KotOR thread, let's go

KotOR thread, let's go.

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>>612665986Imagine how good kotor could've been if Bethesda handled it

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>>612666073Jesus, go suck Todds cock in the fallout thread you buttmongeralsoKotor II > kotor 1

>>612665986I replayed both of these recently, even tried a bit of SWTOR. Kotor1 and 2 have got to be the peak of starwars, never enjoyed anything from the franchise more. I wish Mission came back for 2 though

how do i get these working on my PC. every time i launch KOTOR1 it bugs out.

>>612665986>let's go.Where?

>>612666073all fallout games are bad and for stupid people, no exceptions

>>612666614you cant say that in a kotor thread tbqh

>>612666073It wouldn't work as well, not even close. Maybe that team that made skyrim, if they were given some crazy budget, and the mass effect engine and like a green light to make like 10 open world planets but with handcrafted limited size interest area like in Morrowind. Even then it would end up as a mess.

>>612665986I > II. simple as.

So, obviously not counting the novel or TOR, do you think it was implied that Revan may have encountered the Yuuzhan Vong in the Outer Rim and that's why he ended up turning to the Dark Side after the Mandalorian wars in order to prepare the galaxy for an invasion a la how Sidious also did later?Canderous talking about his encounter with a Vong ship escaping his team past the Outer Rim couldn't have just been a coincidental little story.

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Go away


Darth Mal-AKC

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>>612667064I think Revan was always intended to have encountered the True Sith, but the form this took was supposed to diverge drastically from TOR. Whereas in TOR the Sith were recreated from remnants that escaped Korriban's destruction during the Great Hyperspace War, the True Sith were essentially going to be a retcon that said the Korriban Sith were just a small backwards offshoot and the True Sith were their real origin.Canderous' story was most likely just a nod to the NJO series, which was running at the time.

Someone update the fucking KotOR 2 strategywiki.strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_II:_The_Sith_Lords#Table_of_Contents

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>>612667592This is what no blue space elf pussy do to a man

>>612665986What mods are essential?

>>612665986A grey Jedi run of Kotor 2 is amazing. That's all I have to say

Best girl.

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>>612669220Can you even get a prestige class with Neutral alignment?

reminder kreia is nothing but a sith asshole, she is always wrong and you should always tell her to fuck off

>>612669191Tslrcm is a must because it's cut content and it's just better with that, you can use some graphics upscale if you want..Also use legacy version on steam instead of aspyr "updated" because it wrecks perfomance. Better just use resolution on legacy and have buttery smooth gameplay.

>>612669970Cut content is cut for a reason and Obsidian cut content is cut because it's either unfinished, buggy or pointless. Usually all three.

>>612669945Used to think this about her until my most recent playthough. She's right about some thing and wrong about others and she's too manipulative and values selfishness too much but still she's a really great character. My protag grew to grudgingly respect her.

>>612670693Not with this one. 2 was rushed and later in game it's so oblivious with what's happening. Tslrcm restores that content which explains a lot and was fixed by modders because obsidian didn't have time. Take hk-50 as example, you don't know what happens with them in ending with vanilla but mod restores entire hk factory level and entire arc with hk 47 and 50 feels completed. Most things were cut because obsidian didn't have time so modders just fixed what they could and put pieces together. Even switch version has tslrcm

>>612671294>restores the hk factorydidn't seem like a restoration to me but rather an attempt at what they thought it would be which was fairly awful, unlike most of the other content

>>612667612>I think Revan was always intended to have encountered the True SithYeah, I suppose that makes sense.Man, what could've been.

>>612671595There was a level in files but most of was unplayable(only 1/3 was working as intended?) so yeah dialogues were a big mistery. Still when I played it, didn't noticed anything wrong so kudos for modders that they tried to put all this together.

>>612667887I was going to update the wiki when I last played KotOR 2, but I didn't feel like making a account.

>>612672320>Still when I played it, didn't noticed anything wrong idk if you're just very experienced with dnd games but if you don't level HK properly then the HK Factory is pure misery, everything has shit loads of health and deals huge damage because they spam power shot which has a chance to critical x3

>>612669220There is no "grey" run, the game just treats you as light or dark.

