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My cute little potato still looks adorable covered in blood and puke!Made some more WEBMs.

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Layer 4 really is a breeze, coming from the nightmare that was Layer 3.

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>>612662816>no gameplay consequence

Post some of the ones from last night now.>>612663619I barfed half of my energy bar out on that mistake. Had to scramble for food right after.

>forgot the actual webm

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been doing a second playthruogh to set up a challenge run; but losing motivation. My 2nd potato is way cuter than my first tho.

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Guns = ez combat

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i feel betrayed

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>>612666245What does your challenge run entail?Going through the entire game again sounds like a pain.

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Bery nice. I really want to play Made in Abyss but can't shake the feeling I am wasting time whenever I try to play games

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When does Nanachi appear in the story? I've cleared 4th Layer already and no sign of her since the cutscene.

>>612672307You need to jump off the edge of the map in the goblet of giants.


>>612674026As long as you can land on a platform, I don't think a killbox will trigger her "saving" you

>>612667565What a huge backpack

>>612670471Ignore your anxiety about the future and live in the present.Pick up something and start now dumbass, you'll forget about your worries. Escapism in moderation.

Why didnt those hacks model Gueira and put him in the game?

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>>612666245Loving your fashion sense user.

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>>612672614>>612674026>>612674569Okay I got it to work. I jumped off the platform and died on the fall, but instead of a Game Over I got NAAAAAAA`d.

>>612677371Why is that boy wearing a skirt?

>>612669514Start with a hatchet and salt, with Red Whistle level skills (can't be actually red whistle cuz of story blocks I believe) then go to the bottom of layer 5 and return without fast travel.

>>612677705Sounds like a pain, specially the part where you have to use a tiny backpack.Just the round trip alone would be hard enough.

>>612663619it also makes your controls backwards when you try to run around, i didn't know the first time and fell off some shit (most of my deaths are from falling)

>>612679258So far, while completing the storyline as a red whistle, I haven't had much trouble with backpack size because I'm avoiding carrying relics since Im trying to minimize the XP i get before opening layer 5. Since level ups get you more HP and maybe more I dunno. For me the problem is not having Gatherer and thus having to find two rhombus plants for every rope I want to use the entire way down.

>>612670471do something that feels like youve done something(like work or exercise or hanging out with friends/family), then you won't feel guilty to play since you feel like you should be working or doing something better with your time

>new dlc for the game comes out>it features the next layer>you can enter the village>there's a bunch of sidequests there>one of these quests allows you to start a romance with vuekoWould you buy it?

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>>612681256I like the game, so yeahI wouldn't romance the whore though

>>612681390Why? Her heart is pure...

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>>612681545She smells like cock

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>>612681256Make Nanachi romanceable and I will pay any price. Give me a fucking button to molest the bunny or I will commit crimes

>>612681765And pussy, sweat and everything nice... stinky girls deserve love too! >>612682115Nanachi is for cute, not for lewd.

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>>612681765Is there anyone in the lower levels that wouldn't always stink?

>>612682878Nanachi and Faputa smell nice, Wazu might smell nice since his high five smelt like the sun

She was holding back, right?

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Anyone know some good fishing spots in layer 1 or 2?

>>612681256>romancing the used goodsSign me up, senpai.

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>>612685693Nope, could've raped her right there

>>612681765>Vueko is?>66% smelly>34% not smellyDid I get that right

What was his problem?

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>>612690051Shit fashion sense and prioritizing useless extra defense

>>612690174felt pretty useful to me

>>612687572In Layer 2, there's that pool in a dark map. This one >>612665632It's a good fishing spot.There's also a nice fishing spot near the spot where Corpse-Weepers swarm you, in the Corpse-Weeper Den.

Just made it to layer 2 for the first time. I see that I can now fast-travel directly to layer 2 from Orth, but what about reverse? Can when I'm done in layer 2 can I travel directly to Orth or do I need to go all the way back through layer 1?

