New Graphics Cards start tomorrow. Are we excited?

New Graphics Cards start tomorrow. Are we excited?

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I'm still waiting for the old ones to stop being $1000

>>612649960Yes, can't wait for the 4080 (4070) 12GB announcementI bet it's only going to cost $699!

>>612649960>Are we excited?yes

>>612649960No. See you in 7 months when prices reach rock bottom and I buy a mining card 3090 TI for 50$

>>612652275>50$yea right

enjoy your 1000w psu mininum

>>612649960nah I couldn't give a shit less. I upgraded my 980ti to a 3090. I'll be with this fucker till it breaks.

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>>612649960I finally feel like getting a job to buy a new graphics card so I can GENERATE

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>>612655876>I finally feel like getting a jobke.k

>>612649960yeah I sure do really want to run a 600W GPU to be able to play shitty modern games on 4K 240 fps Ultra.What is even the POINT?

>>612657109superiority over lower tier cardlets

>implying will have stock No.

>>612657249honestly I think the cooler thing is seeing how far you can push old cards, like how the Linux folks backported ray-tracing to the radeon rx 580 and other old cards

Wake me up when 4060 Ti is released.

>>6126582234070 Ti for me

>>612655876finna bouta coom

>>612649960I don't like useless things.Nvidia go fund this generations Crysis alrdy.

There's no point in buying higher end GPUS. The lower end GPUs can already play 1080p at high FPS. And the higher end GPUs can't play 4k at decent FPS especially without DSR. If the new GPUS can't play 4k at high FPS then I don't care about them.


I'm living in Brazil. Never bought hardware in this country before. What are the chances I'll be able to get a 4080?

>>612657743Why would you even want that? Wouldn't the majority of games run at like 10fps?

>>612659079As high as not having a corrupt president

Nope, my 1060 turbo is still enough for 1440p eat my asshole NVIDIA


>>612659707there are other cool things you can do with hardware ray-tracing, like sound path-tracing for immersive audio

Why would I spend $800 on a GPU when I could just spend $1000 on a professional, non-gaming laptop and get an entire computer with a 3060?

>>612649960Honestly, who cares?All the games worth playing run great on a 1060ti anyway

>>612660087mobile gpus are underpowered and undercooled.non-gaymen laptops have productivity gpus, not gaymen gpusalso when it's time to upgrade you'll have to throw the whole laptop out.

What time?

>>612659079Just wait for Lula to win the election and you are going to be fine.

All the retards who built their first PC during covid and spent $2000 on a GPU because they wanted to consoooooom after getting shilled by youtubers did irreparable damage to the PC market

>>6126626198 AM Pacific

>>612663728>he isn't a waitchadWaitchads literally always win no matter what.

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>>612649960>New Graphics Cards start tomorrow.doesn't matter, they still have mountains of 3000 series to sell, until then enjoy your artificial scarcity for 4000 series

>>612663728>All the retards who built their first PC during covid and spent $2000 on a GPUI only spent 400

>>612649960fuck off jensen

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>>612668486cool, right?

>>612655876I don't see the Alphonse Mucha here senpai

my card still plays. fuck off


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>>612649960I deeply regret spending money on a Gsync monitor. Now I'm locked to this shit for a while longer. If RDNA3 goes MCM with GPU chiplets, the game changes for GPUs and FreeSync has come a really long way now that Gsync's "tax" is just not worth it. Plus, 99% of all games that use ray-tracing, use it comestically instead of in a way that enhances the gamePLAY portion of the videoGAME, making the cost of the ray tracing features mostly pointless. Lastly, with Microsoft and Sony basically mandating that majority of the games be cross-gen on XB1 and PS4, that means majority of the games won't be using ray-tracing, and the ones that do, are console exclusives, further defeating the purpose of the accelerator hardware on Novidea cards. So, effectively, you're paying hundreds of dollars extra for a feature that literally nobody uses and is unlikely to use for the rest of this decade.So nope. Not excited at all.



>>612670753Gsync monitors are deprecated since they allowed almost every freesync display to work on nvidia the ones they still sell are very overpriced. >Lastly, with Microsoft and Sony basically mandating that majority of the games be cross-gen on XB1 and PS4They'll stop making shit for last gen around next year you can already see games like Gotham Knights dropping them.

>>612649960What's the fucking purpose? 1080 Ti is and will be enough for the whole 9th gen.

