Shill a game with a webm

Shill a game with a webm.

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>>612652985Temtem would be right down your alley.

>>612653075But I'm straight.

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>>612652985Did this happen in Ion Fury? Or is this the expansion they're working on?

>>612653306Reminds me of the DNF Duke 3D mod.

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Ori and The Blind Forest is a fun game!

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>>612653306How is the water flowing up that curve?

>>612653603That mod was made by one of the devs from Ion Fury.

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>>612654062Guess I'm not surprised, similar mark of quality in both.

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>>612654062fuck my hand flicked up to shoot the coin

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>>612653989Because it has momentum, unlike you. :)

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Convergeance mod

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>>612657471>Magic spam: the game No thanks

>>612657317So it's a game where everyone has long range shotguns? Sounds terrible

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>>612656319I will now play your game


>>612658584>take ion fury>make it worsewhat exactly is their goal?

>>612659438Phantom Fury.



>>612657692not everyone, most of the time you are gangbanged by ants with the size of a house

my game

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>>612660323can i sex the witch?

>>612654850Is that a fucking german hand grenade?

>>612660536no sexing allowed

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>>612657661But user, thats Dark Souls 3, not Elden Ring

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>>612660680 y :(

>>612657357I know it's cliche at this point, but sauce? I need to title of this game RIGHT NOW...

>>612660773onirism with a sex mod

>>612660763you can only look

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>>612660945that red witch is cute

>>612661075here's her kitty

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Freaking love the effort that went into every animation in this game

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>>612661295Is that Nioh 2? How do those traditional armors look with the biggest boob size?

the only thing worht i've got i filmed on my phone and no software (even those saying they support 1000+ formats) can convert it since i sent it through facebook dircetly lmao. but you'd get sold on it, believe me

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>>612661472Yes, and they look really fucking silly, good thing you can always remake your character, save presets, or use other people's character (IF they share the fucking code).For my part, I'm warmly waiting for Guts Simulator 2

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>>612661645Did you hear someone modded the Guts armor back into the PC version?

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>>612660773You wanna see it in action?

>>612661884Yeah, along with the JP voices and playstation button prompts, all the mods you will ever need.

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>>612662686Well that's a thing I guess.

>>612662327>>612662672Speaking of, I can't believe people were trying to shill ghost of tsuchima as having "good" gameplay and to get it instead of these two.

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>>612656319What is this called?

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>>612663124black souls 2play black souls 1 if you are interested in the series. it's an h-game btw

>>612663124looks like Black Souls 2

>>612660323>>612660680I like it :)

>>612662182>it's not the version with the cardboard cutoutdisappointing

>>612662959whats the 2nd game? samurai bamaham looks awesome

>>612663218>it's an h-game btwwow I did not guess

>>612663264I am trying to sell people on it after all

>>612663315I didn't actually watch the webm I just recognized it from the thumbnail

>>612662959Right now, any game that reimplements BamHam/ AssCreed/ GoS/ ShadowOfMordor/ Witcher 3 combat without elevating it to at least the level of Sifu is a waste of time. The combat system is 15 years old and the fact that it was allowed to exist for that long without any significant improvements despite being used in over 5 different long running IPs is fucking crazy.

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>>612663261thanks!it'll be done soon™like a decade or so


>>612663634which engine are you using? also drop a twitter/itch if you feel like it

>>612663948I'm making it on gamemakerI need to update and clean the page but here it is, probably will do it next demoday, with proper volume control, better music/sound effects, few more visual effects and another

>>612652985is it still shilling if it's freeware?

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>>612663218>>612663234Thanks anons.

>>612659012every single metal gear game on steam when>inb4 emulateI'm a busy guy, I'd rather masturbate for the fifth time and have everything ready to play in one place

>>612659209Haven't played tekken since 3, what are the good ones before 8 comes out?

>>612665259Soul Calibur 6

>>612665129>too lazy to emulateok, your 2nd easiest option is:>buy ps3>buy metal gear collection >buy mgs5

>>612663620Steam release next year?

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>>612662686And where can I get this sex mod?

>>612652985Can I shill mods?

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>>612662113game?>>612666353is this Convergence?

>>612666353Is that the mod I think it is?