>>612669747Juhani's entire character should have just been rolled into Mission.

>>612673732>if you don't level HK properly then the HK Factory is pure misery, everything has shit loads of health and deals huge damage because they spam power shot which has a chance to critical x3Well game kinda tells you how you should level up HK. All I did was focus on dexterity and fully upgrade dual blasters. Crafting in this game is very simple and you can make a shitload of energy shields and repair kits, not to mention op parts for your weapon.With that in mind, factory is really easy and I played on highest difficulty. Energy shields blocked every damage so didn't even need to use repair kits while my HK shredded every enemie with fully upgraded blasters. Game doesn't tell you that but crafting can make your life a lot easier on hardest parts of game.

>>612672354You can update anonymously.

>>612665986For me its Jedi guardian with a single blade.

>>612665986glitched games that aren't worth $5 together. good games if they're patched

>>612675391jedi academy and rogue squadron 2 for me

>>612675276I wish the game was harder really. That segment where you just have T3, Mira, and Atton is really fun and forced me to tip-toe around corners. A lot of the time it's easy to do nothing but spam abilities.>tfw 90% of armor is useless because you just make everyone a Jedi, and anyone who can't be one can't even use armor anyway

insanity is the best force power in the game

>>612675391>not SentinelImagine being both a brainlet AND a Forcelet.

insanity + force storm = winning

>>612672320>>612673732i was referring to the level design itself mostly, it sticks out (not in a good way) compared to the rest of the game which is why i thought modders designed it from scratch rather than restored it. last time i played it was a separate dl rather than part of the main mod package so maybe its changed since then

I played through 1 and 2 as space jesus Consular with a focus on light side powers and it was very underwhelming. What should I do for evil KOTOR 1?

>>612665986the true ending is becoming reven again and making bastila your little whore apprentice. rule of 2.

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>>612675783evil path

>>612675391For me? It's a Jar'Kai guardian.One orange, one blue.

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kotar is a dark side game.

Dantooine is peak comf youtu.be/Uv8tYdGTQdYhttps://youtu.be/__gLIyeQYDU

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Star Wars is morally and ethically dysfunctional, and at it's core is responsible for the degradation of the western world.Until Star Wars is redeemed humanity is doomed.

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>>612675102No, not true

>>612675570It can be hard for first playthrough and early parts(especially if you do nar shadda right after Telos) of game but yeah, game is badly balanced. I guess armors are just a failsafe if you don't convert your teammates into jedi. I remember that you can't convert Brianna into jedi if you have higher influence with Visas than her. Still find it amusing that you can make Bao-dur a jedi but he can't use robes.Not to mention that your mc gets a shitload of bonuses that he is one-man army no matter how you build him.

>>612676838In what way? As far as I know there is zero dedicated "grey" dialog, what happens on Dantooine and in the endgame is purely decided by what you choose to do with the masters, which is a light or dark choice and everything reflects whatever that was.

Why can I not find any negative influence guides anywhere? Everyone just seems to assume you go for positive influence regardless of being lightside or darkside, but I think it would be cool to build a bunch of rivals that go full contrarian Jedi/Sith just to spite you.Though, I don't think dialog really reflects this anywhere? Aside from maybe if Atton goes full school shooter on Malachor.

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>>612676583Doing another run on KOTOR 1 right now and running around Dantooine is maximum comfy.

>mogs both KOTOR 1 and 2 in your path

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>>612680065But that doesn't exist. Or is that a mod where this is from?

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>>612666450The games struggle to run on modern systems. You need their unofficial patches on their steam workshops. They should be easy to find since they'd both have the most downloads for their respective games.

>>612680065kotor 1 should have made yuthura a recruitable companion instead of juhani desu

>>612682095Having Yuthura join after Bastila gets captured would've also worked

>>612666591Go back to Tumblr.

>>612682095Juhani flat out sucks and the game would be improved simply by removing her.Failing that, her whole character could be added to Mission's existing character with the bonus of giving Mission some kind of story and arc beyond "ahh my brother".

