If you play Genshin Impact then you are contributing towards the death of video games>playing a chinese slot...

If you play Genshin Impact then you are contributing towards the death of video games>playing a chinese slot machineISHYGDDT

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Give me a game with sexier hebes

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>>612668820I mean the gameplay is fun and it's free niggaYou don't have to participate with the gay ass business practices

How so?

>>612669167>lol try some of this heroin bro, it's free ;^)

>>612668820Cool basic bitch opinion sis

>>612669310Well you can play genshin free forever unlike heroin

>>612668820I was enjoying it. But fuck dailies, and fuck the dungeon loot being tied to what day it is.I want to just sit down and no life a vidya on my friday evenings to unwind, not turn it in second job.

from my point of view, western movie games and low effort open world ubisoft clones are contributing to the death of video gamesalthough fuck daily chore games, west and east

>>612669464Why would I play a game where I'm cucked from content unless I drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars? No thanks.

>>612669464>you can play genshin free forever>foreverShould we tell him?

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>>612668820> If you play Genshin Impact then you are contributing towards the death of video gamesgood

>>612669593>I need to 100% every game bro

Fuck chinksFuck winnie the poohFuck muttsFuck kikesFuck nintentranniesPlay Genshin Impact, it's a good game.AR60 Pure F2P with C1R1 Kazuha + many other 5*.I'll never spend a single cent on it, I'll enjoy the story, gameplay and especially the music forever for free.Stop repeating niggerbabble and start playing games and trying them for yourself

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What else am I gonna play on the PS5?

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I don't play Genshit Impact, no.

The game industry...lost to the Chinese...

As to playing west made pozzed filled games with forced diversity, politics, and narratives?

>>612669158I want to have sex with Barbara so bad bros.

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>>612669593Why do you think anyone cares if you don't play the game? By all means, don't. Hell go 1 step beyond and don't think or talk about it either.

>>612668820you telling me to not play when limune is finally uselful?

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>>612670237only a matter of timemaybe the indians are next, after all they already made gta

>>612669158Princess Connect:RE

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>>612669725>I enjoy locked content because.... I just do oK!!!

>>612670902>boobsYou already failed faggot

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>>612670390this is literally you

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>>612671001yes, I am a chudthere are only two genderssex work is not workI will not pay for your gender studies degreeywnbaw

>>612668820I'm f2p lmao

>>612670917>NOOOOO i need to use that thing

>>612668820global phenomenon

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>>612672005>I must hate a game and talk about it online even though i don't play it

>>612668820Video games already died around 2007 and you're either ignorant or a fool to pretend the industry hasn't rotted at all since then. Genshin is the least of our worries.

>>612668820If game like Genshin are the death of video games then I welcome the end with open arms.

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>>6126696011v1 me faget

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>>612672153I did play it and realised how predatory it is

>>612672780But yet you are here still discussing a game you don't like

>>612672780shit like hearthstone is much more predatory how come you aren't jerking off about it

>>612672780Can you explain in your own words how it's predatory? It would be easy for you to explain how most gachas are predatory and I would not disagree with you, but many gachas have an endgame to grind for, or other players to be better than, or something that really drives the FOMO. Genshin doesn't have any of those things, at least not in any required capacity for advancement.So can you explain how Genshin, specifically, is predatory?

>>612673115Genshin is way more predatory. You are just biased and retarded


I guess we can see where Genshin's profits are going. Paid shills on Holla Forums. I've never seen a game defended so hard.

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Ignore the schizo bot and look at Collei's thong

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>>612668820I absolutely love the attention to details in this game, it is rumored the game costs 500 millions to make, and it has the quality to back this up.

>>612673725>You have been awarded with 50 primogems for your epic defense of Genshit Impact


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>>612673806Not an argument.

>>612673484This except completely unironically. Tencent knows how to pay bugpeople inconsequentially small amounts of money to shitpost and shill.

>>612673975>Tencentlol you fucking retardit's been 2 years how can you still be this ignorant?

>>612673783>totally not a shill btw guys

Video Games are already dead so I don't care.

>>612673896How much do you think you'd have to pay to unlock most of the content in Genshin vs Hearthstone? I don't like either game btw

I want nahida to put her feet on nilous belly so I can lick both at the same time

>>612674065Because he's an emotionally invested woman. He posts based on feelings, not facts; feelings that stem from inadequacy, butthurt and fear.t. Psychologist

>>612670524Anemo Loom was always useful, especially for Cryo swirls.

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>>612674065>NOOOOOOOOOOOOO how dare you confuse Soulless Chinese ShitDev A for Soulless Chinese ShitDev BAll get shilled by the same VPN-using bugs either way.

Check my 5 guys

>>612669478Makes me wonder if anyone actually plays this game or just does the gacha waifu gambling, because the game itself is shit and clearly these threads don't talk about it since marketers are told to focus on the waifus.

>>612669478I don't mind the dailies that much because it gets me around places I haven't explored as much, but your spot on for the dungeon loot being tied to the day.Genshin is definitely the wrong game to nolife

>>612674769I deeply and fervently enjoy the gameplay. It's not as much fun after you finish the content of a patch and are waiting for the next one, but patches are frequent and they really, truly outdid themselves with 3.0.

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>>612675070It's crazy because every time a new area releases they always outdo themselves. You can feel their experience and growth as game developers as they learn and implement more.3.0 is shaping up to last me the entire patch duration before I fully explore and finish all quests and I expect 3.1 will do the same.

>daily genshin schizo is so starved for attention he makes the thread himselfdid your loli thread bot get ignored?

I have spent over $10,000 on Genshin...

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>>612677909Why? >>612678562I don't know why you'd think that. I like playing the video game and the video game is gigantic and only as expensive as I wish it to be. I have never felt compelled to spend money on Genshin, but I also feel it's worth investing in considering the consistent quality of the content that has been made since release.Obviously not the quest content (even though that's on an up-tick right now), but the exploration stuff.

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Genshin is amazing for adults who can't nolife games. I can't play MMOs because I'll never be able to keep up with a 19yo who can play 16 hours a day.On the other hand, with Genshin everybody can enjoy all the content in the game. The hardest parts of the game will give you the least amount of rewards. Nobody is left behind.

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>>612678901>Why?Gacha rolls since launch. Yes, I did get Ganyu


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>>612679040I've got every character except Heizou but I've spent less than $1000 since launch. I don't think that answers my question.

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>>612677909Are you ever ashamed of yourself and think about what you could've spent that money on instead of a chinese gacha? I would kill myself if I ever spent that much money on a game, no matter how rich I was

>>612679234I'm not condoning how much he spent but you're wrong. If you made 10k a day or whatever then you absolutely wouldn't think about spending it on a game over the course of 2 years.Be mindful of hyperbole!

>>612679117I've been pretty unlucky, but I really enjoy the game a lot.>>612679234I'm not ashamed and I'm not rich.

