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Previous Thread: >>612581128>All originally made vidya art is welcome, doesn't need to be requested>When requesting, post references and names in one post>Keep it vidya origin>Have fun!vidyart.booru.org/http://vidyartplus.booru.org/NSFW Deliveries: >>>/i/706274catbox.moe/ or alternatively litterbox.catbox.moe/Drawing Books and drawing programs:mega.nz/folder/sSYAxKqb#f2gWy-eQZJNvRfiUTu1ASA

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>>612665637>>612579553Went and gave it a shot.Wondering if I should have done the hearts in red, since that's inaccurate to the cosplay.

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Requesting Flo from Diner Dash cooking a dish in a wok causing the heat from the flames to soak her shirt in sweat, exposing her bra - or lack thereof - as she continues to cook.youtu.be/6AI-JSE8YjE

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>>612665615Imagine if she blasted a big meaty fart directly into his nostrils

Requesting the protagonist, the Dude, and Tony Ladelman from Underrail all hanging out together at the player's home getting wasted on mushroom brew and watching gladiator fights on the TV.

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Requesting Wario and Ashley dressed as a Charro and Escaramuza respectively playing mariachi music in a Plaza on a sunny Fall afternoon.Extra examples:youtu.be/ny24Kgjdcts youtu.be/ME6iBsG8Zas youtu.be/yuNl50hUrs0

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Requesting a parody of the proposal scene from the cyclops castle episode of Futurama with it being the farmer proposing to Jas and the rat couple being Lewis and Marnie.youtube.com/watch?v=FwEN7q_NopQ

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Draw this image, but with Ashley as Anya and Aradia as Yor.

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Requesting Angel from The King of Fighters eating chicken tamales and drinking cold chilate

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Requesting Aisha out on a dinner date with her hunter boyfriend with her having a normal sized dinner plate while the hunter has a giant plate of food you usually eat in the games before going on a hunt and since its a date he should be wearing something appropriate like the suit in the reference pic.

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>>612665615Requesting Alice Milton tied up and gagged, maybe stashed away somewhere

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Requesting Agent 8 and Marina from Splatoon cosplaying as Rebecca and Lucy from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

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Requesting Black Souls Dorothy giving Grimm some magic lessons but then gets angry because Grimm keeps staring at her cleavage instead of paying attention to her lessons.

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Requesting a drawing of the reference pic with it being Carol, Hat Kid, and Beebz all giving an uohing user a little girl smoochstorm.

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Requesting Jack Frost and Pyro Jack stuck in a pile of snow (Pyro) and a lava ring (Frost) after their epic clash of titans

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Requesting Azazel from Helltaker making a lascivious ahegao face. Showing off her long serpentine tongue and sharp teeth, some panting steam coming out of her mouth, pupils shaped like pentagrams or inverted cross. Her bust partially visible, maybe with a bit of cleavage peaking out.

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Requesting a parody of this workplace rules comic with the handsome man being Space Marine, the ugly guy as Anthony, and the girl as either a Moh Shuvuu, Yuki Jyorou, or Lilim.

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Requesting He Wants To Order meme with Sly and Carmelita

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Requesting Aht hugging a Stocke plushie.

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Requesting a sexy Justice from Guilty gear, some booba and more defined reptilian features on her face would be appreciated.

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Requesting the He Wants To Order meme with Krile and the Warrior of Light

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Requesting Lorelei giving a nursing handjob.

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>>612665682based Underrail enjoyer

Requesting The Weapon in a extremely tiny micro bikini that barely covers her teratits. Have The Weapon asking Master Chief if that swimsuit suits her. Cut to John's raging boner popping through his metallic crotch.

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>>612665615God I wish that was me

Requesting Rice Shower wearing this dress, the blue roses are a nice fit for her.

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Requesting Cogita wearing this swimsuit showing her GILF body, same pose if possible too thanks

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Requesting a picture of Liza from Pokemon barefoot

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>>612223585 #I haven't had time to pay attention to these threads, and I don't know if you have been lurking, but time for me to be MEGA autistic and reply now.It has been years, probably 4 or 5, at this point I could give fuck all about the idea I've sent you, I got it from somewhere else and have long since given up on you delivering it. No amount of buttering up years later will fix this, the complete lack of communication stings a hell of a lot more than any lack of a paid product. It's something a lot of artists don't understand from our end but you people don't realize just how annoying it is. I will forever shit on an artist with such practices. At this point accepting your offer is thr equivalent of painting a target on my back. In these situations, artists tend to network more, and they will always get the benefit of the doubt. It is simply suicide for what little reputation I might have. I already don't trust you, why would I give you any power over me?>>612215667 #>Lost contactConsidering my contact info has not at all changed, it is actually more you not trying to contact me. Why don't you go down the list and try? The fact that you can think of 3 people who you "lost contact with" is telling. I'm sure at least one of them would be thrilled to hear back from you after being ghosted for so long Zeima.Reposting so he can see this

Requesting Meopatra playing with a giant Anubis head or using canopic jars as toys, alternative the classic yarn balls.

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>>612666510Holy shit this wall of text

Requesting a clearly older and more mature Little Mac in front of Doc Louis' grave leaving flowers for him along with the belt from his most recent victory and a picture of the two of them with a note that reads "Thanks for everything, Doc."