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>went to Layer 5>made it to Ido Front since most of the areas are empty tundra with little in it>world's best dad greeted me, asks for some Level 1 relics>I have almost everything on me already, it's fucking heavy>figure I'd make this delivery now since I'd have to carry this weight back down again>after I give it to him, get a boss fight>he's putting even less effort than Ozen, beat him easily>then see Tiare again and the game fucking endsWell that was abrupt. I feel like all the content is condensed in the first 3 layers while the last 2 have almost nothing to do in them. I beat the game on my first dive to Layer 5, just with my light exploration set.How much is there to do in the post game? Other than fighting this faggot >>612690051 ?I didn't even finish upgrading my armor.Also some of those quests are fucking insane. There's no way I'll go kill 50 of some monster that has a low spawn rate. There's no fucking point.

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>>612692412You can just step back into Layer 1 and fast travel all the way back.This is a recurring thing. Once you go Moon Whistle you will be able to fast travel out of floor 2(anywhere in it), so you only need to backtrack up to whichever floor your cleared.There's a catch though. When you go Moon Whistle and reach Layer 4, you will be able to teleport to it, but need to backtrack to 2 to get out. Meaning you should learn your way around Layer 3 very well, since you'll be backtracking out of it more than any other.

>>612692536I see, how do I fast travel? Pause menu?

>>612692608Pause menu, shift tabs to map, press the fast travel button. In the PS4 controller it's Square.

at first I thought that he's fucked, and then I've learnt that I'm also fucked

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>>612693169Are there more hidden events like this? I don't want to backtrack every single map looking for quests.Was I not supposed to return the pin he gave me? How am I supposed to get them?

Is there a curse in-game when you travel up? If so, how does it translate in-game?

>>612693451When you ascend, you get a visual cue.If you do not slow the pace and keep ascending, you will trigger the curse. See the OP webm.In Layer 1 and 2 you just puke and lose most of your energy bar, need to eat to replenish.In Layer 3 it's the same but you also get hallucinations. You can hear and see NPCs, like Leader, the Director or the other kids in the orphanage.In Layer 4 and above you lose control of your character, if you try to move it will go in different directions.And in Layer 5 you lose sense of almost everything, including your own self.

>>612693285not much that I know ofThere's a hidden trigger to Detchuaga's quest at Quad Pit layer 3 near the Glass Layer entrance, there's >>612693169 at Cups of Giants after getting your black whistle, and Nanachi by falling at the same area

>>612676423Just thank them they modeled Bondrewd the whole of Idofront looks absolutely rushed

>>612685693Considering she could just grab you and crush your skull like an egg, yes

>>612694004That part makes absolutely no sense.Why is Ido Front wrecked AND Prushka is alive?I feel like the had to rewrite the end of the story but didn't have time to remake Ido Front.

>>612692416Ignore the guild quests, you can find an interference unit in the 5th layer as random encounter and nothing else, the entire ending of the game seems absolutely rushed

>>612694165Yes, it looked like Reg and Riko didn't meet Nanachi yet, so it makes no sense that the base looked destroyed, my guess is that they had planned something to do with meeting Reg and Riko in Idofront but run out of time to finish anything

What's the status on mods?

>>612694718Same status as a few days ago, doesn't seem like there's anything newI'm trying to figure out how this shit works, but I'm afraid I know fuckall about modding in general to come up with a better spawning system than just outright removing it.

So what, is Ozen the superboss of the game?

>>612694295There's a lot of evidence of that.>Leader is completely removed from the story after you meet him at the end of Layer 3>nobody acknowledges your white whistle except Bowdred, everyone else thinks you're still black whistle>nothing in Layer 5 is even remotely interesting, things can 1 hit kill you but you can run past them without problems>the annoying monsters that the game spawns behind you in Layer 5 are the jelly fish that do nothing and don't attack, you can idle at leisure>all these maps with nothing in them>the entire situation with wrecked Ido Front but Prushka is there>all those quests that look like nobody play tested them, like killing 50 enemiesIt would be incredibly based if the upcoming patch were to fix these problems but I'm skeptical. Do they have the drive to fix the endgame now that people already bought it?