>>612679534I would find 1000 better things to drop 10k on

>>612679621Why do you think that? Asking honestly here. Do you truly believe that a bit more spending money would make you a radically different person? That your income level is one of the main determining factors in your selection of hobbies?

I just treat Welkins like an MMO subscription and never spend any more on it than that. $5 a month is tame in comparison to the $15 I paid for WoW and FFXIV for over a decade.

>>612679894Same but I also get the $10 battle passes, since they're the second most efficient payment for rolls.

>>612669973it's not good, you're just mindbroken

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>>612679746Because I'd rather put that money into literally anywhere else aside gacha games out of principle. How does injecting more money int oa single game equate to more enjoyment? I'd enjoy blowing money on literally so many other things.

>>612674239I've paid $0 and unlocked every character I want lmao

>>612680098A little, I admit. When I roll for a character I am not gambling for the c0, I am buying it. Chance can only accomplish the goal faster than originally intended.

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>>612669593You can do all content with free characters and weapons. And no, paid characters and weapons aren't content because even if you get them there is still nothing to do with them at end game. There is nothing more to play with those characters than there is without.

>>612680287Could you expand on that? By paying money into any live-service game you like, you hope to extend the life of the game and increase the amount of content in it. If you enjoy the game, it stands to reason that you'd want more of it, correct? That content is not free to develop, so having a steady stream of funding to support a steady stream of new content to enjoy is, in my mind, a fair system.That's not to say that many developers do NOT use this system properly. They take the money and run, they do the bare minimum, they betray expectations. But so far, Genshin hasn't done that, so I am happy to keep funding it on the promise of continued content for me to enjoy.If you're saying there's other things you'd like to spend that money on, what do you think those would be? Why do you select those other things? Is it not for a similar hope to get something that you value for your money?

>>612680543Paid characters are content. If it's being locked behind a slot machine then I'd rather play another game, thanks tho lol. Genshin isn't that good

welkin + bp is less than an mmo sub

>>612680287>I'd enjoy blowing money on literally so many other things.And I'm sure some random asshole will come out of the woodwork to shit on you for those things and tell you he would spend it on better things than that.

>>612680773>Paying any sub for a single player mmoGenfags are delusional

>>612680634Doing the same content over with a new character isn't new content. This would be different if you unlocked quests and areas with the gacha, but you don't. Spending money to get a new character doesn't magically give you more stuff to do. Hell, paying to get and upgrade a strong character gives you LESS content since you then clear the existing content faster.

I don't understand why people get so assblasted over how others spend their money. I'm on government gibs and even I spend money on this game. Why? Because it's the only game that I play and enjoy.

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I'm having fun with my new girlt. f2p btw

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>>612680634>If it's being locked behind a slot machineGenshin's gacha has an upper-limit on the cost of a goal (except 4*s). It cannot be a slot machine by definition - you can only obtain the goal faster than the stated upper limit. On the note of 4*s, if people complain about the inability to get those within a reasonable amount of money, Mihoyo has demonstrated a willingness to shift the scales in the favor of the consumer. The weapon banner didn't originally have an upper cap on its 5* goal item, but such a cap was introduced. 4*s can be added to the rotating shop.

>>612680858it is the best live service game to date and because coop is cucked and there is no end game means I can play it at my own pace

>>612681030One of the best investments for a F2P player along with John Lee. Combo both and you can clear 100% of the content easy in perpetuity.

>>612681109I sure hope they add new 4*s to the shop. I can't believe they're even adding a new 5* to the standard banner pool.

>>612681030>>612681275I don't like the word "investment" but Cocogoat is definitely among my favorite characters in the roster and she's absolutely great to pair with John Lee.>>612681304They had to add Tighnari so there'd be a standard Dendro 5* to maybe get. Personally I would like a third 4* monthly character and/or some manner of 4* Epitomized Path on the character banner. Once you have C6/C6/C0, you really wanna tip the scales to that new one and it's crazy that, of all the things that you cannot buy, it's the newest 4*s.

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My experience with monetization on Genshin:- $0/month: I had to save but eventually I'd get my favorite characters- $5/month: I can get my favorites without much trouble- $15/month: I'm guaranteed to get my favorites and even get a weapon or constellations once in a while I'm pretty happy with the system, by far the biggest reward comes with spending only $5 a month.

>>612669158Pokemon desu

>>612681483They didn't have to put a 5* dendro on the banner. There's still no 5* geo on there.

>>612681275>rolling for m*lesI will be using Diona until they release a better and cuter shielder

Game only gave me Ningguang and Diona then I quit.I wanted cute meele units with exciting gameplay but I WON'T:> Keep doing daillies like a slave for months. > Spend money.Because of that, I left "Genshin Impact"!Cool game but the enjoyment is relative to which units you have.

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I hope I'll have enough primo to get her.

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>>612681721I hadn’t thought of Geo missing from there. They should fix that.

>>612680301"I-I never wanted the characters I didn't get!!!!"

>>612681516I spent like 40 bucks on welkins until I realized I don't even need that many primos to get what I wantt. sitting on 70k and waiting for nahida

>>612668820Video games died long ago, probally because of some shit you fell for like paying for online and dlc.Nowdays it's just a wasteland that we pick for scraps good enough to sustain ourselves

>>612680301No you got lucky

collei rape

>>612682042I don't like lolis but I'll get Nahida if she's meta.I still want Raiden, Hu Tao, and Ayaka.224 wishes saved and 17 pity.

>>612681182Fortnite exists

>>612681806keep making new accounts until the game gives you what you want.

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>>612682953Not worth the time. If that is common practice, then they should just give you the unit you request for the first pull.Plus weren't they doing shit to prevent people from doing that?

>>612670992I don't know how to tell you this but hebes (aka teenager hags) have boobs

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Dont care, still playing until the end of the main story

>>612668820>game is bad because it's made by the Chinese. The Chinese are bad people because...they are okay?They're the world's biggest global superpower for a reason.

>>612683895If clash of clans was shilled on here every day then I'd have the same problem

>>612681516There are people who drop $40 to play MMO shit and bitch to people who spend ~$13 on the battle pass + welkin in a F2P game.

>>612684097Most MMo's aren't p2w retarded cunt

>>612677909Meh, not bad. I spent around $30k.

2 years.

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Renewing my Welkin next week to kill games faster

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>>612684172All MMOs are p2w. Genshin isn't p2w because you play alone and the most valuable chacters are the starters.

Bros I don't feel so good about 3.1 and 3.2 banner four stars. I just need Yun Jin, Diona, and Fischl on 5 stars I want. Is Heizou worth building for fun?

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>>612668820>genshin impact>known most for shittiest fanbase>twittertards also play it whilst making issues of the most nonsensical shit everkill yourself, OP

>>612684536Most mmo's let you unlock content by actually PLAYING not swiping your credit card, dumb FUCK

>>612684553Heizou is very fun even at C0, though I wish I had his C2He doesn't just have melee animations, but other melee characteristics like moving forward with his attacks, 25 stamina charge attack instead of 50, greater defense, and increased resistance to interruption

>>612684669Where do I have to swipe to unlock Inazuma or Sumeru?