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Requesting Susato Mikotoba having a relaxing time while drinking a cup of tea, kinda like the reference pictures.

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>>612665615I wanna die like that

Requesting Splash Woman and Honey Woman airing their sweaty steamy breasts hidden beneath those chestplates wearing a bikini top like on the pics of the right

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Requesting a crossover between Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter, Isla from The King of Fighters and Josie Rizal from Tekken with the three ladies as street hookers looking for clients in a favela or a shady corner. Probably featuring a cameo of Chun-Li patrolling the area wearing her uniform: files.catbox.moe/wj1ua3.gif

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Requesting Morgan from Stardew Valley trying out a new spell she learned but ends up accidentally casting a transformation spell that turns her into an anthro jackalope girl.

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>>612666917Blueballing I see

Requesting a parody of the image in the upper right corner with Barbara, Rayman and Ly with the text replaced using the promo tag in the reference. "No arms, no legs, huge features #Rayman".

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>>612666917Do not tease me like this, boy.

>>612667071[Terasu MC] Various Shorts [English]/g/2303147/08ccfb55af/?p=2

Requesting an user getting snu snu'd by Daisy from Onirism.

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Someone draw Hikari-chan doing something Kawaii!

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Requesting Robo-Fortune from Skullgirls malfunctioning and overheating like crazy after an intense session of anal sex, PoV focused on her ass and smoke coming out of her asshole.

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Requesting Liese having wholesome sex with her husband in the missionary position with her leg locking.

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>>612666696>>612666917Oi I didn't ask this shit I wanted something cute

Requesting Zagreus as a fanboy with silly Aphrodite merchandise

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Requesting Rebecca as a Splatoon Inkling

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>>612667109You're a real homie

Requesting Yagrum from Morrowind shitposting online with a dwemer inspired computer.

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>>612667345Octoling suits her better

Requesting these Koopa gals in a two-part scene showing each other having a bit of breasts envy and ass envy.

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>>612667425Dude he is ugly afe

Requesting Rabi putting Mana Tank in a headlock with her thighs.

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>>612667524Exactly, he's supposed to be like the average 4chan poster.

Requesting a pair of Jet Set Radio girls sandwiching Beat between their butts

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>>612667625If you say so

Requesting Parappa looking visibly exhausted with bags under his eyes, just like in the middle references as Lammy and Rammy flirt in the background.

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>>612667579Make it a trap


Requesting Matilda wearing a black slig bikini at the beach

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>>612667950>Black slig bikiniWhat? This is the only slig I know

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>>612667079didn't this request get deleted as part of your spam last thread?

Requesting Elora and Spinner bumping their asses in Spyro's face in a flirtatious and playful way

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>>612667625Not me I am skinny afe

>>612667884Make your own request with Fake-Rabi then, I prefer actual girls like any straight man.

Requesting HK-47 and the Prototype from StarCrawlers bonding over their love of killing meatbags.

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Requesting PQ Elizabeth (right) wearing that bikini on the left

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Are there any female Indian characters with this look/traditional clothing?

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>>612667441>>612667854>>612668129and these ones got deleted too


Requesting this scene from Beavis and Butthead with Wario as Butthead and the Mario-Wario franchise girls

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>>612668287The female characters from Asura's Wrath

>>612668067The fuck is that

Requesting this scene from Billy Bat with Shadow and Gerald Robotnik

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>>612668542It's a slig, without it's mask or legs. You never play Oddworld?That's literally the only slig I know

Requesting this meme with Berwyn from Corruption of Champions>Eastern Elegant>Western Slutty

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>>612668918Where's the meme, that's just gay porn

Requesting this meme with Evil Eye from Disgaea

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Requesting Orendi from Battleborn making a blowjob and handjob gesture with her multiples arms.

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Requesting the comic on the right with Atlas and Leviathan from the Mega Man series.

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Requesting Sword Saint Isshin in a gunfight with Ballas gangsters from GTA San Andreas.

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Requesting Phoenix Wright doing cocaine

Requesting Paul Bunyan from Fate Grand Order and her companion, Babe the Blue Ox visiting the Nazca Lines. Please draw Paul Bunyan-chan drawing Babe on the ground next to the ancient formations as if she were coloring animals on a street with crayons or color chalk.

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>>612668142You're a coward, trap is hotter.

Requesting a thicc/curvy Flame Atronach, sitting seductively in a bath of ice cubs, steam coming off her and beads of hot water on her tits, as she says that:"She hope she is cool enough for you now."If you want, the flames can be tinted to pink or a more "seductive/lovin'" tone.

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Requesting the new Fire Emblem MC's brushing their teeth with Colgate toothpaste

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Requesting Nerd Rouge the Bat and Raj from The Big Bang Theory playing Jenga together

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Requesting the Stealth Suit wearing a micro bikini over own exosuityoutu.be/lqP4KT_flV

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Requesting Raven from Gravity Rush getting fucked by a guy while she's in midair.

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Requesting an user being woken up by a lustful Vanilla in heat who is grinding and sitting on top of him.

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>>612665615not sure if original creator is still here but excellent Juri art

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Requesting Ana Spelunky hugging a Jaguar Warrior plushie which she found in some abandoned ruins.

