What’s the best lotr vidya

What’s the best lotr vidya

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The one with Tom Bombadil

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>>612663860The first Lego one.

>>612663860Battle for Middle Earth II.

The Third Age

hey you guys, did you knew when aragorn kicked that uruk hai helmet...

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>>612665674Already seething, Fromtranny?

>>612664784This. Also the movie licensed games were great

>>612665768wut? how are soulsgames relevant to this thread to begin with? i haven't touched those since like the start of 2017

>>612665674Did you know that aragorn deflected a real dagger with his sword?

>>612665906Fromtrannies have been seething about LOTR since GRRM was announced as writing Elden Ring.

>>612663860The Two Towers for Gameboy Advance

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>>612665969yeah i do. i've seen that scene a 100 times. always peak

>>612666089oh, fair enough then. weird

>>612666095I played the shit out of this.Why were there red-tier weapons that you couldn't use? I remember there being axes and stuff that you just couldn't use with any of the three characters.


>>612663860the ones that are delisted

>>612663860The one that pisses off annoying nerds.

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>>612663860conquest or return of the king. runner up being LOTR online

>>612663860Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War are both good but they are so far of from canon it's hilarious. Like Shelob is a hot babe and you are half ranger/half elf ghost. It makes literally no sense but the gameplay is hype. IMO Shadow of War is better but if you play it first then you should read up on the previous games' story.

>>612663860Bratva i Koltzo (2006)

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It's a shame the gameplay isn't good

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>>612663860The movie trilogy games on the PS2.

why didn't they just fly to mordor

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>>612670824What game

>>612663860I like Shadows of Mordor. I know nothing about LOTR but it's on my to read backlog.

>>612671160boy do i have the explanation for you!youtube.com/watch?v=1-Uz0LMbWpI

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>>612670952This. Those games were fire

Will we ever get a fantasy series as good as lotr again?


>>612671532no lol. not in our lifetime

>>612671160The eagles aren't mindless beasts. They're literally half "angelic" beings (in the same manner that Shelob isn't a spider and she is partly a "demonic" being) and are very proud. They don't like to be asked to be beasts of burden.Plus Sauron would be able to see them coming pretty easily.


>>612671160Read the books. Or just watch the movie while paying attention. They address this. It's the same reason why they don't raise an army to carry the ring in or give the ring to Glorfindel or Gandalf or Tomb Bombadil.

>>612671669that and mordor has its own share of flying creatures in service of sauron iirc

Reminder that game developers stopped making LotR games because Tolkien was a devout Catholic and the books had a staunchly pro-Christian narrative.

>>612671532Unfortunately no. 2001, 2002 and 2003 were the peak for fantasy and it won't be topped for many generations.


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War on the North.The only game that made my cry.

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One of the few games I went out of my way to get all the chievos on 360.

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>>612672652>there's a remastered version being made by moddersyoutube.com/watch?v=lhTnAku8TA8NeatoI enjoyed the game for what it was, used to play splitscreen with my dad

>>612663860two towers for GBA and thats my final answer

>>612666416>play as frodo>put all points into finding better items>find lots of special items but then die

>>612671532Nope. Most seem to have the opinion it was a miracle we even got those movies.

why didnt frodo simply eat the ring?

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>>612666416>In the Game Boy Advance version, which is played from an isometric three-quarter top-down view, the playable characters are Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf, Frodo and Éowyn, with Gimli available as an unlockable character once the player has completed the game with two other characters.[9]Wait WHAT I never unlocked Gimli


>>612673286it truly is a miracle that the lotr trilogy is as good as it is.and it's carried hard, dare i say solely, but it's fucking soundtrackyoutube.com/watch?v=eYo4jbBPRT0

I remember having a lot of fun with the Return of the King game where you could co-op

>>612663860>>612664038I have the old Xbox FotR game. I remember it being a really comfy little adventure title. The loading times were arduous, though.

