>maintenance ends in 8 minuteswhy aren't you playing bombergirl, it's f2p now

>maintenance ends in 8 minuteswhy aren't you playing bombergirl, it's f2p now

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>>612655791playing at 15 fps is making it hard to enjoy the game

but i wanted a bomberman roguelike

Getting my shit pushed in by veterans, I think I'm fine with just fapping, don't need to really play this game.

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>>612655791too busy burning all my money on bemani games

Had a losing streak recently, and one loss hinging on my focusing on blocking spawn instead of healing when both bases were close to done, but I'm having fun. The solo maps, and not having to pay to play solo maps, helps to get a handle on how some characters workI shot an invisible rat and killed her, though, and that was fun

Attached: me irl.png (294x294, 110.21K)

>>612655791>why aren't you playing bombergirl, it's f2p nowBecause Windows 7 can't run it.

Attached: 74745627_p0.jpg (1447x2047, 459.71K)

>>612655791If something is free to play, you are the game

yes bomberman

Attached: bomberman gameplay.webm (960x540, 2.99M)

>>612656612Nicely dodged

>>612655791>jap only>no USA servers so 400ping>shitty registration system nah I'll just keep saving pics of Aqua-sama

stop dodging because of bots you fucks you're going to get your tickets regardless

holy fuck, i can't connect to any matches. do japs hate me this much?

>>612656612>universal chibi portraits are an option in settingsGood idea, honestly, it's funny and also cute

How do I remove the yellow warnings in your bomber when you die? somehow happened today but no idea how

>>612659025get killed by an enemy's skill

>>612659154ahhhh... well... that...lose to win...

Made an account to try the game and now i need to make a pass but my only option to get one is to use a number from a irl card? I don't see the option for virtual card.help


>>612659543scroll down to "making a virtual pass" reddit.com/r/Bombergirl/wiki/guides/account


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>>612659721>>612659946when it says set region to japan does it mean the pc clock? Otherwise my pc/browser are always in jp. zzzz i forgot that browsers actually detects this shit.

>>612656612wew lad i'm impressed

tips on getting better at el rato?my matches are pretty inconsistent, sometimes I'll get walled by defenders or wipe the floor if my bomber is good enough

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>>612660149no when you made your account you need to make sure you set the account region to japan. konami doesn't let filthy gaijin set up payment stuff

>>612660290well I did do that but as you can see from my pic I don't get that other option

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>>612660220do the thing where you destroy gates with 1 explosion cycle

>>612660220rat doesn't have a skill to get past blockades like the other attackers. so your options are to either hang way back, go invis, and hope you can sneak in without anyone noticing, or git gud at priming bombs to blow up the ones the defense puts down to block your path

Sorry to interrupt on-topic discussion, but it has to be saidI like this body typeI like it a lotI love this little boomer who cries a lot while naked

Attached: chara_img_014_swim_pastel2_defcol.png-CAB_241d5933802a745bad7b4d4817b8b8d1--283725842321972114 - is there a name for 90s anime curvature, I figured it would be fun to use a tag and find more of it.png (868x1080, 338.9K)


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>>612655791where do i play it?

>>612656612>saemonzahuh based?

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i've gotten dc 3 times today before the matches start. is it because there's too many people and the servers can't handle, the maintenance or are people leaving before the match starts?

>>612662460I've seen people complain about the disconnects on twitter after the f2p update, so I'm guessing their servers are still not prepared for the current playerbase since it was practically a ghosttown before it

>>612662460people are dodging because they're cunts or they don't want to play with a bot

>>612662654makes sense desu

>>612655791im really starting to hate connecting to match normally, then being connected with a bunch of bots as soon as the game starts

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>>612663274Nigga it's 8 AM in Nip world right now. Play around late noon-night where there are lots of JP people.

Does doing a 10x gacha raise your chance of getting a character?I just want my wife Pine

>>612663494no, it guarantees a 3* only (characters are 5*)i got lucky and rolled pine on second day, i didn't even know you got better chances with 10x kekthat said, 5th disconnect now. i'm just trying to play my daily matches. feels bad man

>>612662460so it wasn't just me, like 50% of the matches had the Online Error message

I fucking hate the snow map

>>612662435>someone actually recognized my nameAlmost makes suffering through that terrible Oren game worth it.