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>They probably rushed Idofront to make Hello Abyss mode

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>>612663619t. idiot who hasn't played it yet

>>612695150>>nobody acknowledges your white whistle except Bowdred, everyone else thinks you're still black whistleTo be fair this could be because "canonically" Aki made the last dive immediatly after receiving his stone, you can't even carve Tiare into a whistleAki being the "Unseen" and all that

>>612695453That doesn't really make sense. Hello Abyss mode only takes place in the first two layers, which are the most well developed ones. That mode is a straight quest line using what they already had. Other than making the models and recording the voice lines, it couldn't have taken more than a few days to do.It's very obvious that Deep Abyss mode is the main game mode, it's what they showed us in all promo materials, even the early ones.I would say it's simply a case of the game being rushed to meet the release date.>>612695612When you go back to the Altar after starting the Post game, you get a cutscene saying that "you have things to do before doing your last dive" so it would make sense, in that scenario, for people to react to your whistle.Which reminds me, you get copies of both Ryza's and Bowdred's whistles after that fight, which makes no sense either. It's like they just had to find a way to give players this item they had made and had no use for now.

>>612663396Is there an explanation for donut steel's power level? A missed opportunity to show an adult delver, now that I think about it.

>>612696647>A missed opportunity to show an adult delver, now that I think about ityou think made in abyss fans would accept not being able to make a loli/shota?

Hag Ozen femdom

>>612663396Can't believe Lavos died.

>>612696647None. Anime games that let you make OC characters usually let you reach protagonist-tier levels of OP, for no good reason. I think the Attack on Titan games are the same, too.>A missed opportunity to show an adult delver, now that I think about itThey really wanted to go for that angle where Riko's supporting cast from the orphanage was part of the game.Also there's no way the author would accept an adult playable character. MiA is not MiA if it's not children.

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>>612696686Yeah, I get the economics of licensed shovelware, it would just make so much more sense from a world building perspective.

>>612692716(forgot to reply- thanks user)

>>612696746god, I wish

>>612696819Yeah, I think I wouldn't be as interested in it or would get the wrong idea about the series. Although MiA does have a good cast of adults.

>>612670471I have the same problem, I have to remind my self I waste hours of my life at work doing something I don't want to do and that it should be fine to play a game.

>>612663619Basically the whole game is about planning/resource management so vomiting is a big deal. It'll also usually kill you if you're climbing.Most curses are just "numbness/nausea" at higher layers anyway. 5th layer curse can get you to 1hp and fucks your interface up enough to kill you if there's monsters around too.It's probably not how I'd implement it but it's not negligible.>>612674884You can't even see your character with a white whistle backpack.>>612679258You could do it with just a fishing rod and ingredients probably, apart from bosses having too much HP for shitty weapons (robots are immune to poison).>>612685693Yeah. You don't even do a real finisher on her, it's clear she just decides she's done fucking with you and she'd rather be getting drunk.>>612687572>>612691670Don't bother grinding for relic armour though. The weapons are good but nothing will kill you between there and Nanachi's where you can get hard scales for the next tier for free in like 5 minutes. And the relic helmet is an outright troll.>>612694165>>612694425I think you just overtake Riko and basically go over the roof instead of inside, and they didn't model the flat area where the fight happens. It's not ruined, that's what it looks like in flashbacks. Prushka's room location and the corridor with no ceiling is what makes no sense but I guess it fucked up the camera or something.If it were ruined there'd be a huge crater down to the testing cavern, not a missing roof.>>612695113Her and Detchuanga. Both are easy with late gear though (he has bullshit ranged attacks but he's a chump up close).

