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You know the drill. Get in here!

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okay now what

>>612659823... We talk about Star Fox. Duh.

So you all know that fighter craft in space is completely absurd, right?

>>61265961960 FPS Star Fox 1+2 remakes when?

>>612659619Wolf looks so cute in that.

I just want Assault 2.

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>>612661909Wolf is always cute!

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I'm ready for a new Star Fox game bros. Let Zippo be telling the truth.

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>>612662060I'd like that or Star Fox 2 + Command's personal ships.

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>>612663313Forget about the "game" half of this leak, what about the animated project? Will it be puppetry? CGI? 2D cartoon? Will it contain Miyu & Fay?

How do I stop getting assraped in the SF2 dogfights?

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>>612665050Smart Bombs and barrel rolls, my friend!

>>612659619Is this by the artist who did the comic for Nintendo Power?


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>>612659619I want a star fox with only human characters just as nice fuck you to furfags.

>>612665050Stop boosting the framerate on emulator.Lag bullet-time is intentional in old games.SNES Star foxes in particular are really fucking hard if you have half the time to react to shit you're supposed to.

>>612665604I'm on SNES classic so that's not a problem

Replaying 64 to git gud again. Trying to aim for medals and cannot seem to land any of them except for Fichina because Star Wolf is free points. Any pro tips to git gud a little faster?

Attached: star fox chill.jpg (943x1200, 128.89K)>miyamoto originally wasn't even going to put smart bombs in zero until people bitched at him at e3 2015 about itSo this series sure is fucked under him, eh?

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>>612665995Charge shot is your best friend for medals.If you hold Z and R at the same time it won't lock on and you can fire them a lot faster.Try aiming for the ground or walls next to enemies to get free +1s. Groups of enemies that take more than one charge shot to kill can also give bonus points more than once so try and take advantage of this if you can.When there are swarms don't be afraid to bomb. While you could get bonus points with a good lock on a bomb will kill many more enemies than you'd get from the bonus. Some times when there's a big group in the back ground you can also reach out and touch them with a bomb. You can score loads of points from minefields this way as well.

>>612665297Might be. It does looks similar.

>>612661828Dunno about remakes but PC ports should theoretically be able to achieve that, right? I was at one point in a discord server for decomps of both but left because the users were too dense. Would recreating both games in Ex-Zodiac via mods be possible?

>>612664616I don't think I've seen this picture of Katt before, star fox threads are usually the same few pictures posted over and over and over again, nice contribution user

>>612665050If you're talking about the generic enemy squadrons, don't even fight them. Take Falco or Fox as one of your pilots, switch over to them before engaging, and instakill all of them with a bomb. Works on all but one or two types, one of which is the bullshit teleporting fuckers that you should avoid anyways and let the satellite shoot.

>>612667532What the hell is Katt's deal anyway? I can't find any hard confirmation if she's supposed to be a mercenary or not.

How the hell hasn't anyone bought Arwings after how well they performed under Star Fox? Are Space Dynamics retarded?

>>612670879Presumably the Star Fox company owns the copyright, and they ain't sellin'.

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>>612667532np user. Always happy to take part in a Star Fox thread.>>612670661>What the hell is Katt's deal anyway?Basically, she's Falco's old friend from his biker days.>I can't find any hard confirmation if she's supposed to be a mercenary or not.I think she's just a drifter who sometimes takes on jobs like helping in the fight against Andross in 64 at times.

>>612671156I thought Star Fox just got a deal on them for doing prototype testing. But surely they'd be out of the prototype phase by Adventures.

>>612670879Arwings are extremely overdesigned military prototype fighters.They're really fucking expensive and probably weren't intended to be sold in bulk. G-diffuser tech got put in everything after their preformance in the lylat wars so it's not like space dynamics isn't making bank.Pay no attention to the fact that the Star Fox team 3d prints arwings in Assault. I cannot explain that.