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>>612666689>>612666704It's Elite Knight's Original Weapons. Basically lets you fuck around with boss movesets, and Friede's moveset works remarkably well and doesn't feel clunky at all. It's an absolute bitch to set up right now though since Dark Souls 3 got updated recently.

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>>612666185ATF forum or I can put it on mega for 10 minutes

>>612666907is there a gael/NK weapon?

>>612660945God damn is that a game from /agdg/?I feel like I've seen that little wizard before, like 3 years ago.

>>612666907and one more for the road. Friede is honestly a bit overpowered in the early game so I added a no healing stipulation to keep things interesting.>>612667232Yeah. Turn on

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>>612666907Ah the mod I most recently played with is the cinders mod. Bassicly adds every single weapon and armor from the souls series including bloodborne guns are very fun and are ranged parry daggers but you only get like god it must be 3 or less frames for the parry, a few new bosses, the map is much more open so you can start where you want and can more a less do the bosses in any order, can upgrade rings. The most contentious part I would say is the spells. They add alot and you can upgrade them while summons are a neat idea among other things I found them to be way to broken. Honestly ide border on reccomending it as the best version of DS3 even if it strays a bit into the silly fun side of things.

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>>612652985>sexy revolveri will now play your game

>>612663264The cardboard cutout version, along with all the other NEVER EVER versions are not to be posted anymore.Forever and ever.

>>612667615what are you talking about

>>612667018I just checked ATF and didnt see it. Is it under modding? Content Releases?

>>612666689zeno clash

>>612667459Case in point both for silly and powerful. Here we have giants dad yes he starts by taunting with well what is it and the weapon im using. The weapon itself is fine but the weapon art is retarded. An unbelivably high damage cone attack that also inflicts crazy stagger. I could kill bassicly every non boss in the game with one use cause even if they survived the spray I got a free stagger stab. I just liked using it cause it was my DS2 weapon and it went well with trying for gun parry attacks.

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>>612667754In the mod subforum, not on the mod site

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I'll shill my own skill instead

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>>612667690The game came out, user.

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>>612665492Fucking this

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>>612667018>>612667754what is ATF

>>612664708Is this on thunderspy?

>>612668859Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms

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>>612668859All The Fallen

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>>6126652595 and Tag 2 (Wii U)

>>612667436yesand if you did it's probably almost 3 years

>>612669568I've seen it grow from the very start, I remember at some point you (I assume you're the game dev) asked /agdg/ to join in to test the multiplayer when you were first implementing it. I hope you make it, user.

>>612669501Neat. How much spell variety and any other winners like that haste spell?

>>612669769Not a lot, it's more like Deus Ex than say, Morrowind

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>>612657357IS THAT A

>>612669957N ORC PENISyes

>>612669898Maybe they'll slap more onto it in later updates. Will lay hands on it later just for the aesthetics. Thanks, user.


>>612669750I don't have any multiplayer so you're probably mistaking with another dev there, idk which one tho, need to check older agdg demoday submissions for that

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>>612662113I want to like this game since it's made by the guys who made Batman Doom which still has the most amazing use of DeHackEd in the entire history of Doom but the combat feels really clunky.

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>>612670215Oh I see.I saw a couple of games like yours on /agdg/ over the years so I can't really tell if Ive seen it before then lol.Just remembered the little blue wizard with a big hat. The other game was just jpgs moving around in some weird shootem'up

>>612661419what game

>>612670359>but the combat feels really clunky.yeah but when you're trying to do an fps-style game with fighting game mechanics on the source engine its pretty much bound to be clunky

>>612670612not sure but it might be god of the arena dungeon which was fun playing with other people on agdgif you're not sure it's online multiplayer there's marmoreal and catlike magic which both are very much funmine's more of a zeldalike

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>>612672023Never did beat that game. Made it to about the time I fought that super mega meme tank with the emperor on it hated the mission even if I did beat it and quit the game. Did I miss out? Should I go back? Are the sequels as bad as people meme?

>>612672214>he got filteredyou and many, many others.>spoiler2's bad, 3's okay, 4 is back to the roots.

>>612660323>>612660680does it have a name?