>>612697353Jobzen cope

>>612697103The only good adults in MiA are Riko's support cast. Leader, Hablo and his wife. Everyone else is awful.The culture in MiA's world is totally backwards, though. The city has dozens of orphanages whose entire business model is exploiting orphans, Vueko's backstory is a common thing, half of Orth is a cut-throat slum.Then you have White Whistles, which are basically competing for the title of worst human being of all time.Even Ryza is a scumbag. She dumped her daughter on an orphanage to go die in a hole, but because the Abyss is almost like a religion, Riko thinks she has the best mom ever.

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>>612697542deal with it120 thousand-man pins * 300 bonus damage = 36,001 dmg if she just booped your nose once during her grab attack.also with the hunger penalty in this game she'd need to eat a cheeseburger after every attack, but she'd only need one

>>612663583Agreed, Layer 3 was a fucking nightmare, layer 4 was so comfy by comparison.I just got my black whistle, now I can enjoy spending time with Nanachi and fishing.I fed her a rare fish dish and she gave me a special grade orb piercer poison resist accessory, such a good girl.I'm farming materials right now for my relic mid gear, and i need..... explosive stones? assuming they're layer 5?There's still a bunch of monsters I need to scan, like the weird bugs at the flower field, and a rare pupa, some explosive red flower, and a fish i missed in layer 3 since I never fished there, don't even know what they drop.

>>612698093yeah they're the blue rock material in 5th layer.but desu they're a grind since you need like 20 per thing so just make what you can opportunistically while exploring/getting shit for Bondrewd, and don't wait on the boss (he's easy anyway and the real boss is post-game) so you can get the double mining skill.I really like how this game lands the feeling of whistle ranks. You're frantic as a red/blue even on early layers, but by the time you've finished your sub-3rd tasks to get black you've proven yourself and nothing in the 5th layer remotely scares you even though it's objectively the biggest and most hostile.

>>612698093>a fish i missed in layer 3The fish in layer 3 you probably missed also appears on the 5th layer

Still new to the game, is there a fast travel method later in the game so I can say, dive straight into layer 3 and avoid climbing down through the first layers again and again? Or do I never come back to the orphanage after I go too deep?

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>>612698456Yes, when you get a new whistle you can fast travel the layers from your previous whistle rank

>>612698456yeah you can fast travel to any layer you've visited (exception being if you take an alt path into 3rd and never use the real entrance apparently)but you can only fast travel FROM layers *above* the depth restriction of your current whistle rank

>>612698080She definitely wasn't trying to kill you, you saw how she hit those two ottobas and they flew 30 feet into a wall.She never directly attacks you. She grabs you and throws you up to trigger the curse, and throws rocks at you, she doesn't want you dead, she wants you to give up and join her crew.Your potat is admirable for keeping up with her, that's why she gives you the win.

>>612698456Yeah it will unlock as you gain more whistles.As Blue you can fast travel from anywere in Layer 1, so you just need to backtrack one step into layer 1 and go back to Orth.As Moon(purple) you can do the same now with Layer 2. Once you reach Layer 4 you can quick travel to it but you still need to backtrack to 2 to get out.Once you get Black, you can backtrack from 1~4.

>>612681256I doubt we'd ever get content set after the 5th layer, the curse effect kind of just fucks up the whole gameplay loop since you just CAN'T go up anymore.

>>612698571Yeah exactly.Projectile attacks don't get damage bonuses from pins so she's being very nice.(Explosive bullets still fucking rule for everything besides Detchuanga no matter how many pins you have though)missed opportunity that they don't explain fast travel by you whistling for Ozen who picks you up and fastballs you bodily back to Orth

>>612685693Technically yes. I think you did tire her out legitimately, but she WAS also playing around for 90% of the battle since on any of the times she grabs you and throws you up into the air she could have just as easily crushed your skull.

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>>612690051genuinely creeped me out, how much of him was controlled by the relic at that point? What does the relic 'want'/function for if it needed to even try to puppet the guys body around even after he died?