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is this the game with that chainsaw nun based on castlevania because that bitch is fucking rad

>hate MOBAs>hate gacha>hate KonamiWhy should I even bother?

can somebody link me a collection of all the cg's?

>>612664578Do you like bomberman?

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that was close. I fucking suck at this game

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>>612664578This isn't like all other mobas, this is actually fun

Is the updater really that slow?

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>>612664803kek i was just in a match like that. i wonder if we were playing together

>>612664803Oh shit I was just in that game too.

>>612664859i think the servers are overloaded today. it took me forever to sync after this last game. i downloaded the game last week and it went pretty fast>>612664890>>612664803lmao. who were you guys? i was the pine in the winning team

>>612664859Please understand, small indie company's servers

>>612664851Fast games. No time to stay mad.Hell. It takes longer to queue into a game than play it.

>>612655791T A R U M I

>>612665025Must have been different games. I was the first time Momoko getting my ass beat. Still won thanks to the enemy defense being worse than me somehow.

>>612664803I was in that match too if it was on the snow map

>>612658490I love both, and it's genuinely a hard choice.

>>612665053but how bad is the ping? I can handle 100-200 ms unlike people who freak out on anything over 20ms.

>>612664760please i got to fap

>>612665332Depends where you are 150-300ms

>>612665332I get 100ms from the west coast

Maybe I will just not play attacker until I get someone better than base Oren.

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I wish I had good strategy. I just panic shit all my bombs near the closest enemy

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>>612655791is it on pchow do i dl ithow much do i need to spend on cute girls?

>>612665681>>612665730oof I pretty much touch the atlantic ocean

>>612665794Yeah Oren is really hard.

I have never felt more retarded than I do going up against a good blocker. I feel like I can never even get in their base because lmao bomb in the door

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>>612666186You can against the momoko

>>612666186Most attackers just iframe through the blast or jump the wall.If you're not an attacker with either ability or a bomber, then your only real option is the just eat the blast and charge in. Most blockers can't really do anything once you're in. And the 2 brats with skills that can take so long to use they're easy to evade. Of course this assume it's only the blocker in there. If their shooter is actually supporting them, a good attacker getting in is your best hope.

>>612665681I'm at 175ms or less and I'm East Coast.

>>612666715Crap, meant quote >>612665332

>>612666063Make an account.DownloadToo much>>612659946

>>612665794Use skill 1 for dodging bombs and getting in and out of bases. You can jump out of enemy bases when shit hits the fan. It has 9.4 sec coolddown so rather than going for players it's primary use is for dodging. Her skill 2 is a 200IQ choke point remover/breakthrough that passes through bombs.

Getting matches really fast today and seeing lots of default shiros with the default title. And not just roman names, lots of hiragana ones too.Did they beam advertisements into every japanese person's dreams overnight?

>>612667214The default hiragana Shiros are use dude, we pretending to be Japanese so they won't ditch our matches

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>>612656451>>612655791Do they tranlsate the comics,I like the way the artist draws them

Does anyone know how far Emera's omega delete goes and if there is a drop off point for the damage?

>>61266751020 tiles

>>612667396one day

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So how does the gacha actually work and how do I play shooter characters, I wanna get Olive or grey asap

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>>612667717thanks user

>>612656612>>612655791Where is he?

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>>612667932Only if you get hit by your own fire. Getting hit by an enemies deals damage, but you can still move like normal. You can be combo hit by both a blue and red flame meet, which will cause both.

>>612668070i wonder who is the next bombermaybe someone for hero?we also only have one villian(kinda) so far

>>612668280the last girl added was a bomber, so the next character will either be attacker or blocker I think

>>612667840Hang back and defend the base with your blocker. Attackers are made of glass so poke them to death

Jap names are for insecure nerds that think everyone is bullying them, you'll never be a POOPOO69 CHAD.

>>612668373that i know but after that

Attached: FXoqjL4akAE7TJc.jpg (1080x1920, 491.37K)

>>612668465I use an English name and I haven't gotten a disconnect in days, they became a lot rarer as soon as I changed my title.

