<<Today's my birthday! An Ace Combat thread sure would be nice.>>

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Sword Sp.W when?

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>>612658767happy birthday OP

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>>612659367>765bravo namco

>>6126600577 was the first game in a while that didn't have idolmaster skins.

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So is 6 good enough to emulate yet

happy birthday man

>>612661160It's shit but I guess it sells well enough for them to lose money on actual games so I guess I can't bitch.

Best Jet? And why is it the MiG-31?

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skyeye was such a bro in AC4

>>612661529You probably meant the Rafale

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>>612661529>Ivan, we made a brick fly!>Really? How fast?>ДA

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>>612661529>go online into any infinite point game>slap on the long range tracking missiles >fly to the edge of the map, turn around, and hover >drop undodgeable missiles up OP planes asses>speed away if anyone realises what you're doing and go to the other side of the mapBest I ever got was 190k funbucks from one round. People dogfight so much in AC7 and I have no idea why.


>>612658767So what's the official Holla Forumserdict of how the games rank?

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>>612661529This is my planefuthere are many like herbut this one is mine

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>>612662156Whichever one you like > The ones you don't like

>>612661826the fill tube kills it

>>612658767Never played the games, but one day I will.Happy Birthday OP

Reminder that Shattered Skies had the worst story.>so you're following this kid, and he has a crush on this girl, and they have nothing to do with the plot, BUT OOOOH THEY MET YELLOW 30 and his waifu yellow 14 >but oh noes they both died>let's sniff their handkerchief haha that's totally not creepy>oh by the way you know that superweapon that we hyped up as obscenely powerful? Yeah there's an even more stronger one that we kept hidden until LITERALLY the final mission XD

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>>612662373It was a transitional game, the (real) 3 was ambitious as fuck while 5 was when the series found it's formula. 4 story wise they didn't really know what they were doing. Still a decent game though

>>612658767I'll leave these for you OP. When it comes to the music of Ace Combat, most will think of Keiki Kobayashi. But Go Shiina's compositions for 3D Cross Rumble (Assault Horizon Legacy) absolutely deliver.youtube.com/watch?v=WYDI_lkqyE0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfojCsF549s

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Happy birthday, OP>>612662373>Not grasping the point of the most basic "civilian under the occupation" war story being parallel to the player'sRead a bookAny book

>>612658767Happy birthday. I just bought Project Wingman since it's going for cheap and I want to scratch that AC itch till 8 gets announced some day

>>612659367>>612661160anal aircraft

>>612662373>Oh boy I sure do love being a mercenar- OMG IS THAT A NUKE AAAAA I'M GOING INSANE GALM ONE HELP >I'm going to kill as much people as I can to prove that war is bad because I'm the good guy>Hello friend, still biologically fit to live? Cool, somehow I found this state-of-the-art experimental fighter jet in my basement>Something sometging brazilian music, epic squadrons, amazing FMV cutscenes, biblically accurate referencesI couldn't refrain myself from standing up and clapping at every single line, truly AC0 is the absolute best.

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>>612662683People shit on 5, but it's really where the series combined everything. 4 tried, but a lot of 4 is just a retread of AC2, and as a whole game it's almost as barebones with constant score attack missions. 5 is where you get what AC became known for, combining the gameplay of 4, story of 3, expanding mission types, plus the smaller things like the first game to label everyone talking on screen instead of just FRIEND/ENEMY/AWACS. Unfortunately 5 is too melodramatic and has some shit missions on replays, so it's 0 that gets all the love even though Pixy and PJ are just Chopper and (literally) Grimm 2.0.

>>612658767Happy Birthday, user. I've never played an Ace Combat game, but I got this flight stick for 5 bucks at a flea market and think it might be time to try out some flight games. Is 7 a good one to start with?

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>no one getting the joke

>>612663996Do they still make sidewinders or is that an older one?

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>>6126639967 is a fine place to start, mostly because its a pain in the ass to legally obtain the older games besides a used disk and original hardware, or emulate with differing degrees of success. Really though, a controller isn't a bad device for the basic stick and rudder controls the game has.


>>612664292>emulate with differing degrees of success. Air Combat, AC2, and 3 on the PS emulate perfectly, as does X on the PSP. PCSX2 has come far enough that 4/5/0 are perfect in software mode as well; IIRC the only major bug in using hardware rendering is clouds not showing up. 6 is still the buggy one.

>>612664108It's a late 90s stick, it's old. But it seems like I got an amazing deal judging by the ebay listings.

>>612664631I remember Sidewinders being pushed as the biggest thing for flight/combat flight/space sims from the 90s and 00s. I figured they'd be made forever but they apparently tapped out in the mid 00s.

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>>612663996Unless it has been changed or modded, AC7 only works with modern flight sticks.At release the PC version got review bombed because people couldn't play the game using their old sticks.Ace Combat is a controller game though, you don't gain anything from using a flight stick. It's not realistic or even trying to be.

>>612658767> Just bought a ps3> found out ac 6 is on xbone onlyIt’s not fair…

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>>612664748Microsoft doesn't really make peripherals anymore since they're all Xbox now.

>>612666130Does the Xbox not have any flight sticks, wheels or anything?

>>612666361Not that I know of. Wheels are all third party for both consoles and PC, usually Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc. Sticks, HOTAS setups, extra button pads and all that are almost exclusively a PC thing.

>>612662175that's a penis

>>612662365why not now

>>612662373>oh by the way you know that superweapon that we hyped up as obscenely powerful? Yeah there's an even more stronger one that we kept hidden until LITERALLY the final mission XDthat's basically every game though. in 2, fortress intolerance was the final mission that required destroying the cruise missile earlier; 4 mirrors this with megalith, although it's required this time. 5 has the arkbird and then the SOLG, 0 had the V2 and pixy's magical flying machine, and JP3 has all sorts of crazy bullshit in each route's final mission

>>612663951>Unfortunately 5 is too melodramaticThis, I liked some of the missions but 5's story was honestly too far up it's own ass. It also needed Zero's spare mechanic especially for that one mission where the Yukes and Oseans are considering defecting to your side

>>612664519>the only major bug in using hardware rendering is clouds not showing upI tried Hardware mode a few months ago and I was getting the no collision bug, Software is fine though I'd occasionally have nothing but black paintjobs

>>612668276>5's story was honestly too far up it's own ass.I don't get how people say this and then fall for Larry "I'm just sad" Foulke.>>612668398Oh, my mistake. I played through in software anyway so I didn't know the collision bug was still around. The black paintjob thing is fixed by the same patch that removes interlacing.

>>612658767happy birthday

I want to fuck the su-30sm

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>>612668483Pixy was a phenomenal final boss at least, though and I'm half convinced most of the dick sucking is just "did nothing wrong" memes. 5's final mission intro gave me PTSD to Dragon Age Inquisition and I can't forgive it for that

>>612668968if you don't think the journey home is the tightest shit then you can get out of my fucking face

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just started Ace Combat X, honestly shocked just how much it plays like a PS2 AC game when it was originally on the PSP. I've been mostly playing it before bed so I haven't been paying close attention to the story/music, should I turn up the volume a bit more next time I play?

>>612669101That scene where they're all singing was the sappiest corniest fucking shit in a game FULL of sappy corny shit still fun though

>>612669349X has some fucking excellent tunes, dude, one of the most interesting soundtracks in the series at timesAnd yeah X is basically a PS2 game on inferior hardware, it's greatThe story isn't all that important, the only thing that's really any good is hearing Crux go from being a rookie out of his depth to a competent officer who knows Aurelia can win

>>612669349It's running on a modified AC04 engine, if I remember right, so it should feel like a PS2 game despite the cut framerate and iffy controls. The heavier, less tail happy planes in particular feel more like the older AC titles where every player would smack into the ground at least once because they couldn't pull up fast enough.> should I turn up the volume a bit more next time I play?Holy fuck yes, the voice acting is all mediocre (but fun, given the accents) but the soundtrack is legitimately great, like a mix of 3's futurism and electronica with a dash of 4's orchestra stuff but without directly sounding like any other game.