>>612698719>(Explosive bullets still fucking rule for everything besides DetchuangaI defeated him with explosive bullets, it was easy with them.

>>612698698I wish the level design made more of a point of having to plan descents rather than making you go up and down all the time. (Also crank up the curse so you want to avoid ascending until it's absolutely time to go home along with this.)It wouldn't change much besides being a bit more canon, but it'd make a one-way 6th layer DLC happening more believable.But of course it's not happening anyway because there's probably still 5 years to go in 6th in the manga.>>612698879I mean they'll still shred him but you have to play at close/midrange and actually move a bit or he'll rock you with his nuke attack, unlike every other enemy/boss* where you can just stand on the other side of the arena and stunlock them. Obviously these ain't exactly dark souls bosses.I'm debating going pure arrows or something for my next playthrough in like a year when we can mod the fuck out of it.(*There's only one real exception in the game that I've seen: the amakagame on 3rd layer take almost no damage from explosives for some reason.)

>>612690051He's a pay2win whale.

>>612698719>missed opportunity that they don't explain fast travel by you whistling for Ozen who picks you up and fastballs you bodily back to OrthEven from Layer 1, ascending the Abyss at rocket speeds would cause every fluid to be ejected from your body immediately.

>>612699220Explosive bullets can stunlock him with crits, just equip Lyza's whistle.

>>612699275That's why the guild provides a gatorade squad on the departure/arrival gantry.>>612699314I'll take your word for it. I had it equipped but it's still luck-based, right? So if he gets one off he's probably going to get you a few times and then you're in trouble due to the curse.But I only tried it once, then on the next attempt I just ran up and bonked him with the umbrella.Bosses are easy either way but I appreciate that they at least tried to give one guy a moveset that's anti-ranged spam.

>>612699549No you don't understand. Calculate the initial speed you would need in order to be cannon called out of the bottom of Layer 1.Your potato would look like jerky before they reached the halfway point up.

>>612695113Ozen is easily the hardest. Bondrewd is an absolute job, I beat him so fast I didn't even see his moveset. Tiare doesn't apply any pressure and just aimlessly waddles around if you back off. Detchuanga lobs some powerful projectiles but has bad defenses up close.

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>>612699795No she spins you up to speed like a hammer toss, obviously. It's not instantaneous acceleration.Be realistic user, Ozen's nice to children.

>>612699858This, by the time you get to Bondrewd and Tiare you're decked out enough with good shit + presumably used to the way 1v1 combat works enough that neither poses a real threat.You can juke Ozen out of her grab animation but even then it's annoying to beat her due to her health + her constantly pelting rocks at you if you keep your distance.

How do I get the splint for the moon whistle rescue quest on the third layer?

Anybody know of any chart of weapon durabilities?

>>612698698Not really, just make it so the caveat is that after layer 5 you can no longer return to town to trade relics in or use money. Instead of going straight to layer 6 your potato returns to town one last time, announces their last dive and then you can cleanup your inventory. From 6 there ARE potential routes upward but of course you can't take them, movement becomes more horizontal and you need to focus on going down. And every enemy becomes basically a one shot since birds will pick you up, bugs will try to throw you in the air, turbinid dragons one-shot you, etc. Since you get to the village before Riko you can buy goods there, you can meet feral faputa and you get the option to retire at the village if your body is cursed by that point (bad end). Oh and the relics from layer 6 onward are all different from 5 above and actually have gameplay usage.

>>612700068Room immediately under where you find the guy. Short hop down the cliff and back.Are you in Rock Slide Hall? There's some confusion as to whether that dude has multiple spawn locations or not.

>>612700146yeah, rock side hall. while looking for him there were two other purple ! for different side quests and a cutscene that mixed me up but his icon was the handshake one so maybe thats whats mixing people up

>>612700218I've heard a couple people saying they couldn't see an icon at all when directing them to Rock Slide to find him, but it's possible they were retarded.No other quest in the game has multiple locations afaik but there's a few one-off gimmicks and it'd kinda make sense for a "search" so it's not totally impossible, so I gotta ask.