>>612649960>Hi, my name is jacket man. You know me from movies like "How I killed EVGA" or "The train I drove two times over EVGA" or "Fuck EVGA and especially FUCK U" or "EVGA betrayed the family and I had to make a deal they couldn't refuse" or "If I would get $1 for every moment I want to punch EVGA, I would be able to buy the universe right now" or "EVGA, I'm your father" or "EVGA stole my bike and my show" or "WHY RIGHT NOW YOU LITTLE SHIT???? YES, I MEAN YOU, EVGA!"

>>612672090based jacket man

Origami launch.

>>612659079I'm pretty sure you would collapse your power grid>>612659707

>>612670713The funny thing is AMD has the best drivers now.

>>612649960Why would you be? Anything worth playing can be played on a card probably nudging up on 6 years old.

>>612673405i want 1440p @ 120hz, only reason im gonna get a 4090 from my 2080

>>612673493filthy consoomer

>10% better>50% more expensive>200% more power requiredholy frig, thats epic!


>>612674497Mein neger.

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What games even need this power that aren’t pozzed or unoptimised dogshit? My 1070 still plays everything at 1080p

>>612673301The funny thing is you think people don't know you were paid to post that.

>>612674497>>200% more power requiredseriously where the fuck did this come from? is it because nvidia refuses to go with chiplets and has to keep making spaceheater chips?

>>612649960waiting for a rtx 3070ti or 3080 for 500. waiting patiently with my 1080 feels good

>>612649960Wake me up when some games come out that actually utilise them.

>>612675207>3070tii predict those will be less than 500 in a few months

>>612674419my nigger, when you're used to 120hz and go back to 60, it's absolute dog shit

>>612675980This is exactly why I don't play about 60fps. I don't want to get used to it and then only be able to play on the priciest hardware.

>>612676109it's amazing for old games fps games though, playing quake and crysis at 120 looks so good, same for action games like saints row 3, dead rising, shit just looks so smoothi want a 4090 for cyberpunk @ 120 and doom eternal, I can get 120 in DE but it drops every now and then

>>612675157they're stuck with Samsung's shitty silicon for now

>>612677004alright so wait for the 5000 series and then when that's announced wait for the 6000 series, got it.

>>612649960not until mining starts being profitable again. so in about a year or so

>buy new 4k series card>still only play league and fps games with lowest settings for maximum framesyup feels good

>>612677762then why buy it ?

>>612677762AV1 hardware encoding as well, only reason im not going 3000

>>612659707No it’s mostly artificially gated by the graphics driver.

>>612677762Why would you need 600 fps on league when your monitor can only display 144/240

>>612678280>AV1 hardware encoding as wellintel cards are shit

I ain't buying this shit

Oh boy I can't wait to buy 600w 4090!!! My room is going to have a dedicated space heater! And I thought my 300w card was making my case toasty, but who was I even kidding??

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>>612649960But what games?

>>612649960the only time i buy nvidia if it's not in a laptop is if it's evga

>>612649960Not at all. No games will take advantage of these compared to, say, a 2080Ti

>2080 Ti still goodmeh, maybe next year

>>612680263anon...I have some bad news for you

>>612663148we're going to eat picanha every day

i didnt realize there were so many poorfags on Holla Forums

>>612649960You would need to be a drooling retard to care let alone be excited.

>>612681009consider me a drooling retard then

Can't wait for $3000 buttcoin mining card that boasts....uh, what's the new marketing gimmick huang?

>>612682164improved gay tracing

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if the new cod, new forza run fine on my 2070s then ill gladly wait til the 5070

>>612651117i dont mind that, it will drop the price of other gpus so i can upgrade finally

I have a 3090 but I don't even play games anymore.

>>612683712Ironically DLSS means you need a new graphics card less now than ever before

>>612683797this seems a core point of this "upgrade craze" going on right now. what games are out there/coming out in the foreseeable future that make the cost worth it?

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>>612677004RTX 4000 series will be on TSMC 4nm

>>612683920No. It just means devs will make shit even harder to run, but now they'll target an even lower resolution and assume you'll upscale it from there. Dlss just kills native rendering as a target it doesn't benefit you in any way.

