its a win/win

>>612703704>not like alot of people play GTAO on pc

>>612690723he browses 4chan

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>>612684063was this finally patched in?

>>612698414>gta v who fucking cares, give us the GTA 6 build, christ

>>612703897a long time ago

>>612673643>this time it's truly happening trustmebro

>>612702460>lighter version of the game is ten times bigger than the game itselfWut.

>>612703932i stopped playing because of that and never looked back, but nice i guess

>>612677410Rockstar deserved this, this is what happens when you are too lazy to make a game, gta 6 should have taken 5 years max after gta 5 release


>>612673643>2 more days

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