>>612670879>Because of the complexity of its components, most notably the G-diffuser system, the Arwing is not yet slated for full production. Four prototypes have been made available to the Star Fox team for flight and combat testing.Besides that, I would imagine they're just really, really, prohibitively expensive. One of the Smash trophies did imply that the Cornerian fighters from Assault are inferior mass-produced variants. Trophy info is often of dubious canonicity, but it's as good an explanation as any.

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>>612662060I don't. It is a bad game with fundamentally bad design

She wants to order

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>>612671475>Pay no attention to the fact that the Star Fox team 3d prints arwings in Assault. I cannot explain that.Yeah, that was silly. It's not an issue until Corneria, where Fox's Arwing gets blown up and he inexplicably has one later. Maybe he's using Peppy's. Where the hell they got a new one for Krystal is another matter. Presumably Space Dynamics built them one.

>>612671604What is she ordering?

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>>612662060You'll get more 64 rehashes and you'll like it.

>>612672032A lot of something unhealthy and Expensive

>>612672161But Fay is a proper lady who needs to watch her figure...

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>>612671234>But surely they'd be out of the prototype phase by Adventures.It 100% is by the time of Assault given it's the most potent firepower in Lylat and that's not something you just give to a prototype. Plus in Command there's an Arwing II and I'm pretty sure that would need Arwing I to be done before Arwing II could be made.>>612671475>Pay no attention to the fact that the Star Fox team 3d prints arwings in Assault. I cannot explain that.tbf they also have Warp tech with no need for a warp gate or anything as seen in assault as well. Plus in Command all the SF team arwings are modded into different planes so I just think the SF team is just crazy with their tech and the most intelligent people in Lylat help with that too.

>>612672043I've actually did like the 64 rehashes so far. 64 3D is better than the original and zero is not that bad

>>612662060I'd love this. Assault with 16 players would be some chaotic bullshit. even with lag online it would be more fun than this time locked splatoon bullshit.

>>612672208Fay WAS a proper lady. She left that and her family behind her when she joined the military

>>612671485Well that fighter is ugly as shit

>>612672276>64 3D is better than the original>zero is not that bad

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>>612672336No one is going to play that outside of a handful of assault diehards. There are already a number of popular multiplayers shooters on switch as is. There's no incentive for people to actually buy and play a star fox game like that

I just came up with a headcanon. Fay is a major figure in Space Dynamics(Why do you think her family is rich?), and Miyu is a test pilot who works for the company. This is why they were on the team temporarily in 2, they were just hanging out to test prototypes when Andross attacked.

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>>612672579Fuck you. Assault's Arwing is the coolest behind the original SNES version.

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>>612672595Outside of voice-over changes 3ds version is better by most accounts

>>612672816Good thing I wasn't talking about Assault's Arwing then

>>612665995hey is you, did you recovered from that ass surgery?

>>612672816The Arwings in Starlink were actually partially based on the Assault look

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>>612672579They literally stole the v wing design from revenge of the sith

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>>612672782Doesn't the online manual for SF2 say they were "drafted" into Starfox? Meaning, they didn't have a choice whether to join or not?

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>>612672778There's no incentive for anyone to play any fucking starfox game because everyone already played 64 which is all they've made in the past 10 years.

>>612672973>"drafted" into Starfox?By Fay's relative who runs the company, yes.

>>612673130>>612672973If only there was a way to find

>>612671485>take the arwing>tear off the g-diffusers and stabilizers>replace them with thatI do have to wonder what sort of difference that made when flying it vs an arwing.It couldn't have been very good inside an atmosphere.

>>612673190>Star Fox is back. With upgraded Arwing fighters and two new members drafted from the Cornerian army>DraftedLooks like I was correct!

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Guess what I'm playing.

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>>612672912That's why it looks ugly

>>612673523>DraftedAre they prepared for what's to com

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>>612673543I am playing this but on my actual n64. Lotta progress has been made but it still is a tough cookie to crack like anything rareware

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>>612673673you must be invested if you're an everdrive user. do you use the dp discord?