>>612669403At this point I live for sappy corny shit. Fuck the police. I'll take 20 missions of that and creepshots of Nagase's feet than one more hour of "i'm a mercenary who kills for money but ohhhh war bad, countries bad (even though they're paying me), i'm going to kill more but without money this time"

>>612669543>>612669634I'm only 4 missions deep so I'll restart my playthrough to keep an ear out for the music then.

>>612669912good manyoutube.com/watch?v=SSaZtqXoSl4

>>612669813>"i'm a mercenary who kills for money but ohhhh war bad, countries bad (even though they're paying me), i'm going to kill more but without money this timeyou did not understand pixy at all.

>>612670927by being a merc for hire, pixy directly fuels the military industrial complex with none of the obligations of an actual countryman, strengthening governments and their armaments while weakening their relation with their own citizens. everything he cries about borders and wars is helped by his own actions and people like him, as if the 12,000 people belka vaporized had any say in what their glorious leaders were doing or who they wanted to wage war with

>>612671524the thing about pixy was that he was not ideologically driven but rather a cocky heroic pilot yet still aligns as a soldier. the bombing of hoffnung pushing larry to the breaking point is literally an anology to real world bombings and it's at that point pixy changes and becomes an ideologically driven character and defects to AWWNB.what did AWWNB fight against? not borders but balkanization(hence belka hehe), but in the end after their defeat the surrounding areas around belka proved to be peacefu, proving AWWNB and pixy wrong and they realized.I think you just missed the tiny detail that characters can change through a story.

For me, it's this crazy bitch.

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>>612672096>not borders but balkanization(hence belka hehe), but in the end after their defeat the surrounding areas around belka proved to be peacefu, proving AWWNB and pixy wrong and they realized.>but also Belka itself wasn't peaceful and led to several other wars later on, directly or indirectly, because Belkans in general are fucking bonkers and seven nukes wasn't enough

>>612672619deep extremist groups within belka were the ones responsible, the balkanization of the splintered belka wasn't that bad.also they're fucking buttmad belkans not much more needs to be said.

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>>612673106>deep extremist groupsWe call them 'young Erusean officers' now.

>>612658767what do you guys think of deadly skies?

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>>612673254Never played it but I see what appear to be rods from god in the upper right so you have my attention.

>>612661529I really like the forward swept wing ones like the Berkut.

>>612673254Hold on are there jets that transform into mechs?

>>612672382She's too crazy. For me, it's this rude bitch.

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>>612674010>not wanting to stick your dick in crazy

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>>612674330she is worse than crazy, she is- may profit forgive me for uttering this- a g*neral resource employee

>>612673315It's basically Ace Combat 5 but all the developers were on cocaine. It's incredibly jank, but I think it's worth at least emulating and playing through at least once, just for the experience. And yeah, you go to space for the last few missions.>>612673556Those are just boss fights, sadly, you don't get a Macross machine of your own.

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>>612661946Just barely scraped 1st trying this and this happened. I wasn't even loitering on the edge like you said to.

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>>612669349youtube.com/watch?v=KcQ5bk5bhjkthis here is the best song from X in my opinion

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>>612674754Alect is definitely one of the highlights of the soundtrack. Great fight, too.


>>612674852>Pixy's paint job>Cipher's markingsAlways bothered me a little.

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>>612675007The dog's head is Galm Team's logo, isn't it? Not Cipher's in particular, but still no reason why Pixy'd want it on there other than shits and giggles.

>>612674852i love forward-swept wings so much, bros

>>612661529For me, in my case?Real? F-15.Semi-real? Su-37.More phony than a 3 dollar bill? FALKEN.

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>>612673254I will now play your game.

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>>612675218Pixy sure didn't have Ustio's markings on his either.

>>612662712>not posting the most BUSSIN' trackyoutube.com/watch?v=QOL1_w9EwScfitting that the best mission from 2 is also the best mission from the remake

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>>612674010the fact that she is tsundere for fucking Count ruins her for meI don't wanna waifu someone with shit taste

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>>612674489General Resources is the only company to keep the F-15 alive in the future and by God you will cease this slander against them Neucom Numale

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>>612675513>no one saying 6 is the best 0/10 immersion ruined

>>612675218032 is cipher011 is pixyI don't know what this number is supposed to be? mercenary f-15c serial numbers? but it's weird that it persists on the official galm 1 ADFX-01.pixy in the ADFX-02 over avalon dam didn't have any aircraft serial number but probably because it's an experimental aircraft quickly painted and armed up.

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>>612675351Well, that's a render of the 7 model and skin, IIRC, where they sorta mixed stuff together. It's got the correct Belkan pyramid on the tail and no dog's head or 032 in 0.

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>>612675296I see at least four of my fetishes there and you now have my undivided attention.

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>>612675603at least it's mostly in the DLC, there's still time to fix her and get the perfect mean girl azn jet pilot waifu

>>612662156even without the sound extension I could hear ityoutu.be/wYJ6fSr-on4?list=LL

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>>612675885>tanned skin with blonde hair>short hair>bitch face>boobiesdid i get them right

>>612675885The lead character designer was a hentai artist, hell if I can remember the name. You kill that particular chick while she's piloting a giant mech attacking allied dropships descending to the surface of Mars. Oh, and your base commander is a genetically modified 14-year old girl.

>>612669912Oh yeah, if you're emulating, grab the HD texture pack from Ostrich over at superostrich.xyz/ if you're emulatingHe's an /aceg/ oldfag and he did really great work, game looks really good with it


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>>612662156I present thee the canon powerlevels.

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>>612675630>using a fucking 80 year old design with cameras duct-taped into the cockpitNo wonder General Lack of Resource is losing so hard.

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>>612675513is this version new? I remember there being another one that was funny

>>612668601I want to fuck her duckface cousin

>>612676150Not bad, buddy. I'd counted the first two combined (short blonde hair and tanned skin) and the fourth was thick, full lips. Throw in specifically boobies exposed in a cleavage-bearing formal or military outfit.

>>612676231Oh yeah doesn't PCSX2 support texture mods now? Someone with actual talent should make something.

>>612676234ok this Jun tsukasa dude is pretty based nevsepic.com.ua/art-i-risovanaya-grafika/13568-tsukasa-jun-original-illustration-artbook-89-rabot.html

>>612676331I hope 8 has more robust multiplayer modes. I miss Infinity.

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>>612661160I wish we got full skins instead of just emblems.

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>>612672382Domming these aryan cuties was hot as fuck for me. Long live Su-47 twins

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>>612676234This is just boring in comparison, she's got a mop on her head.>>612676167>The lead character designer was a hentai artist, hell if I can remember the name.Wouldn't be the first time I've played a game like that, one of the old Megaman artists drew porn of most of the girls.>You kill that particular chickGoddammit, of course, but I should have expected it because that character design always says villain you kill in a Japanese game. I JUST WANT MORE GAMES THAT FULFILL MY OVERLY SPECIFIC BONER I GOT FROM PLAYING MGS2 AT A FORMATIVE AGE

>>612676521I think there's only one guy doing PS2 AC modding and he's more focused on plane swaps, which is still pretty cool but the swapping planes instead of adding them means it's going to stay niche

>Can you see any borders from here? What has borders given us?>We're going to start over from scratch. That's what V2 is for.Was Pixy anprim or globalist?

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>>612676167>It's like I'm wearing nothin' at all!

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>>612676805He was an idiot

>>612676725It's great how much more detail the DLC had, hearing your allies specifically call out the Mimic interceptors as Berkuts, or Glamrock Squadron (RIP you absolute fucking legends) in their F-4s.

>>612676825That dude is probably the least crazy/assholish playable pilot after Ruth too.