>>612684481>Get your shit slapped in power-efficient laptop CPUs by Apple, who is not even a CPU company>Instead of making better, more power-efficient CPUs, branch into an entirely different market that you have no experience inIntel in 2022

>>612685282shut up m,acfag

>>612685282Intel started their discrete graphics group back in 2017

>>612685282Intel's discrete GPU project is all about selling OEMs a complete bundled solution, so they can cut Nvidia out. Leveraging their existing market position in order to gain more.Something Intel knows a lot about, and its why Nvidia is freaking out and trying to extract as much money as possible from their hardware partners. Nvidia is screwed unless they can make their own gaming capable AMD64 compatible CPU so they can sell a complete packaged solution.Intel+Nvidia in pre-builts is going away. They're all going to be full Intel or full AMD going forward.

>>612651117that shit killed my interestthe 4070 has less bandwidth than a fucking 3060ti too so the fact that they're trying to make it look like a new high end card is hilarious, the card is gimped as fuck

>>612670558He's mostly just a prompt enhancer, he makes portraits look better

>>612649960Thanks for beta testing.

>>612685814And that's the kicker, Jensen's obsession with jamming gpus everywhere has completely blinded him to the fact that we still need cpus for computing.

>>612649960Never forget:

>>612675980This is why i'm sticking with 75fps. I realized that I could tell when things were set to 60 instead of 75, it felt like lag and now I have a new standard I need to maintain. Gonna stick with 1440 + 75fps. If I had 4k or 120fps I doubt I could afford to maintain it.

>>612685758Intel started getting their shit pushed in as early as 2015, with the release of the iPad Pro, which was the first mobile CPU to outperform Intel and do it with 16hr battery life compared to Intel's 2hr battery life

>>612649960What do you need new graphics cards for?


>>612649960>Here's $100 million chang, now make the GPUs before biden commences the chink sanction.>ar okay okay, we do it tank you taiwanese man>First batch of 40 series GPUs arrive>all broken, melted, loose screws, missing fans, sweet and sour pork spilled on it, dog fur, gutter oil smears

I hope he falls over on stage and breaks his neck. Fucking corporate cunt. I'd spit on him if I saw him IRL.

>>612649960The death of crypto mining is a miracle. We can only hope it happened when nvidia already made the production order, they are going to drop the prices significantly or they will be sitting on a bunch of useless cards that no one can afford.

>>612659079About as high as the CIA not fucking your country for profit.

>>612650010Seethe more consolefag.

>>612649960>Are we excited?No

>>612687306>75fpsThat's just retarded.


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>>612689529cheap monitors these days are 75 instead of 60.dunno why.

thats ok and everything but NAME 1 coming up game that would requiere something beyond a 30xx seriesHard mode. Don't bring resolutions and meme frames to your answer

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>>612670753frame sync is a meme. i have it and play with it off because muh latency and the fact that frame tearing goes away at 90fps, and if you aren't playing above 60 why play on pc at all

I bought a 3090 and only play FFXIV and old games at big frames resolutions because there's nothing new to use them forWhy would I buy a new one right now???

>>612690794I want to play Ark 2 at 4k 120fps.

>>612690794unreal engine 5

Nvidia couldn't keep their best manufacturer, EVGA, onboard.Time to switch to AMD bros. I'm waiting for the 7700 XT, which will be more powerful than a 3090/6900XT.

I have a feeling tomorrow's presentation will be a huge disappointment and grafix cards will skyrocket again, but please help me with this build

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>supply issues guaranteedoh boy i can't wait

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>>612690794>says this during GTA 6 leak

>>612659079>What are the chances I'll be able to get a 4080?From the things I heard about Brazil, it boils down whether you're rich or not. You can buy anything locally, just be prepared to pay 10 times the MSRP.

>>612691556JustWait™ until you can do a DDR5 build, if you are gonna do a 2k+ build it might as well be ahead of the curve for techin my experience, you don't need a hyper premium PSU. i have a 750 watt gold rated PSU from 2011 still working fine. for running a 3090ti i would go with a 1000w gold or plat rated PSU so you run less risk of GPU power spikes shutting off the machine (look up transient power spikes)

>>612692163>if you are gonna do a 2k+ build it might as well be ahead of the curve for techI unironically don't think you will build a PC next-gen for less than 3 grand. At least with 3090 Ti people have had it for a while to figure out how to make it work the best and it's half of what it cost in January.

>>612692335that is possible, but it's also possible with AMD's DDR5 compatible CPU / mobo launch that the economy of scale will shift over and cause prices to drop somewhat

>they just reveal the 30xx series SUPERyou know its happening

>>612650052they haven't been 1000 for like 2 months now. can get a 3070ti for 600 on best buys website right now if you wanted.