>>612668280more robots or bomber idols

>>612668489the tokimeki bitch ruins the bomber line of being direct bomberman characters

the next bomber will be bomberman from bomberman hero, and her skill will be jumping

>>612668465>POOPOO69 actually puts up a fair match, puts the practice in, and isn't running around in circles YOLO'ingIt's always a good match when POOPOO69 is there

>>612668373>or blockerMy dick is ready

>>612668489I just realized Pastel was the last character from another game, every new character after her was original. I wonder if they won't add more Konami characters anymore.


>>612670030my cursor is pointing at it in the settings menu

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>>612669814>3 more platina robots>the last idol in momoko group>maybe one of the asagi friendsi don't think so

Attached: file.png (895x311, 538.34K)

>average at about 400 pts and 5 deaths per Oren round, no wins>try Asagi>average at about 1300 pts and 1-2 deaths a round, if that, and actually win some matchesIs Asagi that easy mode to use compared to Oren? Or did I just learn more about the game since I tried Oren?

Attached: charawin_16_twitter_asagi_ks.png-CAB_819bd2bef8bffea6c67d5d7b1b3f8479-3107139416508743563.png (1920x1080, 225.87K)

Do i get anything cool if i register my actual e-amuse card? I know most games give you free plays, but this is f2p.

>>612670738asagi is good

Attached: FadCTkbacAIKImp.jpg (1000x1400, 104.65K)

>>612670894If you have an actual save data from the arcade, you keep all of your characters and stuff

>>612670738oren is actually kinda hard to use, she's not a good pick for the new players, urushi or asagi would have been better

>>612669814There was Rasis from Sound Voltex, but I think she got canned because she didn't have a VA until Exceed Gear and this promo was five years before that mix came out.

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>>612671241what does the poster say?

>>612670202hey thanks user

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>>612671358think it's saying there's still more girls to come to bombergirl and then it shows those 2 (beatmania and sound voltex)

>>612671486doomp them

ah yes, the Aqua thread

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>>612671510fuckI hear that the first year of the game didn't go well somaybe it has something to do with that

Attached: 1641054999564.jpg (2480x3508, 3.92M)

>>612656356Pop'n music when?

>>612671876That Rasis art as well is just placeholder art from Heavenly Haven, not one unique for Bombergirl like Tsugaru, especially when she doesn't have the bomb tail.

Attached: 608972143.jpg (368x512, 84.12K)

>>612669814I really want vic viper though...

we need deeper bomberman cuts

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How often can I farm the free tickets? Does it reset every day?

>>612672339Maybe there is a timeline where we get her and not grim

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>>612672446after every maintenance you can get 10 tickets for playing 5 games

okay either im shit at defending or the people who have been playing attacker haven't done shit because the only game ive won was through a time out

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>>612672446Yes, one roll per day

>>612672446rolls reset at 3pm cdt, can only farm 10 per daygood luck user!

>>612672493A timeline where the game died after the first year

>>612672507this but unironically. been in couple matches where ive had attackers with negative scoring, while the others have been me accidently trapping my shooter

>>612672654Yepi can't find any screenshot right now but the character select screen look very small before pine updateI think asagi was meant to be the last girlthanks grim aloe and sepia

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I like this gay nerd

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>>612655791I've been too busy playing Bomberman Land Touch! instead. This game is going to give me carpel tunnel.

Attached: Bomberman Land Touch!.jpg (500x447, 71.22K)

>>612673780based max enjoyer

Attached: damage_013_twitter_gray.png-CAB_c6953b6b65d0b86f1d4db13c30cf1230--3048322730990053024.png (1080x1600, 485.42K)

So are you having fun?

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feels like nobody likes the default Shiro...

>>612674660I can never win on hill bridge>>612674785It's because default shiros with default titles don't use screwbomb at the start of the game to clear the way for everyone else

Is the bench test supposed to take that long? It's been 15 minutes already.

>>612674660yeah. hope i can get kuro soon>>612674785i think she's decent, i just do better and have more fun defending so i play SHoTa and mesugaki

>>612655791GG EZ NO RE

Attached: file.png (1360x768, 699.01K)

>>612674985the more I see people go absolute unga bunga with kuro makes me want her to be on the next banner

where do you go to change your title? I don't want nips disconnecting on me

>>612675515top right orange button in the locker

>>612675515In the locker.