>>612677101I want MORE

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>>612675513>post tomboynow we're talking

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>>612677280Now that Bandai knows Ace Combat can print money, AC8 should hopefully resemble the quality of the DLC missions, and moreIt's gonna be fucking great

>>612674330Pretty sure she's already got a gross user

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>>612676725i want to know what the fuck they meant when they said they'd tried to be heroes, they really did>>612674330>normally shoot down rage first and scream does lazy loops and shouts a bunch>shoot down scream instead for giggles>rage brings out SPAMRAAMs

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>>612677749Undercover shit, like Blazing Angels II, maybe even to prevent the warIMO Rage's version of Mimic is better and kino>>612677454I hope we get a tomboy in our squadNo Brownie stuff pls

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>>612676725>they've got fake canopies painted in reflective paint on the underside of their jetsfuck, that's a neat detail

>>612677806it has been three games since a Nagase has been in your squad so if it follows that pattern (2, 5, 8) you'll get a cute girl but not a tomboy

>>612677101there was a real effort to make the Eruseans more likable in the DLCs which I think it's interesting to notecombined with Osean higher up trying to assassinate Trigger and you having orders to shoot down fleeing VIPs (this is what happened to Harling sans drone fuckery) make me wonder if this is an effort to set a tone similar to the trailers and the Spare portion of the campaign that went completely away in the final bits of the gamewell sort of the LRSSG and Sol still make an "Independent" squadron for the final mission but I thought made no sense whatsoever

>>612675746>>612675756Man this kind makes me want them to give you a snowflake jet to fight the final boss in 8 that you have to pay for if you want to use it againbut if you use a base jet the game gives gives you a trophy, a bunch of dick sucking dialogue AND lets you get the plane for free

>>612677815But why? You can easily see its fake.

>>612677959Not from a distance you won't, especially with the dazzle camo.

>>612677908>I thought made no sense whatsoeveroh good, it's not just me who's still confused by that whole thing then.

>>612677987If I can see the tail rudders I can tell which side has the canopy. Not that it even matters since no one is going for headshots in a dogfight anyway

>>612676537Thought that was Range Murata's work. I wonder if they're related somehow.

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>>612675746It doesn't really matter. They've shown in the past that Osea flies the Wyvern, Morgan, and Falken at airshows.

Why are short-haired tomboys such a good combo with planes?

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>>612676537>bush and pitsdamn, this artist is SUPER based

>>612678282You wouldn't want long hair around something like that.

I want early cold war-era Ace combat so fucking bad>Belkan """flight instructors""" running MiG Alley over not-korea vs Sabres, Thunderjets and twinstangs>third-world bush wars in some backwater shithole with WW2 relics and various upgunned trainers>early supersonics and weaponised X-Planes as the impossible hyperplanes, flinging AIR-2 Genies and Diamondback Super Sidewinders and wiping out entire bomber groups>stolen XB-70 carrying a payload of SLAMs as the climactic disaster-prevention bossfight

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>>612678282Long hair is good, too. And girls that are feminine instead of being tomboys. I think it's just the jet pilot part that makes them all better.

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>>612677454All I want>Actual ace fights but more Rage/Scream and less Anchorage, I should be allowed to kill them in seconds if I'm that good/lucky>Make sure the enemy aces talk mad shit the entire fight>At least three super weapon set pieces like the Alicorn>Bring back Arcade mode with wild ass alternate versions of classic AC missions>Bring back 5's reply system

>>612678465Didn't mean to discredit the girly pilots. It's just women like Scream appeal me in all the good ways, but yeah I can't see her flying anything else than a Berkut

>>612678438>Here's your Legendary Ace bro

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>>612677884Why not a Nagase AND a tomboy

>>612678097I honestly think at one point in the game you were supposed to engage fanatic Osean forces like in 5. Then it would prompt the LRSSG to go independent to end the war. But in the game, as is, it doesn't make any sense.

>>612678556And make the player-usable superweapons good again. Fuck balancing for multiplayer. I want to be able to wipe out an entire enemy squad as soon as they're visible by turning on the TLS and yawing without having to install mods.

>>612678097It was just a power hungry Osean on the verge of going full Wizard again but the glowies realized what was going on before they caught the blame.Osean has a lot of wizards, warlocks, mages, sorcerers, druids, and others of their ilk. We just need a witch squad now.

>>612673254This game absolutely destroyed my dick when I was a younger.

>>612678438Nah, the series should inch ever closer to the corporate warfare of 3.

>>612678438My nigga, I've been wanting the same thing for another Ace Combat prequel, I always thought prop planes would be boring and that early jets get no love.

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>>612678687Because that's heresy.>>612678567Nah, I get whatcha mean. Nothing against girls who look a bit butch (or more than a bit), those are great too. It's just funny that a game about planes manages to have a good selection of girls that feel like more than just cardboard cutouts or eye candy. Usually. Not counting the Unsung War documentary that must have been like 50% video of Edge's feet, what the FUCK genette

>>612678872>I always thought prop planes would be boringMy friend go play Secret Weapons Over Normandy, shit's a damn good not-Ace Combat, it's made by Lucas Games back WAAAAAAY before the Disney buyout

>>612678805>We just need a witch squad now.estimated time until the players would rebadge them waifu squad: 10 minutes

>>612679047>Unsung War documentary that must have been like 50% video of Edge's feet, what the FUCK genetteNagase couldn't keep still whenever Blaze cross the hall in her general vicinity and she went running yelling about white birds, peace, and riding together.

>>612678872yeah, I really like the idea of WW2 AC on paper but I think reworking the fundamental mechanics to accommodate prop-focused gameplay would basically require it to be a different series. Nothing wrong with that but I don't think Project Aces has the staff or market share to pull it off.Some of the wackier Luft '46 stuff would make for some kino boss fights though

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>>612679128>shoot down witch squad in midgame>they return at the end to be your bodyguards and they all sacrifice themselves to protect you one at a time as you blow up the superweapon

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>>612679268You realize that Sky Crawlers exists right? It's half the reason why they'll never go backwards before the 80s.

>>612678865it has to advance past X first, 7 hinted more at AI, ZOE, general resources and all that, but X is where the COFFIN system really starts becoming common and the fictional planes make up a big part of the roster, including the Cariburn which is almost a spitting image for the later Delphinus line

>>612679128Bring me BITCHsquad>>612679047It's the same with the guys; Ace Combat would be a bit duller if you hadn't character interactions with good personalities>>612679268I'd fucking kill to see some kind of old archived stuff about early Belkan prototypes

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>>612679324>AC 8>Fuck ton of enemy squadrons>You can actively wipe them out instead of just taking out the Ace>If you do you have less allies for the final confrontation with the inevitable terrorist faction that requires everyone to team upAC 8 really needs some things like that to spice up the campaign, it'd be nice if there were certain "secret" objectives in missions that determine small things in the story

>>612679268>I think reworking the fundamental mechanics to accommodate prop-focused gameplay would basically require it to be a different series.Nah, all it really needs is better guns. I know, AC is all about missiles and lots of them, but given something like Project Wingman's fantastic feeling AND powerful autocannons (this is a big one, Project Aces still makes everything feel like peashooters), a gun-only run is not only feasible but actually fun. The whole tone about crazy people, heroes and villains, and aces in the sky would work just as well if not better in WW2; planes in general are really the only place that kind of idealized war works in, reflected from how pilots and aces were seen back then.

>>612679268wtf is this? wirbelschmitt?

>>612679425Anon, the global satellite catastrophe in 7 is a direct link to 3. That's how all the super corps got their power and how the systems were even able to go global.

>>612679215>so autismally obsessed with the Arkbird that after the game, when Harling ends up not building another one, she becomes a fucking astronaut instead just to go to spacei don't care if 7 threw her in as a last second 'member this character??' bit, i love it

>>612679758She must have been pissed when she got back to SR and found out about the Arsenal Birds>YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!???>TWO OF THEM!!!???

>>612679568I hope we get even MORE character wank the more the odds are put against the players>No fucking way user can face all of them by himself! No way!>Anonymous 1, disengage! I repeat disengage!>Jannie, are you seeing this? user is taking them all on!>I wouldn't last a single minute.>Another one down, 20 more to go.

>>612679758Pilgrim One is the new arkbird though.


Attached: 1479761377705.png (932x705, 746.68K)

I'm on my god know how many playthroughs of AC7 and it's my first time using the pulse laser. This thing is fucking busted, I love it

is the AC wiki racist?>>612679895do we actually know what the spaceship looks like?