>>612672550I actually had to double check how far into the game I was only about 1/3rd go figure. Maybe ill give it another go but that mission really annoyed me and I dont recall why exactly. I think it just moved through a valley while I hit it with rockets? It was also around that point I was getting a terrible feeling the game was gonna go full anime with like anime girls flying around using death lasers or something. Never looked up if that happenes but i wouldnt be shocked if it did. I also learned best way to play the game is to have a scout rush the objective and never fight. Maybe ill give it another go. Maybe if I bother to pirate it again.


>>612673065the tank is a common filter for people due to drastically changing the state of the battlefield halfway through with no warning.scout rush is indeed the easy-mode strat and thankfully gets nerfed in the sequels. Then gets un-nerfed in 4 because the APC does the same thing effectively>spoilerit does but only for 2 specific characters as a plot point

>>612673635>It doesThe japs just cant help themselves.

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>>612657471is that spirit summons in dark souls 3? You're gay!

>>612673814it's not strike-witches tier but it is pretty jarring in an otherwise grounded setting.

>>612662113Has anyone played Zeno Clash 2? I tried but couldn't find any working torrents for it.

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>>612657357The fuck is this?!

>>612669898ive seen this just yesterday. how long is it?

>>612658584Holy fuck what's this?

>>612663296snoy's ghost of tsushima it is jap bamham, pretty good but super repetitive

I don't understand why would you actively promote a game unless you're a paid marketer.

>>612657357DisgustingFucking pedos posting these mods and game should kys themselves

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>>612654180what game

>>612669558Tag 2 (xbox 360) you fag

>>612653989>he doesn't understand hydrothermal dynamics

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>>612675409Readyor Not

>>612675305because I like [game] and hope that more of them are made. By shilling to other people there's a chance it gets another sale.

>>612653646cant believe sega snuck this in

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>>612675473But you aren't being paid for it. You're using your free time to do someone else's marketing job FOR FREE.

>>612675660because it's enjoyable to talk about your hobbies? imagine being so jaded that you feel entilted and superior to people going "hey check this game out it's pretty cool" fuck off your trying way too hard.

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>>612675660why would I suggest what restaurant you eat at? What music to listen to?

>>612675657That run animation is disgusting. Fuck you.

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>>612675793But you aren't talking about your hobby; you're dong a sales pitch. A mercantile exposition.Do you still don't realize how wrong it is? >>612675824Exactly. Why would you? You aren't the restaurant's owner or the musician.

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>>612675952>t. sits in a sterile, padded room and only posts on a Taiwanese cock-tucking forum about his bodily functions

>>612675952yeah yeah we get it, thirsty for (you)s

>>612675952I'll give it to you that this is some creative bait

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>>612675952>you aren't talking about your hobbyWhat the fuck did he mean by this?

>>612653931Looks nu-fun

>>612659012SNAKE DON'T

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>>612676375vane, 11/10 atmosphere, but it's short (4ish hours) and little more than a walking simulator. But it's an interesting ride the whole way.

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>>612653931I like the premise and the visuals are nice, but the fact that your speed doesn't decrease smoothly as you fling off of things- really the lack of smooth momentum in general- has me less than interested.

>>612676364would be cool if her feet didn't smell so bad

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>>612676684thanks! i remember seeing it a few years ago




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>>612676975>>612677193sorry forgot the text, majin and the forsaken kingdom (360/ps3). Really fun game, same dev who made Folklore for PS3.

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>>612657357was that a cock

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>>612677380>>612677290Sick transformations. I've seen much lazier.

>>612677728they were a great dev who had the ability to produce a high production value for very low budget on top of unique and fun gameplay. Unfortunately, their games sold poorly due to basically no marketing and the company went under midway through the 360 era.

>>6126651291 and 2 GoG releases are/were good (2 got taken off the store, everyone that bought it still has it and it has been getting occasional bugfixes)2 GoG still benefits a lot from V's fix, but the GoG release of 1 plays fine out of the box (though default controls aren't quite right, just remap them in the options menu)

>>612657357that frog got the tip in atleast. kek.

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Mining in Wurm Online. You will do this for 12 hours straight.

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>>612662113I never see anyone talk about zeno clashI always loved being able to throw empty guns for an opening after a salvo.

