Comfy PC Gaming Thread

What are you playing on your PC?For me it's Metal Hellsinger and Return to Monkey Island

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if the gpu prices dont drop by december im killing myself

Which team are you on /vee/?>Team Blue Green>Team Red Green>Team All Red>Team All Blue>Team Blue Red (as if)>Team Red Blue (as if)

>>612661438all the bands in hellsinger suck and you should feel bad for playing it

Deep Rock GalacticYakuza 4 HDSubnautica

>>612661438Re learning Shogun 2 total war. Started a Chisokabe campaign to try some full archery armies but very hard is beyond my skill level. Gonna restart tomorrow and try again. But new waify academy version is up the 0.9.8 so guess that will be first on the menu.

Shenmue 1+2.

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DoomsDay Hunters

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>>612661735AMD and Intel. Nvidia can go kick rocks.

>>612662564>AMD and Intel. So team Blue red?

>>612661438Just finished Dead Rising 1+2, currently replaying the master chief collection - 4, just downloaded rpcs3 and MGS legacy collection for later. I'm living in the golden age again, boys

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>>612661438Playin IsonzoHaving fun

>>612661438Finished half of XIII today, dicking around with Stable Diffusion on my PC, finished RF1 last night tho.

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>>612661735Team Blue Green and proud

>>612663174RF1 is underrated, and the OST is kino

>>612662758>old games and emulationthis is how you gaming PC

>>612662715I flip flop between Intel and AMD CPUs, but stopped buying Nvidia GPUs.

>>612664010i series needs modern glory, but the lead engine designers for RF:G are in the wind. Just can't imagine what he could do with current hardware compared to the 360's architecture Geo-Mod 2.0 was built around.

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Genshin ImpactXenoblade Chronicles 3Cyberpunk 2077

>>612664208Why? Nvidia cards are better than amd cards.

>>612661438i'm emulating pokemon crystal.

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What games run great on AMD integrated graphics? I hate GPU manufacturers and distributors since this economic fuckup happened.

>>612664821the most normalfag to ever normalfag



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>>612661438NoitaPath of Exile Stable Diffusion (Voldy, Waifu Diffusion)

>>612667395how do I run stable diffusion?

>>612667520>>/g/ |

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>>612661735>AMD CPU>Nvidia GPU>Penguin OS>0 regrets

My computer is starting to crap out (I think something is fucky with my motherboard) and rather than try to fix it I just want to start fresh so I'm saving for a new buildI'm not looking forward to having to learn windows 10


>>612668071>AMD CPU>Nvidia GPUthe forbidden combo

>>612668451It's actually shockingly good.Even with how much people shit on nvidia on linux, I still run just about everything remarkably smoothly on my 1080TI and 5900x

pc gay men is a meme don't fall for it like I did

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>>612668697>Trusting the sales repLast gen TOTL will last you half a decade in almost every situation.

>>612661438God HandTHUG ProMetal Hellsinger

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>>612661438Return to Monkey Island is shit play voodoo detective instead

>>612661735Used to be Blue Red with my first pc (3930k and can't remember the GPU), now Blue Green (12700kf with a 1070)Can't wait for tomorrow for the series 40

>>612669140that one took me a minute

>>612669140Is that Malaysia?

>>612669560>voodoo detectivenani sore

when is the next steam sale?t. poorfag

>>612668451It's the best combo.

>>612661735Just got a 5700x and a 6700xt so I'm all red again. Previously had a 1600 and a gtx 1070

>>612661438Playing fortnite with a friend. It's pretty fun honestly

>>612661438>PC gaming>comfynigga thats like trying to eat a meatball sub without getting sauce all over your face or hands, sure, you can use a fork and knife like a faggot, but that's far from comfy

>>612671162it is. don't be ashamed

>>612671312not for you maybe. for others including myself pc gaming can't definitely be comfy


>>612661735>Team Red"I'm a man, but I can change, If I have to, I guess."



>>612664594that's probably the most elaborate pepe I've ever seen. Jolly good show and what a work of art

>>612661438I bought a cheap laptop on sale with a Ryzen 3 since my gaming desktop died years ago. I'm honestly kind of impressed how good Ryzen 3 integrated graphics are. This little laptop can play Doom 2016 at roughly 60 fps on shittiest settings. It can play Wolfenstein which wouldn't even run on my old gaming desktop. It struggles with Bayonetta and forget about Shadow of Mordor. Still, this is really impressive in a cheap laptop. I've mostly been playing Doom 2016.