Attached: file.png (178x43, 948)

>>612679623cannons were great in AC6 (for some reason), but I'm more concerned about the actual planesI'm willing to suspend disbelief for modern jetfighters pulling impossible shit with ridiculous power to weight but I'd like it if AC-with-props had a weightier, more tactical feel with reasonably grounded flight modelsjust reskinning everything to be prop fighters with the exact same gameplay would be weird

Attached: 1657010646853.jpg (800x800, 395.35K)

>>612679623so basically blazing angels

Attached: 425181.jpg (1130x1600, 378.47K)

>>612679897It's in Ace Combat 3 itself. They gained power through rebuilding the global satellite networks and took control of them. Plus Mimics in the DLC show that GR is actively participating in the Lighthouse War to some extent.Plus, remember, the final mission of AC7 was literally about the AI using the elevator as a giant radio tower in order to send out the instructions to build more robot planes and pilot data models to facilities around the world where the machines were just going to be hijacked to build as many as possible and launch them.Who knows what got intercepted by GR, Osean glowies, Yuktobanians, and the Neucom start up dudes.AC7 sets up literally everything leading straight to Nemo, and what isn't in the game itself is in the Aces at War they released later including the scientists from AC3.

>>612679887Anon 1 never flies alone.

Attached: file.png (1920x1080, 2.11M)

>>612680121Heck yes.>>612680304>It's in Ace Combat 3 itself. They gained power through rebuilding the global satellite networks and took control of them.I don't know if I missed that or just forgot it after getting overwhelmed by all the Electrosphere stuff.

I really hope Ace Combat 8 isn't a 3 remake purely because I want it to instead be Ace Combat 32 instead

>>612680304>AC8 is a interquel about dealing with the fallout of the satellite network getting Kessler'd and how the corps wise up to the fact that they're in a perfect position to take over the world>AC9 is a full-on, high budget remake of AC3 or in other words, 3^2

Attached: 1482917256964.jpg (1422x869, 128.83K)

>>612680716>^2Just make it pi user.

>>612680680>>6126807163 squared mind

>>612680716or in other words, 3^2

Attached: 1648173896401.jpg (493x1222, 87.37K)

Does the stealth coating part only have an effect if your jet is already stealth?

>>612680957bulky boi

>>612679402Isn't Sky Crawlers kind of shit?

Attached: Arsenal Bird.webm (853x480, 2.99M)

>>612680625The electrosphere is in the satellite network. That's why the space mission exists.

>>612680680>>612680716>Ace Combat 9 starts out pretending to be an AC3 remake>The big reveal is that it's the real world and the ace that's been hunting your team is actually Nemo and the game deviates from the simulations.

>>612679425The Forneus is the one that would become the Delphinus I think, it even has the AC3 style horizon line in cockpit view (but unfortunately not animated so it's just a line, not a horizon line).

Attached: Forneus_flyby[1].jpg (1602x862, 1.37M)

>>612683215There are a lot of things in 3 I apparently don't remember. yes, I played the JP version.

Attached: ac04-map-isaf_orig.png (993x800, 261.51K)

>>6126639515 was also the first one to cement strangereal as its own thing, instead of just a few islands, usea, and ac4's strangereal that was closer to our own with usea still being united southeast asia or w/e

8 should be the AC where you play as an objectively badong pilot working for General Resources and you have an unquenchable bloodlust and a wAIfu that's recording you. You fly around the world annihilating the militaries of every nation on Strangereal until they have to fuse into the UPEO to even stand up to the growing corporations. And you are promptly kept from wiping them from the face of the Earth in the last mission when your superiors contact you and tell you they signed an extremely lucrative peace agreement with the new organization

Attached: 1A7W.gif (500x281, 938.86K)

Attached: 83333047_p0.jpg (1200x696, 1.16M)

>>612681560I'm pretty sure that's the case?Or at least the increase of the part isn't substantial enough to effect the non-stealth planes by any practical measure


Attached: 75276616_p1.png (1920x1080, 3.22M)

¿Mobius Juan?

>>612684865>Megalith Hat Dance starts to play

>>612684865You fool, put down the castanets or you'll summon HIM

>>612684865ISN'T THAT CIPHER?

Attached: captain_matias_torres_wpap_by_ugigifari_de7patl-fullview.jpg (1920x2561, 502.86K)

Attached: 1621052538891.jpg (582x536, 131.12K)

What kind of planes do you want to see in the next Ace Combat?

Attached: Stealth Draken.jpg (3456x1944, 2.16M)

>>612685915That, but without the funny stealth angles. RETURN MY DRAKEN TO ME.

>>612685915Give me some of the weird shit from X againAlso F-117s, B-2s and SR-71s

>>612685915YA-10B with the fuel-air bomb as it had in 5, please.

Attached: Dual-seat-A-10[1].jpg (1200x600, 329.07K)

>>612685915Hopefully a LOT more timed missions!

>>612686620How is a timed mission a plane?

Attached: ANM-2 Ramiel 2.jpg (1920x1080, 392K)

AC2 Nagase is still the cutest one because she looks the most like Reiko.

Attached: edge color correction.png (413x597, 65.56K)

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Is there any benefit to equipping your plane with rockets as a subweapon in any Ace Combat game on any mission? They just seem all around terrible from my limited experience trying them out.

airplanes WOOOOOW mobious one engage missislew hit target hit nyce kil GOOD JOB MOEBUS ON

>>612689387They're always shit.

>>612687506Well they are sisters, aren't they?>>612689387They're incredibly useful in one mission in AC6And as a consequence they're probably useful in a lot of similar missions but only if you play in a very specific way anyway


>>612689387>>612689516They're incredibly strong in 6. Though most anti ground specials are incredibly strong in 6.


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>>612685915Now that the Chinese jet manufacturer were actually reaching out to PA, i'd reckon we're about to see J20 over in the next game. BAE Tempest would be cool as well i'd say.

>>612676331Why do I see 5 get so hate here? It was my favorite of the PS2 trilogy.

>>612689564>Well they are sisters, aren't they?Yeah, but after about AC5 or so they went in different directions, with AC Nagase getting a pointier face and more obviously Asian features while RR Nagase slowly became more plastic-fantastic looking and lost the little quirks she had in the RR4 era like the eye bags and big teeth. Which makes sense I guess since of course a race queen would be pressured to fit the Japanese mass media market standard, but makes me sad.

>>612689776oh boy here we go

Attached: 1550558909289.png (302x270, 151.84K)

>>612689815Also I fucked that up, IIRC it's AC5 Nagase who is canonically Reiko's sister which just raises further questions since there's the whole Strangereal thing.

>>612689836Did I fuck up by asking that? Sorry I don't post in Ace Combat threads often, I just like the game I don't know what to tell you.

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>>612689776Too much mission time spent talking instead of playing. It's fine the first time you play but on replays it's boring as shit since every second mission has the AC version of a forced walking sequence in an FPS. If you want to have people talk for a minute then put it in a cutscene so I can skip it, don't force me to sit through it every single time.

>>612689663Emmerian weaponry is strongest in the worldExcept for maybe the Belkan tech that went into the Morgan, and Nordennavic weapons that don't even exist>>612689776People don't like Nagase, or the general Hollywoody tone the game goes forThey're wrong but whatever, people have opinions

>>612689776Actual bad gimmick missions, unlike 7.

>>612690201I hated the 7 identify the targets missions until I realized holding target switch to focus on the target counted towards the identify timer.

>>612685915NGAD conceptsairpower teaming/loyal wingman dronesa-12 avenger IIhypothetical production model x-32x-44stuff based on the x-36 and the bird of prey too

Attached: 1445488526254.jpg (250x368, 26.2K)

>>612690201>Actual bad gimmick missionsThat one long mission where you have to fly the trainer jets all around the islands kills any motivation I have to replay. I'd rather play Pipeline Destruction than that, at least PD has a great first half

>>612689924The characters in 5 are all fucking terrible though. They're all either ridiculously evil or ridiculously pure. It doesn't even make sense half the time. You play Journey Home and the game acts like the vice president is evil because he wants to fight Yuktobania, except that mission is all about Yuktobanians (actually Belkans, but we don't know that yet) launching a surprise attack to try and murder as many civilians as possible, because their earlier war crimes weren't bad enough. You'd have to be insane not to want to fight them after that. And then the civilians in that mission actually bitch about it, while the Yuktobanians are actively trying to murder them? Like what the fuck is this? Who the fuck wrote this? This isn't how people act. The people in this game must all be aliens or robots or something, not humans.

>>612690975They're Americans as written by Japanese people, so yes, they're basically alien robotsHamilton and the Belkans fucking suck ass though, I'll agree with that

>>612690975The only real human being (and the real hero) was Chopper, which is why he killed himself when he realized it.