>>612692585>no 3090 Super 32 gb

>>612690794me and all the /codg/ homies are upgrading for modern warfare 2

>>612691556you're wasting a lot of money

>>612691606>>supply issues guaranteedyes. ironically this time they will be fake instead of real and idiots will fall for it all over again despite demand for graphics cards evaporating in front of nvidia/amd's eyes. they will still claim muh shortages.

I could go back from my 3080 to my rx480 and literally nothing would happen. There are no good games and I dont give a shit about 4k

>>612649960Jensen Huang is so fucking cringe with his attempt of becoming a Steve Jobs clone

>>612694591>There are no good gamesso why did you buy a 3080

>>612694591why the fuck did you by a 3080 then? fomo brain rot?

I only play Kenshi so I don't need a new GPU

>>612695310he's a smooth brain consoomer

>no more EVGAwhat will we do?

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>>612695650i have a evga 3060 Ti. if it ever stops working I'll just buy a console

>>612694878>>612695310I did some calculations and I found I could mine shit and the gpu would pay itself in 7 months. And it did. So why not.I also do some occasional video editing and now the AI shit is kinda funny so whatever but gaming wise there is literally no reason to keep it.

>>612692607>can get a 3070ti for 600$600 is how much a 12GB 3080 should cost, what kind of retard dumps $600 on an 8GB GPU with gimped bandwidth? Nothing is happening price-wise with cards people actually want to buy, even the shitty 10GB versions remain unchanged

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>>612695974>I also do some occasional video editinga 3050 would be good enough for that

I'm curious what they're going to do about the crypto crash ruining their profit marginsAlso they were selling to miners directly, weren't they?

>>612676109if you stick to 1080p you can manage with """reasonable" gpus to get high refresh rate (generally the issue for high frames isn't the gpu, you can lower your details but rather the cpu)i've had 144hz monitor for like 10 years by now and ran it with 1060 and now vega56, possibly getting new amd once they come out (tried 6700xt but had to rma)

>>612696167>I'm curious what they're going to do about the crypto crash ruining their profit marginsThey'll continue to price GPU's high because of the fact that they'll HYPOTHETICALLY be able to generate money if the next big coin is mineable, same shit they've been doing ever since the R9 200/300 boom during Litecoin taught everyone the wrong lessons

>>612696095Nvidia low memory autism has been awful for the industry


>>612696315nah it won't work like thiswithout ETH to suck up all the hash power all those other coins are going to be mined into unprofitability, there'll be too many people mining the same shit and not enough buyers to make it worth it

>>612696325DLSS exists because Nvidia knows most of their lineup will never hit 4k natively with the bandwidth/RAM situation on anything that isn't a 3080+, as before DLSS, the solution was just "lol lower your resolution bro", even 2k is pushing it with some games. Huge resolutions were hyped before most GPU's could handle a giant framebuffer to begin with

>>612649960I'm sorry. Prease, ret me esprain.

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>>612649960Nope I'm not upgrading again Once my rig dies I'm done. Not helping fund the jew machine ruining the planet

>>612696793The technology behind DLSS applies to other applications beyond vidya though, it's not just about 4k.

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>>612696315>that they'll HYPOTHETICALLY be able to generate moneythat possibility is long gone. everyone rushed all the other coins and practically tripled difficulty overnight and it only gets worse day after day

>>612696095really doesn't change the fact that you can get 3000 series cards for less than 1k now. go move your goalposts somewhere else

>>612696956I was playing around with SD yesterday for the first time and it's pretty crazy what this thing can do even when you haven't really learned how to use it properly.Here's a catgirl I generated.

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>>612663728>because they wanted to consoooooomif you needed to buy a card you had to compete with cryptokikes, you didn't get a choice

>>612649960AI bros....

I’ll sell my shitty 6800XT and buy a 4070. You assholes tricked me into thinking the drivers are fine now

>>612677762Same desu. Get the upgrade itch and then play some games that would work on a potato

>>612670558>thinking putting in alphonse mucha is to get an artstyle instead of C U N N Y faces

>>612700458they're not only fine but better than nvidia's, what the fuck are you on about?

>>612699686Thats just Raphtalia from shield hero lmao

>>612688816the more you break the more you heal. it's not complicated.