>>612684172Neither is Genshin. If you said garbage like Epic Shit (the worst P2W gacha) then I would agree.

>>612684736I think I C2'd him yesterday when using up standard banner fates. I'll try and build him, but fuck I hate VV.

>>612684781Don't play dumb, wumao. You swipe to unlock characters

>>612684958I've gotten every character I've wanted with zero monetary investment.t. Different


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>>612683149>Plus weren't they doing shit to prevent people from doing that?No, they just make it more annoying for you to do it because you can only do five limited pulls per reroll account and you gotta do a minimum of three captchas every time you make a new account. It's also anywhere from 20-30 minutes of grind per account depending on how much you're paying attention.

>>612684958How is that content? The giant exploravke overworld filled with quests is content and its all available for free

>>612684956Your strongbox?

>>612672345How many times do you need to play for the tree to reach max height.

>>612685042Rust is R4 now, but I haven't made a new card yetGonna see if I can get 4pc CW through the Strongbox

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>>612685207WAIT.I'm meant to be playing to the tree?!

>>612685263I don't know. I just realised by going back there I could play to it once a day.I'm assuming the tree will grow? Not the first time gated thing they would put in.If I remember, the aranara talked about beautiful songs to grow.

Yo, where the FUCK is this Abyss Lector that's meant to spawn once I kill all the fire abyss mages in the dead region? Someone said "next to the statue" but fuck if I know where that's meant to be.

>>612680543>You can do all content with free characters and weapons.I see this exact sentence posted in every Genshin thread on Holla Forums and yet to see a single person here who truly did all content with only free characters and weapons (as in, didn’t roll the gacha even once after the first forced 10-roll).>And no, paid characters and weapons aren't content Yes they are. If you paid attention during mihoyo’s surveys you’d notice that they list “Upgrading characters/weapons” as one of the play styles or gameplay goals.Upgrading isn’t always new content, but it always is some kind of content.

>>612685207>>612685263>>612685469You can do it more than once a day. Every time you launch the game, and I forget if going to the teapot resets it too. No idea if playing does anything functional but it makes me feel better about his sacrifice to do it.

>>612668820>you are contributing towards the death of video gamesbetter start playing Genshin then

>>612685073>How is locked characters, movesets and skills, and weapons content????/

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>>612668820I like this system better than AAA dog shit so okay. Good.

>>612685521He spawns at the Statue of the Seven when you approach it.

>>612685521Not killing the mages. Putting out their fires. You’ll know when you’ve got them all. The lector is obvious.

>>612685668Then you are beyond help

>>612685672I went to the one in that area and there was nothing. Even had the "voice" tell me to go kill him.

>>612669593Genshin gained popularity due to its open world exploration, not for its "endgame" consisting of 18 time trials that you do twice a monthI've just realized that none of Genshin's ads have ever mentioned the Spiral AbyssIf you care that much about the Abyss, then you'd be right at home at /gig/, where faggot X argues with faggot Y about whether it's worth spending $200 for a gay twink that saves you two minutes per month

>>612685535>yet to see a single person here who truly did all content with only free characters and weaponsIf the game shits out primogems, why wouldn't I spend them? Lol. It doesn't invalidate the fact that you can do all the content in the game, including the abyss, with just the starters if you're so inclined.

I want to FUCK Yaoyao!

>>612685759Try relogging. I've had some minor bugs where certain triggers didn't work until I restarted the game.

>>612685614they are not. All quests use the MC as the... MC.If you don't like it, then just fuck off. tens of millions of people are happy paying customers.

>>612674367her Q is trash. If it could @ least drag the big hilichurls I'd rate her a solid B but it can't so C. Dendro Loom is unironically A rank because of her great support unlike anemo.

>>612685535You don’t have to pay for rolls. You get lots for free so you’re creating a false scenario you saying a person an never roll to truly be f2p.

>>612685614>big number go up is content

>>612685535There was someone that provided proof that they did all the content available including the abyss without ever rolling the gacha, but that was a long time ago. There's much more in the game now, including powercrept abyss. I'd love to see if the claim could still be kept. Really the abyss is the only thing that you might not be able to do nowadays like that, but the majority of players don't even do it anyways.

>>612685879I'm gonna go run back to it now instead of teleporting to it, see if it triggers anything.

>>612685535The main thing to mention is that the free characters are extremely boring to play, you won't stay for long in the game if they're all you have.

>>612681971>"I-I never wanted the characters I didn't get!!!!"yeah I'm totally interested in gay twink, wet socks girl, and furry yiffer when I started playing for sex goat

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>>612673768>12y.o rape victim>wears the skimpiest clothing that reveals her legs waist & a thong beneath her shortsdo w*men really?!?

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>>612686041I find the abyss so fucking boring I just 18* it for my 300 primos and fuck off even though I have the characters to 36* it every time.

>>612686135There are plenty of players who only use free characters. Nobiles is the best example of this

>>612686179She's 12 she doesn't know what she's doing

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>>612684669So is it P2W or has content paywalled? Make up your mind.

>>612668820Blackrock funded westoid devs been doing a fine job killing vidya without me having to do anything.

>>612675070>truly outdid themselves with 3.0.unironically because of the new grappling hooks. That's it. Everything else is a nice addition. Being able to avoid shitty ass long mountains that arbitrarily don't work 1° above programming so you have to drop & do it all over again is a godsend.& the new storyline is kino.

My Raiden has 2.1k attack is that good for a c0 Raiden Shogun?

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>>612685757$5 a month or $15 for mmos hmmmFree non stop content or pay $60 for a single player game. Hmmmm

>>612686041that's top retardation though. Why the fuck do you want to do abyss then NOT use the primogems you earn to roll for more characters?maybe when the abyss gets harder that retard can use the 100k + primogems he saved to roll for something hmm?the original question was "can a complete non-paying player reliably clear abyss?" The answer is yes.It was not "can I play like a fucking retard using none of the resources the game gave me reliably clear abyss?"Then why primogems but not resin? Can you clear abyss with infinite primogems but zero resins? Try that? Like you get 60 gems every day doing no event whatsoever and you also get 180 resins everyday. Why be picky about not using primogem but not resin?suck my cock.

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>>612685879>>612685679>>612685672All mages dead, all fires put out.I went to the Statue of the Seven in that area, and there was no Abyss Lector. But there WAS a note to pick up that gave me 20 primos?

>>612685042>>612685247I wish my Crit Rate was just a bit higher, but I know better than to bite the hand of the RNG gods when they've already been so merciful.

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Best Futa in Genshin Impact? My answer would be Kokomi.

>>612684172>Most MMO aren't p2wYou've never, ever play MMO, Eve or literally any other MMO before, retard.

>>612686702Not him.Honestly resin system needs to be reworked.Either halve the amount needed for domains and bosses, or simply increase the regeneration rate.People will always go into the artifact mines regardless.