>>612685915aardvark my love

Attached: us-air-force-f-111f-fighter-aircraft-of-the-48th-tactical-fighter-wing-raf-6c0112-1600.jpg (1600x1050, 1.21M)

>>612690975>They're all either ridiculously evil or ridiculously pure.ONE MILLION LIVES

>>612689815>>612689871Man imagine being Reiko>Mom and Dad used to shit on Kei for joining the military and wasting that 4 year degree they paid for>You get to skate by and get to take acting classes and become an idol>Kei gets labeled a traitor>You're the poster girl of a World wide race series>Kei gets turned into a national hero works directly for the President>Ridge Racer has gone defunct with more and more embarrassing gimmicks and you're out of work>Kei is now a fucking astronaut and the first person in fucking space>You're a mom with two kids so at least you got Kei beat in one thing

>>612691729>in the unified Namco universe, Reiko has become a JAV starI'll take it.

>>612691729>tell people all about the Real Racing Roots series and the crowds it drew at its peak>no one knows what the fuck a New York is and the only person who recognizes Italy is some AWACS operator

>>612690975Remember the yukes in their ships who defected to join teh razgriz? I felt that.

>>612691932>only person who recognizes Italy is some AWACS operatorThe thing that really got me was when Knocker mentioned Jesus, so apparently Italy and Jesus both exist in Strangereal and the Ridge Racer girl is Kei's sister.

>>612691729There was an astronaut in 5 who helped you deal with the Ark Bird so Kei wasn't the first person in space, but considering she stopped Ulysses 2.0 she's one of the most important people in spaceAt least she was the first woman inseminated in space because her co-pilot Blaze fucked her up thereReiko's kids are still gonna feel like chumps>>612691932Don't forget swiss cheese

>>612691989I did too but only because I was sinking the ships while they were debating on defecting. THAT did a better job making me feel like a bastard than anything else did in the game. AC5 really needed Zero's surrender mechanic

>>612692078We've always known Jesus existed in Strangereal

Attached: file.png (500x451, 210.7K)

>>612692078The italy reference is only in the english voice over, so that's a translation error.


>>612692150>Blaze>Implying it wasn't a one sided infatuation>Implying Blaze didn't retire immediately (with a full O7 pension) after all that shit and move back to whatever the fuck Osea's equivalent to the Midwest was to live a quiet life with his high school sweet heart

0 deconstructs 5 so5 = kotor0 = kotor II

>>612692078It's best to not think about it, really. It started as presumably a developer inside joke about how the Edge model in AC2 and Reiko's model in RR4 look so similar as well as the shared developers since Namco wasn't as big back then headcount-wise, and since both series have since had so much Lore and Plot added, everything's spiraled into an autistic mess of contradictions, not helped by their own tendency to conjoin stuff like the United Namco Space Force or whatever it is. Also I fucked up and it's actually apparently AC2 Nagase who's Reiko's sister, not AC5, so instead of an astronaut, she's a civilian airliner pilot who was formerly either #2 or #3 in one of the richest mercenary groups around and flying wingman for the guy who singlehandedly turned around two separate wars.

>>612692261I know but it's funnier to think Italy exists somewhere in Strangereal

>>612674852Morgan is my planefu and if the laws of nature allowed it I would hold hands with her.

>>612692078and if italy exists then so does the US, japan, france, and all the rest somehow, since the ridge racer series has been firmly set in our world since at least rage racer adding the manufacturers and their originsthe actual tracks have moved around, like the R4 tracks being renamed and moving from NY/LA/Japan to the fictional Ridge City/State, but even as recent as RR7 the companies are still listed under their real world origins, going as far as including ingame news tickers about Kamata moving their Tokyo headquarters or the Assoluto big wigs meeting with RRR (or whatever the league is called as of now) higher-ups in a restaurant just across from their HQ in Italy in what is most definitely not those balding sneaky Italian fucks lobbying to get the other manufacturers kicked out again

>>612692442>she's a civilian airliner pilot who was formerly either #2 or #3 in one of the richest mercenary groups around and flying wingman for the guy who singlehandedly turned around two separate wars.That's honestly even funnier that they're both washed up but Kei is STILL more successful

>>612692413>Wouldn't tap a female ace to make even stronger ace children to fight Nemo eventually>Wouldn't go to space to shoot asteroids with free ace pussy on standby at every given momentThe only plane you should be flying in is a 747 in economy classBut not the 747 in that Joint Assault mission, I might think you're a boring gay but I wouldn't do that to you

eighty-four-ninty-two.They don't exist.

Attached: 1662546917954569.png (510x359, 354.29K)

>>612661826Based Rafale fans

>>612692634I mean, I wouldn't call it washed up.>get your adrenaline highs for a few years working the private sector, make absolutely bonkers amounts of money (Scarface squadron was raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars, even accounting for Air Combat's inflated point values and chopping off two decimals for yen to dollars, and could afford to own, crew, and maintain their own fullsize goddamn aircraft carrier), get loads of experience, free pass to get hired by anyone in the world with a set of wings>retire early and comfortably>take a side job with a civvie airline just for shits and giggles because you still enjoy the air and could probably fly through a needle with an Airbus if needed>still get the occasional adrenaline high because of how often civvie airliners end up in the line of fire anyway in Strangereal

>>612684138>tfw no cinimatice of stonehenge in its prime shooting down asteroidsI just wanna see it going ham and lighting up the sky

>>612692982Somebody should pay somebody to animate it

>>612692078Santa Claus also exists in Strangereal.

>>612692694I'd rather live a quiet life on a general's pension, than play basement eugenics. Let the next generation rise to the challenge, otherwise you end up like Anchorage a washed up old man ruining the world for a cheap thrill

>>612693104>Let the next generation rise to the challenge,yeah okay, put down the V2 now

Attached: Avro Vulcan.jpg (1920x1080, 419.86K)

>>612693153Make me

Attached: e65.jpg (600x859, 36.98K)

>all the other player characters disappear/retire>mobius 1 is canonically like 40 and still flyingwhy does he do it

I like how there's always a bit of overlap between AC and RR fans. Makes me remember I'm not in SOLITARY disgruntlement about RR being dead, and gives me a chance to say how cute all Nagases are.

Attached: 73082809_p0.jpg (550x400, 111.73K)

>>612693320some men just want to watch the world burnsome men just want to stop those men from watching the world burn through gratuitous amounts of missiles launched at them

Reminder Santa uses a surf board to deliver presents in Strangereal.

Attached: maxresdefault (65).jpg (1280x720, 52.47K)

There's also Kei Nagase, Ouroboros member>>612693104How have you managed to call Archange Anchorage twice nowAnyway, Nagase spent her time as a civilian pre-astronauting as a book writer, including children's books, so she's got the quiet life thing downIt's times like, say, when the world is literally going to end due to another asteroid impact, that it's good that she can still return as an ace pilot in some capacityI'm perfectly okay with supporting and enjoying both of those lifestyles with her as her ace husbandIt's kind of like how Mobius 1 lives in North Point in what I can only assume is a palace full of hot babes just living it up until Eruseans get uppity and he has to hop in a plane and put down a continent-wide rebellion singlehandedly in a single dayIn Strangereal you need to be versatile, the only way to safeguard peace is to have some kind of anti-vehicle weapon handy>>612693320>ERUSEAN FUCKING SHITS

>>612693320If Mobius 1 retired the world would be fucked.

>>612693320>Mobius 1 sits at his desk finally writing a retirement letter, knowing the rest of Mobius Squadron under the ISAF-turned-IUN has learned enough that they'll be able to raise a whole new generation of fighter pilots that might even surpass him someday>even his trusty old F-22 is getting long in the tooth compared to some of the new fighters coming out, some of them you don't even need hands to fly, which is good because his arthritis is getting worse>folds it up, licks the envelope, glances at the TV>repairs on that one stadium are finally done, poor fucks had no budget since they spent it all on planes but whatever>ticker at the bottom catches his eye>"....his evening, as a handful of young Erusian officers were se...">tears the letter in half and storms out shouting

Attached: 1658965212720957.png (800x533, 808.37K)

What do you think Scarface is up toDo you think he was in the crowd when his plane showed up for that anniversary military parade and all the military guys laughed at the livery

>>612693978Not giving a fuck and wiping his ass with blood money.