>>612699549>I'll take your word for it. I had it equipped but it's still luck-based, right?Seems really high to me, like 80% crits.

>>612699858>Bondrewd is an absolute job, I beat him so fast I didn't even see his moveset.I literally stood still because I wanted to see his moves and the losing animation and he took three fucking minutes to kill me. His ranged attacks are terrible. The only actual threatening attack he has is his stupid tail melee and you have to get up his ass to be hit by it.FYI he does have the homing gangway attack as a rare QTE at low health. I fought him five times and only saw it once.Never saw sparagmos or the shakers I think he straight up doesn't have them.

>>612700694>His ranged attacks are terrible.I want to add that gangway missed me half the time when I was standing still. He literally just shoots it over your head sometimes.

>>612700548Yeah maybe I just had a fluke string of low rolls, point is we're comparing "trivially easy with explosives" to a unique case of the only "might hurt you maybe" guy in the game thanks to that one attack. Apart from amakagame but those don't really count.

>>612700694I forgot he even existed.Would have been much better for him to just let you fight your dumb rival, then ambush you outside the elevator afterwards and actually be the real boss.That'd also make it less dumb when you hear Tiare echoing DENTAL PLAN in your head as you approach the elevator ten seconds after he just said that IRL.

>>612701152That doesn't sound like him at all.Reasoning (umbra hand recruitment) should have been the same but with the fight as a postgame thing so that he could be tough like Dechuanga and Ozen instead of a fucking pushover story boss.

>>612700694>Sparagmos would've been an instant killM-m-mods will fix it, r-right?


>>612701339Him grading you like Ozen is out of character too. He doesn't give a shit about that stuff and only bothered the kids because he wanted to upgrade himself with Reg's relic dick so he could fuck Faputa on his next 6th layer expedition without it melting or being squeezed off by her caustic steel-jawed cloaca. It'd be easy to justify though. Just have your character pick up the eye relic, and him be like "hmm that's connected to the PWINE HEART, gimme" and your dude being like "no".Or whatever. Literally any excuse.

>>612701591He recruits umbra hands all the time.

>>612663583I thought going up was really bad in MiA. How does that translate over as a game mechanic?

>>612701731I'm a bit fuzzy on what happens, doesn't he ask you to join him then say "ok but I'm gonna make you prove yourself before you can proceed" or something dumb like that after you refuse?I know the English is a mistranslation, instead of "adventure with me it'll be sweet" he says something like "and eventually you'll become me" in the Japanese which doesn't sound right either. Like yes he recruits people but I'm pretty sure he just signs people up like normal and tricks them into touching Zoaholic, he doesn't ask them outright if they want to become a slave to his hive-mind. The fact that he owns Zoaholic is a huge secret in the first place, as far as anyone else knows that thing just fell off the back of a truck 15 years ago and its whereabouts is a mystery.So my idea is better, shaddap

Do you have to play a shota? I will buy if I can play as cunny

>>612702095you can be loli yes. your character is cutomizable although the potatos look the same outside clothes anyway

>>612702004>instead of "adventure with me it'll be sweet" he says something like "and eventually you'll become me" in the Japanese which doesn't sound right either.All the umbra hands are bon, becoming him is correct. Did you even read the manga?fucking retard

>>612702004>but I'm pretty sure he just signs people up like normal and tricks them into touching Zoaholic, he doesn't ask them outright if they want to become a slave to his hive-mind.ESL speed reader or idiot secondary?Tsukushi straight up said that he gets people to join him with his charisma. Move commentary.