>>612686910Mommy Lisa or musclegirl Beidou.

>>6126865922k attack is right threshold before you hit the softcap.It depends if you're running ER% sands or Electro Goblet, if so and you have 2k attack then you're good.

>>612686910All of them gang banging Lumine and having a competition where the one impregnating her wins.Repeatable every 9 months unless magic allows more events.

>>612668820One day Holla Forums will finally realize Genshin is just an archaeology simulator game and that the gacha and grindy artifact system can be both ignored because everything in the overworld will still die really fast and devs actively encourages doing just the bare minimum for maximum rewards

>>612687017Casuals that don't care about the abyss don't even touch artifact domains.

Should I roll for fish or goat?

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>>612687442Wait for raiden or Ayaka desu

>>612687442Roll for Goat, best character at doing dailies.

>>612686702>the original question was "can a complete non-paying player reliably clear abyss?" The answer is yes.Most live service games nowadays leads to this kind of answer to try to convey they're not "p2w" which is not even necessarily wrong. But all that matters is that while a f2p does daily commission each single day like an idiot, he will only get 10 rolls per month.While paying 5$/month you get 20 rolls per month doing nothing. Might take one more step and just whale on a banner to get whatever you want.So in the end, it's not very motivating to keep doing daillies chores for months while you can just pay for it and have the same thing effortless.

>>612672416Leave Abe to me, comrade

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>>612687442Kokomi is genuinely better in the long run.

>>612687597That’s kazuha

>>612687754Anon, do you understand the "win" part of "pay to win"?There is no competitive element to this game.

>>612687819Yeah I mean just a small handful of 5 stars is all you need. People act like you need every single thing in the game.


>>612687754>But all that matters is that while a f2p does daily commission each single day like an idiot, he will only get 10 rolls per month. While paying 5$/month you get 20 rolls per month doing nothing. Might take one more step and just whale on a banner to get whatever you want.That's ignoring every event, every chest, every archon/world/regular quest reward, adventurer's handbook, AR rewards, initial domain clear rewards, oculus rewards, inazuma tree, sumeru tree, chasm lumenlight track, frostbearing tree, wishes from character ascensions, hangout and character quest rewards, trust rank for teapot, patch primos and apologems, check-in, web events and so on and so forth.By the time an average player reaches even half of all of this, they've both had plenty of primos to roll with, on top of many-many hours of actually playing the game.

>>612688151>you don't need it bro

Attached: 1661447175106.jpg (570x500, 115.58K)

>>612688446I already don't find time and resources to properly build and play every single character I have

>>612688446Well I’ve been f2p and I have some decent characters and weapons and I started paying $5 for welkin and I’m not poor so I don’t care about that You can go play halo infinite where it costs $35 for a glove and you get no update and content

>>612688636Halo Infinite is shit but there is no gameplay at all locked behind a store. What a garbage comparison. Try harder wumao

>>612688916There’s no gameplay at all. It’s a laggy shit fest with 10 maps games were better in 1998 lmao

>>612687442>KleePainful, but if you really enjoy her don't let me stop you.>Goat vs FishFish provides comfy healing, but her real utility comes with freeze teams or taser teams or certain dendro teams. Goat can be a go to aim and shoot DPS or used for freeze.

>I was missing the 7th abyss mageWell that explains why the Lector hadn't been spawning for me.

Attached: cat.png (153x139, 13.13K)

>>612689131Are you doing the abyss lector quest?

>>612688151>>612688546Tell me user, did you buy welkin?Because I know you would be stupid not to.>>612688636This retard here buying welking and saying the game is f2p lol.

>>612688446>No contentI haven't even finished the first Sumeru Archon Quest yet and they're already releasing another region with more Archon quests and a major story event.

Attached: 1631029804164.jpg (1259x1259, 107.46K)

>>612689173It's not a real quest, it's a thing on the western edge of Sumeru. Hidden achievement kinda thing.

>>612668820I don't play Genshin Impact. I just fap to the girls.

Attached: 1656633185862.jpg (1600x2000, 825.83K)

>>612687442>not being a traveler mainhow do you niggers even enjoy this game with such a soulles playstyle?!??

Attached: name my band.png (1102x620, 867.32K)

>>612689219The $5 a month is optional. I cant play an mmo without paying $15 a month and buying an awful expansion every year that just makes the game worse.

>>612686702>the original question was "can a complete non-paying player reliably clear abyss?" The original quote was “with only free characters and weapons”. This game has characters that are literally distributed for free, without the intermediate step of gacha, so one can interpret that line like “without premium characters or weapons at all”. And that led me to wondering whether it is truly possible.

>>612668820Oh no?

Attached: 1663097556524.jpg (2000x2891, 908.76K)

>>612689696Abyss has been cleared with a party consisting of only the freebie 4*s you get in the story, and only with weapons collected or crafted. No gacha gear at all.Turns out, this is pretty easy when 70% of your power comes from artifacts, which CAN'T be acquired via the gacha.

Methinks I should invest in upgrading my anemo and pyro girls. But I don't know who to prioritize.

Attached: file.png (1238x1080, 2.08M)

>>612689585>The $5 a month is optional.Yet you and pretty much everyone on this thread buys it. Because if you don't do it you would be a massive retard missing out on the best source of primos in the game.That's not what a f2p game sounds like if I need a montly subscription.user, you are a person with Stockholm's. I know it because i'm also a genshin player who admits that I can't be without welkin. We are both in the same position where we are hostage to the game.Someone who plays genshin and doesn't buy welking is either: lying or an underage fag whose parents won't give him money.

Attached: Fc2uc_4aIAI_5sJ.jpg (1090x1866, 374.03K)

>>612689696Xiangling is freeHer best weapon The Catch is free.As long as you roll Bennet or Xingqu once, congrats you can at least clear abyss although not perfect it. You can only improve from there.

>>612690431It's less than 20 rolls a month

>>612690489You can even get Bennett and Xingqiu from the starglitter shop, they're basically guaranteed if you roll on literally anything

>>612690431That or they just spend it because it’s a good game. Why are you so angry at genshin?What about cockstar taking 10 years to release a reskin of a shitty game? Western devs are shittier in every way. Yes the cost of primos is overpriced but every system is shit in its own way. Just buy welkin and don’t be a man child it costs nothing.

Lumine is very cute

Attached: 1642529276029.png (1920x1080, 3.1M)

>>612690604And it's still the best source for primos becuase it almost doubles the ammount of rolls you get per month.>>612690678Nah, I just admit I've got stockholms and make no big deal out of it. I just hate people like you who won't admit they also got it. Every day 1 genshin player who is still playing has it. You know you can't go a single month without buying welkin, even missing a day without it feels bad, a day where you miss it feels even worse. The game isn't f2p like people claim to be, if you play it for a while you know deep down that welkin is needed if you plan to play in the long run.