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There are too many games that i want to play but i literally cannot stop playing ffxiv and lol

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does the deck count



>>612673119Well at one point my friends pc was more duct tape than computer so there's that I suppose.

>>612679349you need to detox from garbage before it's too late

>>612662758RPCS3 runs so smoothly with harsly any dicking about, whole thing is a dream come true.

are you guys excited for new gpus tomorrow

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>>612661438Since the PC in OP is actually my PC, I play everything on it.

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>>612684295specs ?

>>612684315Q6600 (B3)4GB RAMXFX 8800GTX 630M XXXCreative X-Fi FagtalityForgot the brand of the TV Tuner card, not that it matters for games.It now have a GTX460 in it instead of the 8800GTX

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>>612683979>founders editionwhen the real ones coming out

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>>612684574Last image, gotta go.

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>>612684775that is the real ones

>>612684574>>612684883why are you stuck in 2006

Playing Street Fighter V before Diofield Chronicle unlocks on Thursday. Recently beat RDR2. Was comfy.

>>612685834>Diofield Chroniclelooks boring desu

>>612661438>What are you playing on your PC?Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day

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>>612684775EVGA is dead that is the real ones

I just finished Divinity OS 1, and now I'm in that awkward period where I try to decide what to play next. The obvious choice would be Div OS 2, but I usually like to space sequels out so I don't get burned out.

>>612690152>just finished Divinity OS 1isnt that a phone game

>>612661735All red on desktop, might have htpc that's all blue. both running loonix btw.

>>612684574do you run xp or 7 on it? ssd or hdd?

>>612661438>PC gaming>comfylolBut serious though hellish quart is fucking dope, it's like eurojank bushido blade

>>612661438>The AI’s reaction to seeing how effortlessly it made you cum using training data based on your browsing history


>>612684295why do you stay with something that old

best pc game that any pc can run easily is zombie panic source, co-op horror, free on steam


>>612661438No Mans Sky, Fallout 4, RDR2 and all Metro trilogy for the festivities.

>>612661735blue and green. I thought about getting an amd card to replace my 960 but i still hear bad things about their drivers so i grabbed a 3070 instead

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>>612694993>No Mans Sky, Fallout 4, RDR2 all shit>Metro trilogygood

>>612695469>blue and greenthe only combo for serious gamers

>>612661438Red green currently, but was theorycrafting my next build and It looks blue green. It's nowhere near finalized, but I'm leaning that way.i5 12600k looks too good for the price. There has to be a catch, right?

when is DDR5 gonna actually make sense

God of War.The combat system is TRASH.I'm reminded of the witcher fights, but there are better and worse elements. Better is there isn't the stupid targeting mechanic making you fly across the battlefield randomly. Worse is all the battlefields are tiny little areas you cannot do shit in and multiple enemies constantly fucking each other's hitboxes and throwing projectiles or large attacks you absolutely have to keep dodging from.The skill tree seems completely ass backwards. After you unlock big attacks you realize you do not want them because they all animation lock you into eating every fucking attack.And for some reason the dodge mechanic seems to be working on its own RNG system, half of your rolls do not take you out of range, and half of your sidesteps work and don't.Why are these heavily praised games so trash when it comes to actual gameplay, sure they look pretty and have a nice story but I cannot enjoy any of the fights because they end up being cheesefests to avoid the dumb mechanics.

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>>612684295>>612684574>>612684883I've been meaning to build a little Windows XP nostalgia box to play my old physical games. The parts I have are 2008ish and pic related is the case.

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why do console plebs prey on our downfall? constantly saying that pc gaming isn't comfy

>>612697217>XPno thanks great grandpa

>>612696848>The combat system is TRASH.fag.>Why are these heavily praised games so trash when it comes to actual gameplayif you think its so trash why don't you stop playing it then

Factorio for a 4th playthrough and Rise Of The Tomb Raider

>>612661438I've been playing Opus Magnum, I'm still only in the early puzzles but its a lot of fun.

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>>612671162Zero build hooked me in hard

>>612661735Team All Red

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>>612700159fag>>612699889how many times do you pause tomb raider to fap to Lara be honest

>>612661438I'm playing through Gothic for the first time. It's an amazing game so far and that fucking In Extremo cameo caught me off guard.Hope to have my Steam Deck to play Gothic 2 on that once I finished the first one.

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>>612661438Witcher 3 with a hud mod