Ok, so now that rockstar knows that we know how about a bit of constructive criticism?

she's latina, she needs to look like itmore cake.

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literally a perfect ass as it is

>>612656517not enough under bum

>>612656458Imagine her smell

Needs a huge floppy flaccid dong bouncing in and out of that flappy skirt honestly

>>612656458she looks like a tranny


What's cake

>skirt/dress physicsI will now buy your game

>>612656458its over designed shit tell me, the silhouette of this character? is what?a grey/murky/cloudy/unclear mutt, perfect for representation the perfect character for achieving the goal of "Getting lost in the grey" while preaching a message of not doing that

>>612657445what the fuck are you talking about

>>612657543perfect character design for the modern audience

>>612657213If a woman doesn't look like a 10/10 porn star it's actually a man.


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>>612656458> rockstar> constructive criticismokay, retard

I work at r*. Lucia is trans.

>>612657343short for caca, talking about a fat sopping log you whore

>>612658165I too work at r* and can confirm. The twist of the game is that Lucia and Jason are actually the same person at different points in life. Jason's scenes happen in the past, Lucia's in the present after a sex change. It is quite the twist.

>>612658435They already did that with Arthur Morgan


>>612656458> female protag in gtacringe, but zoomers'll defend it

>>612657543>the perfect character for achieving the goal of "Getting lost in the grey" while preaching a message of not doing thatHe's talking about how diversity/race mixing propaganda actually promotes the homogenization of identities into one uniform mass rather than a diverse spectrum of people and ideas.

>>612657445You are way too deep in this fucking rabbit hole schizo.

>>612656458Maybe they'll bring back that mechanic where the more you eat the fatter you'll get

>>612660983i fucking hope so

>>612656458I..i think i'm going to start edging to her, oh God she's so perfect.


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>>612656458I am very upset this webm comes so close to a panty shot and never delivers

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>>612662801Probably a thong or commando for the true latina experience

My criticism-rockstar still hasnt given us any trailer-If I my GTAO character doesnt have customizable booty slider I will be upsetti spaghetti

>>612657343Black and latino talk for “butt”.

>>612660983I will make lucia eat so much>make it so you cant run fast, jump high, and waddle when youre fat like in san andreas>pedestrians will comment on your fatness

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>>612660983god I fucking wish

>>612656458>more cake.with how fast zoomers change their speech patterns with the accelerated nigger brain rot, if they use current slang and still develop at that glacial cockstar pace, every single piece of dialog should be perfectly 100% out of date when it releases.

>>612662801Soon we'll get pic rel bro

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>>612656458you can make a girl walk around in a bikini in gta 5 and all the other shit thats in all gta games

>>612671889That's irrelevant. GTA5 originally released ages ago before the modern PC bullshit. And Rockstar's head writer left and they got rid of the "frat bro" culture. So it's reasonable for people to fear that they won't retain the same level of edginess/sexiness they've done in the past.

>>612656458>No white panties visibleStraight trash

>>612657343nigger nonsense

>>612656458she needs more up top as well

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>>612656458You telling me, she's not caked enough?

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>>612675382too much width not enough length

>>612675461>not enough lengthHmm, reasonable

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>there is a video showing that she is modeled completely including nipples, pubic hair, and slit

>>612675962That's not round, that's potatoed

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>>612675381Who's this?


>>612676380Wipe the load of your eyes and give me the proper source, god damn it!>I asked for this one!

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>>612676547my b, that's some politicianAOCshe got fat latina titties

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>>612656458this game might be kino

>>612676884I support. As much as those bra supports her. Damn

>>612677001she's real good at being a politician or whatever

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>>612677134She's got all of my attention, for sure

>>612656458>Playing as a fat booty brown girl in a skirtYes please

>>612677195so many good laws, bills & other things of political nature

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>>612677365I'd pay my taxes right on time, just for her

>>612677365might as well jerk to greta too if you like retards so much

>>612677519i'm sensing that you're not getting the fact that i have no idea what she does, she's just eye candy to me

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>>612677672so you're into horses as well


>>612677832Is she pretending to be offended for being catcalled?

>>612660983When the source code gets leaked I'm sure it's going to be modded in. Both that and lifting weights making you muscular.

>>612656458>>612675382why are these like two different characters?

>>612678092Hairstyle and makeup probably.As you can change male protagonist hair and beard you probably can change her hair and do make-up instead.

>>612678092Because she's all dolled and dressed up on the OP to hunt for dick. Otherwise she actually looks like an average yet fatassed latina on a saturday BBQ afternoon without any makeup or amenities.