Attached: Fc18aLoaEAEY48V.jpg (1400x2219, 543.42K)

>Vote with my wallet and buy Rockstar games>They get a taste of microtransactions and shift ALL focus on GTA:O. Stop making games entirely, re-release GTA 5 for over a decade>Vote with my wallet and buy Bethesda games>Their recent releases are dogshit. Fallout has completely gone downhill. All we've seen of the next ES in ELEVEN YEARS is a generic CGI coast that isn't even in-game while Bethesda has continuously rerelease Skyrim>Vote with my wallet and buy CD Projekt games>Been six years since non-gwent Witcher content. They hyped Cyberpunk knowing it was dropping in a shit state despite several delays.>Vote for my wallet and play Genshin>It's been two years. The story has quadrupled in length, the map has tripled in size, and the playable cast has tripled in size. We're only halfway through the main story arch with updates every six weeks.Fuck you. I don't care if you hate Genshin, but AAA games are killing themselves all good and well without Genshin's influence.

>>612691597You get a lot more than 20 rolls a month as a f2p

>>612691672Yes, and people who get welkin get that plus 20 extra if you count the genesis crystals as well.Every month people with welking get double the ammount of rolls of f2p players, it's why you would be a massive retard to miss it.

Idk why people think Genshin players want every character.I personally hate femboys so I'd never play Venti even if I had him. I know girls who only pull male characters. There are many characters I don't care about and many whose gameplay I dislike.One of the cool things about Genshin is that each person has different characters and styles unlike MMOs where everyone follows the exact same meta to the teeth.

>>612691831I get more playability from genshin then I would even from a myriad of AAA games. You don’t have to keep welkin on to play the game either. It’s just simply better than all the dog shit coming out.

>>612691831Math must be hard for you

>>612691940>Idk why people think Genshin players want every character.They have autism. You're not going to make me roll for unfun characters like Albedo, Xiao and Itto.

Attached: 1660641748934.jpg (1052x592, 476.12K)

>>612691940Yeah I mean have these fuckers tried leveling up a character? Christ sake The only people I think are getting fucked by genshin are the people who lose every 50/50

>>612668820That's a good thing.

>>612692004>I get more playability from genshin then I would even from a myriad of AAA games.Everyone says this same thing for the live service game they play... Which is false again. 100h of playtime in a decent JRPG is way more valuable than 500h of daily repetition and grind on Genshin or any other live service game.

>>612691658>Vote for my wallet and play Genshin>Story and event writing hasn't gotten any better, and in the case of Inazuma it got way worse>Anniversary is still trash that only gives 20 rolls plus the usual for playing the event>Boss battles still suck ass, and don't take any advantage of the gameplay mechanics because mobile players suck at playing the game>Abyss is still the only endgame>Not a single (You) girl as they promised with the advertising (No, teapot lines don't confirm they are for (You), none of them are so far because none has said that they love (You))>Swimsuit skins got scrapped after the first year>Resin still sucks ass>Instead of choosing to improve any of the above, they decided to use all the money on an anime that eveyone who reads the story knows it will be bad.>Still no skip button for cutscenes>Censored Rosaria AND CENSORED MONA FUCK YOU HOYOVERSE

>>612692223This is the live service game I’ve ever played that actually releases content and it’s good. I came from playing ffxiv so I’m paying less and the game is better.

>>612691597>The game isn't f2p like people claim to be, if you play it for a while you know deep down that welkin is needed if you plan to play in the long run.I haven't bought a single welkin and I can clear the abyss and get all the characters I want though.

Attached: 1643338719428.jpg (2071x3350, 515.61K)

>>612691831Why would you even care about rolls in Genshin. Its not like actual gacha games where they powercreep everything; theres still only ONE hard piece of content in the game, pulling more characters won't help you get further in the game when 99% is just running around doing quests.

>>612692329FFXIV sucks ass just like genshin tho.But atleast FFXIV had a good story, and nice boss battles. The gameplay is trash tho.

>>612691429Loom is always cute.

Attached: 1647043884539.png (1117x838, 939.06K)

>>612691429My biggest regret was picking the boy instead of her.

>>612691940I have most of the roster and I can't use all of them. I'm glad I have them because sometimes I like swapping between them for fun, but even then that's a meme and the artifact grind will make some feel unfinished.

Attached: 1641240947064.jpg (1920x1080, 2.1M)

Attached: FcYAbf8akAI2KTU.jpg (1075x1500, 1.11M)

>>612692341Sure user, sure. I'm sure you got all the Inazuma girls plus all the Liyue ones as well. And not a single month of welkin at all. Plus some 10k primos as change. Must be nice being a good liar.

Attached: 516587168123.gif (498x278, 2.38M)

Attached: 00705.png (1000x1000, 1.13M)

>>612679534Nah.Not the guy you're responding to, but there're things that I just wouldn't do at all, regardless of how much money I have. I'm relatively wealthy myself and have never spent a single penny on gatcha. I could be as rich as Bezos and Musk together, and I still wouldn't spend a penny on gatcha. It's not about the money. It's about the business model itself. I don't gamble.

>>612692417>Why would you even care about rolls in Genshindopamine

>>612692623It's piss easy to get most chatacters if you play for any length of time

>>612692624she looks like a giantess in this pic.IMAGINE

why does the one schizo sheldonpost on every genshin thread

>>612692441>FFXIV had a good story, and nice boss battlesYikes

>>612692623NTAAll I'm missing is>Mona>Garou>Thoma>Kokomi>Eula>Ganyu>Itto >Kuki>Yea MikoThat is almost the whole roster desu.

>>612692717>most charactersMost characters are 4 stars tho, and I doubt you got 50% of the 5 stars just by being f2p

>>612692297>Abyss is still the only endgameThe point is that casuals like me don't want endgame. Endgame is a cancer that pushes away people who can't nolife games.The devs were extremely smart when they decided to reward people for participating and not for nolifing.

>>612692750Mental illness. I just filtered him

>>612692794They could just add casual end game? Like keep an event permanently or co op tower defense or something

>>612692894The casual endgame is the abyss, which 95% of players don't touch or finish.

>>612692791But I did tho, I'm only missing 8 limited 5 stars

Attached: Screenshot_20220920-013810_Chrome.jpg (1080x2400, 720.19K)

>>612692004you are playing a game with no ending, which will at some point end with a cliffhanger once it loses its popularityDo you really believe chinkhoyo will end genshin's story?

>>612692771Heavensward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Powergap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> InazumaSimple as. Both tried to tell the story of a closed region who was engulfed in a war.Heavensward succeded on portraying how serious it was, and the after effects of said war, people couldn't forgive the Dragons even after it was over. Inazuma did a single cutscene and decided the war was over just so they could "redeem" Ei and her retarded ideas. Everything was offscreened in the most horrible way possible.

>>612692329>I came from playing ffxiv so I’m paying less and the game is better.FFXIV has much more to offer than Genshin, though. A single expansion has more story and dialogue than Moondstadt+Liyue+Izanuma+Sumeru combined, let alone all the side content.But anyway, for me 50 hours of FFVII are way more significant than the thousands of hours FFXIV has to offer.I disagree completely that these live service games offer much more playability for less.