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Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing a simple black swimsuit with a semi transparent black pareo skirt, standing at the beach but shivering since autumn is almost here and the wind is already too cold and the sky is too cloudy for beach activities.Non-ingame and swimsuit reference: i.imgur.com/2VxsqeH.pngNothing lewd please.

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>>612665637>>612538204Poor Celesfiles.catbox.moe/3ro3lj.png

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>>612670405Cute French

Requesting Din from Oracle of Season dancing covered in flames energetically and cheerfully displaying her abilities.youtu.be/CGvNDvSMMgshttps://youtu.be/W8qNBItCsfc

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Requesting Garrett being the one responsible for the GTA VI leaks after being hired to steal from Rockstar games HQ.

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Requesting Yomiel and Sissel along with Lynne and Missile sleeping as in the reference scenes on the right.

Attached: Ghost_Trick.jpg (2923x2104, 344.31K)

Requesting Arle tying up Schezo

Attached: Arle Schezo request.png (796x1566, 1.2M)

Requesting a hunter and his female palico 'bonding' together.

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>>612666092Is the giant blue robodong she already has not enough for you?

Requesting Agent 8 from Splatoon with black sclera pupils, sharp teeth and a bit of blood on her lips looking menacingly cute

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>>612671032What does it has to do with fish?

>>612671029How many times have you already gotten this and are just slightly changing the request?

Requesting Lei Lei smugly flaunting her tits by making a hole under her blouse with her claws to show her underboob.

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>>612671137You'll see

Requesting Junko (Touhou) and Junko (Danganronpa) eating junk food in a junkyard.

Attached: Junko Junko Junk Junk.jpg (1824x1576, 860.29K)

Requesting the scene on the far right reference playing some co-op games or fighting vidya together with May and Robo-May from Guilty Gear Strive

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Please draw Celine (bottom) brushing her teeth with Toothpaste-kun's (top) semen. Milking the last bit of cum out like a tube of toothpaste

Attached: tthp.png (1280x1440, 1.89M)

>>612665615Nice looking ass

Requesting Wario doing the Akira slide while holding a cigar in his right hand.youtu.be/A9hCzjBc7Q4

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Requesting the frame on the left redrawn with Hat Kid from A Hat in Time and the Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy

Attached: rq.jpg (2000x900, 356.78K)

>>612671443>>612669614Deja Vu

What's the rule on re-requesting after a fill? I'd love to request a follow-up on a fill I recieved a few threads back.

Requesting Dracula and Alucard falling asleep together after watching a classic horror movie

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Requesting dark wraiths dancing together in a circle like the skeletons in the reference.

Attached: 1645829457061.png (1294x794, 1013.65K)

>>612671653There's no rule just post your request

Requesting the middle image meme with Azazel, Baphomet and Krampus in a pajama party using a pentagram or Ouija board to summon demons from the deepest pits of hell while Helltaker is in the kitchen fighting a skinwalker who is coming out of the fridge wondering what the hell it's going on.

Attached: Pajama Party.jpg (6223x2938, 3.18M)


Requesting Robo-Fortune flashing her chest plate to show her internal systems

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>>612671653people will call you out and call you ungrateful

Requesting Makoto Nanaya with a nice sweater that has a cute nut on it and wearing a pair of black leggings

Attached: s.jpg (2106x2267, 891.7K)

Requesting disciplinary member wakasagihime keeping a school of fish in check

Attached: schooling.png (835x883, 923.94K)

Requesting Trieste being like the guy in the topleft watching in horror as pineapples are put on pizza.

Attached: Trieste.jpg (2048x1742, 636.73K)

Requestin Hal & Mal as Death Stranding Porters or something simpler like UPS mailgirls.

Attached: Halluel_and_Malluel_(Summer)_A.png (960x800, 172.21K)

Requesting Draco giving herself a thighjob with her tails

Attached: ECHc6ZeVAAA5DlH.jpg (1244x1024, 210.8K)

Requesting This Villager and K.K. Slider.

Attached: CE2E3F6E-937F-4F68-B491-A19C8AB22A52.jpg (1350x1264, 422.93K)

Requesting Angela drinking an iced coffee or any kind of drink with her balancing the cup on her breasts.

Attached: 2343645657.png (718x689, 365.23K)

>>612673023>This falseflaggingImma cut your throat

Requesting Luigi as Jacket from Hotline Miami with his own mask themed after Fury Bowser or just one of the original mask from HM1, suggestion Tony.>"Do you like stomping other people?"

Attached: Hotline_Miami.jpg (1324x1383, 216.5K)

>>612673023Calm your tits.

Requesting this meme with Doomguy

Attached: Doomguy.jpg (2799x1567, 282.97K)

>>612673023Fuck off

Requesting wedding costume fairy leviathan

Attached: Leviathan.jpg (1000x650, 218.18K)

Asking for a drawing of South Dakota going hunting in traditional Native hunting garb

Attached: 1631231355492.jpg (1104x2080, 448.81K)

>>612671653Etiquette use to be wait about two weeks before requesting the same character again. Hardly anyone does that anymore because of the constant drama and chaos, there is blood in the streets. But if you want to be a good cadet, cycle your requests while you wait to request again a few weeks later.