>Most of the monster names are in Japanese >Only translate some like "crimson splitjaw" while leaving others untranslated like "tachikanata">Translated names are straight up wrong, Tama-Ugachi's name is straight up explained in the manga saying that "tama" has two meanings, life and treasure (relics), yet the retards translate tama to "orb">Madokajaku's jaku is 雀 as in a type of bird, retards go "hurrrrrrrrrrrr did u say JACK?" > MadokajackSeriously, what the fuck kind of translation is this? Is this just the game, or is the official manga/anime english release this bad?

>>612701953Answered repeatedly itt, scroll up nigga.But they tweaked it for game reasons, it's not perfectly canon. You just have to rest frequently to avoid triggering it. If you do trigger it, it can kill you situationally (somewhat worse on lower layers) or just make you throw up (which is a problem because the game is all about planning/resource management and food is precious). But it's avoidable if you're careful.>>612702139Did you read the next sentence, dipshit?>>612702230Sounds like you're agreeing with me.My point was in the Japanese version he discloses that you become him, which isn't canon. People joining his team like any other white whistle is normal. People signing up voluntarily to become meat puppets is unlikely.And regardless, why would he casually beat up candidates? Let alone a casual Ozen-style test instead of actually trying to kill them if he ever did so.

>>612702004>>612702427>also "Its name is possibly taken from the Anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as many noted its similarities with Made in Abyss.[citation needed]"it means circlemadoka means circlemadokajaku means round birdbecause it's a flying monster that flies with a circle membranefucking EOP retards

>>612702447>why would he casually beat up candidates?Many of the Umbra Hands were formerly bounty hunters/illegal raiders sent to kill him, he probably extends an offer after he tests them in combat. In other cases he probably has to instigate a fight himself.

>>612702447Tsukushi movie commentary, retard.

>>612702095There's no clear make/female option other than your casual clothing and the hairstyle/facial features you choose.

>>612702447>My point was in the Japanese version he discloses that you become him, which isn't canon. People joining his team like any other white whistle is normal. People signing up voluntarily to become meat puppets is unlikely.They all know it you fucking moron. When he doesn't take control of a body they're still themselves. They go on vacations and explore on their own and go to pubs in Orth all the time. They all joined him willingly.You didn't even read the manga.

>>612702230>Tsukushi straight up said that he gets people to join him with his charisma.I just checked the translations and he says there's plenty of people willing to be Umbrals, and that they've all joined willingly.I think that counts against the idea that beating them up if they refuse is in-character (and doesn't imply anything about them knowing about the hive-mind thing either way since having a black whistle club is normal).>>612702796>>612702835This is really a stretch to justify him being a dick in the game.Him wanting a relic you're carrying would be in-character without any question, however, which is what you were actually talking about.>>612702913That's completely 100% wrong.For your homework please review Riko's lecture on Zoaholic and the guidebook extra page.

>>612698719I was just about to ask this, I have two thousand men pins now, and I felt like it didn't make a difference for damage i do with my bow, so it wasn't just me then, it only applies to melee weapons?

>>612702953>The manga is completely 100% wrong.retard

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>>612703069What do you think this proves and why do you think it overrides the explicit details in the manga? Please use your words.The only thing in the interview translations is some fan speculation and nothing Tsukushi said, so if you're basing it on that you're a dipshit.

>>612702953you didn't read the manga

>>612702953>Him wanting a relic you're carrying would be in-character without any question, however, which is what you were actually talking about.Oh it was an ESL seamonkey. No wonder.

>>612703217Repeating this while I'm referring to specific interviews and specific manga pages isn't convincing, user. Rather you sound like a dumb little bitch acting like you're on reddit where you can keep replying until everyone forgets what you were wrong about.>>612703267You reek of desperation.>>612703031Yeah only melee. Which makes the umbrella the best weapon until you get blaze reap btw.They also have a hidden hunger drain multiplier so consider if you need to wear them if you don't use melee at all (I just keep em equipped anyway).

Where do I fall to death to get Nanachi?