>>612692986An anime fan such as myself is used to such pain

>>612692986>Do you really believe chinkhoyo will end genshin's story?Judging by their track record of long term support of their titles despite dwindling playerbases and profit, yes. In fact they're probably going to have to start winging shit after their initial story arch wraps up and the story will go to shit. I know Genshin is the most expensive game to maintain, but once core development wraps up and playerbase dwindles the cost of running the game will reduce as well. Genshin is probably the safest live-service bet you can make right now. I've already gotten probably 160 hours of voiced story so I wouldn't care if it shutdown tomorrow.

>>612692938I haven’t finished floor 12 yet but it’s not really casual imo you need to grind artifacts at the very least >>612692986Doesn’t really bother me who knows when that’ll happen. I started wow during vanilla and they fucking destroyed that game. Nothing you can do.

>>612692623>I'm sure you got all the Inazuma girls plus all the Liyue ones as well.I'm not using my primos for anti-fun hag characters like Shenhe, Yoi and Yae.

Attached: 1642623800527.jpg (1254x1619, 119.39K)

>>612692894Genuinely what the fuck would endgame even mean to you? Teapot stuff? Events. Skins? Barely any to begin with? Artifacts? Already grinding for them. Most people I talk to just keep repeating endgame, endgame, but can't actually verbalize what they even want from that endgame, other than "give me 5 star weapons and characters without gacha".

>>612693038Oh yes grinding the same 10 dungeons 10000 times and doing palace of the dead neither of which were ever fun in any way. Just to do a simon says dance with a boss and a group of retards or run the same 10 dungeons 50000 times again. And then “oh yeah bro it gets good at 100 hours don’t worry”. The only thing I liked about ffxiv was the housing system and even that was such shit no one bothers.

>>612668820I want to kill modern gaming.

Attached: 1659312714599808.jpg (2894x2412, 2.29M)

>>612693159I want one of those events that had the selectable difficulty boss fights for the endgame.I dont even want any rewards or anything, just something to see how far I can push my best teams.

>>612693159For me it would be doing a difficult boss battle, because the boss battle sso far have been underwhelming.

Post your favorite genshin hebe.

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Attached: 1642599655933.png (3840x7585, 3.44M)

>>612693358>60 DOLLARSThats 70 fucking bucks now you CHUD

>>612693159Just a fun combat event that gives primos. 4 floors of abyss is extremely limited. Just add something easy casualfags will like and something to do

>>612668820I play Genshin Impact to support the Chinese war machine. If I'm lucky, the welkin I pay for will fund a bullet that will one day fly through the worthless skull of an Am*rican soldier.

Attached: 1604575716800.jpg (1187x1386, 426.67K)

>>612693269Most combat events have a difficulty multiplier.>>612693275Easy for you. Most people can't complete the abyss or higher difficulties in events like Dire Straits with Diluc.


Attached: 1659321526352188.jpg (893x1253, 625.18K)

>>612693409>tfw games are 90 maple bux plus 13-15% top in CanuckistanThere's literally no point in buying new games here anymore. If it weren't for Genshin I think I would have just stopped playing games altogether

>>612693528Western devs are not to be trusted. Even Japanese are shit now too. China numbah one


Attached: 6788c765dee49942b21723663d8e9508.jpg (2000x1600, 1.3M)

>>612692789>>612692957You guys really just played for all these months, and didn't get a single welkin?You would have that plus 5 star weapons or almost all the 5 stars characters in the game lol. The ammount of time you both wasted is huge, I kinda feel sad for you both of you retards missing on so many primos lmao. I would've lost my mind.It's almost a bricked account.

>>612693494>Most combat events have a difficulty multiplier.Yeah, one might say this current event has one, but its a fucking joke. Thats not the one I was talking about.The Legend of the Vagabond Sword one was the sort Im after.


Attached: 1641843595591.jpg (2491x3528, 1.49M)

>>612692986Bro. Everyone already knows what's going to happen in Genshin's story. They already put out a video at launch that spoils all the regions and key characters. Our playable character goes to seven countries, finds out problems between the regional god and their people, fixes the problem, and somehow lets the bad guys succeed in their masterplans. All cumulating to a boss battle where the power of friendship wins against evil. It's really clear that's what's going to happen. No one is biting their nails to see what's going to happen next, it's just a fun romp.

>>612693659I can 36 star the Abyss every rotstion on my first try and had a lot of fun over the last 2 years for the total price of $0. Cope

>>612693659I think I have 4 or 5 star weapons, but I don't use them on my toons.


Attached: 1654522667229.jpg (1467x825, 281.74K)

>>612693676This kind right here

Attached: hRcVs3FdZLHf36aVaptdRi-970-80.png (970x546, 462.11K)

>>612693781>and had a lot of fun over the last 2 years>grinds all day just so because he is poorlmao

>>612668820Oh no, not the heckin globohomo propaganda video games, what will we do without them

>>612693676>>612693853Vaginabone was hard because most of us didn't have all that well developed accounts at that point. I bet if they put that exact same event in the game right now most older players here would steamroll it

>>612693853Genshin did this with the Xiao event and other events IIRC.

>>612693918You can't grind all day on Genshin. The game doesn't let you nolife.

>>612693659>You would have that plus 5 star weapons or almost all the 5 stars characters in the game lolOkay but why? Combat is already easy, I don't care about sinking ungodly amounts of primos into weapons. I've only been playing for little over a year and I'm cool with just whatever character I might get. I don't care much about Abyss either.>It's almost a bricked accountLegit how obsessed are you with getting C6R5 on everyone? And for what purpose, a 30-second faster Abyss clear? I lament the previous story events way more than any amount of primos.

>>612693918>grinds all day>in a game where you do you dailies and spend your resin in 15-20 minutesYou know, I'm starting to think you don't actually play the game and are just here to shitpost

>>612672780>you can beat everything with free characters>predatory

>>612693928Isn’t genshin kinda on that too? There’s so many god damn femboys

>>612693950Yeah, this event that is running right now is just not it man.I ran it at the highest difficulty and still got more than 4x the points needed for max rewards and I didnt even interact with the special mechanics.

>>612693781You could have gotten all the characters retard, god all that time wasted for not buying welkin, i'm so glad i'm not a poor fucker like you lmao. Because I get more characters with just 5 extra dollars.>>612693787If you had a 5 star you would be using it, it's stupid not to use them, even as stat sticks.

>>612694047Thats racist as fuck yoThat is all the Chinese know, they have never seen a MAN before.

>>612694012It's more like 1 and half an hour, because you also gotta spend your resin. And when a week starts you gotta do bounties and boss battles and shit.

>muh time wastedHe says while wasting his time shitposting about a game he doesn't play. Reminder not to respond to these idiots

>>612694054I already don't play all the characters I do actually have. What is the point of accumulating more that I won't play?