>>612683690>her whole character could be added to Mission's existing characterMission being a slave and a lesbian is just adding too much for the sake of it. Juhani can be improved, there's no reason to combine characters.And those dumbasses working on the remake don't need any ideas.

>>612675182Thankfully you can kill the furry cat lady and I normally did.

>>612684078Let's be real, nobody likes Juhani because she's ugly.

>>612684078Twi'lek at least have an extensive history of slavery that would make sense with being part of her past on Taris. It would also justify why you continue to bring her along.>discovered to be Force Sensitive>Jedi Council can't refuse to train her, because they're already training (you) under dubious pretenses and suddenly getting choosy would be beyond suspicious>she's fucked up over Taris, so of course runs up against the dark side shortly after trainingSo after you redeem her they assign her to you for the mission, instead of her just kind of sticking around on the ship. The lesbianism shit is whatever, frankly she should just be infatuated with the PC.

What was their fucking problem?

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>>612685262Zez-kai Ell and Kavar were completely based, unfortunately Vrook was a terrible influence on them. Honestly Zez's entire given viewpoint does a 180* between Nar Shaddaa and Dantooine.

Best line in the series? Or something from HK-47

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>>612666073Please do not redeem, etc


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>>612685262Groupthink. Zez and Kavar were great lads individually but once they all got together they fell back into Council-mode thinking.

>>612686214kek when does that even happen?

>>612684416Nobody likes Juhani because she's even more whiny and temperamental than Carth.

>>612686390First stepping onto Manaan in the spaceport.

>>612686125Why was Kreia so opposed to you siring the antichrist?

>>612685262They have a fundamentally mistaken view of the Force and human nature. They don't understand how real people view the universe and other people in it because they've lived their entire lives as sheltered, pompous aristocrats who preach from their quite literal high castle. When they're confronted by someone who actually understands the threat they're facing they have no idea how to process it, they are completely incapable of it, and believe that that person is the threat. This is why they had to die.

>>612686578her vagina dried out ages ago and she's jealous

>Out of our way, citizen. We're on official Sith business.

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>>612669747>raped and murdered by the wookienext

>>612666073Wouldn’t work because it’s not the same kind of game. Neither KOTOR game has any pretends of being open world or being anything other than a Star Wars themed visual novel with combat and RPG mechanics.

>kill them all

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>>612685262>they strip the force from you>you just force bond with someone again and get your powers backKind of a retarded plan.Also does the Exile not have the highest force potential of anybody, ever? Everyone freaked out about Anakin having a 20k midichlorian count, but if the exile was drawing on the Force potential of just six jedi with an average of like 12k each, doesn't that mean the max power is like 72k, way higher than anyone else ever?

I'm waiting on the Limited Run physical Switch version of 2 and hoping the restored content DLC is ready when it arrives, or maybe even on the cart itself in a dream scenario. I've been dreaming of playing KotOR handheld since I was a kid.

>>612686689>Security papers?

>>612686713>Being an edgelord to the cute alien girl who believes in you no matter whati won't stand for it

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>>612687662This. You basically become her new big brother.

>>612687145You have to remember that the SW universe pre and post Darth Bane operate under slightly different logic. Anakin’s midichlorian count was insane relative to the time frame he was in. Anakin was the first Revan/Bane-tier force sensitive in over a millennia (Revan/Bane-tier in the sense that they’re a wild card that ends up changing the galaxy).Also, people like the Exile and Nihilus were basically like “anti-Force” beings where they basically acted as a Force black hole that destroyed the Force rather than interacted with it. The Exile’s midichlorian count is probably non-existent, which is exactly what makes them dangerous because everyone needs midichlorians to survive.

>>612687662>do dark side ending>make Zaalbar kill Mission>reload saveI couldn't do it, that shit was too fucking brutal considering how tame the rest of the game is.

>>612687145Midichlorians were one of the worst ideas George ever had and EU writers coped for years trying to ignore it.

>>612687145The exile is more of a leech, drawing power from others but only having average abilities on their own. That's part of the reason why you start the game so de-powered because the exile spent the last 10 years as a solitary wanderer actively refusing to form relationships with others.