Requesting King Mickey gifting one of these hats to Anti-Aqua forcing her to wear it in front of everyone while he molest her ass in public.insidethemagic.net/2022/09/disney-removes-mickey-minnie-ears-dripping-jc1d23

Attached: aqua.jpg (3000x1030, 249.33K)

>>612671653Ignore the first two (You)'s. General rule of thumb is either the Drawfag tells you to rereq or you wait two weeks. If it's something unrelated to the request but with the same character, then about 3-5 days after a delivery.

Requesting Mio and Sena from Xenoblade 3 posing just like the bottom pic with Mio for left and Sena for right.

Attached: mio sena pose rq.png (1300x1500, 1.41M)


Requesting Princess Zelda and Princess Hilda cosplaying as Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin

Attached: a_link_to_the_past.jpg (3000x2041, 355.15K)

>>612673024.... Seconding

Requesting Farmer Daisy and Rosalina religiously sacrificing a Toad for a good harvest this fall. Make the moon red and full of dark clouds, have them both in front of a bonfire and an altar with the Toad about to have his heart ripped out.

Attached: Good_Harvest.jpg (2028x1040, 269.06K)

>>612673046Requesting Ratchet titfucking her huge breasts

Requesting Seth visiting a spa with the employees being characters from the series. Blanka giving her a back massage, Laura preparing a cocktail for her, Dhalsin giving her yoga lessons, and finally a dinner show courtesy of E. Honda.

Attached: vc.jpg (3577x2815, 1.69M)

>>612674148You should be a comedian

>>612665649look it's Canelo Alvarez's waifu. Canela.

Requesting Chihaya Mifune from Persona 5 smugly showing off some heavy cleavage

Attached: titty.jpg (2973x2024, 749.86K)

Requesting Thief from Disgaea stealing the Declaration of Independence with the FBI running after her as she runs with giant goofy and cartoony steps holding the document in her mouth

Attached: Thief.jpg (1000x605, 252.49K)

>>612665682May not be the best but it's the best that I can do

Attached: give.png (1000x1000, 260.51K)

Requesting pic related but with Space Marine flipping over the visor on his helmet about to fuck shit up.

Attached: 1660717014278654.jpg (1051x803, 232.24K)

>>612674815Based, Underrail deserves to get any fan art it gets.

Requesting Abe from the Oddworld series looking concerned like the bottom image, possibly mid-chant and seeing something messed up while possessing a Slig or another creature.

Attached: Concerned Abe.png (1560x1624, 1.77M)

Requesting Binah from Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina wearing Yukari from Touhou's outfit. You can choose whatever variant of Yukari outfit and whatever iteration of Binah you'd like. You can also incorporate Binah's color scheme into the outfit but I'd be happy regardless.

Attached: Hags.jpg (3462x1199, 764.35K)

>>612674518Cringe, counter requesting it being a human male doing the titfucking.

Requesting Wario and Luigi messing around arm wrestling each other for funyoutu.be/FNsJuoxB-TE

Attached: ARMS.jpg (2621x1354, 323.49K)


Requesting a drawn version of this 'To catch a Predator' screencap, but with Mohg being the guy that's sitting who is getting questioned by Chris Hansen as for why he kidnapped Miquella, along with Malenia being in the back as the camera guy looking.Dialogue isn't necessary

Attached: maxres.jpg (1272x1330, 532.39K)

Requesting Warrior of Light change jobs to farmer class

Attached: farmer of light.jpg (1353x682, 809.29K)

Requesting Grea in a kimono, naked apron, or wearing i.imgur.com/xwqQ3D6.jpg, either of i.imgur.com/A5bwEn2.png, or like i.imgur.com/l5Eu6YP.jpg

Attached: Grea2.png (960x800, 120.13K)

>>612665637For >>612617398

Attached: Yordledpsg.png (1592x1084, 593.51K)

>>612675202>inb4 Hmofabot tries insert his Jas fetish


Requesting Australian and Tasmania Devil taking a selfie along with Blackbuck in a old Photo booth cabin.

Attached: devils.jpg (974x677, 192.42K)

>>612675459Nice. 10/10 would mating press Stocking Yordle

Requesting this potato stuck in a Pringles can

Attached: 2ss.jpg (2299x1379, 581.15K)

>>612675505Hey man it's actually fitting since you always request that WoL guy with the little potato character.


Requesting some Celica

Attached: Celica XBX.jpg (908x1194, 322.94K)

>>612668989files.catbox.moe/exkidq.pngFun fact: Dark Samus is able to make multiple copies of herself so this is lore friendly. This was indeed a complex picture, and I don't think I'll color this one.Enjoy!>>612665637

Attached: damusclones1.png (3405x1786, 641.81K)

Requesting Aeris (VGCats) doing the Ankha dance.

Attached: th.jpg (474x632, 44.37K)

>>612675774Based, yeah I've played the Prime games myself which is why I suggested clones.

Requesting Ann from Persona 5 wearing her Panther outfit but it's painted on instead and being embarrassed by itExamples of what I mean: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=painted_clothes

Attached: Ann.jpg (1348x1042, 156.75K)

>>612675967Thanks : )

requesting pov clothed titfuck with cum

Attached: 1464091805558.png (960x1200, 1.07M)

Requesting Dark Samus sending Scorn Guy lewd photos : )

Attached: Dark Samus 1.png (1200x1200, 784.31K)

Requesting Kazuha fishing either on the chair (moved towards the beach) or on the rock (green circled-spot) with Xinyan beside him playing on her guitar. Feel free to make swimsuits for them based off of their normal clothing, thanks.