>>612665674>>612665969Did you guys know that Viggo got so into that fight after deflecting the knife that he actually decapitated the guy playing Lurtz?

>>612665906It's one schizo that's hell bent on making LotR and Fromfags hate each other, ignore him. He's been at it for months.

>>612674247given the themes for each property i'm surprised they don't already hate each other>>612674206it truly was a different time. no wonder he's the inspiration for talion

>>612673667it's so perfect

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>>612665589I wish there was a remaster or remake for this because after helms deep you could tell they ran out of time. The game really appealed to me as a kid when I hated anime and japshit for some reason but loved turn-based games.

>>612671532Malazan. Your welcome.

>>612674247lul fair enough

>>612673485Same what the fuck, and I completed the game a billion times.

>>612674206>Lurtzi feel like there's a meme i'm missing

>>612676293>>612673485From what I've read apparently Gimli could only be used in the multiplayer.

>>612676313Yeah, Lurtz. Why are you in this thread if you haven't seen LotR?

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>>612665674Did you know that when Aragorn kicked that helmet he was screaming in pleasure at the idea of Merry and Pippin being dead because Viggo Mortensen hates manlets?

>>612676481no i've seen each movie like a hundred times through my youth. just that there was a meme about lurtz i'm failing to recall


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>>612677372thanks user. i appreciate that.

>>612673548 The Hobbits The Hobbits The Hobbits

bfme 1 is really really comfy

Pic related is kino of high grade.And probably the best Lotr vydia.

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>>612664038> Fighting the wights for the first time.The EA games were top shit as well.

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>>612666145> ‘Ere ya are, mate. Yeh, it’s the real thing, why? Wut could go wron’?

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>>612672271>made me cryoh come on, it wasn't so bad.



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>>612677831This, was surprised at how good it is. Also haven't read the thread but if anyone mentions Shadow of Mordor/War they're retards

>>612678693Are there screenshots? I want to see how this differs from PS2.

Aragorn for Mortal Kombat 11. I want it so bad.

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>>612678510what the hell is this a reference to?

>>612678842that'd be so win. might make me go back to MK if so

>>612678771Its a diablo clone

>>612678927The meme about Lurtz throwing the knife. Read the thread.


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>>612679053oh no lol, that greentext didn't tell me anything. i was just trying to remember something

The EA game’s gimmick of morphing the scenes into in-engine replicas was soul, and I’m pissed it never caught on.

>>612679593that shit looked cool as hell

the PS2 games were fantastic but i remeber them being too hard for underage me to finish on my owni feel like probably used cheats to finish them

>>612666095dangerously based tasteRotK for GBA is pretty good too


>>612666095>>612678693What was the difference? Were they basically the same game?I had Fellowship for the GBA as a kid. I was a little disappointed... got stuck in the forest. I think I would have preferred these.

>>612671160The Eagles would get their shit pushed in by the Ringwraiths.

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>I would have followed you my brother>My captain>My king

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>>612681764BOROMIIIIR! ;-;

>>612681514Dunno bout two towers but rotk is a fun diablo clone

>>612677831>>612678749terrible taste

>>612663860The two towers game was great, I even replayed it semi recently.

What about Shadow of Mordor?

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>>612682240The Witch King would still die because he got stabbed with the Westernesse blade.

>>612663860I went out on a date with this girl the other week and brought her back to my place before she broke down into tears because her friend killed himself and she made me stay up all night to watch the whole trilogy. She was super drunk and turned the volume way up, but man, they were hype. I hadn't watched them since I was a kid and they firsr came out. Also, Return of the King on Gamecube. Had a better framerate than the other versions. Spent a ton of co-op in that. Great memories.

>>612683472So, did you bang her?


I can't wait to play the next LOTR. Surely they have some good games in development to coincide with the Amazon show.>Gollum stealth gameWho asked for this?