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>>612687662>>612687738In my current playthrough I roleplayed as a sniper until Jedi (my headcanon on this run being that Revan had the smarts to program HK's assassination protocols, that would also include him having the skills of an elite sniper, so Revan would have been somewhat knowledgable and that was retained in his new personality) then decided to pass his skills on to Mission and is currently training her to be a sneak sniper as his backup. I feel like that suits her.

>>612665986I like Revan hes cool

>>612665986Anyone playing the original xbox discs on a series X?

When I was a kid I loved Carth and never wanted to go dark side because I didn't want to let him down after he'd opened up to me and trusted me. Now as an adult he comes off as whiny and annoying and I hate him.

>>612689538But do you like Kaiden?

>>612665986There was this guy who made the best Pathologic videos.Dude leaves for like five years comes back as a troon and made a wild KOTOR 2 video, as in bad. Just his now fem voice saying every line the Exile says.

I want to like kotor 2 but any way you slice it, much of the plot is nonsense. imo it gets a pass and all the love that it does because it strikes a lot of really good emotional notes that feel very impactful. but whenever anyone tries to explain any of the plot's intricacies in any detail they only illustrate how much nonsense most of it is. I think I prefer kotor 1 if only because it's much more coherent, but kotor 2 is more interesting in other ways

>>612675276Wait, people played this game without touching the crafting? That's like driving a sports car without using the accelerator

>>612666073low-effort troll

>>612676723>male exile>no BrendaWhy

>>612690606The crafting isn't very deep at all, especially in the first game. KotOR2 gets really fun with lightsaber crafting but for blasters and vibroblades it's just the same couple upgrades.

>>612666073This meme isn't even funny dude.

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>>612669747Ordering your wookie slave to cut her down in the dark side ending was so based

>>612690140I liked him in ME1 but not after he bitched out in 2 or 3

Still waiting to buy the Switch version of KOTOR 2. No reason to get it now if I will need to start a fresh save to play the restored content.

>>612691195You might want to preorder it for $35 before it becomes $100. Fucking Limited Run makes getting these games a fucking black Friday rush where it might be overpriced or widely available later but there's no way to know for sure. Fuck them.

>>612690960>doubt.jpgDawg Kaidan was the blandest, most milquetoast character out of anyone in ME1. I always couldn't wait to kill him off for my boo Ashley

>>612691195Wasn't the Switch version of KOTOR mostly dogshit? I remember seeing tons of issues with the UI taking up an obscene amount of space on screen and all sorts of contextual audio missing

>>612692026I assumed they fixed most of the biggest issues like the one stopping all progress.

>>612692026Both KotORs on Switch had super rocky releases that got patched out. The KotoR2 release should be fine but likely missing the RCM but I think KotOR1 still has the ginormous text boxes that cover the screen during combat without the patch.

>>612691919I don't find Ashley very likeable either. Not because of muh racism, that is fine. It is just that the game goes out of its way to make the alien characters more appealing than the human ones in your party.

>>612692369I can understand that. I still liked her character development over the series much more than Kaidan, though

>>612690534Well name something about the main plot that doesn't make sense to you or that doesn't appeal to you and maybe you can get an answer. The main plot is pretty simple.

KOTOR was really fun. My only gripes with it are the beginning, which is a a fucking slog and the story is horse shit. No idea why that shit gets praised. That shit is prequel/sequel tier.

>>612692768I hated Taris and Peragus as starting areas when I first played them. But I really think they have some of the best moments of the series now, especially Peragus. It's just too bad that they really are starting areas where you choices don't matter too much. The first time I played KotOR I restarted my game trying to choose all the options denying being force sensitive because I didn't want to be a Jedi.