Attached: KazuXiny Fishing.png (1688x2104, 2.96M)

Requesting Candace (Genshin Impact) doing a topless belly dance.

Attached: Candace.png (1080x1920, 1.96M)

>>612675693Not the guy requesting farmer WoL, but here's the thing. Krile is 21, Jas is like 8

>>612675875Not vidya

Requesting the Bombchu Lady from Majora's Mask flashing her bushy crotch in front of Link

Attached: bombchu.jpg (2000x1200, 248.77K)

>>612675875> Aeris(VGCats)

Attached: E355A1EC-FEBF-4102-A628-F949D1F38833.jpg (442x442, 46.24K)

>>612676450Ankha is vidya.

Requesting Smelly Hobo Kat smelling her sweaty steamy and smelly armpits checking out if she needs a shower.

Attached: kat.jpg (1000x750, 92.12K)

>>612675875Um....where are the vidya gaymz?

Requesting Vex ManiacTo be more specific, either an outfit swap between Vex from League of Legends and Hex Maniac from Pokemon, or a fusion of the two

Attached: Vex Maniac.png (1899x1917, 2.72M)

>>612676630But you're not requesting her. you're requesting a webcomic character

Requesting a little comic with Tangy setting up her own lemonade stand but selling orangeade obviously having a lot of success with loads of money in her little money jar, cuts to the next panel where she has to refill her jar by running to the nearest bathroom and coming out with the jar completely full.

Attached: tangy.jpg (776x643, 87.48K)

Requesting Aht belly dancing with Stocke, Raynie, Marco, and Rosch all making the uohing face.

Attached: 141415564545656.jpg (2920x1200, 904.81K)

Requesting Es Red Riding Hood, otherwise Es donning the gris swimsuit

Attached: esLRRH.jpg (1544x1044, 359.94K)

>>612665615i've made alva and zullie from ds2 ,_,

>>612677110But how big is the peeny?

>>612677110i don't remember them in dead space 2.

Requesting I love my Puter with Ashley or I hate my Puter with White Hair Ashley

Attached: Puter.jpg (1625x1940, 201.17K)

>>612677110Anon that is too lewd for a blue board

>>612677307You got this already. It was even pretty good.vidyartplus.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=16825

Requesting Jas and Morgan practicing kissing with each other.

Attached: 20220727145521342535.jpg (2150x1184, 520.88K)

>>612677373Okay aradiafag

Attached: Aradiafag_aka_Muhria.jpg (2236x1063, 423.85K)

>>612677312It is? I will delete it then...

>>612677373Why would anyone rerequest after getting such a nice delivery?

>>612677475It's more then you deserve Botfag.

Requesting Akuma lying on a wooden floor in a small mountain temple enjoying his favorite music on his Walkman.youtu.be/1w7OgIMMRc4https://youtu.be/LatorN4P9aAhttps://youtu.be/dGiOlKZhmAwhttps://youtu.be/pAgnJDJN4VAhttps://youtu.be/SVOuYquXuuchttps://youtu.be/MZjAantupsAhttps://youtu.be/qOwFVowEugQhttps://youtu.be/OqeuOYggWeM

Attached: walkman.jpg (2063x1654, 470.02K)

>>612677505Just catbox the uncensored one

>>612677571I guess this guy is just really selfish.

Requesting Fini wearing a dog cone

Attached: fini.png (1145x1273, 463.4K)

Want to do one more nsfw sketch. Any suggestions? : )


Requesting Cia and Lana from Hyrule Warriors wearing a Get along shirt

Attached: Cia Lana shirt (18).png (1672x800, 1.43M)


Requesting a simple pinup of Sonson from Marvel vs Capcom 2 in this pose

Attached: SonSon.jpg (6020x4257, 3.69M)

>>612677865Please include that you only want to draw Dark Samus. People unaware might suggest other stuff.

Requesting Aponia, in a nun-inspired bikini

Attached: Aponia-HI3rd.jpg (2308x764, 484.78K)

>>612678046I can draw light Samus too : )

Requesting Daisy with extremely sweaty armpits and some body hair on them giving Bower an armpitjob after he beat her in the last match. Make her spit on his cock to lube it up a bit.

Attached: Strikers Daisy.png (800x1228, 766.45K)

>>612678129Draw Rainbow SamusBasically Dark Samus but as a sexy clown

>>612678215: /

>>612677865try doing some Yuuki

Attached: 1627035543157.jpg (3190x2760, 1.96M)

Requesting Electric Eel Shantae having cute hiccups causing her to illuminate the whole room due to the discarded static electricity produced by her bumping.

Attached: Spark_Dance_artwork.png (1820x1024, 574.35K)

Requesting Donkey Kong calling the masked Gorilla from God Hand a big fat phony after noticing the zipper behind his head.

Attached: 1273857285346.jpg (1744x1378, 540.6K)

Requesting Himeko Murata as a zombie shuffling around with her sword on a beach

Attached: Himeko Murata.png (960x660, 595.88K)

Requesting pic related with Carol needing her game's update.