>>612684154No, she got super annoying towards the end so I kicked her out and finished RotK


>>612664038Used to play a lot of Lotr Bfme2 Rotwk

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>>612668786but the one that pissed everybody was Shadow of War, with the loot boxes and making Shelob into a human slut instead of keeping her as a spider slut

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>>612666095A shitty tie in movie shouldn’t of had this much soul in it

>>612663860The Hobbit on Gamecube>>612665589I dunno about good but Third Age was certainly glorious levels of fucking retarded>final boss is LITERALLY beating the Eye of Sauron to death

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>>612684812>we’ll never get a LOTR game where you play as Morgoth and fight Ungoliant

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>>612682240if his slogan was "No person can kill me" he would be immortal

>>612684812>Christopher, my son...

>>612671532There are plenty of good fantasy series, but there is not and will never be a second LotR.

>>612663860probably the two towers

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>>612685185lotr is dead and sleeping for future generation.

>>612684705dose buttercup suck his dick at the end of the day?

>>612673438Because then he would have to kill himself to destroy it? why you retards make the most stupid questions

>>612671794tom bombadil is a little different since the ring has no effect on him, but they did explain why he couldnt take it since he'd probably lose it since its basically a tiny paper weight to him

>>612663860Not a LOTR game strictly, but White March expansion had some very strong LOTR vibes. Gigakino adventure with your bros venturing into dwarven fortress/mines etc.

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>>612674365>i'm surprised they don't already hate each other/v/ brainrot on full display

>>612674780SJW libtard nihilist woke trash, fuck off.

>>612668786kino gameplay terrible plot, even more if you love the middle-earth lore

>>612671673Said no one ever

>>612686739Wtf do u hate Stoya or somethingAsshole

>>612686829under develop qte ending

if u want modern lotr feeling with ur friends try zombie panic source, co-op horror, free on steam

>>612677831Glad to see someone else remembers it.

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>>612681587What game is this?

>>612688738War In The North.

I think that hack and slash two towers EA game was pretty fucking good. On the flipside I was younger and thought parrying arrows was cool as fuck so who knows nowadays if it's good or not.

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So, who the fuck is Tom Bombadil? Yeah, he's a merry fellow, I get it, but he appears to be at least as old as the Arda, since he remembers the first raindrop, the great trees... Iluvatar in his "no fucks given 'n' fuck bitches" form? Dude appears to be insanely powerful, yet not caring about it in the slightest.


>>612672652Based, what could've been, western franchises would have their musou like games with the battlefront gameplay, sounds like kino to me

>>612671532Fantasy is fucking dead because now everything must be "current age" and I'm not even kidding.>WHY THIS FANTASY SERIES DOESN'T HAVE NIGGERS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONot even memeing, anime might be the only good thing left in this world.

The best video game is Battle for Middle Earth II, as others have already said. However the best game in general is pic related

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>>612689117Tom is

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>>612689117Ungoliant was Melkor's outside the box soprano sax noodling and Bombadil was Illuvatar's pentatonic guitar solo

>>612684705how 2 git gud?

>>612663860If you mean specifically LOTR, Battle for Middle Earth 2. But the Return of the King PC game was a great Co-op experience too. And if you just mean Tolkien-themed, the Sierra Hobbit game was superb.>>612674247Exactly. I don't know what he gets out of it but seems like every thread he starts claiming that there's this animosity between Tolkien/Miyazaki fans and he's met with nigh-universal contradictions from people who love both. It's a weak way to start drama.>>612671532I see no chance of that happening soon mostly because Tolkien was a very singular individual. I doubt we're going to get a war veteran, polyglot, medieval literature expert, poet, and autist who is also capable of amazing prose. It also helps he had good friends to do it with. By his accounts, without C.S. Lewis' encouragement he never would have moved to publish his Middle Earth stuff.>>612689117He doesn't fit in the lore. That's the point of him. He's someone outside the categorization of the LotR mythology. Almost like a visitor from another book.