>>612685262They refuse to see that their teaching and being blind to how it hurts the galaxy, is actually bad. The Exile was the first person who came back to face judgment and rather than try to understand that the war brought by their teachings created the Exile so that it wouldn't happen again, they elected to just cut the Force from the Exile, ensuring that it'll happen again.As Kreia correctly summaries: the arrogance.>>612685934That's wrong. Zez-Kai-Ell recognized the core problem with the Jedi and identified that the Exile represented the echo of the teachings of the Jedi and war and its toll on the galaxy. But rather than fix the Jedi or recognize that the source of the problem was the Force and that he should cut himself from it, he chose to live apathetically, do nothing, and says that he would have left the Jedi Order, solving nothing.>Honestly Zez's entire given viewpoint does a 180* between Nar Shaddaa and Dantooine.That's the key point: he recognizes the flaws of the Jedi then backs Vrook 100% because he enables the bullshit, despite knowing better.Kavar is an idiot who doesn't see how loving battle destroys things and that always siding politically with the Republic without thought just creates further stagnation. He shows that despite how the Jedi aren't meant to involve themselves in political matters, they actually always side with the Republic rather than remain neutral, which creates further death when people just want to live independently. It's meant to parallel how people can't rid themselves of their connection with the Force; you're stuck with the Republic just like how you're stuck with the Force.The irony is that Vrook is always right, but he refuses to accept any criticism because he is the most blind. The only one who matters on Dantooine is Kreia and Vrook, with the other two masters blindly nodding their head.

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>>612693219the first half of peragus is kino, but once you learn that the hk killed everybody you're just sort of bumbling around the facility until you find enough audio logs to leave, would've been better if you just fight it once you learn that then go to telos

>>612694127Nah, all of peragus is kino>creeping horror atmosphere from holo logs>you meet hk 51 and from your past knowledge of Kotor 1 you know immediately that his assassination protocol killed everyone>escape>you see how hk 51 poison gas everyone>hk 51 killing coda and mocking his dead body>harbinger shows up with everyone dead>stealth assassins hunting you down>Sion showing up>Sion vs Kreia>escaping Peragus and exploding the entire solar systemThe entire experience is kino from start to finish. The only thing that's bad is that, during the turret section, you see Sith stormtroopers rather than Sith assassins, but it's fine if you get the mod that switches them.

>>612694497Peragus really was awesome. It just turned a lot of people off who were coming straight off of KotOR1. The Citadel on Telos was also great and I'm sure it even inspired the Citadel in Mass Effect. I came to love the first hours of KotOR2 so much. It's the Telos surface that I hate most in KotoR2 now.

>>612695019Telos surface is boring as shit desu

>>612690410There's nothing more grating than an obvious man trying to make a feminine voice. I'd rather you just not speak, jesus

>>612690763Calling what 1 had crafting is a little bit of a stretch. It was really just an upgrade system. 2 had a cool crafting system that made non-lightsaber weapons relevant for the majority of the game.

>>612690410>amateur hour YouTubers trying to read lines like they're actual VAsThat shit's cringe already.

>played KOTOR1 at release>STILL haven't played KOTOR2Do I even bother at this point? Convince me.

>>612700948Skip it and play >>612680065

>>612700948Why do you need convincing? Make your own damn choices.Kreia would probably approve this advice.

>>612692637Ashley kill Wrex when I was just tryna have a nice, relaxing conversation with him at gunpoint. Fuck that bitch. Didn't like how in the second game we're supposed to mourn her death. Couldn't send her on that suicide mission fast enough.

You guys got any hopes and dreams for the KOTOR Remake?

>>612703328It actually releasing and not getting stuck in development limbo

>>612703328I won't buy it even if they do end up releasing it. The original games still look great and there isn't much to objectively improve besides a handful of combat bugs. Maybe they make Telos Surface, the Ravager or Malachor / Trayus Academy less shit, but I'm not going to buy a game for $89.99 just for a handful of mod fixes and a flashier engine, and any other changes would make it not-KOTOR so I wouldn't be interested in it anyway.

>>612665986Female dark side (spare the council) Exile chads report inJedi jesus virgins spare me your seething, you are all homophiliacs

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>>612704001I just can't do without +wis to AC, femxile got screwed. Historian fuckboi should have taught her +cha to AC or something

Did the switch release of Kotor 2 ever get the promised mod patch?

>>612704281You get + wis from debating hanharr with kreia.

>>612704619Handmaiden lets your WIS bonus get added to your AC

>Kotor 1: one of the best games of all time>Kotor 2: dlc tier dogshit so fucking terrible and bad it killed the series forever so hard they turned it into an mmo despite having the literal same game mechanics