>>612693978the media and civilians laughed the military guys were basically kneeling and conceding

>>612693978>laughing at the only guys who could give Mobius a run for his moneydo you want your ports to disappear in a smog of gunfire and explosions, because this is how you turn a seaside country into a landlocked one

Attached: wp_3840x2160.jpg (3840x2160, 3.91M)

>>612693483I still don't know why there is merch of Sanda on a surfboard with the Gryphus insignia on it. I get the Santa on a surfboard part, it's regional funniness because Aurelia is Strange Australia, but why the plane part. How would anyone even know about that. Did they stamp it on manually? Contact some Estovakian factory to make a bunch?

>>612694305why the fuck are the yellows and strigons there when they all diedcan someone explain this

>>612694398Isn't gyphus aurelia's mobius and basically single handedly saved the country?

>>612694476Yellow already all died once in 4 and had a bunch of rookies take on the colors and name by the end of the game, you don't think Erusea did it again a second time later?

>>612694476Just resuscitate the squadron with new members. The OGs all must've been too old to fly anyway.

>>612693949I wonder if Mobius met Trigger to congratulate him on killing so many Erusians

>>612694398Aurelia's smart enough to have pride in their airforce, you can probably get Gryphus t-shirtsI mean Leasath had a similar thing in that the Fenrir reveal party could pull huge crowds of civilians, so Navarro might've survived if Leasathans weren't so big on planes like their neighbours, the crowd that pulled him might've been smaller>>612694476They needed Su-37s and Nosferatus to fill out the line up

>>612693978Wait holy shit that's from the GAZE article and they actually laughed>Aside from a few replicas, the aircraft participating were the actual planes used by the top aces, and the liveries and armament used at the time of their respective wars were preserved. From the Lighthouse War, Continental War, E.E. War, and the Belkan War, the aces’ aircraft that saw distinguished service and contributed to the conclusion of war at times were exhibited to the spectators. There were a few bursts of laughter from the media in the venue when flashy liveries of temporary military forces made up of mercenaries appeared, but the gaze of the military personnel were all serious. holy shit

>>612694780Estovakia can only afford one Nosferatu because they're losers though.

>no alt end for 3 where sim nemo escapes and has to stop his copy from fucking everything over for a cuck

Attached: 1505810227-665568645.png (1662x2800, 1.66M)

>>612694780Given the accents, I wouldn't be surprised if rooting for your favorite pilots in Aurelia is like rooting for your favorite NASCAR drivers. God bless Aurelia.

>>612694832Yeah civies don't know any betterIf they did, they probably would be a little more upset seeing those ADF planes in the backIt's not like ZOE has a consistent record with almost ending the world, one attempt being very, very recent by that point>>612694874They had to sell the plans to Emmeria after the war anyway, or something like thatThat's probably an Emmerian Nosferatu painted in Strigon colours as a joke

>>612694874Emmeria buys them. Osea too I guess.

>>612694832>Certainly, militaries of various countries do not disclose the names of special forces for the purpose of provisioning for future missions and protecting their identities. That is because in a sense, they are a group specialized for unconventional warfare. Whether that reason [for not disclosing their identities] is because of the impact on anti-terrorist operations hereafter or from Mr. Harling’s death last year is unclear, but the Osean government claims that this is all they can make public at the moment and all other records are Classified. Despite being the greatest contributors in the Circum-Pacific War, the true nature of the "Aces of Razgriz" is still unknown. It is possible that another review and comparison of "secret" and "confidential" material that had already been released would reveal more about them, but that will take time. >Rrrrrrrrrazgriz Squadron is still un-person'd

Attached: 74082315_p0.jpg (1000x702, 711.69K)

>>612695108ZOE controls the narrative. also I doubt the >highly intelligent learning murder AI part of the drone program is public knowledge.

>>612694305This is actually a really cruel parade. Here's MB1's Raptor, and here are some planes representing the guys that he killed. Here's Talisman's Strike Eagle, and here are some planes representing the guys that he killed (the one in front represents the guy that sacrificed himself to delay the Emmerians so his squad could escape, but then they threw their lives away anyway, haha, whoops!). Here's Cipher's plane, here's Pixy's plane, here's a plane that represents PJ, we couldn't use his real plane because Pixy fucking murdered him.Like damn, man.

>>612695257Yeah, ZOE is still an unknown thing in general. According to that article, the whole Grunder Industries thing had only JUST become public and was shut down (which will do nothing since it was just a front anyway). I love how much autistic worldbuilding detail PA puts into this stuff but I wish more of it was in English instead of having to find fan translations.

>>612695194I think this a retcon. The credits of 5 said they would release the documents after 10 years.

>>612658767It's my birthday too, happy bday faggoTOMCATS!

>>612695358Something tells me that life in Strangereal is not quite the sacred institution we see it as in our world.

>>612695257That's why said that they didn't, and if they did, they'd be bothered>ZOE controls the narrativeI kinda hope they touch on this in 8There's no way Alex isn't a ZOE branch>>612695373Circum-Pacific War was 2010, declassification would be one year after the Lighthouse WarI'm pretty sure it actually happened already in some other thing that PA released somewhere

>>612695358Leasath is present too and they launch the invasion just one year later. So that parade is basically Amogus.

>>612695475>I'm pretty sure it actually happened already in some other thing that PA released somewherethat's actually what the article is about, most of the documents are released but of course there's huge sections blacked out and censored so it isn't exactly all the informationacecombat.fandom.com/wiki/ACES_at_WARS:_The_classified_document_about_Circum-Pacific_War_was_revealed

>>612695475pretty sure that parade takes place one year after 7 so 2020

>>612695554also Osea has a literal system for FOIA requests under that exact name in case anyone was wondering if they're still Funny America

Attached: 81360143_p0.jpg (1200x841, 933.42K)

>>612695554Has PA touched on the fact 7 blew up damn near every satellite and left a massive debris field in orbit or are they just ignoring that?

>>612695651I guess I was just confused about how it's a "retcon"Even government documents that do get released and declassified usually still have a lot of black in them

Has any Ace combat had the superweapon, secret new plane or project be a dud and whoever is in charge of it has to scramble to jury rig a replacement sytem for it?

>>612695802isnt that just setting up for the electrosphere to become a thing

>>612695373releasing the documents != releasing the truth.its borderline unheard of for a government to just give up secrets, for any reason.

>>612695882I don't think so, because there's no point from a storytelling perspective to doing that. And even if there was, it's always the enemy side that has the superweapons, so if one did turn out to be a failure we probably wouldn't hear about it.I guess the Nosferatu prototype is trash and Pasternak had to fuck with it to make it not shit, does that count? That's the closest thing I can think of.

Wait, if Razgriz got legally disappeared (as Wardog was recorded as all being shot down and Razgriz didn't formally exist), how did Nagase end up as a known author? How did she meet up with a fan/editor and no one raised any red flags about who she was, even after she talked about the war? Blaze is a non-person to start with and Chopper is fucking dead, but what about Grimm? He has a brother who he was close to. Is the brother just supposed to accept his brother is in witness protection forever now? Did they lie to him and tell him that Archer was killed in battle? This Aces at War book stuff just raises further questions.

>>612695723i want to be sandwiched between huxian and avril's abs forever

>>612696130What if I told you 5 is just a sloppily written game?

>>612695882The chandelier wasn't completed in time to act as meteor defense and was pushed into military service instead but thats about it. Now that I think about it, stonehenge was the only one that actually served its purpose, wasn't it.

>>612695882It's not the main superweapon of the game but Stonehenge in 7 has only one operational gun which is barely operational, and when Eruseans sabotage the targeting system they have to eyeball it, which results in the cannon breaking after it does its jobOther than that, I can't think of anything like thatI guess you could argue the X-02 was a botch job since it never actually flew in 04, the game it was introduced in, and the ADF-01 in 5 was stuck in multiple warehouses during that warA lot of the experimental planes are rushed prototypes but they still perform incredibly well>>612696130When you're the friend of a former, incredibly popular president who owes you his life a few times over, you can probably get some strings pulledI don't know if Grimm ever got anything said about him but I know Snow went on to become a salvager and hauled his ship out of the ocean after the war

>>612696289I would accept that but that also means accepting I'm a brainlet who overlooks plot holes when he's wooed by neat setpieces.