>>612664473yesbut it's based shilling

>>612653646>first frame's time is 00:33:33checked

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>>612675569>>612675657i legit loved my first playthrough of Sable, too bad the game was buggy as hell on release, have no idea how it is nowadays

>>612662959/v/ is fucking stupid, they will shills everything as long as it according to them Make Japan Mad or even trashy garbage gook MMO because it has pretty kpop doll

Let's not pretend Holla Forums likes Nioh 2 due to the gameplay and game design; they like it due to waifu character creator and out of sheer anti-From Software contrarianism.

>>612681495>Holla Forums is one person

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>>612681570yeah, it's all me

>>612681570/v/ is literally a hivemind. And how many of those hours were spent actually playing the game and not just playing dolls with the character creator like people do with Skyrim?

>>612681495Let not pretend Nioh gameplay isn't better than 80% of video game and every garbage Korean games

>>612681649>And how many of those hours were spent actually playing the gamea few>and not just playing dolls>implying I made a woman

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>successfully killed the thread by proving I play video gamesgood ol' Holla Forums

>>612681649Fer shure he spent several dozen hours making a character that he is just gonna cover in armor later on.Retard-kun, please go.

>>612663315It’s honestly extremely plot-based for an H-Game. It’s one of the best story games I played unironically and it has really good exploration, atmosphere and lore. The first one might seem too much like a Dark Souls porn parody at first but if you give it a chance it’ll soon find its stride and the ride is amazing. Try to play it completely blind if possible, it has a huge number of autistic details and twists that are great if you go into it with 0 knowledge.

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>>612669019Looks like City of Heroes (or Villains)

>>612653931Will of the Wisps is a straight upgrade in every possible way.

>>612663620You're shilling dodge down simulator and pretending to have any taste at all? What a joke.

don't even need a webm

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>>612686043I don't think I have played a kino AAA game other than MHW and RDR2 in a LONG time

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>>612686181had my eye on and off MH for a long time nowhow's rise and its new dlc?

>>612687020play world

>>612677557Begone, coomer.

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>>612687020Pretty good if you're not a MH purists (who would also hate world) or a meme follower.

>>612660323my games

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it's called NEET and there's a demo on steam

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>>612672023Do I need to play all previous titles to play Valkyria Chronicles 4?

>>612688657there's passing references to 1 but nothing that makes the story harder to follow.

Sniper Elite if it was a good gameIt's some strategy mobile shit that doesn't even have this gameplay in it

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>>612662823Underrated RTS gem.



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>>612674074yeah its good, basically just more zeno clash. they're making another first/third person beat em up too.

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>>612652985>>612654062Is this AWOL?

>>612653989Drowning machine. Google it

Just played this demo. It was fucking great.

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>>612689913Damn I was hoping it was an SE mod or something. Coomers, make it happen

>>612692681The humor is pretty good.

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Attached: ND4.webm (1280x720, 806.16K)


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>>612693546Not a webm, but funny.

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>>612675569forced deanimation

>>612652985Play Frozen Synapse 2!

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>>612663178Unironically sold me on it, buying right now

>>612686112Oh hey I was a tester for this game, I'm in the credits!

>>612695109Didn't that get left in a buggy/crashy state? I was under the impression that the game was rushed and released very broken, bombed in sales, and then it never got fixed and the devs split. Was I wrong?I only played the first one and I loved it

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>>612654280I need to get back to Ultrakill

>>612657357YOOO- oh wait. nvm.

>>612668025what game?

>>612698321>Didn't that get left in a buggy/crashy state?Nah, game is fine now

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>>612653931these console games make me want to vomit for some reason, maybe it's the camera movement

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I accidentally bought an h-game on steam. I thought I was just an indie action game...

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>>612653603Where can I find this & does it include the stuff from the leaked build earlier this year?

>>612685252Except combat went from nonexistent afterthought to mandatory garbage

is there some kind of running shitty joke to not name the webm after the game even in the "shill game with webms" thread?

>>612700861it has nothing to do with the leak, just some guys got bored of waiting and decided to create their own dnf in the original build engine based on stuff that was shown in the original e3 trailer

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>>612701076you wouldn't get it

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>>612701343What game

>>612701343did she died

>>612701404htoL#NiQ>>612701461Nope. This one died though.