>>612649960>excited for new productsNo, and neither should you.If you need an upgrade, and the upgrade is worth the money, then go ahead and buy it, but don't get your emotions involved in consumerism.

>>612700683>constant driver timeouts heh… nothing personnell

>>612701079i immediately felt the need to correct you into tate no yuusha. i guess after 15 years of chinese cartoons the weeb brain worms finally got to me.

>>612649960He's just gonna shit on EVGA

>>61270148290% of my life is consumerism.

>>612701586Do people actually use the jap names when they don't live in japan?

>>612701704i think it depends on what the scanlators go with. ive been reading this shit since about five or seven years ago and thats how the scanlators and ln translators did it back then. so when the cartoon came out it just sounded completely foreign.i never liked attack on titan, but i think snk was a very common abbreviation when anons talk about it.and there is always the stigma behind en dubs, so people might automatically try to keep english to only the necessary minimum.

>>612701704for some shows if I'm used to the jap name or think it sounds better. like shingeki and denpa

>>612701986>>612701932Huh I grew up with Toonami so I've always used the english names I guess, seemed natural.

>>612650010This. Letting chink control gaming is a mistake.

why buy

>>612702443because 252 seconds for four images at 60 steps is just too fucking long.and if you want to get good results with img2img thats hundreds 30 step generations to get good seeds and at least a couple hundreds to mutate those seeds with various levels of noise and cfg.this gets especially tiresome when waiting between batches while testing. shit makes you lose the intuitive feeling for how the ai might be approaching that particular prompt.

this chink always appears out of no where when GPU market starts to ease and recover HERE IS THE NEW RTX 4000 ONLY $4000 PLUS TIPfuck off Huang, you lied to Pascal owners told them to upgrade and it's the best possible time to upgradethen you sharted out RTX 3000 which you shilled with fake numbers having literally no impact on anything and not a single person besides autistic scalped retards fell for it it's so tiresome

>>612674497100% reason to remember my name

Nvidia shills.... it's

>>612674497>10% betterThey are going to be much better than the current generation, but the other two points are true. Price/performance will be just a bit better, but that's it.Price/performance barely improved since 2016-2017, that's how fucked up the GPU market has been for the last few years. I'm still waiting for a $200 card that's faster than my current RX 580.

>>612658885People have wanted 4k since GTA V.

>>612700458Works on my machine.

>>612661453Integrated graphics are playable, and even more relevant and cheap than laptops are built PCs.

>>612663728How long have graphics cards been pricey?

I'll buy AMD if I buy anything at all. Fuck Nvidia.

>>612664354>artificial scarcity for 4000 seriesI bet this was the final straw for EVGA

>>612703494Crypto got popular doing the 1000s card period so some time after it's release the 1080 cards was sold out. Prices increased from there originally but skyrocketed to bullshit heights as the 3000s cards release.

>>612649960I just want to upgrade from my GTX 1060 6B. I don't care about raytracing. I just want to be able to play a stable 60fps at 1080p on max settings on all games for the next decade.

>>612675207Just picked up a 3070 for $500. A huge step up from my gtx980

>>612649960>$2000 4080who the fuck is buying this when a 3080 runs anything at max fps

no one needs a fucking 4090/4080question is when do they drop the prices of 2+ year old GPUs.

>>612649960I dont need a new GPU0 good games released recently

>>612703494>>612703840Yeah, the first wave of bullshit happened in 2017-2018. That's when AMD cards became impossible to find because they were better at mining ETH (Polaris cards sold for $600, Vega cards for over $1000). Nvidia cards weren't as overpriced compared to their MSRP, but still incredibly expensive. A friend of mine was forced to buy a 1050Ti for like $300, because his current card died and he desperately needed a replacement.The market was slowly going back to normal in 2019, the original MSRP for the 3080 at the end of 2020 was $699: the same price as the 1080 Founder's Edition. We would've probably seen 3080s go for $500 by the end of 2021... but then the second mining boom in a row happened.Basically, this market has been constantly fucked by Ethereum for the last five years.


so where the new video games that need these cards?

>>612704825 ____games?___________Last real technological leap was with Crysis 1.The GPU squeeze made devs abandon plans for future display tech in games, so until GPUs return to reasonable prices, you can just enjoy good games with 1080.

>>612704825GTA 6 ultra settings 4k 120Hz 12-bit HDR

>>612704825I'm probably updating my computer, and monitor, for Monster Hunter 6. There's nothing else I'm looking for right now.