>>612703451Goblets, first room of 4th.Anywhere is fine and it doesn't need to be fall damage, just a death she can plausibly recover your body from.

>>612703451did you not watch the anime/read the manga?

I'm tired delivering food to Nanachi, he's a bad tipper.

>>612703495To be fair to that user there's other goblets rooms in 4th besides that one, including a place where an Orb-Piercer can actually get in your way.But yes it's logically the room where you see her watching you in a cutscene that you can do it.>>612703572And your reward is a shitty hat that's worse than Habbo's one that you can get on the way to completing them all anyway.Plus if you do em all she glitches out in the post-game and you can't feed her anymore.

>>612702447>in the Japanese version he discloses that you become himGot a link to the line? From what I remember of the dialogue, he says that you'll become "one of them", as in one of the Umbra Hands and part of his "raiding party", and you can chill out passing Prushka around like a cum rag.

>>612703495This game has an anime?

I want Ozen to break me

>>612703673here’s your (you)

Patch when

>>612703631Do I have to help Riko with her diarrhea first?

>>612703853You have an autosave 30 seconds ago so just try it.Probably not if you've already started the quest but who knows.

>>612703893Yeah getting to close to her started the quest and made an auto save.

>>612703361But that’s wrong, autist.

>>612703661Even japs were pointing out the bad also mistranslated “next 2000 years” to millenium

>>612703804Never. The game is perfect.If they bow to casual whining I'll kill you all.>>612703938No shit. Try it and tell us.Would have been smarter to try when you first entered but it's worth a shot.>>612703954>no u ad nauseumYeah you're sure convincing me.

>>612704021Look man, pausing to change controls and having the voice language changed by doing that is not a difficulty thing, it's a bug

>>612704021I had already tried and death was occuring normally, sorry for not being clear.

>>612704075Skill issue.>>612704084Well there's your answer.The quest line is pretty easy though, just let Riko kill everything (including bosses) and farm eggs for you in the 2nd room if you're desperate on resources.You can definitely do it immediately after she returns you there and gives you her stuff though.

>>612698698The giant flesh tower gets extra holes so you can be let out at set depths. There problem solved.Alternatively if they REALLY wanted to play around with the idea they can just let you be turned into a flesh goblin for 30 seconds and if you don't die you wake up a-ok, it was a nightmare.

>>612704157Trying and having it not work is why I asked in the first place dipshit.

>>612702427>or is the official manga/anime english release this bad?yes it is

>>612704293Okay get this: you have to make it to the bottom of 6th without ever ascending, but along the way you meet some dumb bitch like Prushka who helps you get a blessing after knowing you for 5 minutes.Now you're an OC fuzzy wuzzy with forcefield vision and can ascend again to do all the other quests.>>612704317>dipshitBut that seems to be you?I'm sure glad I answered your questions repeatedly and even gave you survival tips to get back there since you cleverly triggered a quest in a game where active quests always lock you out of everything else.

>>612704480Didn't ask for or read your advice dipshit.

I'm a red whistle stuck in layer 3 because some rocks I knocked down reset and the wall is too high to climb please send help.

>>612704691Actually I'm the only person who helped you and all your replies have been to me.You're not even at the hard part yet, I hope you have fun applying the depths of your brainpower to the next bit and have a great time.

>>612704730Going up or down? Which area?The route I take back involves glitching past one of those reset rock things so I know which wall to rub your face on

>>612704848Right by the place you can fish and get lots of meat from the cute rodents.

Those deceptors were annoying to scan, they spawn if you get close, despawn if you move away, and they're fucking tiny.But I'm doing really well documenting all creatures so far I think. I only missed a few that I need to go back for.Also I noticed a visual bug with Nanachi rewards, the graphics for the shatter pot and some other grade 1 relic she gives randomly are switched around.

>>612704018私となって can be taken either way, with the benefit of hindsight most people obviously take it one way but he's not outright saying "yeah I'm taking your body bro". The rest is just par for the course for trannylations.