>>612656458Maybe you can make her eat a lot of fast food and make her fatter. Might be a thing considering it's the same engine as RDR 2

>>612656458That ass is a solid 10/10, unironically.

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they will change her model to a more "ethical" onescreen cap this

needs those under creases

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>completely static palm tree leavesGAYYYYYYYY

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>>612678092Makeup makes a big difference why do you think women use it

>>612656458Ass is good needs bigger titties

>>612657445>>612657543it doesn't adhere to what "video essayists" think character design should be, so it's le bad

>>612675548>no ass jiggleworthless

>>612656458Don't make her another Sadie. Its difficult, no wonder Dan left. I don't how you can pull it off. I'm looking forward to Holla Forums shitting on it

>>612675548Sexy belly

>>612679760>>612679845>she so thicc>pic related happensJESUS CHRIST

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I can’t believe Holla Forums likes nigger ape asses. It’s disgusting fat women are gross especially fat spics

>>612688750>I can’t believe Holla Forums likes nigger ape asses. It’s disgusting fat women are gr*ACK*

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>>612660983They should introduce a mechanic where if a fat girl is playing the character keeps getting fatter and fattet no matter how little they eat.

>>612690258and during that whole time she keeps saying>do I look fat?

>>612657445You're fucking retarded bub

>>612657343a lie

>>612688960Fat women are gross, user.

>>612690927i recognize this meme

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>>612662801It’s by design. teases that are so quick you’re never quite sure of what you saw. Someone at R* has exquisitely refined taste

>bonnie/clyde modern take>florida white dude and fiery latina>Holla Forums hates it??????????????????????????????

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>>612657445Real life doesn't have silhouettes.What's your silhouette? Balding aspie?

>>612676547Braindead politician from New York. Angela Ocasio-Cortez. She has a white husband, but constantly preaches about how white men are the cause of all of America’s problems and that we need socialism to end white supremacy

>>612683494>pre-apha footage recorded 2 years ago>possibly just doesn’t have wind blowing at the moment

they will change her model to something worse and uglierlike alwaysscreen cap this


>>612688960>replying directly to the post right above yoursnegative power level tranny

>>612691621That’s the average person who browses Holla Forums, yes.

>>612691204>What's your silhouette? Balding aspie?That's a more legitimate silhouette for the game than a multi-ethnic basic self-proclaimed bad bitch, especially considering they DO NOT play ANY videogames. They spend their extra 65 bucks on fake nails, not bloody vidya. It makes ZERO sense to pander towards that demographic. The only people who would defend this on an internet forum are virgin trannies who want their fantasy of being a "normal girl" fulfilled. Normal girls want to be hot as shit. Normal guys want to be hot as shit. Trannys just want to destroy everything. You are the niggers of video games AND the reason we can't say nigger online. We all fucking hate you. Normal people hate you. Niggers hate you. The girls that support LGBT will never have "lesbian" sex with you. Chad Thundercock will never pound your boi pussy. You need to shut the fuck up and realize there's something incredibly wrong with your brain and how you perceive the world.

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>>612656731Imagine CUNTBOYS

>>612693218the absolute irony in this whole postthanks for letting me know that no matter how bad it gets i will never be this mentally ill

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>>612693790When it comes to video game players, what is the ratio of balding aspies to whores and trannys? 99:1? 98:2? Shit doesn't add up.

>>612656458very bland character design aside from cake

>>612693790I like playing as Trevor cuz he hates women lol

>>612693218maybe they don't play games because they don't feel represented unlike psychotic white males who have hundreds of "literally me" characters

Do not buy this game

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>>612676237its me

>>612691056The entirety of this site is full of contrarians to the point they'll cut off their nose to spite their face if it means going against the grain. Most of the time do the exact opposite of what anyone here says you should do or think.

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>>612696471has anyone been able to recreate this mii before? i can never find the eyes used here

>>612690927Come on, man

>>612695726I wasn't aware they toned down in-game jokes, it's literally over GTA is dead rip.

>>612696051What are you looking for?

>>612656458>9 hours>100 postsI'm seeing this shit in all GTA 6 games.The shilling and damage control is real.

>>612688750It's rockstar shills, their entire damage control campaing is hinging on>l-look, t-the latina has a fat ass please buy our woke simulator, please ignore everything else...

>>612697745What's "Everything else"?