>>612694178It takes like 5 minutes to spend 5 condensed resin. And you don't have to do all weekly bosses and bounties on Monday

>Paying huge amounts of money to get units you wantJust be lucky lmao.

>>612684669I can unlock expansions in MMOs just by playing?Pretty sure you have to pay for them

>>612668820There were chinese slot machines before genshin, genshin is just the first to have an actual game attached to it.

>>612692746it'd suck if she sat on you, haha

Attached: 00739.png (900x1000, 1.11M)

>>612694178You dumb ass it takes 5 minutes with condensed. Lower the level on your dungeon or something.

>>612694239I mean, judging by the ones you already have, and the fact that you claim to not buy battle pass. You probably can't even use like half the characters you already have lol.

Genshin impact gacha is the best gacha of all the gacha games>Inb4 muh azur lane/: : : J

>>612694178Yeah, 30 minutes considering I use condensed resin most of the times. And boss battles are an extra 15 minutes at best, since you can't run through all of them in one go anyway. I barely even do bounties these days and even then you can just do them any time during the week.

>>612694054I need to update this with Kokomi, Collie and Dori, but f2p no welken none the less. It's not hard to get a ton of 5 stars, it's just time. And spending money won't resolve that time problem either. You no resources to actually level everyone up, so you'll end up benching the 5 stars you 'bought', and by the time you have enough resources, you could have just got them normally without spending money.

Attached: f2p pre 3.0.png (718x1278, 762.86K)

>>612694402I'm not that user, but what point are you trying to make? Even if I had every character at 80 and x/x/x, I wouldn't find time and opportunity to play all of them in evers possible combination. I just pick favorites, like anyone would.

>>612694372Gotta say, the latest dungeons sure are easier.Went back to some of the Mondstadt dungeons and they fucking suck.

>>612694545People whined endlessly about Inazuma being too difficult

Attached: 89d8ddc9f8a52d810781323b7fb1e1f2.jpg (2363x3892, 1.06M)

Attached: dd3d22eb6397dcc86f3fd0f95983bbda.jpg (2696x3928, 1.59M)

>>612694686No-bra Collei!No-bra Collei!Yay!Yay!

Attached: ab9f0e8aa2f9c1f82df21c8b2cd5fee5.jpg (3657x5102, 2.7M)

Attached: 40225a92a6f74d16865bb86d2adf422c.jpg (850x1186, 244.18K)

>>612694537I honestly find comfort in knowing i'm not as stupid as the people who grind daily for more than a year and don't get welkin.They are truly the biggest retards in the game that could have every character by now, plus constellations and 5 star weapons.Feels good. Maybe this is what Hoyoverse intended all along for those who are willing to use money.

I have a problem with getting obsessed with games so I'm glad Genshin has a soft lock to the amount of things you can get done in a day.

>>612694735She's 12

Attached: 1644431989622.jpg (1654x2339, 2.54M)

>>612694885You're right, she might not be ready for bras yet.But I want to check to find out.

>>612694873I still find ways to be obsessed, even with all the timelocking genshin has.

Attached: Collei Sketch.jpg (2000x3000, 430.12K)

>>612694936How? You can do artifact runs, elite runs, what else?

>>612695016100% the world, and achievements

>>612694861I bought welkin once, realized I had to login every day to collect it, and never bought it again. If they ever fucking change it to go to my mail like azur lane or a dozen other gacha then I'll consider it.

youre right op im gonna go play the division heartland instead

>>612694873Go and do your daily monster farming route, user.

Attached: kutrv37607o61.jpg (4826x4242, 2.23M)

>>612694861That is very bizarre flex. Not to mention you're grinding anyway because you can't buy artifacts directly.

>>612694861You do realize that grinding daily gets you practically nothing? If you actually did commissions daily, you'd get 1 or 2 five stars over the course of 2 years. No one who grinds is getting most of their 5 stars from daily commsions, you just log in to do events and you're kind of set.

>>612695149It's not worth it. I just buy the battle pass and save my sanity.

Attached: 101332749_p0.jpg (1620x2160, 1.96M)

>>612695149This is some next level autism. I log in, do my daily stuff, and log out. That's basically it until event quests unlock.

>>612695115>>612695172>>612695208You're falling for bait. This retard doesn't actually play the game

>Commisons: 60 primos/day = 21600/year = 135 pulls = 1.5 5 stars with no guaranteeYeah, fuck commissions.

>>612695429No primo left behind is my motto.

I’ve never played genshin but I absolutely beat some serious meat to r34 of it

>>612695396The only ones baiting the retard in this thread are the ones saying they don't buy welkin moon lol.Everyone here with more than 2 months playing does buy it, without it you get very few 5 star characters per year.

>>612693018A fair comparison would've been EW with Inazuma since both were a rushed mess

>>612695529I don't blame you. There's some top tier women of every persuasion, from cunny and hebe to hag.

>>612695529One commendable thing about genshin is that they are unapologetic about making cute and sexy girls. None of that garbage about middle aged obese black women western devs love.I was always ultra casual but one day I got to test Raiden and instantly knew I HAD to have her and started buying welkin.

>>612694962She needs a hug ._.


Attached: D9PLVJjWwAELvjF.jpg (680x794, 81.38K)

I think it's funny how this guy is trying so hard to get people to buy a welkin.

Attached: 1662382284955.jpg (1400x2000, 1.31M)

>>612695892I mean, it's stupid not to buy it if you play the game.

Attached: Fb0CT1qaUAAWkx7.jpg (869x1500, 225.03K)

>>612695892I think it's funny how much I like Yelan.

Attached: 1642985824795.jpg (2048x950, 329.14K)

>>612668820I masturbate to its anime children. (lolis)

Attached: 101352732_p0.jpg (3766x4830, 1.04M)

Buy welkin retards. Stop pretending you don't need it.Imagine the shitload of primos you would've have gotten if you were the retards in previous posts who have been playing for a year without a single welkin lol.I would have killed myself if I were them.

Attached: Fc12p9waUAEcGOA.jpg (2376x4096, 751.13K)

>>612695942I actually dread getting new characters. Leveling up Dori and Collei is such a pain.

>>612692957How long have you been playing? This looks like a F2Pbtw post. This is mine, started in 2.1. Some of the constellations are not updated, but character ownership is correct. Welkin + BP since I started and also bought the top offs before the 2.2 reset and after reset. Sitting at 51k primos and I think around 19k gems.

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>>612696106Do you even know what a welkin is?

>>612696168That's because the user was lying, he uses welkin plus he buys rolls with the reset bonus.

Genshin spoiled the shit out of me with their gorgeous character animations, made it hard for me to play janky shit from Falcom ever since.

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>>612696168Day 1 player. I also rolled for 5 star constellations and weapons

>>612693358I wouldn't mind free, but kernel level anticheat for what is just BOTW singleplayer is what gets me noggin joggin.

i dont care for collei and dori.