Attached: carol needs update.png (1088x422, 813.33K)

>>612677163Little above the regular size, not monstruous as Artorias one but not little as the Seigmeyer of Catharina

Requesting color, please

Attached: 1658886642138708.png (1980x1356, 431.63K)

Requesting fay wearing a tank top and underwear that's a bit too small for her fat ass caught stealing and eating someone else's ice cream from the freezer in the middle of the night

Attached: Star_Fox_2_Fay_artwork.png (164x408, 113.46K)


Requesting Gum from Jet Set Radio in one of these bikinisyoutu.be/8gb5VAGhE_k

Attached: Gum.jpg (4478x2828, 1.48M)

>>612665615Capcom implement this movement!

Requesting Double from Skullgirls lying on her stomach with Beowulf sleeping on her butt with a smug smirk on his face

Attached: Double.png (905x624, 563.44K)

>>612679843I second that motion

Requesting Big Chungus Spyro eating a whole pumpkin all by himself

Attached: Chungus.png (812x689, 822.65K)

Requesting pilot saluki in a seductive semi teansparent dress while dancing very well

Attached: Leaderback.png (320x443, 69.89K)

>>612677592I don't even know what this is :0

>>612678384Anime alien horse cock enthusiast: files.catbox.moe/flrzzo.png

>>612680016This pumpkin?guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/heaviest-pumpkin

>>612680016>>612680174Requesting this but also with Cynder

Attached: Dawn_cynder.jpg (2000x1320, 182.15K)

>>612671643It's the hot new meme character, sorry.

Requesting Kairi dressed like Pinocchio. She says "I'm not uselsess" and her nose grows out of frame

Attached: pinno_kairi.png (983x865, 473.11K)

Requesting Mr Game and Watch and Pac-Man as older men with funny long bears and canes

Attached: ssw3.jpg (640x425, 27.71K)

>>612679814>tape bikinisDude, settle the fuck down.

Requesting Ivy from Cytus 2 at the bar drinking motor oil from a glass and looking depressedEven more references: files.catbox.moe/e568ew.jpg

Attached: Bar.jpg (1696x1125, 387.4K)

Requesting Elma wearing samus's outfit from the best ending of metroid fusion walking down a street

Attached: 4a73195d9f4f7a5ce35842d6aa902787.png (583x922, 405.65K)


Requesting an user molesting Angewomon and Ladydevimon or the other way around. Both work just fine.

Attached: image11.jpg (1209x922, 383.43K)

Requesting my Destiny Warlock posing like Vergil,but the Yamato is replaced by the sword on the bottom right

Attached: you_cannot_contain_the_autism_of_sparda.png (1141x865, 1.1M)

>>612680524Juri got me into it, so I really don't want this shit to be associated with the bot now

Requesting Ty's 2 boomerangs manages to each slap one of Shazza's asscheeks before returning to him.

Attached: 1352412146857.jpg (1915x1079, 254.04K)

>>612680885warlock best class

Requesting squid sisters doing the fusion dance from dragon ball but it's misaligned

Attached: Squid_Sisters.png (1920x1892, 2.72M)

>>612680967only legends can withstand the anger of warlock jump

Requesting underclothed titjob with Alvis from Last Origin

Attached: 434.jpg (1544x1800, 398.72K)

Requesting war phase Edelgard stripped naked except for her crown/horns and put into medieval style stocks with a bar between her ankles forcing her legs open as she gets kicked in the pussy by a random village npc. A long line of people (mostly other npcs, but a few characters can be there if you want) is forming behind her, all waiting their turn.If I could get 2 panels/parts, one focusing on her face, fighting back tears, pain and nausea as she gets hit, and the other, showing her pussy actually getting kicked that would be great

Attached: edie_stocks.jpg (1080x1527, 693.85K)

Requesting Waluigi dressed in business casual at an office party

Attached: Waluigi_SMP.png (630x900, 421.83K)

Taking furry girls requests

Requesting Bayonetta wearing this American flag bikini

Attached: bayonetta us bikini.jpg (1276x740, 634.43K)

>>612665615Based surra appreciator.

>>612681431Electric eel Shantae sticking her ass in front of a sailor trying to catch some fish

Attached: Eel form.jpg (851x436, 64.76K)

>>612666092>>612670109>>612672350>>612675875>>612676891>>612678497>>612667168>>612668129>>612669882>>612679781>>612680059>>612680942Here ar3 the ones I found on this thread to make it easier. Not sure scalies count or how furry someone needs to be to be considered as such like a catgirl.>>612681431

>>612681431Gordon Freeman meeting Krystal

Attached: gordkrys.jpg (554x786, 111K)

>>612681663Go take a nap or something schizo

>>612681431Requesting Rivet out drinking at a space bar having her robot hand replaced with a big beer mug.>>612681675This is all bot spam, he's intentionally leaving out other furry requests he didn't post.>>612666090>>612667050>>612667208>>612673046

>>612681431Clawroline dressed like ryza from atelier ryza

Attached: Clawroline_%28KatFL%29.png (494x744, 314.38K)

>>612681839Forgot reference

Attached: 1651868817876.jpg (736x1308, 100.84K)

>>612681431 requesting a Khajiit trying to pay for things by flashing her breasts

Attached: khajiit wiggle 2.webm (1920x1080, 2.53M)

>>612681839Hi. I made trhat post to try and help that person find the other furry requests beforehand. The Angela one was an a legitimate oversight on my part but I fail to see why the other ones are furry. They look too human.