>>612674660As soon as I have Papuru. I'm going to take the dive soon... Soon brothers....

Attached: Papuru_promo.jpg (872x1200, 196.75K)

>>612655791>why aren't you playing bombergirl, it's f2p nowbecause im white, meaning i think with my brain not my dick.


Attached: 1663367724298446.jpg (2048x1645, 374.57K)

>>612675557You and me both, brother. Good luck.

Attached: 95170549_p1.jpg (1060x1021, 1.23M)

how do I change the resolution settings? I want to play windowed

Attached: c054b9a313a8153518661a312463f571_211addaa_500.png (500x500, 275.16K)

>>612675557>>612675708nice anons

Attached: EQuZLcfUcAAJDoU.jpg (1000x1474, 791.16K)

>That Aqua skill that launches you all the way back to the starting point

Attached: 1663404040213508.png (700x700, 182.59K)

>>612675708Blessed. We'll make it.

>>612674785Default Shiro is fine, she just doesn't have the fun tools that the others haveAs long as she's played well, by people who actually use the screw bombs and maybe the tech for fast ultimate bomb detonation, I'm more than happy to have a dumb retard enjoyer in the match


Attached: 599912.png (1917x1025, 2.16M)

ここに行く I'm going here.ここに来て You come here.be careful

>>612675993blame your team

Attached: 77318280_p0.png (996x460, 330.88K)

new maps tomorrow

Attached: new maps.jpg (1397x598, 338.32K)

is the game actually good?

>>612676763yes but it is p2w, doesn't let you play with friends, and has horrible netcode.

Attached: 1663420215542237.jpg (1500x1000, 141.09K)

>Bombergirl on Mobile>But it's the pachinko versionNever change Konami

Attached: 1637109606332.png (644x419, 553.81K)


>>612676625Event ends soonI hope we get something tonight>>612676763yeah

Attached: FbTdabMUYAA1_nU.jpg (1000x1415, 796.2K)

how am I supposed to cope bros

Attached: 1663555191314.png (868x1080, 788.05K)

>do ultimate>they i-frame it

Attached: 1655396780897.gif (200x200, 3.46M)

>>612676920I hate this rat so much

>>612676920what was konami thinking?>>612676938no way?

Attached: Dm4vRuSU0AAIviw.png (893x1020, 1.13M)

>>612676920damn rat... blowing up my baseneeds rape correction!!

Attached: 1663520505810796.png (640x495, 240.55K)

>>612674660I really have no idea what im doing and I only won one game so far and idk what i could be doing better also i wanna know how the gacha works so i can get gray or olive

Attached: dee518a355b67808da053a3eea3e8f47.png (705x1000, 246.96K)

>>612676938The pachinko version goes all out lmao

Attached: 1639426168165.jpg (1024x638, 74.95K)

>4th place? again?

Attached: file.jpg (850x1297, 141.84K)

>>612677550Shiron, please sit on my face...

Attached: 83306992_p0.png (1720x1936, 1.21M)


>>612677656get off Holla Forums kuro

why is the game so horny

>>612660149Looks like my guide isn't retard proof enough...

>>612677339The way it works is that you can get 10 free tickets every day from playing 5 games.You can buy 550 paid tickets for 71 dollars.Every roll cost 10 tickets, you can't combine free and paid tickets.You can for a 10 roll for 100 tickets, and be guaranteed a 3* or better on your 10th item.The gacha rotates twice a month, and every time the gacha rotates a new set of girls/dressup/skills are given a "pick up" rate, which increases the chance of them dropping from the gacha. It's not always 3 different girls, but it usually is.If a girl you want is currently featured as a pick up on the gacha, it's your best opportunity to roll for them.

>>612677867gatekeeping retards is for the best


I don't like Honey voice

me?I'm a yoroshiku kind of person

>>612678767They change her for best bro in Rainbow.

Attached: 39c365efe1dba9ea6faca0fc41fa79005d66cd20_00.jpg (410x349, 14.2K)


Attached: 61.jpg (1000x1474, 1.23M)

Attached: ea0ae2824179b2e1417709e6610b5f67.jpg (1036x1399, 115.13K)

matchmaking keeps failing for anyone else?