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>>612673523Since when do merc crews have the ability to pick people from the military and say "yeah, we're taking them"

The girls look like they fuck human men

>>612673543How much of the game is actually playable, anyways?

>>612673839I do but I barely talk to anyone. I just share findings now and then

>>612671493>>612672778Protip: you're not obligated to seethe about Assault in every single thread it gets positively regarded in and further reveal to the world you were a friendless loser and probably too young to have ever seen a physical copy of the game anyway.

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>>612673840When a madman with an army goes all out to destroy your planet out of revenge?

>>612672912It very much seems like an amalgamation of Assault and Zero's designs.

>>612673908I think there is more game playable than there is shit to do in DP. I remember how fucking disappointed I was when the game just jumped like 40% at the end and there was still shit I didn't even do and empty areas that something clearly was supposed to happen in but didn't. One thing I'll say about the n64 game so far is that it has filled in so many gaps the gamecube game just left there.

>>612672912Assault's version of the Landmaster also influenced all its future appearances. Brawl took its cockpit, blue "G-Diffuser" pieces, and cannon barrel, and stapled the tank treads from 64 to them. Then Brawl's version was used as the basis of the 64 3D and Zero models.

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>>612673575Hi Patch


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>>612674180Assault taught me how fucking fun it is to just run people over with the land master.I caused many fights till they learned how powerful landmines were against it

>>612674339>pick flaco>fly people off the top for two of their lives because it lasts so fucking longbrawl was a mistakelol

Thinkin' I might check out Starlink, just for the hell of it. >>612674180>>612674254>>612674339The Landmaster confuses me. I can't tell if it's a single seater or not. I certainly hope not, because that would be damn stupid.

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>>612674254It looks ridiculous with just 4 wheels

>>612659619>everyone has taht shitty steel feet because of that retardIts stuff like these that makes me hate the artist>>612662060Don't we all?

>>612672906still in-progress much like my git gudding, maybe should try getting medals on the easy path first to ease my way into it

>>612674745The original 64 incarnation was like the size of a fucking house, assuming "sm" equals "space meters."

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>>612675064The artist works on sonic comics

>>612661263Yeah well sometimes that need to enter a planet’s atmosphere and dogfight there so it makes to build a fighter craft that can work in space and in an atmosphere so they don’t have to double the work unnecessarily


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>>612675268I am aware. The artist went with the retarded robot feet meme and ruin a perfect art with that bullshit.

>>612675294Is general pepper secretly a pimp?

>>612675064Robot legs are cool, shut up. Yes, I know that muh blood flow g-forces shit doesn't make any sense, they're still cool.

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>>612675187My being hose sized is a bit much, but it is nice that it's a proper APC. Wish they'd show it being used as such.

>>612675510It looks like fucking shit and people eat that faggots theory up and billions of other shit that he has no knowledge of.

>>612675510Imagine Krystal joining star fox much later on and thinks it's a real thing soshe actually amputates her feet only to learn after the fact it wasn't true


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>>612675804I wish the fire blast had that level of kick in Star Fox Adventures.

>>612675725Is fay the second tallest out of everyone?

>>612675725Jeez, why do people care about scrapped characters with 1 sentence of lore so much?

>>612675925Waifufags gonna waifufag.

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>>612675925... Yeah, it's a real mystery.

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>>612675294So did Fox and co just sit around in space just watching the war?

>>612675510star fox if he real

>>612676104They're merc. They have other jobs.

>>612675925lets not pretend the rest of starfox is that fleshed out. Design matters.Also. Starfox 2 has has been released now so technically not scrapped anymore

>>612676559It's still part of a scrapped timeline.

>>612659619did that animated series ever get finished? the one the guy crowd funded on youtubei forget its name and all i get is furry porn looking for it

>>612675725would you like the concept of different Arwing types back?

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>>612675925They just have cute, appealing designs.It's honestly one of the biggest reasons this series still has a following after all its constant blunders, people like the characters and their designs

>>612676378Other than Falco hanging with his space gangs, what does the rest of Star Fox busy themselves with?