Time to post some kinoyoutube.com/watch?v=XG_HugY9Ajs

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>>612696391Eh story is secondary anyway even if 5 was supposed to be story heavy. Fuck 7 is a cobbled together mess of AC's Greatest Hits but it's still fun as fuck to play

>>612696130AC5 firmly establishes that everyone in Osea is an idiot that doesn't pay attention to anything, so it's fine. They don't notice their Belkans fucking off to another country to commit terrorist acts. They don't notice one of their carriers doing ops even though it supposedly has no aviators. They don't notice that the president has mysteriously vanished.In fact, they already have something similar happen in game. Nobody ever asks questions about Pops, and he's not even Osean. All it takes is one captain saying that no, he's actually cool, and everyone goes along with it. They probably just said that Wardog are actually fine and like don't worry about it, and everyone said okay and forgot.

>>612696616>They don't notice their Belkans fucking off to another country to commit terrorist acts.>mfw i tried warning everyone early that the belks were up to something as usual but everyone just shitposted me to death and called me a schizo and then i got banned by a north osean janitor

>>612696579>Fuck 7 is a cobbled together mess of AC's Greatest Hits but it's still fun as fuck to playThey wanted to please the fans hard after their fuck ups.

>>612696616I'm still not sure if the 8492nd doesn't exist because Osean high echelon are pants on head retards that never took a close look at the documentation or if the Gray Men infiltrated Osean government up to the very top.

>>612696812>thinks the 8492nd exists because the osean government is retarded>doesn't think they exist because the osean government is willing to put hits out on its own personnel and utilize combat penal unitsbro osea is not the good guys.osean government will 100% merc you if they think you will be a problem.

>>612697021>osean government will 100% merc you if they think you will be a problem.If you're lucky, if you're not welcome to the 444.

>>612697021The Osean government is still retarded even if we go with your idea. They take a squadron from a country they just fought a war with and then give them no oversight so they can do whatever they want. Even if they do plan on using them as some black ops squad that's still fucking dumb.

>Nagase, you saved not just my life, but the lives of countless Oseans and Yuktobanians and ended a war that had in truth been going on since the days of the Belkan War. You've secured us peace that will last nine years, six if we don't bother sending aid to the Anean continent, and for that, the world and I are eternally in your debt.>But you're shit of luck now kid LMAO, enjoy trying to get access to any of your paperwork.Oseans might be Americans, but they're not THAT American.Their veteran program probably looks like the high school in Starship Troopers, except with pilots instead of infantry.

>>612697163>i am going to the one place that has not been tainted by osean beaurocracy......>...........SPACE

>>612697229Except by the time of Electrosphere, capitalism is in fact in spaceThanks Neucom

>>612697147>They take a squadron from a country they just fought a war with and then give them no oversight so they can do whatever they wantTo be fair this happened in real life with Operation Paperclip, now the Nazis that got picked up has SOME oversight they still got to do shit like help found the CIA and other shady ass shit

>>612697292You're welcome. Power for Life™.

>>612697524I'm taking you down for my vampire wife

>>612678438>nearing the end-game >you can finally buy and fly the hyper-advanced, next-gen prototype>it's an F-4

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>ywn dream about a full documentary of your walkthrough in your fav AC game as if it were a real chain of eventsImagine the fictional boomers breaking down in tears as they recall you saving their asses from enemy air support

>>612698271>AC0's interviews but with proper actors instead of weird double-dubbed over-emoted videos and just as much attention given to the time a couple grunts were saved when a lone F-22 turned the enemy tank staring them down into scrap metal as to all the big, well-documented parts of the warsI'd buy it.

>>612698448>No scratchy-voiced, bald ol fart that seemed senile at the start describing in almost explicit detail how the recent wing to his squadron was actually [insert MC] without him knowing and how that same wing did all the work by himself, life and clarity in his eyes as he gestured and recalled the events 1:1>No historians shitting themselves trying to make sense of your feats and how much influence you actually had over the following generations>No records of tv announcements, press interviews and even newspaper cuts of the MC's feats>No documentaries about the disappearance of Galm 1

>>612697557>she can't go out in the sun because the UV kills her>but also she can get out of her plane under a full moon and that UV is finewait fuck was she an actual vampire

>>612698736having seen that kind of bald old man sound and think like he's 20 again on recalling those old events, i would very much enjoy watching this even though it would make me literally the biggest fucking dork on earth

>>612698809Face it, even as an enemy soldier if you saw some unknown jet fuck just go haha brrr on 40 jets by itself you'd never forget itImagine Mihaly making a cameo through a phone call at the last 10 minutes of Trigger's documentary, describing their dogfight at Shilage

>>612698448God yes I really liked the documentary style of AC 0 and wish they did it again. >Half documentary, half normal cutscenes>More in-depth interviews with science and engineering experts who made/worked on the games super weapons>Interviews with surviving enemy pilots and soldiers, get to hear the other side>Downing hidden aces, completing optional objectives and wild stunts in the level (like flying through launch tunnels) unlock side interviews and get mentions in main ones>Can unlock DMC 5 style live action cutscenes

>>612698271AC5 would be fucking ripe for that given all the chatter on the ground that game has.>those two guys in Lit Fuse who try to get Wardog to frag their CO and are audibly disappointed if you say no>"Don't you know? Only good little boys can see the fourth one!" when Razgriz shows up with just three planes>the poor fucker who almost got sunk when the Yukes attacked the harbor and everyone on his ship was running around like chickens, retired or got discharged, went to work at a civilian airport, and got bombed by the Yukes AGAIN

>>612699120>"And you say he took down 5 jets in 1 minute?">"Yessir, yes he did. Alone, I might add.">>612699054k i n o

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>>612699449>bumps and explodes in a haze of blood and screaming melting flesh

>>612699427>"Yessir, yes he did. Alone, I might add.>Cuts to wingman>I shot a few of those down actuallyWe need a little ambiguity and competing narratives too

>>612699612>belkan convict squadron is just komets and they arent expected to come back down

>>612699449>>612699612>Shoot him down before he complete the suicide attack>Get rewarded with youtube.com/watch?v=9FHw2aItRlw over the radio

>>612699717i'm so surprised that sound effect never showed up in the games>>612699693fucking lmao

>>612689776I played the PS2 series for the first time last year, 5 was my least favourite because it's outright boring for 20 missions before suddenly getting back to back solid missions at the end.

>>612699641>"Everyone remembers him, the famous hero of the war, but the rest of us were like chopped liver. I was his wingman! I saved his ass more times than either of us would admit. But you don't see that in the history books. It's like those two plumbers, those brothers from Italy. Everyone knows the red one, but the green one, he's just for the second player.">Narrator: We were unable to find the Italy that he described.

>>612699641Of course, we're following the progress of a squadron, after all.>No 444th documentary

>>612700028They're all fucking dead!

>>612700248What if the Narrator of that documentary was Trigger himself

have a bump and good night buddies

>Bamco quietly releases a new trailer>opening slow shots of several jets being fueled and taxi on a runway>looks like F-14s, but the camera cuts away before any specific identifying country insignias can be seen>scratch radio fading in and out, " [...] Nagase, after several years out of the public eye. Her speech is expected to bring [...]">newspaper front page with top headline about another possible asteroid, surrounded by the usual weather, Sudoku, car ads, etc.>"General Resource has pledged to fund several thousand dollars in an effort to-">wide shot of a crowd watching the sky, necks craned>cut back to the squadron in flight, definitely F-14s, flying in formation>screen turns grainy as if to imitate someone trying to record them at great distance from a cell phone or videocamera>suddenly smoke! white and trailing heavy from the middle plane>actual camera zooms out further>the grain is from a video feed on a Jumbotron, showing the planes flying>camera pans backwards and up to show the gleaming skyscraper above the television just as the jets roar by overhead, the white smoke joined by similar trails of red, aerobatic smoke forming an interlined crimson and white pattern as the jets twist over each other>jet drone has barely faded before the scream of a high strung V10 sounds off and the camera shakes from four wheels passing extremely close, followed by another seven cars fighting it out>Ridge Racer 8

>>612701092Imagine Bamco pulling out all their 8s together, Tekken, Ridge Racer and Ace Combat.