>>612680562test your connection

>>612680562it fails a few times

What the hell is this "bench test"?

Attached: 1623115725399.jpg (2214x3072, 574.96K)

>every time poo is in my team we lose

Attached: 1651014414924.jpg (229x230, 42.43K)

>>612682206change your system clock format to japan

>>612683134HA HA HA! That was the entire issue? Damn I wasted a lot of time.

Attached: 1660688053787784.jpg (474x596, 71.05K)

I feel like shooters get cucked by the scoring system, even when I have amazing games, I get around 2k points at best.

Attached: 1639119588149.jpg (583x900, 552.45K)

>>612683538that's correctassuming a skilled team the scores should look like this>1. bomber>2. blocker>3. attacker>4. shooter

can someone explain bomb desyncing?

What do items do when you're already maxed out?

>>612685090nothing, leave them for your teammates

Which girl loves you most so far, anons?

Attached: file.png (1163x746, 528.37K)

Fun game. I don't understand shit by the way.


Attached: EvtDC3BU8AII9Ae.jpg (1393x785, 272.43K)

>>612685197Of the only 4 I've touched, Shiro makes the most logical sense. I appreciate her first skill that cuts through blocks.

>>612685090leave them. When you die, you drop/lose an item from you main stat that you need to pickup again.

>>612685302that desert stage looks like a pain in theass

I am about to make a terrible decision

Attached: help.png (273x66, 2.26K)

I don't wanna already give up but I really have no fucking idea on how to go about playing this shit, i'm already not moba brained since all I play is fighting games and rpgs

Attached: chara_yourdata_14_twitter_pastel.png-CAB_7940e0bff111d779205c2e527edfb6ff--5661094192868074900.png (350x420, 84.78K)

>>612685302Not a fan of this new version of the lobby music

>>612686384good luck>>612686742same

>>612686584If you don't mind doing homework, the Japanese Bombergirl wiki linked on the /vm/ thread gives good strategies on how to optimally use characters and their abilities, and is comprehensible even when Google TranslatedIf that's not your style, though, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to force yourself to like a game, especially since it's not the kind of game you can quickly learn by doing

>>612687363I suppose thats what I gotta do now but it always leave a bad taste in my mouth if I was playing "good" yet my teammates were shit, ive been waiting to play this game for like 4 years now and I wanna give it an honest shot

>>612686776>good luckHaha

>>612686584It's barely MOBA at all. I've won a lot of matches just by brute forcing my way to their base, so while you can get lost in character intricacies, playing aggressively often just works.

Attached: EtpvGM_WgAEC0wh.jpg (2174x1956, 428.25K)

>>612686384Oh bro, don't. You're so close.

Goddamn. I had a few matches where players are phasing through my bombs like it's nothing.

>>612689524Nippon servers my dude

>>612689592I usually can stop them when they're one block away but in some matches, players can phase through my bombs almost 2 blocks away.

Attached: 1648545788954.png (538x66, 10.7K)

You have to wait through the animation on placing Shiro's ultra bomb for it to actually be detonatable by other bombs, right? It seems like it takes a really long time and would be easy to run away from if that's the case.

>>612690129Yes, but that's why you chain with your ult. The dangerous bomb Shiro plants is still affected by other bombs and can chain or be chained by them too. So you can prime bombs in advance or use the enemy bombs to your own advantage.

Attached: 89775762_p0.jpg (1024x854, 54.22K)

Kuro is literally me

Attached: something something americans playing japanese game something burger music starts playing something bust a groove.png (216x309, 113.33K)

>cant even play the game windoweddamn, what a bad port

>>612689515I lost all my rolls got a 3-star drop but nothing great. Normally this would destroy my motivation to play but I still really wanna play some Bombergirl. It's crazy, I love this game.

Attached: 82258740_p0.jpg (1240x1754, 1.59M)

Attached: im done.jpg (1807x1067, 511.27K)

>>612690756Shiron is LITERALLY me.

Attached: shironbubble.png (320x320, 115.76K)

>>612691508I feel you. I'm tempted to throw cash at it just for the prospect of having some options beyond the freebie 4.

Attached: 95030954_p1.png (1742x2459, 1.42M)

FUCK BLACK BOMBERS!!What does team exp do aside from unlocking your skills?