>>612681431Requesting Salt convincing Pepper to try out some really tight pants like the ones she wears, and complimenting her on how it shows off her butt well

Attached: Salt and Pepper.jpg (5184x1748, 3.71M)

Requesting...1. Lilly spanking Justin on the bare butt2. Justin having an Oedipus Complex towards Lilly in a bikini3. Justin and Lilly completely naked, covering themselves in embarrassment

Attached: Justin Lilly request.png (849x750, 478.78K)

>>612666510Dangerously based. Any artist that pulls this shit and posts here really should be called out publicly at all times by autists. Im kind of in limbo myself, not from a Holla Forums artist though

Requesting Victorian Era Captain Falcon

Attached: Captain.png (736x904, 940.08K)

Requesting Parakarry holding a letter handing it out towards the viewer with him saying "Excuse me sir, but this is for you." and on the letter it just simply says Based.

Attached: Parakarry-SPM.png (154x172, 14.86K)

>>612682417>Cries the spammer

Drago waifu form

Attached: 1621883830437.jpg (1566x1807, 994.39K)

>>612668287Bumping this, anything?

A sad poison cause all their color pencils are broken

Attached: Poison.jpg (1451x1738, 200.18K)

>>612684689it's been asked before and there were like three characters

>>612666510Whatever schizo

Requesting war phase lysithea giving war phase claude a kiss on the cheek, while academy claude and lysithea are looking at them, with claude seeming a little shocked, and lysithea absolutely horrified and losing her mind

Attached: ClaudexLysithea .jpg (1080x1616, 855.76K)

>>612665637>>612543672Here's a cute Dawn

Attached: Dawn's Joyride.png (684x629, 126.82K)

>4 hours old>almost 300 postsWas it spam?


>>612685487haha imagine if she plumped up like mario

>>612685509It always is

Requesting clothed titjob

Attached: 0f7a575cd1f1d2298f1232ce7c889cfb.jpg (798x1128, 263.26K)

>>612665637>>612541195Also here's that diorama request. Not a favorite, but was thinking about it while doing the Celes drawings.and for the hidden sex files.catbox.moe/fh8kcy.png

Attached: Waring Triad Isometric.png (738x923, 228.01K)

>>612686983kewl! Nice extra too

taking cute and funny requests

>>612687636Ashley working for Chris Hansen in To Catch a Predator posing outside a bar with proactive clothes.

Attached: Ashley_White_Hair_Gold.png (619x607, 150.14K)

>>612684689There was this and i remember one being announced either at a state of play about an indian woman and her aunt had that style.youtube.com/watch?v=11j604dmYfs

>>612687636Arle nadja getting caught in a slime

Attached: PP1GBArle.jpg (1273x1273, 289.16K)

>>612687636Either of these>>612665775>>612677402

>>612687636Step-family hugs. >>612665778

>>612687731>proactiveYour English keeps getting worse, Botfag.

>>612688334Not my English. A shoe fell on my keyboard and now I'm waiting for a new one. Meanwhile letters and phrases can have strange places due to the malfunctioning of my keys. The S is the most troublesome. I have to type S three times just to get one... or sometimes 5 at once.

>>612687731sweaty cheerleader etna

Attached: 1442772985168.gif (173x183, 47.95K)

>>612688587You quoted your own post.

>>612687636Momoko in a sexy samba costume dancing and shaking her hips youtube.com/watch?v=DUT5rEU6pqM

Attached: Momoko.jpg (720x1280, 107.78K)

>>612665649Looks great, user. You gotta give me some tips sometimes.

>>612688547This is the most autistic excuse I think you have ever used.

>>612687636Rinne from World Flipper sucking dick in a restroom

Attached: rinne.png (892x1457, 476.43K)

>>612688547botfag is an actual schizophrenic


Attached: 78ugyhvgytc.png (1182x1689, 389.06K)



Attached: iokihug.png (1020x1246, 277.24K)

>>612687636 maylene thighjob

Attached: 29e.jpg (734x950, 226.78K)

>>612665778Why not 5-Volt hugging Ashley?

>>612668067>>612668743Patrician taste

>>612690349He's usually Ashley as a proxy to get his waifu (Aradia) drawn.

Requesting a doodle of Kala from Indivisible trying a new pair of earrings made of literal red dwarves

Attached: Kala.jpg (1280x1788, 656.6K)

>>612689772One of the drawfags lost the ability to use one of his primary tools and still did the best he could with a mouse. You still have your drawing pen and tablet working and pump out this shit.You sillylittlebean

Requesting Jas welcoming her farmer husband home after a hard day's work with her wearing the lingerie in the reference pic.

Attached: Jas welcoming her husband.jpg (1470x1002, 293.82K)

>>612690876alright who is youobivously you must be someone from the super secret drawing council and i would ask there but i don't want to because then i will be stirring shit but i'll be wary of whoever you arethe bean mani bet you work for graphfruit to target after me, fucking bitch ass graphfruit always starting shit with me

>>612691183I'm just saying. You have all the tools available to you and you stagnate. You are truly a silly little bean.

Drawing Scorn Guy is fun.Drawing Dark Samus is fun.Drawing both of them together?Very very fun! : D

>>612691250i don't, actually that is why im trying to figure out how, i bet even this drawing i was working on is considered a stagnate piece

Attached: uhgiuhhlnjvalis(1)semi big.png (1000x1198, 539.79K)

>>612691609is this the fish lemon pic?