>>612700816Good night. Now that the thread's over I can tell a secret. it wasn't actually MY birthday, it's just September 19 is when SkyEye says that

Just beat 7 for the first time, having bought it on release for my PS4 back in 2019. I'd reached the desert mission with the massive cannon back then, but my PS4 kept overheating and couldn't play the game... Finally got a PS5 last month, remembered this gem, and went back to beat it. What's the deal with the princess? Did she asplode at the end of mission 19, and then her ghost warned us about the last drone? Are ghosts a thing in Ace Combat? What the hell was the deal with that cringe cutscene of her exploding if she survived?

>>612702018>Are ghosts a thing in Ace Combat?yes but only good little boys can see them

>>612702018She lived, they just wanted to generate dramatic tension for some reason

>>612702018The Ghosts of Razgriz...

>>612702132I mean they just generated confusion. Her battered, scorched helmet comedically flying out of that explosion and past the camera was literally the last thing we saw of her.

>>612702018She didn't explode, she just got hit by an explosion that did nothing to her except knock her helmet off.If you think that's stupid then yes, you're right, that is stupid.

>>612702303its almost like this game was juggling multiple writers and multiple thematic storylines that all stop and end whenever they need to

>>612699449>>612699612>>612699693>Me163 with a set of sidewinder rails haphazardly rigged to the wings>missile launch instantly ignites the fuel tanks and the force of the explosion kills the two planes pulling onto your six as well as the guy you were aiming at>another glorious success for belka

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>>612702295You did watch the ending where she's standing in front of the space elevator doing a little hand thing and asking "Can you hear me?", right?Also she has dialogue while you're in the space elevator, but that's easy to miss if you're just speeding through it

I played AC7 first but after playing through 5,4,0,6, i think it's the worst one.it worries me that 7 is the one most people know and they think that it is what a good Ace Combat game looks like, and is the current driving force behind the trend future Ace Combat game's will take.It seems like Ace Combat is going to go the way of all series that forgot their roots, original fans, and go for the newfags and their money instead for a quick buck.

>>612702425That could be interpreted as her ghost. The dialogue was ambiguous enough about it all. She died there, her last words to you are "Can you hear me?"I did fly through those tunnels pretty damn fast, so any dialogue she had there def got culled.

>>612702473someone on here said AC7's development was cucked by producers due to lack of faith in the brand. 8 will hopefully be the true return to form, if that wasn't a schiizo post

>>612702585>could have had whole game about being in the kino convict squad

>>612702473I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge at this stage that 7 went through a lot of shit to release in the state that it didFuture AC games are most likely going to resemble the quality of the DLC missions at the very least, considering those were made after 7 was proven to be a success>>612702535I can assure you, there are absolutely no ghosts or any supernatural creatures in the Ace Combat seriesExcept vampiresAlso it's Avril telling you about the Princess doing shit at that point, she's not telling ghost stories

happy birthday OP

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>>612702585>>612702698ask yourself this, "why should i [his employee's] try harder [work on games longer] if the retards [ignorant, newfags] will pay me more money to do less work than i [his devs] did before"Do you REALLY think a game company executive(s) isn't going to take the easy route for more money? Why should he care about making a good game when money is their only concern?

>>612702585I don't know the reasons, but there was definitely somethingg going on. They rewrote the plot multiple times, which is why there are a bunch of stupid or pointless or dumb elements in there. The princess getting hit by a missile and then not even being hurt already got brought up, but there's other weird stuff. The penal squadron plot starts and ends incredibly abruptly. Bandog tricks Count into murdering Fullband which seems like it's important, but nope, it gets forgotten instantly. Scrap Queen does fucking nothing the entire game. She nearly does something when she steals the phone and pressures the base commander into letting her on his plane instead of being sent to the island, but then that gets retconned as soon as the cutscene ends anyway. It's pretty fucked.

>>612702698I choose to believe that the guy in back of two seater planes is actually a friendly ghost. He doesn't do anything and can't talk because he's a ghost. And that's why nobody acknowledges him either.

>>612703037>can't talk because he's a ghost.BINGO, WOOHOO

>>612703096GOT ONE

>>612703096>>612703149That guy is definitely a ghost because he talks even in single seat aircraft. You're haunted!

>>612658767Not a chance.

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man electrosphere had the coolest settingtoo bad it looks and plays like shit because ace formula just doesnt work that well on ps1 hardware

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>>612703301>seethes so hard at the thought of his country being unpozzed by the globalists that he omeganukes itwhat the fuck was his problem

>>612703425He thought he was the protagonist

>Monarch.>When you hear the thunder>When the storm comes for you...>Remember meAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>>612703381Playing like shit is mostly because they decided to make it that way. AC2 gameplay is way more fun. They downgraded it for 3 for no reason.

>>612703481>that fucking cod reference where kaiser says count only the number of feds you have killedunironically threw me for a loop when i first heard it

project wingman looks pretty cooltoo bad it's only on PC and Cuckbox. Can't stand playing non-multiplayer games on pc

>>612703381>looks like shit>one of the best looking games on the PS1 periodwhat the fuck?

>>612703751anyone know if there's any chance they'll port it to PS5? Seems like a great home for a game like that, and from what I've heard it's easy as fuck to do.

>>612703751>Can't stand playing non-multiplayer games on pcWhat.

>>612704092i have no idea. from what i've read, project wingman was made by 3 people or so. they might be busy working on their next project

>play Ace Combat 7>kino, soulful, and with a banger soundtrack>play Dragon Quest 11>kino, soulful, and with a banger soundtrack>play FFXIV>kino, soulful, and with a banger soundtrack>see Cyberpunk 2077 on sale, so finally buy it to give it a try>Main character won't shut the fuck up and the game is self-important, edgy trash despite having the most normie-core design imaginable I don't want to be a weeb, please someone help me, AAA western games are such embarrassing garbage

>>612704150I prefer playing single player games relaxed a couch, on a big TV with a good sound system, instead of autistically hunching over a desk with headphones on. I work on my PC, too, so it's not a good vibe to play single player games at it. Multiplayer games are soulless, so I have no problem with those.

>>612704273>project wingman literally made by 2 indonesians and a frenchthe only way forward is indie games, yet again

>>612704416Have you never thought of hooking your computer up to the TV?

>>612701092>RR8 will never happen in your lifetime

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>>612702917Well I could be a cynic, but from reading all the development material it's easy to see that part of 7's success is because the people behind it are incredibly passionate about the whole project and that Bandai are willing to step back when Kono gets his shit togetherThe director literally begged in tears to keep them from trashing the game in its earliest stages and they let him work on it through multiple drafts and total reworks because AC has always been a labour of love, even when it was Assault Horizon (Kono loved Call of Duty), and someone higher up the chain remembered thatSure, it's impossible to know now how things are going to end up, but from the info we have now I don't see any reason to be totally hopeless about itI'm sure most people aren't expecting the second coming of Mobius 1, but the chances that we get an Ace Combat game, those games that are generally pretty great even when they're average, are pretty high>>612703563>CoD referenceIt's also an actual line from IRL Russian propaganda you muppet>>612704264Arby has said he's working on 1.5, but he's been working on it for a long while nowThe composer is off making his own audio plane series but I'm sure he could make some extra tracks on the side if need beThe thing about the "3 people" thing is that it's really a composer, a writer, and then the developer who does everything including a bit of writing and sound design

>>612704583It will always be a CoD reference first in my heart and reality second

>>612704546Having already dealt with artifacting on 2 separate GPUs in the past 5 years, in an age where third-worlders are literally killing each other for them, I'm not gonna move the PC I make my living on around my house for video games.

>>612704654Fortunately the Rhodesia speech Diplomat does during the Hawaii level has yet to feature in any other videogame, as far as I know

>>612704726You can buy really long HDMI cables these days, that's how my computer/TV setup works

>>612704839I don't live in a one-room apartment.

>>612704932>he lives in a two room apartmentlucky!

>>612685915Something like that Boeing F-32 concept that's been floating around the net for a while

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