Imagine spending money on this game and not being able to 36 abyss. That'd be absolutely embarrassing.

>>612668820I've been playing this game for a few months now and I haven't died once, with a single character.It's almost like it's not even a real game. They don't want you to feel discouraged at all so you'll never stop playing. You just grind away and even if some of the dungeons take a little while, it's just impossible to lose. I feel like I'm playing Diablo 3 on easy mode or something.

>>612696275Falcom games are the definition of janky anime games, however they have actual storytelling and character arcs going on.Nothing genshin has done so far can compare to the Trails in the Sky trilogy so far to be honest. Shit was just too kino.

>>612695986Yelan made the game so much easier for me with her sprint.Add Rosaria and 2 anemos and I'm speeding like a car through the map.

>>612696427It's a phone game for kids

>>612686728>But there WAS a note to pick up that gave me 20 primos?That's the ending of the Aranara quest line, the Fatui agent whom you chased away got killed by the Rifthounds.

Look at how fucking flat she is

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>>612696456I don't even run her with 2 anemos or Rosaria. She's just the character with a mobility skill that I've liked enough to shove into teams so I've finally got a taste of the forbidden fruit in my style.

>>612696427Try doing the spiral abyss then. You fuckers would complain that the game is too difficult and is forcing you to roll for stronger characters if it was the opposite.

>>612696207300 crystals + 90 daily primos for a month? uhhh bro?

>>612696168>started in 2.1started in 2.0 Yoimiya banner*. Thought Raiden came in 2.2.

>>612696580That took a long time for you to answer. Not saying you don't play the game, but you're being pretty suspicious

>>612668820>contributing towards the death of video gamesGenshin players are based now?

>>612668820>If you play Genshin Impact then you are contributing towards the death of video gamesthe opposite is true - aside Genshin Impact here is now good video games in the past decadeIts the only game with soul. Everything else looks and plays like trash in comparison. Go choke on your souls and GTA clones.

>>612696513She's 14. She has time to grow

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>>612669601No. He'll see in due time.

>>612696643>He actually thinks I don't play the gameAnon, i'm serious when I tell you I buy welkin every month.Is it that weird that I accept being a shameless shill for genshin?I'm not gonna beat around the bush user, people should buy welkin. The battlepass sucks despite how good the greatsword is, but the welkin? nah that shit you should get it if you plan to play genshin.

>>612696883By the way, what's the name of the name of the electro archon? I forgot, silly me.

>>612695986You are the only guy that likes Yelan.

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>>612696773No, she's NGMI

>>612696436500 hours of some boring retard holding back and saying haha... to everything is not worth spending time on

>>612696969Raiden? Ei?user, i'm serious here.

We still trying to entertain the falseflagger?

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>>612697028>500 hours of some boring retard holding back and saying haha...soul

>>612696129It feels like these new materials have better drops. I leveled Eula, Jean, Xingqiu, and Kujou Sara all at the same time. For like 7 surveys straight I wrote in that hilichurl mask drop rates fucking sucked and that lavachurls should just drop a guaranteed blue mask. I hope going forward they don't release a single character that levels up off that shit now. There's plenty of weapon only materials they could use like the million hillichurl horns, mirrior maiden prisms, and bone shards that players have.

>>612684956You can go 2 VV and 2 Gladiator or shimenawa, he still hits hard enough. Mine is pretty unoptimized running 2 VV and 2 Gladiators with an Anemo Goblet and he can hit 20~30k crit punches frequently.

>>612689395This but after just trawling through some of the story and the lore I don't think I'll be able to play anyway.

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>>612686135you can get any character you want for free though

>>612697028That's Trails of Cold Steel (Rean the Bean > Tabibito)Try playing some Trails in the Sky if you haven't done so user. It's one of the best videogame RPG trilogies ever made.

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>>612687785kazuha cant snipe enemy camps from 3 miles away


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>>612697784Seeing this just makes me more sad that they stopped doing swimsuits this year.

Genshin is bad because it's not fun to play (in my experience). It also reinforces gacha, mtx, and live-service trends which are killing gaming. So it's just bad.

>>612697784I would Shenhe, but that isn't Dehya.

>>612696427Bull shit the weekly bosses are actually difficult

>>612697989The live service model the way genshin does it isn’t bad. It’s other games that really just use it to rape you.

>>612693305Hebe Tao!

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>>612674239Genshin is getting own TGC in 3.3 and it`ll be free, with PvP, but no prizes.

>>612698092You pay genshin with time, example: Resin.That shit fucking sucks.

>Tower of Fantasy has a PvP modeGenshin Impact needs a pvp mode.

>people in this thread genuinely think offering a product to players is some devilish "predatory" behaviour

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>>612696129Leveling characters is far less of a pain than spending time in the artifact mines

>mfw exploring Sumeru with Dendro Looms, Raiden, Kokomi and Ganyu

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>>612699214I mean, after playing a while, rolling a new 5 star character makes you wanna buy the battle pass. Because upgrading someone to lvl 80-90 plus the talents is a fucking bitch with all the papers and mora you need.It's kinda predatory when the game purposely limits those resources with time.

I decided to build keqing after dendro and managed to get a good set of thundering fury with nice crit substats, too bad when I leveled them up all the substats went to HP/Def/Atk

>>612697452no you cant idiot


>>612699595Unless you're talking about Aloy, you can. Maybe you'll need to wait for their reruns.

>>612699586That's why I'm rolling Nilou, same reason as Yelan is good, she can just take all the HP rolled items and call it a day.Also she'll finally make Kokomi useful.

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>that tfw when the wumao have taken over my thread

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>>612699797Bro your freeze/taser team with Kokomi?:o

>>612699797I was actually banking on a dendro healer even though I have Kokomi because then it's just a free Yelan team. The easy HP build sounds pretty nice too since she won't be a speedbump to building other Sumeru characters.

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>>612699797I'm considering Kokomi because I still need a top tier hydro applier, if I had Mona I'd just skip her.

>>612699586Genshin experience

>>612699797Nah, I'm not gonna fall for the FOMO meme. I mean, nothing wrong with pulling for more girls and Nilou is cute, but, you know, it's a big negative that Nilou won't be showing her belly button. I'd fucking use my GURANTEED on her if she shows her cute tummy. If not, it's an indefinite pass.

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>>612699586>I played a slot machine. Too bad when I continue playing I ended up having bad luckImagine my shock

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>>612700247Can someone fix her eyebrows

>>612673067holy based

You ARE ready for the desert right?

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>>612701168I'm not going back to 100% topside chasm because it fucking sucks and the last 1% for Adravi valley can wait for the treasure/culus finders.

>>612701168Too lazy to 100% Sumeru until I get the jew shekel locator device.

>>612701168>89% Vissudha Field>73% Ashavan Realmpacing myself. still need to 100% top side Liyue. Mondstat and Inazuma both 100%.


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>>612671818Just like covid.

>>612698136Sexiest hebe

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