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>>612689786fuck you

>>612686597>retard can't into reading comprehension

>>612665674Did you guys know that the sex scene between Frodo and Sam in the extended edition was actually an accidental inclusion? Such interactions were common on the set, but nobody knew the camera was rolling when this one happened. Jackson thought it fit so well that he added it to the final extended cut, despite the two actors' protests. When asked for comment he would shout about it being true to Tolkein's vision, then begin crying while punching himself in the crotch. The Tolkein Estate has declined ever commenting on the matter. Sam's actor, Sean Astin, was subsequently lynched by his family over the incident later that year.

>>612671532Yes, when my magnum opus gets published.I just have to start writing it, but don't worry it's basically already complete in my head, and that's the hard part. :)

>>612694732no, you just have brain rot99.9% of X fans don't go out of their way to be upset about fans of Y

>>612673438what would that accomplish? made me lol

>>612684568Pretty based.The TT and RotK gamecube games were also my only LotR gaming experience, I love the shit out of them. I would go into that pre-Pellenor fields level and just hack-and-slash orcs for hours on repeat since it had the highest enemy density of any level.

>>612663860Shadow of War

>>612685185Tolkein Estate will never release their grip on the Silmarillion copyright. Even a bezillion dollars only bought the rights to the trilogy's appendices.Morgoth getting his ass kicked by a giant spider, and him having a fit of crying so powerful it rends the ground open and then a horde of balrogs come to save his bitch ass will sadly never be put to screen.

>>612689117There is no answer. He adds mystery and depth to the world precisely because there is NO conclusive answer that we the fans can come to for understanding him and his place in the world.I like(d) the Iluvatar theory, but it's been disproven although I can't remember the reasoning.

>>612681587One does not simple waft into Mordor.

>>612689770the greatest 2 player board game ever made

What's the general consensus on Rings of Power?

>>612697160Besides the nigger shit, it has absolutely no idea what it wants to do.Sometimes it's trying to push some wide narrative, but other times it'll just go on a tangent about some random lore thing that will have absolutely no effect on the overall plot.It's like it's written by two different teams, ones with a vague storyline and the other full of lore autists who just like the Silmarillion.

>>612697160it’s absolute dogshit

>>612697259They don't have the rights to The Silmarillion so they can't even include stuff from the book

>>612686123He'll just shit out the ring when it's time to destroy it, dumbass.

>>612663860Dragon's Dogma

>>612663860Not entirely sure>612697927I heard the authentic ones are the most, shallow

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>>612686048he's not a sexual beingbut he prefers missionary with the lights off. with leglock and handholding

>>612670728Came here to post this.

>>612671532will there ever be an author willing to go to the great lengths tolkien was to write such a great epic just to provide mythological backgrounds for his constructed languages? perhaps, but not in our lifetimes......

>>612689770you know what I just realized is special about lotrin most big "franchises" the villainous side is practically just as popular as the heroic onenot in lotrnobody wants to be fucking sauron or his hordes of orc scum (at least compared to the amount of people who want to be the empire in starwars or whatever)

why cant lotr feel good to playfuck

>>612698775As another user pointed out he was a Renaissance man. We probably won't see anything rivaling lotr unless we survive ww3 and some veteran end up being just autistic enough to write every detail while so giving the story room to breath

>>612663860For me it's Third Age.

>>612699236i mean lotro>>612697160i dont give a fuck about black elves or dorfs (some of my favorite characters in this show are the melanin enriched individuals)i can tolerate shlock and have low expectations for everythingbut its just very boring. nothing is happening and its been 4 episodes (basically 1 entire movie)and some of the actors they chose are just not greatjust seems very unfocused

>>612699302That's the most impressive thing ever time I read lotr. Despite all the details it doesn't drag at all and manages to have more going on than some 10k page series I have read. Brevity truly is the soul of wit.

>>612699325because going from 3 enemy pack to 3 enemy pack and clicking on your taskbar was a dreadful experience when it debuted and has aged even worse

>>612664784Release that shit on GoG or Steam already!

>>612700234Oi, you got a loicense for that?