Attached: 97620697_p0.png (1275x1600, 1.52M)

>>612692253increase everyones health

EXP is shared, right? Is it bad to grab too much yourself?


Attached: Shiron.png (7056x7056, 1.45M)

>>612692528>EXP is shared, right?Yes, it's the only drop that is.

>Be blocker>Teams breaks their blocks at the start of the match and leave to the middle and start fighting.>Team Level is 2>I have to start farming our blocks for exp>Can't even place blocks in base and teammates keep dying to Lv5 enemy team>When we reach Lv5, our minibase is gone and the enemy has accessed our unprotected basePlease, farm shit at the start

Max sure is a handful

Attached: 97704049_p16.jpg (2483x2186, 1.18M)

>>612692528yes, it even has 4 player image in it

Does leveling up your character change gameplay in any way?

Can you make your own lobbies? I would assume no because it's an arcade game

>>612694731no you just get voicelines to spam

>>612694792Nope. You can't queue with your friends either. Which is weird because that option actually DOES exist in arcade.

>>612695036/v/ lobbies never...

>>612694792No teams, randoms only, final destination.

>>612695163rat only, no items

>>612694792>>612585184just 2 people would have to try this to see if it worked, and if it does, Holla Forums could just regularly run games together

>>612695328>just 2 people would have to try this to see if it workedwouldn't we need 8 to fill up an entire lobby

>>612695641that would be for later, if you can prove it works, then more people would immediately jump onyou need a proof of concept

>>612695734what im saying is you would have no way to tell if matchmaking works at all without 8 players.

>>612695785no, you can get matched up with less than 3 people, everyone else is just bots.i have that happen when I tried to play this game before f2p

>>612656459the leaked beta worked fine, what changed?

>>612695837Leaked beta didn't worked on windows 7 either

>>612695964If that's the one with the assets unlocked it ran for me on Windows 7

>get my shit pushed in for an hour just to roll a voice linedammit just give me an outfit or something

>reading the jp wikithis game is too fucking complicated

Attached: rin.gif (430x360, 1.37M)

>giant boobs>lolispick 2, grab 2 while youre at it.

>>612697459It's pretty simple, it's only the nuances that may be unclear.

next season of ranked starts soon twitter.com/bombergirl573/status/1572128458058403840

Do you need VPN to play this? My friend asked me to help him search for the 1/6 Aqua figure that is apparently sold out everywhere and it got me interested.

>>612700659No vpn needed

Just installed guess i'll enter first match with shiro no idea what i'm doing

>>612700852Your middle bomb pierces blocks.

>>612700973team got absolutely slaughtered

>>612701087It happens. Nips with years of experience and a fraction of your ping are ruthless.

>>612700154That's in like 15 hours when the map rotatesneat

is it one of each class type per team?

>>612701738Ideally yes. Unless your team knows a strat or the enemy team throws, you should be fine. Otherwise, it's always best to swap and fill a role

>>612701801bomber/attacker are offense the other 2 defense?


>>612701801defense should be much harder for new players no?also what gets the most points K O's and object destruction?

>>612682206We can't afford a casting couch so you're being auditioned on a bench in a public park.

>>612701738you don't have to but it's the most common setup followed by swapping out a bomber for a 2nd attacker depending on the map and lineup

>>612701989destruction > placing blocks >>>>>>>> killing enemies


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>>612703648dont be mean to kuro

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>authenticating/connecting/queuing more than playing>no playing with friends>doesn't seem to be low pc specs friendly>If you want to flex it sucks not having a char you like for EACH ROLE(would be fine if roles didn't exist)I don't get it, they could at least make the damn game comfy and easy to play. Arcade games should just stay arcade.Sucks cause I could see myself playing this casually once every few days but not with shit.

>>612704142>Playing team based game shouldn't require team play

>>612704382my complaint isn't that roles exist, it's that characters are locked behind gacha which makes the ROLES feel like shit if you don't have a char you like for each

>>612704142Yeah even in the off chance I unlock a character I get the feeling I'm going to have to surrender playing as them or be the asshole. So far Japanese players are really flexible and change their class if I lock in bomber, though I don't want to be the guy who always forces them to change. Especially because I'm not that great at any role.