>>612676640with zero going back to 64 and retelling that. they might give the same fate to all games after

>>612676720>everyone's eyes are closed except slippy and miyuthey did a good job replicating the fuckups of 90s manuals

>>612676559>not scrapped anymoreThey became Bill and Katt

>>612675923Yes, second only to falco.

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>>612677264not in the og timelinebesides. Faye and Miyu can still be brought back if they wanted as different characters

I just want a new game...

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>>612677956I want a Starfox game written by Silvercase/Flower Sun and Rain era Suda51. Bonus points if he has Wolf be gay

Will the next game continue the 64 timeline or the Zero timeline?Or reboot the series again?

>>612678604The SNES timeline.

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Does any wise sage know who voices Fox in this version? It doesn't sound like a Rare person.

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>>612676640By that logic all games except for zero is scrapped timeline

>>612679160Same actor as in the final version, Steve Malpass.

>>612679179Yes? Original Star Fox is a scrapped timeline. 64 rebooted it. Now 64 is a scrapped timeline and Zero rebooted it.

>>612679179Honestly Zero itself may as well be a scrapped timeline as well, it was one of Nintendo's biggest failures in modern times and it's been almost seven years since its release and the closest thing it's had to any kind of sequel is a Ubisoft crossover that's more or less non-canonical to anything anyways.

>>612679220Awesome dude. Maybe it's the machine sound clarity, but he sounds a little more like Sonic I think.

>>61267860464 timeline is butchered beyond repair due to its not so good sequels. Best to start clean again

>>612679881By that logic the Zero timeline has already shit the bed as >>612679495 pointed out. At that point you may as well just being making a direct sequel to 64, considering that's the game people actually like and is also readily available on Switch through NSO (unlike Zero which will never be ported).

>>612680472>unlike Zero which will never be portedAnd star fox 2 will never get released.

>>612680749Zero would be a pain to port due to unorthodox controls and it also being the worst selling star fox game in the entire series.Star fox 2 was just a rom that was easily emulated on the switch after it was released on the snes mini.

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>>612680749SF2 was already a finished game that was readily available to go and emulate. Zero on the other hand requires far more work due to being build around the two screen gimmick (which doesn't even exist on Switch) and you know it.

>>612681149>>612681191Command got a re-release on the wii U eshop. Nifty the next console after aeitch has dual screen features like wii U then it is very possible zero can return without being remade for 1 screen

>>612681381We are still far away from the next console also I doubt we are going to have duel screen feature because of how hard the WIIU flopped and how most of nintendo devs never even bother to use duel screen for game mechanics.

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>>612681948I can't believe Fox is fucking dead

People pretending to care about a StarFox timeline is bizarre.>The comic is non-canon>SF2 is non-canon>SF64 is a reboot>Zero is a reboot>People have mixed feelings about Adventures/Assault/Command as a continuationIn short, every game in the series is separate, non-canon, or disliked

>>612681948Save him


>>612682152I mean look at at the sales of star fox in fucking Japan 64 is on top yet 643ds is the second lowest selling game.Nintendo must have be having an aneurysm figuring out what the fans want.

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>>612682152SF2 is a sequel to the original SF. It was designed that way, it was released that way. It's not "non-canon" anymore.Assault carries on from Adventures, and Command carries on from Assault. There are elements from each game calling back to the previous one.

>>612682153Save Star Fox daily

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>>612682578Get out of the way Krystal I want to see the sex lizard

>>612675725>wolf, leon, pigma and algy have no official artworkCringe

>>612678117Gay? Nah, bi would be alright though

What does Fay's fur feel like?

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>>612661909I thought he wore an eyepatch? Is it just decoration or artist forgot?

>>612683478cum and matted hair

>>612683481Probably forgot

>>612683481Wolf wears an eyepatch, but not in SF2.His model in assault also still has an eye under his scouter thing so he may very well just wear the eyepatch for the aesthetic.

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>>612683478Fur.>>612683481It seems to be something of an amalgamation. His clothes look like Star Fox 2's design, where he didn't have an eyepatch, but the head as a whole kind of resembles Assault and Command, albeit in Benimaru's style.