>>612699209Whaaaat ? I always prefered Mordor and Isengard to the men kingdoms


>>612700434filthy orcspawn you will die

>>612671532Tolkien is literally the reason anything beyond his series exists. He is Godfather of modern fantasy, anything after that has been inspired in some way or another by his work.

>>612700675I wonder if he'd regret it if he saw the trash that's being produced now, especially the trash being made in his name

>>612689117An enigma. The closest Tolkien got to explaining him was that he represented a sort of rural spirit. Note how he's married to a nature spirit. All in all, Tom and Goldberry can be said to be a representation of the "Merrie Old England" idea.

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>>612666095BASEDunderrated diablolike

>>612666095>>612678693I played one of these games, probably the newer one, at my uncle's house on the TV. Definitely one of the first "wow this is on another level" sort of games I'd ever played at the time, I wonder how well it holds up.

>>612663860The Two Towers hack and slash.

>>612663860I played a shit ton of this as a kid. I remember it being a solid diablo clone on the GBA. I vaguely recall enjoying the fellowship GBA game, but got stuck in moria, and was unable to find my way out. Apparently it was a bug the dev's couldn't fix so they put a work around in the manual which i never read.

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>>612697160It feels like a local theatre production crossed with a Bollywood action film

>>612689117I've read only LOTR and not the Silmarillion or other books, so I might be completely wrong, but to me he seemed like an avatar/personification of Earth, as in, the world/planet itself. There's a focus on his clothes having the color of the sky and earth, he was already there before anything was born and named, he can make any kind of grains or fruits appear out of nothing, can speak with all animals, etc. He's not only unaffected by the ring of power, but he actually doesn't care about the dangers it possesses either, even if Sauron wins and everything gets scorched, he'll still outlive him.

>>612685185The little bitch had to call his balrogs for help, otherwise Ungoliant would've just gobbled him up.


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>>612689117There's no definitive answer from Tolkien scholars or Tolkien himself, but I think it's obvious.Below is my theory:So there's Eru Illuvatar (God) who is the only one who can create real living people.He creates the Valar (Lesser gods) and Maiar (Angels/Spirits) which are essentially alive.The Valar and Maiar create the world according to Eru's plans, The Valar and Maiar create animals and plans in the world, but not people like ElvesEru makes the people (First Elves, Aule makes dwarves but Eru makes them alive, then he makes Humans)After the world was made the Valar & Maiar are basically put in charge of certain processes or features of the world, like the Valar Ulmo is God of the seas, and the Maiar Tilion moves the Moon.Tom Bombadil (and Goldberry) is effectively a spirit that is in charge of/represents a certain part of the World (The Old Forest for Tomb, the Withywindle river for Goldberry). It's more clearly described with Goldberry because she personifies the functioning of the river - she sings when it rains and then grows strong as the river is full of water, then stays in her house during the winter when it stops raining so much and ices over.So compare Osse the Maiar of coast lines with Goldberry the spirit of the Withywindle.Osse existed before the world was made and was made by Eru as a creator spirit. He helped make the coast lines and inner seas of Arda and after they were created he continued to govern them.Goldberry, however, was made (almost certainly) by Eru (because she's basically a person) after the world was created by the Valar and Maiar and is more connected to her river. If all coastlines in the world disappeared Osse would still exist and when Osse makes water do something he sort of possesses it like a ghost. But if the Withywindle river disappeared Goldberry would sort of die, because she is more like the soul of the river.And Tom is the soul of the Old Forest.

>>612702257Nice post user, appreciate it

>>612663860The two towers on ps2 was amazing

>>612702332Thank you user.I think I have bigger autism than I realised.

>>612702257I love this. I was looking over some art of Tolkien's writings the other day and I remembered how captivating the entire world he built is, both beautiful and sad.

>>612698775not saying it is anywhere nearTolkien level but I think there's an official Essay On Dragonspeak of FF14 or something, might be a fun read