>>612697865The fact that they've been getting more and more woke as proven by RDR2, that they admitted they'll stop "punching down" because it might offend niggers, and the fact that the game overall looks just like GTA V with nothing new, just a new map.And of course, lets not ignore that the singleplayer will be half-baked drivel since the focus will be the GTA Online grindfest.

>>612697865On top of RDR2 already showing signs of wokefication, there's that most of the old guys are gone.Dan Houser is gone, Leslie Benzies is gone and Lazlow too, it's just Sam left.That along with the thing about the game being rebooted about 2 years ago tells me that Take Two just wanted to push them to do something they didn't want to do.

>>612656458>how about a bit of constructive criticism?the city bits that we saw look kinda bland. i know we can't choose what got leaked but i would have liked to see the mcs drive by an ammunation, well stacked pizza, rusty browns, etc.

>>612697972Ah, that. Yes, Rockstar has turned to shit, but one can't avoid being excited to know more about what's coming, be it bad, shit, good, masterful, it's still news in the community.I despised GTA V since the moment I got my hands on it, I'm intrigued by RDR2 since I've never got to play it, and I'm curious about this new release, specially to the fact that they're introducing a female lead, meantime I get off to the coomer meme.

>>612698257>specially to the fact that they're introducing a female leadOkay, marketeer.

>>612656458Yeah, drop the whole "heavy animations and slow movement" gameplay and go back to making the game more arcade.This shit looks as slow as RDR2.

>>612698257>specially to the fact that they're introducing a female leadwho cares, you can play a girl in gtao or rdro already, this is nothing new or exciting.

>>612656458have sex, you mentally ill incel

>>612698409>"heavy animations and slow movement"They're starting to believe!Maybe in 10 years r* will fix their dogshit gameplay. And in another 10 they'll fix their mission scripting.

>>612695726Jesus these thumbnails are so clickbaity and obnoxious to look at. I despise modern youtuber culture

>>612698632>They're starting to believe!I never liked it, it's why I hated GTA 4.

>>612657637no pornstar is a 10/10. Regular girls on the street look better

>>612694215Go take a look at any speed running event and you will get your answer

>>612660983Some of the vids already show a thiccer and thinner Lucia. Considering this was a thing in RDR2 I expect to see it here

>>612695613maybe they don't play games because they don't feel represented unlike psychotic black females who have hundreds of "literally me" characters

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>>612695726This is a good thing because women deserve to play this great game too. Must be hard being an unhinged nazi.

>>612695613White people make the games. Why would they not have themselves in the game?

>>612698696speed running is degenerate

>>612699887>White people make the gamesYou haven't been following this whole thing have you? This game is being made by pajeets. The leaker got into Rockstar India's Slack channel, that's how the whole thing happened.

>>612656731imagine her email

>>612656731Imagine her sitting on your face and then she braps and calls you pathetic.

>>612695726i just preordered 3 copies of gta6

>>612698696>speed running eventThe events that are put on by trannies for trannies? Where they literally ban white males for making benign jokes about Jak and Daxter? The ones with dilation stations set up everywhere? The events where you have to present your personal pronouns and respect others, and there's nothing fun or of value happening? Look at all the speedrunning records for games that matter, and arcade highscores. Zero trannies. Zero women. If they were the real gamers, then going woke would only help sales and increase the quality of games, but it's had the exact opposite effect.

How hairy is her bush?

>>612679760Sauce on where you pulled this from? The archives say this post is the very first one that posted this image, and as the biggest connoisseur of video game panty shots on this board Ive done my due diligence on trying to confirm what shes wearing underneath, and both of the popular webms that got posted around dont show Lucia at this angle in front of the traffic lights.I dont want to conclude its shooped (white panties are kino) but without a way to corroborate the evidence its hard to get hyped for something everyone wants to be real. Best i could do is hunt down that hour long video of all the leaks combined, but who knows if thats still up.Heres some panties for the trouble, and you can bet your ass i'll be posting them in troves when (or if) GTA VI releases. Cheers

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>>612699887We used to make the big budget games. I wonder why they're all shit now and can't sell.


>>612701367Okay, I found the video. its subtle, but its therePantiesbros, we're going home

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>>612656458shes needs some bigger tits they dont have to be huge but come the fuck on she is completely flat have these fuckers ever seen a colombian before?

>>612656458She's a woman, so I'm not playing lol

>>612702563you'll check out my booty webms though right?

>>612695726I don't even care about GTA but I think I'll buy this one just to spite these retards.

>>612695726>1st protagonist in historyDidnt the first gta games have female protags?

>>612691056I don't want to play as a woman


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