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>>612684017How did he get his flier's license if he doesn't have any depth perception?

>>612684090He's an outlaw he don't need no license.

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>>612676878making maps

get this game if it ever goes on salenot exactly a pure starfox game but it's still at least a good game on its own

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>>612684442It's literary just an ubisoft game but with spaceships.The only reason it sold at all on the switch is because people like that idea of an open world star fox game and want star fox to have a BotW moment which will probably never happen

>making the warp in Meteo after all these yearsThere's hope for me after all, space furries.

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>>612674847I love the animation. It feels so natural.

>>612662060This game was huge for me when I was a kid

>>612659619>all they have to do is make SF64 but with much more branching and story beats>refusewhyit takes so little development effort and would literally print moneyi don't get it

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>>612683748Couldn’t his assault model be explained by the modelers being lazy and not bothering making a closed/scarred eye since it wouldn’t be visible anyway so just mirroring the other side of the face would suffice? In any case I always imagined his scouter thing being some sort of prosthetic that went inside his eye socket

>>612673672Was this drawing supposed to be Fay and Miyu's version of this?

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>>612662060I want a Starlink 2, where you make a human character that uses the portal to go to Corneria and join one of the squadrons. With romance options.

Post Rare Fays. Come on, I know you guys have the good stuff or OC.

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>>612665004>Nintendo buys Fredryk Phox's animation and fully realizes it with their animation staff>the next game is set in that alternate universe>significantly long makeout scenesimagine

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>>612685485Of course, I'm just reaching to explain why the fanart looks like that.Most vidya models are made with the assumption that you won't rip them out and check under the hood.

>>612685618Most of my "rare" Fays would get me banned. I think this is the closest I can go.

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There is a scene in Assault where you kinda get a look behind the scouter. It just looks like it's closed.

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>>612665530i dont suppose youve hear of starwars

>>612684840Now do it in the cockpit mode.


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>>612685291I'm glad other people like the N64 aesthetic.

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>>612685618I keep her to myself and play as her.

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Attached: 13744__safe_artist-colon-joeadok_fay+28star+fox29_miyu+28star+fox29_sheeply+vilakazi+star+fox_bovid_canine_dog_feline_human_lynx_mammal_sheep_anthro_nintendo.png (956x634, 294.89K)

>>612690706Didn't Sheeply evolve into Fay and Lady Bennett evolve into Miyu?

>>612692262Maybe. The May builds seem to suggest that.

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>>612685418I'd like to see a sequel to Assault that uses the Arwing gameplay style. I think the problem with the Star Fox series is that its a tentpole series for Nintendo since Smash Bros. and its a relic of the past. The games are short by design. No saves between stages. Nowadays, the expectation is that your game has to be 20+ hours before the end credits and save points are easily available. The games since 64 have tried different methods to extend the length of the game.

>>612694292SF64 still holds up fine as an hour-long game. The problem is it's too good and can't be surpassed.

>>61268215264-Adventures-Assault-Command is pretty much the only actual continuity the series has. Everything else is basically just stuck in a weird developmental no man's land.

>>612684162Alright then, how many times has he crashed into shit that was closer than he thought because he doesn't have 3D vision?

For all of Miyamoto's desperate NEED for gimmicks, I'm kinda surprised the series never went full on mecha. Like, fuck the chicken walker, just do anthro Gundam. Hell, have be literal anthro Gundam, with Lylat as the Federation and Venom as Zeon. At least that would explain why the hell anyone follows Andross in the first place.

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>>612701674They even got started on the idea in 64. Bringing back the walker for Zero feels like a half-step in that direction.

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>>612701886>filenameHeh. Genuinely surprised they managed to restrain themselves from putting in a red one that moves three times as fast. And sure, some diehards would complain, but I doubt too many people would really have much of a problem with Arwings being rebooted as mechs.

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>>612701071none, he has that "terrain, terrain, pull up, pull up" voice thingy