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>>612654062>>612652985>>612653306anon, what's the point in shilling the DLC that isn't even out and doesn't even have a fucking release date?


>>612701926gravity rush 2

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>>612701954that was fast, thanks user

>>612690658What game is this?

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>>612686112Other games like this?


>>612681649As a relatively unpoliced hivemind (little to no real enforcement of the hivemind from within), people like me will be attracted whose sole goal is to be as contrarian as possible both by normalfag standards and board standards.

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>>612700543H-game or not it looks pretty spiffy. Game name?

Hardly shilling since its been free for decades IIRC, but whatever

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>>612703175Based daggerfall enjoyer

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>>612703093mahou arms. The steam version is censored so you have to download a separate launcher to get the sex.I warn you. It's>early access>patreonIt's kind of fun though. It feels like it's just a few tweaks away from being a good action game.

>>612703429Thanks lad. May have to bite the bullet for the game alone. Will have a peak somewhere at the smut to see if the separate launcher hassle will be worth it later.

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>>612690658Game? Anime x-com gun bitches is a genre dear to my heart.

>>612703596Those are strong fingers.

>>612703504Eh, I don't know if I would recommend it right now at the price, even with the discount. I would only do it if you're willing to take a gamble.


>>612653931Bash is the coolest fucking mechanic. I wish I could figure out how to make it work in 3D

>>612690658>>612702369>>612703647Oh you fuck. I had a hunch from that previous musclegirl thread. It's a game called GFL2 and it's not out yet.>It's a fucking mobile gacha

>>612703670Altair has been slowly removing his fingers for years to gain an immunity to finger damage, now you could swing a sword at his hands and it'll just break in half on impact.

>>612703981>Girls Frontline but with real gameplayWhat the fuck

>>612704072I don't know much about GFL but the fact that it's a gacha, plus the fact that it's getting an iOS and Android release in addition to the PC one tells me it's most likely not going to be worth playing at all.

>>612703981It's coming out on PC as well.

>>612704040That's smart, nothing can cut your fingers once you removed at least 10 of them as training.

>>612704129It'll be like Genshin how you CAN play it on mobile but it'll be much better on PC. I actually expect it to be a good game despite being "freemium".

>>612704156>next AC game gives player blades for handswould be kino

>>612703340I should make webms for other free games (I didn't make the one I posted but still). I like Entropy Zero and Entropy Zero 2, I should record some clips and convert them to webms sometime. Shooting rebels is fun and I get the idea that misanthropy would appeal to Holla Forums for some reason.

>>612704232Does the character use his feet to drink.

>>612662113Zeno Clash VR fucking when.

>>612704215I haven't played Genshin either although it was mostly the rumors of a rootkit in that that turned me off..I know I'm being a stick in the mud but I'd rather just have a regular old fashioned game, no grind or gacha or always online elements. Unless this is like troubleshooter where it's all opt-out if you desire I'm not sure if I'll bother with either despite being vaguely interested.

Idea guy here, hows this:You're a guy who's trying to summon a demon who you want to change your appearance to make you more attractive to girls, but you end up summoning a succubus instead. That succubus then turns you into a female succubus, laughs, then leaves. You eventually learn you CAN turn back, but it requires collecting souls from virgin males, and theres only one way for a succubus to collect souls...

>>612704336Unfortunately no real devs make tittyshooters anymore. Only coreans and chinks. I'm going in on Nikke and GFL2.

>>612660323I love 2d. In fact I only play 2D games

>>612662959What if I like both?

>>612704362you'll have to work part time retail in order to get money to buy the souls at the soul store....


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>>612704428Troubleshooter, not tittyshooter. Abanonded children, it's some Korean xcom clone with a lot of neat shit about it but it's also mostly melee/magic focused with not a lot of ranged units.I mean considering Jane and the sniper milf yeah I guess Troubleshooter could be a tittyshooter too.

>>612701076Most people just have webms saved with funny names and will give the name if asked, but there's one retard who avoids the names on purpose because he "doesn't want to shill games".

>>612704757i wish it was just one retard user.

>>612704757>but there's one retard who avoids the names on purpose because he "doesn't want to shill games"Yeah, me

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>>612703981>>612704129>generic anime girl aetheticeven if it wasn't gacha it wouldn't be worth playing