>>612691641fuck you nark the shark

>>612691609If you stop posting shit doodles, you'll stop being a silly little bean.


Attached: 1qQHhaQ.gif (358x480, 1.73M)

>>612691608Never stop doing what you love babe, after all these threads are about sharing art.

>>612691085Keep Harvins out of your shitty Jas requests Hmofabot. They aren't children.

>>612691609>>612688587>>612688031>>612684552>>612681624These are all fishfag ignore him.

>>612691818: )>>612691609: (

>>612691819Calm down you autist, its just a reference for the request.

>>612691856whaddya want from me you fucking asshole scornborn porn

>>612691954You're a jerk.


>>612691975ok tom cruise even tho it had nothing to do with u

>>612692148You're a jerk >: (

Requesting Carmelita giving a human male a titjob while Rivet is also sucking on his cock.

Attached: 114861748235.png (1608x1252, 2.66M)


>>612692434is this "bot" request? i wanna do it

>>612691896A request that nobody will do because they don't want to draw for your dumb ass.

>>612692481Yes that's him Ignore it


Attached: huyguhjkyuhk.png (1104x1448, 441.56K)

>>612692795you can't trick me scorn born lorn

>>612692715fucking graphfruit

>>612692889I like drawing cute ships. You like drawing crude shits.


>>612693030What's the lie?

kiss already you two

>>612693048that you draw boats

>>612693048You only draw essex and she isn't cute

>>612691609It's a good draw but you need to finish

>>612693270you lie

>>612693197I draw a cute OTP>>612693240Dark Samus is : )

>>612693385ya ok

>>612693460Not only is Dark Samus cute, she's cute with Scorn Guy : )


>>612692481You should do it.


Attached: samus.png (300x300, 6.56K)

>>612693663: )

>>612693745you fucking piss me off

>>612693816Why : (

>>612693850because you tell me shit i don't care about, im just trying to draw but you're fucking with me. how about i draw some samus for the thread

>>612693882If you put effort into it, go for it! : D

we're gonna have to draw some samuses

Attached: samus with mole.png (880x655, 167.78K)

>>612693946That's not effort : (

>>612694016that's greffort

>>612694051No it's not >: (

>>612694113well are you telling me i should draw samus like i drew that valis and rake-oh drawingit takes a lot of energyfood energy

Attached: uhgiuhhlnj.png (2249x2747, 1.3M)

>>612694293Yes. Draw good. Try!

>>612694394u just want me to do all this fucking shit, i was having fun looking thru this book and when i got to this part i lost all interest in trying to draw super good again because wtf is this geometry?? nigga you want to do geometry???

Attached: image067.png (1531x2160, 1.1M)


Attached: Untitled.jpg (1582x1330, 238.14K)

>>612691739Why does Botfag keep making these requests with little girls? What a creep.

wtf happened to this thread

>>612694903Fishfag is mad he hasnt gotten a delivery in years and is spamming.

>>612694903Scornfag and the silly little bean got into an argument.

Its funny how Scorn who even though he always draws the same characters always tries to improve himself trying out new techniques bringing in a variety for his art. Meanwhile Lunaticsoda even though he does a bunch of different series and characters just keeps on doing the same stagnant silly face doodles even after all these years never trying to actually improve himself so when you see once doodle from him you've seen them all.

>>612694903I guess we're all going to wake up with there already being a new thread with 50+ posts again.

>>612695087>even after all these years never trying to actually improve himselfi knew it, i knew this drawing wasn't an improvement at allah fucking shiti knew it i fucking knew it

Attached: 89guiifiyghu.jpg (842x730, 180.57K)


>>612695779As requested

Attached: Pallet.png (367x214, 28.51K)

>>612695972Lunatic Soda in the flesh

>>612665615god I wish that were me

Attached: 1660480023803651.jpg (1024x908, 88.8K)

>>612665615next thread botfag will seethe

>>612692481don't do it stupidretard


>>612678384Who is this sex creature?

>>612696880Requesting NSFW touhous.

Attached: IMG_20200401_193333.jpg (650x1000, 109.63K)

>>612685175thread not fast enough for you? I will be sure to constantly shitpost your artist for what he has done until he doesnt show his rat face here ever again

Requesting two Nu Mou holding hands and pressing their heads against each other while smiling

Attached: Images.jpg (290x174, 9.95K)

>>612691739Requesting those videos with bears getting scared off by cats but with Kuma getting scared by Hoppo.


>>612675459OR here - They look great, thank you!

Hey bros. Would any of you mind drawing this so I have a reference to this character that isn't from a dead/dying mmo?Don't play new genesis good god its a terrible mmo

Attached: New Genesis is a terrible game and you shouldnt play it no matter what you hear.png (2500x980, 3.23M)


Attached: sitting down.png (2549x2074, 451.53K)



>>612665784That shit looks disgusting.

>>612701630Very cute, user.

Attached: 538-5381624_boy-thumbs-up-image-vault-boy-thumbs-up.png (860x1145, 347.52K)

>>612702664It's Mexican food, what else did you expect?

>>612703392I wasn't talking about the food...

Requesting Maki relaxing in an onsen bath

Attached: maki.jpg (1000x1000, 110.51K)


>>612701630You do her so pretty, I love it.